Stargazer Weekly 4/21-27



Saturn and South Node meet up this week, dredging up karmic baggage in an icky double whammy. The aspect lasts through the end of the month, at which point Saturn goes retrograde at 20’ 31” Capricorn. The series of events (and the realizations that accompany them) that play out over the coming days offer several indications that something isn’t working, and this is most likely connected to over attachment and obedience to the past or tradition. Exploring fresh impulses and living in the moment is required in order to release that which is no longer serving the attainment of future directives. 

In many ways this process resembles the toxic consumption motifs from the No Face storyline in Miyazaki’s animated masterpiece Spirited Away. (Studio Ghibli 2001.) I won’t go into mad detail or analysis here (just watch the film if you haven’t – it is everything ✨) but essentially No Face starts eating anything and everyone to satiate its’ longing for a girl named Sen, who cannot be seduced with material gifts, because her heart is pure. When cured, No Face begins to purge all it has consumed and returns to a natural state, that of a kind and gentle being, when greed has been relinquished.

Bad No Face!

Contemplate where this allegory could be playing out in your life this week – are you engaging in greed or consumption to mitigate spiritual emptiness? In it’s lowest vibration, the earth element covets, at it’s highest it builds. From Capricorn the theme of power is emphasized. Why you build is as, if not more, important than what right now. Saturn going retrograde appears to retreat to correct and modify the strategy and objectives and resumes direct motion while again in close conjunction to the South Node this September. By then you are finally ready to let go of something that has been weighing down heavily upon you and release a burden or restriction, though this evolutionary process begins now.  

The way through is engagement with the directives of the Cancer North Node. Travel the waters edge, spend time with children or nurture your own inner child.

Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, on April 22nd, for the first time in the current 84 year Uranus cycle, coming off the tail winds of a pretty dramatic Full Moon. While electrifying, it’s not precisely a Party on Wayne moment, as this could have very destabilizing effects on economic and security issues, and reinforces some of the indications of Saturn – South Node, signaling the birth of a new order. There is a measure of restlessness and urgency towards change. Pay close attention to what you initiate at this time since this cycle plays out over the next year. The area of your chart containing 2’ Taurus is implicated and where you are likely to experience the mutually disruptive and liberating qualities of this influence. 

As Mars squares Neptune towards the end of the week, profound feelings of uncertainty may be revealed in situations that are delicate or tenuous. To the extent that Neptune is the projection of an ideal there can be a disappointment if that ideal turns out to be founded on illusion. Mars from Gemini indicates a great deal of skepticism and can easily burst a bubble here, or at least needle insecurities. There can also be new paths for exploration regarding a creative or mystical topic, and even if these seem a bit awkward at the onset, let curiosity guide you for a moment and see where it takes you. This is a testing and pivotal period for something initiated December 7th, (Mars conjunct Neptune – 13’ Pisces) and requires reorientation towards this topic in order to grow and evolve it. 

While beguiling at moments, this week has it’s share of high points too. If you feel down in the dumps about something, it’s likely tied to the Saturn – South Node contact. Remind yourself the only way out is through and make an effort to deal with this even if it requires extraordinary patience or even resilience. Mars – Neptune can encourage dissipation in the face of conflict and here it’s also important to recognize that indulgence in altered states is unlikely to solve anything. This is less a time for outcomes than inner exploration and with Pluto also going retrograde this week, the mood is particularly subterranean. But otherwise, Party on Garth.



March 20 – April 19

Career matters recede in importance, while domestic topics take precedence over the months ahead. Thursday offers some clues as to where it’s necessary to draw a line between personal and professional obligations, and emphasizing your inner needs is essential. Financial appraisal and reorganization is required. You are seeking freedom from restrictions and may pursue an interesting or unusual new source of income. Follow your impulses, a big pay off comes at the end of the year for taking an innovative course of action. 

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April 20 – May 20

You are motivated by some unusual influences this week, and seek to make changes to your appearance or routine. This will be a work in progress for you that culminates in a brilliant new way of life for you in December. A financial reality check towards the end of the week could be in store if you’ve been burning through cash as fast as you have earned it. Thursday is also crucial for realigning your long range goals with reality, at least for now. Just because you can’t get at it now, doesn’t mean you won’t, eventually. 

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May 21 – June 20

You’ve made concerted efforts towards financial resolution since the beginning of the year, though with progress unlikely through the end of Summer. The next few months are more of a review of how successful these efforts have been. Stumbling blocks towards the end of the week reveal where work is still required, especially if you are beginning to lose confidence in regard to a professional prospect. Socially this remains a vitalizing period and you can find pleasure while developing your relationships. 

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June 21 – July 22

A situation concerning your close partnership reached some form of critical mass this week. It could be someone you are close to is going through a rough time and you get to play the person they lean on. At the same time they might just need some space to sort out their stuff, in which case give it them. In some cases it might be time to call it quits, or at least temporarily step back to review a situation. In a few months you know where you stand. Positive professional developments provide a nice distraction.  

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July 23 – August 22

You feel urgency to make a dynamic shift professionally. The desire for autonomy or finding a new way to do things is compelling. Take advantage of the initiative you feel or opportunities presented, especially if they push you out of your comfort zone, as this culminates brilliantly in December if you play your cards correctly. What isn’t working (at least in your favor) is the day to day job or assignments you might rely on, but currently are not enabling your personal progress. A look within and trusting your instincts provides the guidance you need.

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August 23 – September 22

You will have to spend the next few months reviewing and relying upon the progress you have managed to make within a love relationship since the beginning of the year. If you find your heart space is being weighted down by junk from the past it’s time to get unstuck. Bad experiences may have left bruises on your soul, and the way through is to rekindle your love light by becoming enamored with enchantment again. Converse with your inner child this week, s/he has advice that can alleviate the pressure you endure.

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September 23 – October 23

The fundamental overhaul of your root base, particularly since the beginning of the year, requires integration now. The immense progress you have made is internalized as you identify the endemic and constraining patterns you have managed to release yourself from. Some more gross stuff can come up this week that makes you question if you have really come as far as you thought, and the way out is to hold the view of where you are headed rather than looking back at what was. Confiding in your partner and expressing love is also especially fruitful now. 

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October 24 – November 21

A way of thinking has outgrown it’s use. Things you learned, possibly very early in life, are preventing you from experiencing bigger and broader perspectives and it’s time to let them go. Between now and your birthday, you have an opportunity to realign your perspective in a more productive and beneficial way. Partnership could feature a dramatic (but exciting) turn of events this week. The more you try to control the situation, the more difficult this one is for you. Work and daily life continue to be full of pleasurable interactions. 

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November 22 – December 21

You feel positive and outgoing right now and a romantic relationship could really be taking off for you. Being able to confide in someone brings you closer. Nurturing your creative abilities also enhances feelings of happiness and pleasure. Personal matters could be a bit more concerning, as something that has been concealed emerges and signals a turning point in a relationship towards the end of the week. Financials require attention and reworking. The next few months produce a substantial change here, how you feel about yourself and what you believe you deserve plays a huge role in the outcome.  

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December 22 – January 19 

While you have undergone substantive transformation this year, quite likely coming into your own and embracing your personal power, this process remains incomplete, with the next few months providing the opportunity for reclamation. To balance this equation, something requires release – in equal measure – and you get strong indications this week (especially on Thursday,) of precisely what that is. The shock and tribulation that arose in January coalesces in July. The more graciously you accept change now the greater your come up in a few more months.       

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January 20 – February 18

Socially this is a vibrant period for you, and enticing invitations or outings are in store. One situation that could turn prickly is your love life, especially if you or someone else has not been particularly forthcoming about a dubious financial matter. As you slough off the hindrances of the past, weight lifts from your psyche that has been oppressive. A sharp turn of events in your personal life or at your residence points to new circumstances on the horizon. You might get pushed out of your comfort zone, but ultimately these will serve to liberate you, so go with the flow.

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February 19 – March 20

Some relationships are built to last and some just aren’t. You’ll get signals this week that you’ve outgrown certain associations as you come to realize that certain friendships just don’t line up with your future objectives. Parting can be sweet sorrow, and it could be a few months before you fully resolve your endings. A contentious situation can arise with a flat mate or family member, especially if you’ve been too permissive and endured inappropriate conditions, it could be time to lay down some new ground rules. Financials get a boost, meanwhile, and you can add to your earnings if you keep your eye on the prize.

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Weekly Horoscopes 2/11 – 2/17

This is a highly dynamic week during which several exciting new beginnings can transpire. Aquarius and Uranus are running the show (or is it more of a circus?) so the unconventional and innovative play an outsize role in what develops now. This is a mirror eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse that occurred last August 7th and serves as a punctuation mark in an ongoing narrative. Circumstances and individuals from which you may have liberated yourself around that time created the space that make you available to new opportunities that appear this week and beyond. Anything that comes into your life now will likely do so in a most unexpected fashion. There is an accelerated quality to all developments and life may not look anything like it does today on the other side.

This may also be a time of reflection on the ongoing changes occurring, July features a very volatile return eclipse to what precipitates now. Uranus plays a major supporting role to all current developments and whatever is going on in the Aries realm of your chart (Uranus is currently at 25 Aries) is going to add a lot of stimulation to the events of the week. There is some urgency to move in new and uncharted territory and where you might feel stuck, to just take up a whole new course completely. Mars spends close to 5 months in Aquarius this year, (due to retrograde motion this Summer) and does not reach the eclipse degree until November 10 – 11. Expect developments around that point that advance or culminate the storylines being set into motion this week. This suggests there is a “work in progress” quality inherent here, so give yourself time to negotiate road ahead, there are some twists and turns in store!

A Sun – Mercury conjunction on Saturday (28’ Aquarius) stimulates a new four month cycle of activity lasting through the beginning of June. Essentially a plan or enterprise that is put into motion today will be the primary source of daily communication and productivity over this period. Unfortunately it is underscored by a Mars – Neptune square, which generates an ambience of confusion. Under this aspect, it’s difficult to determine how, or even why, action should be taken. There is inspiration that lies beneath this, but it’s source can be difficult to uncover. Disappointment and delusions are present where dishonesty is uncovered.

Uranus of course, is a very vitalizing feature, and will likely offer some innovative breakthroughs in thinking making this a good time to come up with new and ingenious solutions. It also signals the midway point between Merc. retrograde phases, with the next three weeks being the most active of the cycle, so get going! Mercury enters Pisces next Saturday, for a very brief transit, spending about 16 days in the sign. From early March, Mercury begins a 10 week transit of Aries, so enjoy the relative quietude of the present moment. Mercury – Pisces stimulates imagination and compassionate exchanges. Enjoy the voyage into the visionary realm.

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april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
This is a very prolific time for you socially, especially if you are involved with a community or group activity. Expect new and interesting people to enter your life over the coming weeks and months. There is also a desire to withdraw and reflect, and this is especially true from next weekend. You have a very busy period on the horizon and should carve out some personal time before everything comes rushing your way.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Professional changes and developments are exciting and unexpected. Apply your intuition, as unusual and offbeat ideas allow you to make the most of opportunities. This is a year of huge shifts in your life direction, and events this week are setting these into motion. A friend may reveal a secret that takes you by surprise next weekend. Socially, better times are ahead and new alliances can be made.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Long range goals are coming more into stronger focus and you begin to make plans for the future, or at least a journey of some distance may lie in store. This is a productive time for you to attain at least one professional milestone, though you’ll have to take swift action from next weekend as this window is open rather briefly. Saturday is has rather disturbing undertones to it, obligations to career and partnership require clarification.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
A secret source of inner strength propels your professional ambitions. A spouse or business partner could really assist you in attaining a goal. You make enormous discoveries in the coming 6 months about to whom your allegiances truly belong. Set your sights on a distant horizon next weekend. Adventure is in your midst, and from next month career is heavily emphasized so enjoy it while you can.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
Relationships are in for all kinds of exciting and unexpected developments. There could be an announcement of marriage and single Leo could meet someone out of the blue. Enjoy the ride for all it’s worth, but take all that happens with a morsel of wait and see. This is an ongoing storyline that does not quite reach it’s destination for a while longer. Savor this moment while remaining amenable to other sudden changes.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Relationships continue to flourish, especially from Saturday when you finally can say (or hear) the words that express your hearts desire so fully. Equally hopes can be dashed where illusion has played a bigger role than reality, of alternately your living situation or family could produce an unexpected obstacle to the attainment of your wishes. If you have sought new employment, the next few months could produce an ideal, but expected opportunity.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
An exciting partnership with someone who helps you take your creative expression to the next level could be in store, restoring your confidence. While these compelling alignments occur in the areas of romance/pleasure and partnership, the nature of the planets suggests relationships are based on friendship and camaraderie. You will likely have opportunities over the coming months to find love, with events this week opening a door.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Your family and personal life are in a period of dramatic rearrangement. This is an ongoing process and one that requires a large amount of self awareness. Barriers and limitations that you experience through your early conditioning are dissolving. This gives way to something more authentic for you, though it could take time to figure out exactly what that looks like. Part of has to do with coming to terms with yourself, and releasing that which is not.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You seem to have urgent to get off your chest, or something that requires your whole self expression. There are vitalizing influences in which you can readily do so, and events all week are compelling for forward movement of a very personal initiative or agenda, especially if related to creativity. There are some tricky dynamics to contend with in regard to your personal life. The channels of communication open up to deal with these Saturday.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
A very dynamic influence triggers sudden financial developments, these may be attached to a familial or ancestral matter. The independence you have sought in your living situation is enhanced. If you encountered the end of a source of income last August, you begin to discover shoots and sprouts have emerged in place of these, and require your continued cultivation. An upbeat feeling prevails Thursday, a conversation sets wrongs to rights.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
An Eclipse in your sign is never a small matter, but this is an especially potent one, connecting so vitally with your ruler Uranus, poised in a position of assistance. Who you are and what you have to convey now is highlighted, and you can assert yourself very authentically now. The energy is ripe for self discovery, and a new trajectory, especially from Saturday can be set. Money matters can be dealt with over the rest of the month.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
Energy foments in your most interior and secret spaces. This is a fantastic time to look within and learn about yourself. Intuition is also remarkably strong right now and can produce a unique money making idea. Events on Saturday could challenge your personal perspectives. At the same time, Mercury enters your sign for a brief visit, which allows you to more easily articulate your position and clear up any misunderstandings.



Mars exits the intense recesses of Scorpio on the 2nd, signaling a palpable change of atmosphere as it shifts into fiery Sagittarius. We emerge from the nether regions, having delved over several long months in-depth consideration of many of our most personal issues, new vistas open before us as we begin to embrace the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s not all fun and games, though the Leo Sun transit may tempt us to think so. A strong Saturn influence as well as several activations to the North Node in Virgo, indicate August is future oriented, particularly where we are embarking on long range goals (Saturn) that have eluded us since last Spring. Reorientation has been required, and a Mars double dip in Scorpio charged us with the task of purging the relationships and activities that were preventing us from engaging in truthful and meaningful emotional exchanges. The motto of the last few months could have been “Go Deep or Go Home”.

This meaningful inquiry into the nature of desire itself has been of paramount importance since the very beginning of the year. It may be we don’t fully comprehend the powerful changes that have transpired (many have occurred in the recesses of the subconscious after all,) until Mars shifts signs. From the 2nd onward you may become more aware of precisely how different things are now, and perhaps ready to acknowledge the end of a significant relationship or to relinquish a way of life extensively explored during the prior phase. What ever the outward manifestation is, the perceptible change in consciousness should be observed as this is where you have gained the most perspective. All have undergone a period of critical evolution and metamorphosis in some area of life.

Mars in Sagittarius is motivated and ready for action. The road is perilous though and dicey aspects (Mars conjunct Saturn Aug. 24th, Mars square Neptune Aug. 26th, square Nodal Axis Aug. 29th) have to be navigated conscientiously. These transits can also imply our circumstances compel us to deal with certain evasive and challenging issues as a matter of priority. Mars – Saturn is the toughest nut to crack, beginning a two year cycle in which we first have to confront the obstacle and take up action to remedy the situation. Difficulty can lie in the paradoxical nature of these planets: Mars seeks to take immediate and direct action, Saturn a strategic and deliberate course. With Saturn direct from the 13th, we can begin to take initiative to fix the Saturn problem and form a plan of action to do so. We’ll begin to see the positive results of what we begin now in early December when Mars and Saturn sextile. Mars – Neptune is slippery and evasive, but can reveal where we may have deluded ourselves (or been deluded). This is not a good time for action, although creative inspiration will be high, and artistic activities may prove rewarding. Mars on the Nodal Axis at the end of the month super charges our evolutionary directives, though this can be unsettling where we haven’t fully embraced developing the North Node – Virgo attributes we are called upon to through this transit.

Venus will also endure a bit of a rough ride this month, so where we may have thought we were hopefully closing in on resolution of our inter-personal dynamics in the aftermath of the Mars retrograde cycle, there is a bit of a work in progress vibe over the first two weeks. Venus square Mars on the 6th, which can be very frustrating where a relationship is not living up to our perception of it’s potential or satisfying romantic or sexual longings. There can be a real sense of urgency to solve/resolve a situation in the moment, or simply to bail if circumstances provoke our temper to get out of control. There is great value in examining our feelings today, as they can be very instructive in revealing what needs to be worked on, even if aggravation or disappointment is a part of that examination, it is telling you where you need to build more satisfying conditions in your relationships, or even to move away from a situation which is not fulfilling your true desires. Venus square Saturn (Aug. 13th) and opposite Neptune (Aug. 14th) also reveal intensive confrontations within our partnerships. Saturn will weed out the weak or impractical and Neptune provides either a deliriously romantic ambience or shatters our illusions. How we experience these aspects correlates directly to the legitimacy of our relationships. This final gauntlet proves, for better or for worse, if our affections lie in the hands of those worthy of receiving them. Healthy relationships will mutate meaningfully, the unhealthy will self destruct. Better auspices to cultivate enduring connections occur during Venus trine Pluto (Aug. 17th) and Venus conjunct Jupiter (Aug. 27th). The Venus – Jupiter cycle renewing at 27 Virgo is an opportunity for growth though productive and conscientious efforts over the coming year. Virgo is an artisan and master planner and these qualities will resonate within our new cycle of growth in the realms of love, creativity and finances.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.58.52 AMEIGHT OF PENTACLES – SUN IN VIRGO

“That which is coming into flower in you is of exquisite beauty and delicacy. Provide for it the nourishment needs. You don’t need to force anything! Everything unfolds at the proper time.”

ZEN MEDITATION: Silently sitting, doing nothing, the Spring comes and the grass grows by itself.


Meticulous Virgo energy predominates throughout the month as Mercury, Venus (from the 5th), Jupiter and the Sun (from the 22nd) transits provide a positive climate for organization and handling the details of a project or enterprise. Mercury will enter retrograde shadow on the 10th, so you may notice the pace slows down over the rest of the month. There is an initial reevaluation taking place as we move towards the retrograde cycle commencing at the end of the month. This makes the first 10 days of the month the most productive we’ll have for quite some time. You may still be active throughout August, but put the organization, planning and agreements into place by the 10th to maximize your productivity over the next two months. Mercury – North Node (August 8th) and Venus – North Node (August 16th) signal exciting developments triggering positive karmic implications for future oriented activities. Communication and romantic alliances have beneficial undertones, and fateful meetings or occurrences may transpire around these dates. Equally significant will be clues revealed on the 6th and 13th, as Mercury and Venus transit the eclipse degree (9 Virgo), stimulating events or awareness signaling what is to manifest in a few weeks time.

Saturn remains stationary at 9 Sagittarius for most of the month, turning direct on the 13th. (If you have planets or chart angles in Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius near this degree, this can prove a challenging, but pivotal period for you.) As Saturn marches forward once again, it moves towards it’s third and final exact square to Neptune at the end of the month. This culminates in it’s highest intensity on September 10th, the difficulties diminish from there onwards. As the Virgo eclipse (September 1st) falls in such hard alignment to Saturn – Neptune, it’s influence is strongly felt throughout the last week of August through the first week of September. As with any eclipse, there is the opportunity for change. The Lunar Eclipses signal endings, and Solar Eclipses, like the upcoming one in Virgo, stimulate beginnings. The beginning we’ll seek to make will require arduous work and complex maneuvering to take root. It really does not help that Mercury will be in retrograde at the time, as solutions will be even harder to come by. In some ways, though, it’s possible the eclipse can provide the necessary catalyst to overcome a circumstance, obstacle (Saturn) or illusion (Neptune) in order to embrace what is being offered.

The Virgo Eclipse chart, lots of t-square. We’ll discuss this more next month…

Virgo Eclipse

Lunations this month are far easier to handle, and stimulate incredible momentum within the ongoing storylines that will culminate positively at the end of the year during the Saturn – Uranus trine in late December. The New Moon on the 2nd at 10 Leo harmonizes to Saturn, lending stability and endurance for beginnings made and opportunities that arise at this time. A mild Lunar eclipse occurs at 25 Aquarius on the 17th, portending changes, (though none so critical or life changing as what is on tap for next month!) harmonizing fruitfully with a now retrograde Uranus, we may see a fortuitous culmination for activities we began in February. Socially and intellectually this is a vibrant period in which collaborations and innovative projects can come to positive resolution. This vibration underscores events around Jupiter quincunx Uranus on the 13th, which continues to urge us to find an unconventional solution. Circumstances in early November 2015 and again in March compelled action to manifest a goal representing innovation. Though Virgo, Jupiter influences us to apply methodical and practical approach within this endeavor. Initiative taken now also ties into completions revealed this December, as Jupiter plays a big role (opposite Uranus/sextile Saturn) from Libra at that time. What moves, shifts and grooves this month sets us up for the crucial and very positive alinements that unfold, you find success where you take a chance on unconsidered avenues. Time to try something different, again.

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ARIES: After months of mutations within financial agreements and intimate associations, you see the clearing and can finally come up for air. The future begins to unfold now and this is a mostly good month for reaching towards your dreams and promoting your ideas to larger audiences, though you have to remain incredibly mindful about attending to your wellness to keep up with the pace of activity you are heading into. As the stench of the prior several months begins to lift, you feel more at ease to push your agenda, though pushing it too hard around the 24th will lead to defeat. Tread carefully – rules and regulations apply here. You’ll appreciate some of the unexpected and revolutionary forces of Uranus in retrograde impacting you with less force, but also spend the rest of the year contemplating whether you have really gone far enough in breaking through the restrictions inhibiting your personal expression meaningfully enough. Clues around the 13th will clarify how successful you have been in liberating yourself, or where you might still have some work to do there. Work life, assignments and your productivity are favorable this month, and what you take on really sets strong ground work for incredible professional expansion on route this November – December. You can make exceptional progress on the 10th and 17th. A creative project or romantic alliance is highlighted this month as well, and you may notice shifting dynamics with a group of friends to accommodate your more personal longings and desires. The 6th and 13th can be challenging for romantic affiliations, especially if they involve someone you work with. Better auspices are present from the end of the month, as Venus transits Libra and conditions for love become more favorable.

TAURUS: As the friction surrounding your closest partnerships diminishes, you may find yourself wanting to play the game of love again as seductive vibrations (from the 6th) enter the zone of true romance. Very positive indications feature largely this month and you can begin anew or start a fresh chapter in your romantic life now. Circle the 14th, 16th and 17th for the biggest developments. The weekend of the 27th is also spectacular for discovering someone with huge potential, wedding bells could be in the air at this magical time, bully-bully. Not to be ignored is intuition about a tricky financial matter, most likely involving the influence of an outside source of income, loan or a partners’ income. The 6th and 24th bring all the dirty details to the surface, it’s up to you to muddle through what is revealed. There is not a short term solution to the financial problems or issues revealed in this phase, but you can use the information and insight illuminated at this time to make a practical and long range strategy that will see you through to the next stage. Ridding yourself of debt may be a serious issue you need to address right now. Feeling of limitation and debilitation will reveal what you need to solve or relinquish. Lunations (Aug. 2 and Aug. 17) this month send some shock waves through your domestic and professional life, one might need to be seriously modified to meet the demands of the other and you may see a career path come to an end, or otherwise your change your domestic scene (even move to another locale) in order to embrace a promotion or make a sought after change in life direction. Both Lunations are marked with very positive aspects, so what ever occurs is well supported and offer progress. Positive outcomes later in the year (especially where professional opportunities will be featured) are the pay off for changes you make now.

GEMINI: It’s your home base and roots that are most implicated this month, though you’ll see that you have a lot of good luck here, too, especially if your patience or prospects had worn thin over the prior months. There will likely be some back and forth in regard to new residential agreements, Mercury will shuffle backwards through this area next month, so bear all positive developments with a grain of salt and compromising spirit. If you are signing a lease or making a decision you may have to wait until closer to the end of September. Friction at your job or a vexing health issue that seemed unrepentant since early this year finally diminishes, and the emphasis of the coming period falls on partnerships and commitments you make to others. The first few weeks will resonate the themes revealed in April and if a relationship came but then quickly fell off the radar in that period, you may see new signs of life now. Because you are taking your one on ones much more seriously at this point in your life, you may find it challenging to reconcile renewed passions with your sense of responsibility, especially around the 24th. If you feel a sense of restriction in regard to finding a suitable partner, this is more likely a signal that you require a more profound sense of connection than what you have experienced in the past. Someone may need to prove their devotion to you at this time.

CANCER: The financial situation can intensify this month in a positive way, a position or promotion you had sought after can present you with an opportunity to prosper around the New Moon on the 2nd. The instability that has rocked you professionally for the last several months (or even years) diffuses through the end of 2016, though you will likely question at this time if you have achieved the liberation and autonomy you seek in this realm. Positive indications on the 1st and 16th point you in the right direction. The 16th also has interesting connotations, you may devise a scheme that gets you noticed. Socially this is set to be a vibrant period, with a great deal of communication and vibrancy in your day to life. Sharing your daily adventures and intellectual interests with your loved one brings you closer or you may meet someone of interest while in the midst of your daily routine. The 14th, 17th and 27th all bring magical enchantment to your love life. A great deal of energy and responsibility is indicated at your job or in your work life. With your productivity high, you do need to find a way to pace yourself, otherwise you could experience some issues around your health around the 24th. Chronic issues that are revealed around that time should be addressed immediately. Symptoms like fatigue can actually be indicators of bigger problems so get checked out if you notice recurring problems.

LEO: You enter a far more positive period, as Mars in Sagittarius stimulates new opportunities for love and self expression. A sense of responsibility continues to permeate these matters, but new inroads can be made now where you accept the responsibility for your desires and move forward with a personal agenda with maturity. A New Moon in your sign on the 2nd signals fresh new beginnings tied to long range efforts or commitments you are making in a love relationship, as a parent or in your creative self expression. In about a years’ time you will see how important the choices you make now were in retrospect. Relationships also rock this month, and there can be a significant culmination in a partnership around the 17th. Someone from a distance may be a feature here, and tantalizing, unexpected treats may lie in store. Money, earnings, values and possessions will also be a significant topic, with very good indications for progress and expansion. Look to the 17th, 22nd and 27th especially for good news. Paradoxically, the very assured progress you may be making in your personal enterprises can prove inimical to your financial well being (this will be most glaringly obvious around the September 1st eclipse), and the 6th and 13th can reveal the challenges. An innovative solution at this time can point you in the direction of the autonomy you seek. The 16th is also brilliantly lit, and you may uncover an opportunity and this is a fantastic time to express yourself to a wider audience, possibly even in foreign places or through media and publishing.

VIRGO: Love and romance can certainly be on the agenda this month, though you have to overcome some obstacles in the first half to get to the goodies that lie in store. Where you live and more significantly how you feel about where you come from (in regard to both the past and present tense) can provide challenges to the attainment of the love you might seek. Events on the 14th and 17th can bring a romantic affiliation to a head, you may want to dive in head first with someone who arouses your deepest desires and fantasies. Plan something special on the 27th, you are captivating and can win the game of love now. With so much still set to transpire over the next 8 weeks, (and truly culminating in mid September) enjoy these incredible moments on the way to the fulfillment of this meaningful relationship. While you have gone through several growth spurts since last August, this is the month in which you will find it easiest to make the upgrades you have sought to manifest for so long. The 16th and 22nd are phenomenal for positive developments. Domestic matters need sorting and to the extent these have gotten away from you over the last few month the more work you have in store to rectify the situation. What demands your harder review this month is the domestic situation, with a huge kaboom coming in early September if you don’t address the situation at home or with a family member now. Especially heed cues that come on the 24th and 29th. The situation requires wheeling and dealing and you are currently in fine form to attend to what is required of you this month. You’ll see the positive rewards for your efforts in December, keep chipping away.

LIBRA: Unstable influences that have presided in your partnerships require review, though a very significant culmination in your love life on the 18th can signal the future direction of a relationship, and calls upon you to answer the age old question, should I stay or should I go? A spontaneous gesture can move mountains, especially in situations that have been dicey or even completely came off the rails over prior months. Your subconscious reveals a desire you may have been keeping under wraps, stimulating a romantic idealism on the 27th, and fantasy fulfillment is possible, if you are willing to share your secrets. Compassionate and selfless expression of love for someone can bring deep satisfaction and grow your bond. You are in a very reflective phase this month, with intuition stimulating you to release the outmoded as you probe the deeper recesses of your psyche. This kind of purge can be very effective, as the resolutions and even endings that transpire now make room for the very new and improved conditions coming your way in September. This is especially useful if your self-talk is denigrating or self sabotage is holding you back from growth experiences. As these revelations occur, you do well to ask yourself why you don’t believe you deserve something, or if you really want it at all. You can effectively shed a lot of “programming” now. Communication and agreements demand clarity and precision, especially around the 24th. Social life may intrude upon your desire for privacy, pick and choose the invitations you accept. With so many positive (and life changing) developments on queue beginning next month, you can really use this period to eliminate what no longer resonates with your newly established values moving forward. The 6th and 13th are potent in revealing precisely where you have room for improvement.

SCORPIO: There’s no question you aren’t quite the same person you were at the beginning of the year, and while you are probably satisfied with how far you have managed to come, you will equally not miss the trails of fire and ice you endured to get where you are right now. Mars in your sign can stimulate an ambience of strife and conflict you are probably ready to rid yourself of. A far more socially oriented phase is beginning, and there are wonderful opportunities to connect (or reconnect) with friends and allies this month. If you’ve been missing out on the love game, check out the 16th – 17th and and 27th for really enticing developments. Sharing your hopes and dreams deepens intimacy at these times. Finances require immediate appraisal and if a nagging matter has been shelved in the prior phase, you’ll get an inkling to do something big about it on the 24th. Where resources present an obstacle, especially where your most cherished wishes are on the table, it is time to strive for a solution. The upcoming eclipse on the 17th can see you shuffling home/career priorities. You’ll see you have come a long way since February, especially where a residential goal was concerned. With the domestic arrangements coming sorted, you have leeway to pursue your aspirations, a factor that becomes increasingly significantly important next year (from May to September 2017 you’ll really see a boost in your popularity and even fame). The New Moon on the 2nd portends a golden opportunity to move up the ladder of success, perhaps a project that will elevate your status (and definitely boost your earnings potential) if you are willing to move slow and steady towards this goal.

SAGITTARIUS: After months of internal review, you burst fourth into an exciting new cycle of life and activity. From the 2nd, Mars transits your sign (through September 27th) awakening you to the latent possibilities you have likely imagined over the last 2 months, if not the entirety of the year so far. Mars is pure energy, but this transit can also be accompanied by a degree of friction. You are very willful in this phase and contacts to Saturn (Aug 24) and Neptune (Aug 26) can be a bit rocky for you where you seek to push your agenda too strongly. A slippery issue regarding your residence can be a debilitating factor, Neptune suggests you are not seeing a situation clearly, or that someone in your domestic realm is somehow draining your emotional or financial resources. The Saturn contact urges you to take slow and cautious action, and despite a sense of urgency, your new found maturity will act as a guide in this period, should you yield to the messages you get around the 24th. Also a huge topic for the next two months is your reputation, profession and achievement. This has been a big year for career advancement, and despite the snails pace thus far, the next 8 weeks are your prime time to step up your efforts to meet your destiny and get on your life path. The 8th, 16th, 17th, 22nd and ESPECIALLY the 27th – 29th are absolutely phenomenal for making a big impression on those who can help you up the ladder of success in your chosen field. The eclipse next month (Sept. 1) pushes you even further, and you can clear the way for success this month by dealing with the nagging Neptune and Saturn issues as much as possible. The New Moon on the 2nd signals a meaningful shift in consciousness.

CAPRICORN: Huge shifts in the ambience this month will allow you to make plans for the future and get traction going on key endeavors that have been elusive so far this year. With the stagnant months of indecision far behind, it’s time to anticipate the big changes that are on the way. You can do this most effectively by articulating your goals to a broader audience this month, and the 17th, 27th and 29th really stand out for you to make a big impression. Some of the work requires maneuvering behind the scenes, with major financial implications in store on the 2nd and 17th. A business partnership can change your financial status for the better. Follow leads and opportunities, your intuition is sharp in this phase and will lead you to materialize a major shift in your earnings. Positive developments in your love life can also be forthcoming, the 6th onward sees a harmonious shift in energy that will enhance your appeal and receptivity to romantic encounters, though you’ll be challenged to resolve issues around self sabotage or feelings of inadequacy on the 6th, 13th or 24th. Momentous encounters between the 14th – 17th point you in the right direction. Events occurring at the end of the month could see you traveling to distant shores in the name of love or signal a fantastic professional opportunity. Much, much more is on tap next month as Venus and Jupiter move up to the apex of your chart, opening up a period of prosperity and advancement unlike anything you have experienced in over a decade. The hard work of the last several years pays off, and with Saturn, your ruler, direct from the 13th, you’ll be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel very soon.

AQUARIUS: Partnerships are hot in August, with a New Moon (Aug. 2) and Eclipse in your sign (Aug. 17) there can be some significant developments within a love relationship. Very pleasurable moments strike at the beginning of the month, an exciting connection can be made on the 1st. In the case of an ongoing relationship, deepening intimacy can be a feature over the next 8 weeks, although some twists and turns should be anticipated while Mercury retrogrades in September. This will also impact your financial agreements, particularly those with outside lenders or sources of revenue or joint bank accounts. At this phase you are examining your shared values and building emotional trust within a relationship. The commitments you make are reflexive of how much others value your contribution within a merged effort, in love, in finances, what ever is shared and where a mutual contribution is made, will be an important topic. The 17th, 22nd, 27th and 29th are all very favorable for conversations and negotiations surrounding these topics. Socially this is a very exciting period, and after a very hard working phase which began at the onset of the year, you’ll be ready to let the hair down and get back out among the people. If you have by trying to connect with a more mature, prestigious or goal oriented crowd, you’ll have opportunities when you get over any stumbling blocks that may be present around the 24th. Pay attention to financial matters around the 26th, as a deceptive and potentially delusional energy is afoot. A friend or colleague may present a get rich quick scheme. Best to back out of that conversation as quickly as possible.

PISCES: You sense of life direction becomes clearer this month, and you may embark on a real mission to establish your authority or reputation over the next two months. Partnerships are emphasized, and while many lovely developments are on queue to enhance an existing bond or begin a new one, events this month, and even more so in the next, not only bring unforeseeable developments, but also stand to challenge your own emergent sense of direction and urgency for personal achievement. (See the 6th and 13th for the dirty details!) So the road to where you are headed, while clearer to you now than before, is sure to be quite convoluted, but hang in there, as potent developments ensure you’ll get there… in time. The key is flexibility. You’ll be in the midst of negotiating a promotion or new position this month, and the period from the 24th – 26th is imbued with incredible potential if you keep your dealings pragmatic and respectable, and try not to let a crisis of confidence bog you down. Really phenomenal developments in your relational sphere, and especially through partnerships are forthcoming and will lead you towards an incredible culmination next month. Mercury retrograde could see some past issues resurface and this will be a period strewn with twists and turns, but destiny is guiding your hand right now, and you have some powerful forces at work moving you towards, potentially, the love of a lifetime. The 14th – 17th is a special period in which you can trust your heart. The weekend of the 27th is also magical, and all these dates can prove to be lovely markers on the path to true romance.