Stargazer Weekly Horoscope 4/28 – 5/4


This week could be a bit of a clunker, as an upbeat social atmosphere is moderated with continuous reminders revolving around topics of duty and obligation. Mercury is a busy bee, and moods fluctuate from buzzy and optimistic to discouraged or fatalistic. Numerous conversations and correspondence dominate the daily affairs, and the pace is likely to be brisk and exciting!

Mercury from Aries can possess a confrontational tone, and especially when aspecting Saturn and Pluto mid-week, things are likely to get a bit prickly. Not that you should back down from a stand off should one emerge, just be aware that others are equally tense, and perhaps this has nothing to do with you or even the situation in question. If a breaking point has been reached, it could be productive to give something that isn’t working a good heave-ho, just be mindful of your words as contentious vibes promote reckless behavior.

Mercury square the Nodal Axis on Wednesday is an especially pivotal moment and potent for releasing the past effectively. Although a profound sense of nostalgia can accompany this transit, fear or sadness over what is being (or has been) left behind, remain encouraged that something better is coming to take its’ place. Where you feel hindered or uncomfortable – are precisely the circumstances you are meant to walk away from. 

Saturn retrogrades on Monday, in an ongoing conjunction with the South Node that lasts through the end of the week. This aspect occurs again over the first two weeks of July, and finally one last time in late September, shortly after Saturn goes direct at 13’ Capricorn. Karmic issues that run deep can be accessed and released now. Return on something that has been worked towards over the last 9 or 18 years is also possible – particularly look at trajectories that were established in mid September of 2013. Under this influence, obsolete structures are dissolved to make room for what is next. 

An earthy and sensual New Moon in Taurus at the end of the week underscores this process and stimulates the cultivation of fresh prospects and perspectives. Material matters gain in importance and see beneficial improvements now. Geminate your goals for the next six months under this auspicious influence and see stunning results in November.  



March 20 – April 19

You see signs that you have outgrown a professional role, as you come to recognize a significant aspect of your life is coming to an end. While something provides a certainty and sits neatly in your comfort zone, you also are aware that you are capable of more, even (and perhaps especially) where you defy the expectations of others. A reconfiguration of your trajectory between now and September provides a new beginning. July is especially revealing and enables the necessary endings be made to move forward. 

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April 20 – May 20

Impulses arise from your subconscious realm and you may respond to event this week in unexpected or even unusual ways. There are positive indications in store involving finances and shared assets. You might have an ingenious idea that reconciles an issue between yourself and another where resources are concerned. Instincts about this will be strong. Mid week could produce some challenging reality checks regarding your future, and you may be required to realign your objectives temporarily.  

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May 21 – June 20

You’ve come so far, but still have a ways to go to actualize your desires surrounding an intimate relationship. Productive conversations with someone close this week offer opportunities to express your longer range goals, and this generates harmony while bringing you closer to someone. Perception and intuition are enhanced right now, consider them allies while you navigate the more difficult terrain. The more you stay tuned into what you really want the better the outcome. Think about winning in the log run if you feel like jumping ship this week.  

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June 21 – July 22

Intense vibes are present professionally or in your key partnership(s), and major adjustments will be required to deal with what emerges, especially mid week. You could get signals that a relationship has run it’s course, but equally these may just be growing pains indicating a new stage in the evolution of your partnership. Conflict emerges around whether the connection has what it takes to move forward and provide the substance you seek and if something does end its likely because it doesn’t.      

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July 23 – August 22

Creative yearnings are stimulated along with a desire to spread your wings and expand into new territory. There are obligations that seem to prevent you from doing so and these could produce some vexing moments in which you seek to break away from certain commitments. Scaling back or finding ways to streamline productivity can provide a solution. A new professional chapter begins under the auspices of the Taurus Moon over the weekend. If you feel compelled to strike out in a different direction, trust this impulse.     

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August 23 – September 22

Financial obligations prevent your free expression this week and could make you take another look at how productive your arrangements are. For the time being you might need to be more flexible while long term trends are still in the process of taking root in your life. Your personal/profession axis is lit up this week and there could be positive news about resources that enable growth in both spheres. The Taurus New Moon gives you a vantage point that stimulates excitement for what the future has in store. What would you like to see take off in your life in the six months.   

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September 23 – October 23

These could be some prickly moments as you continue to reconcile the demands of your personal and professional obligations. News mid week points you in the direction of the future and towards a career milestone you will likely achieve in July. This one has been in the works for a while, though a strong indication of what you need to release (the past) this week is emphasized. Communication between you and your spouse or partner flows brilliantly, generating optimism and a strong vision for a shared future. The New Moon enhances confidence and trust in your intimate relationship.  

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October 24 – November 21

You are busy-busy-busy at work and many lucrative assignments are in store if you apply your agility and communication skills to the opportunities on offer. Words get pointed, especially mid week, as tensions between yourself and your colleagues or a transportation issue escalates. A clash of wills is possible here, state your case and move on. A change of mind or attitude adjustment may also be required. The New Moon in Taurus ups the ante on your relationship – are you ready to take this to the next level? 

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November 22 – December 21

Your happy go lucky attitude hits a glitch when you have to reconcile what you want with what you need, making you re-evaluate your resources. You are still learning to trust and rely on others more, and this level of intimacy can be a bit frightening up front, though you are slowly getting more accustomed to it. You tap the source of pleasure and creativity this week while the Moon transits Aries and links up with Mercury and Venus in your arena of True Romance Thursday into Friday. Tuesday is perfect for expressing your feelings to someone you care for.  

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December 22 – January 19 

There could be some growing pains this week Cap, as you continue to reorient yourself and ongoing evolution to include an important relationship. As a generally independent person, this comes with some modifications to your lifestyle as you learn to accommodate another person in your life. As you relinquish habits that reinforce your autonomy but also exclude the possibility of mutual engagement, appreciate  how much you have gain rather than lament over what you might perceive as a loss. You tap the source of love and creation during the New Moon, pleasure is enhanced by your receptivity to give and receive.      

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January 20 – February 18

Work – life balance needs to be addressed, and time constraints mid week could provide an insight that prompts a change in your mind set that triggers a needed change. The New Moon is pivotal for rearranging your priorities, the changes in your personal life, (which will be ongoing) are emphasized and enable you to make some crucial decisions. You can set yourself up for success now and deflect some of the more unpredictable circumstances that arise in May. Asserting what you want while you establish a root base assures an outcome you can live with.

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February 19 – March 20

Follow your heart Pisces. Trying to accommodate or live up to the wishes and desires of others will not take you far right now. There are rich and ripe opportunities for personal development in creativity and love right now. If you lose a relationship or even a few, assure yourself these did not have your best interests in mind. If you find yourself at a crossroads this week, ask yourself “Does this make me feel good?” and if the answer is no – walk away, regardless how comfortable arrangements might be. Intuition is well developed and your best ally. An important conversation regarding a financial/professional matter on Thursday goes well for you. Stand up for what you are worth.    

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Weekly Forecast 4/22-28

Life continues to come back to order in the post – Mercury retrograde shadow phase, and mid week is ideal for sorting out a standing matter once and for all. A solution to a challenging issue that has been concerning over the last six weeks can finally be resolved when Mercury contacts Saturn on Wednesday. There is a sort of now or never quality to this transit, and a short term compromise or sacrifice can result in a long range solution.Meanwhile, a certain inertia defuses, as the drive towards goals levels off, lowering the intensity.

With Saturn and Pluto (from the 22nd) in retrograde motion, the strategies and motivation to achievement are in a phase of contemplation and restructuring. This calls for some introspection and reevaluation over the coming months, as testing out what is working and what is not is required before major initiatives, relationships and even life structures, can continue to move forward. A change in trajectory is enhanced by the upcoming Mars retrograde, which will additionally delay developments.

Important events do culminate this week, meanwhile, especially where initiatives rooted in the events and storylines of early January are featured. Energy is stimulated as Mars aligns with the Jupiter – Pluto sextile, indicating a great deal of motivation to achieve an objective, and/or make a really significant transformation and overcome something that seems almost insurmountable. Thursday seeds the beginning of the new Mars – Pluto cycle, which lasts for 2 years, though this agenda will likely go through some transmutation and modification over the Summer months.

A surge of energy precipitates during this merger, a desire to take power or control something (perfectly acceptable if that something is yourself and your own motivations and inner drives!) is way intensified. This can also be a dank and confrontational period, where you have to face the truth, as harsh as it might be, and make some kind of change. If you can manage this, though, you experience the Phoenix quality that this aspect engenders and go through an accelerated purge – release – rebirth. The area ruled by Mars in your chart likely to experience an intensely cathartic event around this time.


The Jupiter aspect (occurring Tuesday) is incredibly positive, and amplifies exuberance and productivity. Positive feelings are generated and success in endeavors, especially wrought from undertakings that were initiated in early January, is indicated. After this week, Mars will not interact with Jupiter or Pluto again until it engages from Pisces in November – December, so make the most of these compelling alignments!

Venus will enter Gemini on Tuesday, generating a diffuse ambience in which affection is stimulated by curiosity or intellectual pursuits. Gemini can be a bit of a fashion victim, and at it’s worst is superficial, though at it’s best incredibly witty and a provocative social commentator. The words you choose and you use can win over the heart of the love you might seek. Poems, notes, and cute text messages can have a big influence on how satisfying and productive your relational life will be, express yourself!

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You gain professional momentum this week, though some of these aspirations may not fully coalesce until a little later this year. Still, you get good indications that you are moving in the right direction. An intense shift occurring Thursday points out where you hold power, but equally where you have the most work to do. Socially this is a very vibrant couple of weeks for you, and next weekend ideal for spending time with your spouse or partner. If you are still seeking someone to connect with, it’s possible an encounter in your daily routine triggers an interesting meeting.


TAURUS April 20 – May 20

The theme this week is going the distance, and potentially articulating a long term plan you may wish to put into motion later this year. This objective has likely been lurking just beneath the surface of your consciousness, and something triggered this week enables you to put this into words. A partnership is featured here and through the encouragement of your spouse or something that happens in their lives you gain momentum here. Financial matters are much improved from Tuesday. Indulge a little.


GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Venus moving into your sign takes the edge off the intensity and bewildering twists and turns you have endured over the last few months. Receptivity to pleasure and genuine feelings of self acceptance are enhanced and offer you respite in an otherwise volatile atmosphere. Financial obligations still need to get sorted, and either a debt or commitment you have made to another demands your attention in the later part of the week. The early weekend is nonetheless quite enjoyable, make some time for recreation.


CANCER June 21 – July 22

A key committed partnership is still evolving, though you get a reminder of why you got involved in the first place in the early days of the week. Confidence in your partnership is genuinely enhanced when someone comes through for you. A major culmination on Thursday shows how far you have come, but equally how far you have yet to go. A professional issue that has been pervasive over the last two months or so can be dealt with mid week, freeing you to move forward with an important objective. A quiet and reflective period ensues with Venus in Gemini.



LEO July 23 – August 22

Sundays’ quarter moon phase falls in your sign, suggesting you are still adapting to changing conditions. Check in with how you feel about the progress you have made since last Summer, you likely have come further than you realize! A highly charged situation at work culminates this week. Success is yours where you have put in an effort to modify your approach and a stunning opportunity may be on offer. Socially you enter one of the more vibrant passages of the year, friends and alliances sparkle and pleasurable interludes are a highlight over the coming weeks.


VIRGO August 23 – September 22

The heat gets turned up this week in a love relationship, and if you remember the period of mid October, 2016, you might have a clue as to what might be culminating. Currently, you have the support of Jupiter, enabling you to articulate your thoughts and feelings more clearly, as well as to expect a beneficial outcome, which makes one more likely to come about. Mid week offers the potential for resolving a long standing issue and have on overdue conversation. Venus in Gemini from Tuesday enhances your reputation and makes professional progress more likely.



LIBRA September 23 – October 23

The control you seek in your domestic situation is amplified this week, as something shifts for you on a subterranean level, signaling the time is coming to make an overdue change or transition. A financial development on Tuesday could enable initial steps take place, though it’s more likely this really comes together for you in October or even the early portion of 2019. Heed a cathartic message, though and set an agenda for the upcoming months. Venus in Gemini enhances pleasurable connections, making this a favorable period for love and recreation, especially where a long distance connection offers you an affectionate exchange.


SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s a defining period for you, though with Pluto retrograding, you likely will spend the next few months reconsidering a few key objectives while you revisit the outcomes of your prior choices. You can express yourself quite powerfully now, and especially from mid week you can set course on a major initiative, just be prepared to travel towards your destination in the slow line. By Autumn, the pace hastens and you’ll be moving from strength to strength. Your emotional realm is stimulated while Venus transits Gemini, a relationship could have cathartic undertones for you. Tap into passionate desire over the coming weeks.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

It would be easy to pass off the upcoming astrology as having a financial connotation for you, but it’s really quite deeper than that, as upcoming aspects are actually revealing significant changes in values and even feelings of self worth that have been a transformative aspect of your existence for several years. What differentiates the current sky scape from the occurrences of the past, is the structural improvements you can make now that Saturn has arrived in this area. Sacrifice on some order is required while you define what matters most. Venus in Gemini indicates a positive atmosphere for your relationships. Time to dive in!


CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Powerhouse aspects affect you this week, and where you have sought to assert your potentials and release yourself from deadening behavioral patterns or relationships you will discover the determination you require to effectively transform your life. Friends or an organization enable your efforts and you’ll likely benefit from outside assistance. Take a long view on all developments, as attainment of your objectives is within reach, but remain a work in progress for several months. Routines and productivity are well aspected, and an effort you put fourth now (doing your best work) pays off professionally for you during a favorable period extending from August to November.


AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Venus in Gemini from Tuesday gets you out of the funk of heaviness you’ve endured for much of the year so far, lightning the ambience and opening your perspective to pleasurable experiences. Things continue to get sorted behind the scenes, and compelling developments over the course of the week likely signal long over due changes are coming to the fore of your consciousness. Attention shifts to domestic and personal matters meanwhile, and you benefit from some private time, nurturing your inner world through connecting to family and those closest to you.


PISCES February 19 – March 20

There is some intensity in the ambience this week, though conditions among your friends and social networks do have favorable indications. Someone at a distance could stand up for you and help you move a plan into action. Results may be slow to come, but a decision you make this week does have the potential to significantly alter your long range agenda. From Tuesday, Venus enhances your private life, making you a bit low key while you attend to personal and domestic matters. Sprucing your home up will put you at ease and offer comfort.




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If you found the first few months to be a downer, fret not! The astrological New Year begins on Friday at 6:45 pm (EST) with an exciting dual transit of Moon and Sun through Aries very shortly after a Pisces Solar Eclipse, signaling a massive shift in consciousness. Vitalization, passion and the revival of spirit come into frame brilliantly, after we cross the final hurdle of the last Uranus – Pluto square, that is! The overall theme is one of renewal and beginnings, regardless of where you are in the world, and whether it is Spring or Fall Equinox where you live.

Two really major factors predominate the astro-scape this week signifying a pivotal change of direction for some, and a total break through, or break down for others. We get to the final of seven Uranus – Pluto squares that have been occurring between Capricorn (Pluto) and Aries (Uranus) since 2012 on Monday. Shifting and challenging conditions have made certain elements of our lives very difficult to pin down, and there is a palpable necessity at this time to make a transformative shift in priorities. Situations on the world stage continue to escalate, as circumstances implicating society at large or within our personal sphere may completely implode, though if so, this situation has likely been percolating for years. The area of your life you have sought to revolutionize (Uranus,) since 2011 has been challenged by big picture circumstances that may have left you feeling completely powerless (Pluto). It has been an exhausting process, but of course, there can be a substantial breakthrough at this time as well, though events will likely take us pretty far out of our comfort zone regardless of the final destination. Transformation and adaptation is required under these auspices, though complete regeneration will be the reward. Take things one step at a time if matters reach a crisis point and keep daily life as uncomplicated as possible for the time being. The dates of the prior aspects were:

June 6-July 9, 2012; 8 Degrees Aries/Capricorn
September 18-October 1, 2012; 6 -7 Degrees
May 15-Jun 1, 2013; 11 Degrees
October 17-November 15, 2013; 9 Degrees
April 12-29, 2014; 12 – 13 Degrees
November 26-December 27, 2014; 12 Degrees
March 11-28, 2015; 15 Degrees

As you can see, there is a pretty tight focus here between 8 – 15 degrees, so if you have chart factors here (or equally in Libra or Cancer) you were far more personally impacted by these transits. We’ll continue to feel the resonance of this final one for a few more months, as the Libra eclipse next month, then the Capricorn/Cancer Lunations in July, continue to stir up some dynamic indications connected to the upheaval and cathartic intonations of events likely to occur at this final phase. There can be pressure or tension from an outside source, and even outright power struggles or a very confrontational episode with Pluto involved. Mutually, this can be the catalyst for changes we have sought since 2012 and offer a quantum leap forward. Indications we got, or efforts put fourth last week, during the transit of Mars to this critical alinement, will be consequential here, as will the transit of the Sun on the 6th – 7th in April.

At the far end of the week, we receive a Solar Eclipse at 29′ 27″ Pisces (Friday March 20th at 5:36am EST), the first of a series on the Pisces/Virgo axis that will continue through Spring of 2017. The Nodal axis (our evolutionary consciousness) will shift onto Virgo (North Node Future)/Pisces (South Node Past) in October of this year. Eclipses have a much greater personal impact if they fall in a six degree range of an angle or planet in your chart, and it is also worthwhile to see if the Nodes recently have changed astrological houses (based on your rising sign) as this will be the first eclipse occurring in this house, triggering dynamic flows of energy and ushering a vital new beginning in this area for your life, (although the South Node is still transiting Aries). Events feel fateful and we may encounter new relationships that feel incredibly karmic at this time. This particular eclipse harmonizes exclusively with Saturn, recently retrograde at 4 Sagittarius, so initiations and endeavors made in the coming two weeks tie right into our long range goals and enterprises. With Saturn hanging on in trine to the degree of the eclipse from mid June – mid September, it’s fair to say what begins to develop now has a pretty significant role in the overall story we will ultimately tell in 2015. This is a harmonizing angle, so we receive support and reinforcement for this goal for a good duration, though it will require discipline and hard work to bring our endeavors to a successful outcome.

The Sun bursts into the pioneering dominion of Aries about 12 hours after the Eclipse, beginning the astrological New Year. We’ll seek to take direct action towards the goals and objectives we have recently become aware of and seek a vital and effective outlet for the energy stimulated over the next month. Mercury lags behind, lolling about in Pisces after a stimulating, but lengthy visit and retrograde period in Aquarius. A connection to Saturn early in the week may trigger feelings of pessimism as a conversation or realization indicates a necessity to come into realignment to reality. (Count Monday out for your major initiatives, if you can!). Midweek is highly inspirational, as a Moon, Mercury and Neptune all conspire sensationally for a creative undertaking harmonizing intellect and intuition beautifully – it is possible to really connect to the spirit and visionary realm or express the deepest emotions, perhaps even wordlessly. Music and the aesthetic forms will all provide deep stimulation.

Venus moves into sensual Taurus on Tuesday, and we’ll seek to ground our romantic and creative impulses into a tangible form. Taurus – Venus offers practicality and stability for our financial affairs as well as stimulating a desire towards accumulation and possessions. The aesthetic nature is refined and the material world, as well as the sensations it engenders, provides pleasure and respite during an otherwise potentially tumultuous week. We have the option to walk the garden path and engage productively with patience and determination now.

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ARIES: There can be a breakthrough in your profession at this time, and where you have remained determined to transform your responsibilities in order to achieve status, you may find the pay off comes in at this time. You might also find that your desire for freedom is challenged by your career obligations or restrictive circumstances. A conflict you experience personally could galvanize you towards a fundamental reorientation to a goal that is bigger than yourself, perhaps connected to a social or revolutionary cause that motivates you to action as a result of your own developing consciousness. Those of you born between April 1 -9 or with angles or planets falling between 10 – 18 degrees of the sign will feel this most acutely. Venus leaves your sign Tuesday, indicating a favorable period to address your values and earnings, perhaps finding good fortune or new opportunities associated with creativity, the arts or through a partner may be featured over the next month. Intuition will be very strong in this phase and you do well to engage in reflection or meditation. A dream can be particularly revealing mid week, or during the eclipse phase. It’s truly time to leave behind limiting circumstances, and begin a process of renewal. The Sun in your sign from Friday promises much is in store for you and galvanizes you towards new experiences and boundless frontiers, Happy Birthday!

TAURUS: There could be a breakthrough this week for you, related to higher education, travel, teaching or training, though dynamics going on behind the scenes play a strange role, and could skew the perspective somehow. There could be a pivotal – even disruptive situation involving a secret that is revealed in this phase. Your health may be implicated, as well, and if you have not been getting appropriate amounts of rest there can be challenging indications. Venus comes to the rescue, padding your landing with a gentle and generous transit of your sign beginning Tuesday. It will become easier to address your needs and find satisfaction and pleasure in the coming phase. Relationships with friends and groups or organizations you work with will also be enhanced as Mercury transits this area, allowing you to leave behind the critical work of the prior phase in which professional obligations were emphasized. Catching up with people you have been too busy to see, events and parties may all play a positive role in the upcoming period as well. The Eclipse Friday can bring you into a whole new group of friends or associates that will play a major role in your future. An intimate partner may offer this introduction, or you may be cultivating a serious relationship with someone who you meet through this group, a development that plays out through the Summer into Fall.

GEMINI: Very significant developments occur in your professional life this week, and a new opportunity may be on offer. Pay attention to clues you get midweek, by remaining receptive to intuition you may come to realize what you truly aspire to or discover the path you should take to get there. Mercury in Pisces through the end of the month indicates a great deal of conversation and negotiation will likely transpire in relationship to your goals and enhance your career prospects. The Friday Eclipse augments a major shift of consciousness, the next six months will be revealing of where your best course of action can be taken. It seems a relationship may be guiding your destiny through the Autumn months, you may change your direction and take work in a new city to be close to someone you care for, or a business partner may be playing a substantial role in helping you. Meanwhile there can be discord or disagreements where matters of joint finance are implicated, as arrangements pertaining to the division of assets or in relation to a loan, legacy or grant can be complicated by unexpected or unforeseen development. This has the potential to hinder your hopes and aspirations, and will require some intensive negotiation. Venus from Taurus suggests you benefit from relaxation and reflection over the coming weeks. A relationship may unfold behind the scenes or you may find yourself mulling over someone from the past and idealizing a circumstance or person you have not seen in a long time. Closure is possible in this phase, and there may be an ending, though new beginnings also transpire, especially in relation to friends in the coming weeks.

CANCER: A dynamic culmination occurs in your professional life, which will deeply impact a relationship, for better or worse. Volatile energy and changes in your life direction over the past few years may reach a critical point of transformation in this period, especially where push has come to shove and circumstances have become unbearable. It’s also possible you make a real breakthrough, and a business partner or spouse will either show you the way through, or obstinately challenge your decision towards a liberated career path. From Friday, the transit of Sun in this area will positively enhance your reputation, and you will be able to take back the reigns on your aspirations for success and recognition to better results. Friends help you through the rockier patches, and social events and activities will present wonderful opportunities for loving and affectionate exchanges. An interesting invitation to travel, teach or study abroad may also be a factor around midweek, or during the eclipse period. Mercury in Pisces suggests you will be broadening your perspective, ethical and philosophical boundaries over the coming weeks, either through correspondence with those abroad, or otherwise through actual travel or by engagement through higher educational activities. Clues and intuition are strong midweek and indicate the ability of uncovering a spiritual contact via dream or long distance travel.

LEO: This could prove to be a difficult week for travel, as it seems very unexpected developments occur where you least expect it if you are on the road or within your educational goals, teaching or publishing prospects. A health issue may prove the culprit, or work assignments could interfere at this time. Far more positive vibrations will come through intimate relationships and through quiet and introspective moments taken with your self or someone you are deeply involved with. This could apply equally to a relationship with a spouse or business partner, as negotiations surrounding shared resources or responsibilities within a partnership become integral over the coming weeks while Mercury transits Pisces. An inspirational development midweek could catalyze a deeply spiritual bond through mutual love and trust. This is merely a prelude to the sensational eclipse on Friday, which offers further stimulation to connect on a meaningful level. There is longevity implied within a commitment made at this time, though the pace of a relationship will likely be slow and steady, with a significant culmination in store by November. The Sun from Aries puts you right in your comfort zone, for the first time all year you feel you are beginning to truly come into your own. Venus from Taurus enhances your reputation and can assist you in achieving your professional goals or aspirations. You may find improved conditions towards authority figures and feel vitalized as you embrace your destiny.

VIRGO: The Pisces eclipse signals major developments in your partnership status, whether you are married, single or it’s already complicated, changes are on queue. Equally, dramatic events in the conditions in the life of your mate will deeply effect you, and if single, there is the potential to meet someone with whom you feel a deep karmic and cosmic connection. This person may play a very definitive role in your life and you might move in order to be close to someone who comes into your life at this time. The eclipse bears on your very foundations directly, and while a change in residence may be implied, all the details may not fully come into view, or into play, until this Fall. By then you will be in a more powerful position, for now it seems you must contend with the shifting ebb of the tides. A volatile economic situation may also feature in this phase, and here, too, unexpected events can shift the status quo quite dramatically. An expense related to a child may be a part of the equation, but in some way or fashion someone close with whom you share expenses, (a spouse or business partner) pulls a rabbit out of the hat, and this may have a positive effect in the long run, for now it likely feels destabilizing or somehow indicates a temporary setback. Venus in Taurus will put you at much greater ease, and you will discover affection and even love with someone with whom you can broaden your horizons. A zest for life and some adventures are in store, cast your net wide for exciting experiences.

LIBRA: The foundations of your life and relationships continue to shift as big developments continue to unfold in both residential matters and within a key partnership. Also critical in this phase will be a significant transformation in your work and productivity. You may decamp for a new position or see a huge change at your job, perhaps someone is “eclipsed out” in this phase. Listen to clues and cues midweek, as you may connect with the ideal vision for your work life, or get a positive message of reinforcement you are moving in the right direction for having trusted yourself to engage your creative and visionary nature. Follow your instincts and go with the flows the universe presents. A new assignment or modifications you embrace now will have substantial ramifications to your earnings this Summer. There may be some challenges or shortages, but in the long run the benefits will be substantial and enduring. If you have been seeking outside equity, grants or loans, a positive phase begins when Venus enters Taurus, and you can fully get yourself behind such an effort. Equally impacted are your committed and intimate relationships, and a new romance kindled over these prior weeks can become deeper at this time. Proceed cautiously and don’t get too cozy, as an eclipse in your own sign on route in early April will bring even more fundamental changes! Hang in there!

SCORPIO: Your job, health and work life have been affected pronouncedly by the impact of Uranus transiting this part of your chart since 2011. It has like created unstable, but at times exhilarating conditions, in your work continuity and productivity. One of the effects of this transit is the urge to liberation in this arena of your life, too seek an authentic expression of your self and talents through the work you do and through your lifestyle. Pluto began a long and testing passage against your efforts in this arena in mid 2012, (see the exact dates above, in the summary,) with the final card being dealt this Monday. There is a highly caustic, oppressive quality to these alignments, and this feels very personal to you, as Pluto is your ruler and the expression of it’s energy is in fact deeply connected to your authenticity. This pattern of experience has been challenging at best as your desire to have more freedom in your lifestyle has been so severely compromised by powerful forces over which you have had little control. Coupled with the transit of Saturn in your sign and this has been a double whammy of contentious and thoroughly frustrating circumstances. But Scorpio has a secret weapon this year, the brilliant assistance of Jupiter in your 10th house offering the liberation you seek through your chosen path of professional ambition. No evidence yet? Wait a few more weeks till Jupiter goes direct. And if things get prickly on Monday, keep in mind Pluto is affecting the house of communication and learning. Remove your ego, keep the flows of communication open and be willing to learn. In other news: Spring has sprung and love is in the air! Venus from Taurus as well as an eclipse in the house of True Romance have much in store for you! Tune into the auspicious nuances midweek for what is in store. xoxo!

SAGITTARIUS: If you have wondered why the source and flow of creativity and pleasure has been blocked or constrained you need look no further than the usual culprits: Uranus and Pluto, which have had a very antagonistic relationship for the last three years. Your deeply evolving values and connection to money, resources and how you earn them have played a very substantial role in this dynamic, and while meaningful self expression, love and recreational activities equally demand authentic and spontaneous expression (Uranus), the changes of perspective you are undergoing mutually need to be addressed as well. This final alinement may produce a result for you in this arena, or just add more questions, though Jupiter plays a very supportive role to get you back in the game, more notably after it resumes direct motion next month, and again in June, when trine Uranus again. You’ll find more and more over the coming months that demonstrable growth is very possible, and that priorities are soon able to shift away from foundation building and personal assets to more enthusiastic and adventurous opportunities that will present themselves. Health and productivity will be positively enhanced as Venus transits Taurus, and you will have positive relations with those with whom you work. This is also an effective time for therapies and remedies associated with improving your well being. The home and living arrangements will be going through some massive new developments as well, as your professional realm is about to undergo a major growth spurt that applies directly to your residential situation. Look to a stunning insight or intuition midweek, as well as the developments around Friday’s eclipse for clues.

CAPRICORN: Fundamental shifts have been occurring in the bedrock of your existence for years, at times a very challenging and frustrating process, though at others a positive and significant transformation from who were into who you have become. The last of these critical alinements occurs on Monday, and you may find either you have simply had enough of circumstances, or that you reach a necessary and crucial breakthrough in your life at this time. Events, awareness and circumstances will likely be shifting things and reverberating in your subconscious for some time, particularly around the time of the Libra eclipse early next month, which has a major impact for you professionally. A good thought for the time being is to simplify life as much as possible, and to not make any unnecessary commitments, as things are changing swiftly and unexpectedly. The far sweeter news this week pertains to matters of the heart, as gentle Venus passes through the area of True Romance, you may find you can sweeten the deal with a new love connection or romantic liaison. Really enticing upcoming aspects will open the doors to finding the affection you seek. For now Venus opens your heart to the possibility, enhancing creativity and pleasure. The Pisces eclipse can offer very exciting social opportunities, and agreement or contract may also be featured. The upcoming weeks will indeed be busy with a great deal off communication and connectivity with many people. These contacts will tap right into your innate abilities, and enhance your life productively through the Autumn months. What you say and the people you make agreements with at this time will prove highly satisfying.

AQUARIUS: Where weight and restriction has been present you will seek out change. This has as much to do with your thinking as it does the people with whom you share, work and play and more so the people in your daily life who inspire you to take a chance and act on convictions now through a positive conversation or suggestion. There is a compelling need to move forward and be understood. What seems to be holding you back comes from the place of secrets and mystery, possibly a toxic essence playing out behind the scenes. Your subconscious nature is changing, and compulsive thinking can be producing weird, or unusual affects on your private life. Strong cues from the environment are likely suggesting to let these go, and it is probably time to exorcise these and let them die a natural death. You are ready! Really stunning financial indications can be on tap towards the end of the week, and there could be a wonderful opportunity in store around the time of the eclipse. Intimations and creative aspirations which have inspired you over the past few months could culminate now in an offer that brings prosperity, possibly connected to your profession. The residential and personal life see a very positive upswing in the coming weeks as Venus begins a transit of Taurus. You can easily beautify and find pleasure in your surroundings, and a close love relationship can unfold within the comforts of home. Invite someone you would like to get closer to over for a nice meal to make the most of this energy. You may find you connect quite beautifully when you can share your personal space and history (and vice versa) with someone in this phase. Also a good time for reconnecting to family.

PISCES: Venus from Taurus sextiles your Sign, a stunning harmonic that allows things to open up beautifully and suggesting that positive serendipities bring forth opportunity with a minimum of effort at this time. Mercury from your sign augments your position as you can easily articulate yourself and your desires quite readily in this phase. The Moon transiting your sign mid week allows for a brilliant flow of inspiration, and you can tap the source of creative mojo and the visionary abilities you inherently possess. This culminates for you in an eclipse in your sign Friday, and you are ready to encounter new attributes of yourself that had previously been submerged or difficult to define. A part of this process is associated with your evolving professional pathway and the slow but steady progress you have been making in your career. Through this awareness there will be a need or desire to redefine your persona as required by the achievements and aspirations you seek to attain. This will be a process that endures through the upcoming months, with a remarkable transformation of your identity by this Fall. The interpersonal dynamics are affected by this, and it is likely your closest relationships will altered as a result of the personal awareness you encounter over the upcoming two years. The Uranus – Pluto square challenges your foundations. There may be a contentious financial issue to deal with at the beginning of the week, your assertion to independence in regard to how you earn and spend your income is going to come into play. One final chess move can get you to liberation. The choice is yours.