Weekly Horoscopes 6/24-30

The key energies that will shape the Summer months click into place this week. Mars retrogrades in Aquarius on Tuesday, a transit that lasts through the end of August, while Mercury enters Leo on Friday for a 10 weeks visit (due to it’s own retrograde period from late July – mid August) suggesting there is a work in progress quality present over the coming months, and with the Fixed Cross activated heavily, issues pertaining to security are going through major transitions. With Mars and Mercury both retrograde for the better part of the next 3 months, and teetering on the Nodal Axis, there is a lot of recalibration required to reach the desired outcomes. Stay as chill with this as possible, as things are not only moving slowly, but changing on a daily basis as new information constantly emerges throughout these sensitive retrograde transits.

It can be easy under these auspices to fall into complacency and try to keep doing things the same way as always, but the message is really to break into new territory and do things in different or even unprecedented way. Retrograde periods also have a way of revealing the flaws in the original design and what isn’t really working out. The extended Mercury – Leo transit is actually helpful in keeping the North Node – Leo dialogue open for so long. Due to it’s upcoming retrograde cycle, it will conjoin the Leo Solar Eclipse in August, enabling very important conversations to occur that will advance matters quite swiftly. (Actual decisions and agreements will likely fall into place closer to the end of August – when Mercury direct reaches this degree again and Mars also returns to forward motion.)

Mercury and Leo are not a great natural fit – Mercury rules the logical attributes of mind, while Leo, like all fire signs, lives through the faculties of sensation and intuition, the gut feeling. Over the next 10 weeks then do not expect much cooperation from the rational or analytical auspices of your intellect, but rather roll with the hunches and the punches and express yourself from your creative-instinctual nature.

Otherwise this week is a sobering period at best as Saturn looms largely in the tapestry of the current aspect patterns and a sense that it’s time to face up to responsibilities is highlighted. The Capricorn Full Moon on Thursday is in exact conjunction with it’s ruling planet – Saturn, while the Sun sits in opposition. The nourishing and nurturing atmosphere Cancer Sun seeks to provide is challenged by harsh realities, producing a somber, or even an emotionally depressive state. There could be feelings of restriction and limitation, though if you have managed to live up to the demands that Saturn requires of you right now (particularly over the last six months) there can be a sense of having accomplished something of importance and enduring results. If this is not the case, the Full Moon will likely reorient you to the task at hand and urge making a bigger effort and to act with greater resilience.

Where Saturn resides, you are polishing your diamond, so to speak. The Saturn process is about taking something crude and refining it, through time and patience, into something stunning and unbreakable. As you choose your activities, and especially those that are patterned and define your daily practices, ask yourself if these are helping you grind on your diamond, or just grinding your gears. Let the response to this help you choose the ones that will add lustre and beauty to the area of your life affected, while you set aside those that do not.

Meanwhile Eclipse season is brewing behind the scenes, with particularly volatile events occurring around the Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on July 27th. Early indications arrive next weekend as the transiting Aquarius Moon stimulates several of the aspects that will occur in another 4 weeks. Pay attention to cues and intuition for where this is all heading. Breakdowns that occur around next weekend are crucial for stripping away what is inessential in the next phase, regardless of how it feels in the moment. Many of these narratives were set into motion last August, and where you encountered major turning points in your life trajectory, a new chapter will be written quite soon.



ARIES March 20 – April 19

Old acquaintances reappear on the scene for an encore, while others may disappear from view for a while. You’ve made substantial progress professionally since the beginning of the year, though the Full Moon Thursday also points to how far you still have to go. If you aren’t pleased with the results, dig deep and figure out where you can redouble your efforts to attain the long term outcome you seek. Mercury makes an extended visit to your area of pleasure and self expression, making this a vitalizing period for your personal endeavors. Time to get creative.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Career matters stall and will require some patience to maneuver through the Summer months. Your sense of direction is clarified during the Full Moon on Thursday, though here too, you may be hitting a road block of some description. Things could be touchy with a romantic partner early in the week, making this a testing period if you were thinking of introducing your mate to the family or popping the cohabitation question. With your root base in flux for the foreseeable future you do best to keep things malleable for the time being.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

This will be an amenable period for your social life, and a variety of contacts and connections will keep things lively over the next few months. The people in your neighborhood have a lot to show you, not so much those at a distance. An idea for a project may resurface and keep you busy. Educational goals may detour at this time, take time to reflect on where and how you will get to your destination. A critical financial matter demands clarification over the Full Moon phase. It may be time to address a debt or settlement matter.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Critical partnership issues that have been stewing since New Years culminate this week and whatever the result (till death do we part or a parting of ways) there is a significant change in the upcoming mix. Financial matters will have their share of ups and downs throughout the Summer as you begin to get indications of towards the end of the week. Establishing your values and a sense of personal worth will lead you to the appropriate outlet for your talents, the next two months are appropriate for exploration and experimentation.

LEO July 23 – August 22

With Mercury making an extended transit of your sign this Summer you are likely to be busy – busy – busy, though a push and pull quality within a relationship can leave you exasperated. It’s equally possible your own projects keep a relationship off limits for the time being or someone just falls off the radar. Sands shift dramatically over the next few months, so even if a situation is untenable in the present tense does not mean it won’t come together for you a little way down the road. As a huge work assignment culminates, you exude authority.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

A relationship gets serious this week, though if on your own, you may just seriously be doubting if you’ll ever have one again. This is a crucial time in which to coming to terms with what you need and expect in this area will bring forth an enduring commitment, if only over time. A lot is going on behind the scenes for you, and it appears there are matters that require closure of the permanent variety before you can really move forward. Detoxification is required now, and finding help on this journey (in the form of some kind of therapy) could provide incredible assistance while you navigate your personal X-Files.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Substantive shifts in your home/profession are possible over the next Lunar Cycle, if not the next 6 months, and you may find a relocation is required to make the most of a career opportunity that is offered in the near future. Getting real with what is and what is not working is critical to making the right choices. Unexpected financial upsets are also possible, so keep your ear to the ground, especially where shared resources are on topic. Relationships can go a bit sideways in this period, and a sense of uncertainty could be pervasive while you figure out your future. An unsettled matter from the past may be preventing a commitment. Solve this.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Profession is the major topic for your this Summer, as a lengthy transit of Mercury highlights where you are headed. While detours may come off as frustrating while they occur, they will ultimately play a big role in landing you in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. (Circle August 11th for a conspicuous development.) Changes in the domestic arena reflect changes within, and if you seek to clear your head space, first try your living space. A fresh coat of paint or getting rid of old stuff and clutter has a profound psychological effect.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Recognition of a financial limitation may be experienced quite potently over the Full Moon phase this week. Equally, you may have made substantial progress this year and see the results of your prudence result in an enduring source of income. Those facing more of a balls to bricks reality check here do well to more clearly define objectives and form a strategy to attain them. Long range plans are in flux over the coming months, you may go back and fourth over educational goals as well. A curve ball at work next weekend can provide an upset. Easy does it.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Trust, intimacy and commitment are the major themes of the upcoming Lunar Cycle, which begins to culminate this week with the Full Moon in your sign. A very intensive cycle began at the beginning of the year for Cap natives, and choices you made in that time period, especially those that fall on the you – me axis, are up for appraisal. An eclipse in opposition to your sign in two more weeks shows the other shoe is soon to drop and between now and January 2019 you are likely to experience quite a shift in marital status. Stay focused and true to your conviction. The Saturn cycle is demanding but offers rewards where you can keep on course.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Mars retro from your sign will have you second guessing even your best laid plans and intentions. This period is ripe for exploration meanwhile, and likely features a key person who you want to do that exploration with. Mercury from Leo makes an extended transit – there could be some detours along the route, perhaps unfinished business with someone in your past that requires resolution before you can move forward. If you have unaddressed psychological matters to reconcile, these will be quite apparent during the Full Moon period this week. Breaking through your inner blocks and obstacles is possible when you acknowledge them in this phase.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

You are well off the radar of this week’s more heat seeking frequencies, though your friends and coworkers may be going through a lot and lean on you for support. There are some stirrings behind the scenes, meanwhile, and you may intuitively discover a source of income is right at your finger tips. Navigate this one carefully, as detours lie in store, but record ideas and put them into motion this Fall. An uncomfortable moment or mixed signals midweek may require you to clarify your position. If only you knew what it was. One step at a time and you will get there.

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ARIES: …It’s an important time to check in with yourself, Saturn really demands you define the objective for yourself – what is worth the effort, because it knows how much effort is really going to be required to get you where you are heading. What is worth it and what is it worth are other questions weighing on you subjectively. What do you really want to achieve? Saturn will take away everything, (well, from whatever Pluto has left anyway) to make you really determine what you want and focus on it exclusively. This is a transit that lasts through the end of 2020, to be exact, and it will be over the next few years you really define on your own terms what you are really willing to work for, shedding all superfluous ideas, projects and associations that do not serve this singular objective…

TAURUS: …Professionally there will likely be some ups and downs. Mars retrograde impacts your professional sphere and indicates you either start something you can’t finish and have to start all over again or simply start off on a whole new course, in September or October. South Node in transit here suggests this is not the area in which you will experience the most opportunity for growth, but rather are accepting the Karmic implications of what you built up in the past 9 – 18 years, and this could be particularly frustrating during the three Mars – South Node conjunctions that occur. Use those feelings instructively to find within yourself what you don’t like about your present circumstances, then plan to make changes next year, when you’ll find those constraints are lifted and you have more freedom of movement to build up the career you really want…

GEMINI: …Saturn and Pluto occupy the arena of transformation and occult matters for the next several years, shifting focus to internal and psychological issues. There can be startling revelations made through an intimate partnership, and an intense atmosphere may prevail. With Saturn in this position you are called upon to identify matters of trust and security either through a close relationship, like a marriage, or through a financial or lending institution, bank or even an inheritance. This relationship requires a lot of work and definition, and finding the middle ground is crucial now. Also in terms of trust and the entity of a partnership beyond yourself and learning to create this trust through intimacy and an ongoing commitment to a person, or in some cases a business partner or lender. There is a question and confrontation to accountability, can we rely on each other? Have we cultivated enough trust between us to endure? Saturn and Pluto will conjunct in January 2020, so this will represent a really meaningful turning point in your relationship or regarding a business merger. You may sign a significant contract or marry at this time…

CANCER: …Both Mars, which will retrograde back into your area of partnership in mid August – mid September and then Venus, which will retrograde in Scorpio in October – mid November, will feature karmic overtones and could suggest either reconciling, renewing or reviewing (or all three in no particular order!) your commitments and love relationships. As always it’s possible circumstances pull you apart and while separated you may consider where your affection truly lies. It’s really when you are separated from someone true feelings are revealed. Do you miss them and yearn for them, or do you realize you were in a marriage of convenience, simply indulging in the companionship of another human being? A period of being away could see such considerations being contemplated. This period lasts through nearly the end of the year with a reunion or commitment in store for those who have built bonds that were made to last…

LEO: …This year is going to provide some challenges in the relational realm, as Mars, due to it’s retrograde will make a lengthy tour in your house of pairing and sharing. Three full contacts to the South Node will occur, and you may feel a strong sense of being limited in your personal expression through your relationship or otherwise undergo a strong sense of nostalgia for a lost love. The dates of June 8th, July 21st and September 26th are all to be carefully observed, as these are the ones on which the transits occur. It’s not unlikely someone from your past springs back on the scene, and as you likely have an unfinished karmic storyline with this person, you might just jump in and pick up where you left off. It’s important to acknowledge the limitation of this relationship, that you are probably just resolving unfinished business, which is fine, but that equally, if you are currently in a good relationship, to entertain the notion of getting back together with this long lost love is going to have a severe and detrimental effect on the relationship you are in now…

VIRGO: …After years of struggle to get on your feet and through these trials having successfully established a secure home base for yourself, you will find a far more amenable atmosphere prevails throughout 2018. Issues with family members or finding an appropriate or permanent residence for yourself have found resolution and you are ready to embark on new and more satisfying experiences. You have provided yourself with a durable base of operations and can now expand. This could be through a love relationship that gets serious, becoming a parent, or through artistic mastery in a creative medium. The next leg of your journey will take you until the end of 2020. As Saturn transits Capricorn, you will feel more mature and readily take on more responsibility. Jupiter from Scorpio will provide assistance, helping you build a social circle with people you can express your vision and connecting you to your true love. Where relationships may have come up short over the last several years, you find yourself in new territory and can make a more lasting and meaningful connection now…

LIBRA: …This could come in the form of genuine material abundance, but it also has a great deal to with a newly found self confidence and how you have learned to value yourself. When you believe you have something important to offer and an understanding of what distinguishes you from the crowd, you can ask and expect more for what you are bringing to the table, right? Jupiter in Libra tuned you into this awareness, and now as you move forward, you can incorporate more in the form of assets and even wealth. The collaboration of Jupiter and Pluto (dates aforementioned) can indicate phenomenal success, and so much of it has to do with having relinquished negativity that may have been present through your early conditioning and learning self value. You’ll see this as early as the first few weeks of January, and very potent awards will be present throughout the year professionally, but especially in regard to income and rewards of a material nature. The Venus retrograde phase complicates this for you substantially in the final months of the year, but by December all entanglements should be resolved. With Scorpio implicated (as the ruler of your second house), your personal finances tend to be tied up with other people, and there could be situations where lines need to get drawn with business partners or a spouse…

SCORPIO: …During the Venus retro phase (October 6 – November 16) you will likely be called upon to resolve an issue from the past that was not satisfactorily reconciled previously. This is likely to be a very private matter, and the month of November looks to be best spent in reflection and tying up loose ends. A fantastic romantic and creative atmosphere prevails in December, so you’ll get there, just give it the appropriate time and space to make your endings. Venus from your sign squares the nodes, and you are currently reaching a milestone and significant turning point in your career. It could be that you have feelings to examine regarding your own self worth and image, and how comfortable you feel with the role you have taken on socially and in your professional sphere. If you are not comfortable with that image or role, you will need to correct it now and make sure it is an authentic representation of you and not a mask you wear for the masses. The aspect also demonstrates changes within the domestic realm, perhaps you have left home or are reconfiguring your personal life to meet the demands of your career and there can be nostalgia for what you left behind…

SAGITTARIUS: …The dream world holds an important key for you this year, your subconscious is vitalized and intuition is very strong with Jupiter in Scorpio. Working in guided meditation with quartz crystals and amethyst in particular can help you develop these faculties and learn to trust your inner guidance. The home environment is a powerful place to cultivate a practice and it will be very important to you to have peace in your domestic realm so that you can tune in (rater than tune out) to the vibrational energy that you are raising. A negative living situation will make you want to shut down your receptivity (because you are trying to block out the noise or toxicity of your environment) and this would be a terrible loss right now, as you have so much to gain from and experience through being completely open to the subjective realm. Jupiter collaborating with Neptune (Dec. 2, 2017; May 25, Aug. 19, 2018) really enhances your potential for a deeply spiritual and psychological breakthrough…

CAPRICORN: …From mid May, Uranus will edge off, easing the abrasive conflicts you have experienced in your domestic and personal life since early 2011. You have endured unusual conditions and unanticipated (generally unwanted) upheavals, but on the flip you have likely gained some much needed independence in regard to your property and/or residential situation, and an experimental vibe has helped you gravitate to living arrangements that feel more authentic to you. The Uranus trine from Taurus will be completely invigorating, generating just the right current of electricity to keep things buzzing and interesting, without knocking you on your ass like the Uranus square from Aries. You are starting to get on your feet again now, though this year is just a taste of what’s in store, as Uranus will spend November 2018 – March 2019 back in Aries, and then finally settle into Taurus through April 2026 after that…

AQUARIUS: …There is incredible growth and potential in the professional realm this year, though you might be doing a lot of your work and making progress behind the scenes. Ambiguity surrounding your finances, such as temporary sources of income, or vague commitments from employers or clients see some remedy, and you will find you can command bigger salaries and commissions, especially if you work in a creative, visionary or spiritual capacity. May 25th and August 19th both mark a positive influx, and you can make progress at these times. Inspiration will be triggered, and you can turn a vision into reality now, and make lucrative gains as a result. The Venus retrograde (October 6th – November 16th) could potentially have an undermining effect on your gains or progress and will likely signify a period of having to revise or regroup a professional enterprise, or during which you may reconsider your life direction entirely. By December matters resume clarity, and you can find incredible success. It turns out a few more finishing touches or a bit more effort has a remarkable upside that effects your public image and prosperity in a very positive way…

PISCES: …This is additionally enhanced by the presence of Saturn in Capricorn, since December of 2017. From it’s prior position in Sagittarius, there was a great deal of frustration, and while great growth came from that period, there is also this constant grating feeling of coming up short or not being good enough when Saturn is enmeshed in these difficult alignments to you personal planets or other chart factors. Saturn does deliberately work this way to make you strive to be better. Pisces has seen a dramatic rearrangement of priorities, and made numerous adjustments. Consider it like passing a test. Fortunately this one won’t happen again for another 29 years. You can enjoy a more active social life this year, and find that relationships are deepening and becoming very meaningful to you. You may find some relationships come to an end, and that your focus shifts down to just a few key people. People with whom you share an age difference could play a role, or you could notice there is a more mature quality present within your interactions with others…

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