Weekly Forecast 6/10-16

This week I would like to dedicate the Stargazer blog to my dad, John Marquis, who would have turned 66 on Friday. We lost him 10 years ago to Cancer. He was a painter and I chose 12 of his works to reflect on each of the 12 signs this week. Growing up in San Francisco, it was my dad who introduced me to astrology. We would sit in his painting studio and he’d be looking at the ephemeris, which was so mysterious and fascinating to me. As a teenager my interest grew, dad made me a card with all the astrology symbols on it for reference, and I started to pick up books by Robert Hand and other astrologers and would walk the city streets with my dad and talk about transits, aspects and other topics. He was really the coolest, RIP, miss you much. If you are interested in the artwork, check out this book my brother and I put together. ❤️


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ARIESARIES March 20 – April 19

The New Moon mid week opens the channels of communication for you, though there seem to be more obstinate forces to contend with at work. Financial matters also need a little tweak this week, as you realize your assets are only able to take you so far at this time. Love relationships and creativity are highlighted and you may feel compelled to take things to the next level with someone who has caught your attention.

taurusTAURUS April 20 – May 20

The New Moon Wednesday emphasizes new ways to think about earnings, and you can promote yourself effectively if you are looking for extra assignments or a new position. A pessimistic streak at the end of the week could require appraisal, though this will more likely just be a passing mood. There can be some urgency to tackle a domestic project as well, or you might just suddenly feel you want to make a move. Easy does it.

geminiGEMINI May 21 – June 20

Wednesday sees the only New Moon in your sign for the year, it’s time to shake off any of the doldrums of the past and open up to new ways of life. Financial news, meanwhile, may not be so great, and if there is a setback at the end of the week, use it as an opportunity to get your house in order. A vibrant social season is unfolding and you can make the most of it by taking invitations or even asking out someone who recently caught your eye.

moon copy 2CANCER June 21 – July 22

The New Moon highlights the area of secrets and spirituality. There could be an intense message from the dream realm and it’s intuition will be incredibly strong. Venus leaves your sign this week, motivating some bold financial efforts, though a tricky ambience on Thursday could see an unexpected expense crop up. Relationship dynamics could continue to be dicey as you and someone else sort agreements and determine the future of your association.

LEOLEO July 23 – August 22

Venus from your sign promises some enticing moments ahead. You might come on a bit strong towards the end of the week, though, so watch your actions closely as they will have a bearing on your reputation. Social life is vibrant and exciting in this phase, though you’ll also likely seek some quiet moments behind the scenes for reflection and release. Important developments are brewing at work, a significant conversation occurs Friday that signals these.

VIRGOVIRGO August 23 – September 22

The New Moon on Wednesday falls on your area of life direction and where you are heading. If you have a new direction you would like to take your career this is an ideal time to have the conversations that will get you where you want to go. Relationships can be a little more tricky at this time, especially if you and your significant other can’t quite see eye to eye on something. Commitments are highlighted if you can go the next mile.

LIBRALIBRA September 23 – October 23

Distant horizons beacon with the New Moon illuminating a new direction or destination mid week. A media project could also be commanding attention giving you a professional boost. Domestic matters could require a more delicate touch, meanwhile, as a growing emphasis on career matters could create prickly dynamics on the home front. This is an ideal period for social activities and even a love relationship could be coming into the picture.

scorpioSCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Intimacy and shared resources are the topic of this weeks New Moon, you may be clarifying commitments at this time. While you will seek to settle these matters quickly, there are some strange influences at play as well and you might just not have the whole story. Venus in Leo stimulates fantastic developments on the career front and new assignments or a promotion really speak to what you love to do. Mercury will provide a tricky ambience here through the Summer so expect this story to take a little longer to sort out.

SagSAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

A New Moon opposite you opens doors in relationships or level up a commitment for business or pleasure. Venus from Leo beginning mid week amps up your desirability, making you visible and more likely to form a pleasurable contact with someone on your wavelength. There seems to be some paperwork to attend to likely regarding a contract over shared resources. This could be a concerning matter towards the end of the week, though once you overcome an obstacle, there will be a brighter outcome.

capricornCAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Communication, and conducting business negotiations especially, are highlighted this week, and by the end of the week you could be making a major commitment or escalating a key partnership. It’s also possible something/someone disappoints, and that there is a conclusion of some description instead. The New Moon is the perfect time to turn a new leaf in wellness or productivity. Rather than focus on what you want to get rid of focus on what you want to bring in. A good habit could easily replace a bad one at this time.

aquariusAQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The New Moon enhances your desire to live more comfortably in your own skin, and to be more expressive and outgoing. Venus from Leo amplifies your love connections, making the next month ideal for connecting with your spouse or finding a new relationship that fits the bill. This all makes for a very enticing week! Try not to get too trigger happy on Thursday, as there are surprises in store that can work out surprisingly well or prove disappointing.

piscesPISCES February 19 – March 20

Your roots and personal life are highlighted by the New Moon on Wednesday, though you are more interested in where you are headed than where you came from. This is a useful period to refresh your living space, get rid of junk, or get that new coat of paint on the wall. Upgrades you make in your home bleeds into your psyche and has significant metaphorical implications. You might even get motivated to start a new exercise routine or new diet and all this, too, help you to feel good from the inside out.


Mars and Venus come to occupy opposite corners of the sky scape – Venus will enter demonstrative Leo on the 13th while Mars slows in aloof Aquarius, retrograding on the 26th. This indicates that something requires a deeper concentration of focus that will take until early October to resolve. Mars retrograde points to having to work through something carefully and deliberately. If a project has been shelved because you have been too busy to attend to it, the Summer months are ideal for completing unfinished business. The cycle initiated at the end of July 2017 (Sun/Mars conjunct in Leo) reaches a culminating peak next month, and a new strategy or directive may be required before a matter can be finalized.

Look to the house Mars rules in your chart, as this area is also susceptible to delays or requires reconfiguration. You can have your chart calculated for free at astro.com to find out more. 

Venus and Mars not only oppose on the 21st, but both make contact with the nodes – Venus to the North Node (June 19th) and Mars to the South Node (June 8th), signaling discord as well as the implications of past and future choices. Venus seems to be on the right side of the law here, aligning with the future orientation of the North Node. Mars less so, as it combines with South Node (for the first of three times this Summer) indicating energy that is stuck or stagnated, and possibly caught up in a drama connected to prior energy patterns that needs to be released. If you notice yourself reverting to old tactics to solve new problems, this is where the work needs to get done.

The message of the Universe right now is somewhat paradoxical – Venus in Leo seeks to ardently pursue what captures ones’ heart and offers pleasure with conviction. What is required of the present moment is courageousness, though simultaneously there is diminishment of momentum because Mars is slowing. This could (and should) manifest in the expression of creative or romantic energy, though Venus is a receptive planet and this could just as equally indicate heightened responsiveness to these energies.

Remaining resonant to the message of the heart chakra and cultivating relations through a spiritual, rather than intellectual, connection is highlighted. The detached, logical approach of Aquarius is debilitated by the South Node, and does not serve the current opportunity for evolutionary growth. The opposition of Venus and Mars will intensify love contacts and stimulate passion in a vitalizing culmination of the cycle that began October 5th last year. New chapters begin, though some will conclude at this point if they prove untenable. Permutations and adjustments occur in July that lead to clearer circumstances by August.

The 5th signals the beginning of the next Sun – Mercury cycle, and the most active weeks  occurring between now and July 8. Activities or projects that are initiated now will have a major significance for daily life and communication through September 20th. Business enterprises are highlighted, but look to 15’ Gemini in your chart for the details of where this occurs for you. This cycle will unfold through the Leo Mercury retrograde cycle this Summer – a 10 week transit in Leo is upcoming, further upping the ante on all those themes of self expression previously mentioned.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

A professional culmination at the end of the month could see you switching gears in your career. One door closes, another one opens. Praise for your hard work is also due. You find your energy level is a bit low and may need to take some time out over the coming months (Mars is retrograde from the 27th) to recuperate from a highly active professional phase. A passionate love alliance could be forming this month with an event or an introduction on the 19th sprinkled with fairy dust. Kismet meetings are likely, keep your eyes open. Someone from the past can make an appearance around the 8th, you’ll feel an immediate sense of comfort and kinship. Some vexing indications in a romantic relationship can feature on the 21st, as Venus and Mars oppose, stirring up passionate sexual chemistry, but equally disharmony, watch out!

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You could embark on a new money making prospect on the 5th, and this activity or enterprise will be a large part of your daily routine for the next four months. The New Moon on the 13th signals the beginning of a new earnings phase. You may stall professionally or connect with an old ally on the 8th, a fated quality seems to prevail in your professional associations, especially with men, and you could receive a reward for prior work or achievement. Promotion is unlikely in this phase, and if you do make a move it is likely to be lateral. Domestic bliss and harmony reign supreme on the 19th, you can beautify or entertain at home to incredible success. Feisty energy affects love and financials on the 21st. This can signify a really passionate tryst or downright combat. Where you sit on the mine – yours’ – ours spectrum suggests how this plays out.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

A New Moon in your sign on the 13th gives you a bit of a new lease on life. You are still in a positive mind set with Mercury transiting your sign and the first weeks of the month will pass by briskly, as many activities, conversations and excursions fill your days. You may make a really brilliant connection creatively or intellectually on the 19th. Expect a delightful surprise encounter in your day to day routine. A conversation could lead to a romantic encounter, and if there is something about this connection that feels fated, go with it. Social activities will hold appeal, especially those with an artistic flair to them. This is a great time to enjoy or produce poetry, theater or any other creative endeavor that gets your juices flowing. Cappy Full Moon on the 28th can serve up a cold hard truth about a financial reality, this is going to be more likely if you have serious debt. You are just as likely to see an intimate relationship gets really serious. Commitments made now will certainly stand the test of time.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Very strong financial indicators are at play as your value system and the balance of mine vs ours is going through a significant transformation. You start to come more into your own and are reminded why self reliance is the direction you should be heading in. A shortfall at the beginning of the month, either due to a banking oversight or a partner not being able to do their share, will set the tone. The 19th brings a revealing moment or toss a shred of luck your way and you’ll definitely want to pay attention to cues, even if they are subtle. Venus and Mars oppose on the 21st, highlighting tension between themes of ownership, resources and trust. This can be mildly explosive, but there is absolutely no reason it has to be – the lines simply need to be redrawn, and while it may take a few more months to hammer down the right agreement, what happens now at least gets the conversation started. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 28th is right next to Saturn, another chance to make a binding in commitment in business or love if you are ready…

LEO July 23 – August 22

Attention is divided between an exciting social life and a desire for privacy and reflection. Try to divide your time at your discretion. Don’t feel bad if you have to turn down an invitation or two while you navigate your interior space and clear the way for new beginnings. Partnerships are in the mainframe of your attention, and you may not be able to see eye to eye with this person right now. Where you want to move forward, you sense they want to move backwards. It’s also possible someone from the past reemerges and snatches you back into the past tense. Uh oh! Be wary of such things around the 8th, but also advised if someone shows up, fate played a role and there is unfinished karmic business to attend to. Mars retrograde from the 27th sets the stage for a long drawn out affair… Venus in Leo from the 14th will make you a responsive recipient of advances, affection and all forms of flattery, and the 21st could truly turn up a kismet romantic opportunity.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

A new professional undertaking begins on the 5th and you’ll likely see this endeavor unfold over the next 4 months. The New Moon on the 13th can also open doors, but be careful with this one as there are hidden strings attached or more that meets the eye. Sounds too good to be true? Probably is. There is sort of a push – pull dynamic at work where you aren’t really sure how much time and effort you want to put into work life right now, or you might be cooling off on your current position. Mars is slowing in it’s orbit and there is a palpable lag in energy and motivation. Meanwhile, exciting developments behind the scenes make you want to steal away and enjoy solitude or privacy. This dynamic is made most clear by events on the 8th and 19th.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

You may feel as though you are moving forward and backwards at the same time, as both past and future tenses are activated this month. It’s possible you reconnect with a former lover at this time, around the 8th is peak of intensity, or you might otherwise feel limited by someone or your circumstances. You will experience growth working with others, as friends and group activities have a positive evolutionary spin on them, and a creative, collaborative project could really be exciting on the 19th. A sense of personal completion is possible during the Full Moon phase on the 28th. This relates to a home or personal matter and a decision or agreement you make now has very long term ramifications. A sense of austerity might prevail, and you may be delaying more personal gratification to make a serious commitment to a domestic issue – moving house or settling down. Mars goes roundabout from the 27th, directly impacting your partnership and love relations. There could be a separation related to work or an educational opportunity, and the divide you feel with someone could have less to do with a lack of feelings between you, but merely be a necessity at this time. Creativity slows, it’s time to think and reconsider your trajectory of the prior year.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Events on the 8th can bring up feelings of limitation or issues from the past requiring resolution in a domestic matter. It’s time to leave a circumstance behind, though of course this is easier said then done and could take a few more months to resolve in it’s entirety. Strong stimulation to achievement and your goals, perhaps even resources to realize them are present on the 19th and remind you where you need to go and why. Kismet meetings are likely all month, some steering you into the future and some reminding you of the past. An important financial agreement or partnership begins on the 5th, a negotiation you strike now bears on the activities and events of the upcoming four months. This is amplified on the 13th, during the New Moon. Your star is on the rise and you can make a great impression on the public and those in a position to help you move up the ladder of success. Don’t get haughty about your successes, as embarrassments on the 21st and 25th are possible if you do.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Relational dynamics remain a high priority, and a New Moon on the 13th begins a new chapter in your committed partnership. Things can really heat up if you are traveling and a fated meeting on the 19th can lead to a liaison rather unexpectedly. Sultry vibrations on the 21st could be too good to resist, and diving in could be just what you need right now. Financial matters involving banks, institutions, an inheritance or your parters’ income factor largely from the middle of the month. If you are joining forces with a business partner or a spouse you can spell out all the details on the 13th or 19th. There are more problematic or contentious issues to deal with on the 15th, 23rd and 27th, so these are better left aside where you are seeking success in negotiations. A conclusion to a money matter, perhaps phasing out a source of income, or cashing in on a job well done occurs on the 28th. An event or insight you experience on the 8th stirs nostalgia for the past, or equally can serve to remind you of something you need to let go of. This process endures through September.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

There could be a financial reckoning of sorts this month as the Nodes play an interesting role with Venus and Mars, activating the axis of personal versus shared resources. It’s the shared equity or pooling of resources that gets you further, and you may even see a source of income dwindling or coming to an end around the 8th. Venus, Mercury and later the Sun all enhance your potentials to make positive gains within your relationship, with the 1st, 2nd, and 23rd all highlighted to bring about significant new developments. From mid month, the shift is on intimacy and there will be new erotic currents flowing that will be spicing things up for you nicely. Very enticing vibrations on the 21st could be a touch stormy, and there could be a palpable urgency to connect with someone. The 26th provides a turning point, and a relationship could get serious now. The Full Moon in your sign on the 28th will also enable you to define and refine your commitment. Saturn in close contact could indicate a big professional move, and taking on more responsibility and authority. Mars retrogrades at the end of the month, signaling a review of finances will be in order though the Summer months.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The emphasis is on self expression and pleasure. Significant developments in your relationships from mid month can restore harmony and bring people with exciting potential into your orbit. A new creative venture or even a love affair could begin on the 5th. This project or relationship will be the mainstay of your activities for the next four months. You’ll experience a transformation next month when Mercury retrogrades, especially within a relationship that begins now. Romance is highlighted and especially potent on the 19th and 21st, as well as the New Moon phase on the 13th. There could be sudden and impulsive decisions, especially if you feel a soul mate connection with someone you meet during this period. Passion runs strong, though Mars is slowing and will retrograde in your sign on the 27th. This will require some rethinking on your behalf, and suggests you take things slowly, especially in regard to matters of the heart. These are more likely to stabilize from September, even though very powerful contacts throughout the Summer will generate a lot of energy between you and your partner. Release yourself from the grip of the past on the 8th.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

You want to be invisible, but this is really a great time to showcase your talents, so get out there! You can take time out to recharge as required, (though it might be worthwhile to examine yourself on the 8th, strange habits which seem to be draining your effectiveness are revealing themselves now). A shift in your domestic zone that you initiate on the 5th will likely become a major endeavor over the next four months, making this an ideal time for renovation or redecorating projects, or considering relocation. Check developments on the 13th for an important status report. You are tuning into what you want, unfortunately there seem to be some mixed signals. Necessity and clarity will aid you from the 15th – 19th. You can more easily tune into your heart’s desires. The first few weeks are quite romantic and you can develop a mutual bond of attraction and affection over the early days of the month. The 5th signals a turning point, are you all in, or all out? Your mind will be on love, but there could be some demands on your time at work. You won’t mind, since you like what you are doing so much. Energy slows at the end of the month, drawing you further inward.

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ARIES: Venus in the house of pleasure and true romance makes for a memorable month. The 15th looks remarkable, a timetable speeds up on a relationship or with a creative undertaking in particular. Circle the 2nd, 12th, 15th and 18th – all spectacular for dates and important meetings to transpire. An unresolved dynamic between you and someone special, brewing since the end of last year is about to recharged. Lightning bolts are likely and the chemistry here can be mind-blowing. Work is also highlighted and you’ll have to carve out some time for your day job here as well from the 6th – October 22. The details fall into place around the New Moon on the 20th. Relationships with coworkers improve after this time, and an assignment can have delicious creative undertones.


TAURUS: You’ll be in lover land this month, or perhaps in the middle of a huge creative project. A great deal of influence is placed on your area of romance and the switch gets flipped in your area of self expression. A New Moon on the 20th presents a new chapter in a love relationship, or a kindred meeting could take place. Very deep passions are aroused moving into the beginning of next month. It’s going to be great. Home is still where the heart is and this is a good time for redecorating or enhancing your residence. (Wait until after the 5th, when Mercury is direct.) The 12th and 18th are excellent for selecting decorative objects, painting or even finding the home you really desire.


GEMINI: You’ll get a sense this month of how different the landscape is in regard to your home/profession axis. While these remain important topics, a lot of the pressure has moved off, leaving you to focus on other things. The Full Moon on the 6th will signal an ending takes place in regard to a life goal, and this will leave you feeling fresh and clear of an obligation you no longer want. Domestic matters come settled after a period of reconsideration last month and by the 20th you can begin a new chapter. The 12th and 15th are very good for expressing yourself, and your affection – in or through a love relationship. A commitment deepens and you can experience great contentment now.


CANCER: Relationships with friends both near and far will be emphasized this month, and you may run into old associates unexpectedly while attending to your daily activities. Mars in Virgo on the 6th makes for a busy period with errands, meetings and conversations. This can be a good time to join a book club or take a night class. You seek stimulation and want to learn new skills. Introductions and new friendships made on the 20th hold a key for you. Venus in Leo enhances your earnings potential, though you could equally be spending on luxury items or pleasure pursuits. You’re well within your rights so long as you can make ends. The 12th, 15th and 18th are all positive for your professional status and revenue can come in from your career at this time. A final confrontation (and equally, at long last, a resolution) between your home – profession axis on the 28th can offer a final culmination or decision regarding the boundaries between your personal and private lives. Tread carefully around the dates of the 22nd and 24th as vexing and illusive forces are at work.


LEO: A strong sense of harmony and resolution presides this month, and you can put your best foot forward. At this time, your personal desires can be reached. The 15th and 18th are excellent for making contacts that will assist you in the attainment of your desires. A strong emphasis on your financial realm from the 6th will keep you busy, though you can easily spend as quickly as you earn. Bookkeeping and negotiations go more smoothly after the 11th, with the 20th – 22nd a great period in which to set and reach for financial milestones. Energy may run low or there could be some challenges on the 13th, take it easy!


VIRGO: You really can begin to push through on some of your personal initiatives from the 6th. Mercury returns direct and couples with Mars in your sign transforming you into a powerhouse! Venus in Virgo on the 20th lends charm and appeal to your persona, making this a favorable month for love and creative work. The Full Moon on the 6th highlights a key partnership, and you may be ready to make a long term commitment. Neptune is in close range and a sense of magic and romance is illuminated within this union. If you are planning to get married or propose, select a spot by the water to create a most romantic ambience. A New Moon in your sign on the 20 sees you on full throttle. You can make a brand new beginning now – no holds barred.


LIBRA: Very exciting developments within a group project continue to see successful outcomes, the 2nd, 15th and 18th are all exceptional for these enterprises, especially if tied to an innovative or technology oriented goal that connects to creativity. This could be a new art webcast or online site, or somehow using the internet to publish your music or films or utilizing any of these outlets to carry out your message into the larger world. By the 20th, you begin to get strong signals that it’s time for a more restful if not recuperative period to begin. Some may genuinely be feeling burn out as such a productive period comes to closure. Indications your body sends you around the Full Moon on the 6th should be heeded. The social life remains quite active through the 20th, and a relationship may also require attention, making this a time where establishing a strong work – life balance will be crucial.


SCORPIO: You put the finishing touches on a project early in the month, and while you might not quite be prepared to sit back and relax just yet, you are starting to get some positive response to your work of the last few months. The 12th, 15th and 18th all reveal rewards, or you may receive beneficial press or some other form of recognition. Love is on your mind during the Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th and you will do well to carve out some time for a special someone. Really enticing romantic vibrations are percolating into early October, so think about putting out the welcome mat and letting someone in. Socially this can be a very vibrant period for you and seeking the company of friends and colleagues is also a favorable use of time right now.


SAGITTARIUS: Better professional opportunities emerge this month with the New Moon on the 20th signaling a clear path ahead for your endeavors. Mercury from the 11th is in a more supportive place for you to initiate the conversations and agreements that are necessary to move you up the ladder of success. An ongoing sense of adventure carries over from last month, and it’s possible conducting business from a different locale is going to enhance your prospects for the realization of your goals. What you are seeking and learning now plays right into the awesome progress you make over the next 8 weeks. You can really start to see signs of productive developments from the 6th, as you push yourself to achieve your highest aspirations.


CAPRICORN: This is a good month for exploration and adventure, as many very big developments are set to occur for you professionally from next month, this could be an ideal time for some travel. Broadening your horizons and reaching out to others will be very stimulating for you and offer perspectives that enhance your awareness and perceptions. Meanwhile developments of an intimate or financial nature occurring behind the scenes offer potent and constructive assistance, even towards your goals. Note the 15th, 18th and 19th especially for the best dates to negotiate. The first week of the month works well for this too and you can seal a deal that may have eluded you last month by the 9th. Lightning bolts around the 28th can see dramatic reorientation of home/professional dynamics that have been in the mix since late last year. Progress is assured if you can navigate uncharted waters.


AQUARIUS: Financials come into focus this month and you find a better climate in which to improve both your earnings and outside sources of income. With Mercury direct on the 5th, you’ll tie up loose ends on a loan or other financial agreement. You may also find you have successfully paid off a debt, and there is great relief now as a result. Venus transiting your relationship zone continues to signal incredible waves of pleasure and satisfaction in your committed relationships. A commitment deepens on the 12th, and the 15th and 18th are also delectable for giving and receiving good vibrations. Intimacy and shared security become very significant in the later part of the month, and a relationship or financial agreement really begins to come together. Watch expenses on the 29th, it will be easy to over indulge or make an accounting error.


PISCES: Partnerships begin to move to the forefront of your attention and a New Moon on the 20th signals a new chapter in your commitments. Mars can create a robust and dynamic atmosphere in your relationships, and confusion (or disillusionment) may reign supreme on the 5th, 24th and 29th. You will need to watch what you commit to, there is some haziness with this transit and you may not be seeing someone for what they really are. A romantic indulgence at this point can be very enticing, although these transits will offer a reference point for where you may have over idealized a situation or individual. In the context of a genuine and committed association there is no harm. You can clear the air and state your intentions on the 16th and 22nd. Work and professional matters go quite well, the dates of the 2nd, 12th, 15th, and 18th are all exceptional for seeing progress in your work assignments and advancement in your career. Full Moon in your sign on the 6th signals completion or culmination of a personal matter. Neptune and Pluto conspire for very powerful and significant developments. You have come a long way since February, as you will now see.




Check out the new STARGAZER video blog on YouTube, where I discuss the upcoming two weeks aspects with my friend Fiord: https://youtu.be/xUSVNLauqJ0

August packs a bit of a punch, and while there will be some positive results and returns, especially for innovative endeavors begun last Spring, our long range goals and especially love or financial arrangements can be visited by testing influences at this time. Much of this has to do with Venus retrograde, not a completely infrequent occurrence, but a challenging one for matters of the heart and forming partnerships for either business or pleasure. The retro phase allows for some pulse enhancing double and triple takes – we may get another chance on a love relationship that slipped through our fingers – and fantastic connections between Venus to Jupiter (Aug. 4 + October 25th), Uranus (Aug. 19 + September 24) as well as really passionate contacts with Mars (September 1 + November 1st) offer some really vibrant exchanges. Meanwhile the Saturn square (exact on Aug. 5 + October 10th) can signal delays or challenges within a partnership. It may also just represent a period of reappraisal, where we don’t quite know where we stand with another or even in relation to our own feelings! It’s acceptable to step back, evaluate and see what is and what is not working in our relationships. What is good to know is that relationships that survive this critical period were really meant to last. Venus resumes direct motion on September 6th.

In the context of a meaningful love connection, neither Venus retrograde or the Venus – Saturn square will be enough to derail a relationship if it is fundamentally good, but may provide obstacles in the form of separations or obligations that somehow keep a partnership from really coming together during this period. When Venus and Saturn engage, we really begin to question whether the relationship is worth moving forward with, does a relationship have what it takes to endure through the next phase of our development? This is a question we may not be able to answer until October, as the final aspect occurs October 10th, at precisely the same time as the end of the Venus retrograde shadow phase. By then Saturn is in Sagittarius and we are more tuned into our new, long range objectives. Through that time we are restructuring and determining the appropriateness and durability of our relationships, and building a new life with new ingredients in order to accommodate them.

The period from 2nd through the 7th is very pivotal, as Saturn resumes direct motion, then is promptly squared by Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all in Leo. Woah! Meanwhile, Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Jupiter all insist upon a lighthearted and open ambience for exchange. Saturn in Scorpio forces us to dig deep and ensure alliances and commitments are meaningful and will allow us to transcend what we can do individually through working together. These aspects can represent poignant awareness of limitations and what we might need to release, either from within our emotional selves or through our relationships. Scorpio can have a tendency to self protective and defensive behavior when the vulnerable deeper feelings are activated, but really what Saturn is teaching and pushing us towards is revealing those emotions in order to create the profound level of trust required in our most intimate alliances.

While quite challenging, this is actually a very instructive period, if we stay attuned to the deeper message. School of hard knocks life lessons via Saturn in Scorpio can be tough, but these square aspects, and this whole first week of August will illuminate (possibly through confrontational situations or bittersweet feelings connected to a potential separation) the responsibility we must accept to take the next significant step towards maturity, security and a lasting resolution to the message of Saturn in Scorpio. Where it lies in your chart is what needs working on, and at least, with Saturn direct that work can begin now with the realizations that will likely come to light during the first week of the month. Acknowledging our personal limitations or obstacles may feel quite prickly, and the circumstances we contend with may feel quite obstinate, but are very valuable in pointing us not only towards what we really desire, but what needs to be resolved to get there. Another note, if you are in contract or other personal – professional negotiations that need to be resolved, this month (Venus retro not withstanding) is superior to September or October, which sees a Mercury retrograde phase through Libra.

Jupiter enters Virgo on the 11th, providing a real shift in orientation which will emphasize the practical and methodical. New value will be placed on efficiency and coming up with strategies for the implementation of practices that enhance productivity and wellness. Jupiter’s expansive influence is somewhat mitigated by the narrow focus of Virgo, but from an earth sign, and coupled with the influence of Saturn in direct motion, there is the positive indication of manifesting in the material realm and seeing tangible results for our output, which has primarily been theoretical through the heavy fire sign emphasis that has predominated this year. This is a positive period in which to put our thoughts into practice, with a brilliant culmination on the 26th as the Sun and Jupiter conjunct at 3 degrees of Virgo, stimulating a year long opportunity for expansion though conscientious and meticulous attention to detail and results oriented activities.

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ARIES: Fun, creativity and self expression continue to be major topics, with an exciting new chapter beginning on the 14th during the Leo New Moon. Uranus from your sign links up to the Sun and Moon and there is a great deal of excitement experienced through a love union. Financial difficulties will be overcome early in the month to set the stage for developments. The 3rd – 6th sees you stuck with monetary concerns that might keep you from engaging in desires of your heart. Incredible developments on the 15th and 19th in particular will bring back your passion and reinvigorate your trust that things will work out. Venus travels backwards in the sky to reconnect with Mars at the very end of the month, and a love relationship comes to complete culmination at this time brilliantly. You may have never known this intensity of passion! It is a rare and beautiful moment, enjoy every minute of it. A new job or health practice put in place on the 27th will be very successful!

TAURUS: Residential matters have been a topic all year, and with Jupiter about to leave this area (August 12th) you can use up your last few weeks of good luck to make a move or improvement you’ve been considering. With Venus retrograde in this area simultaneously, you may not see all the pieces fall into place until September. The Leo New Moon on the 14th is nonetheless a spectacular time to set intentions, and a connection to Uranus can bring an unanticipated, but welcome development. The 13th – 19th is a very favorable period to attend to domestic matters. Contentious vibrations over the first week of the month feature a feud with a spouse or business partner. Around the 8th matters can be reconciled to the advantage of all parties involved. Jupiter enters the area of children, self expression, and True Romance on the 12th. This offers an exceptional period for creative self discovery, love and pleasure over the coming year.

GEMINI: Venus retrograde in the house of writing, day to day life and social activities underscores a revisiting of sorts – either friends from the past come back into frame at this time or you are editing a writing project. Sun (through August 24th) and Mars (August 9th – September 25th) stimulate you to socialize and work towards the completion of your project. A New Moon on the 14th adds dimensionality and enthusiasm for this undertaking. Jupiter says farewell to this area on the 12th, suggesting attention will be turning to the domestic and residential concerns, with expansive developments on the queue over the coming year in your most personal life. A Full Moon in Pisces at the end of the month can be wonderful for realizing a cherished professional objective. Creativity and imagination play a role.

CANCER: The pressure comes off when Mars leaves your sign on the 8th, shifting the energy back on to earnings and professional goals. The 2nd, 7th, 13th, 15th and 19th are all advantageous for negotiations, interviews or preparing a budget. A sense of restriction is present over the first few days of the month. If you have a child, for example, you may realize expenses associated with their educational costs or care are going to have a more profound effect on your finances than anticipated. Otherwise a sacrifice in relation to a recreational or pleasure pursuit may have to be abandoned to make ends meet in this phase. Social life and day to day existence (these are the people in your neighborhood) get a very positive stimulation when Jupiter moves into Virgo on the 12th, joining Mercury. This is an area that comes into focus over the upcoming period. Communication and learning are enhanced. Social life will be vibrant and a continuing ed class can bring some meaningful introductions. A Full Moon on the 29th can see you setting off for a holiday adventure. This likely connects back to plans you made back in February. Bon Voyage!

LEO: The New Moon in your sign on the 14th connects to electrical Uranus, you feel vibrant and stimulated to take on a new adventure. Jupiter leaves your sign on the 12th, though Mars comes in for the first time in two years on the 9th, arousing passionate conviction and a desire for self expression. Challenges to self expression or expression of affection during the first week give way to brilliant opportunities later in the month – the period from the 13th to 19th is really divine for romantic and creative undertakings. Domestic matters can be successfully resolved on the 6th, though the 21st seems to present a final challenge. Finances are a topic of discussion from the 8th, and negotiations very successful on the 15th. You can easily win someone over to your cause at this time. Be wary of a risky financial venture on the 31st. A Full Moon in Pisces augments really beautiful developments in an intimate relationship on the 29th, a wave of ecstasy that carries you right through the end of the month and into September.

VIRGO: Mars joins the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your house of ethereality, closure and privacy, and more than ever it’s time to tune out the needs of others and focus on your rest, reflection and personal restoration. The New Moon on the 14th is the perfect time to feed your soul. Work from the inside out, detox and remove impurities by doing a holistic body cleanse, and the emotions you need to let go of will follow, and from there you feel truly rejuvenated. A good massage, even a therapist (if you need some mental flossing) can work wonders. It’s essential you clear the decks, as Jupiter is going to be checking into Casa Virgo on the11th for a full one year stay-cation. With all those other planets currently in Leo all en route your way, and the North Node set to make an appearance in October, it’s going to be all hands on deck this Fall. For now, meditate… drift away… think about what you will do with a cosmic carte blanche being handed to you. Really, think about it! You have the possibility in the upcoming phase to build up exactly the life you want, so think about what it looks like and imagine it in picture perfect detail. The Sun conjunct Jupiter in your sign on the 27th is the perfect moment to put it all in motion. Double whammy luck if your birthday is on or close to this date! The Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th can bring closure or a brilliant culmination in a partnership. Tap into your heart’s desire.

LIBRA: It’s a more reflective month as Venus retrogrades in Leo, and Mercury (August 8th) the Jupiter (August 12th) move into your house of endings, secrecy and private affairs. Action is taking place behind the scenes, however a strong social urge will be experienced while Mars transits Leo, suggesting a partner is urging you to be out and about. A New Moon on the 14th signals a wonderful occasion and new friends and alliances are coming into your life. The 13th, 15th and 19th are exceptional for cultivating relationships of all varieties. Financial considerations may present an issue on the 4th, 5th or 21st. Anticipate shortcomings around these dates. The 6th is positive for linking your professional goals to a source of income. It may be a hard working phase, but you’ll see phenomenal results in November for the time you put in now. A project comes to a beautiful conclusion on the 29th. This connects back to visionary impulse you put into motion back in late January – February. Nice work!

SCORPIO: You have the ability to shed your armor this month as you begin to realize and recognize the new person you have become and seek to reveal this person to the outer world. The New Moon in Leo on the 14th breaths fresh life into your enterprise. A shift at this time emphasizes a changing tide, and the evolution of an idea or an objective into a highly successful endeavor. Coupled with the transit of Mars through Leo beginning August 9th, you still have a hard core advantage against your competitors. The 7th, 13th, 15th, and 19th are all incredibly dynamic. This is a hard working phase to say the least, though a Virgo emphasis as Mercury (August 8th) and Jupiter (August 12th) enter the sign, offering a harmonious social ambience. You are working among meticulous and thoughtful people who share your vision in this phase. This will also manifest as more opportunities to meet and socialize with wonderful events and occasions in store over the coming weeks. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th brings a key love relationship or creative endeavor into the frame beautifully. A serendipity of True Love and connection to destiny is possible. This will tie back into events and intuition that may have been aroused in the late January – February period.

SAGITTARIUS: A travel, publishing, media or educational goal can come into reach this month as a New Moon in Leo on the 14th opens up an opportunity for a positive new beginning. Venus (retrograde) continues to influence this area through the beginning of October and Mars from August 9th bring considerable energy and good fortune to your endeavors. Travel and reaching people at a distance may feature. The 2nd, 7th, 13th, 15th and 19th are all favorable for pursuing personal and creative goals. The first week of the month features some obstacles or a hurdle or two that must be crossed. Easy does it, a positive attitude goes a long way to avert a challenge or two. Jupiter will decamp for Virgo on the 12th, and very big developments will begin to unfold for you professionally over the coming months and well into next year. Big news on the 27th points to these exciting opportunities in store. Make a bold statement of initiative for the future. A Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th signals a change occurring in your residence, and you may be making a decision that has weighed on you over the last six months.

CAPRICORN: You might hit a financial snag in the early part of the month as Venus and Jupiter square off with Saturn. Much better news comes in during the New Moon in Leo on the 14th, which may reveal a new source of outside revenue. You can benefit from the good fortune of a spouse of business partner in this phase, or an investment you made can be profitable for you at this time. Matters within a partnership that may have had adversarial overtones last month can be resolved very positively around the 6th. This is a wonderful time for reaching agreements related to business or within a committed partnership. Mars in Leo and the house of intimacy and shared resources suggests you are working hard for it in this phase. Passion and conviction, particularly within a relationship, are aroused.The 7th and 15th are also remarkable for negotiating shared profits and revenue or making agreements, merging forces with another’s resources, with a real advantage on the 15th to go after what you want. On the 27th – you are likely to get it. A behind the scenes discussion about your profession on the 26th brings favorable input for your work. Positive aspects affecting your residential life come in on the 2nd, 13th and 19th. These are appropriate times to attend to to upgrades in the home. A Full Moon in Pisces on the 29th connects to Neptune, stimulating a very romantic and alluring ambience. It will be very enjoyable to attend a social event or go on a date at this time. Jupiter from Virgo after the 11th is amazing for expanding your influence. You feel at ease with yourself over the coming year.

AQUARIUS: A vexing influence that challenges the formation of a relationship stems from professional commitments at the onset of the month. This may tie back to endemic situations you confronted over the last two years, though a real breakthrough is possible now as Saturn resumes direct motion on the 2nd. The squares of Jupiter (August 3rd,) Venus (August 5th,) and Mercury (August 6th) to Saturn reveal the details. Better professional transits come in when Mercury in Virgo harmonizes on the 26th. A conjunction of Sun to Jupiter on the 27th can see a really amazing (and lucrative) job offer or assignment come your way. Travel, media and academic pursuits play a role. Transits of the Sun and Mercury, then Mars (August 9th – September 25th) continue to emphasize the zone of relating and partnerships. Venus retrograde though this area (from July 25th) may see a partner leave, if only temporarily, or for feelings and commitments to be reappraised over the coming weeks. A Leo New Moon on the 14th sees a shift in circumstances regarding commitments and relationships. A conjunction to retrograde Venus may indicate a reemerging connection with someone from the past, though it could equally be a bit of a love ’em and leave ’em – you’ll roll with circumstances since Uranus plays a very supportive role here, you are likely delighted at the results of what occurs regardless of the outcome. Jupiter leaves this area on the 11th, moving into Virgo and your 8th house of intimacy, transformation and shared resources – an area that is going to see tremendous revitalization over the coming months and heralding a stunning metamorphosis.

PISCES: A very significant change occurs this month when Jupiter enters Virgo and the area of committed relationships. Some of the emphasis comes off of the work and professional arena to bring a focus towards very positive developments set to occur within your partnerships. There is a massive advantage now to teaming up with another (this affects one on one relationships pretty explicitly,) and although it has implications within committed romantic associations, it also affects business partners or a team enterprise. You can find people now who fill the yang to your yin and fill in the spaces in terms of expertise and energy where you may be lacking to create a far more complete whole when you work together than separately. From Virgo, there is a suggestion that perhaps this person is a bit more detail oriented than you, and it’s likely you provide the vision and inspiration while your partner handles the more nitty gritty operational aspects. A meeting or encounter on the 27th sets a compelling new cycle into motion. A New Moon on the 14th bodes well for a new work assignment that proves both lucrative and exciting. Mars in Leo from the 9th suggests a hard working phase, but lots of progress if you stick with it. The professional rewards and advancement you desire for the work you are doing now comes in about a year, when Mars and Saturn conjunct in your house of career, status and public recognition. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing, when you consider how significant the potential for long range success for your enterprise actually is in this phase. Baby steps, remember? Put an endeavor into motion on the 6th. A Full Moon in your sign on the 29th brings emotional and personal satisfaction for all that you have managed to achieve this Summer. Good work! An intimate celebration is in order.