Stargazer Weekly Forecast 1/13 – 19


Mercury from Capricorn makes incredibly productive aspects this week, setting a business endeavor on track and enhancing all negotiations. Look at the 13th, 15th and 19th for the most significant developments. Mid week is especially crucial, as Mercury transits the degree of the recent Capricorn Eclipse (January 5th) and an enterprise is discussed in critical detail. Something emerges from Tuesday into Wednesday that enables forward movement on whatever was initiated last weekend. The eclipse opened a portal of potential and this week Mercury will articulate the goals and how to accomplish them. 

Some of this is going to be super harsh and demanding since Saturn and Pluto are involved. It could be time to pay the piper! At it’s best, while the current climate is severe, it provides an opportunity to resolve serious long range issues by confronting them head on. An important objective can also be clarified. A detached disposition is helpful here, as well as a willingness to sacrifice what is inessential. Neptune sends in a gentle and compassionate love light and some inspiration that softens the intensity of other developments. 

Venus and Mars collaborate from Sagittarius to Aries, so there is an exciting, sexy and enticing ambience underscoring everything else that transpires this week. Imagination, creativity and a sense of adventure – especially where you have never dared to tread – feature largely in these stars. This is obviously occurring in stark contrast to the Mercury vibes, perhaps the negotiation that is materializing is in order to make a fun project or relationship viable. 

Jupiter enters it’s retrograde shadow degree at 14’ Sagittarius this week, and will retrace these steps between now and early November. From now to April 10th, (when the retrograde begins,) the opportunity exists to make a lot of progress, then revise as necessary through the Summer. With this process framed by the Jupiter – Neptune square, inspiration is a guiding light, though there could be some form of deception underscoring an endeavor. Tread carefully and stay strong this week! ✊🏽 


ARIES March 20 – April 19

You feel passionate, motivated even, though career matters command a lot of your attention and appraisal this week. It’s a great time to make a plan (and stick to it!) while communication is focused on your future. Some steps will be retraced through the Summer, but for the time being you have the potential to build your reputation and upgrade your professional position. Love is on your mind. Reach out and touch someone, even if they are far, far away.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You are likely planning for the future, and very much aware of the sacrifices or hard work ahead of you required to get there. This is a good week for planning and thinking through an objective that will get you on track. Meanwhile, your inner workings and most private experiences offer insights that enable you to release debilitating habits or beliefs that have been stifling your effectiveness. A close partner is likely the catalyst for this realization.  

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

The social life is dynamic and stimulating, and a partnership seems to be going especially well. Finding someone who shares your hopes and dreams is possible now. Potential is high from this week into next. At the same time, some serious financial appraisals are likely now, particularly where you may rely upon the resources of another. A commitment of some sort is being made, just make sure you can live with what you agree to, as these are binding and definite.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You may address some heavy topics within your partnership this week, and it’s possible an understanding or accord is reached. An early version of a negotiation gets scrapped for something bigger and better. Something is sacrificed along the way. Professionally this is a brilliant period, and this week into next provide your best potential in a decade to realize a work or career dream that fills your daily life with excitement and creativity.      

LEO July 23 – August 22

Romance and creativity are highlighted, and especially where someone or something might take you to a distant place you will discover exquisite pleasures. Things could be a bit more hard going at work, as there could be conflicts with colleagues, clients or the boss. An assignment you are given could be incredibly detailed if not outright difficult. You get through this by tapping into the inner resources of imagination and enjoying the spicy recreational aspects love is offering you this week. 

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You are in the process of making a serious commitment where love is concerned. On the other hand if you are looking around and you find yourself alone, it could be time to accept you need to make some changes. On a more personal level this is a very satisfying time and this into next week could see you making substantive progress in your domestic life, perhaps moving or even purchasing a house. Those most familiar to you provide incredible comfort.       

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Domestic reorganization is required, though you can make exceptional progress on longstanding issues if you confront reality and let go of the past. Whatever was is no longer, and this crucial understanding is the way out of an endemic situation. The love light is burning bright and could actually provide the inspiration to make certain changes. From this week into next, you have some of the best prospects in a decade to establish an incredible partnership.   

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

A critical negotiation or contract is in frame this week, and you are likely nailing down the details on this one throughout the week. Something of remarkable significance comes to fruition over the first week of next month, this is the time to handle the details. A financial/professional upswing also holds positive potential and cues this week are only a fragment of what is in store leading into next week’s dynamic eclipse, driving home the ambitions you have nurtured over the last year and a half.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

It’s a phenomenal week for your most personal visions to come to life and fruition, a trend that continues right through next week’s brilliant Lunar Eclipse in Leo. A cherished wish is about to be granted. More concerning are critical financial matters and you might have to face the music where your resources are concerned. Consulting an advisor can be very useful here. In any regard, an important discussion or handling routine paperwork is a requirement this week.    

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

You are busy making sure your voice is heard in important negotiations this week, though maintaining a sense of humor keeps things from getting too heavy and benefits your position immeasurably. Events mid week in particular accelerate a narrative you have attempted to put into motion since the Jan. 5 eclipse in your sign. These will get locked down in early February, keep at it. Personal life is stimulating and provides immense satisfaction.   

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You are dealing with critical matters (and messages) from behind the scenes. Your intuition is off the charts sensitized and it will be easier than ever to read between the lines. Socially this is a highly fruitful period and from this week into next, coalescing into the Full Moon Leo Eclipse next week, which could significantly change your relationship status. A resolution to the events of the prior year and a half come to closure.   

PISCES February 19 – March 20

You have the professional advantage from this week into next as developments, particularly financial ones, give you an edge towards career advancement. You are in the midst of an important agreement with a group or collaborators. Conversations have serious overtones, but this is appropriate since agreements made now will be long lasting and shape the future in big ways. You can weigh your options for now, but by the first week of February, something is written in stone.  


Weekly Forecast 1/21 – 1/27

Mercury is the major player this week, hooking up to Pluto and Jupiter and advancing the goals of the earlier part of the month, especially during the incredibly vitalizing period of January 6 – 10. Events that were initiated then are coming into view again and agreements and negotiations can take place which offer outcomes and forward movement to the topics aroused during those pivotal alignments.

Pluto is at large, conjuncting Mercury mid week and stimulating a very intense and potentially confrontational ambience. These two have not interacted since late October, and much of what has occurred since then was to clear the decks for the new agenda being set into motion now. Mercury is swift and logically oriented, while Pluto is slow, heavy and connected to the deepest, and darkest emotional, even pathological, instincts. Jupiter is supportive from Scorpio, which kinda just adds to the intensity, but also assures that new endeavors are enhanced with the potential for meaningful long range transformation.

Going back to the events or insights that occurred two weeks ago, if you were struggling with a decision or trying to get a project, relationship or otherwise off the ground, these Mercury aspects provide a template enabling the articulation and clarity required to move forward. This aspect can have a bit of a bite to it, and conflict may stimulated where matters of power and the balance of that power is implicated. A harsh situation could suddenly become prominent and will have to be contended with. Pluto demands for change, and depending on your temperament and how this affects you, this can be a moment of reckoning long overdue.

The Quarter Moon Wednesday morning raises the stakes even higher. From 4’ Taurus, the objectives of last weeks Capricorn New Moon are reemphasized and move forward. This makes Wednesday a very pivotal and significant day, and with the Quarter Moon lined up perfectly with Capricorn Saturn a rather serious tone underscores the activities of the day. There is a desire to move forward on long range goals and aspirations and new order is being established. It’s ok to do so, but maybe smaller, modest steps should be considered in light of the Leo Lunar Eclipse occurring next week, which has the potential to shake up everything you lay groundwork for now. A wait and see approach may be wise for the time being.

Friday morning Mars is reborn in outgoing and optimistic Sagittarius, leaving the subterranean depths and emotional quagmire of Scorpio behind it. A great deal of inner personal transformation has occurred. From Scorpio, Mars learned of its darkest desires and tendencies. Much has been relinquished and a catharsis come complete. From Sagittarius, a desire to explore, learn and develop idealism and through inspirational activities will prevail through mid March. Here we find the Tarot Card: Temperance, indicating a unification of polarities (Gemini.) Energy is now focused and directed outwardly and it is a favorable period for cultivating and developing ideas that will manifest from mid March onward when Mars transits Capricorn.

This is the first transit of Mars since Saturn left the sign, and there is impulse towards renewal where a situation has calcified and stagnated. Potential is granted here for a complete redo on a situation that has been outgrown, simply remove the blockages and breath out with optimism towards new outcomes. The Archer is setting it’s aim.



april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
A communique regarding a professional matter, maybe a promotion occurs midweek and has strong financial implications for you. Trust your instincts here, and if someone is pushing you into a deal or circumstance you are not fully comfortable with, rather than push back, simply step out of the line of fire. You are much more at ease this week, especially when Sagittarius Mars stimulates you to come out of any shell you might have been hiding under and take a place in the Sun. A desire to embrace the future, and attend to even it’s challenges, replaces any doubt you may have had about the direction you should take to meet your destiny.


may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Convictions are renewed and faith restored in the goals you have outlined for yourself from mid week. It seems a shift in power dynamics is present, and something is being restructured. An intensified atmosphere in regard to your relationships could provide you with insights as you move into a new chapter with a significant other. There is a make or break quality to the coming weeks, as you find out if your partnership really has what it takes to move to the next level. You sort out your personal goals Wednesday. A very positive contact the following day helps you clarify what is most important to you.


june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
A financial matter can be settled at long last, though becoming aware there is a problem is just as likely as finding a solution. Benefits are coming to you through your job or a coworker. Mars comes to occupy your house of partners and enemies, reminding you there is a fine line between love and hate and intensifying your alliances. This will be the first transit of Mars to this area since Saturn left and it may feel as though you are blowing the cobwebs off your love life, should it have become stale or non-existent over the past few years.


july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
You are likely to come to an important decision with or in regard to a key partnership this week. Kindred spirits support you will feel quite satisfied with the outcome. Be conscientious of professional matters in the early part of the week, especially on Tuesday when disagreements or unexpected events are likely. From Friday, work and productivity become emphasized, and the effort you put in now will likely pay dividends or result in a promotion next January. Do your best work, but be careful not to exhaust yourself. Daily exercise can help you stay fit while releasing some pent up energy.


aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
News about a new job or assignment is likely this week, the result of perhaps months of negotiation. It’s equally likely that a vexing issue with a colleague reaches a boiling point. Work from home business can thrive at this time. Your family or those closest to you can provide the context you need to succeed. From Friday it’s fun time, as Mars activates your arena of pleasure, recreation and personal expression. From now to mid March, explore your creative side, seek romance and enjoy yourself. After this period you will enter a phase that is far more work and relationship driven through the end of the year, so make the most of the next 7 weeks!


sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
It’s easier to make decisions regarding your personal life now, a contact between Mercury and Pluto will enable you to see the light within a love relationship that may have been difficult to get off the ground in the prior weeks. The words you choose Thursday are important to the outcome of this, though you seem to have an uncanny knack for self awareness right now that will aid you enormously. From Friday there can be tension or conflict within the home as this area requires change. Blowing off the cobwebs and stagnation of anything left over from the prior years in regard to your personal life or living arrangements can be attended to with conviction.


oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Important decisions and conversations are occurring in your most personal life, and it might be about looking within and resolving unhealed dynamics from your childhood and relinquishing feelings of unworthiness or self doubt. A financial matter can come to a successful outcome Thursday, the result of something put into motion last October. From Friday, you are more in your comfort zone and seeking out new sources of information, new associates and just feeling more active in your thinking and day to day life. This is a trend that continues for 7 weeks, then it’s back to business! Negotiations are favored, and establishing a long list of contacts is helpful now.


nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Mars is set to leave your sign on Friday, so use these last few days to implement your master plans and make your mark on the people who can enable a favorable outcome for you. You speak and think with incredible conviction now but can equally come off aggrandizing if you blister your audience with too much force. Stepping back to look at all your options and check in with yourself will also enable you to make sure you are really getting what you really want. From Friday a financial emphasis comes into play and you’ll get really motivated to add to your earnings, though equally to spend what you acquire.


dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You’ll be out of limbo land soon enough, Sag. From Friday Mars will move into your sign enabling you to be motivated to take action on your most cherished personal goals. You’ll feel more active and vital than you have in years and ready to shake off any of the residue that may remain in the wake of Saturn’s transit in your sign. This is a time renewal and rebirth for you. Financial matters are also in frame and whether you are realizing there is a drain on your finances that needs to get clipped, or signing an important contract or even receiving a professional promotion, change occurs now.


jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
There have been numerous occurrences this month through which you have had to find a way to breathe and live into your power, as well as relinquish elements that drained you of it. Having cut the detritus, and through the empowering self awareness you encountered during the New Moon in your sign last week as a result, you look forward to the next stage of the journey. Significant developments this week ensure you continue to develop a powerful roster of associates, and these possess very auspicious overtones that will enable you a successful outcome. Events on Wednesday could see the initiation of a very important personal goal. Between now and March, you have to cultivate a better relationship with your psychological health.


feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
There are important personal topics that need to be addressed in your personal life. Adjustments you make at home will have a big impact on your inner peace, especially mid week. There could be a positive professional development in the midst as well. Your instincts lead you to the right place on Thursday. Mars in Sagittarius activates your social life and you’ll likely be quite busy over the next 7 weeks with organizations and group activities. With a huge emphasis on your partnership over the coming weeks, this weekend is prime time to reconnect with your crew. Eclipses forthcoming demand your attention be placed on key relationships and contending with deeply personal changes.


march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
Mars in Sagittarius has an activating quality for your profession, and with Saturn long gone, you can use this influence to cast your net for success without the frustrating delays you experienced during the Summer and Fall of 2016. The ambience has shifted enormously and you have a lot more assistance to help you reach your goals.
Important negotiations or decisions about your social network can be made this week. There is a setting sail quality to this weeks forecast, and Thursday especially is a good time to look forward to the future. You enter the week vitalized following a lovely visit from the Moon to your sign.



HAPPY NEW YEAR STARGAZERS!!!! Wow, have I been so busy finishing the book and new app for you I’m actually just getting to the January horoscopes here on New Year’s Day. Both the book (available now), and the app (available on iTunes), turned out beautifully and I am really pleased to be able to offer these. Finally catching a breath, spending the holiday with my son and so excited about my 40th birthday, coming up soon on January 8th. It’s true what they say, being a Capricorn really gets better as you age. Experience offers confidence and security you just don’t have as a younger person. And this is such an incredible year to look forward to! We have amazing support from the cosmos, and I sincerely believe a positive turn of events is going to really transform the lives of so many people around the globe. If you didn’t get a chance to read the 2016 Overview, check it out here. I chose the YUD YUD LAMED meditation (above) to begin the year on a note of release and looking forward, with incredible positivity, to all that lies ahead.

January starts in slow motion, Mercury is stationing Aquarius preparing to go retrograde on the 5th. Mercury hovers in Aquarius, and for the first week of the month it’s like were floating in space, and can see a glimpse of the future, but have to turn back to take care of unfinished business. As always, while a Mercury retrograde phase indicates a slow down in communication and commercial matters, this particular one has two very interesting features, the first of which is a notable contact it makes to the Jupiter – North Node conjunction as it conjuncts the Sun itself. Even the Moon from Pisces taps in, offering incredible emotional intuition into the conversation that is occurring now.

Jan 14. Sun - Merc


Jupiter is retrograde at the time of the North Node conjunction, suggesting we get an intonation of what is really set to occur June 21st, when they meet again and Jupiter is direct. The planet of luck and optimism contacting the symbolic point of our evolutionary objective twice in a year is quite amazing! We may get fortunate assistance (Jupiter) to meet those objectives or luck and prosperity is stimulated by doing the Virgo North Node work, maybe both. The better we are doing it – the more we receive. This first transit, (again, because Jupiter is debilitated) is a signal of what could potentially be. Use the information you receive to work on building positive karma towards what you want most to receive by June 21, when they meet again. Celeste Teal explains of the union “There is often a helpful person in the life who acts as a catalyst to financial or spiritual growth. Publishing ventures go well or there are opportunities here.” Of North Node Virgo she writes: “Now, you must learn discrimination about those you choose to help, practical planning and how to clearly define goals for yourself.” (From the book “Lunar Nodes – Discovering Your Soul’s Karmic Mission.)

The fact that Sun – Mercury conjunction (from Capricorn) is taking place at the same time and in a perfect trine is a really incredible synchronicity. Be prepared for a very important communication or awareness coming January 15th, what occurs is miraculous, and helps us move towards the future, even if it takes a bit longer to get there. Another big thing with the Mercury retrograde is the long conjunction to Pluto for the last week of the month. We can probe deeply for a solution at this time, conversations and thinking will be intensified, we want the truth and will not settle for anything less. While Pluto can be harsh, it also represents both our individual and collective ability to transform, so this long, maybe tough, dialogue that occurs at the end of the month does offer us the opportunity to make a breakthrough and transform where we have sought to. Mercury will be direct from January 25th.

Mars delves deep into Scorpio on the 3rd, it’s orbit slowing as it prepares for retrograde beginning April 18th at 8 Sagittarius. As mentioned in the 2016 overview, Mars sextile to Jupiter February 13th is the last significant outer – planet aspect Mars makes until August 24th, when it conjuncts Saturn. This suggests on one hand that Mars will set it’s own agenda, not being influenced by outer forces for so long, though it also indicates our actions don’t have much impact on the outer world mutually, so you basically have from New Years through February 13th to make an impression where you need to!

Mars in Scorpio has deep reservoirs of tenacity, though from this placement actions taken are likely concealed or taking place under cover. Extraordinary passion is aroused, and with Saturn no longer here holding back the energy of the Scorpion (as was true during the last transit), the full intensity of this placement can be expressed. Intimacy can deepen in this phase, as extraordinary feelings of closeness between lovers connects them to higher reality. Explore the depths of your love this month, it has much to reveal to you.

Daily transits and January horoscopes are below! The daily aspect readings are from the Stargazer 2016 app, which this year includes a planets in aspect guide in addition to the calendar and horoscopes, suitable for interpreting daily aspects, or those occurring in your chart. These are featured as a preview this month only. You can order the Stargazer 2016 PDF e-book by making a $5 USD PayPal payment to This 81 page book features a 2016 reading for all 12 zodiac signs as well as special report on the Sun – Mercury cycle with detailed analysis of each of the four Mercury retrograde cycles, so you can plan in advance! The book will be emailed to the address you use to make your payment, unless other wise noted. If you are ordering this as a gift, and wish for it to be sent to someone else, please make a note on PayPal, I’ll be happy to send it to whom you request. THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!





Irritability can be present in our interactions, there is a brusque and offensive tone that can be condescending. Provocation is also possible, it’s possible to push (or be pushed) into arguments in the heat of the moment. It’s also possible to just be busy, busy, busy to the point of exhaustion (which then leads to frustration). Avert crisis by only taking on what you can possibly handle and no more.
There can be vague and unsettling feelings that all is not what it seems in a love relationship, and a tendency to overlook or even deny the truth of the state of our affairs is possible if the reality cannot live up to the ideal. It can be difficult to be honest with a partner in this time, evasiveness is indicated. Imagination and a propensity for daydreaming is indicated, and this is an interesting time for the artistic and creatively inclined.
Feelings of conviction and power are stimulated immensely and we can make constructive changes at this time. The conjunction suggests a significant burst of energy that allows for transformation the area in which it takes place in your chart. Deep and regenerative experiences occur.


Relationships take on a more serious tone today, and this is a good time to formalize a partnership for either business or pleasure. Commitments made now (especially under the conjunction) are genuinely built to endure. Karmic undertones are present. Feelings of responsibility and maturity are enhanced, providing a strong base of assurance for the promises we make at these times.


Exciting and unexpected meetings and developments take place today in our romantic and personal relationships. There is a desire to free expression and unconventional partnerships at this time. While highly stimulating, not all connections made now are likely to endure, but do have a liberating quality that offers a fresh perspective and needed break from the routine.

Considered one of the best aspects for good fortune, this aspect confers a positive, even “lucky” vibration, and this is an auspicious time for beginning or expanding upon a personal or commercial enterprise. Very enthusiastic feelings are stimulated and this can also be favorable for a vacation or venture related to media or publishing. Good will, generosity and optimism also provide an ideal climate for social events.

Occurring approximately every two months, this is the beginning of a cycle of activity usually associated with business, commercial activities, day to day life, and communication. Sets the tempo and agenda for the upcoming few months when MERCURY IS DIRECT. There are modifications to our existing plans during the conjunction that occurs during the MERCURY RETROGRADE cycle. Mental clarity and articulation of thoughts are well indicated.
Confidence and enthusiasm in our speaking and thinking today provide an ideal climate for social and commercial activities. We benefit from increased optimism that opens the doors for success in our enterprises. Conversations, negotiations and meetings are under very positive influences, with everyone getting a fair shake in the end. This is a good day for learning something new that expands your consciousness or broadens the scope of your daily activities.



Overall the mood is positive, but there might need to make modifications to arrangements concerning love relationships today. Excess, particularly with one’s resources, can be an issue, particularly if seeking gratification or fulfillment through indulgence to satisfy emotional needs that are not being met.
A dreamy ambience is stimulated, making this a good day for leisure and recreation. The imagination is vitalized with this influence and there can be constructive efforts made in creative projects, particularly music and the visual arts. Dissolution of the edges allows for intuitive exchanges, there is a pleasant sensual and romantic quality making this a nice time for time spent with a partner.

We are tapped into a very dynamic, but unstable flow of energy today. There can be incredible insights, and even flashes of genius, but the erratic nature of this alinement can prove quite disruptive to the daily routine. Keep a notebook handy, you’ll want to take notes and leave plenty of room for the unexpected.

There is marked intensity in thinking and communication today, particularly with the conjunction. If you need to make your case, this is the time – persuasiveness is a notable attribute of this aspect. You leave no stone unturned in research or investigation. Seeking the underlying truth of a situation gives way to penetrating insight and awareness.


There is marked intensity in thinking and communication today, particularly with the conjunction. If you need to make your case, this is the time – persuasiveness is a notable attribute of this aspect. You leave no stone unturned in research or investigation. Seeking the underlying truth of a situation gives way to penetrating insight and awareness.
Romantic longings are stimulated and beautiful connections can be woven under these auspices. We seek the ideal in our connections and escapist tendencies manifest where we are not ready to take on the “burden” of a real relationship, sublimating desire into the fantasy realm instead. Easy rapport and receptivity is possible where genuine love is present. This lends to harmony and even enchantment. Creative imagination is vitalized, making this a constructive period for artists.

We are tapped into a very dynamic, but unstable flow of energy today. There can be incredible insights, and even flashes of genius, but the erratic nature of this alinement can prove quite disruptive to the daily routine. Keep a notebook handy, you’ll want to take notes and leave plenty of room for the unexpected.


ARIES: You go deep this month Aries, as your ruling planet moves into secretive Scorpio. Meanwhile, you continue to unleash your inner party girl, especially on the 12th, and you can send mixed messages to a romantic prospect if you come across too aloof. January 8th is positive for making a commitment in a relationship you hope will endure. Your career is a big focus this month and the 15th offers a stunning culmination for you professionally. Sometimes you have to go backward before you can move forward. An old colleague may have a hot prospect for you. Wait to sign the dotted line until 30th, when all the fact and figures finally fall into place.

TAURUS: A partnership is heating up big time, Mr. T, with the 18th and the 30th serving up some of the most positive indications for your romantic life in quite some time. Skip the 5th for anything too consequential. Commitments of a financial nature can successfully be made January 8th. Make a budget you can really live with. Your frontiers are wide open, and pleasurable pursuits including a love relationship are favored on the 15th. A meeting with destiny is on the cards. From the 23rd, you become irresistible. If you travel this month, you are more likely to go to place you have been before, perhaps to catch up with old friends. The 13th – 15th is a marvelous time to plan an excursion, just be mindful of Mercury retro hi jinx.

GEMINI: Things can get a bit prickly over shared finances towards the end of the month for you, Gem, and if you have been waiting to hear back about a loan, grant or settlement, you are going to be waiting a bit longer. All the details will fall into place at the end of the month. Circle the 30th for important negotiations. You have a conversation or get information mid month that has a very positive impact on your residential situation. Clues revealed on the 15th get you on track with your destiny, particularly if you have been considering relocation. A love relationship gets more attention: the more affection you sprinkle on that certain someone, the more they sprinkle you back. If it’s all dust and cobwebs up in there, you get a strong indication why around the 8th of January.

CANCER: Your key relationships are a big topic this month, and you may find you are reconnecting or reconsidering an alliance with someone from your personal past tense, Crab Cakes. Mid month is remarkable for negotiations, particularly those related to business dealings, and the 15th is marked with the stamp of destiny. See what comes up, wait until the 30th to make up your mind, though. Your New Year’s resolutions for wellness get a boost from Venus through the 23rd. You can make your biggest strides on the 12th. From the 23rd, she brings good fortune to your partnership arena, and you may see a commitment intensify over the final week of the month.

LEO: A Full Moon in your sign on the 23rd signals closure to some aspect of your life, Lion-ess. It is the appropriate time to celebrate your victories and release that or those you no longer need. You’ve got your mind on your money and you money on your mind in the meanwhile. Key negotiations about a job or for a better position mid month can offer the kind of prosperity and security you desire. It is wise to wait until after the 25th to commit. Matters of love, affection and creative longing you so seek to express are also highlighted. You can make a commitment within a love relationship or to your personal artistic process on the 8th. For inspiration, watch Madonna: Truth or Dare. Whatever personal craft you ply, you can take from her example an unwavering commitment to her art, as well as her longevity. Food for thought…

VIRGO: Pleasure is on your mind, goddess, though things get squirlly in lover land for a minute while Mercury retrogrades through the house of true romance. If someone from the past pops back into the picture, take it with the proverbial grain of salt. Mid month is kismet, however, and events and conversations, particularly those regarding children and the future of a love affair point you in the direction of the future. Being true to yourself and values pays dividends in this phase, possibly in the form of incredible prosperity. By the end of the month you feel the good vibrations in your love life washing over you, and you find the words and passion to articulate your (kinky) desires to the one you woo. The 30th is ridiculously pleasurable. Make time for love.

LIBRA: The right course of action is to maintain a low profile, like vanish, retreat, withdraw. You find your greatest treasure within right now, and despite a nice social vibration, you are finding the value in limiting your social circle to a few, really important people at this time, you’ll see why around the 8th. An exciting if not unexpected development in a relationship (either for business or pleasure) on the 12th paves the way for a major residential development by mid month. Mercury retro can stir memories of the past, but also serves to remind you of a goal you may have had for relocation that never came to fruition. The 15th can yield a dream or premonition that leads you to a form of prosperity. Rest, relaxation and space and head clearing is the key to finding this so take your time. From the 23rd you’ll seek to make a house into a home, a decision you make on the 30th signals sweeping, necessary changes to your residence.

SCORPIO: Mars in your sign infuses you with conviction and passion to go after all your desires with a level of intensity you have unlikely felt since Fall of 2012, the last transit you got before Saturn moved through your sign. Now that you’re all grown up, you are likely to make better decisions for yourself, (hint: it’s way more awesome to use your power to CREATE what you want rather than to take it from someone else) and you get much farther with the self awareness that you possess now. A Full Moon on the 23rd sees your professional star is on the rise, you may get great news of a promotion or launch your own business. A financial cue January 8th sets the stage. A meeting or conversation mid month reveals a stunning opportunity. One more hint: it has a major (positive) implication for your love life.

SAGITTARIUS: You are in the midst of reorganizing financials this month, with very significant developments mid month that have major implications that positively enhance your professional prospects. A kismet meeting on the 15th gives you a major advantage, and the desire to make the most of an opportunity. Venus from your sign offers a nice ambience for pleasure and romance, especially around the 12th, when an unexpected meeting occurs. Mars in the area of endings for the next two months can signal a period of deep reflection and a need for withdrawal. You awaken to the truth within. Vision and intuition is heightened on the 18th.

CAPRICORN: It’s a whole lotta Cappy right now, with a brilliant New Moon on the 9th illuminating your ambitions (and there will be many) as well as the incredible prospects you have for this year. Jupiter and Pluto are close by urging transformation and growth. Contact or communication between the 12th and 15th reveal an incredible opportunity is right at your finger tips – though you might have to travel across the globe to make the most of it. By the end of the month, specifically the 23rd it all begins to come together, brilliantly and you can set off blazing that trail. Venus from your sign ushers in a highly favorable ambience for you. You feel alluring and can enjoy pleasurable experiences now. The 12th reveals an exciting insight into a residential matter that puts you quite at ease.

AQUARIUS: Strategy for the next few months will be required of you as Mars transits Scorpio. While you have extraordinary energy and conviction at your disposal towards your professional ends, with Mars retrograding back over this part of your chart in June, is it worth it to lay it all on the line if you are just going to have to go through it all over again this Summer? The answer is absolutely YES. What ever your heart is telling you to go for, go for it. The next 6 weeks are crucial to your success this year, and the work you do now paves the way for the even more amazing work you are going to do in July. Get all in and go for it! A lot is going on behind the scenes, and your intuition is strong right now. Pay special attention mid month, clues can reveal a very lucrative source of income for you.

PISCES: Mercury retrograde can see in touch with old friends this month, and a harmonious social atmosphere presides. Attend events mid month, you could cross paths with a beautiful stranger on the 15th who changes your life forever. Destiny favors this union for you at this precise moment. Mars energizes you with a positive beam from Scorpio, a brilliant harmony on the 18th taps you right into the source of inspiration. Clues will be subtle but reveal your desires. Your reputation is on the rise, and a good indication that all the hard work has (and will continue to be) worthwhile comes in on the 8th. The 30th is marvelous for creative and romantic matters, the ambience is ripe to declare your love for someone.


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Mercury goes into shadow on December 20th, on a conjunction to Pluto at 14 Cap. This will be one of the predominant themes of the upcoming retrograde cycle (January 6 – 26) and matters that enter negotiations now will experience modifications through January 31. Events and conversations today will signal the beginning of this process. Mercury with Pluto adds intensification to our thinking, and suggests much is going on in secret, perhaps even subversively. With Venus in Scorpio adding allure to that which is hidden and mysterious, this particular cycle is about depth and reaching far beyond the shallow artifices of the material realm.

Saturn in Scorpio brought a profound appraisal of intimacy and sexuality and taught us the value of the connections and the commitments we make with others. The message was not to take them lightly, nor take them for granted. With Saturn having moved on and this the first transit of Venus since, we are given the opportunity to build on these lessons and now cultivate a more passionate bond with our lover, spouse or mate. There is the potential of healing now through intimacy as well as the relationships through which we experience them. The transformational power of love is heightened and the experiences we have through sexual relationships brings us into a direct confrontation with the depths of our very being. A significant catharsis occurs now. Venus trine Neptune, Venus sextile Pluto and Jupiter as well as Venus trine Chiron (Dec. 20th- 17 Scorpio/Pisces) transits stimulate a very potent ambience for cultivating deeply meaningful romantic bonds.

Sagittarius Sun and Libra Mars continue to bestow a very optimistic and generous social ambience. The mood is upbeat and outgoing. The New Moon on the 11th portends a very beneficial but likely unanticipated event. Connections to Mars (sextile) and Uranus (in opposition) indicate an opportunity timing back to an innovative project we began around March 11th when Mars – Uranus conjoined at 14 Aries. There are some really stimulating and electrifying currents to be sure. Mars square Pluto earlier in the week suggests there are some obstacles to overcome, and even a confrontation with very obstinate and oppositional forces. We may find we have the courage or conviction to fight against the restrictions we have been living with and stand up for ourselves.

Sun (Dec. 19) and Mercury (Dec. 8) square to the Nodes signals a need to reorient ourselves to the evolutionary intent of North Node in Virgo. We got clues to these changes in March and September during the eclipses. Because we don’t know what the future looks like yet, we likely experience this more as a reminder of what we must release and let go of to get there. Although these transits can be some what painful, (letting go is always tough!) the awareness stimulated now is very useful, allowing us to check in with ourselves and see where we are headed. Intuition is strong during these transits and much can be learned from engaging the sensitivity we encounter.

Uranus goes direct on the 26th, bringing the forces of liberation back into the midst. For 12 days ONLY (Jupiter goes retrograde on January 8th,) ALL THE PLANETS are direct!


December 1
Mercury trine Uranus 16 Sag/Aries

December 3
4th Quarter Moon 10’ 48” Virgo

December 4
Venus – Scorpio
Mercury square Jupiter 21 Sag/Pisces

December 6
Sun sextile Mars 13 Sag/Libra
Mars square Pluto 14 Libra/Cap

December 8
Sun trine Uranus 16 Sag/Aries
Mercury square Nodes 27 Sagittarius/Virgo-Pisces

December 9
Mercury – Capricorn

December 10
Mars opposite Uranus 16 Libra/Aries

December 11
New Moon 19’ 03” Sagittarius
Venus trine Neptune 7 Scorpio/Pisces

December 14
Sun square Jupiter 22 Sag/Virgo
Mercury sextile Neptune 7 Capricorn/Pisces

December 17
Venus sextile Pluto 14 Scorpio/Capricorn

December 18
2nd Quarter Moon 26’ 22” Pisces

December 19
Mercury conjunct Pluto 14 Capricorn
Sun square Nodes 26 Sagittarius/Virgo-Pisces

December 20
Mercury square Uranus 16 Cap/Aries

Sun – Capricorn

December 24
Venus sextile Jupiter 22 Scorpio/Virgo

December 25
Full Moon 3’ 20” Cancer
Mercury trine Jupiter 22 Capricorn/Virgo
URANUS DIRECT 16’ 34” Aries

December 29
Sun sextile Neptune 7 Cap/Pisces
Mercury square Mars 26 Cap/Libra

December 30
Venus – Sagittarius



ARIES – You continue to devote your energy to a partnership, and intimacy can deepen in this phase for you and your love interest. A great deal of passionate energy is surfacing in a close relationship, though this can be a period of friction if you don’t see eye to eye. Work, business and finance continue to be significant topics, with much due to percolate for you around New Years in your professional sphere. 2016 – 2017 will be about moving towards a new plateau in your career, and returning to college, travel or teaching may be in the works over the coming months so that you may prepare yourself for the professional role you will soon be undertaking. A great deal of commitment is involved, but the rewards are enormous if you stay the course. 2015 managed to settle a great deal of relational issues for you, and you have hopefully had some truly magical and loving moments with someone you can hold dear to you as you move into the future.

TAURUS – Romance and revelry will be on your mind throughout December: the 11th and 24th feature the most auspicious alinements you can possibly get as a relationship deepens and converges harmoniously. You went through a lot of challenges within your intimate relationships over the last few years, this will be a period of positive interaction and perhaps a kindred meeting is in the midst for you. Travel may be in view during the final week, keep your itinerary open. You are still busy on the job throughout, screwball comedy and clashes of will will keep the workplace interesting to say the least. Try for “sick days” on the 6th and 10th, when this peaks in intensity. Really stunning moments to tap into the source of pleasure and express your feelings on the 25th and 29th. The Full Moon collaborates here and your heart will feel quite at ease as the year comes to an end.

GEMINI – With domestic issues resolved, attention turns to your mate, (past, present or future,) not to be confused with the ghosts who haunted Ebenezer Scrooge, though it may feel that way at times with Saturn transiting your 7th house. There is very good potential during the Sagittarius New Moon on the 11th to meet someone who shares your hopes, wishes and dreams, and while you may feel a bit sentimental, if you want to tune into the future, it’s right in front of you. Mars is still active in your house of pleasure and romance, and there can be some exciting moments for you as the year comes to an end. Even more stunning developments are in store for January, stay tuned! Positive professional indications on the 11th and 29th bring a soothing overtone to the conclusion of 2015. Domestic and residential matters continue to be a significant emphasis though you may feel at a crossroads about where you are headed on the 8th or 19th.

CANCER – While there is still a strong emphasis (and possibly some friction) in the residential situation this month, a far more pleasurable undertone takes over when Venus moves into Scorpio on the 6th. Self expression, creativity and love preoccupy you as winter unfolds, and there will be memorable and loving moments, particularly on the 11th and 24th. Children feature and you will experience genuine joy through your connection to them. Conversations with a partner from the 11th help resolve any outstanding issues that may remain as the year comes to closure. You shine on the job on the 8th, and a new work assignment is possible during the New Moon on the 11th. You may also be adopting new, better habits associated with your health and productivity at this time. An adjustment in the work/life dynamic on the 10th makes this possible. By the time of the Full Moon in your opposing sign on the 25th, you are really ready to resolve any long standing issues and ring in a bright new year.

LEO – You are off on a grand adventure at the time of the Sagittarius New Moon on the 11th. An opportunity for travel, even at a short distance, and perhaps to take an opportunity to express your creativity is possible. The spoken word is highlighted. A very rewarding love experience can also be expected. Shared interests and expression of your hearts deepest longings bring you closer to someone in this phase, with even bigger developments in January. Home is where the heart is for the time being, and the 1st, 8th and 11th all see very eclectic developments in your intimate life. Very auspicious financial news may also arrive and events over the over the last week of December demonstrate how far you have come over the last year. You’ll be in a retiring and reflective phase on the 25th, when a Full Moon in Cancer brings closure and release through your subconscious and most private life.

VIRGOA New Moon on the 11th allows you to begin to confront domestic issues that may have arisen last month. You have faced certain facts about your situation and now feel the impetus to address your residential goals. Unanticipated financial turns around the time of the New Moon equally suggest an unexpected expense or sudden revenue, possibly through a spouse or legacy. Resources may come through that help you make your residential transition. A transit of Venus through Scorpio beginning on the 6th suggests very positive social occasions in store as winter draws to a close, and the 11th, 17th and 24th are enticingly romantic. You can deepen a commitment at this time, and enjoy numerous pleasures with a loved one. A Full Moon on the 25th sees you celebrating with those nearest and dearest. The Moon in your sign on New Years suggests a stunning personal culmination to one of the more years on record for you, with more exceptional developments in store in 2016.

LIBRAYou remain a powerhouse, as Mars in your sign you very busy pushing a personal agenda through the New Year. The 6th and 10th may see you at odds with others if you push that agenda too hard. Choose your battles accordingly. A Sagittarius New Moon on the 11th sees you attending or hosting a fabulous holiday party. Mercury and Uranus conspire to bring sparkling electricity and vibrant conversation to an event at this time. It’s possible contract or negotiation is successful now as well. Expansive overtones are present. Your social life is lit quite brilliantly for the first few weeks, from the 23rd you’ll be more withdrawn, so make time for friends and festivities while you can. Venus from Scorpio through the 6th – 30th indicates earnings are strong and likely come in through a creative enterprises. You can really indulge in retail therapy now – clothing and decor in particular, and spoil your loved ones accordingly. The 11th, 17th and 24th are remarkable for turning up items of beauty and lasting value, or securing a lucrative position connected to the arts or a personal creative vision.

SCORPIO – You can set new financial goals around the time of the Sagittarius New Moon on the 11th. Very positive developments come from a personal enterprise as Venus transits your sign between the 6th and 30th, bringing favor and good fortune. You make a good impression in this phase, the 1st and 8th can see very good developments on the job and in your profession. The 11th, 17th and 24th are very auspicious for incredible romantic developments within in a love relationship. Affections can deepen in this phase, you find it easier to give and receive affection than you have in years. A long transit of Mercury in Capricorn from the 11th revitalizes your interactions and will bring many invitations your way. Day to day life will be full of exciting conversations and adventures. The last week is wonderful for attending events and getting together with friends and loved ones. At the end of a very hard working year, you will savor the company of those with whom you can share your new found success.

SAGITTARIUS – The air clears as a New Moon in your sign on the 11th allows for a new way of life to reveal itself. Venus comes to occupy Scorpio and the area of secrets and endings on the 6th, impacting you on a soul level to release the burdens of the past to make room for the new and improved. The 11th, 17th and 24th are all very powerful for rumination, detoxification and even a ritual devoted to release. Stimulating aspects from your sign to Uranus on the 1st and 8th see your inventive and creative impulses come out to play. Following a hardworking phase, it will do you well to engage pleasure pursuits. Mars continues to transit Libra, and there will be many social activities and invitations throughout the month. Mercury in Capricorn from the 11th will prompt a review of financial goals and arrangements. This is a long phase that will continue through January. Very positive aspects on the 20th and 25th will be auspicious for budgeting and coming up with ideas that will bring prosperity. Residential issues see reconciliation on the 11th and 29th. A Full Moon on the 25th harmonizes to Neptune in the domestic sector of your chart, offering some serenity in your private life as the year draws to conclusion.

CAPRICORN – Emphasis of Sagittarius this month signals a shift of attention to more private affairs. Mars still activates a strong drive for success, and this will nonetheless be a hard working phase for you, so there isn’t too much time for hibernation. A promotion is possible, look to sudden and remarkable events to unfold between the 11th and 16th. A social atmosphere comes in around the 6th, as Venus transits Scorpio. Busy Capricorn can make a lovely romantic connection through a networking event on the 11th, 17th or 24th. This is also a very favorable time to connect with friends and spread some holiday cheer. Business and pleasure weigh equally on the agenda, as an 8 week transit of Mercury through your sign from the 11th suggests a brisk and exciting pace through mid February. A lot of communication takes place over the coming months! You can make your point with conviction on the 20th, but contentious vibrations emerge on the 6th and 10th if you push your agenda too hard or too quick. Let people come around to your perspective, this will be an ongoing process that lasts through the end of January. You may entertain at home to marvelous result on the 1st or 8th. A Full Moon on the 25th features a really vitalizing culmination within a close partnership. Neptune enhances romantic vibrations. Celebrate love.

AQUARIUS – A strong social emphasis in the first half of the month gives way to more personal and private considerations as Mercury transits Capricorn beginning on the 11th. Thinking and communication become more esoteric in this phase, with the Sun joining on the 23rd. Your subconscious realm speaks volumes as you release the considerations of the prior year cycle to make room for new beginnings in 2016. Mars from Libra continues to activate the dimension of travel, study and publishing, so these pursuits will still feature for you in December. An astonishing and unexpected development on the 10th can send you on an unanticipated adventure. Venus in Scorpio sees your professional status on the rise, very positive developments on the 17th and 24th augment your position in your industry and you can showcase your talents effectively and to wonderful reception. A financial goal connected to your creativity can come true on the 11th, or you may splurge on a loved one over the holidays.

PISCES – A professional emphasis is developing in the final month of the year. A Sagittarius New Moon on the 11th sets the pace, though a lot of information was revealed and agendas put into motion last month. A transit of Venus through Scorpio from the 6th through New Years brings a satisfying ambience of ease and comfort, especially in love relationships. This is also a favorable time for promotional activities, and this is a good influence particularly if you are in the midst of a significant career enterprise, as good press for your accomplishments is a likelihood. Romance shines and takes you far from home on the 11th, 17th and 24th. If a relationship has been culminating, the Cancer Full Moon in your house of True Romance on the 25th, are perfect for sealing the deal and setting the date. With Mars steaming up your 8th house of intimacy, (a transit that will not occur again during this eclipse cycle,) this is the perfect time to get to know someone up close and personal. Happy New Year!