Stargazer Weekly 1/27 – 2/2



Following the week where everything happened, this is one where it seems much less goes down in comparison. Although most of the influences are somewhat subtle, this is a key period for initiation as both short and long term storylines are activated. The renewal of the Sun – Mercury cycle in the early part of the week sets the pace and day to day objectives of the next two to four months. The Bigger Picture is illuminated as Saturn and Neptune form their sextile. Although the aspect is essentially effective between January 24 – February 10th, it is over this coming Thursday into Friday that it becomes exact.

Mars square Pluto represents a significant turning point nine months in the making, likely rife with conflict or power struggles. Where Pluto has been influential in your chart over the last several years, and specifically an objective or decision that precipitated late last April surrounding that topic, there is a decisive breakthrough. This one can come at a very personal cost, as dormant, yet very powerful energies are activated. Venus trine Uranus occurs at the same time and generates a far more carefree ambience, infusing an otherwise contentious atmosphere with an offbeat or unexpected development within a relationship, and keeping things a bit more light hearted.

Sun and Mercury are conjunct at 7’ Aquarius on Monday, indicating innovation and experimentation are key ingredients that will propel activities and enterprises between now and mid March. The mental sphere is dominant as Mercury passes ahead of the Sun, and decisions are predicated more on the thorough intellectual assessment of a situation and less from gut instincts. Any lingering issues from around late November 2018 are now swiftly resolved. This aspect signals a point of departure and a period of great activity, as well as the halfway marker between the more introspective retrograde periods, which tend to slow response times considerably, although in many cases for the better in the long run. (The most recent retrograde occurred in December and the next is on it’s way in March.) 

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The atmosphere is ripe for new developments, and with the Sun and Mercury the only planets operating from Aquarius at the moment, there’s a kind of outlaw vibe is present in what ever undertakings you choose to engage in. Following a highly volatile, though equally stimulating Mercury – Uranus square that transpired a day before Mercury entered Aquarius, an explosion of inspiration or ideas that precipitated last week can now be applied forward and gain some traction. Humanitarian enterprises will hold particular appeal.

Saturn – Neptune has a much milder influence, lending itself to longer range perspectives. Two years ago when Saturn squared Neptune, there was a more contentious atmosphere. Saturn could not attain the security it desires in the evasive ambience that presided, while Neptune may have realized it’s dream or vision was untenable within the realm of worldly commitments or concerns. Now there is a far more amenable and supportive alliance between them, and over this week and into next month (and again in June and November, as this aspect reoccurs,) it’s possible to attain an ideal by defining it, and speaking to it. In doing so there is incredible potential for manifesting a vision into tangible expression over the course of this year. Success comes where inspiration guides your course, and by taking small steps towards it consistently. Intuition can now offer insight into how long range issues can be resolved, and compassionate awareness will see you through to the realization of your goals. 

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Long range and professional objectives may come in to focus over the coming few months and a group or organization you work with may hold the key to realizing a cherished dream. Intuition about a crucial career move holds a significant message for your future, this plays out between now and November. Success comes where you trust your innerguidancr implicitly, but a confrontation later in the week spells disaster if you attempt to disregard changes you simply cannot control. Romance is highlighted, especially where you are able to expand your horizons through your connection to someone.  

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

An unexpected development impacting love or money ushers in welcomed news – perhaps even a windfall. Attention turns to professional development and here you benefit from a more experimental approach. Doing new things or at least finding new ways to do old things is paramount to success and comes easier for you now than at other times. Consult with elders or those who may have wisdom to share with you from within your social circle. Tradition has an appeal to you. A secret emerges, and once that genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back! This has intense outcomes. Process and move on. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Your orientation is future directed and you are discovering new ways to reach your destination, intended or not. Make the most of this vitalizing week to express your feelings of affection for someone you care about – Friday into Saturday is an especially favorable moment to reach out of your comfort zone and try something different. Your partner leads you into new and exotic territory, if you are ready to take the plunge. A financial matter that has been both concerning and prominent since the beginning of the year continues to prove challenging. A critical turning point at the end of the week could see you cutting ties. 

CANCER June 21 – July 22

A partnership holds the potential to stabilize this week, though this is an ongoing storyline that won’t run it’s course until November. Connecting with your dreams and aspirations from within the relationship will bring you closer than you have ever imagined possible. Separation occurs where acceptance and compassion are in short supply. A financial prospect, especially a joint agreement, comes clear this week. You have opportunities over the coming months to secure a deal or lucrative contract if you are willing to challenge convention and do things your own way.       

LEO July 23 – August 22

A partner is keen on expressing their point of view and this could entail you must entertain perspectives you might not usually. An exciting romantic dynamic precipitates next weekend, making it the perfect moment to try out something different if not completely exotic. A sympathetic understanding between yourself and your coworkers can go a long way to make a difficult project or assignment more creative and enjoyable. This will be especially useful towards the end of the week when aggro forces make the workspace especially volatile.  

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Where love relationships may have been problematic and disappointing over the past several years, you are hitting a new stride and have an easier time defining what you seek which brings you at least half way closer to getting there. Story lines that play out between now and November (with a crucial transition occurring in late March) reinforce your desire for commitment and the long term attainment of a cherished dream regarding love. A breakthrough is possible towards the end of the week. Your relationship to your body is also a top priority and a new approach is required in your handling of the day to day.        

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Romance is in the air for Libra, though it seems maintaining a degree of independence, while respecting your partner’s need for the same, is the key ingredient to creating a lasting alliance. Staying simpatico with those in your domestic environs will go a long way towards mitigating challenges that recently seemed insurmountable. Well, after Friday, anyway, as another showdown is on the horizon. A contentious issue you promised to resolve last April reemerges, and this time has to be dealt with in the here and now. It may be time to walk away from family members who have been obstinate.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s time to try something different in regard to your living arrangement Scorp. The long transit of Mars in your house of “House” last year likely turned up a lot of dead wood and showed you where a way of life has come to an end. From Monday (also circle the New Moon, February 4th,) you may revisit these insights and feel prepared to turn that next page. A creative project is a high priority and an agreement you make in this period has the potential to see it manifest. Same holds true in a romantic relationship, and between now and November dreams may equally come true in your love life. This is more likely to succeed if you avoid detonation later this week. Take it easy!

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

A work from home business can be established productively now, particularly where you work within the healing arts or inspire others to live at their personal best. Romance is exciting next weekend – you make a great impression where you are able to express your most authentic and even out there self. A project or course involving communications, the web or publishing can preoccupy you over the coming weeks and months. Between now and May you are especially inclined to try out new methods of getting your message across. Not only will this stoke curiosity and interest in you, but will also make you more effective.  

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

There are conflicting influences this week for Cap, on one hand you feel leisurely and sympathetic, but on the other hand may also be quite agitated and ready to give ‘em hell! How this plays out personally depends on your natural temperament, and early Capricorn is a bit more immune to the storm brewing. Some of this will tie back to how successful (or not) you have been since late last April in bringing a personal objective or enterprise to fruition. A contentious situation at home can have you revisit this and spur you to action quite dramatically. With Venus in your sign from next weekend, it does get better soon!    

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Renewal is the theme of the season for you, Aquarius, and your objectives become clearer by the day, which can only improve your output, should you desire. You might find it just as pleasurable to wile your hours in drifting and daydreams, and you are likely to find some interesting inspiration there, possibly even hatch up a unique and lucrative new way to make money. The social ambience is compelling and you could really click with someone at a party or event next weekend, give it a try! There is also a really contentious episode brewing beneath the surface, so leave your fight face at home.      

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Overall it’s a very positive week for you, and career advancement is likely a really exciting topic right now. An opportunity to for professional gains that come with lucrative incentives are possible, especially where you have been driven to achieve something and have worked towards it. By the end of the week a stormy and volatile mix of influences could swiftly change the game, if not your whole M.O. especially if you feel you are being gypped out of your fair share. A harmonious alignment between Neptune and Saturn settles your soul, and the combination of remaining sympathetic and seeing the bigger picture works wonders to get you through a testing circumstance.   

Weekly Horoscopes 2/11 – 2/17

This is a highly dynamic week during which several exciting new beginnings can transpire. Aquarius and Uranus are running the show (or is it more of a circus?) so the unconventional and innovative play an outsize role in what develops now. This is a mirror eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse that occurred last August 7th and serves as a punctuation mark in an ongoing narrative. Circumstances and individuals from which you may have liberated yourself around that time created the space that make you available to new opportunities that appear this week and beyond. Anything that comes into your life now will likely do so in a most unexpected fashion. There is an accelerated quality to all developments and life may not look anything like it does today on the other side.

This may also be a time of reflection on the ongoing changes occurring, July features a very volatile return eclipse to what precipitates now. Uranus plays a major supporting role to all current developments and whatever is going on in the Aries realm of your chart (Uranus is currently at 25 Aries) is going to add a lot of stimulation to the events of the week. There is some urgency to move in new and uncharted territory and where you might feel stuck, to just take up a whole new course completely. Mars spends close to 5 months in Aquarius this year, (due to retrograde motion this Summer) and does not reach the eclipse degree until November 10 – 11. Expect developments around that point that advance or culminate the storylines being set into motion this week. This suggests there is a “work in progress” quality inherent here, so give yourself time to negotiate road ahead, there are some twists and turns in store!

A Sun – Mercury conjunction on Saturday (28’ Aquarius) stimulates a new four month cycle of activity lasting through the beginning of June. Essentially a plan or enterprise that is put into motion today will be the primary source of daily communication and productivity over this period. Unfortunately it is underscored by a Mars – Neptune square, which generates an ambience of confusion. Under this aspect, it’s difficult to determine how, or even why, action should be taken. There is inspiration that lies beneath this, but it’s source can be difficult to uncover. Disappointment and delusions are present where dishonesty is uncovered.

Uranus of course, is a very vitalizing feature, and will likely offer some innovative breakthroughs in thinking making this a good time to come up with new and ingenious solutions. It also signals the midway point between Merc. retrograde phases, with the next three weeks being the most active of the cycle, so get going! Mercury enters Pisces next Saturday, for a very brief transit, spending about 16 days in the sign. From early March, Mercury begins a 10 week transit of Aries, so enjoy the relative quietude of the present moment. Mercury – Pisces stimulates imagination and compassionate exchanges. Enjoy the voyage into the visionary realm.

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april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
This is a very prolific time for you socially, especially if you are involved with a community or group activity. Expect new and interesting people to enter your life over the coming weeks and months. There is also a desire to withdraw and reflect, and this is especially true from next weekend. You have a very busy period on the horizon and should carve out some personal time before everything comes rushing your way.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Professional changes and developments are exciting and unexpected. Apply your intuition, as unusual and offbeat ideas allow you to make the most of opportunities. This is a year of huge shifts in your life direction, and events this week are setting these into motion. A friend may reveal a secret that takes you by surprise next weekend. Socially, better times are ahead and new alliances can be made.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Long range goals are coming more into stronger focus and you begin to make plans for the future, or at least a journey of some distance may lie in store. This is a productive time for you to attain at least one professional milestone, though you’ll have to take swift action from next weekend as this window is open rather briefly. Saturday is has rather disturbing undertones to it, obligations to career and partnership require clarification.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
A secret source of inner strength propels your professional ambitions. A spouse or business partner could really assist you in attaining a goal. You make enormous discoveries in the coming 6 months about to whom your allegiances truly belong. Set your sights on a distant horizon next weekend. Adventure is in your midst, and from next month career is heavily emphasized so enjoy it while you can.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
Relationships are in for all kinds of exciting and unexpected developments. There could be an announcement of marriage and single Leo could meet someone out of the blue. Enjoy the ride for all it’s worth, but take all that happens with a morsel of wait and see. This is an ongoing storyline that does not quite reach it’s destination for a while longer. Savor this moment while remaining amenable to other sudden changes.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Relationships continue to flourish, especially from Saturday when you finally can say (or hear) the words that express your hearts desire so fully. Equally hopes can be dashed where illusion has played a bigger role than reality, of alternately your living situation or family could produce an unexpected obstacle to the attainment of your wishes. If you have sought new employment, the next few months could produce an ideal, but expected opportunity.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
An exciting partnership with someone who helps you take your creative expression to the next level could be in store, restoring your confidence. While these compelling alignments occur in the areas of romance/pleasure and partnership, the nature of the planets suggests relationships are based on friendship and camaraderie. You will likely have opportunities over the coming months to find love, with events this week opening a door.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Your family and personal life are in a period of dramatic rearrangement. This is an ongoing process and one that requires a large amount of self awareness. Barriers and limitations that you experience through your early conditioning are dissolving. This gives way to something more authentic for you, though it could take time to figure out exactly what that looks like. Part of has to do with coming to terms with yourself, and releasing that which is not.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You seem to have urgent to get off your chest, or something that requires your whole self expression. There are vitalizing influences in which you can readily do so, and events all week are compelling for forward movement of a very personal initiative or agenda, especially if related to creativity. There are some tricky dynamics to contend with in regard to your personal life. The channels of communication open up to deal with these Saturday.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
A very dynamic influence triggers sudden financial developments, these may be attached to a familial or ancestral matter. The independence you have sought in your living situation is enhanced. If you encountered the end of a source of income last August, you begin to discover shoots and sprouts have emerged in place of these, and require your continued cultivation. An upbeat feeling prevails Thursday, a conversation sets wrongs to rights.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
An Eclipse in your sign is never a small matter, but this is an especially potent one, connecting so vitally with your ruler Uranus, poised in a position of assistance. Who you are and what you have to convey now is highlighted, and you can assert yourself very authentically now. The energy is ripe for self discovery, and a new trajectory, especially from Saturday can be set. Money matters can be dealt with over the rest of the month.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
Energy foments in your most interior and secret spaces. This is a fantastic time to look within and learn about yourself. Intuition is also remarkably strong right now and can produce a unique money making idea. Events on Saturday could challenge your personal perspectives. At the same time, Mercury enters your sign for a brief visit, which allows you to more easily articulate your position and clear up any misunderstandings.




The 5 of Cups Tarot Card is attributed to Mars in Scorpio, and here we experience the qualities of disappointment and even sorrow. Expectations have not been fulfilled and the Cups have fallen over, revealing imbalance. Beyond the Tarot interpretation, Mars in Scorpio reveals a depth of intensity, though this energy is felt internally, it requires a metamorphosis occur before it can experience rebirth and externalize through Sagittarius (from January 27th). Gerd Ziegler advises “I get to know my own reality by learning to see where I fool myself, or deny my inner voice”* which is within itself the complete essence of intuition. In most decks two cups do remain standing, offering a reminder there is still hope. The number five represents chaos and change. To the extent the Scorpio period can represent upheaval (and the aspects do not reflect that it will be particularly challenging,) there is hope. Look within and hone intuition, this will be the greatest gift this passage has to offer.

Collaborative activities are highlighted as both Mercury and Uranus play strong roles in the astrology of the week. Communication could still be a bit stifled with Mercury still transiting retrograde, however, though Sun – Mercury meet up on Tuesday at 21 Sagittarius, signaling the half way point of this cycle. An objective or agenda initiated around October 8th is indicated. This particular activity cycle began at 14’ Libra, and is now going through a period of reappraisal and modification.

Whatever was set into motion around that time is being reconfigured and events and awareness stimulated on Tuesday signals a turning point within this objective. At the time of the conjunction in October, Sun – Mercury were squaring Pluto, thus this particular cycle has been about resolving a long range issue involving a transformation, perhaps overcoming a difficult and oppressive obstacle or resolving a power struggle. The solution to the matter is to engage the liberating qualities of Uranus, which is highly present this week, aspecting both Mercury and Sun in harmonious trine. Where oppression once reigned, freedom has become the cure.

The 4th quarter Moon in Virgo this Sunday aspects Pluto by trine precisely, allowing the integration of this transformation to occur quite naturally. Each Moon phase represents a pivot point, and the 4th quarter is about release. It’s time to release an oppressive factor that is inhibiting growth and development. Empty the bowl so to speak.** What was integrated a week ago under the auspices of the Gemini Full Moon is in a process of resolution. During the Full Moon, Neptune was highlighted and an illusion (or delusion) was brought out into the open light of consciousness. Over the 4th Quarter, Venus squares Neptune, and again, evasive or escapist tendencies that have dissipated effectiveness are thrust into sharp relief. True love and vision will prevail, but where these topics have become mired in self destructive and deceptive energy, it’s time to clear the slate. No doubt Mars in Scorpio will have something to say about this.

Namaste people.

*Excerpt from Tarot, Mirror of the Soul, Handbook for the Aleister Crowley Tarot, 1988
**This can actually be a powerful moment for spell casting. A simple ritual with a bowl of water and meditation in which you release the painful and toxic energies of this last year into this water and pour it out can be an effective clearing tool. Try it!

***5 of Cups Tarot Art by Little Thunder***Astrology Glyphs by Alex XIII for Stargazer***

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april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
You feel as though you are breaking out of a rut, a plan for the future is getting clearer in your mind and you can start to see some of the details coming into place. A key partnership may play a role in these developments. You’ll see things come to greater fruition in late January, for now you are in a more introspective and soul searching phase. Deep and regenerative transformation is taking place and this could be connected to an intimate relationship. Taking things to the next level now is likely.

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Financial solvency is in sight and getting a few debts out of the way is very useful to you in these coming weeks. Developments, and maybe even a promotion, at work will enable this. Partnerships are heating up, Mars in the arena of your one to ones can offer a climate of conflict or passion in equal measure. There can be contentions with people who wish to dominate you. With Jupiter bringing blessings to this area, you are protected. This is a period of inner reflection for you, and intuition is strong. A dream may prove untenable or unrealistic. Time to let go if this is so.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
There is a lot of activity, though perhaps mixed feelings about you know who, though events and conversations you have this week could prove defining for beginning to establish some kind of decision about your partnership. It’s still best to wait to seal the deal until January when all the facts are in, but there are important negotiations going on right now. A domestic or personal matter is highlighted early in the week and is an integral part of the solution you have been seeking since triggered by the Full Moon in your sign. A solution is in sight.

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Your work schedule continues to be hectic, assignments keep pouring in and there is much to keep you busy. You reach a point of closure or begin to see it around Tuesday. The projects and productivity you embrace now reveal good fortune at the end of the week could show signs of enormous growth and opportunity for expansion. The days leading up to this are very positive. You can express yourself to the one you love or find something new to explore. Passion rises Wednesday and Thursday. The next several weeks are ideal for nurturing love and creative prospects.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Some financial pressures could be revealed this weekend, but perseverance on the job pays off for you in this phase, even if you had to deal with a tricky situation with a boss or colleague. A fun and dynamic phase for self expression, pleasure and love continues to unfold. A relationship that began somewhat casually a couple months ago could get a little more serious now. Look at events that unfold on Tuesday to reveal where a project or association is growing. Staying close to home and enjoying those you love on Wednesday and Thursday is ideal and fills you with joy. The home is an area of activity and transformation for you through January. A winter withdrawal could be on the cards.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Expect the pace of daily life to pick up considerably, there is a lot going on right now, and many appointments and social events seem to fill your calendar. Meanwhile, a lot is going on in your domestic scene. There could be much activity or guests at your residence that brings a lot of energy into your home. The tough climate you endured and overcame over the past several years made this possible. Enjoy what you have and how far you have come. Events at the end of the week demonstrate how really positive this is.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Daily life is full of exciting little adventures and get togethers. Coupled with the Moon in your sign from early Monday, this stands to be a very fun week! Negotiations also go well, and while it’s ill advised (with Mercury retrograde) to sign that dotted line just yet, you may see some positive developments in regard to a contract or agreement. A partnership matter that has been through the ups and downs could finally click, in the right way, on Saturday. Your mind on your money, money on your mind from now through the end of January. Jupiter collaborates for a fabulous and beneficial new source of revenue for you.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Mars in your sign stimulates you to take on as much as possible and go for your desires in unprecedented ways. Jupiter in cahoots makes this one of the most positive and productive periods you’ve had in many, many years. The caveat, here though, is taking things too far and this especially applies to matters of desire (sex/love/money/power) for whatever gets you off. Just because you can and you should doesn’t mean you have to, and you are better off using all the advantage you have now to create something deep and resonant, like you, not just a superficial facade of what you think getting what you want looks like. Finances improve.

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
It’s an exciting period for your tribe and particularly from Friday as the Moon transits your sign, making enticing links, enhancing your high spirits. If there is something to celebrate it’s the last week of Saturn in your sign, and with the end of a long period of maturation under intense pressure in sight, you feel prepared to cast aside the shackles and cut loose. A personal realization on Tuesday gives you a sense of direction and purpose that may have been absent over the prior weeks. Appealing prospects over the weekend provide the perfect avenue to check out what’s in store. Gestating your changes is advised through late January.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Much is still percolating behind the scenes, in your minds’ eye, imagination and subconscious. This can make you somewhat vulnerable, as your intuition and empathic channels are heightened, making you more receptive to negative influences and vibrations. To the extent possible, this is a positive phase for privacy, gestation and renewal. You are a week off the entrance of Saturn into your sign, and a huge task will soon be at hand. This one you have been working for, and this week into the beginning of next is ideal for resting and preparing for that moment. A de ja vous or insight Tuesday is very revealing. Tune in.

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Socially this is a very exciting time for you, many contacts, and connecting with those you have not in many Moons can be very exhilarating. From Friday there is a vibrant atmosphere suitable for connecting with your crew and compadres. Feelings of love, romantic or otherwise, could be strong with your friends as the week comes to closure. Professionally you start to get cues mid week that this is no ordinary period in the evolution of your career and it’s time to get a fire under you to get moving on your objectives. It could be a bit of a wonky start with Mercury retrograde for 2 more weeks, but there are brilliant opportunities lying in store. Start to dream big about where you want to go next and get ready for action.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
You are much more at ease with Mars in a water sign, energy levels have risen in just the right measure to be stimulating without creating burnout or stress. The desire to take in more and experience life to the fullest is also coming into view, especially from Wednesday you likely start to seek new vistas to cross over. Meanwhile there is a great deal of activity present in your professional realm, coalescing towards the end of the week. On Tuesday you may realize an idea or contact you had previously established but lost contact with could actually be viable and take you in a positive direction. A lucrative new source of revenue attached to this is possible by the weekend. Keep your ears open for opportunities.



The first week of the month bustles with activity, a pragmatic, but passionate energy is prevalent as Sun transits Scorpio and Venus, Mars and Jupiter continue through Virgo. This is a great time to take action on projects that require organization and attention to detail, as we’ll feel very productive in the days leading up to the compelling New Moon in Scorpio, November 11th. The New Moon connects intimately with the Jupiter – Pluto trine, and has powerful, expansive overtones. Meanwhile, brash Uranus in Aries forms a strange alinement called a Yod impacting the 17’ Aries/Libra midpoint. It seems whatever begins now does so quite suddenly or in a very unexpected way. There may be an astonishing opportunity to engage an innovative new course of activity. For clues think back to what was initiated last March – April. Both the Sun and Jupiter form their exact, individual quincunxes to Uranus in the days leading up to the New Moon, so news may come in on the 5th or 9th that requires swift thinking or decision making. The pace is very brisk and in some cases news or events will be somewhat startling! Get as much of the organizing and nitty gritty detail oriented stuff done as possible during the first week. Venus and Mars move into airy Libra in the second week and the ambience will become quite social, and less work oriented, unless you work in the arts, that is!

Venus from Libra makes several key aspects this month, and lovers and partners will be connecting passionately (Venus conjunct Mars) and making binding commitments (Venus sextile Saturn) in this phase. More disruptive influences (square Pluto/opposite Uranus) suggest reappraisal of these commitments and can potentially signal endings for some. The dynamics these aspects bring on can be destabilizing, but are really just meant to test to durability of our bonds. Venus – Pluto signifies a turning point that will transform a relationship, it will either deepen in intimacy or falter. The Uranus connection can be quite exhilarating. Time to try something new, maybe with someone new? Electrical and impulsive forces will be at work. It’s an exciting month for love! With Venus in play, the areas of love and finance are the foremost indicated, but looking to see the house in your chart Venus is ruler of will also reveal clues as to where you might experience activity at these times.

The Sun – Mercury cycle begins on the 17th from 24 Scorpio. It is from here we set the agenda of our daily activities for the next 4 months. This thrust of our communications will endure and see modification during the next Mercury retrograde phase (January 2016). (I will be including a deeper analysis and guidelines for using the Sun – Mercury cycles in my 2016 report.)

The Neptune – Saturn square forms exact this month, it’s possible the curtain rises on an inconvenient truth, shattering an illusion that we have for too long turned a blind eye to. This is an undertone that will affect us for the coming year, with the third, final aspect occurring (due to the retrograde periods) September 2016. Neptune energy can be quite elusive and evasive, though the reasons for this are actually far more complex than one might realize, and can be rooted in deep feelings of inadequacy or shrouded in such intensified idealism that it makes it impossible to settle for anything that exists in the ordinary world. Neptune far prefers the fantasy to the reality and would much rather create the perfect a scene in the imagination than to deal with the real flesh, blood and potential imperfections a confrontation in meatspace might reveal. This can be especially pernicious in relationships where we might keep our partner at a safe distance, just far enough away to not have to observe what might be undesirable characteristics while indulging perpetually in fantasy about the circumstances, padding the details with what we fancy rather than what’s real. This applies to any area in which Neptune is operating in your chart right now (read for your ascendant for the dirty details). There can be some anxiety accompanying this transit where we realize we have deluded ourselves about circumstances or individuals we had chosen to perceive as faultless. Beneath that gauzy and alluring veneer, we begin to see the cracks, and the extent to which this illusion has been perpetuated, the harder it will be to ultimately accept this reality.

Saturn, on the other hand is only about what’s real, and has a reputation for being tough or harsh, particularly where our deepest sense of idealism would seek to prevail. The interaction of these two, will thus be problematic where we have entertained an illusion rather than the truth. Neptune seeks to release and let everything go. Saturn is about taking responsibility and administrating over the environment in which it finds itself. Whereas Neptune represents a situation we may have idealized, Saturn is about getting serious and with these two acting upon each other some friction where we must acknowledge the distinction between fact and fiction. Neptune represents the ability to transcend, whereas Saturn tends to be the work and obligation that we are trying to transcend. It’s easy to knock Saturn, but keep in mind, it is this planet that offers security, stability and maturity. The themes of “getting real” and accepting and setting some boundaries becomes important over the coming year. In several ways, seeing the reality of a situation and removing some of the fuzzy edges from our vision can be a really positive adjustment. By acknowledging the truth of what is and what is not yet, we can get to work on materializing the vision Neptune is providing when reality comes up short.

It’s also possible something really quite lovely is emerging, that serendipity has brought forth an extraordinary and beautiful circumstance, though perhaps it is not yet tenable within your life structure. In this case this aspect will challenge you to confront this now and throughout next year to build a structure that will be supportive to this. There is the potential that the desire to obtain the divine and etherial essence Neptune is expressing for us individually will drive us to overcome a major obstacle. In this way the theme over the next 10 months can be be making the unreal or impossible into the real.

The vast reorganization required from now through next September likely stems back to circumstances that had coalesced in mid 2013. Jupiter/Cancer, Saturn/Scorpio and Neptune/Pisces sat in a comfortable trine, and developments during this period were easy to make and lent to a positive and stable emotional ambience. The the test now is to rearrange our lives around all that has happened since, to take what was learned from the highly introspective and cathartic Saturn – Scorpio phase and turn it out into the world at large. The original conjunction occurred in 1989, (if you can remember that far back, 😉 ) so something that began for you personally in that period is being triggered. To the extent we have not lived up to the visionary desires of Neptune, this period can be one of getting it together and going for it. A square aspect provides tension and frustration, but this energy creates the friction necessary to stimulate us to take action. Saturn in Sagittarius is a diamond tipped arrow, the issue with Saturn in the apex of the Nodal T-square is where you need to set your target. From November 12, 2015, that target is where Virgo (transiting North Node) lies within your chart.

As Saturn works upon Neptune, so does Neptune’s dissolving qualities affect Saturn, and it’s ability to build in concrete terms. Over the next year or so, it’s possible to feel a pervasive sense of futility in trying to organize the affairs of the house being transited by Saturn as well as in life in general. There may be an existential crisis at a very quiet, subjective level transpiring over the course of this transit, a niggling sense of “why bother?” that may hinder our undertakings. This will become most critical as Saturn squares the Nodal Axis next year, and when the South Node conjuncts Neptune in late October – early November 2016.

Unlike, say, a disruptive Uranus influence, the quality of energy expressed by a Saturn – Neptune combination is slow and pervasive. It’s unlikely a single event will send your life spiraling into disarray, rather expect a process to unfold over the next year which will require an appraisal of both the long range goals (Saturn) and the vision-inspiration-intuition (Neptune) which could provide a challenging balance act. The final aspect occurs September 10th, 2016 so it’s from here we will see some relief and resolution, though the South Node conjunction to Neptune aspect that follows in November next year indicates the need to release a heavy burden related to the Neptune issue. This can be quite cathartic, actually, especially where the negative attributes of Neptune (addiction, illusion, dissipation) are being eradicated. In the event we fought to preserve an ideal state, we may be very disappointed over what we fought for, particularly if we learn this was bull shit all along. In this way the Saturn square is very useful and instructive, it points us to our potential blind spots and gives us time reconcile our issues prior to the South Node transit, which will be far more brutal if we let those Neptune issues slide too far out of control.


November 2nd
Mercury – Scorpio
Venus conjunct Mars 23 Virgo

November 3rd
4th Quarter Moon 10’ 45” Leo

November 5th
Jupiter quincunx Uranus – 17 Virgo/Aries
Sun sextile Pluto – 13 Scorpio/Capricorn

November 6th
Mercury trine Neptune – 7 Scorpio/Pisces

November 9th
Sun quincunx Uranus – 17 Scorpio/Aries

November 10th
Mercury sextile Pluto – 13 Scorpio/Capricorn
Sun sextile Jupiter – 18 Scorpio/Virgo

November 11th
New Moon 19’ 01” Scorpio
Mars conjunct North Node 28 Virgo

November 12th
Mars – Libra
Mercury quincunx Uranus 17 Scorpio/Aries

November 13th
Venus sextile Saturn – 5 Libra/Sagittarius
Mercury sextile Jupiter – 18 Scorpio/Virgo

November 17th
Sun conjunct Mercury – 24 Scorpio

November 18
Neptune direct 7’ 1” Pisces

November 19
2nd Quarter Moon 26’ 36” Aquarius

November 20
Mercury – Sagittarius
Venus square Pluto – 13 Libra/Capricorn

November 22
Sun – Sagittarius

November 23
Venus opposite Uranus – 17 Libra/Aries

November 24
Mars sextile Saturn – 6 Libra/Sagittarius
Mars quincunx Neptune – 7 Libra/Pisces
Mercury conjunct Saturn 6 Sagittarius

November 25
Full Moon 3’ 20” Gemini
Mercury square Neptune – 7 Sagittarius/Pisces
Mercury sextile Mars – 7 Sagittarius/Libra

November 26
Saturn square Neptune – 7 Sagittarius/Pisces

November 29th
Sun square Neptune – 7 Sagittarius/Pisces
Sun conjunct Saturn – 7 Sagittarius


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ARIES: Work and a financial emphasis predominates over the first few weeks. A New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th points to financial developments associated with loans, grants or a partner’s income. This New Moon connects powerfully to Jupiter and Pluto and you may be getting money to start a new business venture or increase the operations of an existing one at this time. The 10th and 17th are suited for conversations relating to money and making financial plans. Venus (November 9th) and Mars (November 13th) move into the area of committed relationships, and a partnership deepens considerably in this phase: the 13th and 24th are phenomenal for travel and making plans for the future. The adoration you receive from your spouse or partner enlivens you in this phase. The 23rd features a very exciting surprise from your sweetheart, or possibly a meeting with an unexpected, but kindred spirit. Things get easier for you after New Moon. A sense of vitality and rebirth prevail. Saturn – Neptune speaks to your secrets. A hidden or obscured matter is obfuscating your progress in your educational or publishing goals and ability to expand your influence in the world at large. Releasing a subconscious pattern of behavior is possible now and should be attended to, particularly if addiction or dependency is implicated.

TAURUS: A close relationship may be coming into focus, and the New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th is the ideal time to meet someone with incredible potential or make a commitment. Venus and Mars combine in your house of True Romance on November 1st, and an enticing affair may escalate quickly. The New Moon combines with Jupiter and Pluto, suggesting passion and pleasure feature largely into any association you might make now. Mercury in this area from the 3rd – 20th signals the lines of communication are wide open. The emphasis shifts to work in second half, and the final week of the month sees you in a hard working to burn out phase. Easy does it! You can really crash around the 20th or 23rd if you push yourself too hard. Assignments will be abundant and tap your natural creativity. The 24th sees a more moderated pace. Saturn – Neptune can speak to a dilemma in an intimate relationship. A casual attitude towards your lover or commitments to friends, networks or an organization may be inhibiting the cultivation of depth in your closest commitment.

GEMINI: A really new way of life and how you manage your health or even a new job or work assignment is due around the New Moon on the 11th. This taps right into changes you have experienced in the domestic arena over the last few months, and a significant development on the 2nd that changes everything for the better. If you recently moved or made substantial changes you reap the rewards now through increased vitality and productivity. Mercury brings in the details from the 3rd – 20th. From this place of greater stability you find you are really ready to engage in a pleasure pursuit, as creativity and romance feature largely while Venus (from November 9th) and Mars (November 13th) transit the house of self expression and love affairs. With all the Mercury retro funk well in the rear view, it’s time to take the plunge. Saturn in the 7th (committed partnerships) urges maturity in matters of the heart meanwhile, and there are good prospects on tap on the 13th and 24th. A Full Moon in your sign on the 25th points you towards a very significant encounter, and bring clues about what you might encounter over the coming year ahead. Professional challenges on the 26th give way to a new vocational direction or understanding in your career.

CANCER: A really marvelous personal development is in store around the Scorpio New Moon on the 11th, connecting with the remarkable Jupiter – Pluto trine October 11th, a creative project or love relationship is really taking off in this phase. A Mercury transit affects this area simultaneously, and you’ve definitely shaken off the blues Saturn may have left in the wake of it’s transit here in 2012 – 2014. A fresh perspective on life is possible and augmented by very positive vibrations in your domestic and personal life at this time. Here as well, the challenges of the Eclipses subside to offer a brighter and better future. Issues may get a bit hairy on the 20th or 23rd, not all the dust has settled yet. Saturn square Neptune on the 26th may see you seriously contemplating if not abandoning a concept related to education, publishing or broadcasting that has proven too elusive to realize. It’s not impossible to make this thing happen, but does require extensive modification if you continue to try for it. This ties back to events or awareness that stem back to Summer of 2013. Success is still possible, but there will be a challenge to overcome in this period.

LEO: A really positive new era begins in regard to your personal life and home is featured around the time of the Scorpio New Moon on the 11th. This ties right into the positive financial upswing you’ve experienced since August. A new job and increased earnings very likely makes a residential move possible at this time. A hard working phase comes to conclusion by mid – month, allowing for social developments and good times with friends, sibling and neighbors, with whom you wish to share in your good fortune. A Full Moon on the 25th is wonderful for attending a social event or party. A Venus – Mars conjunction on the 1st is good for making a purchase or setting new financial goals. You may splash out and show a loved one a fabulous time or purchase an expensive gift. Mercury keeps you busy with domestic matters through the 20th. After that you seek out avenues for self expression and pleasurable experiences. You can meet a compelling love interest in this phase, with a particularly interesting, if not unexpected twist around the 23rd. A harsh reality check on the 26th regarding a debt, other peoples money or disillusionment in an intimate relationship is a possibility unless you (and the one you have chosen) have been completely honest in all your undertakings. If not, extensive modification will be required to remedy a challenging situation.

VIRGO: Communication is featured this month as the Sun and Mercury light up the area of chart associated with day to day life and sharing information. Social activities and correspondence are very favorable at this time. With Mars still in your sign, your words have strength and conviction. You can make quite an impression when Venus and Mars conjunct in your sign on the 2nd, most likely on a potential partner, if you choose to. The New Moon is Scorpio heralds a new lifestyle, and the pace of life becomes brisk and exciting from this time onward. Venus (November 9th) and Mars (November 13th) turn your attention towards earnings, perhaps through a creative discipline or in a field related to beauty, luxury or leisure. A Full Moon on the 25th highlights a significant professional achievement, making you visible if not sought after in your industry. The 26th can reveal a contentious situation at home or with a spouse or partner. One is just not serving the other, and you may even learn of a deception in regard to your property at the hands of another. This is an extreme example, but you should be prepared for all manner of unusual things to emerge in this period. It’s possible your residence is somehow hindering your desire to make a deeper commitment within partnership. Love has fated overtones from the 11th, the eclipses this year gave clues to this. Your’ rapidly evolving sense of identity plays a major role in the kind of person you see yourself with: as the mirror of your self image is changing, so too will the image you seek to convey through your relationship.

LIBRA: A massive financial opportunity is revealed during the New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th. The trials and tribulations you confronted during the Saturn transit of this area in 2013 – 2014 may turn up an extraordinary source of income at this time. Pluto and Jupiter positively augment developments, offering a really powerful and dynamic source of prosperity. Crucial conversations or activity on the 17th pave the way. It’s a possibility your home is in some way connected, or the financial upswing you experience at this time allows for a really positive residential upgrade. A partnership is implicated in some way. Expect the unexpected during the first week. A super sexy behind the scenes love mojo is triggered when Venus and Mars harmonize on the 2nd, indicating a sultry-secret rendezvous. Fantasy fulfillment is possible. Venus (November 9th) and Mars (November 13th) in your sign see you at the very top of your game. These transits are much more satisfying this go around – last year saw the harsh auspices of the Cardinal Cross wreak havoc on your plans. Now you have been fortified, you can use this energy to far more productive ends. See, be seen and enjoy the positive social vibrations of the Gemini Full Moon on the 25th. Venus makes uncomfortable aspects on the 14th, 23rd and 24th, so these are not your best days though a partner may bring a fun surprise your way on the 23rd.

SCORPIO: A true love connection can be made on the 2nd, when Venus and Mars combine, activating very positive interactions. You can really connect with someone through shared hopes, wishes and dreams. A phenomenal New Moon in your sign on the 11th taps into the Jupiter – Pluto trine, ensuring your success for the upcoming year. This marvelous influence is augmented by very profitable developments associated with your career on the 10th and 13th. From the second half, you’ll prefer privacy and withdrawal. Venus (Nov. 9th) and Mars (Nov. 13th) transit Libra, suggesting retreat and a period of reflection. Your imagination and intuition will be strong in this phase, and you are likely cooking up some new strategies for the upcoming year. The 17th is very positive for journaling your experiences and expressing your wishes with clarity. Issues associated with your creative expression, a relationship within a love affair or with a child can be experienced around the 26th, when a very challenging angle between Saturn (in the area of values and resources) and Neptune (self expression, true romance and children) issues an uncomfortable ultimatum directly implicating your personal affairs. It’s possible financial hardships you are contending with are hindering your love relationship or desire towards creative self expression, even having children. Use your heart’s desire as motivation to get your financials in order. A revealing tip on the 13th can point you in the right direction.

SAGITTARIUS: Venus and Mars conjoin on the 1st to set you up for a huge breakthrough in your profession. There may be a bit going on behind the scenes this month, a New Moon on the 11th impacts your house of seclusion and privacy, tapping into the dynamic energy flow of the Jupiter – Pluto trine. You conduct your affairs effectively far from the public eye at this time. The 9th, 10th and 13th are beneficial for negotiations and implementing strategies that have a secretive undertone. Social life on the other hand will be quite vibrant, with many exciting invitations and events coming your way as Venus (Nov. 9th) and Mars (Nov. 13th) enter Libra, stimulating connectivity with others. A Full Moon on the 25th brings a culminating moment in a partnership. A challenging t-square formation at this time sees your energy being scattered in many directions, and this development could very well push you over the edge if you are not careful. Saturn and Neptune are applying in a very tough square at this lunation, and you may really be at odds with circumstances in your residential life or with a family member. This is an issue tying back to something that precipitated in the middle of 2013, perhaps there was a residential move, and it is now being drastically reconsidered. There could be an issue with the home, water damage that can’t be adequately repaired, or someone you live with has Neptune issues – alcohol or drug abuse could feature. At this point you have to make a decision for yourself about how to proceed. It might be a tough call, but if you have over idealized circumstances the truth will be apparent now that things can no longer go on this way. Sun conjunct Saturn in your sign on the 29th will see you taking control of the situation.

CAPRICORN: Strong social and professional prospects vie for your attention this month as Venus (Nov. 9th) and Mars (Nov. 13th) come to occupy the apex of your chart, stimulating your ambition and entrepreneurial pursuits. Meanwhile, transits of the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and a Scorpio New Moon on the 11th offer powerful social and networking opportunities. You are likely coming into the esteem of very important people in your industry and making new associations connected to your recent accomplishments. With a rising profile, you stand to connect with more successful people. With Jupiter in an auspicious position, real expansion and prosperity are within reach. The 13th features a very favorable professional turning point. You may give an interview or have your talents showcased in the media somehow. Friends with benefits (like power and money) come into the frame around the 2nd, 5th, 10th, 17th, and 24th and make valuable introductions. Really favorable meetings transpire on these dates. One caveat for November: a challenging aspect between Neptune and Saturn on the 26th will have a damaging effect on your reputation if you have failed to be completely above board in all your dealings and have upheld all your legal and financial obligation to which you are bound by contracts. You may feel weird about your self image and identity over the Saturn – Neptune phase and may seek to try out esoteric philosophies, meditation or something similar. This is fine, but bear in mind you might be impressionable and steer clear of charlatans and addictive substances. Take a time out on the 30th to collect yourself.

AQUARIUS: A very dynamic New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th brings a stunning new prospect in your career and chosen profession into the frame. An opportunity that is extended now is the successful culmination of the hard working and learning phase that permeated between late – 2012 through 2014. A business partner or spouse may be lucky for you in this phase, and may have made a key introduction or helped you get this venture on track. Developments that have been playing out in secrecy or behind the scenes – a drive to manifest something that emanates from deep within your subconscious, is also a potent force at work here. You may express uneasiness at the transformative forces at work on the 5th, but this is just a signal you are onto something big. Modifications to an existing plan make it stronger and more effective and a partner offers good advice if you are willing to hear it. Positive vibrations surrounding your academic career, an opportunity to travel or lecture, or in the realm of media, publishing or broadcast that got ironed out and initiated last month are due as Venus ( Oct. 9th) and Mars (Oct. 13th) transit Libra and the realm of adventure and far horizons. Cultural activities and exchange are favored. There could be a financial oversight that is the cause of concern around the 26th. Where Neptune has obscured the reality of your income and earnings, there can be a reckoning when Saturn enters the picture, bringing a harsh reality check if one is due. The 29th is positive for checking your facts and creating a new strategy. Pleasurable social activities and interaction, maybe even a love affair, are all enticing possibilities over the Gemini Full Moon on the 25th. This lunation ties into the Saturn – Neptune square, so you may or may not need this diversion. Up to you!

PISCES: Incredible good fortune in a relationship is possible around the 2nd, when the third stunning culmination of Venus conjunct Mars affects your house of committed partnerships, fanning the flames of romantic and erotic desire. You can truly connect with someone on a meaningful way, emotion and sexuality are integrated at this time. The Moon from your house of True Romance connects in Cancer. There has never been a time such as this to realize your most heartfelt desires for love and connectivity. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th sets the pace for the month. Endeavors connected to academia, teaching, media and publishing are featured, you may also promote yourself to favorable results at this time, particularly on the 17th. Mercury transiting Scorpio from the 3rd augments this very favorably, and intuition serves you brilliantly on the 6th. Venus (Nov. 9th) and Mars (Nov. 13) come to highlight the area of intimacy and shared resources. You may be pursuing capital to start a business enterprise, if so circle the dates of the 13th and 24th, which are ideal for meetings and negotiation. You have the right combination of tact and diplomacy to make a good impression at this time. A Full Moon in Gemini on the 25th from the area of residence and personal life falls into a dynamic t-square connecting to Mercury conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) and Neptune (Pisces). This can be a very contentious time for you personally as rivaling energies across your home/professional axis can really exert pressure on your sense of self, identity and ultimately feelings of personal security. Any t-square does, on the other hand, present an opportunity through crisis, and a professional offer that comes in on the 29th will require quick action, so don’t get too bogged down in this.