Weekly Forecast 1/21 – 1/27

Mercury is the major player this week, hooking up to Pluto and Jupiter and advancing the goals of the earlier part of the month, especially during the incredibly vitalizing period of January 6 – 10. Events that were initiated then are coming into view again and agreements and negotiations can take place which offer outcomes and forward movement to the topics aroused during those pivotal alignments.

Pluto is at large, conjuncting Mercury mid week and stimulating a very intense and potentially confrontational ambience. These two have not interacted since late October, and much of what has occurred since then was to clear the decks for the new agenda being set into motion now. Mercury is swift and logically oriented, while Pluto is slow, heavy and connected to the deepest, and darkest emotional, even pathological, instincts. Jupiter is supportive from Scorpio, which kinda just adds to the intensity, but also assures that new endeavors are enhanced with the potential for meaningful long range transformation.

Going back to the events or insights that occurred two weeks ago, if you were struggling with a decision or trying to get a project, relationship or otherwise off the ground, these Mercury aspects provide a template enabling the articulation and clarity required to move forward. This aspect can have a bit of a bite to it, and conflict may stimulated where matters of power and the balance of that power is implicated. A harsh situation could suddenly become prominent and will have to be contended with. Pluto demands for change, and depending on your temperament and how this affects you, this can be a moment of reckoning long overdue.

The Quarter Moon Wednesday morning raises the stakes even higher. From 4’ Taurus, the objectives of last weeks Capricorn New Moon are reemphasized and move forward. This makes Wednesday a very pivotal and significant day, and with the Quarter Moon lined up perfectly with Capricorn Saturn a rather serious tone underscores the activities of the day. There is a desire to move forward on long range goals and aspirations and new order is being established. It’s ok to do so, but maybe smaller, modest steps should be considered in light of the Leo Lunar Eclipse occurring next week, which has the potential to shake up everything you lay groundwork for now. A wait and see approach may be wise for the time being.

Friday morning Mars is reborn in outgoing and optimistic Sagittarius, leaving the subterranean depths and emotional quagmire of Scorpio behind it. A great deal of inner personal transformation has occurred. From Scorpio, Mars learned of its darkest desires and tendencies. Much has been relinquished and a catharsis come complete. From Sagittarius, a desire to explore, learn and develop idealism and through inspirational activities will prevail through mid March. Here we find the Tarot Card: Temperance, indicating a unification of polarities (Gemini.) Energy is now focused and directed outwardly and it is a favorable period for cultivating and developing ideas that will manifest from mid March onward when Mars transits Capricorn.

This is the first transit of Mars since Saturn left the sign, and there is impulse towards renewal where a situation has calcified and stagnated. Potential is granted here for a complete redo on a situation that has been outgrown, simply remove the blockages and breath out with optimism towards new outcomes. The Archer is setting it’s aim.



april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
A communique regarding a professional matter, maybe a promotion occurs midweek and has strong financial implications for you. Trust your instincts here, and if someone is pushing you into a deal or circumstance you are not fully comfortable with, rather than push back, simply step out of the line of fire. You are much more at ease this week, especially when Sagittarius Mars stimulates you to come out of any shell you might have been hiding under and take a place in the Sun. A desire to embrace the future, and attend to even it’s challenges, replaces any doubt you may have had about the direction you should take to meet your destiny.


may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Convictions are renewed and faith restored in the goals you have outlined for yourself from mid week. It seems a shift in power dynamics is present, and something is being restructured. An intensified atmosphere in regard to your relationships could provide you with insights as you move into a new chapter with a significant other. There is a make or break quality to the coming weeks, as you find out if your partnership really has what it takes to move to the next level. You sort out your personal goals Wednesday. A very positive contact the following day helps you clarify what is most important to you.


june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
A financial matter can be settled at long last, though becoming aware there is a problem is just as likely as finding a solution. Benefits are coming to you through your job or a coworker. Mars comes to occupy your house of partners and enemies, reminding you there is a fine line between love and hate and intensifying your alliances. This will be the first transit of Mars to this area since Saturn left and it may feel as though you are blowing the cobwebs off your love life, should it have become stale or non-existent over the past few years.


july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
You are likely to come to an important decision with or in regard to a key partnership this week. Kindred spirits support you will feel quite satisfied with the outcome. Be conscientious of professional matters in the early part of the week, especially on Tuesday when disagreements or unexpected events are likely. From Friday, work and productivity become emphasized, and the effort you put in now will likely pay dividends or result in a promotion next January. Do your best work, but be careful not to exhaust yourself. Daily exercise can help you stay fit while releasing some pent up energy.


aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
News about a new job or assignment is likely this week, the result of perhaps months of negotiation. It’s equally likely that a vexing issue with a colleague reaches a boiling point. Work from home business can thrive at this time. Your family or those closest to you can provide the context you need to succeed. From Friday it’s fun time, as Mars activates your arena of pleasure, recreation and personal expression. From now to mid March, explore your creative side, seek romance and enjoy yourself. After this period you will enter a phase that is far more work and relationship driven through the end of the year, so make the most of the next 7 weeks!


sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
It’s easier to make decisions regarding your personal life now, a contact between Mercury and Pluto will enable you to see the light within a love relationship that may have been difficult to get off the ground in the prior weeks. The words you choose Thursday are important to the outcome of this, though you seem to have an uncanny knack for self awareness right now that will aid you enormously. From Friday there can be tension or conflict within the home as this area requires change. Blowing off the cobwebs and stagnation of anything left over from the prior years in regard to your personal life or living arrangements can be attended to with conviction.


oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Important decisions and conversations are occurring in your most personal life, and it might be about looking within and resolving unhealed dynamics from your childhood and relinquishing feelings of unworthiness or self doubt. A financial matter can come to a successful outcome Thursday, the result of something put into motion last October. From Friday, you are more in your comfort zone and seeking out new sources of information, new associates and just feeling more active in your thinking and day to day life. This is a trend that continues for 7 weeks, then it’s back to business! Negotiations are favored, and establishing a long list of contacts is helpful now.


nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Mars is set to leave your sign on Friday, so use these last few days to implement your master plans and make your mark on the people who can enable a favorable outcome for you. You speak and think with incredible conviction now but can equally come off aggrandizing if you blister your audience with too much force. Stepping back to look at all your options and check in with yourself will also enable you to make sure you are really getting what you really want. From Friday a financial emphasis comes into play and you’ll get really motivated to add to your earnings, though equally to spend what you acquire.


dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You’ll be out of limbo land soon enough, Sag. From Friday Mars will move into your sign enabling you to be motivated to take action on your most cherished personal goals. You’ll feel more active and vital than you have in years and ready to shake off any of the residue that may remain in the wake of Saturn’s transit in your sign. This is a time renewal and rebirth for you. Financial matters are also in frame and whether you are realizing there is a drain on your finances that needs to get clipped, or signing an important contract or even receiving a professional promotion, change occurs now.


jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
There have been numerous occurrences this month through which you have had to find a way to breathe and live into your power, as well as relinquish elements that drained you of it. Having cut the detritus, and through the empowering self awareness you encountered during the New Moon in your sign last week as a result, you look forward to the next stage of the journey. Significant developments this week ensure you continue to develop a powerful roster of associates, and these possess very auspicious overtones that will enable you a successful outcome. Events on Wednesday could see the initiation of a very important personal goal. Between now and March, you have to cultivate a better relationship with your psychological health.


feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
There are important personal topics that need to be addressed in your personal life. Adjustments you make at home will have a big impact on your inner peace, especially mid week. There could be a positive professional development in the midst as well. Your instincts lead you to the right place on Thursday. Mars in Sagittarius activates your social life and you’ll likely be quite busy over the next 7 weeks with organizations and group activities. With a huge emphasis on your partnership over the coming weeks, this weekend is prime time to reconnect with your crew. Eclipses forthcoming demand your attention be placed on key relationships and contending with deeply personal changes.


march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
Mars in Sagittarius has an activating quality for your profession, and with Saturn long gone, you can use this influence to cast your net for success without the frustrating delays you experienced during the Summer and Fall of 2016. The ambience has shifted enormously and you have a lot more assistance to help you reach your goals.
Important negotiations or decisions about your social network can be made this week. There is a setting sail quality to this weeks forecast, and Thursday especially is a good time to look forward to the future. You enter the week vitalized following a lovely visit from the Moon to your sign.


Retrograde Mars 2016

RETROGRADE: a time of reorientation, retreat, reappraisal, relinquish, release, resurgence, repercussions and resolution.

The retrograde phase of Mars presents the challenge and mutual opportunity to address the actions we have taken over the prior year and determine whether they are moving us in the appropriate direction, or rather that we need to reconsider our approach entirely. Mars is completely untethered – no aspects to outer planets until August 24 (Mars – Saturn conjunct 9′ Sagittarius) suggests very little outside influence presides over our activities over the next four months. Although this could prove to be a very dangerous liaison, especially when Mars goes back into Scorpio, plunging us back into the depths of passion so we can reinvigorate our intimate connections.

A shift in consciousness and need for reappraisal began in February, even if only sensed as restlessness at the most subconscious level. We began to receive signals that things were not precisely going smoothly, and frustrations may have begun to emerge. The repercussions generated during the retrograde period are essentially the return of the energy we have sent out over the last year. As the half way point in a two year cycle that began in June 2015 (Sun – Mars conjunct 19′ Gemini), we now have an opportunity to evaluate how well we have attended to that which we had began at this time. With this information, we can now adjust our trajectory or even reject a course of action if the results we get do not substantiate a continued effort. The culmination that occurs during the Sun – Mars opposition (May 22 – 1′ 47″ Gemini), represents the exact half way point and is the most crucial turning point in the cycle. Where we have managed to successfully carry out an agenda, we can find success at this time.

More on this in next months forecast 😉

sun:mars copy

This is a period of deep introspection, particularly if the return on our efforts fall far off the mark we intended to reach. It’s time to dig deep and find out why. In many cases we’ll see where we have or have not asserted ourselves appropriately. Inaction speaks as largely to our issue as action itself, and we may be seeing the outcome of not making enough of an effort as we should have. This becomes obvious quite quickly if the circumstances we find ourselves in prove not to be the desired outcome of the efforts made over the last year. Over the next 10 weeks we will have an opportunity to reconciliation if we attend to the inner work required during this phase. If we realize it is time to take a whole new course of action, this could be a seeding phase where we shift internally to prepare for that change.

Retrograde Mars is an inert energy, making it difficult to build momentum at this time, and very difficult to make bold moves forward. Don’t assume you have to be completely inactive, just remain amenable to the likelihood that any actions you take now will likely require substantial modification down the road. I have this one (Mars retrograde) in my own natal chart and I can say first hand there is a quality of having to do everything twice. I like to start at the end, work my way backwards, then start over completely with the knowledge and experience gained during the first attempt. For those of you with direct Mars in your chart, you may find with the retrograde phase that the impulses are coming from a different place than normal. This can actually put you in touch with a novel form of expression of energy, that while not familiar to you, can be useful and constructive because you may see that there are ways to accomplish things that you had not considered before. Embracing the experimental quality of this period may be instructive, and you may discover tactics or methods to achieve goals that prove to be quite useful.

Retrogrades also of course connect to second chances, and we likely see topics, relationships or endeavors we had thought resolved stream back into our consciousness, seeking to be addressed now. There are always karmic overtones present during these phases and it is far more likely that an issue from the past is what we need to deal with at this time. If you see something re-emerge you can be assured it has come back to find proper resolution. Starting anything new invites bad results, so keep this period to completing unfinished business. Additionally consider placements you have in Aries (and to a secondary extent Scorpio), as planets, nodes, asteroids or angles ruled by Mars will also be affected if not debilitated during this transit.

Shadow Period — February 17 to April 16
Mars Retrograde — April 17 to June 29
Shadow Period — June 30 to August 22

Mars is in Scorpio from January 4 – March 6; May 28 – August 2
Mars is in Sagittarius from March 7 – May 27; August 3 – September 27

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One of the key attributes of this retrograde cycle that is frequently overlooked is the significance of the impact to the house ruled by Mars in your natal chart. Consideration of this area in tandem with the current area being transited holds a crucial message and is useful in terms of finding solutions to problems that have been building in momentum. I am devoting this special horoscope to such an analysis and hope you will find it useful as you negotiate the challenges and revelations of the next 10 weeks.

ARIES: Retro Mars hits close to home for Aries, since it’s your ruling planet and stuff. You are looking at yourself and reconsidering your direction. How well have you managed to establish yourself? Have you sufficiently stood up for your personal desires? It would seem financials, especially those jointly held with a spouse, will have a significant role in the destination you arrive at in September. An intimate relationship is going through a state of dynamic transformation, intensive negotiations or reassessment could be a big factor through July. This is equally an important period of significant redefinition for you suggesting you need to appraise your relationship with yourself first if you expect the breakthrough you are going to have on the interpersonal level to be successful.

TAURUS: A partner holds the key to your subconscious awareness, and seems to be able to read between the lines. You may also intuitively sense that a passionate relationship, as latent as it may seem right now, is simmering just beneath the surface. While there is much more to this story, give it some time to fully play out. From the end of June you find fresh impulses for this partnership. Your psychic awareness is sending strong but mixed signals, making you seek withdrawal and privacy. Significant for you in this phase will be a genuine sense of resolution and letting go of something you have held on to (or been held by) at long last. A culmination in a key partnership is likely.

GEMINI: The likelihood of reconnecting with old friends or colleagues is enhanced right now, though it’s just as likely you might bump into an ex (spouse). It seems there are no hard feelings and that in fact you might get closure in a matter that had been evasive or challenging to understand previously. Health and your work life factor and require an assessment. Productivity will probably be low over the next 10 weeks but you do have a very compelling opportunity to rekindle lost connections and recover unanswered wishes. A mentor or someone from your work space will stimulate you to take action on them.

CANCER: You may find yourself at a professional impasse while you wait for the powers that be to get it together before you can make progress. If a job or work project comes to a standstill, take it in stride – everyone is going through something. You may also feel uncertain of the direction you would seek to take on a personal level and desire some time to reflect. June and July provide a positive ambience for this as you’ll feel in touch with yourself and more in your element. July 6th, Venus and Mars make a loving trine connecting your sign to that of true romance and self expression. On this special occasion you can connect with your real desires.

LEO: Journeys of distance and mind are impacted, you may hesitate or reconsider a long range goal. Fiery passion surrounding a creative effort or love affair burns bright then fizzles. No doubt domestic and familial situations can require considerable modifications before you can move forward with a personal agenda. A great deal of attention will be placed on the home situation that may force you to cancel a trip. Refinement of your base of operation will yield for you a positive place from which to expand your activities in a few months time.

VIRGO: Intimacy, passionate relationships and shared finances need to be discussed and re-negotiated in this phase. This has been an area of a great deal of activity, with much of it taking place behind the scenes. Your insides could feel as though they are coming inside out, this is a good time to speak with a therapist or counselor to get to the bottom of any trust issues. With private matters so in the spotlight you will likely enjoy the more social vibrations available after May. Reconnecting with old friends, neighbors and siblings could be a positive feature, it’s possible you stumble into an old ally in a night course or in your daily routine. There could be some nice surprises.

LIBRA: Relationships are implicated and require reassessment. This is a very positive time in which to really define your expectations, and what you are putting in (and getting out of) your one on ones. It’s possible an unfinished relationship from the past requires a second look. You may wish to keep things flexible in terms of partnering right now – with Jupiter in your sign in about 4 months, incredible opportunities for growth are going to be present. Don’t take unnecessary baggage into the next phase. In the context of a long term commitment there may need to be a redefinition of the roles each partner holds. Financials play a big part of any and all conversations, and the income and it’s source a major concern from May 28.

SCORPIO: It’s a double whammy for ya with Mars and Pluto retrograding over the weekend, all that intensity and intention you have sent out since late January washes back up onto your shore just in time for the Full Moon in your sign on the 22nd. You have so much to release in this phase. This is incredibly favorable especially if you find you have over extended yourself in prior months or weeks. From May 28 you have the chance to get back to working on the new you. Watch your health, watch your money. It’s not unlikely a recurring issue related to your wellness sneaks up again, particularly when Mars re-enters your sign. Retrograde Mars in your sign can make you aggro and kind of self destructive. Much better to work towards a new job or undertake a wellness regiment that had eluded you in prior months.

SAGITTARIUS: From high voltage to hella chill in no time Sag. You’ll find you are reworking your insides and recalibrating your desires to a huge extent in the upcoming weeks. A creative impulse or those seeking a romantic affiliation may find this interest wanes as the energy shifts towards the internal. Your personal reorientation involves going deep below the threshold of your own consciousness to retrieve a treasure deep within. Fun and frivolity in the prior phase may have distracted you from the inner work you require before you can move on. From August 3rd you are a force to be reckoned with. For now develop your inner voice and learn to trust your intuition. The focus you gain as a result leads to ripe discovery and incredible growth this Fall.

CAPRICORN: The most personal and internal life is affected in this phase. Some Caps may be returning to a previous city in which to reside or arranging to live with former flat mates. Family members may play a role, and resolution of a long term issue with them, or relinquishing early life conditioning as you embrace a larger role in society are all possible in the current atmosphere. All the powerful transformations you have gone through over these past months become internalized now. Power dynamics can be released as you claim your inner strength, the result of the deep internal reflection of the prior months. There is incredible intuition available to you, let it guide you to the destiny that unfolds for you in September. Make a wish under the auspices of the Scorpio Full Moon, April 22.

AQUARIUS: Signals get crossed and for an information addict (like you) the next couple months could be a bit haywire. Communication, articulation and comprehension can get a bit obtuse, your daily commute can also be affected in weird ways. Mars retrograde back into the area of fame, prestige and public profile or profession (Scorpio) indicates unfinished business in this area. June and July will bring a second chance to boost your reputation in your career, with stunning opportunities in July to get where you intended to be. Or maybe not… the next few months could see developments that take you to a place you didn’t even know you wanted to go, extended networks of friends and colleagues seem to assist you in seeing the possibilities that lie on another path altogether.

PISCES: The monies and your profession are most deeply implicated, you need to assess if the ways in which you are earning your means not only reflects your values but substantiates the time you invest. It’s also likely the professional trajectory is changing based on some of the information that comes to light over the next few months. You do well to reconnect to a soul site, a sacred place to which you feel a deep spiritual connection. The Full Moon on the 21st can illuminate the quest you need to take. Connecting to your spirit and embracing an empowering sense of adventure can help you come to terms with the direction you are seeking. July 6th is magical for just such a journey. By August you will be prepared to make a bold move – set your sights on August 10th to make a big splash in your career.