Stargazer Weekly 4/14-20



The week is punctuated by a second Full Moon in Libra in opposition to Uranus, which can bring an issue to a swift and unexpected conclusion or turning point. (Even though Uranus is in Taurus, by degree they form the opposition aspect. The Sun will conjunct Uranus early next week.) Jupiter (sextile) and Pluto (square) play supporting roles in this culmination as well, indicating there is assistance to overcome some form of oppression. Uranus provides the major emphasis here, and signals a breakthrough of some sort, even if it doesn’t appear that way at the time. 

Conviction resumes as Mercury moves into Aries midweek, following a long foggy period (almost ten weeks) transiting elusive Pisces. Impressions sharpen and it’s easier to express thoughts or assert a position. The meandering loops that infused the prior weeks diminish quickly, accelerating action and progress where things may have been stuck in a holding pattern. Mercury connects to Chiron in the later days of the week, around the time of the Full Moon, and enables self acceptance or a healing conversation to occur. 

Momentum continues to build from the weekend when Venus enters Aries and stimulates even greater expression of the fire element (spirit, passion, inspiration). Before doing so, she will connect to Pluto from Pisces, bringing some longer term issues into frame and providing perspective and assistance to their resolution. Venus square Jupiter, meanwhile, is a bit more wiley, so mixed feelings could preside in the early part of the week. On one hand, deeper commitments are being formed but conflict with an overwhelming desire for freedom. These energies build up to the Full Moon on Friday, during which a significant release of pressure occurs, in some cases bringing a situation to an end or at the least requiring complete reorganization.  

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March 20 – April 19

A relationship can go through some growing pains this week, either escalating to a whole new stage or coming apart at the seams. If the latter, this likely ties back to your evolving and emerging values, and has less to do with the relationship itself. You can derive genuine satisfaction from the culmination of your long range efforts meanwhile, and see prosperity grow from there. Prepare for an unanticipated financial development next week, for better or for worse. It’s time to awake from that long Winter nap. Mercury and then Venus from your sign open doors that had been sealed and move your objectives forward. 

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April 20 – May 20

You are in for a big development on the work front, either you bite the bullet and quit a situation you find unsatisfying or receive an unexpected assignment or even a promotion. In this kind of astro scape, it’s difficult to predict the outcome, but since this hinges on the very personal headway you are making, you benefit in some regard despite the shape things actually take. There is a lot of contentment and pleasure through your social sphere and a close or intimate relationship. Nurturing your connections helps you to flourish. By the end of the week, energies turn inward, so enjoy the out and about while you can.

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May 21 – June 20

You’ve been forced to negotiate and renegotiate your life direction over these prior few months, while topics concerning your significant other or how to get a relationship off the ground have also been a priority. A palpable shift in atmosphere occurs when Mercury enters Aries, providing you with far more satisfying and productive outlets over the coming weeks. If something remains unsaid in your partnership, this is a fantastic period for making an enthusiastic declaration of your intentions and to plan for the future. Professional matters which had taken on a life of their own fall into place effortlessly and to your satisfaction.        

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June 21 – July 22

You’ve managed to rejuvenate your aspirations and can now reach towards your professional goals with more conviction. An enterprise can take off in the coming weeks, with some especially fortunate developments next month. Don’t fret if the pace at work has slowed down or an assignment isn’t coming together as anticipated. This allows you more time to focus on your own priorities. Sensitivities are pronounced over the Full Moon for you, as an unexpected event at home can trigger some anxiety. Changes long overdue can be made now if you choose to. Partnerships enhance a positive mind set and provide pleasure.  

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July 23 – August 22

Pure exuberance is possible in the early days of the week, a huge shift away from the more prickly atmosphere that dominated last week. Prospects brighten moving deeper into Spring as your interests become stimulated by far away people and places. As you get your mojo back, you feel more expressive and at ease with yourself. A niggling financial issue which had been concerning over prior weeks gets sorted. Payment for work you have completed assists you. Words could get intense around the Full Moon, and have an impact on your profession or reputation. You could also just be super emotional about a development here, either way, a deluge is on the way.    

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August 23 – September 22

The relational dynamics continue to coalesce brilliantly, especially in the early part of the week. Personal and domestic matters are also harmonious, though take notice if you get signals to try to make a sudden move. Better opportunities to do so will arise in time and be easier to implement. A financial reappraisal could provide a critical turning point over the Full Moon. Here as well, you may desire too much progress too quickly and make a mistake that can easily been avoided. Those whose resources you rely on come through now, and this enables a more comfortable association that has a beneficial affect on your personal life. A simple conversation changes everything.         

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September 23 – October 23

Relationships become ever more emphasized, and the Full Moon in your sign could definitely provide a tipping point towards forming a (potentially) unlikely partnership. For all the ups and downs Uranus provided over the last several years, you have also come to terms with your own desire for independence. Assuming you have found someone who can give it to you, while providing the commitment you equally seek, it might just be time to seal the deal. Hard work pays off for you in this phase, and if you are in the process of closing a chapter in your personal life, the initiative you require to move forward is assured.  

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October 24 – November 21

The intensity over the wistful enticements of romance or your burgeoning creative output slowly fade, (don’t worry, your love mojo stays with you, Neptune is here for a while…) while work assignments and productivity become a more dominant topic over the next few weeks. Use the opportunities presented wisely, as the reputation you establish for yourself (as well as skill sets you are cultivating) bear largely on the success story that advances this Summer. If you can find a mentor you stand to learn a lot, maybe someone makes introductions that lead to more lucrative possibilities down the road. Take a time out during the Full Moon to tune into your inner voice – it has a lot to tell you about what you are ready to let go of. 

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November 22 – December 21

Your emotional flow is vibrant in the early part of the week as you connect to your hearts desire through a stimulating close encounter of either the romantic or creative kind. Financial matters that have made you fraught with anxiety begin to resolve. Set an attainable goal early in the week, especially if splurging on home luxury items becomes a temptation. You feel more in your element as Mercury and then Venus move into Aries, providing you with more opportunities for self expression and pleasure. A momentous culmination in your social life or among a group of friends over the Full Moon brings an unanticipated, but enlivening twist to the storyline. Enjoy it for what it is, even if it’s not quite what you expected. 

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December 22 – January 19 

You have come a long way over the last year, and so much more even just since this one began. Tangible evidence of this, or at least in regard to your internal perception of where things are at, resonate around the time of the Full Moon at the end of the week. This may feature an unexpected outcome for you, though whatever results are delivered are thrilling and make for an eventful turning point in your professional and personal life mutually. You feel connected to an essential inner harmony that makes it difficult for anything to throw you off your game, (despite what gets thrown your way) and demonstrate impressive dexterity in handling numerous situations graciously.  

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January 20 – February 18

A long range effort comes to fruition this week, but could have an undermining affect on your personal life. Early Aquarius will feel this most, as Uranus is already applying itself to renovating your root cellar, where others will begin to get indications of what is in store. After a long and drawn out period emphasizing financial matters and organization of resources, you move into a more socially outgoing phase and can enjoy spreading your wings a little and enjoying the company of others. Professional drives are stimulated towards the end of the week, and sharing your vision or ideas with others enhances the probability for success. 

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February 19 – March 20

You put the finishing touches on a personal situation, and finally see some forward movement where you may have stalled over the last couple months. If you have managed to articulate your vision, notably for how you would choose to express yourself or live your life, you feel prepared for progress. The Full Moon shines a light on your secret world and the things you might only share with those closest to you. While this is illuminating for you personally, you might find exploring new or unfamiliar territory within an intimate relationship to be a source of mutual pleasure or interesting. At the same time, if someone goes somewhere you just aren’t ready to, you are likely to pull back just as fast.

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Weekly Horoscopes 2/4 – 2/10

The week begins on a sensitive vibration – Sun combines with Neptune, revealing an illusion or matter that may have been obscured by a desire to see things as one wanted to and not really for what they are. If shortcuts have been taken in the hope things would just work out on their own, a problem may appear. It’s time to let go of what isn’t working and find a fresh source of inspiration. This is the beginning of a new cycle related to connected to spiritual, romantic and creative idealism. Clarify your best case scenario through your imagination or meditation and move forward and away from unfulfilling relationships or circumstances. Better prospects are on the horizon.

Mercury and Venus link up in a conjunction to Chiron offering the potential for healing and boost self esteem. Chiron’ placement tends to reveal something we may feel undeserving of. A conversation and some self care and treating yourself with more tenderness and less judgement can go a long way towards turning perception about personal shortcomings around. You deserve it (what ever it is) and are good enough to get it. Chiron is preparing to ingress into Aries next month, but will retrograde and transit over these late degrees of Pisces over the last months of the year. This is a positive time to make peace with what might seem like a deficiency and turn it into a personal asset. Examine where you can transform disappointment into wisdom. Making a mistake in judgment and learning from it liberates you from having to go through that again if you choose to respond differently moving forward.

Mid week will see the Scorpio moon link up with Jupiter, shortly before Jupiter retrogrades on Thursday. Through July, it’s possible to reconsider the choices and cultivate the seeds sown since December (when Jupiter entered it’s retrograde shadow). Some of the intensity and urgency towards growth slows now, and it’s worth while to see where and what has been made of the opportunity Jupiter in Scorpio represents, i.e have you engaged the potential for deep transformation? How much have you absorbed from the experience and how can the choices you might make in the future allow you to absorb more of what you actually want by being more discriminate in what you take on? Both truth and emotional sensitivity are required. Between now and July it’s possible to actually develop one or two really important objectives – by limiting and cutting back on so many options, you can more readily focus energy into cultivating something significant. Events and intuition stimulated early Wednesday can signal what is most important to your soul evolution.

There is a hugely palpable shift in energy on Tuesday as Mercury and Venus move into Aries, enlivening and breathing new life into the atmosphere. Much like the forest regenerates itself through fire (those naturally occurring, anyhow) to clear the detritus and stimulate new growth, there is the potential now clear the way for exciting new developments and prospects ahead. The 4th Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on Friday is close to Mars and fresh initiative is experienced through engagement of a positive mindset and clarification of goals for the future.


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april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
You get zapped this week and are coming back to life after a long winters nap. The pace of daily life gets exciting now, and many discussions and ideas will stimulate you through May. Jupiter retrograde can slow your roll with an intimate partner, financials can also diminish where you relay on the assets of others. It’s time to get real with where you really want to head in your closest alliances. Nonetheless an exciting prospect for the future is revealed at the end of the week.


may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The sensations stimulated by your partnership flow back into you now, like a wave of emotion coming back onto the shore. Your intuition and most inner realms are stimulated, suggesting you seek some privacy and respite from the noise of a demanding outside world. Tune into yourself and give yourself some space to deal with what ever you are going through emotionally. A crucial choice regarding work or health may come up at the end of the week.


june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Work pressure begins to ease off (though there is still something pretty big on tap for you at the end of next week during the New Moon) and you’ll find really pleasurable avenues opening up in your social life. It’s likely you will reconnect with old friends over the next few months. A partnership commands your attention towards the end of the week. If a situation has proved demanding for you it might be time to make a critical decision about an alliance.


july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
You might reconsider a creative project or romantic alliance over the coming months, as Jupiter recedes backwards through Scorpio there may be less impetus to pursue these prospects until further notice. Professional prospects heat up in the meanwhile, though a promotion or other long awaited development might curtail through May. A turning point at the end of the week provides details. Someone at a distance could provide you with an insight that puts you at ease. Listen carefully.


aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
You feel rejuvenated in this period, and step away from the deeply personal and subjective considerations that have predominated over the last several weeks if not months. You begin to feel like spreading your wings again, and a powerful creative urgency reinvigorates you. A residential matter also takes less precedence through July, leaving you more space and time to enjoy the kind of activities you prefer.


sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Partnership matters may be vexing, or incredibly satisfying or some combination of both. Early this week you can make peace with something either past or present and this acceptance of what is or what was will enable a more positive and productive ambience in which to develop a more meaningful connection moving forward. Challenges you have been dealing with in regard to home and family can get sorted for the better at the end of the week.


oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
A shift in consciousness towards relationships is forthcoming and if you have been recently become acquainted with a new potential mate or business partner there should be some enticing developments forthcoming. With Mercury transiting to and fro in this area, there could be an unresolved matter that requires attention. By the New Moon in mid April, the road is wide open to you and yours. Health and productivity are emphasized.


nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Jupiter goes about face in your sign, and you may find yourself reconsidering the avenues you have chosen since December and evaluating what is and what is not providing you with the depth you seek in your experiences and personal connections. You are motivated in work and health matters and may find it’s easier to cultivate a wellness program that enables productivity. Choices impact a big career opportunity this Summer.


dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You emerge from the depths this week, after much time spent in reflection and connecting back to your base. This new energy orientation is incredibly stimulating and provides opportunities for pleasure and engaging with both creative and romantic prospects. A personal turning point at the end of the week gives you the initiative to get something big going. Prospects are brightening, it’s time to get excited about life again.


jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
A tender flow of communication has opened your consciousness to potentials you may not have previously considered, especially where other people and possibly even with a new love interest are featured. Currently the emphasis turns to cultivating your base and preparing your life for the monumental opportunities that lie in store for you professionally later this year. Release the past on Friday.


feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Daily life is set to get exciting – you may even cross paths and see sparks fly with someone who holds romantic potential. Professionally you might see things slow down a bit over the next few months while you determine whether your objectives are taking you in the direction you really desire. Some kinks need to get worked out here, but a resonant moment on Wednesday morning could signal a significant decision.


march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
The very subjective orientation of the prior weeks begins to fade this week, though you still have to make some big choices between now and your New Moon next Saturday. Energy is currently directed towards security issues and defining your values. A professional turning point on Friday could signal a new direction for you. Jupiter asks you revisit your choices regarding your orientation to the future and regenerate intensity towards those aims.



March saw the end of a way of life for many of us, it was time to clear the way for the new and radically improved which we’ll come into this month. The positive influence of Jupiter direct at 12′ 35″ Leo on the 8th of the month cannot be understated. The growth and emancipation we have been seeking has sufficiently gestated, we’ve spent a great deal of time since last December considering what, where and how to reach our destination. At the end of that rainbow lies expansion of our enterprises, relationships, joy and fulfillment as well as the most positive expression of our generosity. The last few months were theoretical in nature: what lies ahead, and how do we get there? Though frustrating, the appraisal of what was and was not successful from the period of late Summer into Fall (2014) was both necessary and illuminating. Saturn testing the waters of Sagittarius added some structure to this philosophical inquiry, and allowed for the integration of strategy to inform our next moves, which will transpire this month.

Challenges from planets in Scorpio hindered progress during the period last Fall, as we were dealing with some pretty heavy stuff where relationships and money were concerned, and transformative events (November was pretty critical,) relegated our spiritual growth and personal potential to circumstances that demanded attention. Rested and refreshed, we emerge awake and engaged. The transit of the Sun through Aries is brilliantly timed and acts as a willing collaborator to the very auspicious developments occurring throughout April. Thursday April 2nd sees the trine of Sun to Jupiter from 12 Aries/Leo. See it as the Sun giving Jupiter a little wake up nudge, calling the sleeping giant to come out and play. Saturn will also harmonize Juno in Leo on this day, so making a commitment to someone or something will be beneficial and support the long range goals. Mercury, too, jumps into Aries (from March 30th) and lends a hand through communication. By the time of the Sun – Mercury conjunction (19 Aries) on the 10th, we see a clear course ahead!

The Lunar Eclipse, 14′ 24″ Libra, falling on April 4th will catapult us into the future, ready or not! Unlike the eclipse last year, which fell in the cross hairs of the Cardinal Cross, and elicited a pretty stormy phase of activity, this eclipse is reconciled through a harmonious link between the Sun and Moon to Jupiter (trine Sun, sextile Moon), so we are getting support on both ends from the benevolent contact made at this time. (The placement of Jupiter in your current chart is crucial to understanding where this benevolent assistance comes from.) The prickly Uranus – Pluto issues will continue to tie in, but the strength of that alinement is dissipating quickly.

Lunar nodes continue to activate a need to reconcile our independence with the evolutionary emphasis on partnership, by creating bonds with others to work mutually towards shared goals, enterprises or through love. Strong signals on the 1st (Sun conjunct South Node – 10 Aries) and 5th (Mercury conjunct South Node – 9 Aries) will point out how successfully we are attending to this, or conversely, serving an outmoded agenda. The Nodes, like the Moon, represent and function within a highly subjective space, guarded and hidden, sometimes even to ourselves. With contacts to the South Node, the liminal space between subconscious and conscious becomes bridged and hidden, negative patterns can become illuminated. This can be instructive for recognizing these limitations, but there can be a possibility of subconscious sabotage where we feel circumstances have become too narrow or limiting, as well. Events occurring or awareness triggered on these dates, or those that transpired March 2nd or 7th all tapped into this with everything being brought home during the eclipse.

It is in this liminal space that the potent nature of eclipses is most evident. As the South Node is activated, we find that certain impulses towards necessary endings are triggered. Again, this can happen right beneath the radar of our consciousness, and that we maneuver for these changes whether we are aware of our behavior or not. That job, relationship, or whatever – that is past it’s expiration date will come to an end, and the Nodes have been actively indicating this for a while. The eclipse is the catalyst for finalization. While events can feel disruptive, when we are able to stand away from them a few months or even a year down the line we realize that change (usually represented by endings by a Lunar Eclipse) had to occur.

Mars from Taurus (March 31st) offers a stable underpinning, energy is steady and persevering during this transit. Very constructive efforts can be made through out the month, with the 21st highly instrumental in the developments of the month over all. The New Moon in Aries on the 18th offers vitalizing awareness to new beginnings, where and how we should proceed. More on the other transits and aspects as they occur! ENJOY your month!

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ARIES: Things get far more interesting and enjoyable, as you feel more communicative and seek to share your thoughts with others. A love relationship or creative prospect that has been sitting in the queue since December begins to send signals of a vital reawakening. Mars – Taurus will make you feel more grounded and pragmatic. You are willing to take things one solid step forward at a time and willing to genuinely invest yourself in your efforts. Events and commitments made Thursday will prove valuable and enduring, which ties neatly into this slow and steady theme. Of course an eclipse accenting your sign can precipitate a massive development within a partnership, one that has either been on the way out for a long time may come to an end, or offer up a whole new relationship that opens your heart and mind to incredible cosmic/karmic potentials. Someone you meet in this period may feel distinctly connected to your destiny, and plays a major role in your future, either as a business partner or an eventual true love interest. April 7th also reveals a stunning piece of information or development around this, so keep your ears and eyes peeled. If you find yourself on the fare thee well side of the spectrum and endings are in tow, Jupiter will boost your confidence and enhance your sense of humor and perspective. With Mercury in your sign for the next 2 weeks, connectivity is enhanced and you can readily articulate your goals and desires. Thursday is optimal for negotiations or speaking with an impact.

TAURUS: Very stimulating romantic vibrations continue to be on tap, and there can be a real intensification of commitment or intimacy Monday. Mars from your sign on Tuesday will encourage bold and courageous movement for Taurus. This also stimulates the libido, perfect timing. Otherwise, a lot has been stirring around in the subconscious realm, now you have the wherewithal to come out of the clouds and get your feet back on the ground and into motion on a very personal goal or endeavor. Mercury comes to occupy this place, connecting to the Sun, so the hidden dimensions and a need for reflection and privacy will endure for a few more weeks, though you will notice a real shift in your energy level this week. Events or conversations on Thursday will be highly revealing, as your own unbeknownst motives shine through. This is a productive time for a personal inquiry into your deepest desires and what really makes you tick. The eclipse next weekend portends a health or work related change, and there may be a really substantial shift towards becoming a more valuable or productive member at your workplace, a new assignment or the completion of one that sets you on the course for a whole new job.

GEMINI: Mars comes to occupy the hidden, interior realm of your subconscious realm, joining Venus for a sultry, behind the scenes rendezvous. You can tap into your most forbidden fantasies and desires under this alinement, though feelings of ethereality and spirituality are also indicated. Endings may also become a focus in the upcoming weeks. Baggage you have held onto past it’s expiry is up for review, and it’s time to shed the past in favor of the future. Your romantic life gleams with promise this weekend, as an eclipse stimulates a promising affair of the heart, or mutually triggers an urgent desire for self expression. The people you share your life with, friends and groups in particular play an interesting role in what develops. On one hand a social event or occasion can bring you the introduction of a lifetime, on the other hand your association with your go to group of friends could be holding you back from making a meaningful connection with someone one on one. Thursday is great for breaking the ice and a groundbreaking conversation if you need to sort through some relationship dynamics. Reaching out to others comes naturally and easily in this phase.

CANCER: You continue to get highly supportive vibrations this week towards your professional aims. Over the next two weeks, there will be a great deal of communication within your professional realm, a new position that came into frame during March may be gaining momentum. Thursday is spectacular for negotiating a raise or salary connected to your job or a new position/promotion. Mars comes to emphasize friends and networks over the coming weeks, amping up the social life and urging you to extend your connectivity and group dynamics. Sharing the work load, and finding people who can support your dreams and aspirations will be a source of energy and stimulation. The eclipse over the weekend will signal shifting arrangements in regard to the residence and domestic life. Ongoing changes in circumstances here (likely influenced by issues connected to your career or within a partnership) over the last two years will finally come connected and present an opportunity – you may have desired this, or it may come on totally unexpectedly! It seems that your earnings act as a very positive feature, enhancing your ability to shift circumstances at home in your favor. Relocation to accept a prestigious work opportunity may also be a factor here.

LEO: Pay close attention to how you feel on Monday, the Moon transiting your sign sensitizes you, and you begin to feel rumblings of positive changes set to occur within yourself and your environment. Mars from Taurus on Tuesday signals a shift in energy towards achievement and accomplishment, as you design it for yourself. The atmosphere will be competitive and enlivening. Those who challenge you within your sphere of influence actually push you to do your best. A compliment from an associate early in the week reminds you of who you are and what you care about about. Thursday is stellar for promoting yourself and your ideas. Your boundless enthusiasm is beginning to resurface and you can be very effective in communication and PR work done at this time. The eclipse Saturday will likely bring substantial changes to your day to day life, communication or within a relationship with a sibling. The upcoming weeks will likely be very busy and you do well to get out into your community and focus on the people in your neighborhood. If you have been trying to make time to commit to a blog or writing project, this can also prove an auspicious time.

VIRGO: You engage passionately with friends and loved ones this week. An emphasis on commitment and intimate relationships that engender trust are highlighted as compelling developments, particularly on Monday and Thursday, bring you closer to your heart’s desire. Mars from Taurus will give you considerable energy. There is a desire to connect with others socially or even towards a group endeavor at this time. Reach out to those you may have lost touch with – while you have benefitted from privacy over the prior months, you may have lost contact with a few people who would probably love to catch up with you. A transit of the Moon through your sign mid week is harmonious, and you can find recreation and leisure activities very enjoyable. The eclipse Saturday portends some significant shifts in your financial affairs, both the money you earn and that of a spouse or parter will be implicated over the coming period. There is a very positive potential to find a more independent route to financial security, as you may have become wary of any reliance on others to carry their end of the burden. Clues mid week reveal the direction you should take.

LIBRA: With an eclipse upcoming in your sign, nothing else really matters, but of course you and possibly your key partnership(s). Life changing events have likely already signaled the direction of sweeping transformation (a story that has played out over the prior year) with more in store from this weekend and over the next 6 months. Much of this has to do with a process of personal redefinition that has directly implicated your partnerships. Endings and beginnings feature largely during such a potent phase as this and with Mars in Taurus, (your house of sex, death and transformation) a relationship can heat up quickly as you address your evolving security needs. This can apply mutually to a business or love relationship, though the key ingredient here is TRUST and the extent to which you have learned to trust yourself will be reflected in how successfully you can navigate the upcoming terrain and receive the cooperation of others. The Sun continues to amplify attention towards commitment and relationship, with Mercury joining in the conversation (and suggesting there will be many) from the beginning of the week. Midweek is a good time in which to dispose of any worn out models of conduct in a relationship. Uranus is advocating for authentic involvement, and while this may bring disruptive people into your orbit, substantial growth is indicated within the realm of how and with whom you are learning to relate to.

SCORPIO: Clues at the beginning of the week signal your professional aspirations are about to awaken from dormancy. You feel both positive and content that the efforts you have put forth since the middle of last year may be ready to bear some fruit. Even more astonishing indications are offered Thursday, and a pervasive sense of enthusiasm and excitement really begins to precipitate. Events at this time offer a sense of assurance that the choices of the prior weeks and months were correct. Something is relinquished in this phase, and there may be a need to mourn or reflect on it’s passing. A part of you, your life and your consciousness has truly come to and end, and it is time to let it go. Events mid week will signal this, with the eclipse Saturday bringing everything home. You’ve been quite aware of this transformation for a long time, as it has played out in the deepest part of your psyche for over a year. In this period you realize, perhaps, it’s not just time to say goodbye, but that is has already left. With every breath you release it. Acknowledgment of it’s departure may prove to be more equivocally more significant than it’s actual demise was. You may actually be relieved, especially when you become aware that what was left behind was limiting your perspective or diminishing your self worth. You are finally beginning to see you have what it takes. Go there instead.

SAGITTARIUS: Positive developments continue to coalesce this week, enhancing your self expression or even a love relationship with someone from a distance. Recent events stimulated remarkable creative urges, Mercury now enters the picture and you can easily articulate these feelings through art, writing or pleasurable enterprises. Thursday is phenomenal for taking on a new project related to your creativity or self expression. The ambience is also ripe for expressing romantic feelings to someone you care for. Mars in Taurus from Tuesday makes this a good period in which to address health and life management issues. You can effectively create a new workout routine or tackle a project that requires energy and motivation. If you have been seeking employment, this is a good time to push for a new position. Monday is particularly positive to find a job that offers a lucrative income. The eclipse on Saturday effects your social milieu, you may see significant progress within a group you work with, and be putting the finishing touches on a project or even gain admission to a prestigious club or organization.

CAPRICORN: There are positive indications this week to make a merger of heart, body and mind as transits and Mars in Taurus stimulate erotic and sensual undertones. Pleasure and romance feature quite favorably, though a financial agreement may also be on the queue. Prospects towards arrangements of mutual benefit (business or pleasure) have been on hold since the end of last year are finally gearing up for an exciting new development. Thursday’s enticing alinements allow you to bring beneficial energy into your domestic realm via an intimate agreement. An eclipse in the house of fame, career and status points to a significant reckoning in your professional life. It might be time to step up to the plate and make your aspirations come true, or you might reach a long worked towards milestone of achievement around this time. A tense square to Pluto in your sign suggests you might be a bit obstinate towards claiming the opportunities that arise around this point, though mutually a spouse or benefactor features largely here and a substantial sum of money might be a part of the picture. A sudden change (Uranus) to the domestic arrangements also factors here.

AQUARIUS: Feelings within your closest relationships will be amplified this week, as your spouse or a business partner is coming into a phase of success and you feel very proud of their accomplishments. There may be cause for celebration and you can circle Thursday as a great day for festivities. Communication is vitalized and enhances your social life and day to day experiences. This is a positive period for catching up with friends. The eclipse next weekend ties into this and you may feel an urge to travel or embark on an adventure that allows you to expand your horizons. Domestic arrangements continue to benefit from the presence of Venus, Monday is awesome for attending to a redecoration project. Mars comes into the picture on Tuesday, and you may feel compelled to renovate or even move house if your current situation is not suiting you. There can be a great deal of energy put fourth in the home over the next six weeks, and some rearrangement of priorities will occur if this area has been neglected. Mars infuses energy, but is also the God of Warfare, so if relationships with the family or flatmates has become contentious, there can be ardent emotional exchanges where the air needs to be cleared.

PISCES: Your definitely on the right track financially, and there can be a lucrative upside through work and even a promotion on queue for you. Pay attention to clues on Thursday as very positive energy is stimulated for both work and professional aspirations. Mercury influencing this area suggest a good period for communication or that you may be negotiating for a prestigious position in your chosen field of work. Your ability to articulate what you genuinely value over the upcoming weeks enhances your position considerably. Your social life is also incredibly stimulating and events and excursions will provide pleasure and allow you to make valuable connections. Monday is exquisite for for making an enticing romantic contact with someone. You may discover this person while in the midst of the most routine activity in your day to day life. The upcoming eclipse on Saturday highlights your most intimate life and can be the tipping point in a close relationship or for a pivotal financial agreement. If you have been seeking a loan or other form of outside assistance, this may come through for you now. Someone connected to you through your work lends a helping hand.