Weekly Horoscope 4/7-13



The gears of communication and reality begin to click back into place this week. Following an ethereal, Neptune infused couple of weeks, it’s more or less back to the grind. Venus takes over the mantle of inspiration, combining with Neptune, then later Saturn and Pluto, continuing to give a creative voice to the inspiration that saturated the early days of Spring. Mercury connects to the Nodal Axis Tuesday into Wednesday, illuminating the appropriate path or choices to be taken to reach evolutionary goals for the future. It’s likely past skills or connections assist this passage in some way and enable you to get back on track. An endeavor that began in earnest in late February begins to show signs of growth and progresses more easily now. 

Sun square Saturn on the 10th signals a situation has reached it’s breaking point, likely connected to objectives initiated right at New Year (Sun conjunct Saturn 11’ Capricorn January 2nd). Over the weekend Sun squares Pluto, stimulating cathartic, though incredibly challenging or tense dynamics. This one loops back to January 11th, (Sun conjunct Pluto 20’ Capricorn) and here again, certain goals are called into question. While squares can represent moments of extreme crisis, and tend to be maligned as such, they also provide the greatest opportunities for growth. It’s possible to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough, especially in matters where you have been oppressed circumstantially or burdened by past life (or earlier in this life) baggage or programing that is hindering your effectiveness in the here and now. Eliminating rigid structures of dependency, and taking initiative on what you can do independently is the way through.

Jupiter retrogrades from April 10th, and goes direct again on August 11th. For a few months, there could be a bit of a slow down where your biggest growth and farthest reaching experiences are concerned, while you integrate what has developed since last November when the Jupiter -Sagittarius transit began. Consider that Jupiter on one hand enhances that potential for growth in a specific area of your life (specified by the themes or topics of the house it is currently transiting in,) but also indicates that it is through that area you are likely to encounter broader perspectives and possibilities. Distinguish the ways in which Jupiter expands the matters connected to the area being transited, but also where potential growth is possible through the course of activities in that area. If a situation has not yet fulfilled it’s promise, new opportunities (and second chances) arise from the end of Summer.  



March 20 – April 19

The distant and far away can be a bit less enticing for you as you continue to focus on your base of operations and matters closer to home. A stormy situation may erupt around a contentious professional situation that’s been simmering. When the dust settles you’ll likely see that confrontation was inevitable and ultimately even productive. A bit of retreat can work wonders for you and provides therapeutic release from some of the more demanding aspects of life, so carve out some personal time for yourself.

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April 20 – May 20

Your social life is bustling, and a special event you attend or put together mid week will be a smashing success. There are more divisive factors going on behind the scenes and the revelation of a secret can have a really abrasive affect. You get the green light on a communication or learning project this week meanwhile, and will be thrilled to move forward following the delays of the prior weeks and months. Opportunities for pleasure and abundance are all around you, enjoy yourself as much as possible!  

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May 21 – June 20

There are some very positive developments in store professionally this week and a decision or agreement can move forward now that has an impact financially or in regard to your future. A contentious situation can erupt where pressure has been building, just remain mindful that what is happening is doing so for a reason, and it will be easier to deal with. You can make a lot more progress where you rely on yourself and your own efforts rather than the inputs or resources of others.     

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June 21 – July 22

There are strong indications this week that you are ready to move forward, and especially where a situation has been in limbo, you get signals that doors are opening, which will come as a relief if not great news. Meanwhile, uncomfortable issues that have been simmering in a partnership can be explosive this week. It’s best to clear the air and move forward here, and there is the potential to make a lasting commitment if you are ready. Planning for the future brings you leagues closer together.    

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July 23 – August 22

Your inner life is rich and you likely feel at ease with your circumstances. A financial situation that has been perplexing gets sorted out to your satisfaction. There could be disruptions on the job or with a health matter that has been troubling. Mid week could be especially draining, so try to avoid making plans that would be demanding of high energy. Taking it easy on yourself is advised, there are some dicey dynamics to contend with out there, and to be at your best to deal with it all your self care is especially essential.     

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August 23 – September 22

You hit the sweet spot in your romantic relationship as any remnants of uncertainty that precipitated over the last few weeks are swiftly replaced with assurance and real joy. You can seal the deal on your commitment for lasting results. Matters of intimacy can be a bit more problematic, as a financial matter that has been simmering finally boils over. Let love guide you and your responses. Where tension is present it can be dealt with now, but your reaction guides the outcome for better or worse.        

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September 23 – October 23

You are in demand and making a great impression on the job, Libra. Pick the assignments that will place you in a favorable light and lead to advancement. A conversation or decision mid week points you in the right direction. This Summer is amazeballs for you professionally, likely the result of something you put into motion around now. Contentious matters at home or with a partner could be more upsetting. You will have to make a choice in some regard, even though you would rather keep the peace.   

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October 24 – November 21

Your heart is open to the flow of love and creative forces this week. You can fall in love with life itself right now, as connecting to pleasure is effortless. Dynamics at work could be a bit more contentious, meanwhile, as issues systemic or otherwise combust and are likely to bring out defensive and even aggressive behavior. Inspiration guides you and stimulates a longing to go to distant shores. Or maybe it’s your crazy boss and coworkers? Either way, setting a destination midweek could lead to adventure this Summer.  

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Nov 22 – Dec 21

Jupiter retrogrades in your sign this week and could indicate a retreat for you, as the numerous matters that have propelled your development over these last few months slow in momentum temporarily. You are seeing incredible growth in your personal and residential sphere meanwhile and turn up some really good vibes in your private life. Financial matters are a bit dicey, and having to account for expenditures related to your kids or a passion project could provide some disruption. 

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December 22 – January 19 

The forecast is both sweet and salty this week Cap. There is some turbulence in your personal or domestic life that unfortunately modifies an otherwise very positive outlook. Taking things a day and a step at a time is your best bet here. A conversation midweek can steer a partnership in a compelling new direction, especially while the stars are favoring topics of love and commitment for you. By this Summer you could be putting a ring on it if you are willing to act on your hearts desire and put your feelings into words.   

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January 20 – February 18

Recent financial reappraisals turns up real prosperity for you this week. Bear in mind this does not apply exclusively to money, but also how you feel about both what you have and who you are. Generosity towards others, as well as towards yourself, is enhanced. There could be trouble in paradise while tensions erupt behind the scenes. If you have been guarding a secret, it could come back to bite you! Watch your words with a partner as well as here it could be easy to overstep boundaries.  

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February 19 – March 20

This could easily be one of your best weeks on record, you definitely got your mojo flowing Pisces! Professional matters recede in importance over the coming months while you attend to more creative pursuits or spend more time with your kids. Finances could be a topic of contention this week and an argument regarding resources could prompt reconsidering a friendship. At the same time, you could be making a serious commitment to someone or something. Expect some mixed signals, but hold your faith that it will all work out in the end!      

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Weekly Scopes 2/18 – 2/24


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april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
You reach your power point at the beginning of the week, though tensions with a power figure might erupt Monday. You seek privacy over the coming weeks, recuperating your energy for all the excitement that is building into March and beyond. Relax and reinvigorate.

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Time with friends is on the queue, and meeting new people provides new avenues for self expression and generating ideas for progressive outcomes. Fall in love all over again midweek. There is a beautiful stranger who wants to know you better. Financial issues take precedence from the end of the week.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Where you want to go and how you will get there is the significant issue of the coming weeks. A glamorous assignment, or alternately a love relationship you forge with someone connected to your industry is highlighted. Consider and reconsider every decision you make at the end of the week. Make sure where you are headed feels right.

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Plan your dream vacation this week. Consider what environment appeals to your senses and where you would feel amazing if you woke up there in the morning. Natural features like water, mountains, forest or the desert speak volumes to where your heart seeks to wander. Your parter is likely to get right on board for this one.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
A partnership reaches a pinnacle midweek. Surrender completely to love and give yourself entirely to a romantic gesture. Merging your energy with another is vitalizing at this point. There are tricky dynamics at work with friends towards the end of the week. Navigate carefully. Feathers get ruffled.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Key relationships are front and center of your attention this week, with a very special development midweek. Convey your hearts’ desire to the one you love. You can make a meaningful commitment now. The end of the week gets a bit more challenging, especially in regard to professional outcomes. Consider your options.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Use the next few weeks to examine how you take care of yourself, and how this reflects how you appreciate yourself. Productivity and creativity are running high. Where do you see yourself at the end of the year? Time to gear up for those outcomes. The projects and alliances you cultivate now have a huge bearing on these, so chose carefully.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Self expression is vitalizing and provides you with the courage to show your heart. Demonstrate your ideal midweek. A commitment you make in love will stand the tests of time. Financial issues will likely consume your attention at the end of the week. Check facts and figures thoroughly.

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
A desire to settle down and take time for your personal and private life are prescient over the coming weeks. Decorate or revamp your space, midweek is fruitful for making satisfying aesthetic choices and creating peaceful accord with those whom you live with. A partnership goes through some growing pains towards the end of the week.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Curiosity is your best ally this week, Cap. Seek out the people and places that can satisfy and assist you in developing your interests and ideas. A conversation mid week paves the way for incredible outcomes which are just around the corner. Easy does it, especially with work, health diet and productivity at the end of the week.

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
The financial picture looks peachy and inspiration mid week could turn a creative venture into some real value for you moving forward. Creative matters and children provide some issues towards the end of the week. Evaluate what matters to you most and you will wind up on top despite the outcome.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
So much energy is generating for Pisces right now, the inspiration you currently feel could almost be overwhelming. Mid week provides assurance you can and should follow your hearts desires, whatever those might be. An significant conversation, perhaps with a significant other determines much of the outlook for the upcoming weeks. Domestic matters take a priority towards the end of the week.



February is off to a roaring start with Mars conjunct Chiron (January 31st, 15 Pisces) and Venus conjunct Neptune (February 1st, 6 Pisces). Wishful thinking and rebellious behavior is likely now, as urgency towards embracing the divine and sublime motivates our actions and activities. Visionary and creative urges are enhanced, and inspiration underscores a desire to make a crucial breakthrough via Mars – Chiron. The MO on this one is very provocative and even potentially controversial. We are guided towards taking an opportunity to heal a wound by taking drastic action, possibly precipitated by an external event that reveals our sensitivity or issues associated with our self esteem, and an undercurrent of outrageous behavior can precipitate under these influences. Chiron is a bit of a renegade, and willing to do things that are disruptive to the status quo, thus your actions here may meet with the disfavor of more conventional individuals. With Mars sensitizing a delicate issue in this part of the chart, there can be an abrasive episode in which we have to stand up for ourselves. Man your battle stations, but allow compassion to be the weapon of choice, especially if you feel goaded, bullied or otherwise. Venus – Neptune taps us right into the heart of our desires through fantasy and the illusory. Not everything we see, feel or desire right now is real, so to speak, but this contact does reveal what we consider ideal and offers a massive dose of inspiration to pursue the fulfillment of that vision.

The potent Uranus – South Node conjunction in Aries is still a strong force at the beginning of the month, activated by a Full Moon in Leo on the 3rd. This incredible lunation taps into the force of the forming Jupiter – Uranus trine, amplifying spirited interaction, creativity and the desire for liberation. The Leo Full Moon is very uplifting, and acts as a catalyst to shake off the doldrums of Winter. The message is that regardless how far we may have yet to go to accomplish our dreams, there is enormous value in embracing happiness and satisfaction with life exactly how it is right now. This positivity can and will lead us to the success we seek in the future. Make time for fun and recreation during this Full Moon. Creative and self expressive activities are also highlighted and can be very successful now. The Sun contacts the Nodal Axis from 13 Aquarius as we build into the Full Moon phase, so there is a great deal of activity occurring in addition to the aforementioned… The future is in our sights and news, events and realizations that occur around the 3rd are very indicative of what lies ahead, as well as how to get there! It’s possible someone in a position of prestige or authority may assist us in some way, though our own efforts, particularly those made last August as well as in October, bear significantly on the results we enjoy at this time.

Mercury direct on the 11th allows for a solution to a problematic situation that has hindered our progress to be revealed. Productivity, intellectual exchanges and commercial activities will see a positive boost. Three reoccurring aspects really informed this retrograde cycle: Mercury sextile Uranus, Mercury to the Nodal Axis, and the sextile of Mercury to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury makes a long contact to Saturn, (the 1st contact occurred January 5th,) effective between the dates of February 6th – 19th, during it’s station, remaining in a close distance (max 3 degrees,) for this entire length of time. Unlike the wild and wooly (though highly insightful!) Uranus contacts, and the trans – dimensional qualities (past – future life orientation) of the evolutionary Nodal axis contacts, this long transit to Saturn really connects us to the nitty gritty of the here and now and stimulates awareness of the goals indicated by Saturn in Sagittarius, or our “work in progress” area for the next 2 + years. Saturn deliberately restricts our view so we can handle the challenges of the present moment, exclusive of diversions. This can be a process that feels arduous, but is ultimately highly productive, hang in there!

By the time of the 2nd Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 18th) all the pieces are really beginning to fall into place. Attend a (Lunar) Chinese New Year celebration to consecrate the profound renewal that is occurring in your life right now. The Aries Moon conjunct Venus and Mars on the 20th brings incredible vitality and life force into play. Libido energy may fly off the charts! Though we are a month off the Spring Equinox, a real awakening occurs now, and we are encouraged to yield to the arousal of passion. Mercury communicates with the Nodal Axis one last time on the 27th, illuminating the details that will allow you to put a crucial agenda into motion to move forward on your evolutionary journey.

By the end of the month, the Aries stellium is building in force, and we enter one of the most dynamic and engaging periods of 2015. What occurs now stimulates vital activations, building in emphasis through the Summer and into early Fall. Contacts coming in March continue to motivate us to engage with the enormous opportunities of the Jupiter – Uranus trine. We get very encouraging indications during the final week of February as Venus and Mars link up in Aries trine to Saturn (Sagittarius) that all is moving in the right direction. The conjunction of Venus and Mars on it’s own engenders a really enticing romantic – sexual ambience. Circumstances at this point, however, signify a certain gravity is present within a newly forming relationship. We will not engage another explicitly for the sake of indulging in pleasure or flirtation, but in order to ensure progress is made within our long range objectives. This is a positive development, and success comes where we are willing to bring love, imagination and creative life force towards goals we consider to be of paramount importance. From the relational standpoint, we are seeking endurance and longevity, not a flash in the pan romance. A person who enters our life at this time as a potential lover or partner must in someway augment (or at the very least understand,) these goals. Slow and steady!

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Weekly horoscopes February 1 – 7, 2015

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ARIES: You are considering a really provocative change in your behind the scenes, private or hidden life, and revealing a secret could feel highly therapeutic if not utterly transformative at this time. You connect gloriously to your creative abilities this week, and despite a few months of dormancy where a love affair was concerned, you may find the confidence to rekindle a connection. Tuesday and Friday speak to this brilliantly – make your move! Mid week is a bit more contentious, holding onto that secret is keeping your love life in limbo. Hopes and aspirations for the future are also highlighted, and the work you do collectively with a group or organization, or otherwise in your academic life, can be showcased, genuinely enhancing your reputation. Structuring an educational objective, publishing or broadcasting endeavor over the coming weeks is also indicated. You can nail down particulars between the 5th and 19th, and put this into motion by the last week of the month.

TAURUS: A residential matter shows major signs of improvement this week, with a professional opportunity Friday signaling a positive shift in your arrangements, possibly even a relocation to take an offer for a prestigious position. A conversation behind the scenes Thursday gets the wheels turning on this, but no sudden moves (Mercury retrograde), and keep it hush – hush until all the pieces fall into place around the 18th. Nailing down the details and refining the agenda is a highly productive use of the energy available over the next two weeks. An intriguing romantic episode is stimulated over this weekend, and a social occasion or event can present an significant introduction. Friends and allies provide a wonderful sounding off for your aspirations at this time as well, particularly those linked to creative industries, and your hopes and dreams can be made true by working with others at this time. You can heal a wound or rift through your associates at this time.

GEMINI: A professional pattern that has limited your ability to reach out to bigger and better opportunities is associated with feelings of self worth, a theme that is paramount and triggered by an event this weekend. The better you feel about yourself, the better you feel about what you have to offer. It might be time to take a radical action and show what you are really made of. Creativity or partnering with others to seek success is another significant topic, and likely stimulates a great deal of conversation and negotiation, particularly Thursday, when you can begin to nail down some of the details in an agreement or decision associated with your career. This is a theme that lasts through the 19th, and a thorough assessment of the details involved will prove a valuable use of your time, leading to lasting success. The Full Moon Tuesday sees you at your expressive heights and you can take to the pen, page, your blog or even the streets the numerous ideas that have been percolating in your psyche. An eruption of ideas Friday sees you quite busy – keep your schedule open to adjustments.

CANCER: Financially there have been hit or miss conditions over the prior six months, and it’s safe to say not all your initiatives have matured adequately enough to be considered a success or failure. You do, however, get a solid indication Tuesday (though Friday is also significant,) of at least one positive outcome for something you put into motion about six months ago. Conditions continue to be bewildering through next week, but an upturn is still likely at this time. Far more intriguing, if not enticing, will be your prospects for a romantic encounter, with events Sunday the 1st triggering a significant meeting or culmination in your love life. Broadening of horizons (through travel and education) or engaging cultural interests opens the door to an illuminating experience. Perfection!

LEO: You feel empowered this week, Leo, and rightfully so, but don’t let your confidence allow you to get duped into a dicey financial agreement. Those magic beans might not be all they are cracked up to be, after all. You may be ready to make a meaningful, intimate commitment at this time, and very magical auspices are present in this phase to connect on a deeply sensual, even tantric level – with a lover. Healing is possible through this contact. Allowing your partner to have the upper hand at the end of the week will work wonders towards finding an amenable solution to any conflict that may arise. A situation can quickly become divisive if you take on airs of moral or ethical superiority, so watch your attitude, esp. with Mercury still in retrograde. You have the power to negotiate a standing agreement in a professional relationship or with a life partner between the 5th and 19th. A thorough appraisal of what each of you brings to the table, as well as mutual expectations, can be clarified in this phase.

VIRGO: You may be feeling a bit sentimental under these auspices, and the realization that certain elements of your life are moving into the soon to be past tense (as you move forward into bold new territory,) can stimulate a certain nostalgia. Also in the balance is a close relationship and whether this rather radical association can continue. Events this weekend will implore you to answer this question, assuming you can cut through the dense romantic fog that you have shrouded this individual in. If it “hurts so good” you might be in for a rude awakening, though you’ll start to come to your senses Thursday, as the Moon transits your sign. You can get your house in order as well, just be careful what, or whom, you sweep under the carpet. A life – work balance is coming into focus from Thursday through the 19th. You are likely clarifying goals at work or within residential matters, if not both, during this period.

LIBRA: Friends and alliances are in the frame and will likely be celebrating a major victory with you as a cherished wish or dream comes true under the auspices of Tuesday’s Full Moon. You can nurture a love vibration in the early part of the week by enhancing wellness and taking care of yourself, though this could equally imply an office romance. Demonstrating your creativity and imagination on the job can lead to an exciting assignment that taps your natural artistry. Ambivalence surrounding an enterprise connected to your self expression or a love affair begins to dissipate on Thursday. Someone comes through for you in a most amazing and unexpected way this week, and you begin to feel more confident in the future of this project or association.

SCORPIO: You are on the verge of taking a huge leap of faith in a romantic relationship or within a creative project. Why hold back? You are likely still getting dogged by residential concerns, these will dissipate soon enough. For now, it is worthwhile to entertain the options being presented, especially where you can engage passionately through self expression or a provocative romantic relationship. Imagination is key and provides insight into the nature of true love. A very crucial professional development highlights the hard work you have been doing over the prior 6 months during the Full Moon on Tuesday, and you stand to make substantial gains as a result. Opportunity beacons, and you may need to make a drastic revision in your living situation to accommodate growth in your career. Profits can be derived from a work from home business or personal enterprise, with good results coming on Thursday from a project you have put sustained time and effort into. You can nail down a budget or reach a defining decision about your living situation (and the way these are related) between the 5th and 19th. A clearheaded appraisal takes you far.

SAGITTARIUS: Really revealing circumstances in your residential and personal life at the beginning of the week signal changes occurring in your domestic realm. A very loving experience may be on tap, or you can use this energy to create positive synergy in your environment to draw affection and romance. A beautification or redecoration project can work wonders. Vanguard energy also predominates, and if your mostly nomadic existence is beginning to wear on you, you may consider putting your roots down, perhaps even with someone you have feelings for. The Full Moon Tuesday has your name all over it, and adventure beacons. You feel incredibly revitalized. Articulating your needs will be possible over the coming weeks, though a sense of caution will preside and you may not be overt or demonstrative. You are in a process of defining yourself as a mature and responsible individual, and this will be reflected in your choices this month.

CAPRICORN: A very positive financial emphasis comes into frame this week with very exciting (though highly unexpected!) developments culminating around the Full Moon on Tuesday, and the hard work of the last six months finally bearing fruit. Your capacity to innovate is highlighted, though your steady and persevering nature is what ultimately brings in the success. This will be most evident on Thursday, and you can work efficiently towards a financial objective between now and the 19th. Communication, and the audience with whom you share your ideas, is highlighted this weekend, and a very tender expression of affection may open doors in a love relationship. A desire to provoke controversies through the written or spoken word is equally signified. Express yourself, just be wary that you might stoke the fires of discontent with a rogue social media post or scandalous text message. Is it worth it?

AQUARIUS: Tuesday’s Full Moon lights up your love life brilliantly, and even if the last few months have seen a downturn in matters of affection, you stand to make demonstrable progress with a partner in the coming weeks. You express yourself with complete candor Monday, and Thursday through the 19th are highly fruitful for nailing down particulars, especially where you might be revitalizing, remaking or re-envisioning your image and identity. Meanwhile, a strong financial emphasis over the weekend sees you lavishing beautiful gifts on the one you desire, or taking a radical turn in measures associated with your earnings. Your personal economy is dually impacted by your ability to be imaginative coupled with a measure of provocative daring. Feelings of personal worth and self esteem hold sway over your values and earnings. There is the potential of going totally over board Friday with a spouse or lover, which presents a sort of “be careful what you wish for” scenario. Ardent passion and an incredible opportunity is in store within the realm of partnership in this phase, though you may wish to wait another week (when Mercury is direct) to make a standing decision.

PISCES: You are working intently and resolutely on a very significant professional matter at this time. From Thursday of this week through the 19th you will see a complete overhaul of a strategy or project, and can make substantial progress nailing down the particulars in this phase. This is underscored by a highly auspicious development at work during the Full Moon on Tuesday. Your productivity is rewarded, and accolades for work well done motivates you towards your next success. Highly provocative and alluring auspices over this weekend illuminate your desire for love and passionate exchange with another. You may take a chance on a seemingly unlikely or even provocative alliance, though it could be exactly what you need right now. Your creative powers are at an all time high – equally so is your sensitivity to stimulation and empathic awareness of others. These qualities are linked inextricably as it turns out. Consider in what ways you can you protect yourself from being too vulnerable, but remain open at the same time.

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