2020 Stargazer Forecast


Two very distinct themes shape the 2020 astrology forecast. First is the Capricorn stellium that culminates in January which establishes the most significant topics for the year right up front. Special attention must be given to the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, due to it’s rarity – the last time this aspect occurred in Capricorn was in 1518. Secondly, the retrograde periods of both Venus/Gemini then Mars/Aries, which mutually trigger adjustment or reconsideration that have consequences primarily within the relational sphere. Additionally the shift of the Nodal Axis from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius in early May signals that evolutionary directives are transformed as a new eclipse cycle emerges, presenting dramatic changes in the area of your chart affected.

Major activity and potential for complete metamorphosis occurs in the area of your chart where 22’ Capricorn falls. This is the degree of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction on January 12th and an astrology hotspot for the entire year. Taking a disciplined approach to transformation in this area intensifies, making substantial change a real possibility now, but requiring a consistent and determined approach to see it through. There is a groundbreaking quality to this combination and ambition to great achievement in some area (again, as indicated by where this specifically falls in your chart) through a complete regeneration of how you approach the topic. 

The atmosphere around this whole thing is pretty momentous, with a double Capricorn influence encouraging measured initiative to undertake a massive project, while being prepared for the long haul and sacrificing or releasing anything superfluous to the goal at hand for an indeterminate amount of time. A lot of excess was revealed (and hopefully) then relinquished last Summer – during the transits of the South Node to these two, much pertaining to inflated objectives or seeking power or control for it’s own sake. 

The negative manifestation of Capricorn/Saturn is an attachment to power on a symbolic or superficial level. Scorpio/Pluto is equally drawn to power, though its’ motives tend to be more subversive if unresolved trauma, especially that associated with loss of innocence, is unconsciously playing a role and externalizing itself through manipulative or destructive behavior patterns. With these two forces working together there is an opportunity to: a) conscientiously and pragmatically attend to the resolution of deep psychological issues that are undermining your effectiveness to meet the demands of reality and accomplish your long range goals, b) determine for yourself what power really is and restructure your life according to your own values. Leave behind appropriated symbols of success or social milestones that have been culturally informed or imposed upon you. 

Much of the work has actually occurred internally by the time the Saturn – Pluto aspect becomes exact. It’s at this pivotal moment when that work begins to manifest, or when you realize you are prepared to take that next step into the unknown. Awareness that all the pieces won’t fall into place immediately enables the patience required to deal with the vast reorganization required to make the most of what is at hand. Additional aspects include Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Jupiter sextile Neptune, both of which occur three – fold, due to retrogrades. Look to the initial aspect to reveal the major potentials for growth associated with the aspect, the second to make adjustments and the third to really see the manifestation of the opportunity. 

Jupiter conjunct Saturn falls at 0’ Aquarius at the end of the year. This precipitates a dynamic cultural shift and could augment the institution of new economic or political movements or policies. Justice and humanitarian values become codified (Saturn/Aquarius) and set a new precedent for society as a larger, interconnected organism. New technologies will be developed or emerge in the market (AI? Cryptocurrencies? IoT?) that signal changes to the status quo – for better or worse! New systems begin to arrive from late March through June, as Saturn makes it’s initial test run in Aquarius, retrograding May 11th and retreating back into Capricorn for a few more months to recalibrate for the bigger reveal in December.   





April 4th; June 29th; Nov 12th




February 20; July 27th; October 12


Venus and Mars represent the archetypal masculine/feminine polarity as expressed through each individual through the signs and houses in which they reside in an individual’s chart. Venus is receptive, Mars is active. Where they work together harmoniously, either in a natal chart or between two individuals in synastry or composite, there is balance and flow between these fundamental principles. Alternately when they are in conflict (especially with the square and quincunx aspects,) there tends to be more abrasive or inharmonious experiences concerning, love, sex and pleasure. 

Venus is not only the goddess of love, but also represents ones inherent level of self esteem. It represents receptiveness to pleasure and belief you deserve it. The sign Venus resides in tends to be what you find pleasurable or attractive, the house position signifies how you attain it. Mars is associated with confidence, and the intrinsic belief you can do something. Your Mars sign represents the kind of accomplishments that arouse your sense of confidence, and the house position is the arena in which they are made. 

To add to the alchemy are natal (or transiting) aspects made to Venus and Mars, which also color and impact the experiences one might have surrounding the topics of love, romance, material acquisition, prosperity, (Venus) and the level of tenacity you possess to go after what you desire (Mars). Outer planets in detriment tend to have the most corrosive influence on the inherent properties represented by the personal planets in general (although they also tend to produce fascinating individuals who tend to live through and overcome extraordinary obstacles). 

Second to these would be natal retrogrades in the chart. With retrograde Venus, there is a fundamental issue with the level of self esteem, a lack of trust or belief that one deserves affection. Individuals possessing this placement have a subconscious tendency to undermine intimate relationships because they lack faith these can be lasting or successful. With retrograde Mars self-confidence is in question, and there can be intense vacillation between going after personal passions and losing momentum or sensing there is something fundamentally wrong or inappropriate about the objectives. 

In both instances of retrograde Venus or Mars there can be apprehension or even disgust pointed at individuals who exhibit the traits of these planets in a healthy and balanced way. There can additionally be triggering contacts with others that stimulate resentment or passive aggressive behaviors. This always reflects back to the individual needing to resolve internal issues and reconcile their own association to feelings of inadequacy to express the natural tendencies represented by Venus and Mars respectively. 

Contemporary retrograde transits of Venus and Mars are vital periods for exploring new techniques and making substantial lifestyle adjustments – not only for natally retrograde individuals, but anyone who seeks to find alternatives where it becomes obvious the current trajectory is no longer effective and new solutions are desired.

2020 feature two significant periods of reorientation: retrograde Venus through Gemini and Mars through Aries. The Venus retrograde begins on a square to Neptune, suggesting there is a disappointment in a relationship or an idealized circumstance that either falls short of expectation or is untenable for the time being. Whatever the precise situation, the period from May 13th – June 25th is one that calls for reevaluation and even some soul searching. It’s a positive time for reviewing prior events to see where an unfinished or unresolved issue from the past (even the way back past) is creating obstacles to personal satisfaction and success in the current time frame. 

The Mars transit is a bit more turbulent, and likely to manifest in the larger social order as a period of political upheaval, perhaps generating revolution or warfare as oppressed factions fight for autonomy and liberation from tyrannical regimes. Mars from Aries makes three full transits (square) to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, signifying conflicts and a requirement for dynamic realignment of the status quo, especially in regard to individual rights as opposed to the force of authority. 

On a more personal level, it is likely that a project or pursuit runs out of momentum as long range and endemic issues or circumstances (highlighted by where Capricorn resides in your chart) need to be dealt with or overcome. There could be “red tape” or a very difficult situation to contend with before progress can be made. It’s not unlikely a certain amount of stress accompanies these transits and it’s possible finding ways to manage tension is one of the more valuable attributes of the process that unfolds over the second half of the year, particularly from September to mid – November. 


APRIL 10 – JULY 26:

Pre – Retrograde Shadow April 10 – May 13 (5’ – 21’ Gemini)

Retrograde May 13 – June 25 (21’ -5’ Gemini)

Sun conjunct Venus June 3rd 13’ Gemini

Post Retrograde Shadow June 25 – July 26 (5’ – 21’ Gemini)


JULY 25 – JANUARY 2, 2021:

Pre – Retrograde Shadow July 25 – September 9 (15’ – 28’ Aries)

Retrograde September 9 – November 13 (28’ – 15’ Aries)

Post Retrograde Shadow November 13 – January 2, 2021 (15’ – 28’ Aries)


The 2020 Horoscopes focus primarily on the retrogrades of Venus and Mars. For a personalized reading, please reach out to me at stargazerastroatlas@gmail.com An extended 2020 report is also available for subscribers on Patreon.com


March 20 – April 19

Venus Retrograde impacts communication and relationships. It could be difficult to get through to your spouse or a business partner at this time. There is reassessment of the viability of a connection connected to challenging financial circumstances. Old acquaintances may resurface, and one may even turn out to be a viable romantic or professional association, or make productive introductions. Mars Retrograde is very specific to you, as it falls in your sign. Be incredibly conscientious about your health during this period, as it’s easy to push yourself too hard and burn out or suffer from fatigue. Choose your battles carefully (or choose not to battle) especially during the retrograde phase, as you can come off quite aggressive or ruthless and provoke antagonism, particularly in your profession. Guard your reputation cautiously during this contentious period.    


April 20 – May 20

Venus Retrograde highlights work and earnings, with a huge rethink possible about your self worth and how invested you feel in your job or assignments. You may consider a personal rebranding mission, though you are best to wait until later in May to make substantial or visible changes to your image. A huge development in the final week of May (Mercury conjunct North Node) signals a brilliant opportunity or insight regarding your earnings. Mars Retrograde has a strong effect on your relationships and features a heavy connection to your past and releasing prior regrets or feelings that inhibit your self-esteem. It’s likely a review of what (or who) did not work out in previous relationships has you questioning the viability of a contemporary relationship. Resolving internalized feelings of failure predicated on what has occurred before is paramount. Travel and pursuits regarding higher education should be postponed for the time being. 


May 21 – June 20

Venus Retrograde is especially significant for you, since it falls in your sign. Love relationships in particular go through a period of recalibration, as you consider your true feelings, though a lot of this goes back to your own self – image and self – esteem, which may be in short supply during this phase. Those trying for pregnancy or adoption may wish to postpone for a few months while this transit levels out. Creative issues are also impacted, and artistic types will have to dig deeper to find their muse. Mars Retrograde signals a slow down on the job and impacts your social life. It’s possible you reconnect with old associates, and any unsettled debts can creep up at this time. There is some tumult associated with loans or shared financial agreements, it could also be a difficult time work wise, and a steady job or assignment may be difficult to pin down for the duration. You will be examining where your skills are best utilized, and this may also be the cause of holding back on taking a position while you reevaluate.  


June 21 – July 22

Venus Retrograde holds a very nostalgic quality of time for you, as you are likely reflecting on the past or pining for someone at a distance or who is out of touch for some reason. There may be unsettled matters in your domestic life that require reorganization, and you may desire to completely redo your home decor, though this could be a manifestation of wanting to erase the past, which actually is seeking confrontation and resolution. By the end of May this cycle clears and new information and prospects provide helpful guidance. Mars Retrograde affects your profession and can signal a downturn in energy towards your long range goals, particularly of the preceding months were very busy on this front. You are likely to reconsider your plans or objectives, seek a new course or alter your plans significantly. There are very contentious energies coming from partners who are unwilling to go along with you or who don’t support your agenda, and this could be a trying period for a relationship with a spouse or business partner. 


July 23 – August 22

Venus Retrograde affects your most cherished aspirations and may trigger you to reconsider an objective that had fallen to wayside due to time constraints previously. A social event may bring you back into the orbit of an old friend or colleague that reminds you of this project and may rekindle your interest in trying for it again. The end of May has favorable overtones for getting this off the ground. Mars Retrograde signals a reconsideration of your life direction, educational goals, or how you reach the broader world with your message. Those working in academics or media will likely feel this most proportionately as you devise new strategies or techniques to find and reach an audience or pursue and cultivate knowledge. This can also produce a reconsideration of something that you may have sought to do, but were not able to actualize previously. Look at your current prospects and reevaluate the possibilities available to you now.


August 23 – September 22

Venus Retrograde impacts your profession and reputation. There could be a dry period where you just don’t feel like you know where you are headed, or why, and begin to question your choices surrounding your career trajectory. Assignments may be short coming or a lack of praise for what you have accomplished could produce feelings of unease. Money matters can also be tricky, with your income dipping or expenses generating unfavorable conditions for you financially. Mars Retrograde signals an intensely transformative period for you in an intimate relationship, especially where you may be sharing or merging assets with another person, such as in a marriage or through business partnership. It may also indicate a difficult breakup, or division of assets, and there is also the potential of reevaluating a prior relationship that may have not culminated previously, but which you revisit to see if there is still a viable connection there. Private matters impact your self expression and love relationships, but can be detrimental. Make choices (or make none, for now!) with caution.


September 23 – October 23

Venus Retrograde impacts shared economies, especially in relation to a media enterprise or your educational goals, which could be on a slow roll while the funding for a key project is resolved. You may get an experimental urge towards some form of broadcasting or self expression, portraying yourself in an unexpected way to a larger audience, either through the inter-webs or by traveling, performing or lecturing at a distance. Mars Retrograde dually impacts your finances and partnerships. Resources may be in short supply, which impacts your self image and has a mirroring affect on your relationships. There is the potential of pushing someone away because you feel unworthy of affection during this transit. Or the partner may pull away due to conflicts or obligations in their own life. There is a tense matter in the domestic life that needs to be reconciled during this transit before you can move forward. 


October 24 – November 21

Venus Retrograde affects a close, intimate relationship and brings commitments and matters of trust (including shared financial arrangements) up for review. There is the potential that an unresolved matter from the past is hindering your emotional availability or limiting the resources you have available (debt could be an issue) to move forward. This is a productive time to assess your expectations and what you, or others, really have to offer. Mars Retrograde impacts your health, productivity and self-image, and likely influences you to make substantial life changes in order to cultivate a more positive body image and boost self esteem. In order to do this, you will likely be challenged to reconsider some of your existing attitudes or make modifications to the most entrenched attributes of your daily routine. The more willingly you can dispense with beliefs that no longer serve you, the easier this transit becomes. Those in the job market could experience a delay, and will find better results towards the end of the year.


November 22 – December 21

Venus Retrograde falls in your area of committed partnerships, and you will likely step back to review your commitments to others. It’s possible a serious relationship cools off in this phase or a partner is preoccupied or unavailable. It’s also likely that you rekindle an old flame, and while a second chance is possible, there may just be unsettled business that needs to be addressed so you can release this connection and move on. Delay important decisions. Mars Retrograde impacts love relationships, children and your creative self expression, also signaling a downward shift in your ability to express and receive affection or through artistic endeavors. Again the possibility of reconnecting with a former love interest (or creative passion pursuit that was placed on the back burner) is present at this time. In this period you are called upon to reconnect with your essence and the heart of what you seek to express as well as the form that takes. Those trying for pregnancy or adoption should wait until next year. 


December 22 – January 19 

Venus Retrograde impacts work and career. You have to find new ways to organize your daily affairs to further your professional aspirations. If you have been in a high profile position and things moving forward swiftly, it’s possible a project or assignment is up in the air for a while while the resources and personnel required to accomplish a goal are reconfigured. Things line up favorably from the end of May. Mars Retrograde points to troubled circumstances in your domestic or personal life, or at the least an unsettled quality that is pervasive through the end of the year. You could have difficulties if you are trying to buy or sell property at this time, as your own attitudes and potential unwillingness to work with others is a deterrent to agreements on these matters. Your own aspirations and long term goals are held up through this process, and until reconciliation is possible.  


January 20 – February 18

Venus Retrograde signals reconsiderations of a romantic or creative variety, you may be thinking of a lost love and pining over the one who got away. If you do reconnect with someone in this period, there is likely unfinished business between you. Resolve your karmic issues and move on. It’s also possible a creative project comes back into frame and you feel stimulated to make another attempt to see it to fruition. This might just be a distraction, but you if you enjoy yourself in the process, why not? Mars Retrograde factors in your communication and learning sector, and can slow the progress of educational goals temporarily. Equally likely is rediscovery of an interesting subject and you may decide to take a second crack at a literary or publishing project. Enjoy the discoveries along the way, but remain mindful that what comes into form now is unlikely to last. This is a temporary shift in atmosphere and direction. This is a positive time to reconnect with old friends and catch up.  


February 19 – March 20

Venus Retrograde affects your personal life and home. There could be unsettled conditions in your residence, especially if you are trying to make improvements or relocate. The necessary resources to make this happen may be in short supply, especially if you are waiting for word on a loan or mortgage. Keep in mind that conditions are only temporary. A female family member may turn up unexpectedly and require your assistance. Things turn in your favor in the late Spring. Mars Retrograde impacts finance and it appears you need to get sorted here in order to make desired progress on long term aspirations or a group project. An organization you belong to may actually provide difficulty for you through dues or fees you pay to participate. This is a time during which complete re-evaluation of your earnings and sense of self worth is likely to occur, potentially following a period of loss of income, or just the realization a road has come to an end. Confidence is established more easily towards the end of the year.