Stargazer Weekly 4/21-27



Saturn and South Node meet up this week, dredging up karmic baggage in an icky double whammy. The aspect lasts through the end of the month, at which point Saturn goes retrograde at 20’ 31” Capricorn. The series of events (and the realizations that accompany them) that play out over the coming days offer several indications that something isn’t working, and this is most likely connected to over attachment and obedience to the past or tradition. Exploring fresh impulses and living in the moment is required in order to release that which is no longer serving the attainment of future directives. 

In many ways this process resembles the toxic consumption motifs from the No Face storyline in Miyazaki’s animated masterpiece Spirited Away. (Studio Ghibli 2001.) I won’t go into mad detail or analysis here (just watch the film if you haven’t – it is everything ✨) but essentially No Face starts eating anything and everyone to satiate its’ longing for a girl named Sen, who cannot be seduced with material gifts, because her heart is pure. When cured, No Face begins to purge all it has consumed and returns to a natural state, that of a kind and gentle being, when greed has been relinquished.

Bad No Face!

Contemplate where this allegory could be playing out in your life this week – are you engaging in greed or consumption to mitigate spiritual emptiness? In it’s lowest vibration, the earth element covets, at it’s highest it builds. From Capricorn the theme of power is emphasized. Why you build is as, if not more, important than what right now. Saturn going retrograde appears to retreat to correct and modify the strategy and objectives and resumes direct motion while again in close conjunction to the South Node this September. By then you are finally ready to let go of something that has been weighing down heavily upon you and release a burden or restriction, though this evolutionary process begins now.  

The way through is engagement with the directives of the Cancer North Node. Travel the waters edge, spend time with children or nurture your own inner child.

Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, on April 22nd, for the first time in the current 84 year Uranus cycle, coming off the tail winds of a pretty dramatic Full Moon. While electrifying, it’s not precisely a Party on Wayne moment, as this could have very destabilizing effects on economic and security issues, and reinforces some of the indications of Saturn – South Node, signaling the birth of a new order. There is a measure of restlessness and urgency towards change. Pay close attention to what you initiate at this time since this cycle plays out over the next year. The area of your chart containing 2’ Taurus is implicated and where you are likely to experience the mutually disruptive and liberating qualities of this influence. 

As Mars squares Neptune towards the end of the week, profound feelings of uncertainty may be revealed in situations that are delicate or tenuous. To the extent that Neptune is the projection of an ideal there can be a disappointment if that ideal turns out to be founded on illusion. Mars from Gemini indicates a great deal of skepticism and can easily burst a bubble here, or at least needle insecurities. There can also be new paths for exploration regarding a creative or mystical topic, and even if these seem a bit awkward at the onset, let curiosity guide you for a moment and see where it takes you. This is a testing and pivotal period for something initiated December 7th, (Mars conjunct Neptune – 13’ Pisces) and requires reorientation towards this topic in order to grow and evolve it. 

While beguiling at moments, this week has it’s share of high points too. If you feel down in the dumps about something, it’s likely tied to the Saturn – South Node contact. Remind yourself the only way out is through and make an effort to deal with this even if it requires extraordinary patience or even resilience. Mars – Neptune can encourage dissipation in the face of conflict and here it’s also important to recognize that indulgence in altered states is unlikely to solve anything. This is less a time for outcomes than inner exploration and with Pluto also going retrograde this week, the mood is particularly subterranean. But otherwise, Party on Garth.



March 20 – April 19

Career matters recede in importance, while domestic topics take precedence over the months ahead. Thursday offers some clues as to where it’s necessary to draw a line between personal and professional obligations, and emphasizing your inner needs is essential. Financial appraisal and reorganization is required. You are seeking freedom from restrictions and may pursue an interesting or unusual new source of income. Follow your impulses, a big pay off comes at the end of the year for taking an innovative course of action. 

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April 20 – May 20

You are motivated by some unusual influences this week, and seek to make changes to your appearance or routine. This will be a work in progress for you that culminates in a brilliant new way of life for you in December. A financial reality check towards the end of the week could be in store if you’ve been burning through cash as fast as you have earned it. Thursday is also crucial for realigning your long range goals with reality, at least for now. Just because you can’t get at it now, doesn’t mean you won’t, eventually. 

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May 21 – June 20

You’ve made concerted efforts towards financial resolution since the beginning of the year, though with progress unlikely through the end of Summer. The next few months are more of a review of how successful these efforts have been. Stumbling blocks towards the end of the week reveal where work is still required, especially if you are beginning to lose confidence in regard to a professional prospect. Socially this remains a vitalizing period and you can find pleasure while developing your relationships. 

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June 21 – July 22

A situation concerning your close partnership reached some form of critical mass this week. It could be someone you are close to is going through a rough time and you get to play the person they lean on. At the same time they might just need some space to sort out their stuff, in which case give it them. In some cases it might be time to call it quits, or at least temporarily step back to review a situation. In a few months you know where you stand. Positive professional developments provide a nice distraction.  

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July 23 – August 22

You feel urgency to make a dynamic shift professionally. The desire for autonomy or finding a new way to do things is compelling. Take advantage of the initiative you feel or opportunities presented, especially if they push you out of your comfort zone, as this culminates brilliantly in December if you play your cards correctly. What isn’t working (at least in your favor) is the day to day job or assignments you might rely on, but currently are not enabling your personal progress. A look within and trusting your instincts provides the guidance you need.

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August 23 – September 22

You will have to spend the next few months reviewing and relying upon the progress you have managed to make within a love relationship since the beginning of the year. If you find your heart space is being weighted down by junk from the past it’s time to get unstuck. Bad experiences may have left bruises on your soul, and the way through is to rekindle your love light by becoming enamored with enchantment again. Converse with your inner child this week, s/he has advice that can alleviate the pressure you endure.

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September 23 – October 23

The fundamental overhaul of your root base, particularly since the beginning of the year, requires integration now. The immense progress you have made is internalized as you identify the endemic and constraining patterns you have managed to release yourself from. Some more gross stuff can come up this week that makes you question if you have really come as far as you thought, and the way out is to hold the view of where you are headed rather than looking back at what was. Confiding in your partner and expressing love is also especially fruitful now. 

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October 24 – November 21

A way of thinking has outgrown it’s use. Things you learned, possibly very early in life, are preventing you from experiencing bigger and broader perspectives and it’s time to let them go. Between now and your birthday, you have an opportunity to realign your perspective in a more productive and beneficial way. Partnership could feature a dramatic (but exciting) turn of events this week. The more you try to control the situation, the more difficult this one is for you. Work and daily life continue to be full of pleasurable interactions. 

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November 22 – December 21

You feel positive and outgoing right now and a romantic relationship could really be taking off for you. Being able to confide in someone brings you closer. Nurturing your creative abilities also enhances feelings of happiness and pleasure. Personal matters could be a bit more concerning, as something that has been concealed emerges and signals a turning point in a relationship towards the end of the week. Financials require attention and reworking. The next few months produce a substantial change here, how you feel about yourself and what you believe you deserve plays a huge role in the outcome.  

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December 22 – January 19 

While you have undergone substantive transformation this year, quite likely coming into your own and embracing your personal power, this process remains incomplete, with the next few months providing the opportunity for reclamation. To balance this equation, something requires release – in equal measure – and you get strong indications this week (especially on Thursday,) of precisely what that is. The shock and tribulation that arose in January coalesces in July. The more graciously you accept change now the greater your come up in a few more months.       

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January 20 – February 18

Socially this is a vibrant period for you, and enticing invitations or outings are in store. One situation that could turn prickly is your love life, especially if you or someone else has not been particularly forthcoming about a dubious financial matter. As you slough off the hindrances of the past, weight lifts from your psyche that has been oppressive. A sharp turn of events in your personal life or at your residence points to new circumstances on the horizon. You might get pushed out of your comfort zone, but ultimately these will serve to liberate you, so go with the flow.

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February 19 – March 20

Some relationships are built to last and some just aren’t. You’ll get signals this week that you’ve outgrown certain associations as you come to realize that certain friendships just don’t line up with your future objectives. Parting can be sweet sorrow, and it could be a few months before you fully resolve your endings. A contentious situation can arise with a flat mate or family member, especially if you’ve been too permissive and endured inappropriate conditions, it could be time to lay down some new ground rules. Financials get a boost, meanwhile, and you can add to your earnings if you keep your eye on the prize.

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Stargazer 4/8 – 4/21

Hi Stargazers! Please enjoy this special 2 weeks horoscope, as I am preparing to go to Boston for my final exam next weekend and knew it would be impossible to finish/publish another blog between now and then, which made this the best option available. As always, an extended forecast with daily aspects + readings is available to subscribers on PATREON. Also check out your APRIL FORECAST for more. Don’t forget to grab my twitter @stargazerastroatlas for daily updates!


ARIES March 20 – April 19
The next 2 weeks, and particularly the New Moon in your sign on the 15th, are urging you to claim the independence you have sought for many years. Events during this period are likely to compel you to drastic action, especially where you have not gained much ground in gaining your autonomy. It could be time to cut a few strings. Meanwhile, very positive developments impact your professional stature and you might see a promotion or raise in your income. The time, effort and dedication you have demonstrated since the beginning of the year pays off now.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
You reach a vitalizing period for love + romance these upcoming weeks, with passion set to be very enticing. Meanwhile you have to come to terms with changes that have occurred in your life, and some of these may have slipped in under the radar, so when you look around you may see you are in a very different place than you had been 3 or 9 months ago, much to your own surprise. Your 6th sense remains strong and while you have nearly come to master this realm, some interesting (?) material could rise to the surface between the 15th-18th.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
You’ll be be more at ease when Mercury turns direct on the 15th, just in time for some really exciting social encounters. Love could also be on the cards for you, though it’s far more likely to be a secret liaison than an out in the open affair of heart. Regardless of the outcome, this one has a way of just reaching right in and taking hold of your most sensitive bits and pieces. Someone has your attention. What happens when you let your guard down, Gem? A tough financial dynamic de-escalates, you have overcome a challenge since January and can relax.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
While no significant changes in the overall atmosphere these upcoming weeks, there is escalation, especially where your long range goals are in frame. Look to events from the 15th – 18th to substantially alter the course you’ve been on, especially if that course has felt like you have been running around in circles – a breakthrough is imminent. Socially this is a delectable period, as you can meet someone with real potential through friends or share your favorite activities with partner. A commitment could go through a period of reassessment nonetheless.

LEO July 23 – August 22
The cyclical nature of your social rotations comes to closure and though you may have hoped to begin to find some time for yourself, there are too many enticing offers in regard to work and your professional goals to miss out on if you do. This is a great and one of a kind period in which you can really flourish in a creative field. A new frontier opens mid month and you can get back on course with an endeavor that has been held up. Misinterpretations clear up and the road opens.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
This stands to be a remarkably romantic period for you, and even if the one who holds your heart is at some distance, a strong link exists between you that will be undeniable. An enticing ambience opens you up to the possibilities and you can see how far you have come in a relationship that may have been getting serious since the beginning of the year. Misgivings or misunderstandings that prevailed over the last few weeks are reconciled, and from mid month you are prepared to make a commitment financially, intimately or both.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
The twists and turns in regard to making a commitment in a relationship start to rectify and having gone the gauntlet, perhaps for someone you only recently connected, you may find mid month or the days that follow the appropriate time to seal the deal. Some fireworks are attached to this merger, and while this person may have fallen out of nowhere into your life, if there is a kismet feeling present guiding you to move forward, then go for it. Domestic shifts seem to be part of parcel here, and changing tides in your personal life reflect a transformation.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
This is a bountiful period for you especially in matters of the heart, and the more you can open up to someone the more you receive. Those immersed in the realm of fantasy may miss out on a brilliant opportunity, so while illusion may be enticing, there is an opening here that enables you to bring a dream into reality. Mid month is great for setting a personal trajectory, and work related issues finally begin to dissipate. Being relieved of some of the busy-ness of the prior month frees you to work on your health and wellness, which may have suffered due to stress.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You get your groove back in a major way mid month and moving forward, exciting although unanticipated events shroud your love life in provocative overtones. A personal creative project can also get on it’s feet now. Financial challenges you have faced up to since the beginning of the year begin to diminish, and this can be a lucrative cycle for you, especially thorough your job or assignments that come up for you. Use the next 2 weeks to define yourself. The 15th – 18th is especially potent for personal breakthrough.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Having dug deep to find the source of a concerning matter, you have managed to extract several long forgotten issues that required some TLC to resolve. You’ll find from mid month these matters get back on track and a domestic or personal storyline advances swiftly, maybe even shift into completely unexpected territory. Romantic vibes are super enticing these weeks, and expressing your earthy, more sensual nature meets up with very positive support, maybe in the form of a suitable lover.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
False starts have been pervasive the last several weeks, but clarity is soon to return. A super charge to your central nervous system mid month triggers an awakening of sorts, and you can express yourself in ways you had not foreseen. An innovative urge or flash of genius gets you back on track swiftly. You still seem to be nestled into the home or the closeness of those in your most personal life. These contacts offer real fulfillment and satisfaction, or you may prefer solitude and the company of your own sweet self.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
Getting a grip on financials has been a tricky matter these last few weeks, but you make substantial progress shortly and might even find the upside in a negotiation that has been evasive. Your social life is delightful and a party or event can turn up a really promising romantic prospect if your heart is open for it. You can afford to take this one nice and slow, the flow right now is measured and steady. Enjoy the subtle cues and gentle feelings as they emerge. Creativity is also enhanced for artists or musicians.



Jupiter turns direct on Wednesday April 8th at 12:57 pm EST at 12′ 35″ Leo. Set your clocks! This dynamic event signifies a potent phase of growth and opportunity for all, in many ways the beginning of 2015 occurs this week. We may still be reeling from events that took place over the recent eclipse (Saturday April 4th) as the ramifications will reverberate for about six months. Events now will be pivotal and set the course as incredible energy fields are activated throughout the week. This is a very fiery period, as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all highlighted, and the awakening of the God of Gods – Jupiter (Roman) or Zeus (Greek) amidst the clamor and lightning precipitated by conjunctions of Sun – Uranus and Mercury – Uranus in Aries is genuinely clearing the way for real immensely exciting new phases of activity, though developments arise quickly and need to be grabbed if we want to make the most of these exceptional opportunities. New cycles beginning now allow us to completely revolutionize our perspective. Brilliant flashes of inspiration are likely and progressive and innovative solutions can be made under these auspices.

On it’s own, fire (and the amount of fire we see this week particularly) is pure spirit and enthusiasm. Imagination, passion and desire are all sensationally stimulated in this phase. It’s pure energy in it’s most raw and vital form. But what do we make of it? How can we utilize and harness these powerful forces towards a positive and creative outcome? Fire is about now. What is right now and in front of you, what can I do at this PRECISE MOMENT IN TIME? Fire is also highly instinctual, and there is not always a predetermined place to which we seek to arrive under these auspices, but rather an impulse to take action that will simply take us somewhere else. Not necessarily knowing the destination is what makes it an adventure! The placement of Venus and Mars in Taurus are very constructive at this point, we can look to the agenda of Taurus in our chart to see where we are building, and use this energy towards passionate engagement towards those goals. Uranus prevalent in the chart this week suggests the future – put it all together and we are enthusiastically (fire) building (Taurus) the future (Uranus). Jupiter direct aids this process, luck and expansion is possible again, especially where we realized as far back as September (when Jupiter went into retrograde shadow) that the energy was turning inward and that the development of our relationships and enterprises would see set backs for some time.

Pluto plays a pivotal role, square Sun and Mercury and forcing reappraisal of our activities by reminding us we still have skin to shed and outmoded frameworks to deconstruct in order to make real progress. The transformative potential of this period is therefore immense, (much of this culminated in the Eclipse phase,) there are elements of our existence that require release, as will become evident during the Pluto contacts. Working through the challenges that may be present (and the challenge is in your head: once you choose to no longer to perceive it as a challenge and see it as an opportunity for transformation, it ceases to be one,) yield extraordinary developments around the 21st – 22nd. What is useful and instructive about these angles is they allow us to realize we do in fact have all the tools we need to transform our lives into what we seek if we are willing to hone them properly. This requires removing our ego and the expectation we can always get precisely what we want the way we expect to get it.

All it takes is the courage to live by our convictions. Jupiter in Leo enhances this enormously, the strong Sun/Mercury influence from Aries says yes. So the opportunity here is to look out right now at what is in front of you and ask what can I do today to make my life into what I want it to be with what is available to me. Thursday is remarkable – the ambience is vital, awake and alive. Tune into this and by Friday you are ready to articulate your vision to the world! Sun and Mercury conjunct at 19 Aries, mid way between the retrograde phases, to set the pace for the next Mercury cycle which endures through July 23rd. Agreements, decisions and commitments taken at this time will be the thrust of the agenda for the upcoming months. Venus moves into double-your-pleasure Gemini next Saturday, which I’ll write more about in next weeks forecast.

April 5: Mercury conjunct South Node 9 Aries
Sun square Pluto – 15 Aries/Capricorn
April 6: Mercury trine Jupiter – 12 Aries/Leo
Sun conjunct Uranus – 16 Aries
Mars quincunx Saturn – 4 Taurus/Sagittarius
April 7: Mercury square Pluto – 15 Aries/Capricorn
April 8: JUPITER DIRECT 12′ 35 LEO !!!
Mercury conjunct Uranus – 16 Aries
April 9: Moon – Sagittarius trine Sun/Mercury Aries; Jupiter Leo
April 10: Sun conjunct Mercury 19 Aries
April 11: Venus – Gemini
4th quarter Moon 21′ 55″ Capricorn

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ARIES: You come face to face with a part of yourself you are ready to relinquish at the beginning of the week. A conversation or signal on Easter Sunday taps the emotional dynamics still resonating from the recent eclipse and you’ll find it necessary to kill the karma that is limiting your ability to relate to or through another human being. This can be about removing a personal mode of behavior that is holding you back from authentic engagement, like trying to be too autonomous out of fear of being confined, otherwise you may end a relationship that is discouraging or inhibiting your genuine self expression. A part of that self expression is being able to express love itself, and where a positive climate for developing an association through which you encounter those feelings had diminished towards the end of last year, from mid week you see a complete turnaround and regeneration with this person, or perhaps someone entirely new. The key ingredient here is the shared expression of joy and enthusiasm. Genuine pleasure and ardent passion, absolutely nothing less is granted. Enhanced perception of your own creative gifts are a factor as well, you may well discover your muse or the well spring of vital inspiration. From here on out it’s onwards and upwards as liberating and stimulating occurrences throughout the week allow you to assert your individuality and make huge strides towards personal emancipation. The end of the week is astonishing and this is a wonderful time in which to engage socially. Friday is positively dynamic for articulating yourself and setting your personal agenda, no holds barred.

TAURUS: This week is particularly unique to you, as was last, while both Venus and Mars transit your sign, stimulating desire and your ability to experience pleasure mutually. Venus decamps for intellectual Gemini at the end of the week, so make the most of every enticing opportunity that arises! 😉 The Moon transiting Scorpio at the beginning of the week points your attention to the dynamics of your partnerships, and Monday is fruitful for exchanges with the one you would like to get closer to. Subconscious impulses are hard to resist as electrifying intuition reveal deep awareness of your hidden motives or agenda. Very etherial and visionary influences are accessible, making this a positive period to reveal and relinquish your personal baggage or tap into a creative inspiration usually hidden deeply in your subconscious. Also a good phase for psychotherapy since the portal to your subjective awareness is wide open right now. Dreams and premonitory senses are heightened, and it is through these you can access the buried treasure of latent desires or hope for the future. In some ways, some of this is old news, you’ll get intonations of that around Easter, and become aware of what is ready to go. Jupiter direct mid week signals a very positive period for your living arrangements. If you had been hopeful for an expansion or move from the end of last Summer, but plans were set aside, you’ll see a sweep of energy here that allows you to tackle those projects and make plans shortly. Some of the inner guidance you tap this week demonstrate where all this needs to go, by June you’ll likely be prepared to make a monumental shift in your domestic life.

GEMINI: This is a very active week for Gemini, as Mercury races through Aries and social events or occasions provide you many fun and exciting episodes. Take Tuesday with a grain of salt, a contentious alinement to Pluto can make a situation prickly. Finances may play a role here, or otherwise you may uncover a secret among your friends that has negative consequences. You feel provocative and enlivened, and your really electrifying and impulsive energy abounds. If you working with a groups or organization, this is a very positive week for progress and breakthroughs. A tech based project (such as a website, or online publication) can really be culminated now with groundbreaking ideas forthcoming when you get together with your crew and brainstorm. Saturn’s transit of your house of partners has required a hard look at how and with whom you relate one on one. This inquiry is renewed midweek, as the Moon transits this area of your chart and brings sensitivity and awareness to your relationship. With Saturn recently retrograded, you may reconsider a decision you made and find yourself thinking about second chances. Positive vibrations (sensational, actually!) on Thursday will push you back out into the social arena where connectivity is king. You delight in the company and stimulation of spending time with others. Jupiter direct adds momentum to this and a writing or learning project that had been shelved since last Fall/Winter comes back into the frame and you see the potential of that project one again with renewed interest. Financials will have to be considered over the weekend, and tune ups or modifications will need to be made. This is a good time to settle debt. Attend to this swiftly so that you may delight in the pleasurable experiences due to you when Venus begins a once in a year transit of your sign beginning next Saturday.

CANCER: The career prospects have had a dynamic and resonant impact for some time now, and a fateful decision or conversation early in the week will have lasting implications that likely change the course of your destiny, possibly quite unexpectedly! Offers may come to fruition, or you may be compelled to strike out on your own. A sense of liberation and need for genuine modes of activity here will stimulate you to attempt a bold new course of action. Your partner may not see eye to eye with you on these developments, and if in business with this person there can be some particularly quarrelsome moments, with a transformative episode on tap next Saturday. A really vibrant atmosphere in your work, productivity, financial and professional life such as what you get right now is incredibly (once in a lifetime) rare, so make the most of opportunities that come into frame or get left in the dust. Quick movement and decisions will be required. You are used to traveling in a moon-boat, and this week is a revved up Lamborghini. Being a sensitive soul, the intensity present in this phase may feel a bit overwhelming, so do make sure you are getting adequate rest! The very positive outcome for you in this phase and your reward for juggling so much dynamic energy comes in the form of prosperity: you can really come out ahead financially over the coming months for the hard work (Saturn) and progressive action (Uranus) you take now. Events Thursday will illustrate this brilliantly, and a promotion that had been on queue but never fully manifested will take wings by the end of the week.

LEO: While you may have gotten intonations over the prior weeks that things are looking up, it is really this week that all the pieces begin to come together, and that 2015 is really ready to launch. You can set your clock for Wednesday the 8th, 12:57 pm EST for Jupiter to direct station in your sign. This momentous occasion is precipitated by events earlier in the week, signaling a significant shift in orientation, as your awareness is stimulated and feelings of renewal and excitement begin to escalate. There is an immense desire to reach out into realms unknown and expand the boundaries of your consciousness at this time. You may seek to do this through travel, through education or otherwise a broadcasting or publishing project may prove satisfying to you during this period. Thursday is pure vitality and sensation, as you awaken to the possibilities for growth, and by Friday you can stitch together your plan of action. Some, though not all (Mars transits Taurus through May 13th) of the focus moves from your professional sector towards more pleasurable social experiences and enjoyment of the fruits of your labor as Venus moves into Gemini next Saturday. The one caveat to this period is an ongoing need to address a health or work related issue, this seems to present an obstacle in some way, Saturday sees a turning point of some sort, and you may get a diagnosis for a mysterious health problem or otherwise be changing your job description to suit the more advantageous opportunities in your personal life and through largely self expressive activities.

VIRGO: So much of what transpires this week occurs just beneath the surface for you Virgo. Your emotional realm is astonishing and rich, and a conduit of resonance in your feeling and sensory levels is at an all time high. Immense currents come through a committed or intimate relationship. Amazing developments in the life of a partner affect you profoundly, but may also indicate good fortune. You may have had difficulty trusting this person, or these circumstances, because things have been so erratic. There is also the possibility of extricating yourself from an endemic financial association with this person. Clues on Sunday reveal where reliance on another is not serving your better interests. A relationship that features a child is implicated heavily, and you might have to make a difficult decision regarding your child, or in a relationship with someone you have a child with. Events next weekend allow you to confront the necessary changes and reorganize the situation. Your domestic realm is set to get much much much better, as an advantageous development from mid week (and a ton of news Thursday) point to better developments where your home and personal life are affected. A move or renovation project could really enhance your life enormously. The comfort and privacy you desire will feature largely in these improvements. From next weekend, professional matters start to grab for your attention. Venus transiting the midheaven enhances your reputation considerably and if you have been seeking to change profession or sought a promotion, the next month is favorable to do so. Since you are ruled by Mercury you are well advised to make as much progress as possible here while Venus is helpful and prior to the upcoming retrograde (May 19 – June 12) which will affect this area.

LIBRA: Implications of the eclipse over the weekend in your sign continue to reverberate and spill over for weeks if not months, and many of the dynamic shifts occurring, particularly in regard to relationships continue well into the coming weeks. There may have been fall out, Pluto and Uranus have signaled situations too big to be ignored any longer for years, and you might feel in ways that you are left to built your life from scratch in some arenas. The good news is, this is a real opportunity to rebuild in the way you now see fit for your newly evolved standards and through a self awareness that has accumulated over the last year and a half. Starting over, even from scratch, means getting a second chance, moving on and learning from mistakes. It’s not even as though your judgement was tarnished or prior choices were bad, they just no longer serve who you are and who you seek to become. The saving grace is your growing friends list, real friends, not people you encounter on line or have no real connection to, but that person you could call right now who actually makes time for you and will spend the afternoon reminding you of how far you have come and what your genuine values are while you build up Libra 2.0. Partnerships are still emphasized, and there are powerful and unpredictable influences at work. There is a real potential for breakthrough, and a meeting or merger could be on queue unexpectedly. The thing is, especially in a new relationship, is to take things nice and slow. Don’t try to forecast where this is going or let other people dictate the pace. If you don’t like someone now, you probably won’t like them much more in three months or six months or in a year, and you have learned not to lie to yourself to keep from rocking the boat, right? This applies in both love and business, so trust your instincts, even if you feel shaken up. The awesome news is Venus in Gemini is going to be a major assist from next weekend, and highly pleasurable experiences are on tap shortly.

SCORPIO: Events in March and the reverberations of the recent eclipse have placed you in a very unique space in regard to your daily habits, productivity and routines. This usually falls in the category of “work you do for other people” and has a service oriented theme, but with electrifying Uranus doing the talking here, you have sought to build into your daily life a model and methodology you find genuinely exciting and authentic for you. The degree to which you have succeeded here is easy to measure: think about the week ahead and your commitments, are there things on the schedule you look forward to, or things you really dread having to do? There’s the test. At this point in your life you have the ability to get rid of the things that are not providing satisfaction or even pleasure. Don’t like it? Don’t want to do it? Then get rid of it. It’s really that simple. A conversation or realization over Easter can provide you valuable information about karma you are resolving in this arena. Propitious developments over the upcoming week will either serve to remind you how far you have come in regard to the exciting opportunities you can now engage as a result of changes you were willing to undertake. On the other hand, if your are experiencing conditions that feel redundant or oppressive, this is a clear indication you have further to go on your evolutionary path. You can still access this freedom, as events throughout the week allow dynamic progress, though you must keep an open mind to make the most of these exciting and liberating opportunities. Set your alarm for Wednesday 12:57 pm EST, it’s time to cue the Rocky theme song as Jupiter turns direct in your fame, reputation and profession sector and you are all set for your big comeback in the arena of the goals you choose for yourself. The space you made by removing the things you don’t connect to authentically now enables you to go after what you really want for your career. BAM! Get at it!

SAGITTARIUS: Feelings of joy, abundance and pleasure coupled with an urge to growth are stimulated this week as the grand fire trine lights the skies with brilliant opportunities for Sagittarius. Coming off the recent eclipse, where things may have been a bit tense or dicey (especially in relation to finances) you quickly see a turnaround, especially as Jupiter resumes direct motion mid week. For you, more so than anyone, enhancement of genuine life enjoyment culminates when Jupiter turns direct. This is only one of many fortuitous opportunities that emerge, your creativity and romantic possibilities are also triggered as Sun and Mercury transit Uranus. Exciting circumstances may open up here, though the niggling financial issues still seem to play a more endemic role and need to be remedied. Some of these issues can be connected to intrigues. These contacts can blow the lid off a deeply rooted secret connected to your financials. Saturday is auspicious for coming to some kind of determination. Work and productivity matters are still a priority as well, though Venus will come to put a bright and romantic glow around your relationships from next Saturday. Use this period to shore up your alliances, as a Mercury retrograde phase set to occur in this area May – June can be a bit more of a challenge featuring numerous mixed signals and reversals. Make a good impression now, as the good ones will be willing to stick it out with you when the road gets a bit more rocky. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, it just doesn’t get any better than this as the Moon transits your sign and you feel like you can take on anything. You can! So jump in, with Jupiter direct you are awakened and ready to go.

CAPRICORN: You may not be completely in charge or circumstances (and certainly not other people) as you would like to be, but the good news is you are poised to make progress with newly found confidence and motivation to move with towards your goal post and destiny with the means available to you. The domestic scene is also a scene of a great deal of activity, and only you know if your family or flat mates or providing you with energy and enthusiasm or otherwise just draining you by creating chaos. It’s probably a combination of both, and it you have sought to make changes to remedy a situation that is not completely living up to what you want and need, this may be the time to make necessary modifications. A situation or conversation over Easter reveals a need to address a karma over and done with, though the conflict may escalate throughout the week, as Pluto is signaled and you are forced to really consider what you have to let go of to make room for the new. Change and transformation to this area have been endemic for years, now an opportunity to do it comes clear. The window that opens when you close the door is the way through to deeply passionate engagement that allows you to create trust with another person again. As Jupiter returns direct mid week you find your way back to sensational developments that did not completely fulfill their promise from last Fall into Winter. There is a positive theme of merging with another to create a new whole, either through an intimate relationship or a significant business merger. You can truly embrace your personal power over next weekend, the closing quarter moon in your sign indicates a profound self awareness tying into events triggered at the beginning of the year.

AQUARIUS: Your social realm is brilliantly lit, and there are substantial opportunities for real enhancements to your relationships and connectivity in the upcoming phase. Jupiter direct offers a really incredible ambience for establishing a relationship through which you will grow and develop new perspectives. A genuine feeling of enthusiasm accompanies this transit, and you experience it most directly through a one on one connection. This mutually effects a business association as it does a love relationship. An acquaintance or mode of communication on the other hand, may have outlived it’s time, revealed by events or a conversation over Easter. Exciting social events and unexpected detours in your daily activities this week can trigger very stimulating meetings and exchanges. These may even occur during the even the most routine of daily events. It’s also an amazing phase for writing and learning new techniques through course work, though this appears to be short lived. A crash course or 2 – 3 day seminar is the most effective use of this energy. It’s also likely a bolt of inspiration strikes and you find a solution to a problem that has been holding you back for sometime. Venus in Gemini from next Saturday offers a genuinely pleasurable climate for self expression and cultivating a love relationship. (When Venus hooks up with Jupiter in a few weeks you can expect nothing less than fireworks!) An ending is featured next weekend, a part of your innermost private existence is ready to be relinquished. You get nudges towards this release throughout the week, hone in on your instincts, they’ll tell you what is what.

PISCES: The exciting developments this week effect what you make (earnings) and what you do with it (values). This has been a very erratic and at times challenging feature – you seek a source of income that feels authentic to you, but there has been volatility where both income and expenses are concerned. The recent eclipse escalated the stakes and sped up the timetable, and possibly brought fourth a huge opportunity associated with earnings, or potentially through the assistance or backing by a partner or institution. Events throughout the week will continue to build upon and illuminate the themes of how and how much you can benefit from taking an experimental if not entirely unprecedented approach towards creating your revenue stream. You may have a brilliant epiphany at some point that allows you to employ a whole new strategy in regard to earnings, though equally unexpected circumstances in the form of both expenses and opportunities, will force you to think quickly and make adjustments on the fly. Your inventiveness will provide you with the right answers, just stay tuned into to all the possibilities! In this way you learn to trust yourself. Bad financial habits may reveal themselves on Sunday, keep an eye out to these. By Friday you can come up workable agenda or seal the deal at a new job, et cet. Jupiter direct midweek genuinely enhances your productivity. As the traditional ruler of your house of career, you have the ability in this phase to marry your work life to your long range goals, and indications Thursday will yield significant clues as to how well this is working out for you. If you have been in a job disconnected to your chosen profession or not abetting progress towards them, you can make a gracious departure and find something more appropriate to what you seek for the future. This is also a very auspicious time for attending to health matters and generating new regimens, habits or routines that allow you to improve well being.