Stargazer Astrology May


Uranus looms largely in the May forecast – so expect for the unexpected, especially where matters of security are concerned. Brilliant ideas are hatched under these influences, but the erratic and unpredictable are equally featured and can provide undesired, or at the very least disruptive, developments. Early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius horoscope factors experience this the most intensively. The 8th (Mercury conjunct Uranus) and the 18th (Venus conjunct Uranus) are potent for initiating new ventures or relationships that have an unconventional or futuristic flavor to them. These cycles last for about a year so pay close attention to what begins around these dates. Expect news about new products or standardization connected to FinTech or Blockchain technologies, payment automation and virtual wallets.  

Lunations in Taurus and Scorpio further emphasize resources: from Taurus – what you can do for yourself, or self reliance, and from Scorpio – what you can create and accomplish together. Neither the New or Full Moon are significantly aspected by aspect to other planets or the nodes, so you can work with these how you choose to. With the New Moon (May 4th at 14’ Taurus) you want to plant seeds or begin something associated with the material growth you seek and cultivate your inner confidence.

A Full Moon at 27’ Scorpio on May 18th signals the return on efforts that began in early November of last year. You see signs of fruition for a goal that was established last Autumn and likely features themes of intimate relationships and business partnerships. A catharsis comes complete.

A major breakthrough on the 5th loops back to an enterprise that was established around January 6th 2018, during the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter at 17’ Scorpio. As these two fiery behemoths connect in opposition from Gemini to Sagittarius, massive ideological conflicts can erupt, so try to hang on to a bigger picture world view if Chicken Little comes running down the road. The atmosphere is explosive and incendiary!

On a more personal level you should see turning point or culmination where the initiatives formed early last year are showing signs of success for efforts you have put in. If so – good work! On the other hand, if you realize something isn’t going to come out as you wanted, you have the opportunity to go back to the drawing board or scrap what isn’t working based on what becomes abundantly clear following this critical alignment. 



March 20 – April 19

You feel much more in your element this month, just in time to catch up to the marvelous developments on offer professionally. Hard work and an obstacles you overcame earlier this year showed you had grit and place you in a position to boost your earnings now. Hold your most important negotiations, meetings and interviews between the 15th – 17th. By the end of the month news reaches you about a promotion or raise. At the same time, you may seek out unconventional sources of income, since Uranus looms large this month and you are seeking a measure of autonomy where earnings are concerned.

From mid month, domestic matters require attention, and intuition about where and how improvements can be made resonates strongly within you. The more willingly you release the past the easier it is to make room for what is in store. Between now and July there are going to be significant changes in your residential and personal life, some unexpected, though looking back you will see these have been simmering since last Summer.

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April 20 – May 20

A quick transit of Mercury boosts your energy level and activities at the moment, and you find it easier to express your ideas and formulate objectives. Your powers of perception and persuasion are especially enhanced from the 15th – 17th. You are far more in your comfort zone while Venus enchants your region of the sky from mid month. Love mojo is strong and gets reinforcing vibes in the later part of May.

A situation can be tense on the 7th, though what you overcome together makes you so much stronger in the end. Emphasis is placed on relationships with the Moon activating the Me – You axis, culminating in a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th. You could be making a long term commitment, and if you are seeking to tie the knot this is a fabulous time to do so! 

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May 21 – June 20

You are still operating from behind the scenes for the most part, coming into your own from the end of the month (specifically on the 21st) when Sun and Mercury link up in your chart, hitting the reset button on your life. All the motivation you have felt to get going on a personal project over the last several weeks finally coalesces with circumstances that make it possible to build some traction where it is has been in short supply.

Finding the right balance between your work and private life is crucial with turning points on the 4th and 18th making clear what habits need development and those which have outlived their shelf life. Intuition runs strong, especially in the middle days of the month. A gut feeling has a lucrative pay off if you are willing to trust your instincts. 

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June 21 – July 22

Friends and lovers are the emphasis this month and you are likely to enjoy some harmonious times socially or through cultivating your connection with someone who tugs your heart strings. The Full Moon on the 18th is ideal for putting yourself out there, feelings run deep and strong and seek expression. Mars in your sign from mid month gives you energy but also has a confrontational edge to it. Your passionate nature is invigorated, but equally your temper! (This is more abrasive next month, when Mars forms challenging aspects to heavyweights in opposition to your sign from Capricorn.)

You have good indications mid-month to set the record straight with your significant other and reach a mutual understanding. Use this period to mitigate issues that might arise down the road. The 2nd and 9th are highly favorable for negotiating a professional promotion or new position. 

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July 23 – August 22

The month starts out on a leisurely note, and if you are traveling, teaching or promoting something you are making the most of your stars. By mid – month a shift to professional goals is palpable. You gain through employment, even where a situation seemed insurmountable earlier in the year. The New Moon on the 4th signals a fresh start. Your consistent efforts pay off and a promotion or new position is possible.

You get signals that you want to do something quite different and may take off in an unexpected direction. These could be hard to suppress and you are encouraged to explore your options. Mars moves into a mysterious portion of your chart from mid month. You refuel from behind the scenes, perhaps working on a secret project. Events on the 22nd reveal an exciting new prospect. Your instincts point you in the right direction.

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August 23 – September 22

Following the muddles and challenges of the last few months you begin to come into your own. Your inner life has undergone a substantial metamorphosis and there are far more beneficial influences at work that help you spread your wings and reach for the future. You get a taste of what’s in store around the time of the New Moon on the 4th with prospects continuing to brighten throughout the month and into June.

Professionally you get much needed assistance on the 14th. Planning and career development shapes the four months following the Sun – Mercury conjunction on the 21st. Make a plan and take assured steps towards reaching a milestone by your birthday. From mid month a very social atmosphere comes into play and you could find yourself very busy extending and accepting invitations. 

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September 23 – October 23

There is a strong financial emphasis present this month with benefits coming in through the resources of others who seek to support you. From the 15th you have a special advantage to negotiate for a loan or funding. With Mars reaching the apex of your chart May 15th an through June, you stand to make professional headway as a result. Serendipity prevails over the last two weeks of the month and you find yourself in the right place at the right time to make the most a career opportunity.

Those working in creative arts or fields associated with visionary, esoteric or spiritual topics especially benefit from this influence. Socially the ambience is exciting, and you enjoy sharing activities with a partner or could hit it off with someone while attending an event or party. There could be road blocks on the road to love on the 7th or 9th. A positive attitude and faith in a good outcome helps you navigate any turbulence. 

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October 24 – November 21

You make peace with the past this month, and in doing so feel new and invigorating winds in your romantic life or in regard to a creative project. A lot of emphasis is placed upon relationships right now, and this is a good time to make your feelings known to someone you are interested in developing an close association with. Events this month could produce unexpected developments, but will equally be invigorating.

By the time of the Full Moon in your sign on the 18th, you can really put past matters to rest. Mars from Cancer generates enthusiasm to move forward as the concerns and obstacles of the prior months swiftly fade away. Set your sights on distant shores or a professional coup this Summer, you have what it takes to make it and auspices are favorable to see a monumental move up the ladder of success. 

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November 22 – December 21

Passions run high this season and your love life is susceptible to sudden and enticing new avenues of exploration. There is also an emphasis on your private or personal life, especially from mid month. You make some of your best personal progress behind closed doors or in therapeutic environments. Spa and sauna treatments are invigorating and restorative. You can draw the curtain on the past during the Full Moon phase on the 18th.

Where endings and release occur you are making space for new and improved conditions in the second half of the year, notably from August when Jupiter is direct in your sign again. For the time being explore your connections and nurture your commitment. Examine what you can do for others and see what you can learn about yourself in the process. Events on the 7th or 9th reveal where financial matters may still require attention.

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December 22 – January 19 

It’s a very enjoyable month in store for Cap, kicking off with a highly sensual and alluring New Moon in your arena of pleasure on the 4th. An emphasis on home and personal issues gives way to a far more romantic ambience, with passions running high from mid month especially. Conversations you have between the 15th – 17th are very productive. You can set the record straight and go for exactly what you want by wearing your heart on your sleeve. A turning point in a love affair on the 22nd can open the door to making a significant commitment by the end of the month.

The atmosphere is a bit more contentious in June, so make the most of what’s on tap for May! Work and productivity become accentuated towards the end of the month, making for a very busy period on the job front. Think about where you want to be in September – October as a guideline for what you agree to take on now.

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January 20 – February 18

There is a need to get grounded this month and establish security in your home base or personal life. Your inner resources provide assistance and enable the navigation of a transition that could otherwise be somewhat disruptive, at least in terms of what you are used to. A job provides a lucrative upside in the second half of the month, though it could be a demanding and hard working period for you.

Things get more exciting after the 21st, and you’ll seek new avenues for self expression. You gravitate instinctually (and intellectually) to people and circumstances through which you can demonstrate your creative abilities and feel free to finally have some fun. Mid month is optimal for making an important decision about home or family matters. Speaking to the people involved will help you make the right choice. 

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February 19 – March 20

A strong financial emphasis remains over the early part of the month, with some tense issues in the first week that require attention. From there, a more social ambience takes over. You find joy in the simple pleasures of day to day experiences and unexpected events provide enjoyable moments and a fresh outlook on life. The 15th – 17th are ideal for attending or hosting an event. You may also be involved in a conference or seminar that inspires you to think big.

Tense dynamics at home diminish from the 16th and  you begin to seek out more pleasurable and romantic experiences. These tap into the core of your expression and inspiration, as you engage with the depth of your imagination. If you work in the arts this will be a time of momentous and effortless flow of your creativity. Others may experience this through a love relationship or their children. This culminates brilliantly through July – signaling a fresh start is on the way. 

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Weekly Forecast 5/13-5/19


Events this week do much to set up the prevailing themes of the next six months, with a New Moon in Taurus (Tuesday) and the ingress of Mars (Aquarius) and Uranus (Taurus) forming a square midweek immediately after changing signs. Due to the upcoming retrogrades of both, this aspect occurs again in September, thus what is set into motion now likely does not fully materialize until this later point. The Taurus Full Moon in 6 months time will be conjunct to Uranus exactly. This week offers strong signals as to what the new world order will hold, and what in your own life is shifting to make room for it. Allow for an extended period of adaptation. The choices made in this critical period have a stronger than usual bearing on the future. (Incidentally, retrograde Jupiter is also currently transiting the degrees it will return to in September, upping the ante on current developments.)

It may be enticing under the dynamic and disruptive influence of Mars square Uranus (Wednesday) to jump the shark and go charging in guns blazing, but the message of the retrograde shadow phase (beginning Saturday May 12) is to take it slowly and allow for reversals. A triggering event sets much into motion – albeit slow motion. Mars moving at this measured pace means less energy to work with, as well as lower drive and even reluctance. The New Moon connects to both Mars and Pluto, making for a gritty and determined atmosphere. Power to persevere is the theme for the next month. From Taurus the New Moon affirms that slow and steady wins the race.

What also comes into question is the tension stimulated by the changes that will occur in financial systems during the Uranus – Taurus transit, and whether these will serve the humanitarian objectives of Aquarius. Innovation in order to achieve this transformation is a significant driver for the transformation that is occurring at this time. For the time being, there is disorder as these issues stimulate massive recalibration of access to resources and how they are distributed (as expressed most implicitly through the transformation to digital and crypto currencies), throughout society. Look at what is going on this week conscientiously, as events now will be reflective of what occurs in August, as well as what will be advanced forward at that time. Journaling is a good way to keep track of what’s going on so you can examine it later.

Mercury races through Taurus from Sunday, conjuncting Uranus in Aries one last time before checking out. This will mark the last conjunction in Aries of these two for over 80 years. A fortuitous and unexpected development may take place, one either in the works for years, or over the recent months. Moon in Aries connects during the afternoon, so a big conversation can culminate at this time, the atmosphere will be dynamic! Expect a breakthrough and be ready to take action swiftly. Aries is NOT going to wait around for anyone.



ARIES March 20 – April 19
You’ll feel truly palpable shifts in the atmosphere this week. First a very dynamic lunar cycle in your sign brings matters to a head on Sunday and you can finally articulate your viewpoint after months of uncertainty. From Wednesday, you’ll feel less disruption as Uranus leaves your sign. You have been required to assert your independence and hopefully been successful at attaining the liberation you desired (though this was likely pretty difficult under the auspices of Uranus/Pluto). From here you can start to focus on developing the security you seek, though this could prove tumultuous at times in it’s own way. Taking an innovative approach or retraining in a more contemporary (tech) skill set could be required.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
It would be easy to be overwhelmed by the incredible developments occurring this week, so stick to how you do it – nice and easy. Uranus in your sign has a sparkling influence on your personality but can also leave you frazzled. Professional developments are going through a major process of reorientation too, which you get clues about this week. The climate improves from Fall onward, but there are certain adjustments to be made and potentially some retraining is necessary to make the progress you would desire. A New Moon in your sign on Tuesday sets you on the right track. The path you seek resonates clearly and you can set a course.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
The next two weeks are appropriate for introspective activities, as your inner vision is stimulated in this phase. Potent messages that arise around the New Moon come from your deepest subconscious and intuition. It might be the appropriate time to consult a therapist or spiritual advisor for guidance, especially if you are feeling you have debilitating connections or psychological issues tied to the past that seek resolution. Mars in Aquarius bodes well for you, and though it’s in a slow phase right now, the prospects of the future glimmer brightly. A transformative phase occurs between the present and the future you seek. Don’t be afraid to look within, as what you need to discover is right beneath the surface.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
Certain challenges come to conclusion now, as disruptive influences of the Uranus square diminish. You get more support over the coming phase with the transit through Taurus, and will benefit from exciting personal connections and an expanded list of friends and associates. Mars leaving Capricorn also takes some heat of your interpersonal exchanges, though a situation with a spouse or partner (look for clues this week) will require reorientation later in the Summer. For now at least you can enjoy less friction in the ambience. New goals come into focus, and transformation will be emphasized over the coming months, particularly in intimate or business relationships.

LEO July 23 – August 22
Very new dynamics come into play over the coming weeks and months, with an emphasis placed on critical angles of your chart and both professional and relational matters coming into play. Specifically, you will desire growth in your career, but tense associations with a partner or spouse are also going to require attention and mediation. If you can juggle your commitments you’ll come out on top, but try not to let the friction you might experience during these transitions to overwhelm you. The New Moon points to a new professional direction and gains you have made at work will make these tenable for you over the next six months. Take it nice and easy to set the stage for success.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
There are some vexing influences afoot, and though they are unlikely to affect you too personally, you may notice discord in the lives of those around you, especially coworkers. Meanwhile there are very positive influences in store, particularly as Mercury moves into Taurus. As you default ruler, (some astrologers attribute the asteroid Chiron to your sign) having Mercury occupy an obtuse angle of you chart for so long (about two and a half months) has required continual reorganization, especially in your intimate and financial associations. You can make a lot of progress over the rest of the month, and early Virgo especially will feel the excitement percolating with Uranus in Taurus. Concerning matters regarding health or your connection to a loved one will be emphasized throughout the Summer, with a significant development now precipitating what is finally resolved in September.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Unexplored dynamics between you and another take center stage. Resolution of a domestic or personal matter is required before this one can really move to the next phase of development, and you are more likely to see progress from September onward. Meanwhile, there is a more settled feeling to your associations as Uranus moves out of Aries and ceases to have such a dramatic influence on your partnerships. Nonetheless – a completely unanticipated conversation, meeting or piece of information arrives this Sunday, that could shift things swiftly. The New Moon stimulates an intimate phase. If a relationship is getting more serious, you may decide to cohabitate in about six months time. Till then domestic life is a bit of a work in progress, especially at the end of Summer. Events now point to what is in store and where the work is required.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
The effects of Uranus in opposition to your sign has many dimensions. (If you are reading for Scorpio ascendant, this transit applies more to your relationships, for Sun there is a more personal connotation.) In one form or another, a series of events will compel you defend and/or liberate yourself, or even defend your liberty! To describe this influence is disruptive is only one part of it – what is occurring on a more psychological level is forging a path to greater autonomy and engaging deeply in a more resonant relationship to yourself. Usually, this path is clamorous and provides a challenge or obstacle, or unsettled circumstances that compel the realization of that affect. Relationships you have outgrown will phase out now on the positive side, while new ones that arise will likely have an urgency to them that dissipates as suddenly as it occurs.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
A major emphasis is developing on angles of your chart representing adjustment and learning, with work and daily life emphasized this week forward. Finding a way to keep up with your expanding role on the job could be tricky, and your schedule likely to be keeping you busy. A New Moon this week points to where you can improve your productivity, health and well being. You likely stand to gain considerable ground here, and perhaps you can find a new position that adds to your income. Friday is particularly effective for an interview or seeking a promotion. Think about where you would like to be in 6 months, and likely good things will unfold for you.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
The developing forecast will take some of the pressure off you, especially in regard to unsettled domestic situations. Where you may have contended with a bumpy ride, things can level out now. A more stable home base will enable you to pursue other passions, especially where personal projects and love affairs are emphasized. This period provides a refreshing atmosphere and seeking out that which gives you pleasure. Friday is also ideal for articulating your goals or making a decision or effort that will impact your future. The New Moon can reveal hidden desires or where creative desires may have stagnated. With Venus accenting the partnership area of your chart, love could be on the way to you shortly. Next Saturday is especially appealing.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Mars in your sign would usually propel you to take swift action, especially where ideas or the written word can be concerned. This time though, with Mars entering your sign at a slower pace than normal, you’ll be a bit more reluctant to jump into projects or affiliations until you have more reliable information to act upon, which could take a few months. Your personal life takes center stage meanwhile, and you likely see some big developments with family or a residential matter. The upcoming transit of Uranus here will require some experimentation (followed by reorganization) of domestic matters and pushing some boundaries with those closest to you and claiming independence where you see fit. Expect some clashes, followed by a new order of things.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
Big developments are occurring on two fronts – both your conscious and subconscious are illuminated this week, and getting these to come to terms might be a bit of a challenge. Early Pisces will be the most effected, as Uranus stimulates the mental sphere and provides excitement in your social life. You might get the urge to write a book or start a blog, and there could be developments within this project over the next 6 months. Meanwhile there is an emphasis culminating in the deep and dark depths of your subconscious mind, a transit that will expose you to your secrets through mid November. Apparently you have some mining to do in your private world, and this can be enhanced through meditation or psychotherapy. Take some time to uncover the roots of habits or anxiety during this period in order to maximize your effectiveness when Mars reaches your sign later in the year.


Ace of Pentacles – Inner and outer richness; great success; unification of the body and soul, material and spirit, heaven and earth; wholeness. (Ziegler; “Tarot Mirror of the Soul”)

May stands out easily as one of the better months of the year so far, and having put some major difficulties behind us, there are incredible opportunities now to fortify our foundations and stabilize routines and activities while cultivating resources that can generate wealth and prosperity. Getting there takes some reorientation, as we come into the month under the auspices of Mercury Retrograde, which began in the final days of April. From Taurus, this cycle will see us reconsidering both what we value and what we consider our worth, though this review will manifest more specifically in the area of your chart in which it is occurring. Though Mercury is retrograde though the 23rd, the long range appraisal or conversation that takes place is connected auspiciously to the Jupiter – North Node/Virgo and Pluto/Capricorn trine. Thus we can act with conviction to move towards our future goals.

During the first week, the Sun plays a significant part in this conversation, illuminating the major topics we are contending with. A man or masculine figure could be a prominent feature in events. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct at 19 Taurus on the 9th, and this is where we begin to see our way out of the rabbit hole of the retrograde. A sense of renewal urging us to complete activities or goals we began towards the end of March will likely be stimulated. In hindsight, we will see the errors, and start to make an effort towards correction. Jupiter also turns direct this day, suggesting our fortunes are turning as well. The fact that Mars, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde can actually enhance a very positive atmosphere, they are the malefic planets after all! Open yourself to success and the fulfillment of life through which you can experience the pleasurable totality of your being. The 3rd (Sun – Jupiter) and 7th (Sun – Pluto) are highlighted, and significant growth opportunities emerge at these times.

It seems a great deal of research, negotiation or vetting is taking place this month. From Taurus the conversation is likely about money, compensation and resources, and for many of us this conversation is long overdue. Venus enters the earth triangle in the second week (8th – 14th) connecting with Jupiter on the 10th, then Mercury (RX) and Pluto on the 13th. Venus collaborating is so beneficial, we can apply tact and graciousness to any negotiation taking place. Venus energy also stimulates a wonderfully receptive ambience that opens doors both financially and romantically. It’s possible a creative or artistic project is on the radar. The 9th (Venus sextile Neptune) will speak to this, and is also an ideal moment for developing a charming romantic attachment.

From the 12th – June 1st, Mercury hangs in a tight orb to the grand trine, turning direct on the 22nd. There is incredible optimism, but also uncertainty, it’s best to parlay major decisions until at least the 30th (Mercury trine Pluto). I also really like the 1st and 2nd of June, which sees a rare and extraordinary grand trine from Mercury 17’ Taurus, Pluto 17’ Capricorn and North Node at 17’ Virgo. Technically, the North and South Node are mutually activated, but since Mercury is moving back towards the North Node, we can presume it’s heading in the right direction. Wow, what sparkling opportunities will arise out of this combo!?! We’ll have to wait and see! Of course manifestation requires you have been heading in the North Node direction yourself, and handling the untangling required of you during Mercury retrograde, it’s not just going to fall out of the sky. Many astrologers will suggest waiting until Mercury is out of shadow (June 8th) though honestly June is such a huge spanking mess, it may be best to sign, seal and deliver ASAP!

The Taurus New Moon on the 6th encapsulates all these themes, with a near stellium in Taurus all making contact within the grand trine. The period between the 3rd – 13th is the strongest, and there is an abundance of motivation and pleasurable energy, (though not any urgency, with Mercury and Mars in a sleepy way) and a degree of material progress can indeed be made here.

Once planets start moving into Gemini on the 20th, the ambience begins to crackle and pop with nervous and anxious electricity. Coupled with Mercury direct on the 22nd, it’s going to get really busy, really quick. Hope you enjoyed the relative stability of the last few weeks, we’re about to enter the most intense mutable cross season of the year. As mentioned in the Mars retrograde report, The Sun – Mars opposition will take place on the 22nd, and is closely tied into the dynamics of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. A double whammy completion! Think back to June 10th of last year – Sun/Mars conjunction and also the November 11th Sagittarius New Moon. Venus is also in the mix, preparing to oppose Mars two days later. Triple whammy! Venus and Mars had made their conjunction November 1st. These points of initiation all would have signaled beginnings within significant new ventures, projects or relationships that are now culminating. It’s a huge moment of “how’s that working out for you?” though the truth is that we may not know yet. Mars retrograde is telling us to cool our heels as we might not be sure precisely where we are headed next. That all three are all coming up for review at once suggests a very dynamic environment, with many turning points in store, ready or not.

Jupiter is direct from the 10th at 13’ Virgo stimulating a more positive ambience for growth and the enthusiasm that may have been in short supply over the last few months. It’s possible now to see the bigger picture and feel faith in the outcome of our endeavors. Look to June 21st for a significant development, as Jupiter contacts the North Node in Virgo. Although Jupiter is constricted here, we have the opportunity to consolidate and expand our enterprises with a disciplined and methodical approach. It’s pragmatic, but this attention to the details and actions we take* over the next few weeks will yield a positive growth opportunity next month when Jupiter contacts both the North Node (June 21) and Pluto (June 26). (*This of course applies to projects that have already been put into motion, particularly last Fall. With so much retrograde energy elsewhere, this is not the time to start on a new endeavor!)

Jupiter will square Saturn on the 26th, a longer term aspect that occurred initially at the beginning of August last year, then again on March 25th. Jupiter (opportunity/expansion) and Saturn (discipline/restriction) have been working on each other – Saturn reminding Jupiter to act like a grown up, Jupiter ribbing Saturn to let loose, although this is the last in this series. How we balance responsibility with optimism has and will continue to be a significant part of our learning curve this year, with an adjustment within the long range objectives being made now, but also a great deal of pressure coming off afterwards. We can grow through disciplined actions, as also indicated by the strong Virgo emphasis at this time. After this, Saturn and Jupiter are done until the end of the year when they form the closing sextile of their 12 year cycle. How we negotiate the challenges of this time plays a major part in how things turn out in 6 months. With Jupiter now direct, what was previously a “no” might become a “yes”. Optimism taken with a small grain of salt can get us pretty far.



ARIES: Your cash flow might be a bit loco this month, though you have much to gain by playing the long game and waiting for an offer that gives you what you are really worth. There may be some false starts, but by the end of the month a prospect connected to your profession comes through brilliantly. Keep negotiations open and remain optimistic with your eyes on the bigger picture. The pace of day to day life is vitalized from the 20th and all the way through next month, you may wish to use the first few weeks here to catch a breather while you can! Really positive social vibes and invitations can trigger a romantic meeting. Attached Aries will enjoy fun repartee with the spouse or partner. Attend an art show with or write a poem to the one you love. Walks through nature will be enchanting. The Moon is in your sign from the 3rd – 5th, making these the best and most powerful days of your month. After the 27th, Mars sees you reappraising important commitments and financial matters.

TAURUS: What an amazing month for Taurus, your forecast absolutely shines for May! Venus in your sign this month (the one and only transit you get this year) indicates it’s time to clarify your heart’s desires and open yourself to receive pleasure and good fortune. The New Moon in your sign on the 6th will set the pace, with really good vibrations pouring in on the 10th and 13th especially. OK, with Mercury retrograde in your sign there could be a snag or two, but you’ll be just fine, just delay making any hefty commitments until the end of the month. From the 20th the ambience shifts, and all that introspection and good fortune can be converted into an enhanced sense of self worth that allows you to get after a financial upgrade. Don’t waste your good fortune on mindless indulgences, play the long game for satisfaction that can last. You speak with incredible conviction on the 30th, so this would be a good time to make your case.

GEMINI: So much is going on internally, your insides are ripe and overflowing with incredible positivity – if you choose to see it that way. Perspective plays a bigger role than usual this month, Mercury retrograde can pull you back into the past, and that which you’d thought filed away and forgotten resurfaces. You can use this opportunity for reflection, and/or revisit matters that seek closure now. Or let it bug you out, the choice is yours! Your effectiveness (and clarity) return from the 20th, as the Sun in Gemini helps you put yourself and what you desire first and foremost. Venus collaborates from the 24th, signaling positive and potentially romantic developments, hang on tight tho, the next month is going to be a wild ride! The Full Moon on the 21st shows you both how far you have come (and how far you still have to go) within a close relationship! Prepare for some intensity, both the sweet and the salty kinds.

CANCER: May is a wonderful month for catching up with old friends or reinvigorating a past alliance. A retrograde Mercury signals it’s time to take a walk down memory lane, and hand in hand with Venus, a love relationship may be rekindled in this phase or stimulated by visiting a place from the past. Genuine feelings of fulfillment within a partnership on the 10th and 13th send strong beams of encouragement for your union, making these great dates to cultivate your bond with someone special and deepen your commitment. Matters at work can be somewhat vexing in the later part of the month, though it is possible to make a real breakthrough on the 26th if you can match your enthusiasm with perseverance to see through a challenging assignment. Keep to task and all will work out in the end! Your subjective space and intuition is incredibly heightened from the 20th, though mixed signals on the 22nd and 24th can be somewhat disruptive, you may find you are extra sensitized in this period.

LEO: The New Moon on the 6th can signal a phenomenal development for you professionally. Very enticing vibrations through out the first two weeks do much to boost your reputation and encourage growth. Meanwhile Mercury retro could bring a missed opportunity back into the frame and up for review. While you may feel like you are treading water here, you do your best to wait until the dust has settled towards the end of the month to see what really *sticks* or simply comes out in the wash. The financials get a boost as Jupiter resumes direct motion and here too you can make some real progress. Circle the 10th for a genuinely positive time to showcase your talents to the people who matter. Creativity shines in this period, though you may feel you hit a snag around the 26th that calls for a reappraisal. A child or creative matter could feature. After the 20th your social life buzzes with invitations and opportunities, making this a great time to connect with those mutually minded. This brisk pace carries you through the Spring months right into Summer, helping you work through some of the bigger dynamics implicating your personal life after the 27th.

VIRGO: Jupiter resumes direct motion in your sign, coupled with several earthy Taurus transits will help you to feel buoyed in the aftermath the innumerable changes and shifts you likely endured over the last two months. Circle the 10th as a wonderful day for leisure or recreation. No need to go to far from home, and probably better not to as Mercury retro can signal delays in travel through the end of the month. Cultivating a loving bond can also be enchanting in this period, both the 9th and 10th are favorable for catching romantic sparks. From the 20th, the topics shift to profession, reputation and long term goals. Jupiter direct has your best interests in mind and offers protection, but this is going to dynamic period of change for you – all the action is taking place on your angles (the areas of greatest significance in your chart: self – partner, home/family – career) and this is going to make for a big and bouncy ride for a few weeks. Use the signals you get in the first half to clarify your goals. Then, without surrendering to chaos, get ready to rumble, good luck!!!

LIBRA: Soul shaking intimacy at the gut level is featured this month, though the Mercury retrograde roundabout suggests either a double take on a ship that sailed or reworking the balance in an ongoing relationship that needs a good deal of tweaking. Finding the right formula right now is fun, as Venus occupying this area favors such unions, and in particular the financial ones. When Mercury about faces end of month you could be sealing a very lucrative deal or contract, maybe even tying the knot with your true love. Circle the 10th and 13th for exploratory discussions and conversations. No harm in talking… Just wait until at least the 30th to make any binding commitments. From the 20th the pace ratchets up a few notches and your social schedule just gets busy-busy-busy-busy. Through June. Which could be all the more reason to use the first three weeks for some private encounters.

SCORPIO: The interpersonal dynamics are featured this month with many a conversation or negotiation taking in place in your most key relationships. Very harmonious energy (Venus) adds a positive tone where uncertainty (Mercury retrograde) may be present. It’s quite possible a former flame is getting a second look, or a commitment is being reworked or clarified. Powerful and positive indications on the 7th and 13th especially point you in the direction of your heart’s true desire. The New Moon on the 6th is significant – bringing home the awareness triggered during your personal Full Moon the 21st of last month. Mars meanwhile comes to reoccupy your sign on the 28th, reigniting passions through July. A great deal of retrograde energy impacting you personally indicates that you are in a place requiring substantial reorientation to both your personal goals, as well as those within your closest relationships. From the 20th, things begin to get a bit more serious, and commitments nailed down. A vital conversation on the 30th helps you set things right.

SAGITTARIUS: Life maintenance and how you take care of your body and manage your time is highlighted, offering the opportunity this month to connect the positive influences affecting your productivity and wellness to enhance your income or save money. Professional auspices are also highlighted, as Jupiter comes out of slumber on the 9th, you begin a new phase of growth and development in your career. Work diligently towards those goals and milestones, as a really stunning development offered around June 21st is the outcome of what you put in over the next 6 weeks! Dicey dynamics can be present in your relationships meanwhile, pulling attention away from the goals you have set, the Full Moon in your sign on the 21st will be very revealing! You can be your own worst enemy on the 26th if you perceive personal obstacles or limitations are inhibiting your growth potential. Use the awareness you may experience at this time to relinquish a negative attitude you might have towards yourself. Your self talk will reveal a lot! Tune in.

CAPRICORN: Passion and pleasure reign supreme for you this month, though a Mercury retrograde could have you doing a double take with a former flame or patching thing up within a work-in-progress love affair. The New Moon on the 6th signals a new chapter and the 9th, 10th and 13th are exquisite for close encounters of the kinky kind, though the good vibrations radiate through the 24th. Travel or a publishing venture that may have sidetracked over the last few months comes back to the forefront after the 9th, though Mercury retro (till the 22nd) could provide a snag or two. A self defeating attitude or hangup with the past can dampen optimism for your enterprise around the 26th. Listen to your self talk for limiting attitudes at this time. From the 20th the pace quickens as work assignments demand a great deal of time and effort. The work you put in now manifests in the golden opportunities revealed after September, when Jupiter visits your house of fame, profession and reputation, opening doors to advancement and success.

AQUARIUS: You do well to attend to your roots and most personal life for the first few weeks as very harmonious transits affect your base of operations. Mercury retro can see the resolution of old issues, particularly with family or flat mates, which you will finalize towards the end of the month. From the 20th the pleasure principal, self expression and true romance all become very significant topics as numerous Gemini transits enliven the atmosphere and from here you will feel lighter and more at ease with yourself, especially after the 25th. Oh la la. You are still contending with contentious dynamics with friends, and the 24th and 26th can both be revealing of what issues may still need to be addressed within your crew or among colleagues. Mars back in Scorpio May 27 – August 2 gives you a second chance to reach your professional goals, though you may be regrouping through next month. Helpful vibrations in July will help you move up the ladder of success, consider the next two months a time of preparation.

PISCES: Some of the tension and focus coming off your professional agenda makes room for some really lovely social interludes. The 9th, 10th and 13th are positively magical for attending an art show or otherwise cultivating a romantic or creative association. Daily life and conversations will be infused with sweet tenderness. You may even meet a love interest in the course of your most routine activities. Mercury retrograde equally influences this area, and communication it seems, perhaps a contract or key piece of information, is held up until the end of the month. Don’t sweat this too much, everyone is kind of going through something, and all the pieces fall into place soon enough and you can make an informed decision. The domestic sphere bustles with activity after the 20th, and if you have needed to make changes to the living arrangements, the time will come from late May through June. Professional obligations may curtail otherwise positive developments in your relational sphere in the later part of the month. This has been an ongoing trend though it’s likely by now know what you need to do. If you haven’t yet connected with that someone special, luck improves after the 9th, with stunning developments in late August/September.


The influence of Gemini is pronounced this month, as Mars (from the 13th), Mercury, and the Sun (from the 22nd) transit the sign of the Messenger, activating a productive and instructive phase for communication, negotiation and learning. The pace is brisk and exciting, hang on to your hats! Mercury retrograde from May 19 – June 12 (the Shadow period extends from the May 4 – June 27) will offer some intriguing insights, though possibly indicate delays of one variety or another. If you feel held up in your plans or having a difficult time reaching a decision, this likely implies that information has yet to come to light and it’s worthwhile to wait. The mid way point in the cycle between the Sun – Mercury occurs on the 30th, so we are clarifying the agenda we set April 10th, and making adjustments as required as we move forward through the next phase of our endeavors.

Oppositions of planets in Gemini to Saturn (Mercury on the 3rd , Mars on the 15th, Sun on the 22nd) will bring culminations of efforts we made late last year, and emphasize a need to focus and calibrate our efforts to yield a successful outcome for those endeavors. A tricky issue of the retro cycle lies within a very tight square Mercury makes to Neptune over essentially the next two months. This can be a very whimsical and imaginative passage, or highly debilitating, depending on your innate connection to Neptunian energy which can make things quite fuzzy or nebulous. In a positive way it can be instructive – Neptune can be something of a blind spot and Mercury here can reveal the cracks in our thinking or circumstances that have been over idealized, which is helpful now as we prepare for some of the bigger challenges on route later this year (Jupiter opposite Neptune/ Saturn square Neptune). It’s even possible Mercury – Gemini assists us in articulating a visionary, creative or spiritual directive, though the framework may not resolve until the 3rd of the three squares. The exact aspects occur on the 9th, 29th and finally on June 23rd.

Venus in Cancer from the 7th deeply sensitizes the relational ambience, with very romantic vibrations illuminated on the 16th during a productive contact to Neptune. Here the dream or vision is augmented by our feelings, deeply enhancing the connectivity and receptivity in a love relationship. The 21st can be more contentious, as an opposition to Pluto suggests volcanic and confrontational episodes. There is equally the possibility of making a profound commitment at this time, particularly in a sexual relationship. Power struggles are also possible in this phase.

Jupiter quincunx Pluto on 21st as well provides the potential for an opportunity or breakthrough, likely tying back to events precipitated at the end of 2014, then stimulated again at the end of February. With Jupiter now direct, we are ready for liftoff on this one, even bigger and exciting things come to the fore in June, when Jupiter and Uranus trine.

The Scorpio Full Moon May 3rd amplifies passion and desire, connecting harmoniously to Pluto and bringing invigorating awareness to the fundamental shifts and transformations that have occurred since last October. There may be a real watershed here where we realize we have genuinely released the oppressive attributes of Saturn in Scorpio. Sun square Jupiter (Monday the 4th) and trine Pluto (Wednesday the 6th) activate incredible energy fields towards accomplishment where drive is required. A large scale project may come to the fore, also look to the Jupiter – Pluto quincunx for significant culminations of what moves forward in the first week.

The corresponding New Moon in Taurus on the 18th allows us to ground ourselves for a moment amidst all the bouncy Gemini energy and set intentions for material abundance and offers determination towards our pursuits. Essentially unaspected, this is a fairly benign Moon, which will likely act as a bit of an anchor during an otherwise unpredictable month. Use it to your advantage!

Monthly Horoscope:

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ARIES: Your expression may be challenged this month, and it’s likely you are rethinking or reworking a project associated with writing or learning when Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th. The 15th and 25th likely present some obstacles. Friendships and day to day life will be pleasurable, nonetheless, and there will be many fun trips, outings and activities with others. Financially you close the door on a debt or long standing arrangement on or near the 4th. A new source of income or phase of growth is available after the New Moon in Taurus on the 18th. Be careful of unnecessary or extravagant expenses on the 4th. You shine in negotiations and interviews on the 6th.

TAURUS: You’ve come a long way in regard to your committed relationships over the prior years and the Scorpio Full Moon on the 4th likely shows you exactly the distance you have traveled. Someone from another culture, your educational goals or traveling with a partner can provide a very transformative influence at this time. The 6th and 13th are also phenomenal for connecting to a kindred spirit. Venus through Cancer (May 8th – June 6th) offers fabulous social opportunities. Friends and social activities will bring wonderful introductions. Finances might get tangled this month as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini from the 19th. The 25th, 29th and 30th are really dicey in regard to earnings and expenses. Be very careful of what you commit to around those dates, or even avoid the matter all together. A New Moon in your sign on the 18th infuses you with energy and determination for the upcoming year.

GEMINI: A process of reorientation begins this month that extends through mid Summer as Mercury begins a very long transit of your sign on the 2nd. The retrograde phase (May 19th – June 12th) will see you reconsidering very significant aspects of your identity and personal style and expression, with many exciting changes in store. Mars in your sign on the 13th sees you are very active in this period, and the 27th is a great day for getting organized and setting a bold agenda for your future. You may not be able to get everything in order right away, but indications at this time will be strong. As your birthday draws near, you become aware that the old is truly giving way to the new, and that very auspicious developments are on hand. For now, look at your options. Incredible opportunities are on tap next month. The Full Moon on the 4th sees an end to a day job or way of life. Take time for rest and reflection on the 18th.

CANCER: A Full Moon in the house of True Romance and self expression on the 4th from Scorpio offers a very pleasurable respite from the more serious concerns you have entertained so far this year. Coupled with the passage of Venus through your sign beginning on the 8th, May could prove to be one of the more loving and affectionate periods of the year. (November and December also have some memorable moments in store.) A really enticing episode on the 16th feels to good to be true. This could tie back to a travel plan you made earlier in the year. A very active social phase comes to conclusion as the Sun (May 22nd), Mercury (May 2nd), and Mars (May 13th) all come to activate your etherial and private life from Gemini. There will be a period of deep reflection in the weeks leading up to your birthday, with a great deal of activity taking place behind the scenes as a sense of closure and release of the old news of the prior cycle to make room for the new takes hold. Rest is advised, particularly as Mercury retrogrades on the 19th through June 12th. Issues from the past (even the way back past) seek closure and will come up very unexpectedly. You may feel unduly susceptible to odd feelings of intuition in this phase. Listen to these, as they reveal much to you about where you have come from.

LEO: A financial culmination on the 4th may bring an end to one source of revenue, though a New Moon in your house of fame, reputation and profession on the 18th indicates you are making a bold career move and stepping up the ladder of success. Progress on the 6th sets the stage for ascension. Socially there is a great deal of activity, or you might be working with a group or organization though out the month. Dynamics here will get a little dicey from the 19th, when Mercury retrogrades, a reconsideration of the agenda will likely play out over the next few weeks. You may reconnect with allies from the past, as well, and interaction remains harmonious despite a setback. Love relationships are developing behind closed doors, with an enticing romantic encounter in store on the 16th. Be wary of keeping secrets, as a Venus – Pluto opposition on the 22nd will expose them in the least pleasant way possible.

VIRGO: Attention will turn to professional matters this month, as the Sun (May 22nd,) Mercury (May 2nd) and Mars (May 13th) all come to occupy the midheaven of your chart, stimulating your drive to succeed. A retrograde phase of Mercury beginning on the 19th will see some disorienting segues, for now, gather facts and listen to offers. Mars will be pushing you to action, but you know better! Wait until next month when far more auspicious opportunities lie in store. With all the information in, you’ll be poised to come to the appropriate conclusion mid – June. This month is more favorable for social excursions and connecting with friends. A love interest may feature, the 16th and 18th are both really lovely for meeting a kindred spirit. A Full Moon on the 4th is also positive for attending a social event or get together. Be careful of locking horns on the 22nd or 25th, you might be embroiled in a dispute on one of these dates, or otherwise entangled in another’s conflict. Tread cautiously.

LIBRA: A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 4th brings positive financial rewards for the efforts made over the prior six months, a favorable outcome likely impacts your home situation. Numerous concessions made in 2013 – 2014 give way to a lucrative upswing. The agenda still remains socially oriented, as Mercury (May 19th) and Mars (May 14th) then the Sun (May 22nd) take up residence in Gemini. A publishing, travel, teaching or media venture may be indicated. A Mercury retrograde phase from May 20 – June 12 suggest you’ll see some twists and turns as to how you get there from here. Conversation and dialogue prove fruitful on the on the 27th and 30th. Professional advancement is in the mix beginning on the 8th, as Venus paves the way for a great deal of activity coming late June into July. Team building and putting together the resources for a venture can feature – look to the 6th, 16th and 18th for significant events and meetings. Challenges arise on the 22nd and 25th, when it will be much harder to get people to come around to your perspective.

SCORPIO: The Full Moon in your sign on the 4th speaks volumes as to how far you have come in the last few months. A relationship can be heating up this month too. Venus in Cancer from the 8th has you quite at ease, pleasurable experiences through travel and cultural activities can be shared at this time. The 6th and 16th in particular are remarkable for exploring a new relationship. A New Moon in Taurus on the 18th signals a brilliant new chapter for love and relating. Some challenges are due on the 22nd and 25th in particular. You may be navigating some very unfamiliar terrain here, particularly when Mercury retrogrades on the 19th in the house of intimacy and shared resources. There may be a reconsideration of financial agreements with a spouse or business partner, and there may be the effect of uncertainty in a commitment that stems from this reappraisal.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury (May 2nd), Mars (May 13th) and the Sun (May 22nd) begin transits of Gemini, your zone of relating, bringing a great deal of emphasis to your committed relationships from now through June. A key partnership goes through some odd mutations before it can crystalize: Mercury retrograde from the 19th sees an ongoing negotiation with a spouse or business partner on the horizon. This will not necessarily be a period fraught with conflict, but indecisiveness at either your hand or that of another will stall a significant agreement. Conversations on the 27th and 30th can be very fruitful for reaching accord. Venus in Cancer from the 8th allows for positive financial growth. This may be a good period in which to start a nest egg or retirement fund, especially if there is an influx of revenue. Intuition can yield a breakthrough on the 16th and a very interesting offer associated with those at a distance may come in on the 21se. More challenging will be the 15th, 22nd and 25th, as contentious alinements reveal tense dynamics at work in your personal life. Saturn from your sign may reveal a more rigorous attitude that those around you are still adjusting to and this period may highlight some of those issues.

CAPRICORN: Mercury (May 1st), Mars (May 13th) then the Sun (May 22nd) come to occupy your work, health and productivity sector, suggesting a great deal of energy is being put into a work assignment and that you will be quite busy right through June with this prospect. Mercury retrograde from the 19th – June 12th will indicate some changes in the status quo on the job. There may be delays or unanticipated changes that transpire, or you may just feel uncertainty about how to proceed. This is a good time to evaluate your options, a New Moon next month on the 16th will see all the pieces come together brilliantly. Social opportunities and developments in your personal life are also due. A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 4th harmonizes to Pluto in your sign, and you can connect passionately with friends at a party or social occasion at this time. Venus in Cancer from the 8th brings a very loving ambience to a partnership, and Jupiter, having resumed direct motion last month, can bring deep and provocative intimacy into this union. The 6th and 16th offer the most favorable developments, and a New Moon in Taurus on the 18th can bring a meeting or introduction if you are still on the lookout. There are some pretty contentious energies abounding on the 22nd and 25th that can bring up issues in a partnership either old or new.

AQUARIUS: A romantic association or creative project is up for review as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini on the 19th. This can be a highly valuable phase for editing your creative work, or finishing a project you have not had a chance to complete until now. Enthusiasm, energy and activity is transpiring in this area as Mars moves into Gemini on the 13th. While you may not be precisely sure as to where you wish to arrive with this person (in the context of a love relationship) or the project (in the case of a creative project) in view, you still have a good opportunity to try things on for size and weigh options. All the pieces come together in the middle of next month. A Full Moon on the 4th from Scorpio elevates your status as you get a promotion or receive recognition for all the hard – hard – hard work you did over the last two years during the Saturn in Scorpio phase. A New Moon in Taurus on the 18th signals a fresh new beginning in your domestic and personal life, perhaps a residential shift is featured, or a child (with so much Gemini – 5th house activity it’s quite possible) factors into the equation. The 6th and 16th offer favorable opportunities to reach accord in your domestic arena. A Venus transit of Cancer beginning on the 8th is favorable for deriving pleasure from working conditions and through attending to matters of heath and wellness. Do not let challenging developments on the 22nd and 25th (stormy weather ahead!) derail you from making positive choices about your personal care and well being.

PISCES: You’ll see a great deal of energy directed towards residential and personal concerns this month. Building up your base of existence is crucial in this phase to make the most of opportunities that arise this Summer and Fall. Mars from the 13th signals a dramatic shift of attention towards this area, a trend that lasts through June. If problems in the domestic environment are pervasive, a move might be in store. Professional interests could be a motivating factor for considering relocation on the 15th. A Mercury transit of this area beginning on the 1st allows for conversation and negotiation about this unfold, just bear in mind this is a work in progress through the middle of next month – Mercury retrograde on the 19th suggest a period of flux and ambivalence up ahead. For now remain open to all the alternatives, with the intent of coming to a conclusion next month when the facts are in. The 30th is advantageous for discussing the options available to you. Socially and romantically this is a very harmonious phase. Venus transits Cancer and the area of True Romance, creativity, children and self expression – activating a lovely climate for matters of the heart. The 16th is among the best you have all year to connect with someone romantically. This connects back to events and awareness stimulated February 1st. A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 4th, followed by a New Moon in Taurus on the 18th are both wonderful times to attend social events and meet new people. Challenges may arise (and are indicative of bigger pressures that emerge in July) around the 22nd and 25th. Financial considerations or commitments you have made to a group or organization seem to exert undue influence on your personal and pleasure pursuits at this time.