Stargazer March Forecast


There are considerable shifts in the ambience this March, which will be noticed most palpably when Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 21st. Venus in Taurus collaborates with the Capricorn stellium generating a very productive and helpful atmosphere to take care of endemic long term issues that have particularly been triggered since the New Year. Solutions can be found now, particularly on the 28th when Venus is trine to the forming Jupiter – Pluto conjunction, which will be exact on April 5th. 

This is a positive month in which to cultivate business endeavors, love relationships, finances or simply tend to your gardening. (Taurus is symbolically connected to the garden and growth.) The March 9th Full Moon in Virgo fills out a Grand Earth Trine and links to Mars/Jupiter (trine) as well as Neptune (opposition). This is a fertile Moon phase in which to manifest around issues of abundance and within the professional/work sphere. An ideal situation may be within reach. 

The Sun is also making fruitful contacts from Pisces, and with Mercury direct on the 9th, this is going to be one of the best months of the year to take care of important business and personal matters. Affairs can be placed on solid footing, and following an otherwise tumultuous period it’s definitely the right time to settle matters and start moving forward. With Mercury direct, clarity is restored and topics initiated in early February that were sidetracked can be addressed as answers come to the surface.

Mars in Capricorn adds intensity to the mix, conjuncting Jupiter on the 20th, Pluto on the 23rd and Saturn on the 31st. Issues that have been pervasive become emphasized, but Mars can offer the will and energy to find a solution. Expect some degree of agitation on these dates while being mindful that it’s precisely this agitation that will stimulate taking action. If you run into a block, acknowledge it and examine what you can do to resolve the tension you are experiencing. Additionally be alert around the 19th – 20th for solutions to the ultimatum issued on January 12th, as Mars conjuncts the degree of the dynamic Saturn – Pluto conjunction. 

Saturn in Aquarius signals a substantial shift in consciousness towards a more socially oriented and humanitarian position. Coupled with Uranus in Taurus, the potentials regarding crypto currency and decentralized markets continue to emerge and will likely become codified during the Saturn Aquarius transit. For now, it’s just a glimpse of things to come, with Saturn – Aquarius transiting through early July then resuming in mid December. This suggests unfinished business to be completed by the end of the year before moving forward on these now frontiers and objectives.


              24 NEW MOON 4’ 12” ARIES



March 20 – April 19

With a very strong career and financial emphasis this month, there is a good possibility you will advance or get a raise. Problematic situations with superiors now disintegrate as new agreements and circumstances are assured. Be mindful of coming off overzealous or asserting yourself in ways that threatens the boundaries of others though. Your reputation is still being forged and doing so could alienate those who can be of real assistance to you. There is a competitive and even combative quality to these stars, and staying level headed will take you the furthest.

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April 20 – May 20

Alluring Venus from your sign combines effortlessly with heavyweight planets in Capricorn. You are industrious, charismatic and passionate under these remarkable influences. Those seeking higher education or would like to lecture or move into publishing or broadcasting have very auspicious energies to enable their quest. Saturn begins a long transit influencing your profession and long range goals. You will begin to take your reputation and career quite seriously over the next few years as you seek to make your mark on the world.

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May 21 – June 20

It’s not that it will be a difficult month for you, but that you may be experiencing little cooperation during this rather cathartic period. While frustrating, as a huge plus – Mercury going direct will help you reestablish the course of your life direction. By mid-month you are back on track as situations that have been vague come into clearer focus. Romance lies behind the scenes for now. You might have trouble articulating your feelings or be pining for a past lover. There is a strong emphasis on cultivating deeper emotional connections with a partner. Try to keep an open heart.

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June 21 – July 22

You experience loverly moments with friends and partners this month, and this is enhanced tremendously if you are traveling. The position of Venus helps to mitigate some of the potentially turbulent energy you are experiencing with a spouse or partner. Examining shared goals and a vision for the future can help you reconnect through the noise of discord. Saturn makes a move into Aquarius at the end of the month, suggesting the waters will be less troubled, as well as help you to restore your energy.  

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July 23 – August 22

It’s likely to be a hard working phase for you, but as a plus – your assignments and productivity are doing stellar things for your reputation and getting you noticed by the right people. You may land a lucrative position around the 9th, this one has an air of mystique around it and is likely connected to the arts. With Mercury moving direct, you can clear the air within a partnership. Saturn moving into this realm of influence suggests commitments will be becoming more serious moving forward, so best to untangle as much as you can now. 

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August 23 – September 22

It’s likely to be a highly pleasurable period for you, especially as the grievances and delays that have plagued romantic relationships (as well as those with your children) begin to dissipate. Tricky dynamics that have been informing your partnerships over the Mercury phase also begin to find resolution. From mid month you have a much better idea where you stand – both in relation to your own feelings as well as an understanding the objectives of the person in question. The Full Moon in your sign on the 9th signals a culmination that resonates strongly within your interpersonal and romantic relationships.  

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September 23 – October 23

March is going to be a reflective and transformative month for you. A very cathartic ambience is present through which you are emancipating yourself from the demons and disappointments of the past. There is a good possibility an endemic personal or housing matter is resolved. With Saturn leaving the base of your chart, pressure dissipates. A great deal of assistance is present in this phase to let go of draining habits, especially those connected to your upbringing. This will be reinforced when Mercury re-enters Pisces on the 16th. Now direct, you can make lifestyle modifications that will boost your productivity. 

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October 24 – November 21

There could be some very alluring moments for you this month, and a relationship that has weathered the challenges can move to a whole new level. If unsettled, fresh energy is present to draw in someone special. This becomes more apparent when direct Mercury re-enters the arena of romance and pleasure on the 16th. Vague or apprehensive feelings dissipate and clarity is regained. Saturn, meanwhile, is moving into a testing angle from Aquarius. Your most personal and domestic life will undergo substantial change over the next few years. 

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November 22 – December 21

Values and finances are emphasized this month, and you’ll likely get a good boost with lucrative assignments or a new job coming in. Difficult long range themes involving resources (and which were triggered in January) are now likely to find resolution. As Saturn makes it’s way into Aquarius, the chronic issues surrounding money matters will dissipate. Situations affecting your residence that have been vague will also become clearer from mid month, enabling you to make a decision or modifications you have sought to for some time. 

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December 22 – January 19 

This will be one of the most momentous months you have had in many Moons Cap, and with Venus transiting your Love Shack (Taurus) it could produce several romantic opportunities as well. The first week of the month is still a bit irksome while you resolve a money matter, but you take off from there. Intensity and focus are yours as you discover sources of strength to overcome even your most endemic personal issues. With Saturn leaving your sign, a huge wight is lifting, and you may even see a positive karmic return for the hard work you put in these last 2 and half years. Go for it.    

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January 20 – February 18

You get a bit of misdirection over the first two weeks of the month, while you mull over a recent decision. From there a more domestic vibe takes over and you will likely desire to hibernate and hang behind the scenes. With so much going on in your private life, this is probably the most therapeutic use of your stars right now. Saturn briefly (3 months) tests the waters of your sign. The trend continues from December, though you’ll get many clues and realizations until July. A more serious demeanor emerges and you will find the ability to concentrate on a specific objective over the coming years.

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February 19 – March 20

A delightful month is in store for Pisces, especially in social situations and in your day to day encounters. A personal matter resolves from mid month, and the final week features stellar opportunities to attend events and mingle with charming and powerful people. The Full Moon on the 9th signals a stunning culmination in a partnership. This unravels if you have misguided the person in question, however, since slippery Neptune is featured in the configuration. If signals get crossed you get a second chance to make it right after Mercury is direct. 

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Stargazer 4/8 – 4/21

Hi Stargazers! Please enjoy this special 2 weeks horoscope, as I am preparing to go to Boston for my final exam next weekend and knew it would be impossible to finish/publish another blog between now and then, which made this the best option available. As always, an extended forecast with daily aspects + readings is available to subscribers on PATREON. Also check out your APRIL FORECAST for more. Don’t forget to grab my twitter @stargazerastroatlas for daily updates!


ARIES March 20 – April 19
The next 2 weeks, and particularly the New Moon in your sign on the 15th, are urging you to claim the independence you have sought for many years. Events during this period are likely to compel you to drastic action, especially where you have not gained much ground in gaining your autonomy. It could be time to cut a few strings. Meanwhile, very positive developments impact your professional stature and you might see a promotion or raise in your income. The time, effort and dedication you have demonstrated since the beginning of the year pays off now.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
You reach a vitalizing period for love + romance these upcoming weeks, with passion set to be very enticing. Meanwhile you have to come to terms with changes that have occurred in your life, and some of these may have slipped in under the radar, so when you look around you may see you are in a very different place than you had been 3 or 9 months ago, much to your own surprise. Your 6th sense remains strong and while you have nearly come to master this realm, some interesting (?) material could rise to the surface between the 15th-18th.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
You’ll be be more at ease when Mercury turns direct on the 15th, just in time for some really exciting social encounters. Love could also be on the cards for you, though it’s far more likely to be a secret liaison than an out in the open affair of heart. Regardless of the outcome, this one has a way of just reaching right in and taking hold of your most sensitive bits and pieces. Someone has your attention. What happens when you let your guard down, Gem? A tough financial dynamic de-escalates, you have overcome a challenge since January and can relax.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
While no significant changes in the overall atmosphere these upcoming weeks, there is escalation, especially where your long range goals are in frame. Look to events from the 15th – 18th to substantially alter the course you’ve been on, especially if that course has felt like you have been running around in circles – a breakthrough is imminent. Socially this is a delectable period, as you can meet someone with real potential through friends or share your favorite activities with partner. A commitment could go through a period of reassessment nonetheless.

LEO July 23 – August 22
The cyclical nature of your social rotations comes to closure and though you may have hoped to begin to find some time for yourself, there are too many enticing offers in regard to work and your professional goals to miss out on if you do. This is a great and one of a kind period in which you can really flourish in a creative field. A new frontier opens mid month and you can get back on course with an endeavor that has been held up. Misinterpretations clear up and the road opens.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
This stands to be a remarkably romantic period for you, and even if the one who holds your heart is at some distance, a strong link exists between you that will be undeniable. An enticing ambience opens you up to the possibilities and you can see how far you have come in a relationship that may have been getting serious since the beginning of the year. Misgivings or misunderstandings that prevailed over the last few weeks are reconciled, and from mid month you are prepared to make a commitment financially, intimately or both.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
The twists and turns in regard to making a commitment in a relationship start to rectify and having gone the gauntlet, perhaps for someone you only recently connected, you may find mid month or the days that follow the appropriate time to seal the deal. Some fireworks are attached to this merger, and while this person may have fallen out of nowhere into your life, if there is a kismet feeling present guiding you to move forward, then go for it. Domestic shifts seem to be part of parcel here, and changing tides in your personal life reflect a transformation.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
This is a bountiful period for you especially in matters of the heart, and the more you can open up to someone the more you receive. Those immersed in the realm of fantasy may miss out on a brilliant opportunity, so while illusion may be enticing, there is an opening here that enables you to bring a dream into reality. Mid month is great for setting a personal trajectory, and work related issues finally begin to dissipate. Being relieved of some of the busy-ness of the prior month frees you to work on your health and wellness, which may have suffered due to stress.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You get your groove back in a major way mid month and moving forward, exciting although unanticipated events shroud your love life in provocative overtones. A personal creative project can also get on it’s feet now. Financial challenges you have faced up to since the beginning of the year begin to diminish, and this can be a lucrative cycle for you, especially thorough your job or assignments that come up for you. Use the next 2 weeks to define yourself. The 15th – 18th is especially potent for personal breakthrough.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Having dug deep to find the source of a concerning matter, you have managed to extract several long forgotten issues that required some TLC to resolve. You’ll find from mid month these matters get back on track and a domestic or personal storyline advances swiftly, maybe even shift into completely unexpected territory. Romantic vibes are super enticing these weeks, and expressing your earthy, more sensual nature meets up with very positive support, maybe in the form of a suitable lover.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
False starts have been pervasive the last several weeks, but clarity is soon to return. A super charge to your central nervous system mid month triggers an awakening of sorts, and you can express yourself in ways you had not foreseen. An innovative urge or flash of genius gets you back on track swiftly. You still seem to be nestled into the home or the closeness of those in your most personal life. These contacts offer real fulfillment and satisfaction, or you may prefer solitude and the company of your own sweet self.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
Getting a grip on financials has been a tricky matter these last few weeks, but you make substantial progress shortly and might even find the upside in a negotiation that has been evasive. Your social life is delightful and a party or event can turn up a really promising romantic prospect if your heart is open for it. You can afford to take this one nice and slow, the flow right now is measured and steady. Enjoy the subtle cues and gentle feelings as they emerge. Creativity is also enhanced for artists or musicians.


Greetings Stargazers! This will be my last post for a bit, as my other commitments will make it impossible to keep up this column and I’ll be moving to a monthly essay beginning May 1st. You can always get my daily aspects + general forecast and your personal 2015 and monthly horoscopes by sign on the Stargazer App on iTunes. XOXO

Venus began it’s transit of flirtatious, social butterfly Gemini Saturday the 11th, the tone in romantic affiliations is light and breezy. Keeping it casual will be the way to go for the upcoming weeks, and affection will be expressed through shared intellectual activities, social events and parties. Communication is enhanced during this transit, and partnered or not, there will be pleasure derived through writing, speaking and learning. The first stage of this journey may prove challenging, as Venus opposes Saturn midweek, and affections and finances are tested and even stressed. Saturn in Sagittarius is pointing us in the direction of something specific, and Gemini prefers to scatter it’s energy. The challenge here lies in the desire to reach out to new and ephemeral activities and attachments, Saturn reminds us of the long range goal, perhaps presenting an obstacle, financial or otherwise to our aims. This is the culminating opposition of the Venus – Saturn cycle, which began November 13, 2014 at 25 Scorpio, so we see the manifestation or maturation of objectives or relationships that started around that time. There can be feelings of fleeting depression or negativity with this transit, which requires a serious appraisal of what is and what is not working. Realizing that certain activities are not yielding the consequences we had sought may be disheartening, but it’s also an opportunity to lessen the load and get rid of things that have become superfluous.

Mercury enters Taurus on Tuesday the 14th, providing a more stable ambience for laying down the groundwork of our plans, likely stimulated during the electrifying impulses and awareness released during the passage through Aries. We can ground our efforts into tangible form now and come up with methods and agreements that facilitate our endeavors. Use this while you can, the upcoming Mercury shadow and retrograde phase from May into June will throw us all for a loop, making the next two weeks integral for putting forth our best efforts and getting to work towards the objectives that have likely eluded us so far this year. Mercury quincunx Saturn on Thursday will require modifications be made to existing plans, as new information surfaces and clarification and refinement of objectives must be made. Here again, we are reducing the superfluous elements from the plan and moving forward with a more simplified agenda. Communication may be tense around this period, so maybe not the best date for your most important negotiations.

Pluto retrogrades on Thursday at 15′ 33″ Capricorn, signaling the intensity level is about to diminish. Pluto has been pretty active this year so far, so for many it will be a welcome reprieve from all that transformative energy that has abounded in the atmosphere. The retrograde phase lasts through September 25th, when it will reactivate the necessity toward inner psychological change. For now, we digest the profound encounters and personal revelations that have transpired since the end of September last year.

Mars from Taurus is active this week, sextile Neptune on Sunday, stimulating fantasy and visionary tendencies. There is a real soft edge to the energy at this time, and it can be satisfying to indulge day dreams or or gratifying experiences through engagement with music, cinema or art. Spiritual tendencies are also highlighted, and we’ll see the progression of an inspirational quest that initiated January 19th, when these planets were conjunct at 5 Pisces. By the end of the week, Mars reaches Jupiter, as the two fiery planets square off in a battle royale. The Moon from Aries adds a stimulating emotional undertone, and there may be a propensity towards brash and big ventures or risk. This is the closing square in the Mars – Jupiter cycle initiated July 23rd, 2013, so we will urgently seek to complete the business of what we began at that time. We will work very hard now to bring these to a conclusion, to make space for the new cycle which begins on October 16th, when the energy renews at 13 Virgo.

The week culminates in the Aries New Moon on Saturday, illuminating a sense of rebirth and renewal as we continue to move forward towards our new horizons. The lunation is essentially unaspected, but some of the heat of the Mars – Jupiter square will be present and infuse our passion and vitality. The crucial (and in some cases intense,) beginnings made in these prior weeks come to root now as we begin to really perceive what the future can be, and take action to get there. The eclipses shook us out of complacency and brought numerous endings as well as stimulation to build up new aspects of our lives based on new awareness. From Aries, the planets aroused the pioneer spirit, and we can bravely move towards the objectives illuminated over the prior month.

Weekly Highlights:

April 12: Mars sextile Neptune – 8 Taurus/Pisces
April 14: Mercury – Taurus
April 15: Venus opposite Saturn – 4 Gemini/Sagittarius
April 16: Mercury quincunx Saturn – 4 Taurus/Sagittarius
April 17: Mars square Jupiter – 12 Taurus/Leo
April 18: New Moon 28′ 25″ Aries


ARIES: The intensity with which you have been pursuing your ambitions recedes through September. You can take what you have learned since last Fall and refine your strategies as you see what proves successful and that which has not. You may also find there are less conflicts in this arena, and that setting the course for your professional goals becomes easier as a result. The upcoming period is best used towards self expression and romantic engagements. A child may feature, and you may decide to have one or otherwise link up with someone who brings you into contact with the younger generation. Finances will also continue to require attention and the next two weeks are advantageous for negotiating contracts and getting a budget together. A conflict may arise towards the end of the week in which you may have to curtail your activities as a result of being financially overburdened. Meanwhile social activities will also provide luminous exchanges, and day to day discourse, communication and writing will all be enhanced positively. Though the social arena is lit brilliantly for you, you may experience ideological conflicts with someone as a confrontation emphasizing values may prove a bit of a shake up midweek. A partnership may also require appraisal and a significant conversation with a spouse or someone you are linked to in business could be a feature. The New Moon in your sign heralds a new beginning for you, and with so much having transpired in recent weeks – from shake ups to break ups – you are ready to get things back on track, and are prepared to see a new world order on queue for yourself in the very immediate future. There has been a great deal of food for thought about where you want to go next, what is the next cycle of evolution in your life. You can set your intentions for a new beginning on Saturday based on your new awareness and move forward graciously towards the next destination.

TAURUS: The thunderbolts and interior revelations that clamored within the nether regions of your psyche over the prior weeks begin to dwindle, and with Mars and Mercury (from Tuesday) transiting your sign, you’ll feel more clarity towards your life direction can really begin to assert and articulate yourself as you steer closer to your birthday. The New Moon next Saturday will allow you to clear the decks of your subconscious and offers a sense of renewal where you have likely made numerous adaptations in your private life over the last 6 weeks. Feelings of romantic revelry will likely stir Sunday, this is an auspicious time for a date or social event that can bring a fortunate acquaintance into your life. Your imagination is stimulated so this is a good time for an event connected to art, music or cinema especially. Wednesday can be a bit more vexing, particularly where finances are concerned. You may find a debt forces you to curtail a desired luxury purchase, though you will find improved conditions after this week to bolster earnings even if you feel the pinch now. Further concessions or adjustments may need to be made Thursday, this is a good time to address a budgetary issue or contemplate your repayment schedules. From Thursday Pluto retrograde signals a less intense ambience for your academic life, but can also represent a gear shift in a partnership as well. (Pluto rules your 7th house of committed relationships.) There could be a relationship with someone connected to your academic life or someone from a distance with whom you have shared a passionate exchange over the prior months that recedes for a while. This applies to any close partnership as well, not just romantic ones. There could be a clash within your domestic world at the end of the week and you may clash with someone in your home environment or simply feel frustrated about your circumstances. There is initiative available to you to take action at this time on a situation that has stagnated since the end of last year. By Saturday night you are more in your element as the moon transits your sign. Slow and steady.

GEMINI: With your ruling planet moving into slow and steady Taurus on Tuesday, the pace will be a bit more measured for you over the coming two weeks. (Enjoy it while you can, you have nearly 10 weeks of Mercury transiting your sign beginning on the 30th!!!) Meanwhile a Venus transit genuinely brightens your days though could signal some growing pains mid week as you desire to connect to another only to run into obstacles. If someone comes off as detached or closed off you may have to consider the signals you are sending, you may just be getting a reflection of what you putting out there. As you are in a heavy period of appraisal of what a committed relationship means to you, and it’s possible people perceive your introspection as a form of withdrawal from the relationship. These Saturn transits will reveal a great deal to you in regards to where you really stand and are quite crucial to your inquiry, so heed them. Venus makes far better aspects for you next week and you’ll find more favorable conditions socially and romantically. The eclipse may have stirred feelings towards a romantic encounter as well, with next week really exceptional to follow through on what culminated at that time. You’ll meanwhile find some of the financial emphasis comes off and have may recently completed paying off a large debt or will soon do so. The New Moon next weekend amplifies your social connectivity and benefit immensely through the presence of Venus to engage with pleasurable activities and people. Watch your words on Friday, though, a belligerent and outspoken energy presides and you may push hard (or be pushed hard upon) in conversation. Rash decisions may lead to accidents! Be careful out there!

CANCER: There is a tenuous balance forming between fantasy and reality this week. Venus begins a transit of your house of all that is hidden and secret, stimulating your latent and etherial essence, meanwhile commitments at work draw your attention. Mid week sees a conflict between a desire for quiet reflection and even intimacy with the demands of your work schedule. Adjustment will be required here and you’ll be reflective about your obligations and duties and how well they are serving your interior motivations. This transit will likely stimulate some very imaginative energies, and the focus of your wishful thinking will likely feature romantic day dreams. This may not seem particularly productive, but can be useful as you’ll be able to tap your deepest realms of fantasy and these can point you to what you are missing or that which you seek. It’s also likely your dreams will be very active and the symbols or patterns revealed can be very instructive in revealing what you are seeking and what is ready to be released. Some of the heat or tension in a partnership may come off while Pluto retrogrades through September. It’s a positive period to digest and address the significant transformations that have occurred since last September. Social life and time with friends will be featured, and many communications and events will fill your schedule through the end of the month. things get a bit contentious Friday night, there may be an argument over money or you may be tempted to overdo it and spend lavishly at a fun event. The New Moon Saturday brings home all of the permutations that have occurred for you professionally over the last 6 weeks, and prepares you to accept a new role or position of authority or responsibility. Chaotic energies that have been precipitating may also have culminated in a decision to strike out on a whole new path and try for a whole new career. The stage is set for a new beginning here. Tune in to what you really want Friday, and take steps next weekend towards a new destiny on the New Moon.

LEO: More emphasis comes into your professional arena this week and you may find yourself quite busy over the rest of the month with conversations, projects or negotiations surrounding your career. Discussions may become a bit contentious Thursday, so do carefully consider your words before you speak. It’s also possible an agreement or arrangement stalls and needs to be modified in someway before you can move forward. A love affair may conflict with your affiliations in a peer group or an association mid week. You may use what is uncovered here to consider to what and to whom you chose to be bound to. Venus in Gemini amplifies a desire to connect socially, and there will be many positive opportunities over the upcoming week to seek and find pleasure through group events and occasions. This road bump may prove divisive to a forming love relationship, as you may choose the approval of others over your own need for steady cultivation of self expression or with someone for whom you feel affection. If this pisses you off somehow, use that feeling to determine what is right for you and set some boundaries with the people involved. Mars continues in your 10th house of fame, profession and honors and you seek the limelight of success. You experience a brilliant serendipity on Sunday through a private exchange that enhances or reinforces your desires in this realm. There may also be a sense of inspiration towards the appropriate path to find the recognition you seek. A very exciting opportunity may come your way Friday, you won’t be able to contain your excitement! Meanwhile, the pressure and intensity you have been experiencing in your work life may dissipate as Pluto retrogrades through September. The New Moon Saturday is divine for connecting with the sacred within you and finding a new boundary to cross on the route to self awareness and discovery. A sense of the magical and divine opens to you, and you likely feel both powerful and resolved.

VIRGO: Professionally you are ready to take on an exciting new role, this is an area of import for the next several months. Venus gliding through this part of the chart suggests this is a good time to pave the road with positive intentions as well as team build and cultivate positive associations that will help guide your passage. With Sun, Mars and a 10 week visit from Mercury due, there is a long-lasting emphasis on profession moving right into Summer you need to prepare for! Doing so now will aid you in success in the long run. You can use the positive energy on hand now to really tune into what you want. Wednesday is a bit of a challenge for all this, as you’ll be torn between domestic responsibilities and perhaps forced to choose between, say, an important networking event or familial commitments. This brings awareness to a shift you are going to have to make if you want to pursue the goals and aspirations you hold dear. There can be a painful episode where you may realize something is passing away in your life, or must be surrendered. This is a normal process in your evolution right now, tune into it and just let go. Pluto retrograde will take some of the pointed intensity out of a love affair or the relationship connected to your child or children. Meanwhile you continue to seek to broaden your mind, and there can be a very pleasurable and stimulating excursion, possibly with a  partner on Sunday. A more contentious vibration is due on Friday, where your privacy may feel violated and there is the potential for danger if you are traveling. Good news arrives towards at the end of the week regarding a grant, loan or a partners income. After months of volatility, you are ready for this one!

LIBRA: Mid week will be a bit of a challenge for you, and after a cathartic and dramatic period you are ready for reprieve! Ideas and beliefs can be at the crux of a conflict this week, and you may discover that coming to a mutual agreement with someone is next to impossible, which can be deflating. Things get easier as Venus transits Gemini, enhancing your charisma and affectionate nature, while putting you at ease with yourself. You will take enjoyment from cultural activities and engaging higher intellect through meeting people or through encountering those from other cultures. You will also be effective at promoting yourself in this phase. Better aspects upcoming will generate a very positive climate. You are tapped into the spiritual arena at the beginning of the week, as Mars – Neptune infuse you with creative awareness into the secrets of your own subconscious, perhaps through a deeply intimate encounter. This may have a positive effect on your health and productivity, or you may find a stream of revenue attached to your creative potential. Towards the end of the week, you may clash with a partner over social activities that seem to pull you away from the relationship somehow. There may also be a crisis in regard to finances, though this can be effectively dealt with by the beginning of next week. Mercury through Taurus gives you the words to articulate your desires for intimacy, allowing an important conversation in a love (or perhaps business alliance) through which you can express your deepest longings and desires. These have been stimulated by Venus and Mars recently, and by the time the Sun arrives to this area next week you will be able to pull the connection you seek with another towards you. All the changes you have gone through over the last month, particularly those in relation to your identity and the transformation of your ideals for a relationship as a result, come to crystallization of a whole new brilliant beginning during the New Moon on Saturday. Someone significant may (or may have recently) be entering your life, and there is propitious energy and the stage set to engage emerging partnerships wholeheartedly now.

SCORPIO: Partnerships continue to be emphasized, with a romantic relationship featured beautifully on Sunday and a pivotal business association in frame towards the end of the week. You can deepen a bond with the one you love on the 12th, really harmonious exchange taps right into your romantic desires and you find it easy to express your affection to the one you care for. Mercury in Taurus from Tuesday forward sees a great deal of connectivity and exchange in this relationship, and this is a good time to negotiate with business parters and to sign contracts. Venus in Gemini stimulates erotic and passionate intensity, you’ll likely desire to make a more significant commitment in a love relationship over the next few months as this area of your chart sees numerous transits. This is a good period to attend to joint financial matters, and if you are seeking capital from outside sources this is a favorable time over all. You may see challenges within a financial arrangement midweek, or come up short as bills become due. Assessment of the conditions of your earnings require appraisal and adjustment, though more flowing aspects through the rest of the month will help you generate more lucrative streams of revenue. For now it’s worthwhile to cut out what you can and address outstanding debt where possible. The New Moon next weekend points to a new role on the job, or changes at work that will enhance productivity. New people may arrive to your workplace, offering fresh energy and ideas that prove revitalizing to your team. This is precipitated by encountering (or seeking out) a very dynamic person who may seek to help you expand professionally. Events on Friday enhance your tendency toward ambitious enterprises, and a partner may have helpful ideas, if you are willing to hear them out! You’ll desire to take on a lot, stay focused and use the energy of the New Moon as it will assist you to manage your time and resources effectively.

SAGITTARIUS: With Venus transiting Gemini, you continue to put out positive energy that draws people to you. Your light is on, so to speak, and you can magnetize a mate or use this energy to develop and cultivate a more loving connection with someone you already care for. Wednesday could prove a bit more challenging for you, however, as your monastic tendencies as of late may have a debilitating effect on your ability to openly share your affection. You can use the triggers and cues you get around this time to see where you might be self sabotaging your own real need to find a meaningful connection to someone. Maybe you don’t desire a relationship right now? This is perfectly fine, though the universe seems to be suggesting that you are sending out signals that say you are, and events over the coming weeks (and months) may fling someone into your orbit, whether you believe you are ready or not. Mercury comes in to assist you with your workload this week, and this is a good time to find efficient methods and work on time management issues. There will likely be a good deal of communication at the workplace, expect a brisk pace on the job. Someone at the “office” (or your equivalent, since we don’t all work in offices, after all,) may really piss you off Thursday as a critical matter, perhaps an oversight impacts you rather personally. This can be an effective time to form a new strategy if things aren’t going smoothly. An episode Friday can lead to excess, wither you are celebrating a victory with your colleagues, or a disruptive event triggers a disagreement, expect a highly stimulated environment! Next Saturdays’ New Moon is a very personal beginning for you, and a creative or self expressive matter, even a new love affair can precipitate quickly where you may not have even been considering such a development. The more disruptive influences in this area are quieting down now and what was stimulated within you over the last two months can now take form and truly start now.

CAPRICORN: There are marked differences in the energy fields as compared to last week, one major feature will be the prominent renewal of your professional and work objectives. These were likely stimulated by the recent Libra eclipse, (April 4th) now with Venus in Gemini and your house of productivity, assignments and work, you start to feel the impetus to take some initiative pointing you towards success in your chosen career. Venus really improves the working conditions, as well as relationships with colleagues. Venus is the natural ruler of your house of fame, recognition and honor, so this is a favorable influence for doing or finding work that leads to a promotion or is otherwise connected to your professional aspirations. With Venus you get assistance from others or even financial help, perhaps a raise is on queue. (Look to really auspicious events that arise between the 22nd and 24th of the month, when Venus harmonizes the degree of the eclipse among other very favorable aspects to make important meetings or plan important initiatives!) It’s a bumpy start as a mid week Venus – Saturn opposition can swiftly remove the wind from your sails. It seems you have to prove yourself to someone to claim your prize or get your worth. Saturn reveals it’s prickly nature if someone calls you out especially, as it’s transiting an area of debilitation and potentially stirs feelings that call into question your own sense of personal value, making you quite vulnerable to such criticism. Rather than withdraw or retreat, try instead to regroup! No one is perfect, and just because your life is a work in progress does not mean you aren’t prepared to take on something new! Passion may dwindle somewhat through September, but so too will some of that life changing intensity! Absorb what you have been through so far and live the changes you have made since last Fall. Erotic intensity is still running high – you can communicate your hearts desire to the one you love early in the week, as Friday sees the currents of desire running at a high voltage and you seek an intensely intimate experience. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Cap. Literally! The New Moon Saturday signals a significant development in your domestic life – possibly a change in residence you have sought to make for a really long time and stimulated immensely by events over these prior weeks.

AQUARIUS: Domestic concerns are still paramount, with interesting developments Sunday and Friday, though the more exciting news this week lies in the transit of Venus through Gemini, the area of your chart that corresponds with pleasure, self expression, creativity and true romance. With this area lit up so beautifully for the next four weeks, it might just be that all else takes back seat while you enjoy one of the more favorable periods of the year, no? This all gets off to a bumpy start this week, when Venus and Saturn aspect stressfully Wednesday. An obstacle associated with your profession or a social group or organization may interfere with personal objectives in a disheartening episode. Worry not! Things get much improved next week, and it’s important to enjoy this transit as much as possible. From the 30th you are going to have a 10 week tour-de-force in this area, featuring a Gemini lineup including the Sun, Mars and a lengthy visit of Mercury (due to upcoming retrograde), so enjoy the loverly Venus vibration while you can before things intensify! The domestic realm is of continued emphasis, and Mercury from Taurus, for a scant two weeks, allows you to speak with living mates or negotiate a lease to make improvements in your situation. You may just have an influx of visitors, or be seeking a new roommate, in some way the home is the scene for a lot of activity from Tuesday. Querulous developments set off at the end of the week can see you in a dispute with a partner. There could be disagreement about the arrangements of your relationship associated with your household. The ambience will be robust, but potentially very exciting and offer a needed breakthrough! The Aries New Moon allows a new social chapter, very much influenced by the strong energies and awareness that were stimulated in this prior phase and signaling new, creative opportunities for you to engage with like minded people.

PISCES: The strong values and earnings emphasis of the last few months culminates this week in the Aries New Moon next Saturday. The hunches and inspirations that have sent electrical currents through your earnings sector led you somewhere completely new in relation to your income, now you can make a move that is going to allow you to completely alter how you make money or form a new strategy as to how you’ll spend it. Sunday is your best for the week, as a Mars – Neptune sextile stimulates your innate sense of wonder and magic. Your social life is very vibrant in this phase, and this will be highlighted by the passage of Mercury from Tuesday. Numerous events, meetings and parties will keep the pace brisk through Spring. Meanwhile you’ll also see a shifting emphasis towards the home life as Venus transits Gemini over the next few weeks. This is an area that is going to be a huge topic for you over the next 2 – 3 months, and you may want to use this positive period during the Venus transit to make residential reforms and enhance the domestic environment with decor or a spring cleaning. Professional commitments may throw you for a loop midweek as Venus tangles with Saturn, you may have to curtail improvements you want to make at home in order to meet your obligations. The Moon in your sign at this time will keep you in tune with what you really want and you can go from there. Thursday also sends some contentious signals regarding the profession, a contract or agreement regarding a promotion may need to be renegotiated. Friday will see some interesting developments on the job, there can be a vibrant energy surrounding the work environment, and perhaps a huge breakthrough, but a lot of big personalities at the work space and potentially some disagreements. Arm yourself!