Stargazer February Horoscopes

January was a month fraught with huge punctuation marks, as revelations stimulated by awareness of the deep conviction and desires that exist deep within resulted in massive and transformative shifts in consciousness via Pluto contacts and Jupiter in Scorpio. The reclamation of personal power was likely a huge theme, and where abuses were revealed, it is just as likely endings were made within circumstances or relationships in which exploitation had become overtly detectable.

As planets migrated into Aquarius, a lot of the intensity subsided as activities became more socially and intellectually motivated. The emotional stakes are lowered, and a tempestuous and stormy period fades into the rear view mirror as subjective inputs quiet and more rational sensibilities take over. The new directions and dimensionality of being coming into awareness now is very much reinforced during the Aquarius eclipse on the 15th. In the way the January 31st eclipse in Leo provided a new chapter or culmination within a narrative or storyline that precipitated last August, the Aquarius eclipse mutually offers a new beginning predicated on the space made by relinquishing or surrendering something (or someone) during the previous Aquarius eclipse last August.

The recent aspects of Venus and Sun to the South Node (at 15’ Aquarius, the degree of last Summer’s eclipse) revealed and reinforced those endings. Mercury taps into this sensitive point on the 9th, and a conversation or the ability to finally articulate closure offers a clear slate from which to embrace the new opportunities present from mid month following this very dynamic eclipse period spanning February 13 – 17. Remarkably innovative and intellectual undercurrents stimulate a new undertaking featuring a Sun – Mercury conjunction ( also the beginning of a significant 4 month cycle of activity) and augmented by the sextiles of Sun, Moon and Mercury to Uranus. There is enormous conviction to independence and autonomy with these influences, although through Aquarius networks that enable the freedom of motion sought can be helpful to your enterprise, should you be able to enlist likeminded people who don’t attempt to reign you in or hold you back.

Venus is sextile to Saturn at this time, suggesting relationships that have been reconciled over the prior 4 months offer constructive avenues for expression now, and where mutuality and stability play an important role there are likely to be positive developments. The previous Sun – Mercury cycle (which began on October 8, 2017) was wrought with friction as Venus square Saturn and Sun – Mercury squared Pluto occurred during the onset of that cycle. A lot of relational issues and power struggles played a substantive role in the prior phase, with newer patterns establishing themselves from late December into early January as a result of facing those challenges and clarifying roles and objectives.

As Pisces becomes dominant towards the third week of the month and into March, the ambience softens and becomes more intuitive and responsive. Mars in Sagittarius contests this and numerous squares between Sag – Pisces encourage remaining outgoing and forthright. Pisces can have a tendency to dissolve and obfuscate the truth. Mars from this position of conviction will not allow for this. The most notable contact occurs when Venus squares Mars, issuing a challenge to relationships initiated around October 5th.

This is a period of conflict that can lead to productive growth, assuming the parties involved can find a way to reconcile pettiness, illusion and self righteousness for the sake of the partnership. Give and take is crucial here if this is a storyline you seek to see continue. This also provides a litmus attesting to the strength or weaknesses that lies in the bond that exists between two people. Splits are possible now where that connection is weak or individuals let ego needs take precedence over love needs, mutual respect and understanding. Feel this one out gently, it is a very revealing contact.

chinese NY

ALSO HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! I’m not the most knowledgeable source for Chinese Astrology, beyond that the annual New Moon in Aquarius serves as the Lunar New Year for all the cultures that celebrate it. 2018 represents the Year of the Dog, and is attributed the qualities of loyalty, responsibility and honesty, with a Western astrology equivalent of Libra. One of my favorite sites to check for a reading is:



april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
You may be parting way with a group of friends or colleagues this month, many relationships have been outgrown and you’ll get evidence this month that compels you to cut binding ties. You may be starting a new group project or working with an organization on the 17th. This cycle of activity carries you through the next 4 months. Venus nestles in a quiet and reflective part of your chart, stimulating your imagination and intuition. Take some time out this month for meditation and relaxation if possible. Your wanderlust and desire to explore is equally stimulated, though the 17th and 25th could prove vexing in this regard. You reach a crucial professional decision on the 28th.

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
You get a sense this month that the winds of change are blowing. Your life direction is highlighted and you may be closing doors, saying goodbye or otherwise moving on from a professional path you have outgrown. Events and intuition on the 3rd, 9th and especially around the eclipse on the 15th speak to this, and as soon as the 17th you may embark on a new path on which you will seek your true calling. The Good, Bad and Ugly all come out to play towards the end of the month, love relationships have a roller coaster quality to them – super passionate one day, trouble the next. A lot of passion is stirring and you find yourself in a highly transformative phase. Hidden aspects of your psyche you may have tried to repress (Saturn in Sagittarius) emerge as fully fledged elements of your persona! Make room for yourself and trust intuition, which is heightened in this phase for a reason.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
You could be basking in the love light this month as Venus and Mars collaborate to give you some really special moments with someone close to your heart. Not so much the 25th, which has icky and awkward all over it. Skip this one for dates or other interludes. An adjustment is being made in your goals and work life, and a partner may not be too comfortable with what’s percolating. An office romance blows up in your face. You can reach a dream (or find a new one) in your professional life on the 21st. You have good prospects this month, especially within a creative career or sideline. A new learning or adventure phase begins on the 15th – 17th. What piques your curiosity? Where would you like to go? It’s a good time to plan for school or night course with the expectation of beginning this Fall. (October is awesome.)

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Work and finance is the highlight this month with a solitary eclipsed New Moon setting the tone for the whole month on the 15th. In your case, this will have more to do with other peoples’ money, and banks or legacies could be a predominant feature. Any outstanding debt or your partner’s income could be problematic, it might be time to make some serious cuts or adjustments to the budget. These triggers are just meant to remind you to work towards self reliance, and to stimulate you to your earnings potential. You begin on a path to resolution on the 17th. Venus and Mars at odds on the 25th can send up a distress signal in a relationship. It’s best to hold off on impulsive decisions regarding matters of the heart at this time. Better auspices await on the 27th, passion is aroused. You are busy on the job this month and this is a good time for your productivity if you manage not to overdo it. Projects and assignments you take on now will move you into prime position for a promotion next January, so do your very best work.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Powerful relational triggers and potential fallout with a partner is possible this month, the hands of destiny are in motion, ushering in a time of sweeping change, especially on the 3rd, 9th and especially during the eclipse on the 15th. There can be unions, reunions, comings and goings in this period, and regardless of how you feel about what occurs, trust that destiny is leading you to a better place and precisely where you belong, even if things are super wonky at first. The eclipse can bring about a surprising contact, probably with someone who has a different background than you, though this connection feels quite fated. A business association can be established on the 17th. Mars is stimulating a lot of impulse to pleasure and creativity, even romantic associations. Things get tricky on the 17th and 25th, and if something feels uncertain, pull back and wait for clearer indications. You could get great news about benefits packages or from stock options you have through a job or assignment on the 27th or 28th. Money comes in from a hidden avenue.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Your work life is emphasized over the first few weeks and assignments will be varied and keep you busy. There could be a sense you are “over it” where a job is concerned, and the 3rd and 9th are revealing. The eclipse on the 15th resounds loudly and it’s likely you are going to see significant changes at work over the next six months. What you don’t successfully manage to bury now will likely demand your attention come July. A new cycle is stimulated on the 17th, a new project will preoccupy your daily activities for the next 4 months. Your home life is also full of activity and there can be some contentious energy in the domestic or personal relationships. This could have a debilitating effect on relational matters on the 17th and 25th. These would not, for instance, be ideal dates to introduce your partner to your family for the first time, unless you like a good brawl! Venus comes to your rescue and the 15th, 21st and 27th are beautiful for growing a connection and expressing your heart’s desire.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
There could be some exciting developments in a love relationship or in your personal realm of play and self expression this month. An eclipse on the 15th and something you start (maybe a creative project) on the 17th will play a huge role in your life over the next four months. Encounters with people from the past (past lives?) could also occur, the 3rd and 9th could reopen doors to these connections. These contacts can also represent endings, and reaching the end of the road where a circumstance has run out of room to grow. Socially you have a very busy schedule and there are likely many meetings, negotiations and a great deal of overall communication. This could be an auspicious time to launch a new enterprise, although the 17th and 25th are not so favorable and should be left out for major initiatives. Inspiration and passion guide you on the 21st and 27th. These are great for showing off what you got.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
An eclipse affecting your domestic sector can signal either how far you’ve come (since last August) or how far you still have to go to get your house in order. Emergency or unexpected situations with family members or flatmates may throw you for a loop mid month. The 3rd and 9th can also dredge up uncomfortable issues, and the best you can do is let these periods be instructive to you and figure out what you need to let go of or release. From the 11th, Venus activates your love zone, opening the door to some very enticing romantic experiences. The 21st is super dreamy and a fantasy could become real for you, or you could wile the time in day dreams. This is a very enchanted, but equally elusive transit and can go either way. There could be challenges in store on the 25th, but try to keep that hatchet buried, as passion awaits on the 27th and it would be awful to have blown off your lover and miss out on the excitement in store.

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Endings and beginnings continue to be a primary topic, as people and routines of your daily life come to closure. The 3rd and the 9th are both susceptible to letting go, and the mid month Aquarius eclipse will drive this home. A new order arises on the 17th and could include a project you work on with a group of friends, likely related to writing, or maybe a theater piece or educational documentary. This activity will be a priority over the next 4 months and requires an innovative approach or humanitarian appeal. The focus from mid month moves to your home and most personal life. You can realize a dream regarding your residence on the 21st and and financial upswing allows for upgrades on the 27th. Adding a decorative item or painting one wall of a room a deep blue will activate a positive Feng Shui, and break up stagnant energy in your home. There can be a very contentious issue with a flatmate on the 25th, and this will be doubled if you are romantically involved, or living with your lover or your spouse. Take the high road, it will save you a lot of of trouble.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
You continue to work to develop security, this will apply to both your income and domestic situation this month. A great deal is occurring behind the scenes, as you release the cycle of activity of the prior two years, preparing for the next beginning, when Mars enters your sign next month. For now there is a more quiet and introverted/introspective ambience as you feather your nest and release the outworn elements of your past, preparing for the very dynamic period set to unfold. Harmony prevails mid month, though you may be seeing a very significant change in your cash flow, a source of income begins or ends or both. With Uranus in a positive angle, swift changes come quite unexpectedly from equally unanticipated quarters, potentially leaving you thunderstruck and not sure where to turn next. With the domestic life implicated here, a relocation may be required to take up an offer. Mutually, a financial upgrade may put you in a position where you can gain long sought after autonomy in your residential situation, for instance if you have wanted to live alone you might be able to afford to do so now. A more social ambience prevails over the second half of the month and you’ll enjoy communications and the company of friends. Not so much on the 25th, though, as someone seems to probe you for your secrets.

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Mercury joins the party in your sign on the 9th. The pace is lively this month and social activities or a group project could command a lot of your time and attention. The 3rd, 6th, 15th, and 17th are particularly vitalizing and open channels that help you articulate a vision or dream. You can put a personal project (including a self improvement program) into motion on the 17th. This will be the thrust of your daily activities for the next four months and encompasses the next Mercury retrograde cycle. During that period you will be required to define yourself more clearly, or narrow the scope or scale of a project somewhat. The initiation that occurs now is very exciting, and a very instrumental storyline for your year. After the 11th and especially during the last 2 weeks there is more of an emphasis on the financial realm. Enhancements or revenue from creative enterprises on the 15th, 27th and 28th provide assurance you are on the right track.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
A tendency to withdraw and recharge continues. Resolutions and healing processes are extremely potent this month, especially on the 3rd and 9th. Swift changes can occur on or around the 15th, as a Solar Eclipse illuminates the past and what you need to release. These have been rather endemic issues for some time, and events last Summer may have signaled that certain elements of your life are ready to be relinquished. There is a financial undertone here, and it could be that you are selling an heirloom, or possibly something else is on it’s way out that in some unexpected way lends to your fortune. A tendency towards introspection competes with a professional urgency that is required of you through mid March. It becomes easier to put your best foot forward from the 11th, when Venus comes to occupy your sign, enhancing ability to offer and receive pleasure. An awkward moment on the 25th will let you know if you have taken things too far. You could be the recipient of an unwelcome flirtation at your job, or there could be an entanglement regarding your personal relationship that casts a negative shadow on your public profile. It’s mostly good otherwise, and after the 18th you’ll fully be prepared to take your personal spotlight and make a big impression.

Weekly Horoscopes 1/28 – 2/3

This week provides a catalyst for dynamic transformations, as the Lunar Eclipse at 11’ Leo on Wednesday ushers in a new chapter in a narrative that was put in to motion last August, and which will continue to culminate through April. The Leo Solar Eclipse stimulated a powerful current of energy, and creativity and conviction are called for while the North Node travels in Leo. At this time the outgrowth of those choices can be evaluated, whether the right choices had been made and if you are moving in the right direction. If not, this is the time to modify the course and get back on track. When the True Node (North Node) aligns with the eclipse degree over the last two weeks of April, the outcome will be quite evident. The eclipse aligns in opposition to Venus, so there can be a romantic or financial matter that quickly goes from simmer to full boil. It’s also possible a sacrifice of some order might need to be made to capitalize on the opportunity the Eclipse provides.

There is also a lot of South Node activity this week, serving up reminders of what has been left behind, or what is in the process of receding into the past. Venus – South Node on Tuesday followed by the Sun – South Node on Friday are potent moments for discovery and release. Occurrences of de ja vous are likely around these times and on a karmic level, events that transpire have very fated overtones. Should you come across someone from your past during the course of the week, there is likely an unresolved issue to attend to. This is an opportunity to rectify a matter and move on from a circumstance or connection that no longer serves your evolutionary directives. On occasion, there is a reward for having done something good in the past, even a past life, so if you are the beneficiary of good fortune, know it is the karmic result of prior choices or behavior.

Mercury connects with Chiron early in the week. A conversation can have highly therapeutic effect or a decision can be made that enables a healthier relationship with yourself or someone else. Chiron is a pain point, so discussing or journaling about sensitivity, a hurt or wound, or where you might feel a lack of self confidence or even unworthy is fruitful now and can have a therapeutic effect on resolving this issue. From Wednesday, Mercury enters Aquarius, and the mental – communicative faculties undergo a process of incredible experimentation and open mindedness. Scientific exploration is highlighted, and social/political matters take on greater significance. Aquarius is highly humanitarian sign, and thinks in terms of the greater good of all of society. It is here we reach 6 of Swords – Science, the unification of ideas through an uncanny or unconventional awareness. A collaboration with Mars on Saturday can produce a great deal of motivation to get something underway. It’s time to shake off the dead and dreary and go for it!


april2-copy   ARIES March 20 – April 19
Your mojo is lit by the Leo eclipse and your self expression can really soar. Relationships may be transforming meanwhile and you could be parting ways with a group or individual with whom you no longer feel a sense of meaningful connection. Next weekend is ideal for meeting new people, especially where you share ideals or a vision for the future. New contacts quickly come to replace the old and there may even be a sense of exciting urgency over the coming weeks.

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Personal and professional matters are culminating, the result of choices you made late last Summer. You may be in the midst of moving house or relocating to take on an exciting new position. There could be some doors closing as you step away from a career path that is not bearing fruit or providing you with a sense of security and satisfaction. An opportunity comes your way next weekend, this deal could be too good to refuse!

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
The pace of life can be somewhere between stimulating to overwhelming, and especially from Wednesday you are prepared to step out of the darker annals of your very private space and into the outer world again. An adventure seems to be calling you fourth, could get exciting! This will be especially true next weekend, and a partner shows you the way. Certain avenues have not panned out as you expected meanwhile, and it might be time to pull the plug on an endeavor that is not moving forward.

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Financial matters are impacted by the eclipse this week and there can be big gains, or equally loss as a decision you made last August culminates. All will be clear by April and you can use information that arises this week to make critical adjustments where they are needed. You are learning greater self reliance, and there could be events occurring at this time that factor largely into the picture you are creating for yourself. You can make good choices from Wednesday onward, and Saturday is especially productive for reviewing your accounts.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Leo is front and center of the eclipse activity and there can be some very kismet moments this week, especially in regard to a partnership. If you meet someone now, there will be a sense of fatedness and finding true love is possible. Communication within relationships remains highlighted over the coming weeks, and there will be some great opportunities to share your ideas one on one and express yourself. Attending events of mutual interest will provide the appropriate starting point for exciting dialogue.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
A position may be coming to an end for you, as you start to consider other avenues of employment. There is a busyness around your work life and you may be training to gain new skills. Meanwhile, a lot is emerging from your psychic space during the eclipse, and you may seek to withdraw temporarily to examine what is coming up around this time. Surrendering habits and especially vices that are counter productive will relieve enormous pressure for you. A work from home project or assignment can be very successful over next weekend.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
There are many comings and goings in this phase, people have a magical way of entering your life right now and over the coming weeks. Mutually there are people on their way out. The eclipse on Wednesday reveals just how important it is to be associated with the right crew so you can make your dreams come true. If you recently had to make a difficult personal decision, you will begin to see how this has set you free. Very exciting developments are occurring in this period, and you do your best to remain open to all the possibilities.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
A significant professional trajectory you set out on last August is coming to a stunning culmination. The bolder you have been in seizing an opportunity, the more outsize the rewards will be now. If you find, rather, you have further to go still to reach an objective, this is the appropriate time to reorient yourself and get back on the road to success. Personal encounters feature undertones from the past, and some of these need to be released now in favor of creating that big bright future. Intuition is heightened now and you can get to the bottom of any problem as required.

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
The eclipse speaks to your growing ambitions, and you definitely feel like you are spreading your wings. Events set into motion last August are propelled forward suddenly, and now with Saturn out of your sign, you have a lot more mojo to pursue personal goals and meet with success. Daily life is going through changes, you are likely cutting out a few activities that no longer sustain your interest. Meanwhile new associations are being formed and next weekend in particular is exciting if you are attending an event or party.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
The financial axis is impacted by the current eclipse cycle, with huge sums either going in or out. This is all the manifestation of what you had set into motion late last Summer, and the rewards you receive now are only as big as the goals you set for yourself in that vital period. Fate is working overtime to create a good outcome, so don’t hesitate to consider any offer that comes your way. Personal and especially intimate relationships are effected in their own way, and if you aren’t in the midst of a very deep financial negotiation, it’s possible you are in the throws of a passionate love affair, or maybe both!

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Life is going through all sorts of transitions and changing in fundamental ways, making the next few weeks a very intense period. Events now have very fateful overtones, and especially in matters of partnership. It’s possible to stumble upon someone with whom you have an immediate and intense connection to. This whole week and over the next two, leading up to the next eclipse, occurring in your sign, is full of big punctuation marks that can set a new alliance into motion swiftly. Mercury from your sign beginning on Wednesday enables you to speak to your truth.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
There is a lot of subjective energy present in your forecast this week. It’s likely that you are saying goodbye and releasing templates of subconscious behavior that you have outgrown. Releasing these sets you free, enabling a far more heathy and productive lifestyle. Any new habits you established towards the end of last Summer, a work out routine or new diet, is yielding positive results and you can see much improvement. A new job may be around the corner and exciting news may reach you by the end of the week in some regard.