Weekly Forecast 5/27-6/2

A great deal precipitates this week, as several lush punctuation marks shape the days ahead. The Sagittarius Full Moon beams down on Tuesday, stimulating adventurous and inquisitive energies. Saturn provides a difficult obstacle within this alignment and can be a bit of a spoiler where the attainment of freedom is sought. Mars also plays a strong role during the Full Moon phase -connecting harmoniously – so there is an energizing boost that helps to bring something into form. In many ways the Full Moon speaks to what was and what will be. More recently, Saturn transited this region of the zodiac, inspiring constriction of efforts and clearing out the superfluous. Jupiter will move into this area upcoming, stimulating growth and prosperity in regard to issues that may have taken a bit of a hit during the Saturn transit, so it’s likely the Full Moon reveals clues as to the changes due.

Conjunct Antares, the Full Moon has the potential to trigger obsessive or obstinate behavior. The star that sits in the Heart of Scorpio is a rather intense and powerful point! Look to events around 2 years ago, as these still seem to require resolution. (Both Saturn and Mars made long transits this degree – 8′ Sagittarius – during that period.)

Mars at this point is conjunct the degree of the Lunar eclipse that occurs at the end of July, spending most of the week hovering over 4’ Aquarius. Something set into motion this week (and particularly around the time of the Full Moon) is likely to play into the stunning developments that occur over the Eclipse Season, so be on the lookout for clues and intuition into what is going to come up down the road. A choice made now could have a direct bearing on how successful you will be in about 2 months time and what kind of opportunities will emerge. Incidentally, Mars will have returned to this degree precisely and conjunct the Lunar Eclipse in July, so events are quite forth telling.

Mercury enters Gemini on Tuesday PM, a brisk transit that lasts for a mere 2 weeks since Mercury is traveling at it’s fastest speed through June. Curiosity is stimulated, and there can be a lot of diversions and interesting people to meet and speak to. There is a busyness indicated, and many matters that require attention. This is a wonderful time for tying up loose ends, especially where a paper trail is involved or contracts need to be signed.

Venus from Cancer at the end of the week taps Jupiter and Neptune in a Grand Water Trine. This is a marvelous ambience for expressing love and affection, enhancing the emotional ties that flow between people. While not an overtly romantic influence, (from water signs this energy takes place below the surface, within a highly subjective realm) these aspects provide a great back drop for understanding the deeper feelings aroused through personal connections. Imagination is also invigorated, making the end of the week ideal for creating art projects or attending an art or musical reception. If there has been uncertainty where sentiments or the future of a relationship lies, these aspects promote intimacy and coming to terms with the hearts desires.

Friday will also see Mercury and Mars in trine, an excellent time for making a presentation or proposal. Get something moving, guided by the awareness all the pieces might not fall into place until late September. The destination will be reached, although not necessarily in the way it’s expected to.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Your emotional realm is stimulated this week, and deep understanding of your inner drives and motivations could reveal themselves. Coming to terms with what you really want is the fastest route to getting there and there are likely to be a few moments over the coming days that tune you into those goals. Balancing your personal aspirations with those of your friends or colleagues is required of you, though you are likely better off putting yourself first and foremost as you design an agenda for the coming months ahead. It’s possible certain connections are falling by the wayside. You may get clues this week of who or what has been outgrown.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Socially there is a generous and supportive atmosphere for you and a key partnership continues to turn up unexpected treats and treasures that fill your heart with pleasure. You can communicate quite fruitfully now, which makes this an ideal time to put yourself out there and express your feelings. Finances also seem to be in the frame with Friday the ideal moment to ask for a raise or try for a better position or promotion. The Full Moon can produce an ending of a source of revenue, or you might successfully pay off a debt.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Mercury from your sign is invigorating to you. If you’ve been in the dumps or behind the scenes, you will begin to get excited again for what is in store. It’s possible a key relationship is coming into frame, and the Full Moon will show a light on how far you have come, or how far you still have yet to go. Make your case on Friday. You can express yourself clearly and with conviction. Financial and professional matters benefit, making this a very valuable influence if you are seeking a raise or promotion.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Very harmonious and agreeable energies prevail this week, especially where your most personal desires are highlighted. Next weekend is ideal for a quick getaway, even a day out of town can provide a completely reinvigorating experience. Work and health matters get emphasized over the Full Moon phase, and you may be completing an assignment or ditching a bad habit that has had a debilitating your productivity. The next two weeks are ripe with realizations that point you in the right direction. A property matter, inheritance or settlement agreement is resolved on Friday.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Your children or creative output is enhanced this week over the Full Moon, and you can come to a decision that has meaningful implications regarding these. Relational matters are also highlighted, and you might notice intuition is peaking regarding the direction a partnership is taking. It’s likely the person in question is going through their own changes and you need to be supportive of these. This story unfolds through out the Summer, but you get an indication now of what may be in store. Socially this is an exciting period, your calendar is likely full of meetings and events.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

This is a compelling period for your relationships, and even where disappointment may have prevailed in the past, something about the current ambience stimulates excitement about prospects on the horizon. The end of the week is one of the most romantic periods of the year, and you can easily step up a love connection if you are ready to show your cards. The Full Moon speaks to a professional or residential matter. It’s possible you are moving house to take up a promotion. On some level, an aspect of the past is fading away. Release is signaled in this period.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Professionally this week provides a brilliant atmosphere in which you can find success and prosperity. It’s possible an opportunity emerges (look towards the end of the week) through which you can showcase your talents or ambition somehow. A conversation on Friday gets the wheels turning. Mercury through Gemini and the Full Moon stimulates a project connected to media, especially where people at some distance are connected or helpful to you in some way. Expect a busy couple weeks where you lock down some of the vital ingredients to a proposal that will bring you notoriety.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

You should genuinely enjoy this week, Scorpio, so even if disappointments have shaken your confidence, the current ambience will genuinely enhance feelings of satisfaction and personal worth. Financial matters will culminate this week, and a few integral conversations about money which may be overdue will clarify what is coming in and that which is going out. An inheritance or property sale may also be in the mix, and there is a lot to be attended to in these regards. Friday is ideal for setting the seal on a contract or negotiation.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

A Full Moon in your sign this week carries very positive overtones. Friendships are highlighted and you can really combine your efforts with others for great results. A partnership or agreement is emphasized over the next two weeks with a lot of back and fourth between you and a rival, spouse or business partner. You may determine to start a new enterprise with this person and will likely make an agreement about the arrangement next Friday. You personal and private life are enhanced, making this a productive time for reflection and regeneration. Intuition is strong right now and you likely feel very in tune with all that is around you.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Love is in the air and a meaningful commitment could come to the forefront this week. A Grand Water Trine emphasizes your connections, and with Venus traveling the area of meaningful partnerships, someone is going to show you exactly how much they care. Where your innate instinct might be to clam up your feelings this is really a more appropriate time to show them, as doing so will take your connection to the next level. The Full Moon likely demonstrates how much you have let go of since the beginning of the year. Work life bustles with action and activity. Take on as much as you can realistically, this has positive financial implications down the road…

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Mars in your sign taps the Full Moon vibes on Tuesday and there can be a significant development with your social circle or network. you likely feel a strong sense of camaraderie as you and your crew reach a substantial milestone together. You are meanwhile getting a sense that changes are coming and your intuition is strong regarding the shape and direction your future life is taking. Very positive professional seeds are planted in this phase, with great results this Fall if you attend to these matters and nurture your dream carefully. Mercury from Gemini sees you exploring fun and novel ideas.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

This is a thrilling period for your development and attainment of a very personal goal or aspiration. True love and pleasure are also indicated, so you might just be bubbling with excitement over a romantic prospect that is being fulfilled. Next weekend is ideal for an excursion or adventure with your sweetie. A professional matter culminates over the Full Moon earlier in the week, revealing the current climate you are dealing with is a million times removed from the tough ambience you experienced in the years leading up to 2018. A sense of vindication could be stimulated, or you may realize it’s time to move away from a plan or trajectory that you no longer care to pursue. Domestic matters keep you busy over the coming weeks. Expect visitors.

Weekly Horoscope 5/20 – 26


This is an excellent week for productivity, and conversations that benefit enterprise or encourage cooperation among colleagues are well aspected. Mercury is very active from Taurus, linking up to Jupiter and Neptune (currently in a really good vibes trine from Scorpio to Pisces) and harmonizing with Pluto at the end of the week. This is a great atmosphere for making decisions and tapping intuition and hunches, and any effort made towards goals (both personal and regarding business objectives) find a favorable climate in which to thrive and prosper.

Mid week could be less than the ideal moment for sealing an important deal. With Mercury in opposition to Jupiter, it’s easy to over estimate the potentials involved and go overboard in a speculative activity. Meanwhile there could be a chance piece of luck that comes your way – so it’s possible there is an auspicious outcome, particularly where objectives tying back to a something you started around October 18 of last year is emphasized. With Sun and Mars in trine, the mental sphere is lively and communication and decision making is enhanced.

Jupiter and Neptune are in a favorable alignment throughout the week, culminating effortlessly on Friday morning. Harmony and even enchantment is possible as a deeply felt spiritual and emotional resonance is present. Events from last December may resurface or peak at this time, and a second chance is possible to realize an important dream. The 3rd contact occurs on August 19th, so an event this week may serve to advance a storyline that manifests in a few more months, after Jupiter has resumed direct motion.

The love life can be a bit strained, as Venus makes challenging aspects with Mars and Saturn. A relationship is certainly in frame, but likely going through some growing pains. In order to develop a connection and take it to the next level, there is a misunderstanding that needs to be cleared up, otherwise a point of evaluation is in store to determine if this particular partnership really has what it takes to step forward with you into the future. Depending on the state of your affairs, you may decide to get serious now or otherwise realize a relationship is simply not suitable. It’s also possible that commitments or an obstacle external to your partnership makes it untenable, at least for the time being, to see progress. Either way a significant turning point is in store next weekend.

Sun in Gemini from Sunday evening is a bit like walking through a hall of mirrors. Fractious and diverse interests are stimulated by Gemini’s’ abundance of curiosity. Sun receives a supportive beam from Aquarius midweek, stimulating intellect. Expect an important development to transpire regarding cyber currencies – this aspect occurs at the degree of the Uranus (Gemini) – Pluto (Aquarius) trine that will occur between 2025 – 2026. My educated guess foresees this transit as the complete integration of a global digital currency system… we’ll see what happens. 😉 Have a great week!



ARIES March 20 – April 19

Work and financial matters are in frame for you this week, with especially positive developments set for next weekend. If you have been working towards a promotion you could get word that your application is being pushed through. Otherwise, Friday is fruitful for brainstorming a new trajectory in your profession. Socially this is an advantageous period, and the pace of daily life is likely quite exciting for the upcoming month. You equally enjoy the peace of your home and familiars, and if your relationship is getting serious, you might discuss shared living arrangements.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

This is a very active phase for you and a key negotiation mid week likely yields a very positive result for you professionally. You will likely see the outcomes of conversations you begin now in July, during the Aquarius eclipse period. A partnership wish comes true this week, as your heart is activated in subtle but beautiful ways. Friends or associates could prove difficult, meanwhile, and there could be a misunderstanding over the weekend that calls into question how reliable a collaborator really is.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

The Sun enters your sign Sunday, promising a period of renewal after an extended gestation. With Mercury still operating behind the scenes, though, you might still be keeping a low profile, at least until the 29th when a Full Moon rocks you and Mercury finally segues into your sign. From there you can give voice to your dreams and aspirations, until then reflection is aspected. You have the potential to unearth treasures from within if you listen to your inner muse. Instincts and intuition (even clairvoyance) are highlighted in this phase, especially towards the end of the week. Tune in.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Venus from your sign makes this one of the more positive periods of 2018 for Cancer, though there may be a stumbling block in a close partnership next weekend. A harmonious influence linking prosperous benefic Jupiter to mysterious (and mirage inducing) Neptune underscores a very positive ambience meanwhile, so it’s likely you just need to clarify things with your spouse or partner and make sure you are on the same page in regard to the direction a relationship is heading in. Time out for yourself is helpful over the coming weeks.

LEO July 23 – August 22

The week begins with the Moon in your sign, offering a definitive advantage. If you are seeking to move up the professional ladder, this is a great time for some important conversations to take place. Make a plan and stick to it. Domestic harmony can mutually be restored in this period, and if there have been any troubling issues around your residence, a good heart to heart can patch things up quickly. You are entering a very socially vibrant month, and an event mid week can stimulate a significant introduction.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You have the ability to articulate your vision now, especially in regard to a creative project or regarding your children. Friday is optimal for a significant conversation or realization to occur. A partnership may be crucial to the attainment of your desires. Observing how far you have come since the end of last year in a love relationship can be bittersweet if you haven’t reached the destination you had hoped you would have by now. Feelings that emerge next Saturday are highly revealing of where you might have some work to do. By Autumn, very different conditions preside over your love life.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Financial and professional matters are highlighted this week, with positive developments on both fronts for the most part. Deals and negotiations go off quite well and there is the potential to reach a culmination with your dream job or through a financial prospect that comes through for you. This one has been in the works since last December, and it may be that advancement of a particular storyline signals your ship is indeed coming in this August. Someone finds your success disconcerting, as you will learn next weekend.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Venus in harmonious relationship to your sign gives you a satisfying emotional resonance, and coupled with a stunning combination between Jupiter (in your sign) and Neptune spells out a very promising period for you. The more vexing matters of the last few months seem to be at bay (though early Scorpio experiencing the Uranus opposition may feel somewhat differently). Clarifying your goals and intentions in a partnership are highlighted this week, as Mercury makes illuminating contacts that enable you to reveal your true desires. Intimate matters are also culminating with Sun in a cathartic area of your chart: how far you are able to go with someone comes down to how much you are willing to reveal.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Work and profession get a boost this week. You are likely seeing motion on an assignment that will put you in the spotlight and showcase your skills. Friday is positive for negotiating a salary increase connected to your enhanced productivity. A personal or residential matter also in frame is enhanced through this prosperity as well and you can upgrade your living conditions as a result of hard work you have put in. A significant relationship also comes into the spot light over the coming month and a crucial conversation midweek signals the direction and shape of an alliance. A money matter can have a dampening effect next weekend and your best bet is to take the highroad and take care of unfinished business.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Relational dynamics are emphasized, especially where a love connection is in the mix. You can explore pleasurable experiences with your mate through shared intellectual activities and articulate your desires in this period. A creative project can also get the juices flowing. Personal goals for future growth are reinforced through your connections with others. It’s possible a social or professional group has good news for you. A project or enterprise you began last December is staring to show signs of progress, with the final outcome likely coming in this August. Imagination is crucial to where this will lead you, as is trusting your instincts. A relationship goes through a critical period next weekend. Self awareness is your ally within a contentious situation and will help you steer the ship.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Sun in Gemini speaks to your pleasure center, and a bold activation mid week can set your spirit soaring. Creative urges are strong, but hard to pin down. Keep a notebook or recorder handy to store ideas for projects. You also have good prospects to clarify domestic matters this week as intuition is strong regarding a residential move or upgrade. If you work from home you also benefit, as privacy offers you the required head space for insight. Tuning into the inner vision is emphasized, as your visionary abilities are stimulated. Professional matters begin to move forward, after a period of stasis, though you are likely to see the biggest improvements in August. Something you set into motion now bears directly on a positive outcome in the near future.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

This is a very harmonious period for you in which you can derive both pleasure and good fortune. Your social activities have a brisk and exciting quality to them, though you are likely to find the company of a select few more satisfying than the spreading yourself thin over a lot of people or invitations. A distant shore seems to be calling you and a dream or prophetic insight can reveal the locale later in the week. Start to squirrel away a savings to make a trip in August. With Jupiter direct you have carte blanche to make an amazing getaway. Partnership matters need attention at the beginning of the week. Someone offbeat seems to be getting into your head. Take the plunge!

Solstice Forecast – Stargazer Summer

Summer begins on an auspicious note, as Jupiter and the North Node reach a second conjunction at 15 Virgo on the 21st. Very positive developments can occur now, as assistance and luck can be present in our evolutionary endeavors that set us on course for bigger and better opportunities ahead. Jupiter trine Pluto Sunday June 26th expands upon this opportunity, as good fortune and optimism stimulate a longer range transformation that has been occurring. Dreams and objectives that unfold in the large scale can manifest now. Look back to the activities and enterprises you engaged with early October of last year as well as in March. Initiative you have taken can now trigger really expansive opportunities that allow you to completely change your life for the better.

Mars is direct from Wednesday June 28th. After 2 1/2 months of misdirection and thwarted agendas, we can begin to put things into motion and move forward. From the depths of Scorpio, we are all considering/reconsidering our closest alliances, and matters of intimacy and establishing emotional trust have been a rather intensive subject for the last several weeks. Saturn traveled a substantial part of it’s retrograde last Summer in this precise area of the zodiac, so if you are feeling a sense of de ja vous, or that the topics, obstacles and delays of that period are being revisited, you are right on with that intuition. With Mars now direct and finalizing it’s journey through Scorpio through July, there is energy on hand to tackle an ongoing issue endemic over the prior year. Cancer transits and particularly Venus trine Mars July 6th and Sun trine Mars July 16th will offer the necessary emotional insight required to rectify an issue that exists in our most interior realm, generating a harmonious climate for smoothing over the difficulties that may have been present recently. Mercury trine Mars on July 10th is a great day to have a significant conversation that will bring clarity to this matter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.34.54 AM

Venus in Cancer – Two of Cups: “There is nothing to do but enjoy what life offers. I am now ready to let into my life the love relationships which will fulfill me.” ~ Gerd Ziegler

From Cancer, energy turns inward, and a nurturing ambience is present throughout July. Not so easy are oppositions to Pluto/Capricorn and squares to Uranus/Aries, which present unpredictable turning points marked by crisis or confrontation. The Cancer New Moon on July 4th falls in stark opposition to Pluto, and there will be a critical departure or significant change at this time. Late June into July has a highly gestational quality about it. We will withdraw to cultivate our treasure from within the interior world. Leo transits – beginning with Venus on July 13th – open us up to fun and recreational avenues that enhance pleasure, love and self expression. The gestation is complete and that which has undergone metamorphosis within us can now be revealed to the outer world.

By August we move into a brisk and exciting, but potentially tense phase that leads up to the immensely significant Virgo Eclipse on September 1st. In many ways, the major activity cycle for 2016 begins now. The North Node and Virgo-Jupiter are highly active, but harsh alinements from Virgo to Saturn in Sagittarius suggest we have major obstacles to overcome in order to engage with the evolutionary opportunities offered by this Eclipse. Mercury triggers the eclipse degree on August 6th, and Venus on the 13th. Intuition into future developments, as well as agreements and conversations around these dates can offer clues and set the stage for that which develops around September 1st.

Saturn resumes direct motion on August 13th as well, allowing us to release the karma of the prior phase and build anew with a greater understanding of our personal objectives currently manifesting through Sagittarius. A week later, Mars leaves the shadow of the prior retrograde, creating a fire and ice conjunction with Saturn on the 24th at 9 Sagittarius. This signals the beginning of an important 2 year cycle in which the topics of Saturn – Sagittarius are now really crystalizing. Mars transverses through the eye of the needle, stimulating action to be taken upon these goals with urgency. This conjunction can be very challenging, your drives are subjugated to practical concerns and this can manifest in feelings of restriction or frustration. The best use of this energy is to methodically and patiently work towards long range goals or on aspects of life that require more effort as they are quite obvious now.

Ouch! A whole lot of Saturn square during the Virgo Eclipse! At least Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in cahoots should help us stay optimistic 🙂

Virgo Eclipse

The Virgo Eclipse is an incredibly potent period in which we’ll see massive culminations and transformations occur. The Mutable t-square is activated, and the longer issue of it’s resolution is possible now. From Virgo, transiting planets, as well as the Eclipse period itself tap Neptune in opposition and Saturn by square. Pluto lends support by trine, an aspect that governs significantly over the Mercury – Virgo retrograde, (August 31 – September 22) with the two locked into a deeply penetrating conversation throughout the last two weeks of September. It’s highly likely developments, activities and opportunities that emerged in June (Jupiter – North Node, Jupiter trine Pluto) are featured prominently, with really remarkable growth occurring from August into September.

What makes this whole thing a bit squirrly is this issue between the transiting planets and North Node in Virgo conflicting with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius as well as Neptune off in Pisces. And Mercury, that rascal and trickster, is retrograde, tying up our progress as we attend to renegotiating massive chunks of all the positive prospects revealed during this phase. Virgo is of course, the master of details, refinement and attainment of perfection. To get there, Virgo must see all the components that make up the whole, which has a decisive quality to it, while Sagittarius is focused on The Bigger Picture. Pisces – Neptune seeks to infuse inspiration and spiritual conviction, though most impractically, which can have an unravelling effect on our efforts. Finding a way to make all these disparate energies work together is the key to resolving the dilemma we are confronted with, and quite worthwhile to undertake. When you successfully reconcile this issue, you become practically invincible in having all these energies at your disposal. Choose to be controlled by nothing by not allowing distractions to derail your efforts. Take August and September one day and one task at a time. If you have set your intentions in June, stay that course.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.41.09 AM

Libra – The Scales of Justice

September 9th we herald the return of Jupiter to Libra, a highly beneficial placement that enhances the development of fairness and equilibrium within our one on one partnerships. The next 14 months will encourage diplomacy and lend a wonderful ambience to our one on one relationships. Growth through partnerships is highlighted. The September 30th New Moon in Libra will make a significant connection to this placement, and will signal the brilliant culminations on route for December.


The influence of Gemini is pronounced this month, as Mars (from the 13th), Mercury, and the Sun (from the 22nd) transit the sign of the Messenger, activating a productive and instructive phase for communication, negotiation and learning. The pace is brisk and exciting, hang on to your hats! Mercury retrograde from May 19 – June 12 (the Shadow period extends from the May 4 – June 27) will offer some intriguing insights, though possibly indicate delays of one variety or another. If you feel held up in your plans or having a difficult time reaching a decision, this likely implies that information has yet to come to light and it’s worthwhile to wait. The mid way point in the cycle between the Sun – Mercury occurs on the 30th, so we are clarifying the agenda we set April 10th, and making adjustments as required as we move forward through the next phase of our endeavors.

Oppositions of planets in Gemini to Saturn (Mercury on the 3rd , Mars on the 15th, Sun on the 22nd) will bring culminations of efforts we made late last year, and emphasize a need to focus and calibrate our efforts to yield a successful outcome for those endeavors. A tricky issue of the retro cycle lies within a very tight square Mercury makes to Neptune over essentially the next two months. This can be a very whimsical and imaginative passage, or highly debilitating, depending on your innate connection to Neptunian energy which can make things quite fuzzy or nebulous. In a positive way it can be instructive – Neptune can be something of a blind spot and Mercury here can reveal the cracks in our thinking or circumstances that have been over idealized, which is helpful now as we prepare for some of the bigger challenges on route later this year (Jupiter opposite Neptune/ Saturn square Neptune). It’s even possible Mercury – Gemini assists us in articulating a visionary, creative or spiritual directive, though the framework may not resolve until the 3rd of the three squares. The exact aspects occur on the 9th, 29th and finally on June 23rd.

Venus in Cancer from the 7th deeply sensitizes the relational ambience, with very romantic vibrations illuminated on the 16th during a productive contact to Neptune. Here the dream or vision is augmented by our feelings, deeply enhancing the connectivity and receptivity in a love relationship. The 21st can be more contentious, as an opposition to Pluto suggests volcanic and confrontational episodes. There is equally the possibility of making a profound commitment at this time, particularly in a sexual relationship. Power struggles are also possible in this phase.

Jupiter quincunx Pluto on 21st as well provides the potential for an opportunity or breakthrough, likely tying back to events precipitated at the end of 2014, then stimulated again at the end of February. With Jupiter now direct, we are ready for liftoff on this one, even bigger and exciting things come to the fore in June, when Jupiter and Uranus trine.

The Scorpio Full Moon May 3rd amplifies passion and desire, connecting harmoniously to Pluto and bringing invigorating awareness to the fundamental shifts and transformations that have occurred since last October. There may be a real watershed here where we realize we have genuinely released the oppressive attributes of Saturn in Scorpio. Sun square Jupiter (Monday the 4th) and trine Pluto (Wednesday the 6th) activate incredible energy fields towards accomplishment where drive is required. A large scale project may come to the fore, also look to the Jupiter – Pluto quincunx for significant culminations of what moves forward in the first week.

The corresponding New Moon in Taurus on the 18th allows us to ground ourselves for a moment amidst all the bouncy Gemini energy and set intentions for material abundance and offers determination towards our pursuits. Essentially unaspected, this is a fairly benign Moon, which will likely act as a bit of an anchor during an otherwise unpredictable month. Use it to your advantage!

Monthly Horoscope:

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ARIES: Your expression may be challenged this month, and it’s likely you are rethinking or reworking a project associated with writing or learning when Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th. The 15th and 25th likely present some obstacles. Friendships and day to day life will be pleasurable, nonetheless, and there will be many fun trips, outings and activities with others. Financially you close the door on a debt or long standing arrangement on or near the 4th. A new source of income or phase of growth is available after the New Moon in Taurus on the 18th. Be careful of unnecessary or extravagant expenses on the 4th. You shine in negotiations and interviews on the 6th.

TAURUS: You’ve come a long way in regard to your committed relationships over the prior years and the Scorpio Full Moon on the 4th likely shows you exactly the distance you have traveled. Someone from another culture, your educational goals or traveling with a partner can provide a very transformative influence at this time. The 6th and 13th are also phenomenal for connecting to a kindred spirit. Venus through Cancer (May 8th – June 6th) offers fabulous social opportunities. Friends and social activities will bring wonderful introductions. Finances might get tangled this month as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini from the 19th. The 25th, 29th and 30th are really dicey in regard to earnings and expenses. Be very careful of what you commit to around those dates, or even avoid the matter all together. A New Moon in your sign on the 18th infuses you with energy and determination for the upcoming year.

GEMINI: A process of reorientation begins this month that extends through mid Summer as Mercury begins a very long transit of your sign on the 2nd. The retrograde phase (May 19th – June 12th) will see you reconsidering very significant aspects of your identity and personal style and expression, with many exciting changes in store. Mars in your sign on the 13th sees you are very active in this period, and the 27th is a great day for getting organized and setting a bold agenda for your future. You may not be able to get everything in order right away, but indications at this time will be strong. As your birthday draws near, you become aware that the old is truly giving way to the new, and that very auspicious developments are on hand. For now, look at your options. Incredible opportunities are on tap next month. The Full Moon on the 4th sees an end to a day job or way of life. Take time for rest and reflection on the 18th.

CANCER: A Full Moon in the house of True Romance and self expression on the 4th from Scorpio offers a very pleasurable respite from the more serious concerns you have entertained so far this year. Coupled with the passage of Venus through your sign beginning on the 8th, May could prove to be one of the more loving and affectionate periods of the year. (November and December also have some memorable moments in store.) A really enticing episode on the 16th feels to good to be true. This could tie back to a travel plan you made earlier in the year. A very active social phase comes to conclusion as the Sun (May 22nd), Mercury (May 2nd), and Mars (May 13th) all come to activate your etherial and private life from Gemini. There will be a period of deep reflection in the weeks leading up to your birthday, with a great deal of activity taking place behind the scenes as a sense of closure and release of the old news of the prior cycle to make room for the new takes hold. Rest is advised, particularly as Mercury retrogrades on the 19th through June 12th. Issues from the past (even the way back past) seek closure and will come up very unexpectedly. You may feel unduly susceptible to odd feelings of intuition in this phase. Listen to these, as they reveal much to you about where you have come from.

LEO: A financial culmination on the 4th may bring an end to one source of revenue, though a New Moon in your house of fame, reputation and profession on the 18th indicates you are making a bold career move and stepping up the ladder of success. Progress on the 6th sets the stage for ascension. Socially there is a great deal of activity, or you might be working with a group or organization though out the month. Dynamics here will get a little dicey from the 19th, when Mercury retrogrades, a reconsideration of the agenda will likely play out over the next few weeks. You may reconnect with allies from the past, as well, and interaction remains harmonious despite a setback. Love relationships are developing behind closed doors, with an enticing romantic encounter in store on the 16th. Be wary of keeping secrets, as a Venus – Pluto opposition on the 22nd will expose them in the least pleasant way possible.

VIRGO: Attention will turn to professional matters this month, as the Sun (May 22nd,) Mercury (May 2nd) and Mars (May 13th) all come to occupy the midheaven of your chart, stimulating your drive to succeed. A retrograde phase of Mercury beginning on the 19th will see some disorienting segues, for now, gather facts and listen to offers. Mars will be pushing you to action, but you know better! Wait until next month when far more auspicious opportunities lie in store. With all the information in, you’ll be poised to come to the appropriate conclusion mid – June. This month is more favorable for social excursions and connecting with friends. A love interest may feature, the 16th and 18th are both really lovely for meeting a kindred spirit. A Full Moon on the 4th is also positive for attending a social event or get together. Be careful of locking horns on the 22nd or 25th, you might be embroiled in a dispute on one of these dates, or otherwise entangled in another’s conflict. Tread cautiously.

LIBRA: A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 4th brings positive financial rewards for the efforts made over the prior six months, a favorable outcome likely impacts your home situation. Numerous concessions made in 2013 – 2014 give way to a lucrative upswing. The agenda still remains socially oriented, as Mercury (May 19th) and Mars (May 14th) then the Sun (May 22nd) take up residence in Gemini. A publishing, travel, teaching or media venture may be indicated. A Mercury retrograde phase from May 20 – June 12 suggest you’ll see some twists and turns as to how you get there from here. Conversation and dialogue prove fruitful on the on the 27th and 30th. Professional advancement is in the mix beginning on the 8th, as Venus paves the way for a great deal of activity coming late June into July. Team building and putting together the resources for a venture can feature – look to the 6th, 16th and 18th for significant events and meetings. Challenges arise on the 22nd and 25th, when it will be much harder to get people to come around to your perspective.

SCORPIO: The Full Moon in your sign on the 4th speaks volumes as to how far you have come in the last few months. A relationship can be heating up this month too. Venus in Cancer from the 8th has you quite at ease, pleasurable experiences through travel and cultural activities can be shared at this time. The 6th and 16th in particular are remarkable for exploring a new relationship. A New Moon in Taurus on the 18th signals a brilliant new chapter for love and relating. Some challenges are due on the 22nd and 25th in particular. You may be navigating some very unfamiliar terrain here, particularly when Mercury retrogrades on the 19th in the house of intimacy and shared resources. There may be a reconsideration of financial agreements with a spouse or business partner, and there may be the effect of uncertainty in a commitment that stems from this reappraisal.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury (May 2nd), Mars (May 13th) and the Sun (May 22nd) begin transits of Gemini, your zone of relating, bringing a great deal of emphasis to your committed relationships from now through June. A key partnership goes through some odd mutations before it can crystalize: Mercury retrograde from the 19th sees an ongoing negotiation with a spouse or business partner on the horizon. This will not necessarily be a period fraught with conflict, but indecisiveness at either your hand or that of another will stall a significant agreement. Conversations on the 27th and 30th can be very fruitful for reaching accord. Venus in Cancer from the 8th allows for positive financial growth. This may be a good period in which to start a nest egg or retirement fund, especially if there is an influx of revenue. Intuition can yield a breakthrough on the 16th and a very interesting offer associated with those at a distance may come in on the 21se. More challenging will be the 15th, 22nd and 25th, as contentious alinements reveal tense dynamics at work in your personal life. Saturn from your sign may reveal a more rigorous attitude that those around you are still adjusting to and this period may highlight some of those issues.

CAPRICORN: Mercury (May 1st), Mars (May 13th) then the Sun (May 22nd) come to occupy your work, health and productivity sector, suggesting a great deal of energy is being put into a work assignment and that you will be quite busy right through June with this prospect. Mercury retrograde from the 19th – June 12th will indicate some changes in the status quo on the job. There may be delays or unanticipated changes that transpire, or you may just feel uncertainty about how to proceed. This is a good time to evaluate your options, a New Moon next month on the 16th will see all the pieces come together brilliantly. Social opportunities and developments in your personal life are also due. A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 4th harmonizes to Pluto in your sign, and you can connect passionately with friends at a party or social occasion at this time. Venus in Cancer from the 8th brings a very loving ambience to a partnership, and Jupiter, having resumed direct motion last month, can bring deep and provocative intimacy into this union. The 6th and 16th offer the most favorable developments, and a New Moon in Taurus on the 18th can bring a meeting or introduction if you are still on the lookout. There are some pretty contentious energies abounding on the 22nd and 25th that can bring up issues in a partnership either old or new.

AQUARIUS: A romantic association or creative project is up for review as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini on the 19th. This can be a highly valuable phase for editing your creative work, or finishing a project you have not had a chance to complete until now. Enthusiasm, energy and activity is transpiring in this area as Mars moves into Gemini on the 13th. While you may not be precisely sure as to where you wish to arrive with this person (in the context of a love relationship) or the project (in the case of a creative project) in view, you still have a good opportunity to try things on for size and weigh options. All the pieces come together in the middle of next month. A Full Moon on the 4th from Scorpio elevates your status as you get a promotion or receive recognition for all the hard – hard – hard work you did over the last two years during the Saturn in Scorpio phase. A New Moon in Taurus on the 18th signals a fresh new beginning in your domestic and personal life, perhaps a residential shift is featured, or a child (with so much Gemini – 5th house activity it’s quite possible) factors into the equation. The 6th and 16th offer favorable opportunities to reach accord in your domestic arena. A Venus transit of Cancer beginning on the 8th is favorable for deriving pleasure from working conditions and through attending to matters of heath and wellness. Do not let challenging developments on the 22nd and 25th (stormy weather ahead!) derail you from making positive choices about your personal care and well being.

PISCES: You’ll see a great deal of energy directed towards residential and personal concerns this month. Building up your base of existence is crucial in this phase to make the most of opportunities that arise this Summer and Fall. Mars from the 13th signals a dramatic shift of attention towards this area, a trend that lasts through June. If problems in the domestic environment are pervasive, a move might be in store. Professional interests could be a motivating factor for considering relocation on the 15th. A Mercury transit of this area beginning on the 1st allows for conversation and negotiation about this unfold, just bear in mind this is a work in progress through the middle of next month – Mercury retrograde on the 19th suggest a period of flux and ambivalence up ahead. For now remain open to all the alternatives, with the intent of coming to a conclusion next month when the facts are in. The 30th is advantageous for discussing the options available to you. Socially and romantically this is a very harmonious phase. Venus transits Cancer and the area of True Romance, creativity, children and self expression – activating a lovely climate for matters of the heart. The 16th is among the best you have all year to connect with someone romantically. This connects back to events and awareness stimulated February 1st. A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 4th, followed by a New Moon in Taurus on the 18th are both wonderful times to attend social events and meet new people. Challenges may arise (and are indicative of bigger pressures that emerge in July) around the 22nd and 25th. Financial considerations or commitments you have made to a group or organization seem to exert undue influence on your personal and pleasure pursuits at this time.