Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 2019

The upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle is especially potent, as it stimulates an ongoing discussion or negotiation with Saturn and Pluto – conjunct January 12th 2020 at 22′ Capricorn. What is being worked through now has very significant implications not only for the upcoming Sun/Mercury cycle, but also sets the stage for many developments over the course of next year.

Between January 10th and 13th, 2020, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all conjunct in Capricorn, signaling a momentous surge of energy and initiation where ~22′ Cap resides in your chart. It would appear that the events, conversations and choices that are made over these coming two months clear the decks and set the stage for what will emerge at this critical point at the dawn of 2020.

From Scorpio, Mercury is incredibly subjective. Over the course of the pre-retro shadow/retrograde/post-retro shadow phases, you may notice substantial shifts in personal consciousness about a particular topic. One day things appear a certain way, then a short time later, completely different, even though superficially nothing has changed.

What has occurred is an internal reorientation to the situation, and how you feel about something or someone is likely to go through a large degree of transition between now and December. An especially useful date to note is October 18th, when information or an insight arrives that indicates the topic of the learning curve revealed during the upcoming cycle.

Putting something into motion on this date is not entirely fruitless, so long as you are prepared to watch this thing completely mutate and evolve into a distinctively different shape between now and December 1st, when Mercury makes its’ third and final transit at 19′ Scorpio. It’s here the pieces really fall into place.

The significance of 19′ Scorpio is that it is the position of the mid retrograde conjunction of Sun – Mercury (November 11th) and thus indicates the primary topic of the resolution being sought after during this phase. At this time, a major piece of the puzzle is revealed and resolution begins to move into frame.

Saturn and Pluto have a strong influence throughout the retro cycle, but are working in a supportive placement to Mercury, suggesting long range and even endemic issues can be resolved between now and New Year through patience, determination and the in-depth analysis required to see them through. Clearing the way for the next cycle in early January (which coincides with a Cancer eclipse in precise opposition) is the critical message – and opportunity- the Universe is dealing right now.

Mercury sextile Saturn – Oct 14
Mercury sextile Pluto – Oct 19
Mercury sextile Pluto r – Nov 9
Mercury sextile Saturn r – Nov 13
Mercury sextile Saturn – Nov 30
Mercury sextile Pluto – Dec 3

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Weekly Horoscope 4/7-13



The gears of communication and reality begin to click back into place this week. Following an ethereal, Neptune infused couple of weeks, it’s more or less back to the grind. Venus takes over the mantle of inspiration, combining with Neptune, then later Saturn and Pluto, continuing to give a creative voice to the inspiration that saturated the early days of Spring. Mercury connects to the Nodal Axis Tuesday into Wednesday, illuminating the appropriate path or choices to be taken to reach evolutionary goals for the future. It’s likely past skills or connections assist this passage in some way and enable you to get back on track. An endeavor that began in earnest in late February begins to show signs of growth and progresses more easily now. 

Sun square Saturn on the 10th signals a situation has reached it’s breaking point, likely connected to objectives initiated right at New Year (Sun conjunct Saturn 11’ Capricorn January 2nd). Over the weekend Sun squares Pluto, stimulating cathartic, though incredibly challenging or tense dynamics. This one loops back to January 11th, (Sun conjunct Pluto 20’ Capricorn) and here again, certain goals are called into question. While squares can represent moments of extreme crisis, and tend to be maligned as such, they also provide the greatest opportunities for growth. It’s possible to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough, especially in matters where you have been oppressed circumstantially or burdened by past life (or earlier in this life) baggage or programing that is hindering your effectiveness in the here and now. Eliminating rigid structures of dependency, and taking initiative on what you can do independently is the way through.

Jupiter retrogrades from April 10th, and goes direct again on August 11th. For a few months, there could be a bit of a slow down where your biggest growth and farthest reaching experiences are concerned, while you integrate what has developed since last November when the Jupiter -Sagittarius transit began. Consider that Jupiter on one hand enhances that potential for growth in a specific area of your life (specified by the themes or topics of the house it is currently transiting in,) but also indicates that it is through that area you are likely to encounter broader perspectives and possibilities. Distinguish the ways in which Jupiter expands the matters connected to the area being transited, but also where potential growth is possible through the course of activities in that area. If a situation has not yet fulfilled it’s promise, new opportunities (and second chances) arise from the end of Summer.  



March 20 – April 19

The distant and far away can be a bit less enticing for you as you continue to focus on your base of operations and matters closer to home. A stormy situation may erupt around a contentious professional situation that’s been simmering. When the dust settles you’ll likely see that confrontation was inevitable and ultimately even productive. A bit of retreat can work wonders for you and provides therapeutic release from some of the more demanding aspects of life, so carve out some personal time for yourself.

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April 20 – May 20

Your social life is bustling, and a special event you attend or put together mid week will be a smashing success. There are more divisive factors going on behind the scenes and the revelation of a secret can have a really abrasive affect. You get the green light on a communication or learning project this week meanwhile, and will be thrilled to move forward following the delays of the prior weeks and months. Opportunities for pleasure and abundance are all around you, enjoy yourself as much as possible!  

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May 21 – June 20

There are some very positive developments in store professionally this week and a decision or agreement can move forward now that has an impact financially or in regard to your future. A contentious situation can erupt where pressure has been building, just remain mindful that what is happening is doing so for a reason, and it will be easier to deal with. You can make a lot more progress where you rely on yourself and your own efforts rather than the inputs or resources of others.     

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June 21 – July 22

There are strong indications this week that you are ready to move forward, and especially where a situation has been in limbo, you get signals that doors are opening, which will come as a relief if not great news. Meanwhile, uncomfortable issues that have been simmering in a partnership can be explosive this week. It’s best to clear the air and move forward here, and there is the potential to make a lasting commitment if you are ready. Planning for the future brings you leagues closer together.    

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July 23 – August 22

Your inner life is rich and you likely feel at ease with your circumstances. A financial situation that has been perplexing gets sorted out to your satisfaction. There could be disruptions on the job or with a health matter that has been troubling. Mid week could be especially draining, so try to avoid making plans that would be demanding of high energy. Taking it easy on yourself is advised, there are some dicey dynamics to contend with out there, and to be at your best to deal with it all your self care is especially essential.     

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August 23 – September 22

You hit the sweet spot in your romantic relationship as any remnants of uncertainty that precipitated over the last few weeks are swiftly replaced with assurance and real joy. You can seal the deal on your commitment for lasting results. Matters of intimacy can be a bit more problematic, as a financial matter that has been simmering finally boils over. Let love guide you and your responses. Where tension is present it can be dealt with now, but your reaction guides the outcome for better or worse.        

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September 23 – October 23

You are in demand and making a great impression on the job, Libra. Pick the assignments that will place you in a favorable light and lead to advancement. A conversation or decision mid week points you in the right direction. This Summer is amazeballs for you professionally, likely the result of something you put into motion around now. Contentious matters at home or with a partner could be more upsetting. You will have to make a choice in some regard, even though you would rather keep the peace.   

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October 24 – November 21

Your heart is open to the flow of love and creative forces this week. You can fall in love with life itself right now, as connecting to pleasure is effortless. Dynamics at work could be a bit more contentious, meanwhile, as issues systemic or otherwise combust and are likely to bring out defensive and even aggressive behavior. Inspiration guides you and stimulates a longing to go to distant shores. Or maybe it’s your crazy boss and coworkers? Either way, setting a destination midweek could lead to adventure this Summer.  

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Nov 22 – Dec 21

Jupiter retrogrades in your sign this week and could indicate a retreat for you, as the numerous matters that have propelled your development over these last few months slow in momentum temporarily. You are seeing incredible growth in your personal and residential sphere meanwhile and turn up some really good vibes in your private life. Financial matters are a bit dicey, and having to account for expenditures related to your kids or a passion project could provide some disruption. 

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December 22 – January 19 

The forecast is both sweet and salty this week Cap. There is some turbulence in your personal or domestic life that unfortunately modifies an otherwise very positive outlook. Taking things a day and a step at a time is your best bet here. A conversation midweek can steer a partnership in a compelling new direction, especially while the stars are favoring topics of love and commitment for you. By this Summer you could be putting a ring on it if you are willing to act on your hearts desire and put your feelings into words.   

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January 20 – February 18

Recent financial reappraisals turns up real prosperity for you this week. Bear in mind this does not apply exclusively to money, but also how you feel about both what you have and who you are. Generosity towards others, as well as towards yourself, is enhanced. There could be trouble in paradise while tensions erupt behind the scenes. If you have been guarding a secret, it could come back to bite you! Watch your words with a partner as well as here it could be easy to overstep boundaries.  

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February 19 – March 20

This could easily be one of your best weeks on record, you definitely got your mojo flowing Pisces! Professional matters recede in importance over the coming months while you attend to more creative pursuits or spend more time with your kids. Finances could be a topic of contention this week and an argument regarding resources could prompt reconsidering a friendship. At the same time, you could be making a serious commitment to someone or something. Expect some mixed signals, but hold your faith that it will all work out in the end!      

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Weekly Horoscopes 2/25 – 3/03


This is a week that advances several of the storylines that began in January, as well as very significant events that were triggered mid October (Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and mid November (Venus conjunct Jupiter). The developments that occur are not particularly overt nor make a lot of noise, but have deep emotional resonance that stimulates a very meaningful appraisal of how far the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio has gone to transform one’s personal relationship with intensity, passion and power. Growth through regeneration is possible, as is connecting to a sacred or spiritual ideal. The Virgo Full Moon will weigh in on that Thursday, but so long as you have not misled yourself or others, there is the potential for an outpouring of genuine beauty and idealism.

This is an especially potent introspection to have right now, with Jupiter retrograding in two weeks time, a certain submergence is called for over the coming months, potentially tied to the personal discoveries made this week. The next 14 days are still very vital and active for the emotional realm, so make the best of these aspects while you can make some progress. After that, Aries takes the reigns and the season of fire begins. Venus harmonizes both Pluto and Jupiter this week, indicating positive advancements in love and financial matters, but also for self worth and the creation of harmony. Venus – Pluto seeks connections that run deep and have a soul merger quality to them. Jupiter amplifies them and generates an ambience of pleasure and generosity.

Positive results from maneuvers and choices put forth in regard to personal transformation, again, in mid November (Jupiter) and early January (Pluto) begin to bear enticing fruit. It appears relinquishing a negative circumstance or otherwise taking hold of your personal power is an important theme. Continuity for these efforts are quite evident in this phase. Mercury has caught up to Venus and makes mutual aspects. It is easy to tune into awareness of exactly what is happening and why, at least instinctively. Mercury from Pisces “get’s it” without necessarily having the words to express it. Intuition is strong and trusting your feelings now is a valid expression of the absolute meaning of these transits.

The Virgo Full Moon on Thursday could provide a bit more of a challenge, as it lies in pretty precise opposition to Neptune, which shines a big bright light on any deception or illusions you may be naively or subconsciously rooted to. This can be a very vulnerable period: sometimes with Neptune you can just keep going and going on the expectation all is ok, and suddenly this Full Moon comes along and reveals not every thing is hunky dory in funky town. This doesn’t have to be the outcome, it depends on how close your vision of your life and the people in it are actually are aligned with reality, in which case this could be a genuinely magical moment.

If disappointment proves to be a factor, this is a good time to take a real good look at where delusion stems from and find a way to release it once and for all. More than likely it comes from within – the people, places and things that you have pinned your hopes on are not to be blamed – just released if they are only offering the pervasive uncertainty Neptune thrives on. A stable link to Saturn throws a lifeline, demonstrating a more productive avenue towards which to direct energy. Late Friday into early Saturday Moon makes a conjunction to Chiron, and a healing process can unfold.



april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
Your instincts point you in the right direction towards your goals and professional pursuits. Especially if you have experienced some growing pains here recently, relief comes in the form of hammering out a plan of action. Agreements and commitments make this possible. The Full Moon Thursday is a turning point as well, though you may realize you have to make concessions of a highly personal nature to develop the productivity you require at work. Burning the candle at both ends will no longer do.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Friends and lovers may not see eye to eye in this phase, though someone you care for deeply could also be an inspiration to pursue a creative dream. People who have dissipating influences on you will need to be shown the door. Make room for love and friendships that provide you with real value, that value being acceptance for who you are without question. New connections form as you clarify your desires. A signal early Wednesday AM provides a strong reminder of what needs to get sorted in your domestic sector.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Beautiful but elusive and intangible dreams are fomenting in your professional life. You could be achieving a cherished wish right now, or realizing a promise or commitment was a lot of hot air. The Full Moon impacts your personal life, and relocation to take a job offer could be a major factor this week as well. Some action is taking place behind the scenes, impacting financial matters. A decision you made early in the year is paying off now. Very good news and developments are on queue for your career Friday.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
A great deal of passion and inspiration is present in your relationships right now, though the atmosphere may seem somewhat subdued, much transpires in the deepest realms of the emotions. Someone at a distance could feature largely in your story, though near or far you likely feel completely smitten. Check into financial matters early Wednesday, you get a clue or hot tip to follow that will align you with good fortune. Communicate your hearts desire over the Full Moon on Thursday.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
The Moon from your sign early in the week stimulates you towards a personal initiative. Wednesday morning is especially advantageous for stating your aims. The atmosphere is otherwise a bit beguiling for you, as so much is percolating in your subconscious. This stimulates your intuition and flights of fancy. Follow a dream, but make sure the people making the offers are legit. A financial matter culminates on Thursday, this is a make it or break it moment for a stream of income.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
There is an (imaginary) ocean that gulfs between you and your beloved, the two of you sending waves of emotion back and forth. The Full Moon Thursday is your chance to send forth a message, declaring your intentions, expectations and deepest longings. This comes back to you as a tidal force in two weeks time, during the New Moon in Pisces. What returns has the potential to completely set you adrift or to make those dreams come true. The distinction lies in keeping the wavelengths you send out crystal clear.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
This is a period of recuperation for you, you require a more harmonious balance between your inner psyche and outer productivity. This is a matter that will consume your attention over the next two weeks, but has a positive connotation for your finances and can even lead to a new job and lifestyle by the middle of next month. It’s time to realize the illusion you can carry out your objectives without taking better care of your physical entity needs to be sacrificed. In it’s place, the realization of a significant, and glamorous promotion.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
You can get away with wearing your heart on your sleeve for once, your words register loud and clear over the coming weeks. For some this will implicate a personal project, for others a love relationship will be culminating in delicious moments of revelation. In one way or another, your heart’s desires are being fulfilled. Clarify your message on Thursday, as something quite lovely emerges in two weeks time that mirrors the desires you express during this pivotal Full Moon.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
A strong pull between your personal commitments and your professional aspirations could be present this week, and some inner navigation could be required to extinguish some tricky dynamics with others, especially family members. Financial choices you made earlier this year begin to pay off, and you have a sixth sense about where to pursue leads that could have lucrative outcomes. You are reminded of a destination you would seek mid week, follow that inner compass.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Your perception is wide open, and inspiration is flowing briskly. A creative project or the articulation or realization of your desires in a partnership could be very compelling this week. Something you set into motion earlier this year is finally gaining in momentum for you, and someone from afar, or an educational matter (perhaps both) have a deep influence on the developments you experience, especially on Thursday. Intimacy or a shared financial matter advances midweek. A choice you made late January is paying off.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Professional and financial matters are very well aspected this week, with positive news in frame, especially Wednesday and Friday. To make the most of this mostly harmonious ambience, you have to check your facts and figures, and make sure everyone who you commit to or with can deliver on those promises. It’s an enticing atmosphere, but also slippery and elusive. Don’t get caught out. A compromise or agreement of sorts is required of you Thursday.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
It’s a very momentous week for Pisces, and so much is store for you personally and in regard to a significant relationship. Listen carefully on Thursday for a significant message, in two weeks time it will be your turn to step up to the plate and declare your intentions. If you are unsatisfied with what’s on offer, it might be time to cut the cord, though in an ambience as pervasively elusive as this one, you might do well to let feelings settle in for a few days time before making a crucial decision. Again, in two weeks you’ll be at a much greater advantage and more connected to your own desires.


Sun in Aries: Return of the Emperor

A much easier week is in store, and productive developments offer assurance that we are moving in the right direction. Venus continues it’s transit of Taurus amplifying sensuality, creativity and love. Venus sextile Neptune on Tuesday encourages a stellar romantic ambience, as sensitivity to the most gentle nuances is heightened and there is a lovely serendipity stimulated within a rendezvous or meeting. The Moon transits Taurus Sunday into Monday, augmenting these harmonious vibrations, particularly on Sunday Eve. Towards the end of the week, Venus square Jupiter will prove pivotal  within our relationships and there may be a tendency to overdo it, either in a romantic alliance or in expensive purchases. From Taurus – Leo there is a genuine urge towards decadence and pleasure, (and some drama!). The atmosphere mutually encourages generosity, probably the better manifestation of the energy.

Communication is featured at the beginning of the week as Mercury sextiles Pluto on Sunday. From the Stargazer Atlas: “We can dig deep today and seek to really understand the underlying truth. Communication will tend to sensitive, secretive or profound subjects, and through conversation and correspondence we can discover the hidden essence of a subject or person. Research, investigation and getting a point across with conviction all benefit from this energy. Likewise, if you need to have a serious conversation, or get to the bottom of an issue, this is a good time to do so.”

Sun trine Saturn (4 Aries/Leo) on Wednesday offers a very stabilizing environment in which we can continue to work towards our long range endeavors. We begin to see the fruition of goals and initiatives made around November 17th, 2014, during the conjunction phase at 25 Scorpio. Saturn’s harsher realities combine fruitfully within our self expression (the Sun) and we get assurance and results that the efforts we put fourth around that time are producing a positive outcome. This is a good time to attend to tasks that require a patient and methodical approach. Meanwhile, the Moon from Gemini harmonizes Jupiter and Uranus, stimulating the rest of the Grand Fire trine, making this a spectacular day for conversations or social activities centered around creative discovery or discourse. There is a genuine sense of progress and we can enlarge the scope of our activities in a way that will endure over time.

The 2nd Quarter Moon Friday (6′ 19″ Cancer) taps into the gentle harmonic being stimulated by Venus and Neptune. Our determination to make progress on the initiatives we encountered during the eclipse last week will be aided by a creative approach and soft touch. A highly empathic and compassionate vibration will underscore our contacts and activities. From there sensitivities become aroused as the Cancer Moon makes more abrasive aspects to Uranus – Pluto – Mars through Saturday. We are indeed making substantial progress, but will be made aware of contentious influences that are still a part of the landscape. One week down until the Libra eclipse, this is the time to shore up for the really dynamic changes on tap for April 4th!

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ARIES: You genuinely begin to come into your own this week as the Sun transits your sign and signs of life begin to emerge again. Mid week is stellar for making a long term commitment to an educational goal or assignment in publishing, media or even teaching. Anything that allows for expansion of your perspective or range of activities benefits you now. Talking things out with friends and siblings will stimulate ideas or even a good suggestion. Romance is highlighted but also a bit tricky in this phase. There may be propensity to fall fast and hard for someone who stimulates your hidden desires. Slow and steady is the way to go. Domestic matters become emphasized at the end of the week. Peace and solitude offer a lovely respite moving into the weekend, though you might have to get your house in order before you can address your more personal and fundamental needs.

TAURUS: You are loving life and it would seem it loves you back right now. The beginning of the week is very favorable for making positive social connections and you may even discover a wonderful romantic prospect if you mix and mingle. Your natural abilities shine brilliantly under such auspices and there are really enticing opportunities for self expression in this phase. A financial matter can be resolved mid week, dealings behind the scenes play a role in this and someone may assist you in a secret manner. Intuition is also very strong in this phase and you do very well to pay attention to the subtle clues around you, particularly where a source of revenue or the future of an intimate relationship is concerned. The end of the week is favorable for social activities, and you get a great deal of positive reinforcement through your contacts. An urge to indulgence, particularly where your domestic life is concerned, could feature at the end of the week. Carefully consider a luxury purchase for the home before you commit.

GEMINI: With so much sensational activity having occurred in your professional life last week, and so many new directions to follow up on, you might not be certain of what’s up from down at the moment. It seems a close partner or your friends help keep you anchored and grounded in this phase, with a real conciliatory moment mid week demonstrating who’s really got your back. Romance on the other hand could be percolating behind the scenes, and it’s likely that things are heating up with a secret lover. Sharing your fantasies and secrets with this person feels oh so good, though you might feel like spilling the beans Friday, saying a bit too much and blowing the lid off the whole operation. You do better if you can wait another week or two to make a long standing commitment – the incendiary devices set off earlier this month still reverberate and it’s worth while to see where all the bits fall into place. Financials require a degree of appraisal at the end of the week, you’ll likely question if your heart and soul are really invested in your financial – professional life. Well is it?

CANCER: A far more gentle climate emerges out of the chaos/creation/catharsis of the prior week, much to your satisfaction. The early part of the week is really enticing for hanging out with buds and catching up with a romantic interest. A date or get together goes swimmingly Monday or Tuesday. Mid week is really wonderful for cleaning house in the professional arena and getting back on track towards a prestigious new role or assignment. You feel reinvigorated to take on a new project and your sense of timing is really quite astonishing. Trust you hunches, as they are right on track. End of the week, the focus is on you and your presentation. Many changes have and continue to occur, this is a good time to orient yourself towards what you really want to see come out of this period of transition. A message from someone far away can make you feel great about the directions you are choosing, so reach out if you need to clarify your perspective. There can be a tendency to unnecessary expense at the end of the week, so watch your pocketbook if funds are slim. You may wish to indulge as there will be many demands on Friday, slipping into something nice might be just what the doctor ordered.

LEO: Substantial, but delightful shifts continue to transpire in your professional world, and very significant developments at the beginning of the week spell out the secret to your success. You are enjoying a favorable climate to promote your aspirations and meet with the approval of not only your peers, but those who will get you seen and on the map. A negotiation that takes place over the weekend can offer really substantial financial rewards. Keep your feelers out there. Watch a tendency towards boastful behavior on Friday, no one likes a braggart! It doesn’t mean we aren’t as delighted and proud of your achievements as you are. Spreading the wealth is a far more enticing way in which to show off how far you’ve made it. Mid week sees the culmination of a long and steady endeavor in a creative project or romantic endeavor. You may get word from a distance that gives you a sense of assurance in this regard, and this is the appropriate to time to negotiate or even make a commitment, though things may not all come together until the end of July. Your private and esoteric self needs a bit of a tune up, which will require address at the end of the week. Outside pressures not withstanding, this is a good time to center within, even in the light of disruptions.

VIRGO: The Venus in Taurus pleasure center is in full effect, and you have the green light to motivate yourself towards some enticing escapades. The beginning of the week is especially romantic, and if you can get away from your usual stomping grounds and broaden your horizons with a spouse or partner you will find a delicious opportunity to rekindle the romance. A frank discussion at the beginning of the week clarifies things that may have been left unsaid, particularly in relation to children, whether you have them or not. Mid week is positive for domestic and shared financial arrangements. You may find your partner comes into a profitable period which also favors you. It’s also possible a legacy, grant or loan helps you to reconcile your residential matters. This is a very harmonious period in which you will feel at ease in a way that has evaded you for a very long time. Things are falling into place, and this makes you feel good! A tendency to splurge or overdo at the end of the week may follow though you’ll do your best to curb that tendency and rather spend time with your friends and allies.

LIBRA: The pleasure principal remains strong, and someone you care for (or are coming around to) plays a really significant role in your satisfaction, the beginning of the week is incredibly enticing for such an interlude. Your attention may be riveted, but don’t forget to address your personal needs and issues. With an eclipse culminating in your sign in another week, there are still some significant turning points on the horizon. You can seek to stabilize a commitment mid week successfully, an agreement or contract negotiated at this time will be enduring. Wit and wisdom will assist to bring success in your collaborative endeavors. A professional emphasis comes in towards the end of the week, and there will be a reckoning of sorts if you have been trying get on a new career path, especially within a creative field or industry. Events at the end of last week began a positive new chapter of growth in your work life, and you can motivate to those opportunities on Friday. A partner may not see eye to eye with you about the choices you are making, so be ready to stand your ground if you must. There may be cause to celebrate, just don’t over do it! A propensity for indulgence is indicated for Friday night.

SCORPIO: Exciting new advances at work continue to be emphasized and mid week is truly spectacular to find and take on a lucrative assignment. Good indications from the end of last week continue to precipitate into exciting new opportunities, though your mind is more likely on the delightful and enticing romantic developments that are also on queue. The beginning of the week is really phenomenal for cultivating a new connection. A transit of the Moon from your house of partners stimulates an already enticing ambience, revealing a beautiful and harmonious exchange through your connection to another. These are remarkable, “once in a year” aspects, and though this story continues to unfold through the next few months, what occurs now can only be described as magical. Clear the air and your intentions at the beginning of the week. Your voice and conviction is strong and you can assert yourself in a way that works people over to your perspective. By the end of the week, you may find a publishing or educational goal becomes emphasized. Your ideas now need translate across the boundaries of your homeland, and you will have to find a way in which to express yourself that can be understood by those at a distance. Your imagination and creative abilities help enormously. A partner (either in business or pleasure) aids your professional aspirations enormously at this time as well. This may be off putting initially, but consider the offer, as it may take you quite far.

SAGITTARIUS: Feelings of vitality and excitement continue to escalate, though you are willing to take a thoughtful and measured approach towards cultivating an enduring commitment to your creativity and pleasure pursuits. Mid week you get a strong signal that you are moving in the right direction, and feel ready to take a project or relationship to the next level. Good developments on the job and for your health and productivity share the focus this week, and very positive opportunities may be on offer early in the week. A work from home business connected to your creative leanings may tie into this and your imagination will be of great value within a new assignment. Relationships and commitment may be the focal point from mid week, a partnership is likely to bring a breath of excitement into your life. Financial commitments and particularly shared expenses or resources will require appraisal towards the end of the week. Modifying your budget is integral to making your dreams come true next week.

CAPRICORN: A strong influence towards pleasure and creative pursuits is featured at the beginning of the week. A significant conversation over the weekend allows you to clarify your position with conviction and assurance. You tap into good vibrations at the beginning of the week as some of the more vexing and confrontational episodes of the first part of the month begin to recede into fading memory. With renewed conviction and a vision for the future, you make considerable progress on your goals. Wednesday is spectacular for making an enduring commitment that will harmonize your long range goals and current activities. These are most likely taking place behind the scenes or within a very personal space. On a soul level you feel assurance that has eluded you for some time that things are moving in the right direction. The end of the week will encourage you to really examine a relationship and to what extent it is serving (or not) your broader desires and evolutionary mission. An eclipse in another week portends a significant professional development, though a partner may not see eye to eye with you, particularly if you are taking what looks to be a considerable risk. Stay in tune with your needs, as a development at this time could be favorable for your financial situation and key you into resources you did not realize were available.

AQUARIUS: Infectiously positive vibes continue to affect your domestic and social life, and finding a way to combine them will be the biggest challenge you confront this week. Really gorgeous developments attached to your residence will be on tap at the beginning on Sunday. You can effectively use this time to remedy or beautify your environment accordingly, Tuesday is phenomenal for putting the finishing touch on a redecoration project, or merely to acquire an object or decorative item that enhances your appreciation of your personal space, and whether you live in a palace or a shoe box, a little can go a long way. Rose colored hues stimulate positive vibrations in your home. Steadying vibrations mid week remind you how far you have come, as well as how far you have to go within your alliances and social networks. This is a good time to link up with a prestigious organization, or to circulate and mingle with those who share (and can assist you in reaching) your hopes, dreams or aspirations. Friendships feel genuine and enduring in this period, and you really come to know who has your back. The work life balance is still in flux, evidenced by a consideration you must make towards the end of the week regarding your health and productivity. More big news on tap from next week, so keep things malleable where possible.

PISCES: Really intriguing social opportunities are on offer and you’ll do your best to make the most of invitations, particularly in the beginning of the week. A real heart to heart connection on Tuesday taps right into your deepest romantic longings. Someone with real soul mate potential could fall into your lap most unexpectedly while you are in the middle of your most routine day to day errands! You can also use this phenomenal energy for creative purposes or to simply speak from the heart. A poetic resonance coats your words in meaning and beauty. A financial – professional emphasis comes in from mid week, and developments Wednesday demonstrate that all the hard work of the prior months was definitely worthwhile. Cash money dollars are your reward for putting in the time. In the wake of recent, likely disruptive, events, this is just the reassurance you need that everything is going to be OK. Things get a bit more personal over the quarter Moon phase on Friday, and sensitivity surrounding a romantic relationship, (where *exactly* is this going?) can push your buttons if you aren’t sure where you stand. A work assignment likely cramps your social calendar at this time as well, and there could be a slightly tense moment at the end of the week while you regain your composure.