Any year that starts with a Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn is going to feature some pretty heavy themes – from day one, 2019 was slated to be about confronting and resolving long range issues, and finding solutions for the biggest and most difficult obstacles without taking any shortcuts. Saturn emphasizes limitations and restrictions be put into place to really deal with a specific issue without distractions. By excluding anything which is not necessary, it is possible to focus very explicitly on a concerning topic in order to slowly and steadily make concerted progress. 

This process can be excruciating but also offers incredible rewards for the efforts made and the tests endured. Genuine and lasting results are possible, and when pressing constrictions are overcome, they are overcome for good. Generally a Saturn hued effort is about having to work hard for something. (Look to the position of Saturn in your natal chart as well as the house it rules for clues.) Where Saturn currently transits your chart is where you have the ability to focus effort with an eye to a specific outcome in mind, usually reorganizing the affairs of that area which require rehabilitation or restructuring. Saturn conjunct to South Node at the end of the month will definitely offer indications of that which is not working and requires complete elimination.

Unlike the strategy and discipline Saturn employs to achieve it’s objectives, Jupiter tends to represent effortless growth and simple enjoyment. Jupiter can also be full of hot air – it’s advantages effusive and elusive, a temporary visitor that enhances perception and the potential of good fortune before moving onto it’s next adventure. Saturn is constricting, but what its discipline enables you to create is made of stone and granite and will endure – for better or worse. Together these planets set the agenda and tone for a 1 – 2 year period, unlike the inner or personal planets which shift signs on a three to six week basis, or the outer, transpersonal planets which spend years and even decades in a particular sign, Jupiter and Saturn exert a special influence. 

With both planets going retrograde this month, (Jupiter on the 10th, Saturn on the 29th,) it’s time to see how well the structuring efforts Saturn has made will endure and if Jupiter’s prospects for growth are legit or just phony promises made in the heat of an overly optimistic moment. During their retrograde phases, both will repeat the aspects they made to Neptune in January – Jupiter by square and Saturn by sextile. Late July through the first ten days of August should also be observed with extra consideration, when Saturn moves back to 15’ Capricorn, reactivating the directives of the January 6th Solar Eclipse. The 2019 agenda either comes together or falls apart in order to be reassessed and reorganized at this critical time. By late October/early November, this is one for the history books as a matter is set into stone. Jupiter retrograde examines how well you have expanded your frontiers in the area of your chart impacted, and following a few months of reflection, another chance at growth in that area or a chance to rekindle a missed opportunity. 

The other highlights this month include the transits of Venus through Pisces and Mars in Gemini. Mars is a bit lone crusader, making a singular aspect square Neptune at the end of the month, essentially void of course since it’s trine to Pluto on March 19th, with the exception of Lunar aspects. Action oriented activities are likely carried out in solitude as a result, and Mars, doing most of it’s best work independently in most circumstances anyway, is probably cool with this. Collaboration is not a particularly effective vehicle for the time being, and with Gemini presiding, research is favored. 

Venus from Pisces assists Mercury, having recently gone direct, in clearing up any lingering misunderstandings that may have arisen during the March retrograde. A softer ambience in which to realize the objectives of your personal Pisces topic (where Pisces lies in your chart) suggests diplomacy and cooperation will yield the best outcomes here. Relationships can be cultivated now, as flowing aspects to Pluto and Saturn make it possible to make lasting commitments to something or someone. Fateful contacts are highlighted when Mercury – Nodes (April 9) and Venus – Nodes (April 14th) interact. It’s easier to let go of the past and move forward under these auspices.    

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March 20 – April 19

The plot thickens as even more subterranean material comes bubbling up to the surface. It’s an interesting dynamic for your Solar Return month, with equal emphasis placed on the past and future simultaneously. Old business is being wrapped up at the same time you are trying to move forward. Socially you may feel enthusiastic and outgoing, but may discover your playmates are not available for the time being. You can use this time productively by delving into a writing or research project, maybe taking an online course about a topic that piques your curiosity. As for love, it’s all going down behind the scenes, and a steamy encounter on the 10th can arouse hidden fantasies. Be mindful about getting frisky with your boss or a colleague, as actions have consequences and these particular ones affect your reputation. You may find yourself reframing your professional objectives through the Summer. Information comes in between now and then, with a real turning point in July demanding a different approach and perhaps even relocation that steers you towards a whole new enterprise. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


April 20 – May 20

You are quite at your leisure this month, and can particularly enjoy time spent with others, the 10th and 15th are especially nice for socializing. Mars is out of your sign by the beginning of the month, so some of the edge is off, though Uranus provides a certain snap-crackle-pop that is stimulating bordering on aggravating dependent or your disposition. Towards the end of the month you get a sense of what is in store, and April Taurus will get the first taste. If your birthday falls on the 23rd, expect a particularly volatile, but exciting year! By the end of the month, a decidedly introverted mood takes over and you are more likely reflecting on the past. By mid May the atmosphere clears and you feel ready to move forward. Financial matters are also highlighted and you might be in the hot pursuit of money or other resources while a shared or outside source of cash likely diminishes through the late Summer. Focus on what you can do for yourself while you review your commitments to others. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


May 21 – June 20

Mars from your sign gets your mojo going, though you might be on your own for a while while you put a personal plan into motion. With Mercury now moving forward, the confusion and misunderstandings that were pervasive in March quickly recede into the rear view mirror. Professionally this is a great month in which to show off your talents – you’ll be advanced and well compensated for what you bring to the table. It’s also a good phase for finding work you genuinely enjoy or which features an element of self expression. A love relationship continues to guide your course, and events mid month could set you on a whole new trajectory. Your social life picks up towards the end of the month with several opportunities to connect with likeminded people and expand your circle of friends through clubs or events. You could meet a truly kindred spirit on the 23rd who you feel you can really open up too. This is also a good day for letting bygones be bygones in a friendship that may have been through some ups and downs. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->  


June 21 – July 22

This is a pivotal month for you, as many issues from the very personal to external influences over which you really have no control are all equally highlighted. You do gain clarity about your future direction and if plans to return to school or in relation to a publishing project have been a bit difficult to nail down, you start to see the way through. You continue to tap into a source of personal inspiration and guidance throughout the month that infuses your creative spirit. Travel is highlighted and can provide you with genuine spiritual insights. The gears switch in your professional realm throughout April, and there could be a concerning incident mid month in particular. Only you can decide if you are truly comfortable with the direction in which things are evolving. Expressing your concerns around the 23rd clears the air. A partnership that may have seen it’s shares of ups and downs can settle into more of a groove now. You feel you know where you stand and this provides assurance. The more comfortable you can be with yourself and your choices, the more successful you will be this month. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->    


July 23 – August 22

Mars activates your social sphere and there could be some exciting events that provide you with opportunities to connect with others. Intellectual pursuits are favored and relationships that feature a more detached quality overall will tend to run more smoothly. Your more personal and intimate life is also enriched this month, and where a mutual financial situation may have gotten gnarly last month, you see circumstances improve. If you have been struggling with payments or getting your fair share in a settlement, matters progress far more smoothly this month. By the end of the month you feel ready to spread your wings and take flight. New horizons beacon and if you have been attending to more private matters, you feel replenished and ready to come out of your shell. The unrelenting demands of your job also begin to diminish and the more of an effort you have put in since January the greater your rewards (and lighter your burden) through the Summer months. A romantic or creative effort could also show signs of slowing down, it’s time to check in and decide if you are really happy with where things are headed. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->  


August 23 – September 22

If uncertain conditions surrounding your close relationships have sidelined a commitment, you find a far more supportive and loving atmosphere this month in which to cultivate your key partnerships. Mercury rights it’s course and combines it’s efforts with Venus to clear up any misunderstandings with important developments over the first two weeks especially positive for you and your mate. The dates between the 7th – 15th are extraordinarily romantic and you are likely ready to put yourself behind a decision regarding someone who means a lot to you. Saturn and Pluto retrograde diminish the intensity that has been present so far this year with your lover, quite possibly for the better. Professional drives are also activated, though you might not get a lot of support initially. Financial matters improve towards the end of the month as you start to receive assistance from others or get word on a loan or inheritance. The Full Moon in Libra on the 19th culminates a successful negotiation or pay increase for you. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST -> 


September 23 – October 23

Daily life gets back on track following a period of uncertainty (most likely regarding your work) that may have had disabled your productivity. The current climate encourages the development of better habits, and releasing those that have a detrimental affect on your well being. A lot of emphasis on partnerships otherwise suggests really potent developments in you key commitment. Someone from another country or at a distance could be prominent. A conversation around April 14th gets the adrenaline flowing – effortless connection and instant rapport is possible. At the same time you may ask yourself if this connection has what it takes to god the distance, in some cases it could be a catalyst for making an important decision about the future. Domestic matters that have been concerning since the beginning of the year recede somewhat in importance. From the end of Summer you will be required to handle any lingering matters. For now it’s best to see how things are falling into place. Lunations feature cues that impact your love life, endings and new beginnings are featured. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


October 24 – November 21

Uncertainty over where your affections lie begin to get clarity, you know where you stand and are ready to let your feelings be known. Venus enhances romantic connection, and especially around the 10th, a wish can come true. The 7th and 13th are ideal for clearing the air of any misunderstandings and making a commitment you can stand by. Planning for the future with someone you care about, brings you closer as you realize you share objectives. Uranus continues to exert a challenging, but liberating influence with some of the bigger themes of this process surfacing around the 23rd. Early Scorpio (October B-day) is most affected. Towards the end of the month you have opportunities to advance at work. Think about how what you do now is actively contributing to the future you want, especially in regard to your professional aspirations. Mars from Gemini could see you a bit withdrawn this month. You undergo a cathartic inner transformation. This also impacts your sexuality and you may discover you do not have an appropriate outlet to express your deepest desires. Awareness of this contributes to your metamorphosis. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->  


Nov 22 – Dec 21

You continue to tend to your personal life or even family members, and by mid month you definitely have a better grasp on the situation. If a relocation had been postponed, you have a much friendlier climate in which to make desired changes to your living arrangements. The 7th and 13th are especially auspicious for signing a lease or coming to an agreement. From mid month the emphasis shifts to more pleasurable pursuits and a romantic liaison or creative project. Mars from Gemini stimulates passion, but equally contention in a partnership. Jupiter retrograde in your sign from the 10th suggests you are pulling back a bit from the pace you have maintained since last November. Use this time to reflect on where you really want to go next, as second chances emerge from July to break through to new territory. Saturn impacts your financial picture, and you will have to live with what you have managed to accomplish since January. If your resources aren’t being well managed, then you will have the opportunity to restructure your finances from late Summer. Testing the durability of your resources between now and then will make it possible to make better decisions moving forward. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


December 22 – January 19 

A second chance to make good on the objectives you set fourth around the New Year comes as you address how well you have (or have not) managed to restructure your lifestyle in favor of the future you seek. Events in July will propel the story line forward in remarkable ways, between now and then examining what is working and what is not is in your better interest. Taking a hard line is not the best strategy, as Neptune combining forces with Saturn indicates a softer and more empathetic approach gets you further. You have numerous opportunities to express your vision effectively and make progress on goals. By the end of the year, all the hard work and sacrifices endured pay off in a big way, just keep chipping away! This is a good time to cultivate new skills and habits that enable a more efficient approach to lifestyle management. With work days getting more hectic over the next six weeks, time management becomes more crucial to maintain balance. Look at how what you are doing now will propel you towards your professional goals, (which you are likely to advance in September – October). The Full Moon on the 19th holds a huge message about where you are headed next. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->           


January 20 – February 18

Mars from Gemini gets your mojo going, and after a quiet start to the year, you are ready to get moving on your personal objectives. A love relationship may also begin to culminate, and particularly in the aftermath of last year’s tricky retrograde phase impacting your sign, there seem to be brighter prospects on the horizon. Old friendships or colleagues could reemerge on the scene while Jupiter moves backwards in the zodiac, triggering you to take someone up on an offer you may have previously turned down. The financial picture shows signs of improvement this month as well, especially where circumstances were particularly gnarly or a source of income hard to pin down over the prior weeks. Significant reorganization is possible over the first two weeks. Socially the picture brightens towards the end of April. Accept invitations and show off your sweetheart or meet someone new. Art appreciation can be especially stimulating. You could find yourself deeply moved by something you hear on the 23rd. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->   


February 19 – March 20

The unraveling influences of the Mercury retrograde period begin to dissipate this month, as you start to gain clarity and find the way forward. Venus plays a highly beneficial role in this personal chapter of your story, and over the first three weeks in particular you receive assistance and generally just feel more at ease in your own skin. A conversation you have been putting off can now take place, and the 9th is perfect to clarify your position and realign your perspective with what you want. The more clearly you can envision and articulate your desires, the more likely you are to get them. The 10th can be especially auspicious for reaching a personal milestone. Feelings of love resonate throughout all your undertakings. Professional circumstances are less favorable through July. Examine if the route you have been pursuing is really taking you where you want to be. You get another chance shortly. Attention is focused on personal matters, with the next six weeks optimal for making changes in your residential situation as required. Steer clear of commitments at the end of the month. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->        

Stargazer Weekly 3/24-30


Retrograde Mercury moves back into lockstep with Neptune, making a rare and unusually long conjunction lasting from Monday through Friday. Inspiration and intuition are potent, but the potential for errors in judgement exceptionally high. De ja vous (even connected to past lives or other dimensions) is possible, as is attunement to extra-sensory perception. Tap into the exceptional creative and imaginative potential being illuminated, but hold back on any kind of crucial commitments or decisions. This combination can make for extreme gullibility. From the end of the week, its time to emerge from wonderland and climb out of the murk and treacle. Mercury will be it’s usual nimble self again in a couple more weeks. 

Venus joins up with the Pisces gang mid week, adding even more emphasis to an already squishy ambience. Relationships take on transcendental romantic overtones, as feelings of love can saturate to the core level of soul experience. The visionary ability and artistic quality expressed during this time can not be understated, and fortunate connections to Mars in Taurus as well as Saturn in Capricorn can ground these etherial impressions, making it possible to find a tangible outlet for these esoteric and otherworldly impulses. As always with pronounced Pisces/Neptune influences present, be wary of susceptibility to those who might prey on vulnerability. Likewise, if people are sending mixed signals or acting vague, take it at face value rather than make excuses for evasive behaviour. 

Over the weekend the Pluto – South Node conjunction locks into place, signaling profound catharsis (look at 23’ Capricorn in your chart) and a significant time in which to eliminate and purge the dead and outworn. There is dual potential – on one hand the karmic implications of an abuse of power comes term now, though alternately the potential for positive manifestation or culmination of events and conditions that precipitated nine years ago during North Node conjunct Pluto 3’ Capricorn November 5 – 21, 2010. Remember with the nodes involved that time lines accelerate and things tend to be a bit turbulent while the hands of destiny steer the ship.

Also look to the house ruled by Pluto (Scorpio) in your chart, as this area could be debilitated or exhibit changes or even transform dramatically at this time. Evolution occurs now from which little will be salvaged afterwards. Let go of what has been outgrown and accept that what is happening was meant to be. Purification rituals can be especially potent now. If you find yourself experiencing the more corrosive attributes of this transit – likely expressed through power struggles, harboring resentment or subconsciously provoking crisis, this is probably a signal that you are clinging to precisely what needs to released, focused on the past and not the future. The way through (and ultimately out) is to pour your energy emphatically and without any hesitation towards the directive of your chart house containing 23’ Cancer. Feeding the Pluto – South Node beast is an exercise in futility and will only deplete you. There is nothing down that hole. Face up and move forward instead.


ARIES March 20 – April 19

Despite all the mushy bizarro vibes out there, you get a big boost with the Sun now in your sign, illuminating the potential for future exploration and development. As much as you seek to make an impact on the world, so much continues to transpire within your private realms, signaling attention is pushed towards your inner life. Imagination is stimulated, and could yield treasures either in terms of healing through releasing habits rooted in subconscious conditioning or even expression of artistic genius. Pluto – South Node brings something to term regarding your professional or life path. Here, too, an ending of some description occurs. Metamorphosis is your theme this week, though you determine what form you will take at the end of this transformation.  

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TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Friends and friends with benefits continue to be a major emphasis, though you may be reconsidering how fruitful some of these alliances are. Clarity comes with Mercury righting it’s course from the end of the week and in the days to come. Venus in a more supportive angle to your sign offers a more supportive and nurturing ambience. Partnership dynamics are intensified with Pluto – South Node. The potential for unresolved conflict surrounding past indiscretions to resurface is high, though this signals that matters need to be dealt with and settled permanently. If a relationship is too vulnerable to withstand this period of transformation, then it might be time to let it go. Give crucial decisions a few more weeks to gestate.  

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

You seek an idealized circumstance in your professional realm and have the potential to realize a dream if you can manage to keep your vision grounded in what is realistically attainable at this time. This story has a few more weeks yet to be written and current circumstances could be a bit peculiar or perplexing. The presence of Venus at the apex of your chart is very fortunate, indicating that your life direction is guided by a love relationship or that you desire  creative self expression through your career. A supportive ambience in which to realize your goals enhances your prospects. Keep your focus on your own income and resources, entanglements with others will be unproductive.  

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast      

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Venus from Pisces is highly supportive and enhances your creative yearnings. This puts you in a good position to mitigate some of the challenges a partnership could undergo this week into next. Children or your living arrangements (or both) could be the subject of obstinate disagreement and reorganization. Certain situations may simply have reached their expiration date, and if so, it’s time to scrap and release that which is no longer serving your growth. As you undergo inner transformation, the impact on your external associations or circumstances becomes particularly apparent now. Dynamics are shifting significantly. Put yourself first, and stay focused on your needs.    

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

LEO July 23 – August 22

As much as you would like to get your head around the nitty gritty details of a financial agreement things are just a bit too vague to pin down for the time being. Be especially wary about schemes that promise more than can realistically be delivered, the potential to be swindled or let down is pretty high right now. A power struggle with coworkers or challenges to lead a more productive lifestyle could come to a head. The fastest way through is to let go of all the stuff that isn’t working, especially habits that are debilitating your effectiveness. Taking time out or away could be exactly what you need to resolve an endemic issue.    

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

It could be the best or worst time for your romantic relationship. There is so much potential to realize a cherished dream within a relationship, though this is only possible if you can release the past and transform your association with and through love itself. Some form of catharsis is inevitable and holding on to what isn’t working is going to create discomfort. Seeing only what you want to is equally problematic, and the ambience is particularly beguiling in this regard – over idealizing a person or circumstance (here again likely attached to the past) is likely holding back your growth and evolution. Chalk it up to bygones and move forward willingly. A very bright future awaits.            

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

You hold the potential to transform yourself from the inside out right now. Cathartic events or circumstances will require a profound reorganization of your innermost world, although eradicating any negative (usually childhood) conditioning you have endured leaves you free to progress towards your potential for achievement, offering incredible gains. Certain subjective patterns are being exposed, and it’s likely many of these are inhibiting you. While you can’t change where you came from or what you have already been through, this is a productive week in which to consider the elements of your life you do control, and how this can empower you towards attaining the life you actually want.     

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast 

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s time to let go of certain ideas and opinions and focus your energy on real knowledge and experience. You’ve likely transformed your message and how you express it over the last nine years and a new cycle is beginning now in regard to how and even what you think. Romance could feature enticing overtures, though you might still be nursing a broken heart or thinking about someone from the past. A recurring dream about a person or place could reveal clues about unresolved feelings sitting in your heart space. Nest with these for now, but be prepared to move forward from the end of the week. Take or make an invitation on the 27th.

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

While a highly independent and competent person, it is worthwhile to examine how collaboration could be beneficial to you. Those most comfortable with themselves and possessing genuine awareness of what they have to offer are not afraid to ask others for assistance – they know they will be able to reciprocate. If domestic or personal matters have been a bit squirrly, some of the edge is coming off with Venus entering the picture and bringing in some harmony over the next months. From the end of the week, circumstances can be rectified and if relocation or settling matters regarding your living space has been difficult, conditions improve in the early weeks of April.  

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

A facet of your existence is coming to an end – as a metaphorical resurrection occurs over the coming weeks. Signals have been gestating since last July, with even more prominent indications early this January setting the stage for changes. Ultimately the goal is a better you – and what you clear away now illuminates the way for a meaningful relationship to take root. Fated meetings can transpire with April – July being especially potent. Sweet harmonies prevail well into next month and a loving communique Wednesday could really tap your sweet spot. Lots of daydreaming could make for an unproductive week overall, though creative insights or a flash of artistic inspiration is definitely worth exploring.        

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The space surrounding your income or assets is especially soft and fuzzy this week, making it a less than optimum time for decision making regarding any crucial arrangements about money. From the end of the week, Mercury rights it’s course and the situation becomes easier to deal with, as perplexing circumstances over the prior month yield and answers are easier to come by. If you do feel inspiration percolating and you have ideas that could grow your business prospects, particularly through some creative means or activity, by all means note these. From the second week of April you could get the green light to move forward on these. 

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

PISCES February 19 – March 20

It’s much more about who you are than who you know right now, and your eye and emphasis should be trained on what you are cultivating yourself, as opposed to what others are doing. In some cases this means having to go off on your own or even releasing relationships no longer compatible with where you are heading. Inspiration is on high right now and focusing on a creative project could be just the right thing. On the other hand, deceit can (or perhaps already has) played some kind of role here and the bubble could burst if so. You are unfettered with Venus cruising through your sign, and from the end of the week, you move into one of your most auspicious seasons for 2019.    

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

Stargazer February Horoscopes

January was a month fraught with huge punctuation marks, as revelations stimulated by awareness of the deep conviction and desires that exist deep within resulted in massive and transformative shifts in consciousness via Pluto contacts and Jupiter in Scorpio. The reclamation of personal power was likely a huge theme, and where abuses were revealed, it is just as likely endings were made within circumstances or relationships in which exploitation had become overtly detectable.

As planets migrated into Aquarius, a lot of the intensity subsided as activities became more socially and intellectually motivated. The emotional stakes are lowered, and a tempestuous and stormy period fades into the rear view mirror as subjective inputs quiet and more rational sensibilities take over. The new directions and dimensionality of being coming into awareness now is very much reinforced during the Aquarius eclipse on the 15th. In the way the January 31st eclipse in Leo provided a new chapter or culmination within a narrative or storyline that precipitated last August, the Aquarius eclipse mutually offers a new beginning predicated on the space made by relinquishing or surrendering something (or someone) during the previous Aquarius eclipse last August.

The recent aspects of Venus and Sun to the South Node (at 15’ Aquarius, the degree of last Summer’s eclipse) revealed and reinforced those endings. Mercury taps into this sensitive point on the 9th, and a conversation or the ability to finally articulate closure offers a clear slate from which to embrace the new opportunities present from mid month following this very dynamic eclipse period spanning February 13 – 17. Remarkably innovative and intellectual undercurrents stimulate a new undertaking featuring a Sun – Mercury conjunction ( also the beginning of a significant 4 month cycle of activity) and augmented by the sextiles of Sun, Moon and Mercury to Uranus. There is enormous conviction to independence and autonomy with these influences, although through Aquarius networks that enable the freedom of motion sought can be helpful to your enterprise, should you be able to enlist likeminded people who don’t attempt to reign you in or hold you back.

Venus is sextile to Saturn at this time, suggesting relationships that have been reconciled over the prior 4 months offer constructive avenues for expression now, and where mutuality and stability play an important role there are likely to be positive developments. The previous Sun – Mercury cycle (which began on October 8, 2017) was wrought with friction as Venus square Saturn and Sun – Mercury squared Pluto occurred during the onset of that cycle. A lot of relational issues and power struggles played a substantive role in the prior phase, with newer patterns establishing themselves from late December into early January as a result of facing those challenges and clarifying roles and objectives.

As Pisces becomes dominant towards the third week of the month and into March, the ambience softens and becomes more intuitive and responsive. Mars in Sagittarius contests this and numerous squares between Sag – Pisces encourage remaining outgoing and forthright. Pisces can have a tendency to dissolve and obfuscate the truth. Mars from this position of conviction will not allow for this. The most notable contact occurs when Venus squares Mars, issuing a challenge to relationships initiated around October 5th.

This is a period of conflict that can lead to productive growth, assuming the parties involved can find a way to reconcile pettiness, illusion and self righteousness for the sake of the partnership. Give and take is crucial here if this is a storyline you seek to see continue. This also provides a litmus attesting to the strength or weaknesses that lies in the bond that exists between two people. Splits are possible now where that connection is weak or individuals let ego needs take precedence over love needs, mutual respect and understanding. Feel this one out gently, it is a very revealing contact.

chinese NY

ALSO HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! I’m not the most knowledgeable source for Chinese Astrology, beyond that the annual New Moon in Aquarius serves as the Lunar New Year for all the cultures that celebrate it. 2018 represents the Year of the Dog, and is attributed the qualities of loyalty, responsibility and honesty, with a Western astrology equivalent of Libra. One of my favorite sites to check for a reading is:



april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
You may be parting way with a group of friends or colleagues this month, many relationships have been outgrown and you’ll get evidence this month that compels you to cut binding ties. You may be starting a new group project or working with an organization on the 17th. This cycle of activity carries you through the next 4 months. Venus nestles in a quiet and reflective part of your chart, stimulating your imagination and intuition. Take some time out this month for meditation and relaxation if possible. Your wanderlust and desire to explore is equally stimulated, though the 17th and 25th could prove vexing in this regard. You reach a crucial professional decision on the 28th.

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
You get a sense this month that the winds of change are blowing. Your life direction is highlighted and you may be closing doors, saying goodbye or otherwise moving on from a professional path you have outgrown. Events and intuition on the 3rd, 9th and especially around the eclipse on the 15th speak to this, and as soon as the 17th you may embark on a new path on which you will seek your true calling. The Good, Bad and Ugly all come out to play towards the end of the month, love relationships have a roller coaster quality to them – super passionate one day, trouble the next. A lot of passion is stirring and you find yourself in a highly transformative phase. Hidden aspects of your psyche you may have tried to repress (Saturn in Sagittarius) emerge as fully fledged elements of your persona! Make room for yourself and trust intuition, which is heightened in this phase for a reason.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
You could be basking in the love light this month as Venus and Mars collaborate to give you some really special moments with someone close to your heart. Not so much the 25th, which has icky and awkward all over it. Skip this one for dates or other interludes. An adjustment is being made in your goals and work life, and a partner may not be too comfortable with what’s percolating. An office romance blows up in your face. You can reach a dream (or find a new one) in your professional life on the 21st. You have good prospects this month, especially within a creative career or sideline. A new learning or adventure phase begins on the 15th – 17th. What piques your curiosity? Where would you like to go? It’s a good time to plan for school or night course with the expectation of beginning this Fall. (October is awesome.)

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Work and finance is the highlight this month with a solitary eclipsed New Moon setting the tone for the whole month on the 15th. In your case, this will have more to do with other peoples’ money, and banks or legacies could be a predominant feature. Any outstanding debt or your partner’s income could be problematic, it might be time to make some serious cuts or adjustments to the budget. These triggers are just meant to remind you to work towards self reliance, and to stimulate you to your earnings potential. You begin on a path to resolution on the 17th. Venus and Mars at odds on the 25th can send up a distress signal in a relationship. It’s best to hold off on impulsive decisions regarding matters of the heart at this time. Better auspices await on the 27th, passion is aroused. You are busy on the job this month and this is a good time for your productivity if you manage not to overdo it. Projects and assignments you take on now will move you into prime position for a promotion next January, so do your very best work.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Powerful relational triggers and potential fallout with a partner is possible this month, the hands of destiny are in motion, ushering in a time of sweeping change, especially on the 3rd, 9th and especially during the eclipse on the 15th. There can be unions, reunions, comings and goings in this period, and regardless of how you feel about what occurs, trust that destiny is leading you to a better place and precisely where you belong, even if things are super wonky at first. The eclipse can bring about a surprising contact, probably with someone who has a different background than you, though this connection feels quite fated. A business association can be established on the 17th. Mars is stimulating a lot of impulse to pleasure and creativity, even romantic associations. Things get tricky on the 17th and 25th, and if something feels uncertain, pull back and wait for clearer indications. You could get great news about benefits packages or from stock options you have through a job or assignment on the 27th or 28th. Money comes in from a hidden avenue.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Your work life is emphasized over the first few weeks and assignments will be varied and keep you busy. There could be a sense you are “over it” where a job is concerned, and the 3rd and 9th are revealing. The eclipse on the 15th resounds loudly and it’s likely you are going to see significant changes at work over the next six months. What you don’t successfully manage to bury now will likely demand your attention come July. A new cycle is stimulated on the 17th, a new project will preoccupy your daily activities for the next 4 months. Your home life is also full of activity and there can be some contentious energy in the domestic or personal relationships. This could have a debilitating effect on relational matters on the 17th and 25th. These would not, for instance, be ideal dates to introduce your partner to your family for the first time, unless you like a good brawl! Venus comes to your rescue and the 15th, 21st and 27th are beautiful for growing a connection and expressing your heart’s desire.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
There could be some exciting developments in a love relationship or in your personal realm of play and self expression this month. An eclipse on the 15th and something you start (maybe a creative project) on the 17th will play a huge role in your life over the next four months. Encounters with people from the past (past lives?) could also occur, the 3rd and 9th could reopen doors to these connections. These contacts can also represent endings, and reaching the end of the road where a circumstance has run out of room to grow. Socially you have a very busy schedule and there are likely many meetings, negotiations and a great deal of overall communication. This could be an auspicious time to launch a new enterprise, although the 17th and 25th are not so favorable and should be left out for major initiatives. Inspiration and passion guide you on the 21st and 27th. These are great for showing off what you got.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
An eclipse affecting your domestic sector can signal either how far you’ve come (since last August) or how far you still have to go to get your house in order. Emergency or unexpected situations with family members or flatmates may throw you for a loop mid month. The 3rd and 9th can also dredge up uncomfortable issues, and the best you can do is let these periods be instructive to you and figure out what you need to let go of or release. From the 11th, Venus activates your love zone, opening the door to some very enticing romantic experiences. The 21st is super dreamy and a fantasy could become real for you, or you could wile the time in day dreams. This is a very enchanted, but equally elusive transit and can go either way. There could be challenges in store on the 25th, but try to keep that hatchet buried, as passion awaits on the 27th and it would be awful to have blown off your lover and miss out on the excitement in store.

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Endings and beginnings continue to be a primary topic, as people and routines of your daily life come to closure. The 3rd and the 9th are both susceptible to letting go, and the mid month Aquarius eclipse will drive this home. A new order arises on the 17th and could include a project you work on with a group of friends, likely related to writing, or maybe a theater piece or educational documentary. This activity will be a priority over the next 4 months and requires an innovative approach or humanitarian appeal. The focus from mid month moves to your home and most personal life. You can realize a dream regarding your residence on the 21st and and financial upswing allows for upgrades on the 27th. Adding a decorative item or painting one wall of a room a deep blue will activate a positive Feng Shui, and break up stagnant energy in your home. There can be a very contentious issue with a flatmate on the 25th, and this will be doubled if you are romantically involved, or living with your lover or your spouse. Take the high road, it will save you a lot of of trouble.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
You continue to work to develop security, this will apply to both your income and domestic situation this month. A great deal is occurring behind the scenes, as you release the cycle of activity of the prior two years, preparing for the next beginning, when Mars enters your sign next month. For now there is a more quiet and introverted/introspective ambience as you feather your nest and release the outworn elements of your past, preparing for the very dynamic period set to unfold. Harmony prevails mid month, though you may be seeing a very significant change in your cash flow, a source of income begins or ends or both. With Uranus in a positive angle, swift changes come quite unexpectedly from equally unanticipated quarters, potentially leaving you thunderstruck and not sure where to turn next. With the domestic life implicated here, a relocation may be required to take up an offer. Mutually, a financial upgrade may put you in a position where you can gain long sought after autonomy in your residential situation, for instance if you have wanted to live alone you might be able to afford to do so now. A more social ambience prevails over the second half of the month and you’ll enjoy communications and the company of friends. Not so much on the 25th, though, as someone seems to probe you for your secrets.

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Mercury joins the party in your sign on the 9th. The pace is lively this month and social activities or a group project could command a lot of your time and attention. The 3rd, 6th, 15th, and 17th are particularly vitalizing and open channels that help you articulate a vision or dream. You can put a personal project (including a self improvement program) into motion on the 17th. This will be the thrust of your daily activities for the next four months and encompasses the next Mercury retrograde cycle. During that period you will be required to define yourself more clearly, or narrow the scope or scale of a project somewhat. The initiation that occurs now is very exciting, and a very instrumental storyline for your year. After the 11th and especially during the last 2 weeks there is more of an emphasis on the financial realm. Enhancements or revenue from creative enterprises on the 15th, 27th and 28th provide assurance you are on the right track.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
A tendency to withdraw and recharge continues. Resolutions and healing processes are extremely potent this month, especially on the 3rd and 9th. Swift changes can occur on or around the 15th, as a Solar Eclipse illuminates the past and what you need to release. These have been rather endemic issues for some time, and events last Summer may have signaled that certain elements of your life are ready to be relinquished. There is a financial undertone here, and it could be that you are selling an heirloom, or possibly something else is on it’s way out that in some unexpected way lends to your fortune. A tendency towards introspection competes with a professional urgency that is required of you through mid March. It becomes easier to put your best foot forward from the 11th, when Venus comes to occupy your sign, enhancing ability to offer and receive pleasure. An awkward moment on the 25th will let you know if you have taken things too far. You could be the recipient of an unwelcome flirtation at your job, or there could be an entanglement regarding your personal relationship that casts a negative shadow on your public profile. It’s mostly good otherwise, and after the 18th you’ll fully be prepared to take your personal spotlight and make a big impression.


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December is both beginning and ending, a month in which we see the resolution of the many themes and topics of 2016 fading and dissolving into memory, but also a time in which the major dynamic influences of 2017 begin to be revealed. The first of a series of alinements between Libra – Jupiter (opposite) Aries – Uranus with Saturn peeking in and assisting from Sagittarius occurs between the 24th and 26th of December. Mars from Aquarius, Sun from Sag. and then Venus from Aquarius all augment and support this very unique configuration, during which we begin to see a culmination of the enterprises and storylines that we initiated in June 2010. (These took firmer hold a bit later – January to March of 2013 were ripe for initiation and rooting down with innovative ideas and life choices.)

The ambience stimulated by Jupiter – Uranus is vitalizing, energetic, volatile and highly unstable. Saturn’s influence here suggests we’ll fortunately be moderated and taking a slower and more methodical approach as we reach this critical juncture for the journey we set out on in 2010. This aspect prevails through September 2017, and with the exception of Venus retrograde next Spring and the shift of the Lunar North Node to Leo, this is going to be the most significant force we are going to contend with over the next 10 months. (It’s more than enough to keep you busy, don’t even imagine it’s going to be a boring year!)


In the context of Joseph Campbell’s Heroic Journey, the opposition aspect symbolizes that we have reached the Second Threshold, a point of crisis and confronting the abyss, of death and rebirth. Material and other temptations may emerge to lure us from our quest. Saturn, meanwhile, has already moved into the position of receiving the reward. It is our long range efforts that begin to pay off, even if only modestly, and it is within that which we have invested immense if not immeasurable amounts of dedication, that will remind us that there is still treasure to be had if we stay the course. The hard and gritty lessons and determination required during the critical Saturn in Scorpio transit have begun to yield fruit. These fruits will nourish and inspire us over these next incredible 10 months as we attend to our heroic journey. The choice to cross the threshold will take us into The Other World, and in January 2021 we reach the point of Apotheosis. The maturity we gained for remaining true to the conviction of our quest assists us through during this incredible turning point. The Leo eclipse next February will tap into this configuration and offer a very exciting development!

The Sun, Venus and Mars all activate exciting new developments, though Venus and Mars are still at odds, remaining out of one another’s reach until mid April, in the midst of a very, very tough retrograde cycle. (It may in fact be a romantic prospect that brings us back from the brink during that challenging phase.) If the love and sex life are on the meh side of the spectrum, it’s likely because the yin/yang polarity of desire and ability to receive pleasure are in such incongruous spaces, and remain so for a few more months. Your own personal chart aspects notwithstanding, this is a tenuous phase in which to see to significant developments within relationships, especially with that Venus retrograde looming.

It would be incredibly bad form to ever suggest that if you feel love and have a relationship in which you can express these feelings in a healthy, affirming way that you should avoid doing so. Simply that the love and sex drives have disparate outlets right now, and if a relationship is not going as smoothly or gaining momentum as you had hoped it would, that this could provide a clue as to why. The end of December does feature some very positive Venus contacts, as the Goddess of Love locks into the Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn aspect and we get reinforcement (and perhaps resources) that augment our potential to take on the exciting prospect for adventure it represents. Again, it’s less likely this ties into a romantic scenario, but feelings will be very positive and make for spirited Yule festivities.


Let things develop by themselves.
Breathe deeply and let a picture arise in you
which shows you in a state of complete
fulfillment. Life will offer all you need to be
happy. Gerd Ziegler, handbook for the
Aleister Crowley Tarot

While we experience a significant culmination, there is also a strong sense of disintegration and closure as Mars from Pisces (December 19 – January 29) takes all the energy and influences stimulated over the last two years Mars cycle (begun February 19, 2015) and deconstructs these initiatives, offering resolution for what we have managed to accomplish since then. We are in the process of dissolving the prior cycle in preparation for the rebirth that occurs January 29th when Mars transits zero Aries. From Pisces, we return to the vastness of creation itself and the limitless potential of everything. The Ten of Cups is a positive indicator that our hearts overflow with joy and gratitude for what we reap at the closure of this cycle, and that fulfillment is within reach.

Mars represents the vitality and drive we have to achieve our aims or to get what we desire. In this last cycle we (hopefully) learned many things about what is and is not effective or constructive use of our energy, especially during this last retrograde period in April – June. Mars conjunct South Node on the 27th will provide a signal that an activity or association has run it’s course. There can be a setback or karmic occurrence at this time. What ever happens is only meant to adjust or modify the course or to release a fruitless endeavor. You’ll know inside. Energy will also be low, so keep your major initiatives on the burner until late February. When Mars engages the Jupiter – Uranus – Saturn aspect, it’s all systems go!!!

Energy now is directed inward, and guided by compassion and inspiration. You can make the most effective use of this time through creative work, reflection and cultivation of mystical and spiritual practices. Write some music, or get on that meditation kick you’ve been putting off. The psychic realm is active and intuition will be very strong in this phase. At it’s worst, this energy, because it is so receptive, can fall into the trap of illusions or be gullible to predators who perceive this vulnerability as weakness. This is a positive time for ritual, healing and purging. Also a good time to peace out in your girl cave and listen to Mazzy Star, feel free to hang this sign on the door:


MERCURY RETROGRADE: December 19 – January 8

If you’ve been frazzled by the super hectic pace of the last 5 weeks, you’ll notice things start to slow down at the onset of the month, and that either projects come complete or you otherwise have more time to catch up through mid month. As Mercury retrogrades on the 19th, it just misses contact with Pluto, so it seems a crucial agreement or decision will have to wait until the end of January. With the general quietude of Mars transiting Pisces, (and also Venus through early February) it looks like the next two months are about clearing the decks (or cleaning up the mess) in preparation for a period of much greater activity that arrives during the winter months.

Mercury will retrograde through January 8th. From there the dust clears and we can begin to move forward with things. Have a safe and wonderful New Year, and don’t forget to join me on for my new weekly astrology blog!

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ARIES: Blissful social connections offer so much happiness for you this month. A holiday party can bring about a significant introduction to someone with partnership potential. Let the sparks fly and give this one time to grow into itself. You can lean on what you learned about commitments (and keeping them) in 2014 and have a better idea now of what you really have to offer. Professional matters and where you are heading become the hot topic of conversation, though this one takes a while to hammer out. Listen to offers (and to your own inner voice) through February. The conviction to make an enduring decision and rise to that challenge, will come in a few months time.

TAURUS: The buzz for you is profession and advancement, your big picture goals are in focus and a great deal of energy and enthusiasm can help you move towards a big milestone. An assignment or new job enhances your public profile, and this is a good time to take on an extra position. You might come into contact with someone who can help you up the ladder while doing a freelance gig, so keep your feelers out there. Forces behind the scenes, as well as your intuition are conspiring to your benefit. Spend some time with your confidantes or on your own to heed the important message being sent your way. Friends and associates can brighten your spirits. A connection may come to an end around the 27th. It’s in your best interest to walk away at this time.

GEMINI: After a pretty rough year, you finally hit the sweet spot. Life is very lively and exciting in this phase. A commitment may be deepening in this period, and this could be contributing to your satisfaction as well. A Full Moon in your sign on the 13th shows you how far you have come this year. It’s time to release a defeating pattern or activity associated with your career or vocational objectives. Events or indications around the 27th reveal the details. A better professional atmosphere prevails next month, though 2017 has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. (Give yourself till May to work out all the kinks!) Enjoy the camaraderie and social opportunities available at this time.

CANCER: Could be a long and winding road for a close or exclusive partnership is in store, Mercury retrograde sends out mixed signals about where you are headed with you know who! A serious, deep down and dirty conversation about your commitment needs to happen, but won’t until late January. Hang in there, babe. The more exciting news seems to taking place for you professionally, as a rather dry and dormant period for your career is coming to an end. Events around the beginning and end of the month offer incredible indications, seems you need to leave your comfort zone to make the most of the opportunities in store. A New Moon on the 29th signals changes in your status. See what January has in store before you buy that ring.

LEO: Partnerships are emphasized this month with really incredible social opportunities in store at both the beginning of the month as well as over the weekend of the 25th. If you’ve been feeling like taking a relationship to the next level, you could find you are ready to make a big step this month. The Mercury retrograde cycle impacts your work, health and productivity sector, so if you’ve been waiting to hear about an assignment or promotion, you might be waiting a bit longer. There are good indications towards the end of the month that signal stagnation for your life direction is clearing. You’ll seek some privacy from the limelight towards the end of the month and into the new year. A meditation practice or retreat can be beneficial.

VIRGO: Love and partnerships have likely been a source of all kinds of weird, complicated and beguiling scenarios this year, if not a source of outright frustration. The road gets easier this month and you can proceed with a relationship with a deeper sense of assurance and commitment, though the retrograde period of Mercury will likely see a few missed signals and maybe a reconsideration, Mars and later Venus coming to occupy the part of your chart associated with your other half signal fresh impulses are stirring in your love life. The 27th is time to release a worn out relationship script, I think they call that one beating a dead horse. (January 8th also features some strong clues of what you need to let go of.) Financials are in a state of great vitality, perhaps sudden expansion, and a work from home business can thrive in this phase.

LIBRA: It’s a real bang up of a month for Libra, so much energy is percolating in a creative enterprise or with a romantic relationship. The first few days of the month can seal the deal on an important commitment for either business or pleasure. There is more in store over the weekend of the 24th and you will doubtless be ringing in many happy returns, regardless of how catastrophic 2016 may have been for you at times. Uranus direct from the 29th signals a dry spell in a relationship is coming to an end. If you are not partnered, you will see exciting prospects emerge in February and through the Spring. From the 20th you enter a hard working phase. The assignments you deal with throughout January propel you to success this Summer, so do your best work. Mercury retrograde impacts your residence. If relocating, best to wait till February!

SCORPIO: The cutbacks and commitment you have demonstrated in trying to work out your tough financial issues are beginning to pay off, though probably in a scenario that is very private and behind the scenes. Your desire to self employment or the sense of liberation you seek from the workaday world is rekindled this month, and from New Years forward you see better influences here, particularly from February. Home is where the heart is for you right now, and you will likely be holding your key social and family events at your own place, possibly hosting those from out of town or having a nice, low key soiree. It’s been mostly a bitterly tough year for matters of the heart, and you’ve probably taken some time to lick your wounds. Feelings stir in your romantic sector from the 20th, a trend that takes you right through January. Release an old script on the 27th, and get in touch with someone you lost touch with.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a boisterous and exciting month for you with very positive indications that your hard work and maturing outlook are really beginning to pay off. Events at the beginning of the month, as well as over the weekend of the 24th provide immense opportunities for making enduring and positive moves. Some of these have to do with a love relationship, and if you’ve been floundering you might find the inroads to make a commitment around the Full Moon on the 13th. Mercury retrograde impacts you money, honey, so get it in writing and don’t make yourself nuts waiting for the check to show up in the mail. It won’t. Or at least not until the end of January. The 10th and 12th are dynamic for you, you make a very positive impression. Bravo!

CAPRICORN: Very dynamic points in your chart are stimulated by the upcoming configurations and your base of operations, profession and private life all play a big role in the upcoming 10 months. It’s not impossible you need to relocate to take an offer or opportunity associated with you career, or that your work is going to keep you on the road a lot as you ascend the heights of your ambition. The work you are doing remains very much behind the scenes through next year. When Saturn moves into your sign next December you’ll enter a new high profile phase, reaping the rewards of the work you are doing now and no doubt an impeccable work ethic. You are learning to trust your inner voice more than your inner critic. Mercury in your sign for most of the next 8 weeks will likely make you busy-busy-busy. Finances are also key this month, with a proper pay off for your work in the early days of the month.

AQUARIUS: By far this will be the best month of the year for you, as Mars and Venus stimulate a very positive and productive ambience, and make harmonious combinations to Uranus and Jupiter throughout the month. An older friend may provide very good advice or support for your endeavors. Your’ ruling planet turning direct on the 29th will help you shake any doldrums. There is an infectiously playful element at work and the Full Moon on the 13th is absolutely delightful for self expression or a romantic relationship. Out and about is the best place to be! Mercury retrograde impacts your private life, and you can get some mixed signals from your subconscious. Dreams will be revealing, and can reveal what you need to say goodbye to. Mars from the 19th makes your finances a high priority. A source of income may come to an end on the 27th.

PISCES: You are back stage and getting ready for something really, really big Pisces, as Mars and then Venus come to occupy your slice of the sky. For now, you are working away behind the scenes and seeing some very exciting financial developments from what you have been cooking. A professional venture is highlighted and you may get capital to expand or develop your business, or be getting a raise for your hard work. This is an ongoing process that lasts through August, so you may just be in the initial phases this month, with more to be revealed up ahead. A limiting belief or behavior can effectively be released on the 27th, perhaps an enterprise or activity has run it’s course. You shine brightly on New Years Eve, bring on the bubbly and enjoy a romantic interlude. You are worth it.

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We still seem to be riding high on the wave of the Venus – Neptune conjunction that occurred on the 1st of the month. The consuming True Love vibration extending from that contact is highly pervasive and enticing, though in it’s lower vibration intoxicating if not delusional. Can any human relationship live up to the idealism of that extraordinary vision, or are we merely nursing an untenable fantasy? Only time will tell, of course, and Venus has a bit of a journey ahead of her in the coming weeks, currently connecting with the dark side via Pluto (Sunday Feb. 8), suggesting depth and intensity preside in our love relationships, then conjunct Chiron at 15′ 38″ Pisces (overnight Sunday Feb. 8 – Monday Feb. 9), and finally inconjunct Jupiter (Tuesday Feb. 10). Passionate feelings and the transformation of or through a relationship is possible now, while issues connected to feelings of self worth are effectively resolved through reconciliation or an emerging love relationship. It’s equally possible, particularly through the Chiron contact, that feelings of desire and affection rekindle awareness of a hurtful episode, making for a rather prickly altercation! There can be a tendency to give-give-give to a lover or partner and forget to be mindful of one’s own needs here. This can point to deficiencies in self esteem and as such is useful for illuminating an integral developmental issue. Venus continues to derive pleasure through giving, dissolving the boundaries and keeping the focus a little opaque so as to see things in a pleasing light, even if slightly unrealistic. Creativity and imagination are still highlighted, offering a soft cushion as Mercury stations this week.

Mercury resumes direct motion Wednesday morning, indicating the entanglements and indecision of the prior few weeks will soon resolve. A 4th quarter moon the same day allows for appraisal and resolution to outstanding issues. By the time of the second Aquarius New Moon next week (February 18th,) we will be ready to make concrete plans and enter into binding agreements. Those with planets or angles at early degrees of Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus) may feel pressure rather acutely, as Mercury will station at 1 degree Aquarius for several days. A great deal of dialogue, thinking and correspondence yields a breakthrough, though it’s not unlikely to find ourselves thinking in circles at this time. Relief comes early next week, and you can look to the 19th for the tipping point, particularly in business matters, when we will finally begin to be able to articulate (and then implement) that which we are currently chiseling away at, hopefully honing the masterpiece of our future.

Friday is spectacular as the Sagittarius Moon taps into the Jupiter (Leo) – Uranus (Aries) trine, forming a Grand Triangle in the Fire trinity, stimulating the spirit and enlivening interaction. We begin to get intonations of the incredible events culminating in the coming weeks as Venus, Mars and Sun move into Aries. If the Leo Full Moon (February 3rd) failed to deliver all that we had wished for, remember Jupiter is retrograde for 7 more weeks, and that a great deal is in store from the 19th moving forward, hang in there!

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ARIES: You continue to regenerate your power through privacy and introspection: merely a week and a handful of days separate you from the joyous return of Venus and Mars to your sign. Between now and then, you may be reconsidering your alliances, who will you take into this bold new phase of existence with you? Events over the weekend highlight your profession and role behind the scenes. A romantic association that has transpired in secrecy is also highlighted, and can provide a healing release for you. Alternately, there can be a disappointing episode if someone you have idealized does not live up to your very high expectations. If this is the case, it’s time to reevaluate your grip on reality, which in all fairness is probably quite vague at this time. There may be a significant culmination for your aspirations in your career, though this will be taking place far from the public eye. Shared resources and finance require observation mid week. It’s time to determine the fine lines between mine, yours and ours with a spouse or business partner. Friday is exceptional, and you are beginning to get a taste of what is in store. One more week… one more week… one more week…

TAURUS: You come to a critical point over the next two weeks through which you will be able to clarify your professional direction, which has more than likely been on a pretty convoluted path over the last month. Matters of identity and the reflection of yourself you see in a committed partnership come into sharp focus mid week and play a significant part of the determination you make about your career. The pieces of the puzzle will all fall into place next week during the Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 18th). You will also be evaluating a group project in relation to your hopes wishes and dreams. The question of balance (and the future of your involvement) may hang upon the realization you may be doing this all for someone else, perhaps trying to impress someone to gain their affection. Is your heart really in this? A person from a distance, or with whom you are connected to through academia is of great assistance to you in this period and helps you clarify your goals. Developments associated with your residence may get blown out of proportion on Tuesday. This is a good time to reign in spending related to your home and come to terms with what you really value.

GEMINI: It’s a funky, foggy week for Gemini, as your ruler Mercury slows to the pace of treacle as it returns to direct motion Wednesday. Avoid scheduling important events or meetings, particularly where clarity may be required of you during this period, as it simply won’t be easy at this time to fully articulate, if even fully know your thoughts. This profoundly affects your academic career, or plans for travel and your life direction in general, though clarity soon returns. You get intimations about your profession in this phase as well, as Sunday into Monday provide insights into career matters, even a boost in income could be a feature this week. A development on the job mid week can escalate the time table on a significant issue connected to this considerably. You may wish to take a significant gamble here, wait another week to seal the deal. Partnerships and committed relationships feature largely at the end of the week, and overcoming an obstacle opens the doors to extremely exciting developments on Friday. The social scene buzzes with opportunities for meeting someone new or cultivating an existing relationship as genuinely delightful experiences are possible moving into the weekend.

CANCER: This is an ideal weekend for a romantic getaway as the lure of a distant horizon presents an opportunity to cultivate a deep bond with your partner or spouse. A cathartic moment allows you to reveal your heart’s true desire, this is somehow easier to express if you are not on familiar turf. You may come to a decision about having a child mid – week, this ties into goals associated with educational pursuits and the level of commitment you feel in a close relationship at this time. Much food for thought, Cancer. Issues surrounding shared income, alimony or a grant, loan or mortgage begin to clarify this week, with all the particulars falling into place around the 18th. A joyous celebration towards the end of the week is in store, as a promotion is likely announced and you find yourself at the receiving end of a fantastic professional upswing. Valentines is all about the one you love with very passionate exchanges possible over next weekend. Make it a three day weekend if you possibly can. Monday the 16th is VERY enticing.

LEO: You are continuing to become more aware of your desire for intimate connection, the beginning of the week speaks volumes to this. The memory of a hurtful episode can resurface at this time, causing second thoughts about cultivating close bonds. While you don’t want to be hurt again, it is only through embracing love that you can truly heal. The Full Moon last week brought a great deal of energy into this consideration, and an electrifying new alliance may culminate as soon as the 18th. A romantic encounter with a colleague might also be on the cards, though very powerful forces are at work here, and discretion if not secrecy may surround this union as a matter of necessity. Misunderstandings and disagreements in relationships begin to subside this week, following a very convoluted if not challenging reorientation about the goals or direction of a partnership. You know where you stand with another, and can clear the air in both professional and romantic relationships as you move into the coming weeks. Modification of the living arrangements plays a significant role Wednesday. Friday is perfect for personal enjoyment and pleasure pursuits.

VIRGO: Productivity has been a major issue over the prior phase, though a significant breakthrough is en route as soon as next week, hang in there! Matters affecting daily life and a critical issue at work subside shortly. What’s on tap for this week speaks directly to your heart and soul, and a culminating moment in a close relationship over this weekend can bring you closer to a loved one than you had ever imagined. Really passionate engagement through acknowledgement of hurtful experiences, especially those experienced within your current relationship, offers an opportunity for reconciliation and healing. You may continue to communicate these realizations through mid week, and arrive at a point of clarity. Your most personal matters will come into focus towards the end of the week, with a wonderful opportunity in the domestic realm to share a meaningful episode with friends and those closest to your heart. You’ll feel a core of satisfaction within your private realm and through a love relationship or with your children.

LIBRA: You tune into the life – work balance this week, and with a great deal of assignments heading your way, potentially connected to creative or visionary work, you’ll do well to sort out the house hold over the weekend. Game changing events next week signal a shift of energy away from your personal sphere of influence, and into the context of relationships as well as a loving spoonful of social interaction. Stay to task now and sort out your life, and finances especially. Mid week is an especially good time for attending to outstanding matters associated with your income. You get a second chance (maybe a third?) on a romance in the coming weeks, with the air clearing and the pieces falling into place next week. The New Moon on the 18th brings an enticing development. Wait and watch. A fantastic social upsurge at the end of the week stimulates you to get out and among the people. Friday is oh so divine for an outing or excursion. Valentines is probably best spent close to home, and if you don’t have a sweetheart, (just you wait Libra!) snuggling up with a bottle of wine and your favorite TV crush will do in a pinch.

SCORPIO: Substantial gains are possible this week, mainly linked to your burgeoning creative efforts, though just as likely playing out in the amphitheater of True Romance. Over this weekend you come to understand a significant truth about your desires in this area, so if you haven’t connected yet with that almost perfect person, you can at least clarify what that looks and feels like, placing you one firm step closer to the reality. A surprising professional opportunity comes in on Tuesday, so keep your wits about you, this one will require a quick maneuver if you intend to make the most of what is on offer. The tone is up close and personal mid week, a 4th quarter Moon falls in your sign, indicating the quarter year mark from the eclipse in your sign late last October and the momentous developments that culminated in November. How far have you come in three months? You’ll probably be pretty pleased with all that has transpired since then. Domestic issues are still elusive, but this is a situation that soon sees reprieve, with a very potent development during the New Moon next week.

SAGITTARIUS: The atmosphere at home is interesting this week, there are some loving encounters, amplified by a financial boost that allows for a touch of redecorating or some time off to enjoy your surroundings, though an event over this weekend can potentially expose the grievances of family members or living mates you did not realize were percolating beneath the surface. These revelations may include your own awareness that something isn’t quite right or cause you to make a maverick move (on your own terms) to rectify a situation that has come off the hinges. A great deal seems to be going on behind the scenes, and it’s not unlikely mid week signals a shift in your private life. By the end of the week, you come into your own, as the Lunar transit of your sign first reminds you of the significance and longevity implied within the commitments you are making now, followed by an extraordinarily joyous day Friday, one of your best in ages. Bask in life at this time, a financial emphasis comes into focus over the weekend.

CAPRICORN: The financial bits start to come around, with income beginning to flow a bit more freely, though the really significant developments are set to occur next week during the New Moon in Aquarius on the 18th. A highly enticing romantic episode can be in store this weekend, as Venus and Pluto link up, generating passion and a desire for meaningful exchange. Expressing your heartfelt desires comes easily, though actions and affection will speak much louder than words in this phase. You may also strike up a meeting in the most casual of settings, or while in the course of your most routine daily activities. Generating rapport will be a cinch, and sparks will fly. You can find the right words to set the record straight with a loved one as well, as intuition is very strong in this phase and you can easily remedy an endemic situation with a caring sentiment. Expressing awareness of your own flaws or shortcomings opens the door to a candid conversation. You reach a point of clarity regarding your closest allies mid week. This opens the door to deep engagement within your most personal realm right in to the weekend. A degree of reflection works wonders on your psyche at this time.

AQUARIUS: Financial news arrives over the weekend, as someone behind the scenes or a highly secret and strategic plan of action seems to have worked out in your favor. You may uncover a sore spot in your economic condition, and a partner or expense may point it out to you. Clarification surrounding the self-image and your personal direction begins to come through at this time as well, with the real breakthrough on tap next week during the New Moon in your sign on the 18th. For the time being, you may feel as though time has virtually stopped, and feel incredibly drained emotionally or intellectually, unsure as to where to run for cover. Easy does it, almost there! A professional matter commands your attention Wednesday, and earnings will be proportional to your ability to use your imaginative or creative abilities. A highly exciting social agenda sets the pace at the end of the week, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some really enticing developments with a spouse or partner Friday. Valentines is better kept to private quarters, and it’s worthwhile to honor traditions within a long standing partnership.

PISCES: Your gentle and creative nature assists you enormously this week, particularly into Monday as a contact to Chiron stimulates a meaningful encounter with the part of your identity you would rather keep concealed. You might find a renegade playmate or through your burgeoning creativity find a way to reveal this aspect of yourself that allows you to come to terms with an issue associated with self esteem. This is a momentous leap forward – as you accept and integrate this part of yourself, you emancipate yourself from feelings of self doubt that have hindered your confidence and effectiveness. You also likely feel a passionate connection to your dreams and aspirations, and will take action towards their achievement early in the week. Be ready to make a quick and decisive move on Tuesday, when a work opportunity opens up for you. Mercury direct from mid – week allows for closure and endings. You will be able to focus on the elements of your life that you are ready to say goodbye to, in order to make room the exceptional new developments that will occur around the time of your upcoming birthday. Privacy is still called for, and you benefit from reflection, though you can still use the energy of Venus and Mars in your sign (through the end of next week) to make a meaningful personal statement in your environment. Friday reveals exciting professional opportunities. Dive in and don’t look back.


The plot thickens this week as Venus enters Pisces (Tuesday January 27th), further highlighting the Neptunian dissolution/illusion and enhancing spiritual, creative and imaginative pursuits enormously. Mars and Venus transiting here offer a great deal of inspiration, a willingness to transcend tangible reality in order to see what isn’t and what could be. The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius indicate a willingness to experiment and innovate in a way that excludes ego attachment towards the results of what we attempt right now. By late February – early March, when Mercury transits Pisces, we will be prepared to articulate the visionary experiences germinating in the present tense. The conjunctions to Neptune (Mars – January 19th; Venus – February 1st) will be the most illustrative of this germination, and visualization, meditation and pure inspiration are very illuminating around these dates, particularly if your personal planets or angles are implicated. (Neptune is currently at 6 Pisces.) From the Stargazer Atlas reading for Venus in Pisces: “A sense of atonement is present in your relationships, and you can shroud your affections in mystique and ambiguity. This propensity lies in a fear of truth, which may reveal undesirable imperfections. Your affectionate nature is sensitive, kind, compassionate and sympathetic. Lofty romanticism is present, and you seek idealized beauty and love relationships. This leads to escapism and evasive tactics: very few if anyone can live up to the fantasy or projection you have built up and in the absence of such a connection, you may subvert your desires through alcohol, drugs and the like. Creativity and aesthetic abilities are greatly enhanced, and in the presence of positive aspects, great artistry can manifest as a result of this placement.” Uranus sits in close conjunction to the South Node, dynamically informing us of which has become ossified in our psyche and thus seeks to be eradicated or reconciled, probably in a not-so-gentle way. This can be evidenced by what seems to be an accident or an unexpected development (end of a relationship, losing a job), the kind of stormy culminations that usually occur around eclipses. These always, (despite how dramatic they seem in the present tense,) tune us into a better outcome by shaking us from the rigid or stagnant patterns we need to remove ourselves from in order to evolve, ready or not! Circumstances may feel contentious, and the best thing to do here is go with it. Do not waste your time fighting for something or someone who clearly wants out. Sayonara, peace out, adios! Just let it go. In a fascinating turn of events, here comes Mercury retrograde… to the rescue? From Aquarius, Mercury at 13 degrees on Wednesday taps into the Uranus – South Node conjunction (by sextile). From this position Mercury is in trine to the North Node in Libra, acting as a conduit of information regarding our future and past simultaneously. Communication may be slowed or hindered under the auspices of retrograde motion, but nonetheless a very revealing insight or conversation occurs that really transforms the dynamics. From Aquarius, this assistance comes from our friends, through our networks, (perhaps even the Social Network,) and associates with whom we share our hopes, aspirations and dreams. Innovation and an ability to keep the ego detached from the outcome is relevant and likely assists in finding a solution. To keep the karmic scales in balance, if you do in fact find that others aid you in some way, stay engaged: if you withdraw into your own affairs (Aries – South Node), you lose out on the valuable opportunity to make a meaningful connection through/to others, which is paramount right now, (Libra – North Node). The resounding message here is that we can accomplish so much more together than we can alone. This gets reinforced on Friday, when Sun – Mercury renew their cycle at 10 Aquarius, augmented by a socially oriented Gemini Moon all trine to North Node Libra. At the mid-way point of the Mercury retrograde cycle, the major indications have been revealed, and we can set the agenda for the upcoming cycle, which extends to April 10th. More information will come to light soon enough, and the extended transit of Mercury sextile Saturn (February 6th – 20th) will allow for a very through appraisal and pragmatic approach towards the realization of long range goals and objectives being revealed through Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a highly auspicious development that enhances commercial and business affairs in particular. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HOROSCOPE BY READING FOR BOTH YOUR SUN SIGN and ASCENDANT. GET YOUR CHART FOR FREE @

ARIES: Finances can get a boost if you follow an intuitive hunch at the beginning of the week. Inspiration proves a good guide. Social interaction and activity prove your best bet this week, with sparkling connectivity Wednesday showing you the way through a highly charged if not personal crisis of sorts. You act with real grit and determination towards your professional aims towards the end of the week, perhaps operating strategically behind the scenes… for now. Be more wary of conducting a love relationship in secrecy, as you will soon realize there is much more at stake than you realize. Your home can provide a sanctuary or haven for a meaningful partnership to flourish on Saturday. This is also a positive time to attend to decorating or adjusting the energy of your domestic space to attract love and peace into your life.

TAURUS: Friends and those who share your vision can help guide you through a critical period of self awareness at the onset of the week. Working towards a collective creative goal will prove instrumental in maintaining a sense of positive cohesion where your identity is concerned. The end of the week may prove challenging regardless. Professional matters continue to be illuminated, with significant developments on Friday. News from abroad or in relation to educational or publishing goals galvanize you to take action on your most dearly held aspirations or dreams. Friends come with benefits over the coming weeks, and you’ll enjoy the company of many people in this phase. A propensity towards withdrawal should be avoided this week, though on the other hand, eradicating a crippling habit or behavior (and sometimes this must occur behind closed doors,) should be embraced.

GEMINI: You continue to delve into the nature of your destiny, even though the path to get there has not been illuminated yet. A very important conversation occurs towards the end of the week that allows you to comprehensively appraise the situation and embrace a bit of clarity. A partner (either in business or pleasure) plays a significant role, both now and in the coming weeks. You have the fortitude to relinquish friendships and alliances that no longer serve your true calling in this phase. Self expression is paramount and will divert your attention away from group activities. A break can be both cathartic and liberating. Instincts will guide your financial and career planning next weekend, allow your heart to lead the way to abundance, material or otherwise.

CANCER: It seems as though you require a new strategy or set of tactics in regard to the way in which you pursue professional objectives, perhaps a completely new career path beacons. What ever isn’t working, (and is most likely tied to the been there – done that, method) is ready to be ditched and forgotten. Your most appealing prospects seem to be coming from far off your usual radar, and the broader you cast your net the more likely you are to make an enticing discovery. Collaboration proves highly beneficial on Friday, and you can engage a partner by getting off the beaten track. Next weekend is highly favorable for a pleasure trip or to indulge in a romantic getaway. Monitor health matters carefully in this phase, however, as early warning signs may present themselves as early as Friday.

LEO: While it’s always a good thing to think global, you need to hone the focus on the local and take action in your community before you concern yourself with the great wide yonder. A professional turning point early in the week suggests you prepare for a very personal culmination occurring next week, during the Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd. A partnership has also been contesting for your attention, and feelings of uncertainty are replaced with indications of where the future seeks to lead you towards the end of the week. Your intuition is very strong in this phase, clues on Saturday will be incredibly revealing.

VIRGO: A very romantic ambience prevails in this period, and you’ll likely feel graced by the presence of love in the coming weeks. (Prominent Lunations in March speak volumes to what is beginning to transpire at this time.) One area of concern is finances, particularly those you share or receive through a spouse or partner, and there can be alarming circumstances in relation to this situation. A conversation mid week can avert a crisis. Positive professional indications Thursday and Friday help you get on track, especially where you have been unfocused or uncertain on the job. Settle a domestic issue that crops up swiftly, so you can tune into the powerful romantic vibes on tap Friday into Saturday.

LIBRA: You may begin to feel irksome tension in a close relationship, particularly if it has become stagnant or rigid. There can be a fight or flight element to what transpires this week into next, though finding a solution through play, creativity and leisure activities is possible, otherwise a child may play a role. Look to mid week for a revealing flash of insight into reviving a love connection. You reach a financial turning point at the beginning of the week, this pertains to money you receive from a bank, through settlements or alimony or as dividends from work you did in the past. Very positive conditions on the job offer professional breakthroughs next weekend.

SCORPIO: A significant change regarding your routine, health, productivity or job is due this week. A situation that has become stagnant or overly repetitive may be abandoned, though domestic concerns will weigh on your consciousness midweek and offer a potential breakthrough. Friday reveals a significant insight into the future of your living situation. Feelings about a relationship, and regarding love in general are stimulated in this period. If you have not found someone special, there are ample opportunities ahead. The expression of desire comes easily next weekend.

SAGITTARIUS: Enlisting the help of others can be productive for you this week, communication goes very well Wednesday and Thursday as you can easily convey what you seek for the future in this period. An issue regarding transportation, your daily commute or even an internet problem begins to reconcile towards the end of the week. This is also a good time to clear up a misunderstanding with a neighbor or sibling. The domestic and residential realm continues to be emphasized. With Venus coming to inhabit this sector of your chart, an early Spring cleaning or spruce can be on order. Consider a Feng Shui treatment: shades of green will bring harmony to your surroundings.

CAPRICORN: A pervasive domestic issue comes into sharp focus this week, with the financial picture clearing in the second half to aid you in making a better determination about what the future potentially holds. You make demonstrable progress mid week. Communication and day to day life, as well as social activities are favored in this period. Expressing your feelings to a partner, potential or otherwise, stimulates a remarkable romantic opportunity next weekend. The channels of communication are wide open. You stand to be very persuasive Friday, and can really go after what you want, asserting your power productively. Feelings of self worth can come into conflict nonetheless. Be gentle towards yourself.

AQUARIUS: The pleasure principal is set to high mid week, with uncertainty surrounding your identity and direction coming clear around Friday, you’ll feel ready for some romance and recreation. Since you have to pay to play, you’ll likely enjoy the benefits of Venus transiting the area of income, as you can stimulate revenue from creative enterprises or turn up some valuable purchases at this time. No dice Friday, at which time you’ll be required to curtail unnecessary expenses, you are far better off on focusing your energy on generating income instead. A domestic issue comes to a head early in the week. You’ll be wise to wait on any critical decisions until the beginning of February, at least.

PISCES: Love and pleasure fill the agenda over the coming weeks and treating yourself to something luxurious (as well as engaging the affection of someone dear) will be highly pleasurable. Not so fast on Friday, as a contentious matter in regards to your profession put the kibosh on your plans. Saturday is better for romantic diversions, and after a busy week addressing financial matters, (most likely with an advisor behind the scenes) you’ll be ready for some fun. Domestic matters command your attention mid week. Home will be a sanctuary for rest and regeneration, leaving you ready to take the world by storm on Friday. Go for it!

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