2020 Stargazer Forecast


Two very distinct themes shape the 2020 astrology forecast. First is the Capricorn stellium that culminates in January which establishes the most significant topics for the year right up front. Special attention must be given to the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, due to it’s rarity – the last time this aspect occurred in Capricorn was in 1518. Secondly, the retrograde periods of both Venus/Gemini then Mars/Aries, which mutually trigger adjustment or reconsideration that have consequences primarily within the relational sphere. Additionally the shift of the Nodal Axis from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius in early May signals that evolutionary directives are transformed as a new eclipse cycle emerges, presenting dramatic changes in the area of your chart affected.

Major activity and potential for complete metamorphosis occurs in the area of your chart where 22’ Capricorn falls. This is the degree of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction on January 12th and an astrology hotspot for the entire year. Taking a disciplined approach to transformation in this area intensifies, making substantial change a real possibility now, but requiring a consistent and determined approach to see it through. There is a groundbreaking quality to this combination and ambition to great achievement in some area (again, as indicated by where this specifically falls in your chart) through a complete regeneration of how you approach the topic. 

The atmosphere around this whole thing is pretty momentous, with a double Capricorn influence encouraging measured initiative to undertake a massive project, while being prepared for the long haul and sacrificing or releasing anything superfluous to the goal at hand for an indeterminate amount of time. A lot of excess was revealed (and hopefully) then relinquished last Summer – during the transits of the South Node to these two, much pertaining to inflated objectives or seeking power or control for it’s own sake. 

The negative manifestation of Capricorn/Saturn is an attachment to power on a symbolic or superficial level. Scorpio/Pluto is equally drawn to power, though its’ motives tend to be more subversive if unresolved trauma, especially that associated with loss of innocence, is unconsciously playing a role and externalizing itself through manipulative or destructive behavior patterns. With these two forces working together there is an opportunity to: a) conscientiously and pragmatically attend to the resolution of deep psychological issues that are undermining your effectiveness to meet the demands of reality and accomplish your long range goals, b) determine for yourself what power really is and restructure your life according to your own values. Leave behind appropriated symbols of success or social milestones that have been culturally informed or imposed upon you. 

Much of the work has actually occurred internally by the time the Saturn – Pluto aspect becomes exact. It’s at this pivotal moment when that work begins to manifest, or when you realize you are prepared to take that next step into the unknown. Awareness that all the pieces won’t fall into place immediately enables the patience required to deal with the vast reorganization required to make the most of what is at hand. Additional aspects include Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Jupiter sextile Neptune, both of which occur three – fold, due to retrogrades. Look to the initial aspect to reveal the major potentials for growth associated with the aspect, the second to make adjustments and the third to really see the manifestation of the opportunity. 

Jupiter conjunct Saturn falls at 0’ Aquarius at the end of the year. This precipitates a dynamic cultural shift and could augment the institution of new economic or political movements or policies. Justice and humanitarian values become codified (Saturn/Aquarius) and set a new precedent for society as a larger, interconnected organism. New technologies will be developed or emerge in the market (AI? Cryptocurrencies? IoT?) that signal changes to the status quo – for better or worse! New systems begin to arrive from late March through June, as Saturn makes it’s initial test run in Aquarius, retrograding May 11th and retreating back into Capricorn for a few more months to recalibrate for the bigger reveal in December.   





April 4th; June 29th; Nov 12th




February 20; July 27th; October 12


Venus and Mars represent the archetypal masculine/feminine polarity as expressed through each individual through the signs and houses in which they reside in an individual’s chart. Venus is receptive, Mars is active. Where they work together harmoniously, either in a natal chart or between two individuals in synastry or composite, there is balance and flow between these fundamental principles. Alternately when they are in conflict (especially with the square and quincunx aspects,) there tends to be more abrasive or inharmonious experiences concerning, love, sex and pleasure. 

Venus is not only the goddess of love, but also represents ones inherent level of self esteem. It represents receptiveness to pleasure and belief you deserve it. The sign Venus resides in tends to be what you find pleasurable or attractive, the house position signifies how you attain it. Mars is associated with confidence, and the intrinsic belief you can do something. Your Mars sign represents the kind of accomplishments that arouse your sense of confidence, and the house position is the arena in which they are made. 

To add to the alchemy are natal (or transiting) aspects made to Venus and Mars, which also color and impact the experiences one might have surrounding the topics of love, romance, material acquisition, prosperity, (Venus) and the level of tenacity you possess to go after what you desire (Mars). Outer planets in detriment tend to have the most corrosive influence on the inherent properties represented by the personal planets in general (although they also tend to produce fascinating individuals who tend to live through and overcome extraordinary obstacles). 

Second to these would be natal retrogrades in the chart. With retrograde Venus, there is a fundamental issue with the level of self esteem, a lack of trust or belief that one deserves affection. Individuals possessing this placement have a subconscious tendency to undermine intimate relationships because they lack faith these can be lasting or successful. With retrograde Mars self-confidence is in question, and there can be intense vacillation between going after personal passions and losing momentum or sensing there is something fundamentally wrong or inappropriate about the objectives. 

In both instances of retrograde Venus or Mars there can be apprehension or even disgust pointed at individuals who exhibit the traits of these planets in a healthy and balanced way. There can additionally be triggering contacts with others that stimulate resentment or passive aggressive behaviors. This always reflects back to the individual needing to resolve internal issues and reconcile their own association to feelings of inadequacy to express the natural tendencies represented by Venus and Mars respectively. 

Contemporary retrograde transits of Venus and Mars are vital periods for exploring new techniques and making substantial lifestyle adjustments – not only for natally retrograde individuals, but anyone who seeks to find alternatives where it becomes obvious the current trajectory is no longer effective and new solutions are desired.

2020 feature two significant periods of reorientation: retrograde Venus through Gemini and Mars through Aries. The Venus retrograde begins on a square to Neptune, suggesting there is a disappointment in a relationship or an idealized circumstance that either falls short of expectation or is untenable for the time being. Whatever the precise situation, the period from May 13th – June 25th is one that calls for reevaluation and even some soul searching. It’s a positive time for reviewing prior events to see where an unfinished or unresolved issue from the past (even the way back past) is creating obstacles to personal satisfaction and success in the current time frame. 

The Mars transit is a bit more turbulent, and likely to manifest in the larger social order as a period of political upheaval, perhaps generating revolution or warfare as oppressed factions fight for autonomy and liberation from tyrannical regimes. Mars from Aries makes three full transits (square) to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, signifying conflicts and a requirement for dynamic realignment of the status quo, especially in regard to individual rights as opposed to the force of authority. 

On a more personal level, it is likely that a project or pursuit runs out of momentum as long range and endemic issues or circumstances (highlighted by where Capricorn resides in your chart) need to be dealt with or overcome. There could be “red tape” or a very difficult situation to contend with before progress can be made. It’s not unlikely a certain amount of stress accompanies these transits and it’s possible finding ways to manage tension is one of the more valuable attributes of the process that unfolds over the second half of the year, particularly from September to mid – November. 


APRIL 10 – JULY 26:

Pre – Retrograde Shadow April 10 – May 13 (5’ – 21’ Gemini)

Retrograde May 13 – June 25 (21’ -5’ Gemini)

Sun conjunct Venus June 3rd 13’ Gemini

Post Retrograde Shadow June 25 – July 26 (5’ – 21’ Gemini)


JULY 25 – JANUARY 2, 2021:

Pre – Retrograde Shadow July 25 – September 9 (15’ – 28’ Aries)

Retrograde September 9 – November 13 (28’ – 15’ Aries)

Post Retrograde Shadow November 13 – January 2, 2021 (15’ – 28’ Aries)


The 2020 Horoscopes focus primarily on the retrogrades of Venus and Mars. For a personalized reading, please reach out to me at stargazerastroatlas@gmail.com An extended 2020 report is also available for subscribers on Patreon.com


March 20 – April 19

Venus Retrograde impacts communication and relationships. It could be difficult to get through to your spouse or a business partner at this time. There is reassessment of the viability of a connection connected to challenging financial circumstances. Old acquaintances may resurface, and one may even turn out to be a viable romantic or professional association, or make productive introductions. Mars Retrograde is very specific to you, as it falls in your sign. Be incredibly conscientious about your health during this period, as it’s easy to push yourself too hard and burn out or suffer from fatigue. Choose your battles carefully (or choose not to battle) especially during the retrograde phase, as you can come off quite aggressive or ruthless and provoke antagonism, particularly in your profession. Guard your reputation cautiously during this contentious period.    


April 20 – May 20

Venus Retrograde highlights work and earnings, with a huge rethink possible about your self worth and how invested you feel in your job or assignments. You may consider a personal rebranding mission, though you are best to wait until later in May to make substantial or visible changes to your image. A huge development in the final week of May (Mercury conjunct North Node) signals a brilliant opportunity or insight regarding your earnings. Mars Retrograde has a strong effect on your relationships and features a heavy connection to your past and releasing prior regrets or feelings that inhibit your self-esteem. It’s likely a review of what (or who) did not work out in previous relationships has you questioning the viability of a contemporary relationship. Resolving internalized feelings of failure predicated on what has occurred before is paramount. Travel and pursuits regarding higher education should be postponed for the time being. 


May 21 – June 20

Venus Retrograde is especially significant for you, since it falls in your sign. Love relationships in particular go through a period of recalibration, as you consider your true feelings, though a lot of this goes back to your own self – image and self – esteem, which may be in short supply during this phase. Those trying for pregnancy or adoption may wish to postpone for a few months while this transit levels out. Creative issues are also impacted, and artistic types will have to dig deeper to find their muse. Mars Retrograde signals a slow down on the job and impacts your social life. It’s possible you reconnect with old associates, and any unsettled debts can creep up at this time. There is some tumult associated with loans or shared financial agreements, it could also be a difficult time work wise, and a steady job or assignment may be difficult to pin down for the duration. You will be examining where your skills are best utilized, and this may also be the cause of holding back on taking a position while you reevaluate.  


June 21 – July 22

Venus Retrograde holds a very nostalgic quality of time for you, as you are likely reflecting on the past or pining for someone at a distance or who is out of touch for some reason. There may be unsettled matters in your domestic life that require reorganization, and you may desire to completely redo your home decor, though this could be a manifestation of wanting to erase the past, which actually is seeking confrontation and resolution. By the end of May this cycle clears and new information and prospects provide helpful guidance. Mars Retrograde affects your profession and can signal a downturn in energy towards your long range goals, particularly of the preceding months were very busy on this front. You are likely to reconsider your plans or objectives, seek a new course or alter your plans significantly. There are very contentious energies coming from partners who are unwilling to go along with you or who don’t support your agenda, and this could be a trying period for a relationship with a spouse or business partner. 


July 23 – August 22

Venus Retrograde affects your most cherished aspirations and may trigger you to reconsider an objective that had fallen to wayside due to time constraints previously. A social event may bring you back into the orbit of an old friend or colleague that reminds you of this project and may rekindle your interest in trying for it again. The end of May has favorable overtones for getting this off the ground. Mars Retrograde signals a reconsideration of your life direction, educational goals, or how you reach the broader world with your message. Those working in academics or media will likely feel this most proportionately as you devise new strategies or techniques to find and reach an audience or pursue and cultivate knowledge. This can also produce a reconsideration of something that you may have sought to do, but were not able to actualize previously. Look at your current prospects and reevaluate the possibilities available to you now.


August 23 – September 22

Venus Retrograde impacts your profession and reputation. There could be a dry period where you just don’t feel like you know where you are headed, or why, and begin to question your choices surrounding your career trajectory. Assignments may be short coming or a lack of praise for what you have accomplished could produce feelings of unease. Money matters can also be tricky, with your income dipping or expenses generating unfavorable conditions for you financially. Mars Retrograde signals an intensely transformative period for you in an intimate relationship, especially where you may be sharing or merging assets with another person, such as in a marriage or through business partnership. It may also indicate a difficult breakup, or division of assets, and there is also the potential of reevaluating a prior relationship that may have not culminated previously, but which you revisit to see if there is still a viable connection there. Private matters impact your self expression and love relationships, but can be detrimental. Make choices (or make none, for now!) with caution.


September 23 – October 23

Venus Retrograde impacts shared economies, especially in relation to a media enterprise or your educational goals, which could be on a slow roll while the funding for a key project is resolved. You may get an experimental urge towards some form of broadcasting or self expression, portraying yourself in an unexpected way to a larger audience, either through the inter-webs or by traveling, performing or lecturing at a distance. Mars Retrograde dually impacts your finances and partnerships. Resources may be in short supply, which impacts your self image and has a mirroring affect on your relationships. There is the potential of pushing someone away because you feel unworthy of affection during this transit. Or the partner may pull away due to conflicts or obligations in their own life. There is a tense matter in the domestic life that needs to be reconciled during this transit before you can move forward. 


October 24 – November 21

Venus Retrograde affects a close, intimate relationship and brings commitments and matters of trust (including shared financial arrangements) up for review. There is the potential that an unresolved matter from the past is hindering your emotional availability or limiting the resources you have available (debt could be an issue) to move forward. This is a productive time to assess your expectations and what you, or others, really have to offer. Mars Retrograde impacts your health, productivity and self-image, and likely influences you to make substantial life changes in order to cultivate a more positive body image and boost self esteem. In order to do this, you will likely be challenged to reconsider some of your existing attitudes or make modifications to the most entrenched attributes of your daily routine. The more willingly you can dispense with beliefs that no longer serve you, the easier this transit becomes. Those in the job market could experience a delay, and will find better results towards the end of the year.


November 22 – December 21

Venus Retrograde falls in your area of committed partnerships, and you will likely step back to review your commitments to others. It’s possible a serious relationship cools off in this phase or a partner is preoccupied or unavailable. It’s also likely that you rekindle an old flame, and while a second chance is possible, there may just be unsettled business that needs to be addressed so you can release this connection and move on. Delay important decisions. Mars Retrograde impacts love relationships, children and your creative self expression, also signaling a downward shift in your ability to express and receive affection or through artistic endeavors. Again the possibility of reconnecting with a former love interest (or creative passion pursuit that was placed on the back burner) is present at this time. In this period you are called upon to reconnect with your essence and the heart of what you seek to express as well as the form that takes. Those trying for pregnancy or adoption should wait until next year. 


December 22 – January 19 

Venus Retrograde impacts work and career. You have to find new ways to organize your daily affairs to further your professional aspirations. If you have been in a high profile position and things moving forward swiftly, it’s possible a project or assignment is up in the air for a while while the resources and personnel required to accomplish a goal are reconfigured. Things line up favorably from the end of May. Mars Retrograde points to troubled circumstances in your domestic or personal life, or at the least an unsettled quality that is pervasive through the end of the year. You could have difficulties if you are trying to buy or sell property at this time, as your own attitudes and potential unwillingness to work with others is a deterrent to agreements on these matters. Your own aspirations and long term goals are held up through this process, and until reconciliation is possible.  


January 20 – February 18

Venus Retrograde signals reconsiderations of a romantic or creative variety, you may be thinking of a lost love and pining over the one who got away. If you do reconnect with someone in this period, there is likely unfinished business between you. Resolve your karmic issues and move on. It’s also possible a creative project comes back into frame and you feel stimulated to make another attempt to see it to fruition. This might just be a distraction, but you if you enjoy yourself in the process, why not? Mars Retrograde factors in your communication and learning sector, and can slow the progress of educational goals temporarily. Equally likely is rediscovery of an interesting subject and you may decide to take a second crack at a literary or publishing project. Enjoy the discoveries along the way, but remain mindful that what comes into form now is unlikely to last. This is a temporary shift in atmosphere and direction. This is a positive time to reconnect with old friends and catch up.  


February 19 – March 20

Venus Retrograde affects your personal life and home. There could be unsettled conditions in your residence, especially if you are trying to make improvements or relocate. The necessary resources to make this happen may be in short supply, especially if you are waiting for word on a loan or mortgage. Keep in mind that conditions are only temporary. A female family member may turn up unexpectedly and require your assistance. Things turn in your favor in the late Spring. Mars Retrograde impacts finance and it appears you need to get sorted here in order to make desired progress on long term aspirations or a group project. An organization you belong to may actually provide difficulty for you through dues or fees you pay to participate. This is a time during which complete re-evaluation of your earnings and sense of self worth is likely to occur, potentially following a period of loss of income, or just the realization a road has come to an end. Confidence is established more easily towards the end of the year. 

Weekly Horoscopes 10/7-13




Tensions may erupt this week, as rather divisive aspects occur, though there is simultaneously the potential under this astrology for a genuine breakthrough. The New Moon in Libra forms a tough alinement with Pluto, so building a bridge or hoping to establish connectivity in a relationship can prove challenging now. With Venus in retrograde, obstacles may be present. A contentious situation can develop, though real love is not likely to disappear overnight, there are simply some growing pains a connection might be going through in this span of time or over the coming weeks.

Friday also features intense overtones, as Sun squares Pluto, requiring a major adjustment to an objective established earlier in the year (January 9th saw the conjunction of these planets at 19’ Capricorn). Harnessing the transformative power of this aspect meanwhile can produce a development of lasting impact. A tough choice might have to be made, as something could require release at this time in order to make progress. Cut your losses and move forward. A grounding aspect between Mercury and Saturn the same day will offer a level headed and practical approach to whatever emerges and keeps the volatility to a minimum, hopefully.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday, enhancing deeply psychological and strategic thinking, but also secrecy. As Mercury squares the nodes in the later days of the week, adjustments need to be made to accommodate the future directives. This recognition of changes occurring can bring up a sense of nostalgia or loss. Things will not be as they were, and this can produce a sense of closure or release. Meanwhile, though the future might not be completely clear, there could be a conversation or decision that is made that moves a situation forward. Instinct will be strong, so trust your conviction to make a commitment towards a change.

Thursday offers a respite of sorts as the Scorpio Moon makes harmonious and productive aspects to Neptune and Pluto. A final conjunction of Moon to Jupiter can reinvigorate the potentials for growth in the realms of the soul and psyche, enabling renewed commitment to see progress over the coming month where it may have been delayed otherwise. From November 8th, Jupiter shifts gears, entering Sagittarius for the following year, so it’s make it or break it time where Scorpio is featured in your chart! Mars simultaneously moves out of post retrograde shadow from 10’ Aquarius, indicating there is greater conviction to take action on a matter that has stagnated since mid May. Breathe forward, think forward and move forward this week.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Partnerships reach a pivotal tuning point during the New Moon on Monday. With Venus retrograde you may feel ambivalent about starting a new relationship or deepening an ongoing commitment. Your sense of conviction is likely to feel renewed towards the end of the week. A professional matter that has been culminating since the beginning of the year requires a rethink or even a full on revolution. An opportunity could change your life in a heartbeat, take a stand for what you want and whether or not you get it, at least you will feel right with yourself.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

The plot thickens within your primary relationships, and a conversation about the future towards the end of the week will be very productive. This could apply to cohabitation or your longer range goals and the right person will support your choices. Mid week is more contentious and there could be a professional matter at stake, you and someone close might not be able to find a common ground. Try to take the long view of where you want to be by the end of the year to diffuse a difficult situation.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Work, health, productivity and how they all link up for you will be of paramount importance for the remainder of the month, with opportunities to find success if you keep ear to the ground for them. It may take until December, but you will get there! Don’t allow a hardworking phase tune you out to the love light illuminating your path and a chance to (re)connect to what you enjoy most during the New Moon on Monday. A connection with someone at a distance could have a compelling pull and you’ll see renewed potential by the end of the week.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Changes are occurring on the home front, as substantive shifts that have been in the works since much earlier in the year begin to fall into place. While there is no shortage of potentially dramatic moments in this astroscape, your inner conviction radiates and keeps you at ease with yourself, preventing you from getting blindsided. The rest of the month highlights love and creativity, and while some situations have gone sideways, a very significant conversation or decision you make carries you to a very positive conclusion in December.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Your personal life continues to go through dynamic reorientation and a heavy emphasis on your family or residence through the end of the month can bring about very productive changes now. These will lead to a wonderfully creative month in November, so take care of business! The New Moon highlights your social connections and this could be a positive time to start a night class or get that book club together. There could be fallout with a loved one midweek, though if you keep to your standards of conduct and all will be well.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You enter a busy season highlighting communication. This is a positive time for social events and connecting with your friends. Someone could unexpectedly drop in mid week, or a conversation or decision could put you on an unexpected trajectory. The consequences of past actions or choices reveal outcomes this week, requiring you to make amends or reconcile with yourself privately. A heartfelt conversation with a loved one gets you back on track by the end of the week.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

A New Moon in your sign Monday enables you to push the reset button on many aspects of your life, and renew commitment to your personal objectives as well as within relationships, which are gaining some momentum now. Mid week can be a bit tricky, unexpected financial developments can require you to make quick decisions, though this month is productive to attend to these and grow your prospects. By December you see a worthwhile pay off for your efforts. A message that reaches you Friday is significant to this and gets you on track.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Your perspective shifts as consciousness shifts you out of the shadows of your subconscious and into view. Within two more weeks you’ll fully emerge as the Sun moves into your sign. Meanwhile this month is highly favorable (Venus retro in your sign not withstanding) for aligning with desire and intentions of a personal nature. Partnership continues to be a trickier matter for the time being, with a surprise in store mid week. An adjustment you make towards over the following days could bring very positive professional results.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

This is likely to be a period of deep reflection for you, Sag, while you clear the decks for very exciting personal developments that unfold beginning next month taking you straight through the new year. For now, attend to unfinished business, and enjoy solitude, relaxation or meditation. A realization mid week has unexpected implications, clairvoyance and intuition is highlighted. Dream symbols could also offer guidance. Overcome a financial obstacle towards the end of the week. The Moon in your sign empowers you from Friday into Saturday.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

A turning point in your professional life and the financial implications this holds are paramount this week. The New Moon signals a new chapter and you make the most of the opportunities available by not pushing your agenda too forcefully. Recalibrating the connection between what you have and what you share with someone (or expect them to give you,) is highlighted at the end of the week. You may have an obligation to fulfill here. Socially this is a harmonious month to (re)connect with friends who share your ideals and interests.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You are gaining ground professionally and very important discussions and negotiations can occur this month. Advancement will come by December if you put in the footwork now. Personally you are gaining momentum, though you may see growing pains within a relationship that just isn’t ready to take off at this time. Arguments can occur midweek if you push your point too forcefully. Giving people space to do their own thing generates better feelings of good will. Clarity regarding your future direction, perhaps a trip or realizing an educational goal provides you with satisfaction over the New Moon phase.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

The New Moon highlights your most intimate relationships and may cause you to review your finances, especially those connected to a spouse or business partner. It is possible you come across a new source of income through these contacts, or perhaps you receive a loan or grant (or begin to pursue one). While there is still a lot of internal focus over the coming weeks, a myriad of planetary action occurring in Scorpio expands your view point, making this a positive time in which to explore different perspectives or cultures through education or travel. It also puts you at ease with yourself, which never hurts either!

Stargazer October Horoscope


While there are no big ticket outer planet transits this month, the kind that genuinely shape the overall trajectory for months if not years, there are palpable shifts in perspective as a strong sense of evolution and closure predominates. Mercury (Oct. 11), Sun (Oct. 25) and Venus (Oct. 31) all square the Nodal axis from Scorpio, culminating the adjustments being made between the past and future objectives as the Nodes prepare to shift from the Leo/Aquarius polarity to Cancer/Capricorn in early November. Uranus also squares the Nodes from 0’ Taurus towards the end of the month, further highlighting this transition, and stimulating sudden and unexpected opportunities to manifest an intention that has been paramount since May 2017.

This precipitates the first order of closure occurring this month, as the directives of the Leo North Node are finalized. Pay special attention to what occurs over the last 5 days of the month and through the first week of November while the North Node transits at 0’ Leo. Better yet, use the energy available in this period to make a substantial move towards a goal. A final Leo Lunar eclipse next January resonates completion for something begun in this vital period, so an objective put into motion now will likely materialize in about 4 months time, (January 20th, 2019). Remember that as the North Node objectives are met, the past karmic baggage represented by the South Node is released and resolved on its own.

Jupiter concludes its time in Scorpio between now and November 8th, signaling the completion of another cycle. From Scorpio, Jupiter is not operating at its most effective wavelength, though the last year has been productive for emotional and spiritual growth and revelation. Growth has occurred through esoteric awareness, less so in the material realm and in some cases through relinquishing desire to tangible attachments, including money itself. Contacts to Pluto and Neptune enhanced the transit enormously, and since last December you may have noticed you have come to terms with the deeper aspects of the psyche and developed a more profound connection within an intimate relationship, having come into a resonant personal awareness of how and why this contact affects you and ending those which did not provide the emotional bond that led to a trusting and loving connection. This trust can also apply to yourself, and if you have been working more on your spiritual awareness and honing your intuition, this has likely been a fruitful transit.

Mercury is the most active planet this month, indicating a lot of communication occurs, though much of it behind the scenes while Mercury transits Scorpio from the 9th. Use this period advantageously for making progress in both personal and professional matters. In mid November, Mercury will enter its next retrograde phase, and matters will progress more slowly. A conjunction to Jupiter on the 29th in late Scorpio is ideal for a heart to heart, conducting a business negotiation or preparing for a trip. At this time it is possible to articulate goals clearly and make determinations about where progress will be sought over the coming cycle. Passion and intensity preside over the final days of the month with several planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter) all transiting in Scorpio.

Venus retrograde (through November 16th) signals delays simultaneously, more likely of a romantic or sentimental variety. This can take the shape of people from the past remerging, or reaching out to a long lost loved one, though such contacts frequently resonate unfinished karmic business that needs to be reconciled before you can move on. In some cases there is a second chance to rekindle a connection, though its advisable to wait until after the retrograde phase to make a decision about these, as there will likely be reversals from mid November forward. The possible exception would be on the 24th, when Venus makes a second sextile to Saturn. This is a positive time in which to tenuously plan out long range associations, without necessarily signing the dotted line. In mid December the aspect occurs again and a commitment can be made more wholeheartedly.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Relationships could remain tricky business this month as Venus retrogrades and continues to clash with Mars and then Uranus. Seems people can’t quite see eye to eye. Adopt a live and let live approach and see where it takes you. Shared finances are also impacted, and if you were expecting or relying upon money from an outside source, you might be waiting a bit longer. A New Moon on the 9th indicates a change in the status quo, someone new could show up on the scene. Give it till the middle of next month to see the dust settle around this one. Someone (yourself included) may be having second thoughts. The social realm will be vibrant and a group project could really take off now. Friendship enlivens you.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Venus retrogrades on the 6th, a very personal transit for you since it is your ruler. Certain aspects of your self and identity have become quite entwined with your partner and balance between you needs to be restored. As Mercury joins in from the 11th, the plot definitely thickens and negotiation intensifies. A Full Moon in your sign on the 24th combines with Saturn and offers assurance. You feel confident asserting your needs. Venus connects to the Sun (and also Saturn) and it is through your partner you experience a lost or forgotten part of yourself and your true desires. Matters become clearer on the 26th. You may not be ready to move forward (give it about 3 more weeks) but you’ll have determined how you would like to see things work out in the end. Volatile and unpredictable influences preside at the end of the month… just when you had things sorted… kaboom!

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Love relationships can be touch and go in this phase, as friction in the early part of the month can have one or both partners reconsidering the union. Venus retrograde from the 6th heightens the tension, and it’s not unusual for people to withdraw now to figure out their emotional boundaries and commitments. This could apply to a work situation, either an office romance might be put on ice, or a job promotion you were on queue for just slips through your fingers. What falls off the scene may be back in no time, though if it doesn’t – chalk it up to it just wasn’t meant to be. Your time is best spent in study or travel right now, distant cultures and horizons hold adventures you may have missed out on earlier in the year. There is the potential you are cultivating a passionate alliance with someone abroad that could come to fruition when Venus is direct again. A lucrative work assignment could arrive on the 29th. Be ready to jump.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Venus retrograde from the 6th could signal a change of heart or the trajectory of a love relationship. Events around the 10th indicate a spike in the road that sets people apart for the time being. Soul searching is a positive way in which to spend this transit, though you’ll want to fight for love on the 29th, just choose your words carefully. A great deal of enthusiasm is present here, though it could take until towards the end of December to see this all work out. (This applies equally to a creative undertaking, BTW.) An emphasis on home and personal life, especially around the New Moon on the 9th, suggests changes to your residence, maybe flatmates are coming or going or you decide to move. Strong forces affect your domestic realm, perhaps a domineering person (your partner?) or circumstance suggest you have something to overcome. The New Moon resurrects a long standing awareness of these issues, which have been pervasive for years. New insights could be present here to navigate a tricky situation.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Things continue to heat up in your principal relationships, and you can pick up where you left off in June. Domestic matters remain paramount, though as Venus retrogrades on the 6th, you are reminded that these things are going to take time and will do better to set aside relocation, renovation than to frustrate yourself with delays. Good news comes in on the 29th that you can put into action at the end of December. This relates to your home as well, it’s just going to take a minute for all the details to unfold and get sorted. Hang tight! The Full Moon on the 24th signals a completion and culmination in your professional life. There can be a bit of discomfort, especially if you are leaving a long term position to go off on your own, start a new career or your own business. There is excitement, too, but being a bit of a creature of habit, you have an adjustment to make forthcoming. A home business with a partner is an indication here, and a great deal of sweat and tears and hard work has gone into what you built and pays off now.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

New financial opportunities could turn up, but there are barriers or something that has to be overcome to make the most of this one. Venus retrograde also portends a slow down in regard to resources, so anticipate it will take until at least the end of next month for all the pieces to fall into place. Things begin to pick up steam at work, though people will not be on their best behavior on the 10th, easy does it. Your privacy could feel invaded, someone is prying or people are trying to socialize, making you uncomfortable or otherwise annoyed. The 11th, 25th and 31st are all a bit challenging. You may come to a decision about pursuing a new course of study or achieving an educational goal on the 24th. There are long range consequences to what happens now.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

A New Moon in your sign on the 9th opens the door to a whole new chapter. Release the burdens of the past and especially any bitterness associated with disappointment. Venus in retrograde muddies the waters a bit. There could be some financial fallout and this could connect to a business partnership, your income or a settlement dispute in the case of a divorce or separation. It is worthwhile to take matters of the heart with a grain of salt in this period, especially in the case of a long term relationship. If matters get contentious (esp. around the 10th) or someone has a change of heart this could just be a temporary state of affairs. Mercury and Jupiter are collaborating to protect your financial interests, as you will see and which will ultimately be reconciled by the end of December. A conversation or idea that comes up on the 29th shows promise and should be followed up with. The Sun in your sign sees you rising above it all, showing grace and diplomacy under pressure regardless of what occurs. The 12th hosts some very intense and challenging dynamics. Change or be changed.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Venus slides backwards in your sign from the 6th, a period of misdirection or indecision follows and you may have to wait until December to see the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. The 10th can be especially vexing, and there can be a very contentious issue with a flatmate, this will be doubled if you are romantically involved, or living with your lover or your spouse. Mercury in your sign is very decisive enough in the meanwhile and you can make progress in the business world if not in your personal life right now. The 22nd and 29th are very positive for negotiations and pushing your personal agenda. You may not get results immediately (Mercury will retrograde next month) but, again, by December, there will be a very positive outcome to a conversation or agenda you set into motion around these dates. By the end of the month, push might come to shove in a relationship that seems to be coming off the rails. Events on the 31st could be the trigger that completely sends a situation sideways, although trying something completely unexpected could be exactly what circumstances require if you are really in a rut.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

As Venus retrogrades in Scorpio from the 6th, coupling with Mercury entering the sign a few days later, there is a distinct turn of the focus inward for the remainder of the month. This is a time to settle old scores, examine the past and release the dusty old skeletons hanging out in your closet. Jupiter is on it’s way to your sign, and it’s time to make room for some gorgeous new apparel. The 15th is a good time to touch down with a confidante or even start a course of psychotherapy if you are really ready to go deep. You have access to your most hidden attributes and can easily articulate your feelings and the things you would otherwise normally conceal, even that which you are most afraid of. The presence of Jupiter indicates this will not be a difficult period, and you make the most of it by taking some time out and nurturing your private life. Mars has another idea, and will keep you busy socially. This will require balance, but can be done, though there may be a tricky ambience on the 10th. Somebody intrudes on your personal space and it is not pretty! Protect yourself and your heart!

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Things begin to get tricky this month as Venus retrogrades from the 6th through the middle of next month. Sun, Mercury and Mars all conspire to give you high visibility. Mars back in phase can see you in a hard working period, and the 22nd, 24th and 26th are great for making a great impression upon those who are in a position to help you. You could be back tracking over an agreement or reconfiguring a business objective this and next month. A New Moon on the 9th sets a positive tone, and will enable you to make some clear decisions. There could be some conflicts around the 10th, communication and sexual tension are stirring up trouble. The 31st can also provide some unexpected events or outcomes in the name of love and/or passion. Events towards the end of the month signal an upturn in revenue, or potentially hatching up a good business idea. Things come together more fruitfully in December. Show your love you care on the Full Moon of the 24th.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A professional matter back tracks from the 6th through the middle of next month and into December. An abrasive or confrontational circumstance around the 10th may force you to reconsider a strategic partnership. Dialogue and negotiation proceeds for the rest of the month and you can generate ideas and solutions on the 12th, 15th, 22nd and the 29th. Hold meetings and have conversations. You realize the extent of your personal sacrifice to keep a relationship afloat on the 11th, 25th and 31st, and there can be some discomfort connected to what you experience at these times. With Venus in retrograde on top of it all, there can be some contention in a relationship. Unexpected developments at the end of the month and the Full Moon on the 24th foretell domestic changes are in store. A decision you make about your residence has staying power and will affect you for a long time.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

While you continue to make peace with your past, your future direction comes into question. Venus retrogrades on the 6th (through November 10th) stimulating a reappraisal of where you want to go next or otherwise slowing down the initiatives you had in place for yourself regarding higher education, travel or publishing. The good news is, this review will give you a huge advantage in a few months time. When Venus reaches the apex of your chart in January, influencing your public reputation, career and recognition, it will join Jupiter (January 21, 2019) generating a once in twelve years incredible opportunity for advancement and success in your enterprises. For the next few months, let this be a work in progress and examine all your your options. Events are actually conspiring in your favor, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. A development around the 26th will start to put things back into order, but don’t expect actual resolution quite yet. Ideas and productivity generated on the 12th, 15th, 22nd, 24th and especially the 29th and offer some favorable avenues worthy of exploration.

Stargazer Weekly 9/30 – 10/6

This week sees the direct motion of Pluto in Capricorn, but meanwhile the retrograde motion of Venus from the 5th – November 16th. So while in some regards there is progress, there is also an inversion within the romantic/sensual and financial realms, and a reconsideration of where affections lie for some is in store. While Venus retrogrades, she frees herself from social norms and the constraints of being seen as the good woman, the ideal spouse or partner. All retrograde planets have a renegade streak to them. With the Venus – Uranus oppositions bookending this transit, a tenuous balance between freedom and commitment is still being maneuvered through. Finding a way to be connected to someone while maintaining a degree of independence and autonomy is a major theme throughout this transit.

As always, it’s my recommendation to examine the house ruled by any retrograde planet as a key to understanding the work in progress area of your chart being affected. The placement of the current retrograde cycle is the key to finding the solution for the issue at stake. For instance, if Venus rules your second house, but retrograding in the first, the attainment of a key financial goal is likely to occur through a reassessment of your personal representation and style. The key to getting that promotion is distinguishing yourself among your peers and finding a more tactful, diplomatic way in which to express yourself.

Pluto, meanwhile, deepens the intentions and generates a climate of purposeful expression of passion while it transits through Capricorn. Since the end of April the planet (It’s a planet again, did you hear?!) has appeared dormant, though really not – the work it was doing had been internalized. It was a period of inner transformation and figuring out what was worth turning the attention towards, what was worth changing for. Pluto is the underworld, the dark topics of sex, intimacy, linked incomes and soul level connections fall under its dominion. Pluto is also trauma – not only the events themselves, but the internal strength to overcome the upheaval that is produced by it. It is the strength of the Phoenix to arise after having completely burnt its former form to ash. In this area of your life, you will experience a rebirth now if you have done the inner work and determined what is worth changing for.

Venus will have her Phoenix moment a little later. Retreating from the scalding intensity of Scorpio, she has unfinished business to take care of in order to rebalance the scales in the relational realm. This applies both to committed partnerships, or those relating to business or the profession. From early December, Venus reenters and transits direct through Scorpio. Coupled with the transit of Mars through Pisces, a very sensitized emotional ambience will make it possible for deeply passionate and loving connections to flourish. For now, take a step back and see where your heart and the fates guide you. If you have not made your case clear within a partnership, or established your personal boundaries effectively, this is the appropriate time to review, with an eye six weeks down the road to make the changes required.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Professional matters begin to shift forward again, although relational ones begin to undergo a process of transition and reappraisal. While your personal momentum grows, you may find a loved one pulls back or is less available to you for the next six weeks. The best thing to do is let this person work on what they need to and avoid putting additional pressure on them unnecessarily. It’s possible your own feelings about a partnership are changing, and very new relationships especially may require a rethink.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You are getting a clearer sense of where you want to head in the not so distant future, and a key partnership seems to play a big role in the direction you seek to take. A circumstance at work or promotion you may have been expecting could prove more vexing as the next six weeks produce obstacles to the progress you had hoped you would make. It’s possible a female mentor from your past reemerges, and if so she has very sage wisdom to share with you. Make the most of a second chance.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Passion in an intimate relationship is stimulated and you may find yourself getting closer to someone than you had ever imagined possible. Commitment will be a big feature of this partnership and merging assets could be one way in which you demonstrate your conviction to do so with this person. It’s imperative you tap into a sense of joy and pleasure where these have been lacking. Venus retro offers a second chance to rediscover latent creativity that will lead to a better work prospect in November.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You’ll see signs of life in your key committed partnerships from this week, though domestic issues may resurface at the same time. Particularly if you live with someone, there may be disagreement regarding your space and how you organize the household. Tuesday Quarter Moon in your sign intensifies your feelings and triggers tensions between yourself and family members with whom you do not see eye to eye. Try to maintain perspective and hear the other person out. This is merely a passage.

LEO July 23 – August 22

A more prestigious role or title is available now, or over the coming weeks, and to the extent you have been demonstrating your capacity and dedication on the job you will see advancement. Your living situation may require reappraisal in the meantime, and if you have been considering a move, renovation or redecoration project, these will likely be postponed until later in the year. Partnerships continue to gain momentum as the delays of the prior months dissipate. There could be strange behavior that is either a real turn on or unsettles the atmosphere, depending on your perspective.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You are required to come to terms with an unsettled financial matter over the coming weeks, though prior efforts may also begin to bear fruit where you have been diligent by mid November. At the same time, a love relationship that may have seen delays is stimulated and you will sense you are getting closer to what you desire between now and next April. Delving into passion is possible now, and this could equally apply to a creative pursuit you have been considering. Time to give it your all. Watch words Tuesday as tension abounds. This is a transition that must be confronted, how you respond is up to you.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

A missed opportunity comes back your way, this is very personal but equally describes your love life. While you may not be certain precisely where your affections lie, in taking care of yourself first you will find the appropriate match reveals itself over the coming weeks. Finances require appraisal as well, but here you are seeing forward momentum after some months of recalibration. By the end of the month and especially by December there will be more to go around. A merger you make has the potential to present you with a windfall by the end of the year. One step at a time.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

There are dual influences at work and you could be feeling pulled in numerous directions simultaneously. Venus retrograde in your sign may cause you to retreat into yourself as this transit indicates a withdrawal. Much is already going on behind the scenes suggesting you are delving deep into your subconscious and that intuition is incredible strong over the coming weeks. A sensitized ambience on Tuesday could illuminate a secret desire. Domestic matters continue to see resolve and tapping a primordial source of energy could bring a long sought resolution.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

While this is a very active period for you socially, it’s also a good time to reevaluate your financials and make some determinations in regard to your earnings as Pluto direct indicates a more productive atmosphere for progress now. Pluto, of course, destroys in order to create, so it’s just as likely you see certain sources of income fizzle out in order to be replaced by new ones between now and next April. Such an appraisal can take place on Tuesday where something comes to a definitive end and you need to make adjustments. Most likely these were overdue any way, so accept it and move forward.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Passion is reinvigorated as the personal revolution you have been experiencing is reactivated enabling you to advance the goals and agenda you’ve been strategizing since last April. Release and rebirth are themes in this period and in fully embracing them you find a source of hidden reserves of power within yourself. This is highly advantageous, as Venus retrograde (between now and the end of November) offer you a second chance to progress professional objectives, now with the full force of Pluto behind you. Tuesday could be a bit contentious if you come on too strong. Watch your words.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You continue to come into your own and a sense of relief precipitates around the developments of the coming weeks. Your destination is likely unknown, but there is nonetheless a feeling of internal satisfaction that provides you with assurance all will work out in time. From mid week you revisit relational themes, many of which were stimulated over the Summer. Someone at a distance may feature and if a relationship had been abandoned you may find you have a second chance between now and the end of November to reconcile.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Your most private life and intimate relationships are highlighted, and will continue to be over the coming weeks and months. Some variety of negotiation or reappraisal may be required here, and if you were working towards a loan, settlement or the division of assets and financial responsibility you share with a spouse or business partner, the next several weeks will be critical for this conversation. In many regards this is a period of closure for you. Mars behind the scenes calls for seclusion and secrecy while you extinguish the story lines of the last two years and prepare for the new world order that emerges for you in November.


Forward momentum is finally made, with Mars and then Saturn returning direct, a shift in ambience is palpable and likely comes as a huge relief. Matters that precipitated as far back as January may culminate now when Jupiter and Pluto make their final sextile on the 12th. A journey into the darker regions of the netherworld pays off now, and where you have acted (consistently) with passion and conviction towards a goal or ideal is the prize. The Virgo New Moon ties into the configuration nicely, and offers a methodical practicality to realize this. On the other hand, an opposition of the New Moon to Neptune can provide a more challenging atmosphere, engendering an illusionary quality that can be either inspiring or confusing.

Venus and Mars are in conflict meanwhile, and there can be a confrontational quality in relationships over the coming months. Partners may be reconsidering prior choices, especially when Venus retrogrades in October. The friction between Scorpio (Venus) and Aquarius (Mars) can be pretty intense. One partner may want a more deeply intimate connection while the other seeks complete freedom. It’s possible that you experience this dynamic as a personal inner conflict. When Venus transits back into Libra in November, the terms of agreements and recalibration of the balance will occur. Venus and Mars trine on November 9th, signaling a truce is made.

Elements of the fates are in play, with Venus square the Nodes on the 16th and Mars conjunct South Node, (the final of 3 contacts made since June,) occurring in the final week of the month. These contacts can reveal the shortcomings of a decision made during the Summer or evolve a storyline initiated during the Aquarius eclipse that occurred at the end of July. It may be time to finally release a karmic contract and finally move forward. May the forces be with you! ~ Stargazer


ARIES March 20 – April 19

You continue to elevate your public profile and experience exciting shifts in perspective this month. A clash with a partner on the 9th can signal a slow down or reconsideration of the relationship. Venus begins to slow in orbit, preparing for retrograde motion. Perhaps job obligations are pulling you apart. A new venture partner, loan or outside source of money can bolster your professional prospects on the 12th. A behind the scenes role seems to suit you best right now. A new job or position is highlighted this month. A project or assignment you begin on the 20th will play a major role in your activities for the next four months. The New Moon on the 9th could also present an opportunity. You are at ease with yourself on the 25th and onwards. A Full Moon in your sign ties it all together for you.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Relationships intensify, (and will continue to for a few months) as Venus begins a transit of Scorpio, your mirror self, or partnership, from the 10th of September. This transit extends into January of next year, or close to 13 weeks. (During the month of November, Venus is mostly in Libra due to the retrograde cycle.) You could see some push/pull dynamics taking place in your love relationship and it may be that you or your loved one are getting cold feet, at least temporarily. Venus harmonizes with Saturn over the course of the retrograde, but is also in tension to the Nodes. A situation has to prove itself. Hold in your heart that true love will prevail and you will be fine. Feelings run strong around the 12th and a New Moon in the most romantic part of your zodiac on the 9th can stimulate very positive dynamics in your love life.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There is an inward shift this month and while you are still riding on a bit of a social + romantic wavelength you’ll feel a bit more reclusive. The 7th is really remarkable for coming into your own and getting in touch with your inner space and doing some soul healing. Practices you put in now will last you a long time. Your work life needs some tweaking mid month, and you’ll ask whether what you are doing to stash the cash is in alignment with where you want to invest yourself the most, which is likely to involve your head expression, speaking and writing. Adjustments are required for growth and because these changes involve altering the most fixed aspects of existence, thus there is a great deal of friction around those changes. You take pleasure in your routines and having healthy habits this month. You feel more upbeat after the 22nd.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

As money matters reconcile and fade away in the rear view mirror, you become more free to tune into the very enticing romantic and social opportunities that are available this month. You may find a romantic relationship goes through a period of adjustment around the 17th. You and yours need to get on the same page for the future and negotiate some kind of financial agreement. This one will be a work in progress for a few months. Put to rest a long standing issue related to debt or some other form of outside income on the 26th. An exciting new social chapter opens up for you on the 20th, and a creative or academic project you begin now will become an important part of your daily life and activities for the next 4 months. Putting on a performance, writing an online blog or journal, or hosting a podcast could all be fun projects you’ll consider with some friends. From the 10th a spectacular and loving transit of Venus influences your house of True Romance. There’s going to be a back and fourth (again) though, with Venus going retro next month, so son’t get your hopes up too quickly!

LEO July 23 – August 22

Financial channels open this month, it’s a good time for budgeting expenses and monitoring your income. The 20th begins a prosperous period, you’ll be working for it, but earning what you deserve. The edge comes back to your relationship on the 12th, and unresolved conflict will be inevitable. You can bury a long standing issue on the 26th. Call it out for what it is and cut yourself free from burdensome people and energies. The 18th could present a vexing sexual/romantic conundrum. Sultry Black Moon Lillith combines with the South Node, and there could be enticements that could produce a set back. Venus in Scorpio from the 10th sets up the major theme of the final third of the year, associated with your home and family and a back and fourth (retrograde) issue pertaining to a residential matter. It could be you are ready to make an upgrade, Jupiter is all for it, but you may want to anticipate for delays until December. Either resources or a partner prevent you from taking the plunge. Let this month be instructive, not constructive.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

New beginnings are the focus of this months stars and you will start to see signs of life in a relationship that may have stalled or stagnated. Growth may be slow going, but it is also assured at this point. Limits are tested on the 8th and a fight could signal a temporary separation, so watch your words on this difficult day. A Venus retrograde period is approaching and partners may be feeling stretched a bit thin over the coming months. Events on the 12th can catch you by surprise, yet you feel at ease here and can readily communicate your heart’s desire with candor. You might reach the final straw with a job you no longer feel is stimulating and by the end of the month you’ll be ready to bite the dust on a situation you have outgrown. Mercury makes a super quick transit of your sign mid month and a flurry of activity keeps you remarkably busy. Financials come into frame during the last week, this will be particularly helpful and interesting if you have decided to quit a job and need to figure out your budget until you have a new position lined up.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Contentious energy with a family member, flatmate or within your residence can trigger an argument or crisis on the 8th. This will be the most obvious with someone whom you are in a romantic relationship and have been living with (or thinking about it). Disagreements at this time can also point to financial worries and indications mid month of shortcomings can also be problematic. Good news could arrive on the 11th and 12th that modifies this enormously though, and will assist you in making progress. An issue that has weighed upon your relationship since May (or earlier) can finally be resolved, and the time around the Full Moon on the 25th and events over the week that follows can bring in very positive news. There is equally the potential you are breaking something off in this phase too, in which case it’s absolutely best to release it, as it no longer serves your growth. There is a solemn quality to someone you say goodbye to at this time, but it also frees you to embrace an incredible momentum to move forward.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Venus in your sign from the 10th brings pleasurable experiences, even a little luxury and romance into your life, with the 12th presenting a wonderful opportunity to make a commitment, especially for business. Agreements made now are long lasting and all involved parties will grow and benefit from the terms of a contract at this time. You might feel a bit triggered around the 17th in regard to your identity and professional direction. If you don’t feel you are being properly represented, for instance in the press or media or identify personally with your public persona there can be an uncomfortable adjustment now. Friends are on sides and especially around the 20th you start to see some profits from your business pursuits. A domestic matter finally begins to see resolution, the last week of the month allows you to make final changes and say goodbye where it is time to set yourself free.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

A professional enterprise or trajectory you set in motion during July new shows signs of real progress. This will be most evident during the New Moon on the 9th. This lunation taps into vitalizing alinements with Pluto and Jupiter, suggesting work you have been doing behind the scenes will pay off lucratively for you. A promotion or success in a personal business is indicated, although an opposition to Neptune stimulates a more complex, beguiling atmosphere. There is much more here than what meets the eye and you do well to wait to put a plan into motion until the 20th. A certain nostalgia is present this month, as you recognize your life is changing and bid farewell to people and places that are familiar to you. The transit of Venus in Scorpio beginning on the 10th (and which lasts through December, due to an upcoming retrograde phase,) stimulates a period of closure and endings. This will be prolonged as certain elements will take longer to release, but by December, coupled with Jupiter in your sign, you will find yourself in a whole new world.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Saturn resumes direct motion on the 5th and you will likely feel stimulated, in a good way, to start to make some new progress towards your personal and long range goals. A significant turning point on the 20th can stimulate you to take action towards a media or publishing venture, you want to get yourself (and ideas) out into the big wide world. A financial resolution is possible on the 26th. This time a decision sticks, and a burden you have contended with can finally be released. Venus in Scorpio on the 10th sends you positive social vibes. It will be fun to connect (and during the retrograde to reconnect) with friends. You may also see a positive upturn in financial matters associated with your profession. The 11th and 12th are very auspicious, but there could be a surprise in store! Likewise the 15th and 16th are very good for striking deals, agreements made now have a seal of protection and good luck attached to them. A Full Moon on the 25th brings a culmination in your residence or with close family members. Saturn is in a difficult aspect, so it could be you are making a decision under some kind of duress or to mitigate a shortage of some sort.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A great deal of unfinished business gets sorted this month, with many arenas of your life impacted and clearing the way for growth and new developments. There could be a tendency to withdraw in this period, at least through the 11th when Mars reenters your sign. Venus comes to occupy the apex of your chart from the 10th, and coupled with Jupiter will offer a very favorable period for career advancement. With Venus set to retrograde in about a month, some of these enterprises will go through transmutations before they reach their culmination, which you can expect in December. The 12th and 16th are ideal for putting things into motion and articulating your vision for a project. There can be some erotic intensity around the 18th, temptation will abound. A joint financial endeavor you sign off on around the 20th bears weight for the next four months, and will play a big role in your activities through the end of the year, so think negotiations through. The last week of the month gives you closure on an issue you have sought to reconcile for many moons. A sense of rebirth prevails.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Partnership is emphasized, and the lines of communication are wide open. The 7th, 11th, 12th, 15th and 16th are all very positive for coming to agreements that effect your relationships and business partnerships. A New Moon on the 9th in your house of partnership has highly auspicious energy around it, and resonates with a powerful development or meeting that may have occurred in early January. The 20th is ideal for putting a deal or commitment into writing, including an engagement or setting a wedding date. (The suggestion would be to wait until after Venus retrograde to actually hold the ceremony if you are getting married. As of September 3rd, the Venus chart is already in retrograde shadow.) From the 12th Mars now direct reenters your house of privacy, seclusion and endings, giving you another opportunity to eradicate issues from the past that have been vexing and difficult to resolve so far this year. A big push comes in the final week of the month, and around the 26th there could be a long sought after resolution to a problematic matter that allows you to leave the past behind once and for all.

Stargazer April Scopes


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ARIES: The Ram

A sense of closure predominates this month, as you resolve endemic issues and make room for a bold new future. Vulnerability is stimulated through romantic encounters, especially those from the past while Venus retrogrades. Release the old and make room for the new.

A sense of completion or culmination within a close commitment is highlighted around the 11th. Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto are involved and a conflict between your partnership and your career obligations are highlighted. Your own desire to freedom as well. This can be a very illuminating period offering insights into the dynamics presiding this year, though wait until at least the 15th (May 19th is even better), to set a seal on anything. The story is unfolding for many more months. A financial opportunity appears around the New Moon on the 26th, likely the result of the hard work of the last 2 months. Daily life and communication is enhanced from the 22nd, as Mars moves into a social part of your chart through the first week of June.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your creativity and love life for the next 18 months. Those trying for pregnancy may get good news, especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


TAURUS: The Bull

Special friendships are highlighted this month and can see you through a turbulent financial phase, but neither borrower, nor lender be! Karmic implications around money are loaded this month, lighten your load by reducing debts. 

This is a tough month for everyone so hang in there! Venus reaches the peak of it’s retrograde station direct in the middle two weeks in a very rough aspect to Saturn. A tough decision needs to get made, and getting through this will present a real turning point. You are uniquely positioned to advocate for yourself on the 16th with Mars transiting your sign. Your steadfast conviction will get you through. A job assignment or way of life comes to an end around the Full Moon on the 11th. This ending falls on a gracious note and there are beneficial undertones suggesting you are headed in a better direction. By the time of the New Moon in your sign on the 26th, you will be ready for a fresh start.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your domestic and personal life for the next 18 months. Those seeking a new residence may get good news, especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


GEMINI: The Twins

Healing vibrations are present at the apex of your chart, indicating you can restore a favorable public opinion or find opportunities to enhance your reputation. A partnership may reach an impasse, and you may reconsider this alliance through the Summer.

A process of regenerative healing continues this month and deep reflection can yield hidden treasures for you on the 6th. The path to love is revealed during the Full Moon on the 11th, and creative projects also get a huge boost and jolt of electricity. The challenge seems to fall on your professional direction, and you may not know precisely where you are going or feel as though you can’t get up the momentum to get there. Pay attention to feelings of restriction or limitation on the 8th and 21st, as this is the matter to which you need to attend to first. It likely resides within a partnership and this resolution will help you find the traction you seek to make progress in your career by the beginning of next month. From the 22nd, it’s all systems go when Mars in Gemini (through the first week of June) gives you the confidence and enthusiasm to take on the world again.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, ending the professional quagmire you’ve dealt with over the prior 18 months. August and next February offer spectacular opportunities for communications based activities.  Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


CANCER: The Crab

Long term goals and especially professional prospects are in a state of flux through next month. Ride the waves of change and take a leap of faith on the 14th. Work responsibilities diminish, offering you space to consider what you really want through Summer.

This month represents a crucial turning point in your work life, and especially from the 6th you will be more likely to adopt a wait and see where this is all going stance. Productivity could slow down for a few months, though you will see very positive recognition for your achievements to date next month, and offers and opportunities for advancement will likely come in as a result, though you might not do much with them until August. Mars in Gemini from the 22nd suggests life is best lived in the slow lane for a while. You are in a very personal period of release and need some privacy to address the changes of the last two years. Inner awareness and intuition are very strong in this phase, and seeking therapy or developing a meditation practice or keeping a journal can be very helpful to you. A great deal of passion is present within your relationship on the 6th. Open up to love and you will be transformed. After the 21st, the air begins to clear on a critical work or health matter, giving you the space and freedom to pursue your goals again. The 14th and and 24th are instrumental for planning and selecting your course of action. A domestic goal comes to fruition on the 11th. You’ll feel great about what happens.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your earnings abilities for the next 18 months. Those trying for a raise or promotion may get good news, especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


LEO: The Lion/ess

You remain in high esteem among your colleagues, though there is a roundabout path to the professional success through May. A promotion could be set back a few more weeks while details get hashed out or agreements placed on freeze. 

The New Moon on the 26th reveals indications that the air is beginning to clear around a professional objective, though there is a muddle, perhaps ongoing negotiation over a key contract, through early May. Your ship is set to come in by June, stay positive and accept that any setbacks you might experience ultimately do serve your better interests. A better offer could come in next month, so it’s worth while to wait and see what comes up. There is a tough atmosphere in general this month, and resources or affection may feel scant and difficult to come by. A matter regarding your personal expression or children needs to be attended to. If a love affair reaches an impasse, you might be wise to take a break for the time being. An important agreement can be reached around the 20th, and you can get to the bottom of a problem through mediation and conversation on the 24th.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating incredible changes for those with your sign for the next 18 months. Expect some remarkable changes,  especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


Virgo: The Maiden

You reach a really critical turning point in a close relationship this month, though the climate is favorable for healing a rift and making a significant commitment. A domestic matter is at the heart of this, and intuition in this phase is strong, so trust it! 

You hit the thicks of the Venus retrograde cycle, though it’s also possible at this time your partner helps you through a debilitating period in regard to your home or difficulty relating to your family and heritage. The presence of Saturn can trigger feelings of limitations that linger from your upbringing and there is the potential that your relationship is helping you through a tough period of reconciling this kind of emotional response. A more endemic feature of this energy would be to rekindle an old or bad relationship based on an insecurity that results from those feelings. It’s better if you experience any uncertainty to wait a while before you commit. This is going to be a challenging and defining month for everyone. Clarity emerges from the 21st and onward.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your mystical and esoteric side for the next 18 months. Intuition is strong and cultivated in privacy, with big developments in August and next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


LIBRA: The Scales

Matters associated with your health and productivity (and how one serves the other) is high priority this month. The demands of daily life diminish and you can attend to these more successfully. Relationships flourish from May and onward. Take care of you first.

A resounding sense of personal completion for Libra this month as the Full Moon in your sign on the 11th sends signals that for as far as you have come since last September there is still further to go. This is likely to be a challenging month, especially in the 2nd week, as Venus and Saturn square off. You have to rise to a challenge, it seems someone behind the scenes will assist you around the 16th and get you back on the track. Working behind the scenes seems to feature, and there may be ongoing negotiations regarding shared finances, loans, investments or an inheritance. The New Moon on the 6th can reveal the future of a business partnership, though it seems the conversation continues through early May. You have the conviction to fight for what you are worth in a negotiation, keep at it until you get what you deserve. Intimacy can be highly cathartic at this time.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your friendships, hopes and dreams over the next 18 months. Those working in technology or a group project succeed in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


SCORPIO: The Phoenix

A love relationship has regenerative qualities and can heal your heart this month. Uncertainty to the outcome of your union could  be pervasive to establishing a commitment. Solitude and reflectiveness are beneficial. Your intuition is heightened. 

You can reach a crossroads this month in your financial situation. A desire to self expression, creativity or seeking to have children or improve the lives of those you have already stimulates an intensive awareness of your economic limitations. The frustration you experience will likely lend urgency to deal with a long standing matter and make a substantial change to improve conditions. What might seem difficult to deal with or requires a sacrifice right now has far reaching implications, so take control of the situation. Events or offers mid month offer resolution by the 21st. Important decisions on the 17th, 20th and 24th about work or a job will enable you to enhance your earnings. You have far less patience to put up with things on the 28th, watch your words or risk alienating a potential client or employer. A New Moon on the 26th offers a fresh start with your spouse or business partner. You can make a commitment that will endure. A love relationship put to the test this month will survive.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo,  elevating your public profile over the next 18 months. Those trying for a new career direction may get good news, especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->



You have some root work to attend to and reconciling a personal or domestic issue will make room for the enticingly exciting romantic prospects that will be revealed next month. Listen to and attend to your inner needs. Therapy can be effective now in releasing toxic, learned behavioral patterns that have limited you since your early life.

We reach a challenging passage this month, and have to demonstrate our dedication to get a situation to come together. There may be a feeling of persistent pressure in your home situation and a female relative could be problematic, or expenses tied to your residence could be draining. This really peaks in intensity over the middle of the month, though it seems you might get assistance through a coworker. Partnerships heat up from the 22nd, a trend that lasts through July. You may feel your heart being tugged more towards the end of the month as romance get rekindled. Job seekers might run into a delay or obstacle as Mercury retrogrades in your realm of work and productivity from the 10th. Work you thought you had completed last month may require review or consider applying for a position you thought missed the boat on a few weeks ago.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your innate sense of adventure for the next 18 months. Those trying for travel or grad school may get good news, especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->



You still have a way to go, Cap. and it looks like the the way to get there is through learning to really trust your intuition and voicing your creative talent. Speak to your personal truth and let your work speak for itself. Your profession / reputation is highlighted on the 11th. 

The Full Moon on the 11th signals a huge culmination in your career, and you will be closing the door on a professional chapter. The next six months will see your profile rising exponentially (especially in October – November) for the time being you might be exploring the best offers and opportunities and reflecting on where you can find the greatest fulfillment. Answers may be hard to come by this month, as a challenging Venus – Saturn square predominates, creating a challenging ambience. A tough choice or sacrifice might play a role this month, or you might have to prove yourself in some regard. Mars will give you drive to overcome any obstacles, and there will be a sense of resolution from the 21st. Desire and pleasure are a big feature around the New Moon on the 26th, and you can move forward with fresh perspective, especially in a love relationship.

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating your urge to merge, intimately and/or financially speaking for the next 18 months. Big opportunities arise in August and next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


AQUARIUS: The Water Bearer

With home and financial matters undergoing review this month you may not have a lot of time left for pleasure or recreation till some of the kinks get ironed out. A huge boost of energy comes your way from the 22nd, and you’ll get your mojo back real soon there!

An urge to get out into the great wide world can be compelling, as a Full Moon on the 11th stimulates a desire to expand into unfamiliar territory. If you are culminating your studies at this time, you will be very successful. Underscoring this is a bittersweet energy, a sense that making your dreams come true is just too hard. Remember this is a passing phase and from next month onward you will be revived and reinvigorated to pursue your goals. Mars stirs your passions from the 22nd, bringing energy and conviction to your personal aims. True love is stimulated through early June as well, very enticing moments ahead! Communication and daily life continues to bustle with activity. Exciting events occur on the 7th and 14th. The New Moon on the 26th urges you to consider your root base, and if and where you should make a more lasting residence and home. So where do you want to be really?

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, stimulating big developments in your relationships over the next 18 months. Those seeking to tie the knot or meet “the one” have great prospects in August and next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->


PISCES: The Fishes

You can heal an identity issue this month, self acceptance is key. True love is also possible through this and there can be a sense of fateful connectedness to a love partner at this time. A financial matter requires review, and this will be an ongoing discussion into May.

You reach the crux of a major challenge this month, the 8th and 21st are especially prickly as you unravel and release some personal issues in order to achieve a professional milestone (a little bit down the road). Socially this remains a dynamic time, especially on the 6th. You may see folks from the past re-emerge after the 10th, as Mercury retrograde stimulates contacts with those long forgotten. Breath a sigh of relief on the 15th, when Venus goes direct you start to have a better sense of where this big sticky mess of life is all heading. The 14th and 17th are powerful for financial discussions related to your profession, just wait until well into the next month to sign or agree to anything. There’s too much weird retro energy afoot this month to make odds or ends of anything right now. Professionally you enter a period of reappraisal. Are the prospects you are pursuing leading you to your desired destination?

May 10th sees the North Node move into Leo, freeing you from the intense evolutionary developments you have endured over the prior 18 months. The emphasis moves to health and productivity, and job seekers get good news, especially in August or next February! Get my full report by subscribing HERE->



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