Stargazer Weekly Horoscope 4/28 – 5/4


This week could be a bit of a clunker, as an upbeat social atmosphere is moderated with continuous reminders revolving around topics of duty and obligation. Mercury is a busy bee, and moods fluctuate from buzzy and optimistic to discouraged or fatalistic. Numerous conversations and correspondence dominate the daily affairs, and the pace is likely to be brisk and exciting!

Mercury from Aries can possess a confrontational tone, and especially when aspecting Saturn and Pluto mid-week, things are likely to get a bit prickly. Not that you should back down from a stand off should one emerge, just be aware that others are equally tense, and perhaps this has nothing to do with you or even the situation in question. If a breaking point has been reached, it could be productive to give something that isn’t working a good heave-ho, just be mindful of your words as contentious vibes promote reckless behavior.

Mercury square the Nodal Axis on Wednesday is an especially pivotal moment and potent for releasing the past effectively. Although a profound sense of nostalgia can accompany this transit, fear or sadness over what is being (or has been) left behind, remain encouraged that something better is coming to take its’ place. Where you feel hindered or uncomfortable – are precisely the circumstances you are meant to walk away from. 

Saturn retrogrades on Monday, in an ongoing conjunction with the South Node that lasts through the end of the week. This aspect occurs again over the first two weeks of July, and finally one last time in late September, shortly after Saturn goes direct at 13’ Capricorn. Karmic issues that run deep can be accessed and released now. Return on something that has been worked towards over the last 9 or 18 years is also possible – particularly look at trajectories that were established in mid September of 2013. Under this influence, obsolete structures are dissolved to make room for what is next. 

An earthy and sensual New Moon in Taurus at the end of the week underscores this process and stimulates the cultivation of fresh prospects and perspectives. Material matters gain in importance and see beneficial improvements now. Geminate your goals for the next six months under this auspicious influence and see stunning results in November.  



March 20 – April 19

You see signs that you have outgrown a professional role, as you come to recognize a significant aspect of your life is coming to an end. While something provides a certainty and sits neatly in your comfort zone, you also are aware that you are capable of more, even (and perhaps especially) where you defy the expectations of others. A reconfiguration of your trajectory between now and September provides a new beginning. July is especially revealing and enables the necessary endings be made to move forward. 

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April 20 – May 20

Impulses arise from your subconscious realm and you may respond to event this week in unexpected or even unusual ways. There are positive indications in store involving finances and shared assets. You might have an ingenious idea that reconciles an issue between yourself and another where resources are concerned. Instincts about this will be strong. Mid week could produce some challenging reality checks regarding your future, and you may be required to realign your objectives temporarily.  

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May 21 – June 20

You’ve come so far, but still have a ways to go to actualize your desires surrounding an intimate relationship. Productive conversations with someone close this week offer opportunities to express your longer range goals, and this generates harmony while bringing you closer to someone. Perception and intuition are enhanced right now, consider them allies while you navigate the more difficult terrain. The more you stay tuned into what you really want the better the outcome. Think about winning in the log run if you feel like jumping ship this week.  

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June 21 – July 22

Intense vibes are present professionally or in your key partnership(s), and major adjustments will be required to deal with what emerges, especially mid week. You could get signals that a relationship has run it’s course, but equally these may just be growing pains indicating a new stage in the evolution of your partnership. Conflict emerges around whether the connection has what it takes to move forward and provide the substance you seek and if something does end its likely because it doesn’t.      

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July 23 – August 22

Creative yearnings are stimulated along with a desire to spread your wings and expand into new territory. There are obligations that seem to prevent you from doing so and these could produce some vexing moments in which you seek to break away from certain commitments. Scaling back or finding ways to streamline productivity can provide a solution. A new professional chapter begins under the auspices of the Taurus Moon over the weekend. If you feel compelled to strike out in a different direction, trust this impulse.     

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August 23 – September 22

Financial obligations prevent your free expression this week and could make you take another look at how productive your arrangements are. For the time being you might need to be more flexible while long term trends are still in the process of taking root in your life. Your personal/profession axis is lit up this week and there could be positive news about resources that enable growth in both spheres. The Taurus New Moon gives you a vantage point that stimulates excitement for what the future has in store. What would you like to see take off in your life in the six months.   

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September 23 – October 23

These could be some prickly moments as you continue to reconcile the demands of your personal and professional obligations. News mid week points you in the direction of the future and towards a career milestone you will likely achieve in July. This one has been in the works for a while, though a strong indication of what you need to release (the past) this week is emphasized. Communication between you and your spouse or partner flows brilliantly, generating optimism and a strong vision for a shared future. The New Moon enhances confidence and trust in your intimate relationship.  

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October 24 – November 21

You are busy-busy-busy at work and many lucrative assignments are in store if you apply your agility and communication skills to the opportunities on offer. Words get pointed, especially mid week, as tensions between yourself and your colleagues or a transportation issue escalates. A clash of wills is possible here, state your case and move on. A change of mind or attitude adjustment may also be required. The New Moon in Taurus ups the ante on your relationship – are you ready to take this to the next level? 

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November 22 – December 21

Your happy go lucky attitude hits a glitch when you have to reconcile what you want with what you need, making you re-evaluate your resources. You are still learning to trust and rely on others more, and this level of intimacy can be a bit frightening up front, though you are slowly getting more accustomed to it. You tap the source of pleasure and creativity this week while the Moon transits Aries and links up with Mercury and Venus in your arena of True Romance Thursday into Friday. Tuesday is perfect for expressing your feelings to someone you care for.  

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December 22 – January 19 

There could be some growing pains this week Cap, as you continue to reorient yourself and ongoing evolution to include an important relationship. As a generally independent person, this comes with some modifications to your lifestyle as you learn to accommodate another person in your life. As you relinquish habits that reinforce your autonomy but also exclude the possibility of mutual engagement, appreciate  how much you have gain rather than lament over what you might perceive as a loss. You tap the source of love and creation during the New Moon, pleasure is enhanced by your receptivity to give and receive.      

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January 20 – February 18

Work – life balance needs to be addressed, and time constraints mid week could provide an insight that prompts a change in your mind set that triggers a needed change. The New Moon is pivotal for rearranging your priorities, the changes in your personal life, (which will be ongoing) are emphasized and enable you to make some crucial decisions. You can set yourself up for success now and deflect some of the more unpredictable circumstances that arise in May. Asserting what you want while you establish a root base assures an outcome you can live with.

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February 19 – March 20

Follow your heart Pisces. Trying to accommodate or live up to the wishes and desires of others will not take you far right now. There are rich and ripe opportunities for personal development in creativity and love right now. If you lose a relationship or even a few, assure yourself these did not have your best interests in mind. If you find yourself at a crossroads this week, ask yourself “Does this make me feel good?” and if the answer is no – walk away, regardless how comfortable arrangements might be. Intuition is well developed and your best ally. An important conversation regarding a financial/professional matter on Thursday goes well for you. Stand up for what you are worth.    

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Weekly Forecast 6/17 -23

There is a crucial development this week around the North Node (future directives) as Venus conjoins this highly significant part of the zodiac in Leo. (The house containing 6’ Leo is indicated here – get your free chart at to calculate your ascendant and find out!) Venus combined to the North Node suggests assistance or resources that advance your objectives in this area beneficially will be granted. Your only job here is to recognize and accept what is on offer. This aspect occurs Tuesday, and while a wildly fortunate development is likely it will require dexterity to make the most of it.

Saturn forms a quincunx (150 degree) alignment from Capricorn to Venus – North Node. In order to receive the gift, there is an obligation to live up to that could diminish some of the joy connected to the more positive attributes represented by the transit. Saturn is retrograde, thus a karmic return on how successfully one has negotiated responsibilities since February in particular is highlighted. While this can make for a prickly reality check, there is the instructional value of coming to terms with where the work needs to done. Feel your way into any issue stimulating frustration or blockages because those are the topics that require resolution in the present tense. Getting down to the business at hand offers up a genuine feeling of satisfaction and can even become a significant success story by this November.

Neptune retrogrades from Monday, so if you’ve been feeling spaced out, having de ja vous or ESP experiences, repeating dream symbolisms, this peaks in intensity in the beginning of the week. Neptune has been to preparing to sublimate itself for weeks, having stationed at 16’ Pisces since early May while preparing for decent. Mercury makes beneficial aspects this week, completing the water trine from Cancer while linking up to Neptune and Jupiter. This will enable awareness and articulation of the deeper soul yearnings stimulated by the transits of both. Imagination and creativity are also incredibly enhanced, making this a good week to work on art, music or cinematic projects or to let such provide inspiration.

By the end of the week, Mercury will move into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, generating a contentious atmosphere that can promote volatile exchanges. Calling out oppressive behavior can stimulate a cathartic confrontation. Developments now advance a decision made in January, or may demonstrate it’s logical flaws or deficiencies. In some regard a climax is reached, and the best way to handle this dynamic energy flow is to not get overwhelmed by rigidly trying to maintain your perspective at any cost, but to weigh carefully where you can transform your viewpoint in light of what is occurring now. It’s possible a secret of the deeper and darker variety is exposed. Try to regain your composure and just accordingly if so.

As Sun enters Cancer on Thursday morning, the planet meets the new Solstice, engendering a sense of progression while new growth prevails. Having matured over the last 3 months, it’s time to go within and nurture that which has been developing since the Spring equinox. The same day Venus and Mars will oppose, stimulating a lot of passion connected to a new beginning that transpired early last October. A connection can escalate quickly now, or just as swiftly breakdown, since there is a very tempestuous quality present in this meet up. With both Venus and Mars set to retrograde this year, shifting the dynamics of alliances throughout, adopting a wait and watch attitude may be your best ally.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Something very personal is within reach for you, though you have to come to terms with how deep your commitment lies in regard to this matter and whether you actually have the stamina to take it to the next level. Your spirit guides are close at hand and communicate using subtle signals this week. Pay attention to your intuition to receive these messages. Shifting inward has a beneficial effect on you. A friend could become a lover by this weekend, but watch who’s matches you play with if you aren’t up for it.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You make a resolution about your residence this week. If you had been thinking about relocating you may decide your better interests are served closer to your current home base. If distant shores entice regardless, make a plan for November. Outstanding matters with friends and colleagues may begin to clear up, especially if there had been a misunderstanding. Pleasurable outings are likely and will give you an opportunity to clear the air. Skip Saturday for social engagements, as an argument could bring you back to square one.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There are fantastic professional developments this week, though you may be rethinking your trajectory over the coming months while you clarify your objectives. Keeping focused on finances will give you all the information you need about the right direction to take and how far you can go. If you have stretched the limits of your economy too far a reminder will come this weekend. A social opportunity has strings attached. Think carefully about whether you are up for the commitment required, because you have to dig deep here.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You get closer to attainment of that which you value the most, but a partner may not be completely on board with this, or a prior commitment may be blocking your progress. You have the opportunity here to redefine the rules of engagement. A contentious moment next weekend demands you make your priorities clear here. The focus becomes more squarely placed on your own needs and desires from Thursday when the Sun enters your sign. You may decide to trace family history or even visit an ancestral site.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Venus activates your desire for growth in a personal objective, though the demands of your employer may interfere. Follow your hatches this week, you have incredible insight available to you if you tune in to your inner voice. An enticing liaison could be in store. You impress more if you remain receptive and let someone else take the lead, even if it feels completely contrary. You enter a period of restorative regeneration. Staying closer to home next weekend restores your vitality.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Shifting circumstances in a relationship can help you clear up a misunderstanding, especially where a partner was not completely upfront with you to begin with. A circumstance in which deception has played a large role likely unravels now. You reach a pivotal moment midweek in which you can clarify your objectives. Socially there are positive contacts and you harmonize best with friends in this period. A seductive coworker pushes your buttons this week, it’s up to you if you want to play the game.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Dreams are within reach, though you have to overcome an undermining issue connected to your upbringing to get there. Learning to believe in yourself regardless of where you came from is the key to making this happen. Professional goals advance in this phase and your reputation elevates. Keep the conversation going and see some positive financial returns next month. Thursday is ideal for an erotic interlude, but keep a lid on unwanted advances as these could have negative effects on your public image.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Professional aspirations are coming into frame in a major way, though you need to make some modifications to how you approach the subject to make the impact you desire. Set aside a little time each day to work towards goals. There is a highly pleasurable ambience present and you may be drifting off to distant places. A love connection may prove untenable with Neptune retro through the end of November. Don’t let disappointment erode your confidence or make a hasty decision that could have a negative bearing on your reputation, prospects for success are high.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Financial agreements or shortages can have a dampening effect on the adventure you desire in your heart. If you feel frustrated, let this guide you to seek a way to resolve endemic issues surrounding income or economy. Prospects that may have eluded you in the past may be reconciled over the coming months so that you can attain long term security. Your mind could be on frisky business as the week comes to a close. Flirtation could abound with a friend or someone who catches your eye while in the midst of your daily activities.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Relational matters improve with subtle influences enhancing receptivity in communication, though you may also realize you have alienated someone close by coming across too strong. A financial agreement can be made, though you might have to loosen your control in a situation that requires agreement or cooperative action. It’s also possible more learning is required to advance to the next frontier of mastery. The structures you implement now to ready yourself for the future you desire culminates this November in a spectacular success story or even a significant love relationship.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A relationship (perhaps a new one) goes through a big development this week, rapidly escalating the timetable on your connection to someone. A secret hang up can muddy this for you, though also provide a necessary breakthrough to confront a subconscious obstacle. Very enticing vibrations on Thursday give you an outlet to express yourself, and you might even be surprised at all the attention you illicit. You are making modest professional progress, even if it isn’t totally obvious right now, you get an indication that something will be moving forward shortly.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

There are some challenging influences this week, though also many which are utterly sublime. Neptune retrograde in your sign suggests you are going back over the territory of the past several months in order to integrate new elements of your persona you feel most harmonically connected to while releasing objectives that may not be as productive for you. You find ways this week to realize your highest hopes through creating greater discipline or a more systematic approach to your activities. This is especially effective if you do creative work. You get a signal towards the end of the week that something significant is about to move forward. Hang in there.

Weekly Horoscopes 2/25 – 3/03


This is a week that advances several of the storylines that began in January, as well as very significant events that were triggered mid October (Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and mid November (Venus conjunct Jupiter). The developments that occur are not particularly overt nor make a lot of noise, but have deep emotional resonance that stimulates a very meaningful appraisal of how far the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio has gone to transform one’s personal relationship with intensity, passion and power. Growth through regeneration is possible, as is connecting to a sacred or spiritual ideal. The Virgo Full Moon will weigh in on that Thursday, but so long as you have not misled yourself or others, there is the potential for an outpouring of genuine beauty and idealism.

This is an especially potent introspection to have right now, with Jupiter retrograding in two weeks time, a certain submergence is called for over the coming months, potentially tied to the personal discoveries made this week. The next 14 days are still very vital and active for the emotional realm, so make the best of these aspects while you can make some progress. After that, Aries takes the reigns and the season of fire begins. Venus harmonizes both Pluto and Jupiter this week, indicating positive advancements in love and financial matters, but also for self worth and the creation of harmony. Venus – Pluto seeks connections that run deep and have a soul merger quality to them. Jupiter amplifies them and generates an ambience of pleasure and generosity.

Positive results from maneuvers and choices put forth in regard to personal transformation, again, in mid November (Jupiter) and early January (Pluto) begin to bear enticing fruit. It appears relinquishing a negative circumstance or otherwise taking hold of your personal power is an important theme. Continuity for these efforts are quite evident in this phase. Mercury has caught up to Venus and makes mutual aspects. It is easy to tune into awareness of exactly what is happening and why, at least instinctively. Mercury from Pisces “get’s it” without necessarily having the words to express it. Intuition is strong and trusting your feelings now is a valid expression of the absolute meaning of these transits.

The Virgo Full Moon on Thursday could provide a bit more of a challenge, as it lies in pretty precise opposition to Neptune, which shines a big bright light on any deception or illusions you may be naively or subconsciously rooted to. This can be a very vulnerable period: sometimes with Neptune you can just keep going and going on the expectation all is ok, and suddenly this Full Moon comes along and reveals not every thing is hunky dory in funky town. This doesn’t have to be the outcome, it depends on how close your vision of your life and the people in it are actually are aligned with reality, in which case this could be a genuinely magical moment.

If disappointment proves to be a factor, this is a good time to take a real good look at where delusion stems from and find a way to release it once and for all. More than likely it comes from within – the people, places and things that you have pinned your hopes on are not to be blamed – just released if they are only offering the pervasive uncertainty Neptune thrives on. A stable link to Saturn throws a lifeline, demonstrating a more productive avenue towards which to direct energy. Late Friday into early Saturday Moon makes a conjunction to Chiron, and a healing process can unfold.



april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
Your instincts point you in the right direction towards your goals and professional pursuits. Especially if you have experienced some growing pains here recently, relief comes in the form of hammering out a plan of action. Agreements and commitments make this possible. The Full Moon Thursday is a turning point as well, though you may realize you have to make concessions of a highly personal nature to develop the productivity you require at work. Burning the candle at both ends will no longer do.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Friends and lovers may not see eye to eye in this phase, though someone you care for deeply could also be an inspiration to pursue a creative dream. People who have dissipating influences on you will need to be shown the door. Make room for love and friendships that provide you with real value, that value being acceptance for who you are without question. New connections form as you clarify your desires. A signal early Wednesday AM provides a strong reminder of what needs to get sorted in your domestic sector.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Beautiful but elusive and intangible dreams are fomenting in your professional life. You could be achieving a cherished wish right now, or realizing a promise or commitment was a lot of hot air. The Full Moon impacts your personal life, and relocation to take a job offer could be a major factor this week as well. Some action is taking place behind the scenes, impacting financial matters. A decision you made early in the year is paying off now. Very good news and developments are on queue for your career Friday.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
A great deal of passion and inspiration is present in your relationships right now, though the atmosphere may seem somewhat subdued, much transpires in the deepest realms of the emotions. Someone at a distance could feature largely in your story, though near or far you likely feel completely smitten. Check into financial matters early Wednesday, you get a clue or hot tip to follow that will align you with good fortune. Communicate your hearts desire over the Full Moon on Thursday.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
The Moon from your sign early in the week stimulates you towards a personal initiative. Wednesday morning is especially advantageous for stating your aims. The atmosphere is otherwise a bit beguiling for you, as so much is percolating in your subconscious. This stimulates your intuition and flights of fancy. Follow a dream, but make sure the people making the offers are legit. A financial matter culminates on Thursday, this is a make it or break it moment for a stream of income.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
There is an (imaginary) ocean that gulfs between you and your beloved, the two of you sending waves of emotion back and forth. The Full Moon Thursday is your chance to send forth a message, declaring your intentions, expectations and deepest longings. This comes back to you as a tidal force in two weeks time, during the New Moon in Pisces. What returns has the potential to completely set you adrift or to make those dreams come true. The distinction lies in keeping the wavelengths you send out crystal clear.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
This is a period of recuperation for you, you require a more harmonious balance between your inner psyche and outer productivity. This is a matter that will consume your attention over the next two weeks, but has a positive connotation for your finances and can even lead to a new job and lifestyle by the middle of next month. It’s time to realize the illusion you can carry out your objectives without taking better care of your physical entity needs to be sacrificed. In it’s place, the realization of a significant, and glamorous promotion.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
You can get away with wearing your heart on your sleeve for once, your words register loud and clear over the coming weeks. For some this will implicate a personal project, for others a love relationship will be culminating in delicious moments of revelation. In one way or another, your heart’s desires are being fulfilled. Clarify your message on Thursday, as something quite lovely emerges in two weeks time that mirrors the desires you express during this pivotal Full Moon.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
A strong pull between your personal commitments and your professional aspirations could be present this week, and some inner navigation could be required to extinguish some tricky dynamics with others, especially family members. Financial choices you made earlier this year begin to pay off, and you have a sixth sense about where to pursue leads that could have lucrative outcomes. You are reminded of a destination you would seek mid week, follow that inner compass.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Your perception is wide open, and inspiration is flowing briskly. A creative project or the articulation or realization of your desires in a partnership could be very compelling this week. Something you set into motion earlier this year is finally gaining in momentum for you, and someone from afar, or an educational matter (perhaps both) have a deep influence on the developments you experience, especially on Thursday. Intimacy or a shared financial matter advances midweek. A choice you made late January is paying off.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Professional and financial matters are very well aspected this week, with positive news in frame, especially Wednesday and Friday. To make the most of this mostly harmonious ambience, you have to check your facts and figures, and make sure everyone who you commit to or with can deliver on those promises. It’s an enticing atmosphere, but also slippery and elusive. Don’t get caught out. A compromise or agreement of sorts is required of you Thursday.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
It’s a very momentous week for Pisces, and so much is store for you personally and in regard to a significant relationship. Listen carefully on Thursday for a significant message, in two weeks time it will be your turn to step up to the plate and declare your intentions. If you are unsatisfied with what’s on offer, it might be time to cut the cord, though in an ambience as pervasively elusive as this one, you might do well to let feelings settle in for a few days time before making a crucial decision. Again, in two weeks you’ll be at a much greater advantage and more connected to your own desires.



Jupiter turns direct on Wednesday April 8th at 12:57 pm EST at 12′ 35″ Leo. Set your clocks! This dynamic event signifies a potent phase of growth and opportunity for all, in many ways the beginning of 2015 occurs this week. We may still be reeling from events that took place over the recent eclipse (Saturday April 4th) as the ramifications will reverberate for about six months. Events now will be pivotal and set the course as incredible energy fields are activated throughout the week. This is a very fiery period, as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all highlighted, and the awakening of the God of Gods – Jupiter (Roman) or Zeus (Greek) amidst the clamor and lightning precipitated by conjunctions of Sun – Uranus and Mercury – Uranus in Aries is genuinely clearing the way for real immensely exciting new phases of activity, though developments arise quickly and need to be grabbed if we want to make the most of these exceptional opportunities. New cycles beginning now allow us to completely revolutionize our perspective. Brilliant flashes of inspiration are likely and progressive and innovative solutions can be made under these auspices.

On it’s own, fire (and the amount of fire we see this week particularly) is pure spirit and enthusiasm. Imagination, passion and desire are all sensationally stimulated in this phase. It’s pure energy in it’s most raw and vital form. But what do we make of it? How can we utilize and harness these powerful forces towards a positive and creative outcome? Fire is about now. What is right now and in front of you, what can I do at this PRECISE MOMENT IN TIME? Fire is also highly instinctual, and there is not always a predetermined place to which we seek to arrive under these auspices, but rather an impulse to take action that will simply take us somewhere else. Not necessarily knowing the destination is what makes it an adventure! The placement of Venus and Mars in Taurus are very constructive at this point, we can look to the agenda of Taurus in our chart to see where we are building, and use this energy towards passionate engagement towards those goals. Uranus prevalent in the chart this week suggests the future – put it all together and we are enthusiastically (fire) building (Taurus) the future (Uranus). Jupiter direct aids this process, luck and expansion is possible again, especially where we realized as far back as September (when Jupiter went into retrograde shadow) that the energy was turning inward and that the development of our relationships and enterprises would see set backs for some time.

Pluto plays a pivotal role, square Sun and Mercury and forcing reappraisal of our activities by reminding us we still have skin to shed and outmoded frameworks to deconstruct in order to make real progress. The transformative potential of this period is therefore immense, (much of this culminated in the Eclipse phase,) there are elements of our existence that require release, as will become evident during the Pluto contacts. Working through the challenges that may be present (and the challenge is in your head: once you choose to no longer to perceive it as a challenge and see it as an opportunity for transformation, it ceases to be one,) yield extraordinary developments around the 21st – 22nd. What is useful and instructive about these angles is they allow us to realize we do in fact have all the tools we need to transform our lives into what we seek if we are willing to hone them properly. This requires removing our ego and the expectation we can always get precisely what we want the way we expect to get it.

All it takes is the courage to live by our convictions. Jupiter in Leo enhances this enormously, the strong Sun/Mercury influence from Aries says yes. So the opportunity here is to look out right now at what is in front of you and ask what can I do today to make my life into what I want it to be with what is available to me. Thursday is remarkable – the ambience is vital, awake and alive. Tune into this and by Friday you are ready to articulate your vision to the world! Sun and Mercury conjunct at 19 Aries, mid way between the retrograde phases, to set the pace for the next Mercury cycle which endures through July 23rd. Agreements, decisions and commitments taken at this time will be the thrust of the agenda for the upcoming months. Venus moves into double-your-pleasure Gemini next Saturday, which I’ll write more about in next weeks forecast.

April 5: Mercury conjunct South Node 9 Aries
Sun square Pluto – 15 Aries/Capricorn
April 6: Mercury trine Jupiter – 12 Aries/Leo
Sun conjunct Uranus – 16 Aries
Mars quincunx Saturn – 4 Taurus/Sagittarius
April 7: Mercury square Pluto – 15 Aries/Capricorn
April 8: JUPITER DIRECT 12′ 35 LEO !!!
Mercury conjunct Uranus – 16 Aries
April 9: Moon – Sagittarius trine Sun/Mercury Aries; Jupiter Leo
April 10: Sun conjunct Mercury 19 Aries
April 11: Venus – Gemini
4th quarter Moon 21′ 55″ Capricorn

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ARIES: You come face to face with a part of yourself you are ready to relinquish at the beginning of the week. A conversation or signal on Easter Sunday taps the emotional dynamics still resonating from the recent eclipse and you’ll find it necessary to kill the karma that is limiting your ability to relate to or through another human being. This can be about removing a personal mode of behavior that is holding you back from authentic engagement, like trying to be too autonomous out of fear of being confined, otherwise you may end a relationship that is discouraging or inhibiting your genuine self expression. A part of that self expression is being able to express love itself, and where a positive climate for developing an association through which you encounter those feelings had diminished towards the end of last year, from mid week you see a complete turnaround and regeneration with this person, or perhaps someone entirely new. The key ingredient here is the shared expression of joy and enthusiasm. Genuine pleasure and ardent passion, absolutely nothing less is granted. Enhanced perception of your own creative gifts are a factor as well, you may well discover your muse or the well spring of vital inspiration. From here on out it’s onwards and upwards as liberating and stimulating occurrences throughout the week allow you to assert your individuality and make huge strides towards personal emancipation. The end of the week is astonishing and this is a wonderful time in which to engage socially. Friday is positively dynamic for articulating yourself and setting your personal agenda, no holds barred.

TAURUS: This week is particularly unique to you, as was last, while both Venus and Mars transit your sign, stimulating desire and your ability to experience pleasure mutually. Venus decamps for intellectual Gemini at the end of the week, so make the most of every enticing opportunity that arises! 😉 The Moon transiting Scorpio at the beginning of the week points your attention to the dynamics of your partnerships, and Monday is fruitful for exchanges with the one you would like to get closer to. Subconscious impulses are hard to resist as electrifying intuition reveal deep awareness of your hidden motives or agenda. Very etherial and visionary influences are accessible, making this a positive period to reveal and relinquish your personal baggage or tap into a creative inspiration usually hidden deeply in your subconscious. Also a good phase for psychotherapy since the portal to your subjective awareness is wide open right now. Dreams and premonitory senses are heightened, and it is through these you can access the buried treasure of latent desires or hope for the future. In some ways, some of this is old news, you’ll get intonations of that around Easter, and become aware of what is ready to go. Jupiter direct mid week signals a very positive period for your living arrangements. If you had been hopeful for an expansion or move from the end of last Summer, but plans were set aside, you’ll see a sweep of energy here that allows you to tackle those projects and make plans shortly. Some of the inner guidance you tap this week demonstrate where all this needs to go, by June you’ll likely be prepared to make a monumental shift in your domestic life.

GEMINI: This is a very active week for Gemini, as Mercury races through Aries and social events or occasions provide you many fun and exciting episodes. Take Tuesday with a grain of salt, a contentious alinement to Pluto can make a situation prickly. Finances may play a role here, or otherwise you may uncover a secret among your friends that has negative consequences. You feel provocative and enlivened, and your really electrifying and impulsive energy abounds. If you working with a groups or organization, this is a very positive week for progress and breakthroughs. A tech based project (such as a website, or online publication) can really be culminated now with groundbreaking ideas forthcoming when you get together with your crew and brainstorm. Saturn’s transit of your house of partners has required a hard look at how and with whom you relate one on one. This inquiry is renewed midweek, as the Moon transits this area of your chart and brings sensitivity and awareness to your relationship. With Saturn recently retrograded, you may reconsider a decision you made and find yourself thinking about second chances. Positive vibrations (sensational, actually!) on Thursday will push you back out into the social arena where connectivity is king. You delight in the company and stimulation of spending time with others. Jupiter direct adds momentum to this and a writing or learning project that had been shelved since last Fall/Winter comes back into the frame and you see the potential of that project one again with renewed interest. Financials will have to be considered over the weekend, and tune ups or modifications will need to be made. This is a good time to settle debt. Attend to this swiftly so that you may delight in the pleasurable experiences due to you when Venus begins a once in a year transit of your sign beginning next Saturday.

CANCER: The career prospects have had a dynamic and resonant impact for some time now, and a fateful decision or conversation early in the week will have lasting implications that likely change the course of your destiny, possibly quite unexpectedly! Offers may come to fruition, or you may be compelled to strike out on your own. A sense of liberation and need for genuine modes of activity here will stimulate you to attempt a bold new course of action. Your partner may not see eye to eye with you on these developments, and if in business with this person there can be some particularly quarrelsome moments, with a transformative episode on tap next Saturday. A really vibrant atmosphere in your work, productivity, financial and professional life such as what you get right now is incredibly (once in a lifetime) rare, so make the most of opportunities that come into frame or get left in the dust. Quick movement and decisions will be required. You are used to traveling in a moon-boat, and this week is a revved up Lamborghini. Being a sensitive soul, the intensity present in this phase may feel a bit overwhelming, so do make sure you are getting adequate rest! The very positive outcome for you in this phase and your reward for juggling so much dynamic energy comes in the form of prosperity: you can really come out ahead financially over the coming months for the hard work (Saturn) and progressive action (Uranus) you take now. Events Thursday will illustrate this brilliantly, and a promotion that had been on queue but never fully manifested will take wings by the end of the week.

LEO: While you may have gotten intonations over the prior weeks that things are looking up, it is really this week that all the pieces begin to come together, and that 2015 is really ready to launch. You can set your clock for Wednesday the 8th, 12:57 pm EST for Jupiter to direct station in your sign. This momentous occasion is precipitated by events earlier in the week, signaling a significant shift in orientation, as your awareness is stimulated and feelings of renewal and excitement begin to escalate. There is an immense desire to reach out into realms unknown and expand the boundaries of your consciousness at this time. You may seek to do this through travel, through education or otherwise a broadcasting or publishing project may prove satisfying to you during this period. Thursday is pure vitality and sensation, as you awaken to the possibilities for growth, and by Friday you can stitch together your plan of action. Some, though not all (Mars transits Taurus through May 13th) of the focus moves from your professional sector towards more pleasurable social experiences and enjoyment of the fruits of your labor as Venus moves into Gemini next Saturday. The one caveat to this period is an ongoing need to address a health or work related issue, this seems to present an obstacle in some way, Saturday sees a turning point of some sort, and you may get a diagnosis for a mysterious health problem or otherwise be changing your job description to suit the more advantageous opportunities in your personal life and through largely self expressive activities.

VIRGO: So much of what transpires this week occurs just beneath the surface for you Virgo. Your emotional realm is astonishing and rich, and a conduit of resonance in your feeling and sensory levels is at an all time high. Immense currents come through a committed or intimate relationship. Amazing developments in the life of a partner affect you profoundly, but may also indicate good fortune. You may have had difficulty trusting this person, or these circumstances, because things have been so erratic. There is also the possibility of extricating yourself from an endemic financial association with this person. Clues on Sunday reveal where reliance on another is not serving your better interests. A relationship that features a child is implicated heavily, and you might have to make a difficult decision regarding your child, or in a relationship with someone you have a child with. Events next weekend allow you to confront the necessary changes and reorganize the situation. Your domestic realm is set to get much much much better, as an advantageous development from mid week (and a ton of news Thursday) point to better developments where your home and personal life are affected. A move or renovation project could really enhance your life enormously. The comfort and privacy you desire will feature largely in these improvements. From next weekend, professional matters start to grab for your attention. Venus transiting the midheaven enhances your reputation considerably and if you have been seeking to change profession or sought a promotion, the next month is favorable to do so. Since you are ruled by Mercury you are well advised to make as much progress as possible here while Venus is helpful and prior to the upcoming retrograde (May 19 – June 12) which will affect this area.

LIBRA: Implications of the eclipse over the weekend in your sign continue to reverberate and spill over for weeks if not months, and many of the dynamic shifts occurring, particularly in regard to relationships continue well into the coming weeks. There may have been fall out, Pluto and Uranus have signaled situations too big to be ignored any longer for years, and you might feel in ways that you are left to built your life from scratch in some arenas. The good news is, this is a real opportunity to rebuild in the way you now see fit for your newly evolved standards and through a self awareness that has accumulated over the last year and a half. Starting over, even from scratch, means getting a second chance, moving on and learning from mistakes. It’s not even as though your judgement was tarnished or prior choices were bad, they just no longer serve who you are and who you seek to become. The saving grace is your growing friends list, real friends, not people you encounter on line or have no real connection to, but that person you could call right now who actually makes time for you and will spend the afternoon reminding you of how far you have come and what your genuine values are while you build up Libra 2.0. Partnerships are still emphasized, and there are powerful and unpredictable influences at work. There is a real potential for breakthrough, and a meeting or merger could be on queue unexpectedly. The thing is, especially in a new relationship, is to take things nice and slow. Don’t try to forecast where this is going or let other people dictate the pace. If you don’t like someone now, you probably won’t like them much more in three months or six months or in a year, and you have learned not to lie to yourself to keep from rocking the boat, right? This applies in both love and business, so trust your instincts, even if you feel shaken up. The awesome news is Venus in Gemini is going to be a major assist from next weekend, and highly pleasurable experiences are on tap shortly.

SCORPIO: Events in March and the reverberations of the recent eclipse have placed you in a very unique space in regard to your daily habits, productivity and routines. This usually falls in the category of “work you do for other people” and has a service oriented theme, but with electrifying Uranus doing the talking here, you have sought to build into your daily life a model and methodology you find genuinely exciting and authentic for you. The degree to which you have succeeded here is easy to measure: think about the week ahead and your commitments, are there things on the schedule you look forward to, or things you really dread having to do? There’s the test. At this point in your life you have the ability to get rid of the things that are not providing satisfaction or even pleasure. Don’t like it? Don’t want to do it? Then get rid of it. It’s really that simple. A conversation or realization over Easter can provide you valuable information about karma you are resolving in this arena. Propitious developments over the upcoming week will either serve to remind you how far you have come in regard to the exciting opportunities you can now engage as a result of changes you were willing to undertake. On the other hand, if your are experiencing conditions that feel redundant or oppressive, this is a clear indication you have further to go on your evolutionary path. You can still access this freedom, as events throughout the week allow dynamic progress, though you must keep an open mind to make the most of these exciting and liberating opportunities. Set your alarm for Wednesday 12:57 pm EST, it’s time to cue the Rocky theme song as Jupiter turns direct in your fame, reputation and profession sector and you are all set for your big comeback in the arena of the goals you choose for yourself. The space you made by removing the things you don’t connect to authentically now enables you to go after what you really want for your career. BAM! Get at it!

SAGITTARIUS: Feelings of joy, abundance and pleasure coupled with an urge to growth are stimulated this week as the grand fire trine lights the skies with brilliant opportunities for Sagittarius. Coming off the recent eclipse, where things may have been a bit tense or dicey (especially in relation to finances) you quickly see a turnaround, especially as Jupiter resumes direct motion mid week. For you, more so than anyone, enhancement of genuine life enjoyment culminates when Jupiter turns direct. This is only one of many fortuitous opportunities that emerge, your creativity and romantic possibilities are also triggered as Sun and Mercury transit Uranus. Exciting circumstances may open up here, though the niggling financial issues still seem to play a more endemic role and need to be remedied. Some of these issues can be connected to intrigues. These contacts can blow the lid off a deeply rooted secret connected to your financials. Saturday is auspicious for coming to some kind of determination. Work and productivity matters are still a priority as well, though Venus will come to put a bright and romantic glow around your relationships from next Saturday. Use this period to shore up your alliances, as a Mercury retrograde phase set to occur in this area May – June can be a bit more of a challenge featuring numerous mixed signals and reversals. Make a good impression now, as the good ones will be willing to stick it out with you when the road gets a bit more rocky. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, it just doesn’t get any better than this as the Moon transits your sign and you feel like you can take on anything. You can! So jump in, with Jupiter direct you are awakened and ready to go.

CAPRICORN: You may not be completely in charge or circumstances (and certainly not other people) as you would like to be, but the good news is you are poised to make progress with newly found confidence and motivation to move with towards your goal post and destiny with the means available to you. The domestic scene is also a scene of a great deal of activity, and only you know if your family or flat mates or providing you with energy and enthusiasm or otherwise just draining you by creating chaos. It’s probably a combination of both, and it you have sought to make changes to remedy a situation that is not completely living up to what you want and need, this may be the time to make necessary modifications. A situation or conversation over Easter reveals a need to address a karma over and done with, though the conflict may escalate throughout the week, as Pluto is signaled and you are forced to really consider what you have to let go of to make room for the new. Change and transformation to this area have been endemic for years, now an opportunity to do it comes clear. The window that opens when you close the door is the way through to deeply passionate engagement that allows you to create trust with another person again. As Jupiter returns direct mid week you find your way back to sensational developments that did not completely fulfill their promise from last Fall into Winter. There is a positive theme of merging with another to create a new whole, either through an intimate relationship or a significant business merger. You can truly embrace your personal power over next weekend, the closing quarter moon in your sign indicates a profound self awareness tying into events triggered at the beginning of the year.

AQUARIUS: Your social realm is brilliantly lit, and there are substantial opportunities for real enhancements to your relationships and connectivity in the upcoming phase. Jupiter direct offers a really incredible ambience for establishing a relationship through which you will grow and develop new perspectives. A genuine feeling of enthusiasm accompanies this transit, and you experience it most directly through a one on one connection. This mutually effects a business association as it does a love relationship. An acquaintance or mode of communication on the other hand, may have outlived it’s time, revealed by events or a conversation over Easter. Exciting social events and unexpected detours in your daily activities this week can trigger very stimulating meetings and exchanges. These may even occur during the even the most routine of daily events. It’s also an amazing phase for writing and learning new techniques through course work, though this appears to be short lived. A crash course or 2 – 3 day seminar is the most effective use of this energy. It’s also likely a bolt of inspiration strikes and you find a solution to a problem that has been holding you back for sometime. Venus in Gemini from next Saturday offers a genuinely pleasurable climate for self expression and cultivating a love relationship. (When Venus hooks up with Jupiter in a few weeks you can expect nothing less than fireworks!) An ending is featured next weekend, a part of your innermost private existence is ready to be relinquished. You get nudges towards this release throughout the week, hone in on your instincts, they’ll tell you what is what.

PISCES: The exciting developments this week effect what you make (earnings) and what you do with it (values). This has been a very erratic and at times challenging feature – you seek a source of income that feels authentic to you, but there has been volatility where both income and expenses are concerned. The recent eclipse escalated the stakes and sped up the timetable, and possibly brought fourth a huge opportunity associated with earnings, or potentially through the assistance or backing by a partner or institution. Events throughout the week will continue to build upon and illuminate the themes of how and how much you can benefit from taking an experimental if not entirely unprecedented approach towards creating your revenue stream. You may have a brilliant epiphany at some point that allows you to employ a whole new strategy in regard to earnings, though equally unexpected circumstances in the form of both expenses and opportunities, will force you to think quickly and make adjustments on the fly. Your inventiveness will provide you with the right answers, just stay tuned into to all the possibilities! In this way you learn to trust yourself. Bad financial habits may reveal themselves on Sunday, keep an eye out to these. By Friday you can come up workable agenda or seal the deal at a new job, et cet. Jupiter direct midweek genuinely enhances your productivity. As the traditional ruler of your house of career, you have the ability in this phase to marry your work life to your long range goals, and indications Thursday will yield significant clues as to how well this is working out for you. If you have been in a job disconnected to your chosen profession or not abetting progress towards them, you can make a gracious departure and find something more appropriate to what you seek for the future. This is also a very auspicious time for attending to health matters and generating new regimens, habits or routines that allow you to improve well being.