Weekly Forecast 1/20 – 26

Following a demanding but hopefully rewarding Capricorn season, the ambience lightens considerably this week with the ingress of the Sun into Aquarius (Jan. 20) followed by Mercury on the 24th. Matters that have seemed insurmountable now fade into the background, and having crossed the gauntlet, something more interesting and hopefully exciting lies on the other side. As soon Sun crosses into Aquarius, however, an eclipse triggers substantive though not blatantly obvious developments, most likely quite unexpectedly!

Leo Lunar Eclipse!!!

The Leo Lunar eclipse occurs overnight Sunday, January 21st, providing the major punctuation mark for the week, and signaling the culmination of a journey begun during August 2017. Think back to what you undertook during that period, or where your life path may have shifted trajectory, probably in a most  unanticipated direction. More crucial developments that advanced the storyline occurred approximately a year ago, and then over last Summer, and these will also offer clues as to where this is headed. With destiny very much guiding the process there may have been times you felt life was unravelling at your fingertips or that you lacked control, but hopefully in retrospect the circumstances you currently find yourself in have made the tumult of the last 18 months worthwhile!  

This particular Lunation is one of the more potent this year, due to it’s close proximity to the Nodal Axis, and activates two highly significant metaphysical images: the 5 of Swords Tarot card as well as the Sabian Symbol for 0’ Leo, “Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition” indicating the push out of the comfort of the womb (Cancer) into a visible, perhaps even public, position where one is called upon to externalize (or from Leo dramatize) something that had been gestating within, symbolized as the birth of ego. 

The 5 of Swords governs the first decan of Aquarius, which the Sun enters mere hours before the eclipse, and signifies relinquishing the fear of defeat, to confront and accept one’s fear in order to let it go. It’s likely that fear is bound to doubt that a successful expression of ego (or personal creativity) is even possible. The axis of your chart affected from Aquarius – Leo points to where this inhibition lies (0’ Aquarius) with the Eclipse (0’ Leo) pushing you towards a destined outcome through which you must confront this aspect of yourself and find a way to integrate courage and conviction. Consider events that occurred around Halloween of last year, when the North Node transited the eclipse degree. Was there something you were thinking of trying to initiate, and what made you hesitate? 

Fixed Star Altair is in close proximity as well, from 1’ 46” Aquarius, which when combined with the Sun is described as “…a bold and determined individual… to have a high regard for independent and decisive action…” (1) thus amplifying the themes of bravery that resonate during this compelling Lunation. By relinquishing fear, the eagle can take flight, leading on to “public honor, notoriety and favor from superiors… great and sudden yet ephemeral wealth…” (2).

Very positive aspects this week facilitate the best possible outcomes. Venus links with Jupiter in optimistic and expansive Sagittarius, and both are on the receiving end of the pioneering initiative of Mars in Aries. Following the eclipse late Sunday into early Monday, the Leo Full Moon forms a grand trine to all of these, signaling a bold new frontier is being crossed as all the pieces of the puzzle click into place. By the end of the week, Saturn and Neptune begin to combine from Capricorn to Pisces, stimulating the potential to bring a dream into reality, an obtuse fantasy into focus. This influence prevails through February 10th, with the closest alignment occurring right at the turn of the month.  

1. Bernadette Brady, Star and Planet Combinations, 2008

2. Vivian Robson, The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, 2005

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You may find yourself running hot and cold this week. Romantic and creative prospects look fantastic, but obstacles that feel insurmountable at the same time. You want to pull the trigger, but something is holding you back. Putting in a little overtime and completing a project, especially if long overdue, will boost your self esteem immeasurably. A commitment you made last Spring comes back into frame and you question if you have what it takes to pull this one off. Well, do you?

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You are trying on and trying out new ways of doing things, and this has the most apparent affect on your most private and personal life. Be conscientious about evasive behavior in the early days of the week, the ambience is ripe for serious misunderstandings to occur. You still benefit from a behind the scenes approach, and if someone is working against you this will likely come to the surface over the coming weeks. Recharging your batteries is crucial, next month places you front and center. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

A partnership continues to stimulate passion and pleasure. A loved one, even if at some distance, provides you with enduring happiness. Be wary at the beginning of the week, though, as something too good to be true likely is. If expectations get the better of you, you may confront a disappointment. Mid week could see you feeling a bit squirrelly, climbing up the walls with boredom or anxiety. From there you are far more in your element, curiosity is aroused and you find yourself in compelling company.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Some of the friction in a key relationship begins to absolve, and attention now turns to financial matters, with a stark emphasis between yours – theirs – ours seeking resolution. Had you been waiting for the word on a loan, settlement or grant, negotiations likely culminate over the coming weeks. Be particularly attuned to developments in the early part of the week, as this is an advantageous time during which to break a bad habit regarding spending and saving.      

LEO July 23 – August 22

Something comes home for you in a big way this week, Leo. A vision you have had for your life and worked towards for many Moons comes to head over the Eclipse in your sign this weekend as you put the finishing touches on something very close to your heart. It is possible a relationship that has been in and out of frame also culminates during this or the coming weeks. Whether a door opens or closes, know that fate is guiding you to the the right person, place and thing, however it might feel right now.  

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

This is a really effective period in which to let go of bad habits and feelings of unworthiness or self doubt. An exorcism is possible through which you may finally relinquish debilitating insecurities that have hindered your ability to claim the life you want and deserve. In order to do this you have to acknowledge your perceived imperfections and accept yourself exactly the way you are, and either do something about it or choose to be ok with it. True love lies on the other side of the rainbow, if you still believe.       

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Love affairs have no doubt brought their share of sparkle and surprise, especially over the last year, and one final eclipse illuminating this part of your chart brings a new development – perhaps the realization that you are possibly oh-so-over-it. What ever occurs over the next month (February 4th begins a whole new chapter), has a “meant to be” air about it. You are still seeking substance, and a place to put down your roots, as recent realizations may have compelled dramatic turns of events. It gets easier over the turn of the month to find a place to call home.  

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Dynamic culminations occur for your professionally and financially in this phase, your willingness to put in the extra hours shines fortuitously, earning you a favorable reputation. An agreement or negotiation you enter into has the potential to put a creative venture into motion between now and February 10th. Instincts and intuition are strong around this one and tempering any sense of urgency with a pragmatic and patient approach can get you very far and closer to your dreams than you ever imagined.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Some of the financial tensions ease off this week, making for a more amenable ambience for you socially. You have to potential to release bad habits around your earnings and assets which will make you more productive over time. Exciting ideas are culminating between you and your crew, or perhaps a romance is taking off in a big way. A tendency towards over indulgence can definitely overwhelm your sense of proportion, and it serves you to be wary what’s on offer in the earlier part of the week.    

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

Some friction still seems inevitable, but remaining philosophical and open hearted in this fertile phase serves you well and promotes a positive outcome for your most cherished ideas or a creative endeavor. Neptune working with your ruler Saturn encourages a more gentle approach to life while enhancing your intuition considerably. You instinctually understand what is, and what is not, worth fighting for. A culminating moment during the Leo Eclipse brings a joint financial or relationship matter to a stunning conclusion.      

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You begin to come out of your winter hibernation, just in time for some exciting social and/or relationship developments on tap, particularly during the Leo Eclipse this weekend. A partnership that may have been in and out of frame over the past 6 – 12 – 18 months is ready to stage up or come to it’s conclusion. The hands of fate are all over this one, and events around last Halloween were likely telling. Regardless the outcome, if a door closes or one opens, know you are headed in a righteous and appropriate direction.    

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Professionally this is a dynamite period of growth for you, particularly if you remain conscientious about how honestly and authentically you represent yourself at this time. Any effort on your behalf to obfuscate your identity (regardless of the motives to do so) will backfire and pity the fool who tries to deceive you. You have far better prospects where you are able to demonstrate your maturity or by connecting with those from whom you might gain wisdom. You have the potential for self-mastery during this fertile and fruitful period.     

Weekly Horoscopes 1/28 – 2/3

This week provides a catalyst for dynamic transformations, as the Lunar Eclipse at 11’ Leo on Wednesday ushers in a new chapter in a narrative that was put in to motion last August, and which will continue to culminate through April. The Leo Solar Eclipse stimulated a powerful current of energy, and creativity and conviction are called for while the North Node travels in Leo. At this time the outgrowth of those choices can be evaluated, whether the right choices had been made and if you are moving in the right direction. If not, this is the time to modify the course and get back on track. When the True Node (North Node) aligns with the eclipse degree over the last two weeks of April, the outcome will be quite evident. The eclipse aligns in opposition to Venus, so there can be a romantic or financial matter that quickly goes from simmer to full boil. It’s also possible a sacrifice of some order might need to be made to capitalize on the opportunity the Eclipse provides.

There is also a lot of South Node activity this week, serving up reminders of what has been left behind, or what is in the process of receding into the past. Venus – South Node on Tuesday followed by the Sun – South Node on Friday are potent moments for discovery and release. Occurrences of de ja vous are likely around these times and on a karmic level, events that transpire have very fated overtones. Should you come across someone from your past during the course of the week, there is likely an unresolved issue to attend to. This is an opportunity to rectify a matter and move on from a circumstance or connection that no longer serves your evolutionary directives. On occasion, there is a reward for having done something good in the past, even a past life, so if you are the beneficiary of good fortune, know it is the karmic result of prior choices or behavior.

Mercury connects with Chiron early in the week. A conversation can have highly therapeutic effect or a decision can be made that enables a healthier relationship with yourself or someone else. Chiron is a pain point, so discussing or journaling about sensitivity, a hurt or wound, or where you might feel a lack of self confidence or even unworthy is fruitful now and can have a therapeutic effect on resolving this issue. From Wednesday, Mercury enters Aquarius, and the mental – communicative faculties undergo a process of incredible experimentation and open mindedness. Scientific exploration is highlighted, and social/political matters take on greater significance. Aquarius is highly humanitarian sign, and thinks in terms of the greater good of all of society. It is here we reach 6 of Swords – Science, the unification of ideas through an uncanny or unconventional awareness. A collaboration with Mars on Saturday can produce a great deal of motivation to get something underway. It’s time to shake off the dead and dreary and go for it!


april2-copy   ARIES March 20 – April 19
Your mojo is lit by the Leo eclipse and your self expression can really soar. Relationships may be transforming meanwhile and you could be parting ways with a group or individual with whom you no longer feel a sense of meaningful connection. Next weekend is ideal for meeting new people, especially where you share ideals or a vision for the future. New contacts quickly come to replace the old and there may even be a sense of exciting urgency over the coming weeks.

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Personal and professional matters are culminating, the result of choices you made late last Summer. You may be in the midst of moving house or relocating to take on an exciting new position. There could be some doors closing as you step away from a career path that is not bearing fruit or providing you with a sense of security and satisfaction. An opportunity comes your way next weekend, this deal could be too good to refuse!

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
The pace of life can be somewhere between stimulating to overwhelming, and especially from Wednesday you are prepared to step out of the darker annals of your very private space and into the outer world again. An adventure seems to be calling you fourth, could get exciting! This will be especially true next weekend, and a partner shows you the way. Certain avenues have not panned out as you expected meanwhile, and it might be time to pull the plug on an endeavor that is not moving forward.

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Financial matters are impacted by the eclipse this week and there can be big gains, or equally loss as a decision you made last August culminates. All will be clear by April and you can use information that arises this week to make critical adjustments where they are needed. You are learning greater self reliance, and there could be events occurring at this time that factor largely into the picture you are creating for yourself. You can make good choices from Wednesday onward, and Saturday is especially productive for reviewing your accounts.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Leo is front and center of the eclipse activity and there can be some very kismet moments this week, especially in regard to a partnership. If you meet someone now, there will be a sense of fatedness and finding true love is possible. Communication within relationships remains highlighted over the coming weeks, and there will be some great opportunities to share your ideas one on one and express yourself. Attending events of mutual interest will provide the appropriate starting point for exciting dialogue.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
A position may be coming to an end for you, as you start to consider other avenues of employment. There is a busyness around your work life and you may be training to gain new skills. Meanwhile, a lot is emerging from your psychic space during the eclipse, and you may seek to withdraw temporarily to examine what is coming up around this time. Surrendering habits and especially vices that are counter productive will relieve enormous pressure for you. A work from home project or assignment can be very successful over next weekend.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
There are many comings and goings in this phase, people have a magical way of entering your life right now and over the coming weeks. Mutually there are people on their way out. The eclipse on Wednesday reveals just how important it is to be associated with the right crew so you can make your dreams come true. If you recently had to make a difficult personal decision, you will begin to see how this has set you free. Very exciting developments are occurring in this period, and you do your best to remain open to all the possibilities.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
A significant professional trajectory you set out on last August is coming to a stunning culmination. The bolder you have been in seizing an opportunity, the more outsize the rewards will be now. If you find, rather, you have further to go still to reach an objective, this is the appropriate time to reorient yourself and get back on the road to success. Personal encounters feature undertones from the past, and some of these need to be released now in favor of creating that big bright future. Intuition is heightened now and you can get to the bottom of any problem as required.

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
The eclipse speaks to your growing ambitions, and you definitely feel like you are spreading your wings. Events set into motion last August are propelled forward suddenly, and now with Saturn out of your sign, you have a lot more mojo to pursue personal goals and meet with success. Daily life is going through changes, you are likely cutting out a few activities that no longer sustain your interest. Meanwhile new associations are being formed and next weekend in particular is exciting if you are attending an event or party.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
The financial axis is impacted by the current eclipse cycle, with huge sums either going in or out. This is all the manifestation of what you had set into motion late last Summer, and the rewards you receive now are only as big as the goals you set for yourself in that vital period. Fate is working overtime to create a good outcome, so don’t hesitate to consider any offer that comes your way. Personal and especially intimate relationships are effected in their own way, and if you aren’t in the midst of a very deep financial negotiation, it’s possible you are in the throws of a passionate love affair, or maybe both!

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Life is going through all sorts of transitions and changing in fundamental ways, making the next few weeks a very intense period. Events now have very fateful overtones, and especially in matters of partnership. It’s possible to stumble upon someone with whom you have an immediate and intense connection to. This whole week and over the next two, leading up to the next eclipse, occurring in your sign, is full of big punctuation marks that can set a new alliance into motion swiftly. Mercury from your sign beginning on Wednesday enables you to speak to your truth.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
There is a lot of subjective energy present in your forecast this week. It’s likely that you are saying goodbye and releasing templates of subconscious behavior that you have outgrown. Releasing these sets you free, enabling a far more heathy and productive lifestyle. Any new habits you established towards the end of last Summer, a work out routine or new diet, is yielding positive results and you can see much improvement. A new job may be around the corner and exciting news may reach you by the end of the week in some regard.


Constellation David Bowie, may you forever be the brightest of the stars in the sky.

February – Minefields and Maintenance

If January felt like a false start, worry not – it was due to the Mercury retrograde phase that lasted from January 6 – 26 that slowed our New Year’s progress considerably. Very potent forces are at work this month, particularly in the first half, that have a very favorable influence on business and commercial activities. Sun in Pisces from the 19th softens the edges considerably, until then the atmosphere is very productive as Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all collaborate effectively to assist us to meet our material and professional goals. Any traction you may have thought you lost last month is quickly made up for. The climate is serious and tenacious, and objectives are highly intensified in the first two weeks.

We do have the challenges of Venus – Pluto and Venus – Uranus to overcome on the 5th and 6th. Uranus and Pluto are still in tight angle, and Mercury retrograde recently brought light to this conflict December 20 – 21, 2015, then again in late January 21st and 22nd, and again the 30th and 31st. All these contacts pointed to hard confrontations with Uranus – Pluto, and trying to break through the incredible pressures we have felt as a result of their square (which has been a pervasive issue since June 24, 2012). This simmering, volatile confrontation between ourselves and circumstances or with others has been a major influence on this recent Mercury retrograde cycle in January. Mercury has articulated the issue, and now Venus enters the picture, appealing to our heart at this crucial turning point. Themes of power and control (Pluto) remain relevant, while the square to Uranus can suggest a highly unanticipated backlash. Love may indeed prove to be the catalyst for a major breakthrough at this time. These are hair-trigger minefield aspects, so proceed cautiously. It’s ultimately a personal choice each of us will make to engage with or disarm the conflicts that arise. (Feeling stressed? Check out the breathing exercise at the very bottom of this post. It helps me enormously when I feel overwhelmed!*)

Jupiter and the North Node remain in close proximity for the first week of the month. We are still being asked to see the bigger picture, and to use that awareness to meet the evolutionary goals of Virgo North Node. That goal is about doing something really, really well and a refinement of a project, product or the self are all indicated. With Virgo everything is in the details, so check and double check that the quality of each part of whatever it is you are working on is absolutely spot on perfect. Jupiter is retrograde so it’s more likely we are seeing the ways in which we didn’t handle the topic (of the house being transited in your chart) well enough. Retrogrades are all about re-evaluation, and on a more positive note, second chances. These two meet again in June, offering a huge boost up the evolutionary ladder where we now take the time to scrutinize what could be improved upon and then doing the work to make the project, product or ourselves better so we may fully take advantage of that second chance.

Mercury (Feb. 7), Venus (February 10th) and Mars (February 16th) tap the Nodal Axis, offering a vantage point that allows us to see both where we are headed and where we came from simultaneously. It’s easier now to reconcile to endings we have or will be making, (most likely during the South Node conjunctions occurring next month, as well as at the time of the Pisces eclipse March 8th,) so if you get intonations it’s time to start saying farewell to something or someone, (and this may be part of a highly internal process, preparing YOURSELF for transformative experiences ahead,) by all means, heed those cues. The intuition you get around these dates is highly accurate, and you may even notice serendipities occurring around you that tie into events that transpired late last August/early September or receive a premonitory flash of what is to come.


aquarius new moon

Our viewpoint becomes radicalized as Sun transits Aquarius, followed by Mercury Feb. 14th and Venus Feb. 16th. The Aquarius New Moon on the 8th harmonizes the forming Aries/Uranus – Saturn/Sagittarius trine offering an exciting beginning within a project or association that will assist us in bringing matters to a phenomenal conclusion in December. With this we are thinking back to activities initiated as far back as 2011, so this can be tied into a real long range project that is currently receiving fresh impulses. On it’s own, the New Moon is mostly positive, though a square to Mars in Scorpio can suggest rash decisions coming out of an argument or that a confrontational episode can be in store. Scorpio can be quite obstinate, as can Aquarius in it’s own right. Not unlike the Uranus – Pluto square itself, (Uranus rules Aquarius and Pluto rules Scorpio, go figure!) the progressive and radical influences of Aquarius are being challenged by the harsh and punishing forces of Scorpio. Conversely, Scorpio’s desire for in depth transformation is disrupted by the unexpected events that occur. Use the New Moon to get to the bottom of a problem, be ready to rumble, and keep the emphasis on the long range dynamics.

The Sabian Symbol of the New Moon evokes the image of “A forest fire quenched” suggesting something in our lives that has grown disproportionately out of control (Mars in Scorpio?) is ready to be extinguished. We will use the best and most ingenious tools Aquarius offers to mitigate a potentially life threatening disaster. The rational mind is our greatest ally in confronting the challenge in front of us.

Sun in Pisces from the 19th offers a far more subdued ambience. A dreamy and introspective quality is present and reflection and day dreaming can be a facet over the upcoming weeks. A Full Moon in Virgo on the 22nd illuminates a desire to rest and reflect. Neptune is the prevailing influence over this lunation and we will seek a soul connection that offers a glimpse into the beautiful and etherial. The associated Sabian Symbol for Virgo 3 (the placement of the Virgo Full Moon) is “Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection”. During this Lunation it is best to trust your inner guidance and intuition. Avoid the role of the martyr or victim of circumstance. Learn to listen to your inner voice.



ARIES – Career prospects continue to brighten as any indecision or false starts that were pervasive last month quickly recede into the past tense. Look to the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th for your best days in which to expand your influence or make a good impression. Mixing business with pleasure can have a catastrophic, or at least unexpected result on the 5th – 6th. Future perfect resides with a group of friends and allies, you seem to be working on a group project that genuinely enhances or showcases your talents brilliantly. The New Moon on the 8th can signal incredible developments, though a secret revealed (or betrayed) can prove a highly contentious influence. From the 19th it is withdraw, retreat and regroup. Sleep in, meditate or what ever helps you R + R, in a month it’s your birthday and with an eclipse brewing from your sign, things are going to change, really, really soon in ways you can’t even imagine.

TAURUS – There is a nice mix of professional, personal and social energy floating around this month. Should you find yourself on distant shores, a true love connection may be made, particularly around the 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th. Academic associates can have a similar effect. The work you do in the first half of the month towards your professional goals yields positive results and an elevated profile from the 16th. Your reputation is stellar and your commitment shines on the 29th. A New Moon affecting this area on the 8th can present wonderful opportunities, a partner doesn’t seem to share your enthusiasm, however, or there may be a conflict with a business partner over the direction of a joint project. Rather than sow the seeds of discontent, you can keep a low profile and do your work behind the scenes for the best result. The Virgo Full Moon on the 22nd sees a love relationship, your creativity or child/ren in view. The softening effect of Neptune will help you see the best in someone, highlighting an enticing romantic episode for you.

GEMINI – You start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, especially after the 14th as it becomes easier to express and articulate yourself. Pleasurable experiences in store from the 18th enhance feelings of attraction and self worth. The first half sees you busy behind the scenes, as a work project is demanding a great deal of your attention. Your productivity is yielding very positive results, particularly around the 3rd, 7th and 10th, keep at it! Aquarius New Moon on the 8th can be contentious, a work mate or project throws a wrench into travel plans that can have you steaming. Your ideologies can equally be challenged. Professional objectives come into focus after the 19th. Sun – Neptune combined on the 28th signals an ideal you would like to reach in your profession. You can make an ally the following day who will help you reach your summit.

CANCER – Things continue to amplify in a love relationship. The first two weeks are telling of how deep your feelings go. The 3rd, 5th and 7th are extraordinary for cultivating a meaningful bond, you can easily express your feelings on the 10th. The New Moon on the 8th affects your intimacy sector and Very Serious relationships, including those that you have with banks and creditors, i.e. financial agreements. Challenges arise through a lover or your children, who somehow come into conflict with your desire to make such commitments. It’s a perplexing one, though your profession benefits from choices you make now. Weigh the pros and cons before you commit. The 6th also features vexing influences. Sun in Pisces from the 19th puts you back in your comfort zone, and a conjunction to Neptune on the 28th can see you dreaming of distant shores.

LEO – Work and productivity are the major arena of your attention for the first half, though a relationship also has you riveted. Following the twists and turns of last month you’ll be happy to find a new normal in your work schedule or routine. Venus promises good relations with coworkers, particularly around the 7th and 10th and you will find success with projects, including those related to health and wellness on these days. The New Moon on the 8th can generate friction at your residence or with a close family or partner. You are mostly in your element, but a cranky live in or problem with the house throws everything haywire. From the 16th it’s all eyes on a special someone, you can make an enduring commitment on the 29th. Financials are a focus after the 19th, be very cautious about agreements made with banks or other entities around the 28th, you simply aren’t seeing the whole picture.

VIRGO – Your work life and productivity are peaking (just as you like it) and there are really wonderful opportunities throughout the month to make substantial progress at your job. The love life is also quite fulfilling, and sweeping changes on the periphery can be signaled during the Full Moon in your sign on the 22nd. An eclipse falling in opposition to your sign next month is going to present a major (positive) upset to the status quo. You begin to feel this in your bones by the 19th. Very promising romantic moments on the 5th, 7th and 10th can bring new people into your orbit, or allow you to cultivate an ongoing relationship. A very passionate moment on the 5th shows you how deep your love goes. Fantasy looms large on the 28th, all is not what it seems. Domestic concerns can be effectively dealt with on the 25th and 29th.

LIBRA – You begin to stir from your winter hibernation, though the first two weeks may still see you keeping it close to home. The New Moon on the 8th signals it is time for pleasure, though niggling financial issues can put a damper on your more leisurely pursuits. Use the signals you get at this time to address how much effort you need to put into your revenue stream. The results favor an eclectic relationship you would like to see develop over the coming year. The 3rd and 13th have favorable financial indications and you can seal the deal on an important contract around these dates. From the 16th you are back in your element and it’s let the good times roll, for the most part. The Full Moon on the 22nd sees you releasing something, a whole way of life is coming to an end. This happens in a very private part of your chart, and is the culmination of a very personal exit strategy you have been working on for over a year. Next month your life changes completely. Release what you need to now to make space for what lies ahead.

SCORPIO – You find the words to articulate what could not be said last month as a gentle and even romanic ambience pervades in your day to day life. You may strike up a conversation in the most unlikely of places, the 7th and 10th can bring lovely interactions with potential for more. A passionate conversation on the 5th can lead to a better understanding of the motives and desires of a lover. Domestic concerns are still significant, there can be a very confrontational episode with someone attached to your residence on the 8th. A more positive inroads can be made on the home front after the 16th. Romance and pleasure feature largely as Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, and you will seek an ideal love connection on the 28th. You are persuasive on the 3rd and 13th. Set meetings and presentations for these dates, you will convey yourself with the right balance of tact and assertiveness. Financial matters can be effectively dealt with on the 25th and 29th.

SAGITTARIUS – The ambience continues to become more social for you, with indications throughout the month for activities and excursions. Finances are still significant through the first half, as very positive circumstances unfold on the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th that add to your earnings in a positive way. Unexpected expenses on the 6th can provide an upset. The family and home dynamic becomes emphasized after the 19th, with the Full Moon on the 22nd indicating a professional opportunity that could potentially require relocation. All the pieces fall into place next month during the Pisces eclipse. What you feel in your bones on the 7th, 10th and 16th is quite revealing of what is in store. Watch words and guard your secrets on the 8th. A stormy New Moon in Aquarius offers a wonderful beginning in a communications based project taped right into your self expression and creativity, but a force from behind the scenes throws in a tempestuous influence. Proceed with caution.

CAPRICORN – The best part of having Venus in your sign, (through the 16th,) is being able to put yourself first without regret or retribution. The 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th and 13th are all very positive for you in matters of both business and pleasure. A harmonious relationship between Venus and Mars combined with commercially oriented Mercury and Jupiter provide the perfect ambience to not only go after (Mars) but receive (Venus) what you desire. All aspects of life are positively enhanced by these transits. The financial realm is stimulated, just be cautious around the 8th, when an opportunity may undermined by a friend or colleague. People seek to express their opinion and exert influence on you. Better financial auspices are present from the 16th. The 6th can see contemptuous influences in your home or residence. Time for a radical reappraisal of what you are willing to live with. Take care of yourself in this phase, next month brings dynamic and sudden changes to the status quo and you will need all your energy and faculties ready to jump on the (professional) opportunity that is going to be presented.

AQUARIUS – The professional forces continue to be a strong influence, though as you close in on your birthday (or have already) you seem to be experiencing growing pains as you try to define the role you see yourself serving in society. The New Moon in your sign on the 8th can be quite contentious in this regard. A boss or the requirements of your career commitments seem to really be at odds with your personal expression. You have allies and amigos who will provide incredible assistance to you as you navigate the challenges ahead. Things get way better after the 16th when Venus brings her good vibrations into your sign for a nice sweet month. Mercury also in your sign after the 13th brings a brisk and exciting tempo to the daily life. Meaningful romantic and business alliances can be formed on the 25th and 29th. Be very wary of financial schemes around the 28th. Somehow you just won’t get what you bargained for.

PISCES – It’s better late than never where the realization of your most cherished aspirations is concerned. Venus makes highly beneficial aspects (look at the 5th, 7th, 10th, specifically) highlighting positive social opportunities and the projects you are doing with a group or organization. Transformation is brewing and you begin to get indications (the 7th, 10th, 16th and 22nd offer vital clues) that your whole life is about to change. Indeed it is, as a powerful eclipse in your sign March 8th upends the status quo entirely, and probably for the better. From mid month you go undercover, building up your inner reservoir for all that is about to come into being. Professional matters see positive developments on the 25th and 29th. Tune into your most etherial self on the 28th. A vision or intuition guides you for the coming year.