Stargazer Weekly Horoscope 4/28 – 5/4


This week could be a bit of a clunker, as an upbeat social atmosphere is moderated with continuous reminders revolving around topics of duty and obligation. Mercury is a busy bee, and moods fluctuate from buzzy and optimistic to discouraged or fatalistic. Numerous conversations and correspondence dominate the daily affairs, and the pace is likely to be brisk and exciting!

Mercury from Aries can possess a confrontational tone, and especially when aspecting Saturn and Pluto mid-week, things are likely to get a bit prickly. Not that you should back down from a stand off should one emerge, just be aware that others are equally tense, and perhaps this has nothing to do with you or even the situation in question. If a breaking point has been reached, it could be productive to give something that isn’t working a good heave-ho, just be mindful of your words as contentious vibes promote reckless behavior.

Mercury square the Nodal Axis on Wednesday is an especially pivotal moment and potent for releasing the past effectively. Although a profound sense of nostalgia can accompany this transit, fear or sadness over what is being (or has been) left behind, remain encouraged that something better is coming to take its’ place. Where you feel hindered or uncomfortable – are precisely the circumstances you are meant to walk away from. 

Saturn retrogrades on Monday, in an ongoing conjunction with the South Node that lasts through the end of the week. This aspect occurs again over the first two weeks of July, and finally one last time in late September, shortly after Saturn goes direct at 13’ Capricorn. Karmic issues that run deep can be accessed and released now. Return on something that has been worked towards over the last 9 or 18 years is also possible – particularly look at trajectories that were established in mid September of 2013. Under this influence, obsolete structures are dissolved to make room for what is next. 

An earthy and sensual New Moon in Taurus at the end of the week underscores this process and stimulates the cultivation of fresh prospects and perspectives. Material matters gain in importance and see beneficial improvements now. Geminate your goals for the next six months under this auspicious influence and see stunning results in November.  



March 20 – April 19

You see signs that you have outgrown a professional role, as you come to recognize a significant aspect of your life is coming to an end. While something provides a certainty and sits neatly in your comfort zone, you also are aware that you are capable of more, even (and perhaps especially) where you defy the expectations of others. A reconfiguration of your trajectory between now and September provides a new beginning. July is especially revealing and enables the necessary endings be made to move forward. 

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April 20 – May 20

Impulses arise from your subconscious realm and you may respond to event this week in unexpected or even unusual ways. There are positive indications in store involving finances and shared assets. You might have an ingenious idea that reconciles an issue between yourself and another where resources are concerned. Instincts about this will be strong. Mid week could produce some challenging reality checks regarding your future, and you may be required to realign your objectives temporarily.  

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May 21 – June 20

You’ve come so far, but still have a ways to go to actualize your desires surrounding an intimate relationship. Productive conversations with someone close this week offer opportunities to express your longer range goals, and this generates harmony while bringing you closer to someone. Perception and intuition are enhanced right now, consider them allies while you navigate the more difficult terrain. The more you stay tuned into what you really want the better the outcome. Think about winning in the log run if you feel like jumping ship this week.  

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June 21 – July 22

Intense vibes are present professionally or in your key partnership(s), and major adjustments will be required to deal with what emerges, especially mid week. You could get signals that a relationship has run it’s course, but equally these may just be growing pains indicating a new stage in the evolution of your partnership. Conflict emerges around whether the connection has what it takes to move forward and provide the substance you seek and if something does end its likely because it doesn’t.      

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July 23 – August 22

Creative yearnings are stimulated along with a desire to spread your wings and expand into new territory. There are obligations that seem to prevent you from doing so and these could produce some vexing moments in which you seek to break away from certain commitments. Scaling back or finding ways to streamline productivity can provide a solution. A new professional chapter begins under the auspices of the Taurus Moon over the weekend. If you feel compelled to strike out in a different direction, trust this impulse.     

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August 23 – September 22

Financial obligations prevent your free expression this week and could make you take another look at how productive your arrangements are. For the time being you might need to be more flexible while long term trends are still in the process of taking root in your life. Your personal/profession axis is lit up this week and there could be positive news about resources that enable growth in both spheres. The Taurus New Moon gives you a vantage point that stimulates excitement for what the future has in store. What would you like to see take off in your life in the six months.   

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September 23 – October 23

These could be some prickly moments as you continue to reconcile the demands of your personal and professional obligations. News mid week points you in the direction of the future and towards a career milestone you will likely achieve in July. This one has been in the works for a while, though a strong indication of what you need to release (the past) this week is emphasized. Communication between you and your spouse or partner flows brilliantly, generating optimism and a strong vision for a shared future. The New Moon enhances confidence and trust in your intimate relationship.  

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October 24 – November 21

You are busy-busy-busy at work and many lucrative assignments are in store if you apply your agility and communication skills to the opportunities on offer. Words get pointed, especially mid week, as tensions between yourself and your colleagues or a transportation issue escalates. A clash of wills is possible here, state your case and move on. A change of mind or attitude adjustment may also be required. The New Moon in Taurus ups the ante on your relationship – are you ready to take this to the next level? 

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November 22 – December 21

Your happy go lucky attitude hits a glitch when you have to reconcile what you want with what you need, making you re-evaluate your resources. You are still learning to trust and rely on others more, and this level of intimacy can be a bit frightening up front, though you are slowly getting more accustomed to it. You tap the source of pleasure and creativity this week while the Moon transits Aries and links up with Mercury and Venus in your arena of True Romance Thursday into Friday. Tuesday is perfect for expressing your feelings to someone you care for.  

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December 22 – January 19 

There could be some growing pains this week Cap, as you continue to reorient yourself and ongoing evolution to include an important relationship. As a generally independent person, this comes with some modifications to your lifestyle as you learn to accommodate another person in your life. As you relinquish habits that reinforce your autonomy but also exclude the possibility of mutual engagement, appreciate  how much you have gain rather than lament over what you might perceive as a loss. You tap the source of love and creation during the New Moon, pleasure is enhanced by your receptivity to give and receive.      

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January 20 – February 18

Work – life balance needs to be addressed, and time constraints mid week could provide an insight that prompts a change in your mind set that triggers a needed change. The New Moon is pivotal for rearranging your priorities, the changes in your personal life, (which will be ongoing) are emphasized and enable you to make some crucial decisions. You can set yourself up for success now and deflect some of the more unpredictable circumstances that arise in May. Asserting what you want while you establish a root base assures an outcome you can live with.

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February 19 – March 20

Follow your heart Pisces. Trying to accommodate or live up to the wishes and desires of others will not take you far right now. There are rich and ripe opportunities for personal development in creativity and love right now. If you lose a relationship or even a few, assure yourself these did not have your best interests in mind. If you find yourself at a crossroads this week, ask yourself “Does this make me feel good?” and if the answer is no – walk away, regardless how comfortable arrangements might be. Intuition is well developed and your best ally. An important conversation regarding a financial/professional matter on Thursday goes well for you. Stand up for what you are worth.    

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