Stargazer June Horoscopes

Mercury in Cancer – Three of Cups: overflowing exchange of love; rare, valuable feelings and perception which can be communicated intimately. 



This month is flanked by 2 eclipses, ushering in the changing orientation of the nodes on the Gemini – Sagittarius polarity. The Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius falls in the cross hairs of retrograde Venus (Gemini) and Mars (Pisces), generating a turbulent atmosphere most likely surrounding relationships. With Venus in retro through the 25th, best to put off major decisions for the time being where possible. As this is the first eclipse in this particular cycle, it’s likely to represent more of a trigger for the changes that will unfold over the next 18 or so months. 

The Cancer eclipse is unaspected, though a Sun – North Node conjunction from Gemini the day before is highly beneficial for getting clarity about future directives. Fated events occur around these dates (June 20th – 21st) and something very significant occurs or is put into motion at this time. This is also a true departure from the prior cycle in Cancer/Capricorn and a moment in which to realize how different life has become in the aftermath of the significant structural transformation that has occurred. 

Mercury prepares to retrograde on the 18th, so the air could be a bit thick and expectations parlayed temporarily. Through July 12th it will be important to check and double check all important details and even delay significant decisions. The entire cycle falls in Cancer, bringing up intense emotional feelings most likely connected to the past. The massage of the deep dive that is likely to transpire is to release and renew. Intuition is highlighted and can offer resolution for prior issues.

Mars squares the nodes from the 26th – 28th. This can produce feelings of anxiety where reorientation to changing conditions occurs. Realizations that the past is truly behind you and recognizing the changes that have occurred is a natural part of this process. Earlier in the month, from the 18th – 28th, Mars collaborates productively with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. This is a good phase for getting things done, though matters will require a delicate touch. The 13th is a bit more tricky when Mars aligns with elusive Neptune. There can be magical moments, but equally deception. From the 27th, Mars moves into Aries, where it remains well into New Years. More on that next month!


          21 SOLAR ECLIPSE 0’ 21” CANCER



March 20 – April 19

If you have been working behind the scenes on an important professional project, you will see good results from mid month onward. A domestic situation that has been complicated is beginning to show signs of resolution with a key development around the 21st. You may be exploring your family history or reuniting with relatives this Summer. A voyage to an early home could offer insights into your past.


April 20 – May 20

The social ambience is exciting, and even if only online, friendship and conversation should keep your schedule busy. People from the past could reemerge over these early Summer months. It will be exciting and illuminating to reconnect. Potent financial developments are in store. Significant culminations over the last week of the month, as well as the Eclipse on the 5th offer a glimpse into emerging trends.


May 21 – June 20

Very positive professional developments are in store as you maintain a high profile and are rewarded for your efforts. You will be at your most impressive from the 18th – 28th. Several opportunities arise. A tense eclipse in your partnership house on the 5th heralds a change in partnership status. If the relationship is on solid footing there could be arousal. Money matters could go sideways from the 18th, while Mercury retrogrades. Save for that rainy day.


June 21 – July 22

A dreamy ambience on the 13th could stimulate your desire for travel and expansion. Make a list of places or a vision board to connect with these. Pivotal events on the 20th – 21st offer a glimpse into a new way of life. Pay attention to the clues and put them into motion on your upcoming birthday. Partnership is lively and dynamic, with an early July eclipse bring a situation to a critical crossroads. Mercury retro in your sign stirs up old emotions. This is the time to take on a healing process.


July 23 – August 22

Events are playing out in your most private and personal areas of your life, and for the time being, keeping a low profile is for the best. There is a sense of catharsis and renewal in this period. From the 18th, when Mercury goes retrograde, you likely retrace your steps and delve into issues rooted in the past. Introspection is highlighted, and you can uncover a solution for an unsettled matter.  


August 23 – September 22

Relationships are highlighted, and this is an extremely positive time to cultivate love and commitment with someone special to your heart. The axis of home/profession is also activated, and there could be tensions around the eclipse on the 5th between these dynamic areas, with a partnership also playing a pivotal role in your considerations. Remain compassionate if friction arises and everything will work out.       


September 23 – October 23

There is a shift in your professional trajectory this month as Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th. Reassessment of priorities continues into July, though the Solar Eclipse on the 21st, as well as events in the days leading up, can open a door for you to a new vocation or enterprise. Simultaneously, domestic or personal matters that have been concerning are resolved through the month. Productivity arises from a sense of these issues being settled. 


October 24 – November 21

Communication within a love relationship is highlighted throughout the month, marking significant milestones in matters of the heart. A sense of idealism is pervasive and aligns with your desires. With Venus still in retrograde, this could be connected with someone who has reemerged from your past. There can be resolution now if things were not properly put to rest, or rekindling of a lost love. 


November 22 – December 21

Significant changes are coming, and relationships are likely to be the center point of major adjustments for you. An eclipse falling in your sign on the 5th is a catalyst for the ongoing transformation you will experience over the coming year and a half with events throughout this period pointing to what you have to let go of in order to move forward to the next phase of your life. There are improvements to your home and finances from the 18th. 


December 22 – January 19 

Communication in partnership is emphasized this month, though a period of reconsideration occurs from mid month while Mercury detours in retrograde. The substantial changes and obstacles you have confronted over the last several are beginning to give you a newfound sense of strength and conviction in your efforts. While work may have slowed, a new direction is presented on the 20th that enables you to shift gears within a changing reality.


January 20 – February 18

Self expression remains emphasized as you retrace your step through a creative project or even a romantic relationship. There is a desire to return to the past and move into the future simultaneously. From the 20th you get strong indications of where to head next. A work project or assignment could be shelved temporarily while Mercury retrogrades. Facts emerge next month that improve conditions considerably.


February 19 – March 20

Mars continues through your sign, making highly productive aspects that influence your hopes, dreams and activate your social life. Mercury simultaneously transiting your pleasure sector through early August indicates a fruitful period of self awareness and discovery. Intuition runs strong and even while detouring retrograde, signals the resolution of past concerns, potentially surrounding a love relationship.

Weekly Forecast 11/11 – 17


Despite the next Mercury retrograde cycle looming largely in the forecast this week, there are some positive indications in the mix with progress on some fronts due. By then end of the week, Mars moves into Pisces, after a prolonged period spent in Aquarius due to the recent retrograde. The following day, Venus will go direct from 25’ Libra, with both events stimulating positive changes for the protagonists of a love story that has very much been a work in progress since October of last year. More harmonious conditions prevail under these auspices, and where the heart has been uncertain, between now and January, accord can be reached in key commitments, particularly from mid December, when a string of helpful aspects between Venus – Scorpio and Mars – Pisces strengthens the emotional bond between partners immeasurably.

Mars from Pisces is not it’s strongest placement, as the forceful nature of Mars is muted and rather difficult to express. This makes the rest of the year more ideal for reflection and release, and meditation and other practices that enhance a connection to the metaphysical world will enhance the spiritual realm and enable emotions to flourish. From New Year it’s all systems forward, with a huge thrust of energy when Mars moves into Aries, connecting with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus (back in Aries) in January – February 2019. For the time being, space clearing is essential to preparing for what awaits next year. This is a season of resolution, precipitating a season of revolution.

Sun sextile Pluto (Sunday) and Mars sextile Uranus (Thursday) both hold the potential for progress. These aspects denote the final phases of storylines (to continue on that theme of closure,) to prepare for the new cycles – Sun/Pluto renews on January 10th (20’ Capricorn), Mars/Uranus on February 12th (29’ Aries) of next year. These are game changing aspects, although the effects can be somewhat subtle. Sun and Pluto invigorate a desire to transform ones self, in order to influence circumstances or a particular outcome. This ties back to something initiated in early in January, when the current cycle began. There is passion and conviction at your disposal to release yourself from a troubling issue, and something you have dedicated to yourself this year finally reveals it’s promise. A person or habit that has held you back in some way can be relinquished easily at this time.

Mars and Uranus collaborating points to an innovative breakthrough, or finding a new way to do something that offers a solution to a problem that has been persistent since mid May. Where you have sought independence (Uranus in Aries,) you may discover the escape hatch. People are more willing to comply (or even assist) with your efforts this week. This aspect occurs about 12 hours before Mars leaves Aquarius on Thursday, a sort of a last hurrah after a long period of tinkering behind the scenes on a project or within an association meant to offer you greater independence to do things the way you choose to. This could accelerate suddenly and unexpectedly after months of vexing uncertainty. The current Mars/Uranus cycle began in March of 2017, so anticipate the resolution of what emerged in that period and prepare for the exciting new cycle that begins in February.

The troubling bit over the next few weeks is of course the Mercury retrograde cycle, which commences on Friday. This is exacerbated by a long square aspect made to Neptune between the 14th and 20th of this month. It’s a very tricky few days during which the boundaries of fact and fiction are blurred. On one hand, there is creative potential here, as perception is skewed just enough to see things in a way that transcends reality, the imaginative realm is highly stimulated and great art can come out of this. Not so much for communication, relationships and most certainly business matters, however, as the thought process is muddled and confusion reigns supreme. What emerges during this transit has the potential to reveal where a delusion has occurred, and this can point to a disappointment, though the positive response would be recognition where work has to take place to bring a dream or vision into reality. Over the next 3 weeks this will be attended to, with a final culminating event occurring on December 24th that sets a matter to rest.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You gain traction professionally in the early part of the week, stay focused on the prize and be willing to make changes as necessary. Relational matters begin to be settled from the end of the week, and a reconciliation is possible where reversals may have occurred over the last few months. Meanwhile, you turn inward and take a more reflective stance through the end of the year as attention turns away from social dynamics that have predominated for most of the year and you start to consider where you really want to go next. From December onward you will have much more clarity about this, for the time being examining all your options is advised.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Your ruling planet begins to return to form, signaling a period that may have been debilitating for your self image or esteem is on the road to reconciliation. Much of this comes from the inner reflection that has occurred over the last several weeks, and returning to your values where they may have been abandoned in the interest of keeping the peace. The timing is good, as you enter a more socially motivated phase and can join forces with like minded people to achieve your aspirations. Knowing what you can offer or bring to the equation enhances your prospects to connect with individuals or an organization that benefits you.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There is the potential to reconcile a romantic relationship that had derailed or sidetracked recently, though it’s likely you will still second guess yourself (or perhaps the other person is still questioning,) curtailing a commitment to be made for a few more weeks. For the time being, you may find it more appealing to seek pleasure within, and pursue personal hobbies or creative activities that provide an outlet for self expression. Your life direction may also be in question, and it could be that your inability to chart a certain course is hindering an association to take root. From December this becomes more clear, and you start to get indications beginning towards the end of the week of the shape your future is taking, likely taking on some more responsibilities to arrive there.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

There could be a significant development in a personal relationship early in the week. You arrive at a decision to make a substantive change within your commitments and see immediate transformation. Mars from Pisces encourages you to embrace the future, charging your sense of excitement to broaden your scope of activities and reach out further that you have previously gone. Work commitments or health issues could hinder the progress you seek at the same time, and something requires drastic reorganization between now and the first week of December. Renew your perspective on how you handle your daily affairs and from there, you can take flight.

LEO July 23 – August 22

The Sun continues to activate your root base with developments early in the week set to transform conditions in some way. A personal relationship is also highlighted and there could be unanticipated, but welcome, changes to your status on Thursday. Mixed signals arrive from Friday, and a situation with someone you care about mutates in strange ways over the coming weeks. You may even resurrect a prior love connection to see if there is still any juicy romantic sparks left in there. Maybe, maybe not, and it’s likely the jury is out on this one until at least mid December, so take it slow! Mars moves into the area of your chart that influences intimacy and deep, soul contract relationships. A period of inner transformation lasts through New Year.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Things are about to get intense in your closest alliances for better or worse from the end of the week. Mars has the capability to bring incredible passion to your alliance, but equally conflict if you or the person sitting on the other side of the scales does not feel they are getting their fair due in a one on one relationship. If single, this period could bring urgency to finding a mate. Domestic matters will preoccupy you over the coming weeks, and likely some degree of upheaval is due on the home front while circumstances go through reconsideration and metamorphosis. You seem to have to resolve an outstanding issue to open the door to the commitment you desire. A sense of frustration at the end of the week regarding this should point you to where a solution is required.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Feelings of uncertainty or insecurity begin to dissipate over the coming weeks, following a period of crucial reappraisal of your identity and life direction. Personal matters, and what is required of you to resolve an endemic issue on the home front becomes crystal clear in the early part of the week. Make a plan to move this forward during the first month of the new year. Your productivity spikes through December, providing you with a fortuitous period in which to pursue professional goals. The hard work you commit to now pays off next Summer in a major promotion. A breakthrough in a relationship or through a new acquaintance can be exciting Thursday.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

You get a second chance to reorganize your financials over the next few weeks, and a big opportunity en route can inspire a major success story if you give it time. Getting this sorted enables you to achieve a long range goal associated with a creative project or to begin a new, or new chapter in a love relationship that has been difficult to get off the ground. Pay attention to feelings or tension around this subject at the end of the week for clues. Where you sense a limitation is exactly where you need to go to find resolution. By December you are golden.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

An elongated transit of Mercury in your sign (through January 5, woah!) makes life brisk and exciting. Many events and meetings with people fill your days through the end of the year. The retrograde period can pull people from your past back into your orbit, and through these contacts you may come to realize personal traits you have outgrown, or otherwise rediscover aspects of yourself you would like to reactivate. Meanwhile, Mars moves into your root base, activating a desire to attend to personal or domestic matters, perhaps as a matter of necessity as this transit can stimulate strife or conflict at your residence. If nothing else, expect a lot of activity to be taking place at home, perhaps hosting guests or renovating your space.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Sun from Scorpio continues to generate a productive ambience to achieve your aspirations, and especially where you collaborate with others, you are likely to meet with success. Venus direct at the end of the week extends a second chance or new opportunity to enhance your reputation and make positive strides in your professional life. Advancement is likely now, following a period of reappraisal of the where, how, and what of your life direction over the past six weeks. Mercury meanwhile could lead you on a trip down memory road and matters pertaining to the past require resolution over the coming weeks. If people from the past show up now, settle the unfinished business between you once and for all.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Mars finally leaves your sign towards the final days of the week, taking some of the heat and intensity off you directly and placing more emphasis on the financial aspects that require attention. This could get a little tangled in the later days of the week, where the bubble bursts on a much desired outcome involving your earnings or savings. An oversight or unanticipated expense could prove concerning. Thursday is particularly exciting and a conversation or meeting will be stimulating. You see how far you have come this year and are ready to embark on a new chapter. Reconnecting with people from your past seems to feature meanwhile, and there could be a reunion on the cards for you between now and December.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

After a long year of indescribable complexity if not confusion, Pisces is ready to enter the building. Having shed a lot of skin since May, you feel a sense of rebirth precipitating. From Thursday, when Mars enters your sign, you are emboldened and impassioned to make big moves, and over the next year stand to make incredible strides in your profession. First it seems you need to untangle a matter associated with your self image, and this will be incredibly pointed at the end of the week when Mercury retrogrades against Neptune in your sign. Your potency is hindered by a lack of clarity regarding how you represent yourself and between now and Yule you will be charged to figure this one out to make the most of the positive professional auspices available to you.

Stargazer November Forecast


There are palpable shifts in the atmosphere this month as longstanding transits come complete, marshaling in a new order of energetic awareness. Quite significantly, and possibly the most obvious in the immediate sense is that Mars will finally leave Aquarius for Pisces on the 15th. Having remained mainly in Aquarius since mid May, and transiting a mere 10 degrees of the zodiac between May and early October, due to a retrograde cycle holding pattern, the Pisces transit offers something very different than what was consistent throughout most of 2018, most notably bringing a rich, flowing energy within the realm of feelings, far removed from the more intellectual preoccupations of Mars – Aquarius. This transit lasts through the final day of the year, when the new cycle begins at 0’ Aries. For six weeks, it’s time to withdraw somewhat and shift consciousness into the emotional space and sensations within. Drawing towards the end of the 2 year cycle, it’s also potent for release and closure of occurrences now past.

Mars connects to the degree of the Aquarius Solar Eclipse that occurred on February 15th, triggering the potential for the developments that haven’t/couldn’t fully come to fruition since, again – because of the retro cycle of Mars. Events that occur around the 11th and 12th of November resonate with the intentions of that eclipse (look at 27’ Aquarius in your chart for the particular space where this happens). Something that began to unfold in the February period, a door that opened up for you and offered liberation in some aspect of your life, can now be walked through. Aquarius is off beat, and the best way to do this is to find your own way to do it. Explore an unconventional method or avenue and remain open minded about this topic as it likely yields surprising developments or results around these critical dates.

By the time this transit occurs, the Nodal Axis will have shifted from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. This occurs on the 6th of November and will play out through early May, 2020. The evolutionary objective shifts towards cultivating a more nurturing and supportive atmosphere, and the house in your chart or area being transited is where you will find your root base and feel most at home or develop a sort of extended family or tribe. It could literally translate into building a home, particularly if NN passes through your 4th, 8th or possibly 12th house. The Cancer Eclipse on July 13th provided indications of what was in store.

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th, beginning a transit that will last through the beginning of December in a years time. Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, and from this new viewpoint can express its capacity for benevolence and expansion to the fullest. At its worst it can be a pugnacious placement, as a single minded or narrow viewpoint attached to religious doctrine and the like generates a perspective unwilling to see or understand the perspectives of others. Sagittarius is the opposite of Gemini, who essentially occupies the multiverse of perspectives and granular bits (or bytes) of information.

Overall, it should be a positive and successful placement for many, and will infuse this area of your zodiac with optimism for better outcomes in the aftermath of the recent passage of Saturn, offering the potential for regrowth and rebirth of what may have been lost, sacrificed or at least harder to come by in prior years. Structure and disciple in this area is now replaced with ease and abundance, or more likely, facing reality and doing hard work in this area now reveals the bounty and fruition of the crop you carefully attended between September 2015 and last December.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

A period of transition comes to an end mid month, a loved one may return to the fold after a long hiatus or you may settle your feelings once and for all regarding this partnership. A trip or educational pursuit that had been in the works may need to be postponed, mischievous Mercury retrogrades from the 17th and makes it tricky to get on the road. If you do travel, publish, lecture or have media presentations to make that can’t be altered, do check and double check all itineraries and reservations carefully before you go. From the 9th, a highly regarded transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will offer you incredible optimism and foresight from which you can really derive a personal sense of reward and pleasure. Your world is about to expand. North Node shifts into Cancer, and home and family become a deep pull for you.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Venus remains in retrograde motion through mid month, impacting health and productivity matters. You may reconnect with old colleagues or even take a job position you had held previously. This is a great period to address any bad habits or tendencies that may have an adverse impact on your physical energy and well being. The day after Venus resumes direct motion, Mercury shifts backwards, it’s like you can’t win! Mercury will have an impact on shared finances, so if you have debt owed or to collect, this is an appropriate time to settle matters. Jupiter departs Scorpio on the 9th, taking some of that lustre off a key relationship, but shifting into a deeper and more intimate realm. From the 5th Uranus gives you a reprieve, moving back into Aries, giving you till next March to reflect on the numerous changes you have been considering. A Scorpio New Moon on the 15th could signal openings for a love connection to flourish. Very testing influences on the 30th could rock the boat.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

The road to love continues to be a long and winding one, though you do hit a sweet spot on the 9th and feelings will especially be heightened if you are abroad exploring or sharing a journey together. This to and fro motion continues through early December, you have to learn to just ride the waves for now. Jupiter in Sagittarius from the 9th will bring the right one in. You are protected over the next year, and guiding forces will enhance your connections immeasurably. From the 23rd – 27th you may come to a conclusion, though it is still best to wait until next month to make that move. Where a work promotion may have gone sideways, or a situation didn’t quite come together for you last month a new or better offer could be present around the New Moon on the 7th. The Lunation makes strong and positive connections to Pluto, as well as Neptune in your house of career so there could be themes of glamour and power which tap into your wishes for advancement.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

The New Moon on the 7th stimulates many of the romantic themes of the last year, just as Jupiter bids adieu, having lit up your love life since last October, (hopefully!). Venus direct on the 16th signals a sea change, and second chances are possible next month as a double dip in your house of pleasure finally sets things right between you and a certain someone. Work and home are priority for the time being, as Mercury (soon to be retrograde) and Jupiter collaborate to get you into tip top shape and at your most productive, while bringing a work opportunity your way, silver platter style. (See the 26th for details.) Of course a lot of this gets mucked up because of Mercury retrograde through mid December. An ongoing residential negotiation is also making some noise in the background and this is equally something you won’t see resolution for until next month. Best bet for November is travel (if you can) as distant shores have much to reveal to you and tap your divine inspiration.

LEO July 23 – August 22

There are signals mid month that a domestic matter will be resolved sooner than later, though retrograde Mercury from the 17th promises to complicate matters and draw out agreements and paper work till next month. What can you do? A conversation you have with your spouse or partner does wonders to smooth over any rough edges on the 9th. Jupiter in Sagittarius from the same date fills you with excitement and passion. Your energy is up and you feel revitalized, ready to take on the world. Pleasure, love and the enhancement of your creative potential can be expected over the coming year. Events on the 27th quickly set the tone, by the end of December you’ll be in a phenomenal new groove. Mars in Pisces from mid month until New Years sees you in a more reflective mood. You may wish to keep a low profile, and intimacy can be humbling for you in this period. North Node leaves Leo on the 6th, and a long period of dynamic transition comes to a close. The 27th is especially productive for working behind the scenes.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Just as financials get sorted, your residential or personal life goes sideways. A long lost relative or flatmate could show up out of the blue mid month, and you may have to make concessions to accommodate someone or otherwise cope with circumstances that suddenly escalate out of the blue. Jupiter comes to grant blessings to your home base, though it may take a while to see them materialize, (think late December – early January). Look to a conversation or insight on the 27th as an indication of what is to come. From this position, self esteem and a positive feeling of belonging comes into play. Family relationships improve. You’ll have this transit over the coming year and either find comfort in the home you are in, or find something even better that offers you a lot of happiness. From mid month Mars will occupy the relationship zone, turning up the heat, for better or worse! in your close relationships. The Full Moon on the 23rd can see you making changes at work. A huge project comes to closure, or you may be leaving your company or getting a promotion. Bigger opportunities await you next year.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Venus backslides into your sign and a period of personal reappraisal seems to be on order. You may just be in an indulgent mood and making up for lost time as a very expansive career phase begins on the 7th. There is a lot of pleasure and good will to be found on the 9th. You can really make up any relational difficulties with your beloved at this time, even if the whole year has been a complete roller coaster, you begin to have more hope that you can work things out. Everything improves dramatically from mid month and you’ll find yourself back on the road to happiness. This is augmented by benefic Jupiter transiting into Sagittarius on the 9th, highlighting communication and daily life, and encouraging you to think and act optimistically. You will likely find your social circle expands at this time and could begin a publication or media project over the coming year. Meanwhile, (uh oh!) that rascal Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th and slows communications and especially negotiations through the first week of December. Look to the 27th for a turning point, something great happens next month, just hang in there.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

You plunge into the deep this month, the past beacons and you must confront an unresolved issue buried deep in your psyche. As much as you seek to move forward, your body and soul are calling for rest and for you to make peace with yourself. The 9th is regenerative and hosting a modest soiree from the comfort of home could be exactly what the doctor orders. Better yet if this is romantic in nature, as the ambience is very conducive to quiet intimacy and expressing your deepest feelings right now. Set goals for the year on the 7th, as a New Moon from your sign promises to open the doors to your dreams. From mid month, Mars in Pisces reactivates your inner fire and passion. Venus goes direct simultaneously and you start to feel stirrings of promise again. The edge comes off your professional sphere from the 6th, as North Node moves out of Leo. You hit a high note and can ride the success of the last 18 months for a great while. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 9th, departing your sign and now prepares to bestow gifts of prosperity. Entanglements with contracts and agreements are likely as Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th. Everything comes together brilliantly next month, look to the 27th for a significant development or opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Mercury enters your sign, only to pull an about face on the 17th. Despite the very positive influences you will experience with Jupiter present here from the 9th, there is a little sorting to get through in December as some personal issues require resolution before you can take full advantage. Very amenable social – romantic links are possible around the 9th, and sparks could fly if you are in contact with a prior associate. Leave any decisions about the love life until after mid month, when Venus retrograde completes its’ course. Unexpected, but exciting developments take place from the time of the Full Moon on the 23rd through the end of the month that implicate your relationships. A domestic matter requires your attention from mid month. Your personal resurgence is in full effect, take note on the 27th in particular, as you have the force behind you to set goals and accomplish all you wish for. Things swiftly come together in early December when Mercury rights it’s course.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

A very slow Venus stations direct on the 16th, although Mercury goes about face and now retrogrades through early December. This could be an important professional month, where you may get a second chance or can wrap up loose ends with a business matter. The 9th is very dynamic and you can generate positive outcomes now. From the 16th, Mars will stimulate your thinking and day to day life, and there will be many short trips, enjoyable events and activities and much in the way of communication through the end of the year. Jupiter comes to occupy a quiet and more strategic portion of your chart, and you will be reflexive, perhaps doing more behind the scenes over the coming year. You get certain indications around the 27th of what this will entail. North Node moves into Cancer from the 6th, and you may start to get inklings about your key relationship, if you are unattached, this transit could bring a very karmic connection into your orbit.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A beautiful harmony between Mars from your sign connecting to Venus in Libra peaks on the 9th. A love connection can be developed now and will be especially favorable for you if you are traveling or through your studies. Palpable shifts occur this month, and a lot of the pressure comes off. The high stakes atmosphere present in your relationships over the prior years diminishes when the North Node moves into Cancer on the 6th. You start to have more control, as the hands of destiny are less in charge and you get your mojo back. Jupiter leaves your house of profession, fame and honor, moving into more amenable territory when it ingresses into Sagittarius on the 8th. While Jupiter definitely amplified your opportunities and the scale of your reach, it also makes you stretch, and stretching is work! You’ll enjoy an expansive circle of friends during the upcoming year. Retrograde Uranus slides back into Aries for a last hurrah, taking the edge off of changes you have been experiencing at home. Last but not least, Mars will finally leave your sign on the 15th, and the energy, along with it endemic agitation, dissipates. Mars in Pisces provides you with a far more relaxed atmosphere through the end of the year.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Reassessment continues in relation to your life direction and future. Despite retrograde activity, which mainly serves to slow things down, the ambience is not terribly difficult. Just anticipate certain matters won’t progress very quickly right now. It’s likely after the 16th you might come to a financial agreement that does support your prospective plans, and a discussion or event on the 9th could set something into motion that precipitates this. You are not advised to sign or commit to a specific arrangements until after the current Mercury retrograde cycle which ends after the first week of December. After months of soul searching and a quest for inner peace, you reach the dynamic and influential transit of Mars in your sign, which lasts through the first days of next year. You feel a sense of closure and seek to move forward swiftly. Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next year beginning on the 8th will protect your interests and enable you to expand your range of influence. This is muddled initially by Mercury retrograde (womp-womp) but by January you will see it was worth the wait. Initial considerations into how you would like to most use this advantageous period should be made on the 26th and 27th. You begin to see exactly how far you can go. (Very, very far.)


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December is both beginning and ending, a month in which we see the resolution of the many themes and topics of 2016 fading and dissolving into memory, but also a time in which the major dynamic influences of 2017 begin to be revealed. The first of a series of alinements between Libra – Jupiter (opposite) Aries – Uranus with Saturn peeking in and assisting from Sagittarius occurs between the 24th and 26th of December. Mars from Aquarius, Sun from Sag. and then Venus from Aquarius all augment and support this very unique configuration, during which we begin to see a culmination of the enterprises and storylines that we initiated in June 2010. (These took firmer hold a bit later – January to March of 2013 were ripe for initiation and rooting down with innovative ideas and life choices.)

The ambience stimulated by Jupiter – Uranus is vitalizing, energetic, volatile and highly unstable. Saturn’s influence here suggests we’ll fortunately be moderated and taking a slower and more methodical approach as we reach this critical juncture for the journey we set out on in 2010. This aspect prevails through September 2017, and with the exception of Venus retrograde next Spring and the shift of the Lunar North Node to Leo, this is going to be the most significant force we are going to contend with over the next 10 months. (It’s more than enough to keep you busy, don’t even imagine it’s going to be a boring year!)


In the context of Joseph Campbell’s Heroic Journey, the opposition aspect symbolizes that we have reached the Second Threshold, a point of crisis and confronting the abyss, of death and rebirth. Material and other temptations may emerge to lure us from our quest. Saturn, meanwhile, has already moved into the position of receiving the reward. It is our long range efforts that begin to pay off, even if only modestly, and it is within that which we have invested immense if not immeasurable amounts of dedication, that will remind us that there is still treasure to be had if we stay the course. The hard and gritty lessons and determination required during the critical Saturn in Scorpio transit have begun to yield fruit. These fruits will nourish and inspire us over these next incredible 10 months as we attend to our heroic journey. The choice to cross the threshold will take us into The Other World, and in January 2021 we reach the point of Apotheosis. The maturity we gained for remaining true to the conviction of our quest assists us through during this incredible turning point. The Leo eclipse next February will tap into this configuration and offer a very exciting development!

The Sun, Venus and Mars all activate exciting new developments, though Venus and Mars are still at odds, remaining out of one another’s reach until mid April, in the midst of a very, very tough retrograde cycle. (It may in fact be a romantic prospect that brings us back from the brink during that challenging phase.) If the love and sex life are on the meh side of the spectrum, it’s likely because the yin/yang polarity of desire and ability to receive pleasure are in such incongruous spaces, and remain so for a few more months. Your own personal chart aspects notwithstanding, this is a tenuous phase in which to see to significant developments within relationships, especially with that Venus retrograde looming.

It would be incredibly bad form to ever suggest that if you feel love and have a relationship in which you can express these feelings in a healthy, affirming way that you should avoid doing so. Simply that the love and sex drives have disparate outlets right now, and if a relationship is not going as smoothly or gaining momentum as you had hoped it would, that this could provide a clue as to why. The end of December does feature some very positive Venus contacts, as the Goddess of Love locks into the Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn aspect and we get reinforcement (and perhaps resources) that augment our potential to take on the exciting prospect for adventure it represents. Again, it’s less likely this ties into a romantic scenario, but feelings will be very positive and make for spirited Yule festivities.


Let things develop by themselves.
Breathe deeply and let a picture arise in you
which shows you in a state of complete
fulfillment. Life will offer all you need to be
happy. Gerd Ziegler, handbook for the
Aleister Crowley Tarot

While we experience a significant culmination, there is also a strong sense of disintegration and closure as Mars from Pisces (December 19 – January 29) takes all the energy and influences stimulated over the last two years Mars cycle (begun February 19, 2015) and deconstructs these initiatives, offering resolution for what we have managed to accomplish since then. We are in the process of dissolving the prior cycle in preparation for the rebirth that occurs January 29th when Mars transits zero Aries. From Pisces, we return to the vastness of creation itself and the limitless potential of everything. The Ten of Cups is a positive indicator that our hearts overflow with joy and gratitude for what we reap at the closure of this cycle, and that fulfillment is within reach.

Mars represents the vitality and drive we have to achieve our aims or to get what we desire. In this last cycle we (hopefully) learned many things about what is and is not effective or constructive use of our energy, especially during this last retrograde period in April – June. Mars conjunct South Node on the 27th will provide a signal that an activity or association has run it’s course. There can be a setback or karmic occurrence at this time. What ever happens is only meant to adjust or modify the course or to release a fruitless endeavor. You’ll know inside. Energy will also be low, so keep your major initiatives on the burner until late February. When Mars engages the Jupiter – Uranus – Saturn aspect, it’s all systems go!!!

Energy now is directed inward, and guided by compassion and inspiration. You can make the most effective use of this time through creative work, reflection and cultivation of mystical and spiritual practices. Write some music, or get on that meditation kick you’ve been putting off. The psychic realm is active and intuition will be very strong in this phase. At it’s worst, this energy, because it is so receptive, can fall into the trap of illusions or be gullible to predators who perceive this vulnerability as weakness. This is a positive time for ritual, healing and purging. Also a good time to peace out in your girl cave and listen to Mazzy Star, feel free to hang this sign on the door:


MERCURY RETROGRADE: December 19 – January 8

If you’ve been frazzled by the super hectic pace of the last 5 weeks, you’ll notice things start to slow down at the onset of the month, and that either projects come complete or you otherwise have more time to catch up through mid month. As Mercury retrogrades on the 19th, it just misses contact with Pluto, so it seems a crucial agreement or decision will have to wait until the end of January. With the general quietude of Mars transiting Pisces, (and also Venus through early February) it looks like the next two months are about clearing the decks (or cleaning up the mess) in preparation for a period of much greater activity that arrives during the winter months.

Mercury will retrograde through January 8th. From there the dust clears and we can begin to move forward with things. Have a safe and wonderful New Year, and don’t forget to join me on for my new weekly astrology blog!

STARGAZER HOROSCOPE BY SIGN: (It is suggested you read for your ascendant too. If you are not sure, you can calculate your chart for free on

ARIES: Blissful social connections offer so much happiness for you this month. A holiday party can bring about a significant introduction to someone with partnership potential. Let the sparks fly and give this one time to grow into itself. You can lean on what you learned about commitments (and keeping them) in 2014 and have a better idea now of what you really have to offer. Professional matters and where you are heading become the hot topic of conversation, though this one takes a while to hammer out. Listen to offers (and to your own inner voice) through February. The conviction to make an enduring decision and rise to that challenge, will come in a few months time.

TAURUS: The buzz for you is profession and advancement, your big picture goals are in focus and a great deal of energy and enthusiasm can help you move towards a big milestone. An assignment or new job enhances your public profile, and this is a good time to take on an extra position. You might come into contact with someone who can help you up the ladder while doing a freelance gig, so keep your feelers out there. Forces behind the scenes, as well as your intuition are conspiring to your benefit. Spend some time with your confidantes or on your own to heed the important message being sent your way. Friends and associates can brighten your spirits. A connection may come to an end around the 27th. It’s in your best interest to walk away at this time.

GEMINI: After a pretty rough year, you finally hit the sweet spot. Life is very lively and exciting in this phase. A commitment may be deepening in this period, and this could be contributing to your satisfaction as well. A Full Moon in your sign on the 13th shows you how far you have come this year. It’s time to release a defeating pattern or activity associated with your career or vocational objectives. Events or indications around the 27th reveal the details. A better professional atmosphere prevails next month, though 2017 has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. (Give yourself till May to work out all the kinks!) Enjoy the camaraderie and social opportunities available at this time.

CANCER: Could be a long and winding road for a close or exclusive partnership is in store, Mercury retrograde sends out mixed signals about where you are headed with you know who! A serious, deep down and dirty conversation about your commitment needs to happen, but won’t until late January. Hang in there, babe. The more exciting news seems to taking place for you professionally, as a rather dry and dormant period for your career is coming to an end. Events around the beginning and end of the month offer incredible indications, seems you need to leave your comfort zone to make the most of the opportunities in store. A New Moon on the 29th signals changes in your status. See what January has in store before you buy that ring.

LEO: Partnerships are emphasized this month with really incredible social opportunities in store at both the beginning of the month as well as over the weekend of the 25th. If you’ve been feeling like taking a relationship to the next level, you could find you are ready to make a big step this month. The Mercury retrograde cycle impacts your work, health and productivity sector, so if you’ve been waiting to hear about an assignment or promotion, you might be waiting a bit longer. There are good indications towards the end of the month that signal stagnation for your life direction is clearing. You’ll seek some privacy from the limelight towards the end of the month and into the new year. A meditation practice or retreat can be beneficial.

VIRGO: Love and partnerships have likely been a source of all kinds of weird, complicated and beguiling scenarios this year, if not a source of outright frustration. The road gets easier this month and you can proceed with a relationship with a deeper sense of assurance and commitment, though the retrograde period of Mercury will likely see a few missed signals and maybe a reconsideration, Mars and later Venus coming to occupy the part of your chart associated with your other half signal fresh impulses are stirring in your love life. The 27th is time to release a worn out relationship script, I think they call that one beating a dead horse. (January 8th also features some strong clues of what you need to let go of.) Financials are in a state of great vitality, perhaps sudden expansion, and a work from home business can thrive in this phase.

LIBRA: It’s a real bang up of a month for Libra, so much energy is percolating in a creative enterprise or with a romantic relationship. The first few days of the month can seal the deal on an important commitment for either business or pleasure. There is more in store over the weekend of the 24th and you will doubtless be ringing in many happy returns, regardless of how catastrophic 2016 may have been for you at times. Uranus direct from the 29th signals a dry spell in a relationship is coming to an end. If you are not partnered, you will see exciting prospects emerge in February and through the Spring. From the 20th you enter a hard working phase. The assignments you deal with throughout January propel you to success this Summer, so do your best work. Mercury retrograde impacts your residence. If relocating, best to wait till February!

SCORPIO: The cutbacks and commitment you have demonstrated in trying to work out your tough financial issues are beginning to pay off, though probably in a scenario that is very private and behind the scenes. Your desire to self employment or the sense of liberation you seek from the workaday world is rekindled this month, and from New Years forward you see better influences here, particularly from February. Home is where the heart is for you right now, and you will likely be holding your key social and family events at your own place, possibly hosting those from out of town or having a nice, low key soiree. It’s been mostly a bitterly tough year for matters of the heart, and you’ve probably taken some time to lick your wounds. Feelings stir in your romantic sector from the 20th, a trend that takes you right through January. Release an old script on the 27th, and get in touch with someone you lost touch with.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a boisterous and exciting month for you with very positive indications that your hard work and maturing outlook are really beginning to pay off. Events at the beginning of the month, as well as over the weekend of the 24th provide immense opportunities for making enduring and positive moves. Some of these have to do with a love relationship, and if you’ve been floundering you might find the inroads to make a commitment around the Full Moon on the 13th. Mercury retrograde impacts you money, honey, so get it in writing and don’t make yourself nuts waiting for the check to show up in the mail. It won’t. Or at least not until the end of January. The 10th and 12th are dynamic for you, you make a very positive impression. Bravo!

CAPRICORN: Very dynamic points in your chart are stimulated by the upcoming configurations and your base of operations, profession and private life all play a big role in the upcoming 10 months. It’s not impossible you need to relocate to take an offer or opportunity associated with you career, or that your work is going to keep you on the road a lot as you ascend the heights of your ambition. The work you are doing remains very much behind the scenes through next year. When Saturn moves into your sign next December you’ll enter a new high profile phase, reaping the rewards of the work you are doing now and no doubt an impeccable work ethic. You are learning to trust your inner voice more than your inner critic. Mercury in your sign for most of the next 8 weeks will likely make you busy-busy-busy. Finances are also key this month, with a proper pay off for your work in the early days of the month.

AQUARIUS: By far this will be the best month of the year for you, as Mars and Venus stimulate a very positive and productive ambience, and make harmonious combinations to Uranus and Jupiter throughout the month. An older friend may provide very good advice or support for your endeavors. Your’ ruling planet turning direct on the 29th will help you shake any doldrums. There is an infectiously playful element at work and the Full Moon on the 13th is absolutely delightful for self expression or a romantic relationship. Out and about is the best place to be! Mercury retrograde impacts your private life, and you can get some mixed signals from your subconscious. Dreams will be revealing, and can reveal what you need to say goodbye to. Mars from the 19th makes your finances a high priority. A source of income may come to an end on the 27th.

PISCES: You are back stage and getting ready for something really, really big Pisces, as Mars and then Venus come to occupy your slice of the sky. For now, you are working away behind the scenes and seeing some very exciting financial developments from what you have been cooking. A professional venture is highlighted and you may get capital to expand or develop your business, or be getting a raise for your hard work. This is an ongoing process that lasts through August, so you may just be in the initial phases this month, with more to be revealed up ahead. A limiting belief or behavior can effectively be released on the 27th, perhaps an enterprise or activity has run it’s course. You shine brightly on New Years Eve, bring on the bubbly and enjoy a romantic interlude. You are worth it.

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Weekly Horoscopes for January 11 – 17, 2015


Some significant shifts in perspective are due this week as Aquarius and Pisces are becoming emphasized. As the transit of Mars through Pisces begins on Monday, the energy level will become subdued if not withdrawn. Creative inspiration will yield real treasures, particularly as Mars approaches Neptune in conjunction on the 19th. Energy will be placed into the fantasy realm, and daydreaming likely becomes a pastime. A quarter Moon on Tuesday (22′ 52″ Libra) contacts Jupiter in Leo, and we’ll feel positive about taking constructive action to complete the objectives of the last three weeks, and definitely a lot better about our prospects than we did a week ago, around the time of the cantankerous Full Moon in Cancer on the 4th. Exciting and innovative developments in communication and within love relationships culminate mid week as Venus and Mercury connect to Uranus, stimulating a desire to try something new and encouraging spontaneous decisions and activities. A much needed change of a pace towards the lighthearted can be anticipated, and good news comes in. Venus and Mercury also harmonize the Nodal Axis this week, tapping into the evolutionary goals of the North Node in Libra by trine, while reconciling us to past in a positive way through a sextile to South Node in Aries. We benefit at this time from both new associations (North Node) while also enjoying positive and stimulating undercurrents with those connected to our past (South Node).

Caution presides towards the end of the week, when Mars and Saturn square off – indicating our ability to take action will be burdened by obligations or feelings of restriction. This is a period of defining long range goals and seeking the methods by which we’ll reach them. Much easier avenues of expression open up at the end of February, for the time being we’ll be looking at ways to modify the approach. The Moon connects to Saturn early Friday morning, for the first time since Saturn moved into Sagittarius, giving us an emotional awareness and insight into the objectives being stimulated by this transit. By Saturday, the vibe improves enormously, as the Moon joins in a Grand Fire trine with Uranus and Leo, emphasizing enthusiasm and excitement, the perfect day for getting out and into the company of fun people while emphasizing unique self expression.


ARIES: A partnership is highlighted at the beginning of the week. You seek out the company of others, and desire a loved one who can share your hopes and dreams for the future. Your energy may be withdrawn over the coming weeks, or a great deal of action might be taking place behind the scenes. The subconscious is brimming with ideas and inspiration. It’s ok to pull back from some of the demands of a busy schedule, though events Thursday will thrust you into action ready or not. Self expression is highlighted over next weekend and you’ll feel at ease, particularly with friends or through expressive group activities.

TAURUS: Friends and especially creative people will be a major source of inspiration for you over the coming weeks. Professional developments are stimulated, and encouraging prospects come your way in this phase. Networking, communication and a new job assignment will offer very positive opportunities for you. Bear in mind the upcoming Mercury retrograde phase will likely see some reconsideration within professional matters, and that the path to your destiny is going to be a bit convoluted. Take an offer on Tuesday and see where it goes. The later part of the week is appropriate for privacy and reflection. You are becoming aware of dynamic inner transformation and benefit from meditation.

GEMINI: A pleasure trip may be the focus of the early part of the week, and you stand to make good headway on educational goals if you try something new or unexpected. A love relationship can come your way, or is enhanced by expanding your boundaries. Travel and intellectual exchange are highly favored. Professional matters are coming into focus and will drive your activities over the coming weeks. Inspirational activities or creativity will play a large role in your objectives in this phase. Events towards the end of the week can create contentious vibrations between yourself and a partner. You may be considering weather you are getting as much as you give. Are you?

CANCER: Life feels as though it is coming back into balance, as a sense of ease and certainty replaces the confusion of the prior weeks. Unexpected but highly exciting professional developments may be in store, someone behind the scenes helps you get your foot in the door and one step closer to a prestigious position. All will come into focus at the end of February. Between now and then, financial arrangements seem to require attending to. A matter related to your health and productivity also presents a challenge towards the end of the week. You might have to modify your daily activities, diet or otherwise. The details are revealed on Friday.

LEO: A long winters nap is an appealing prospect for you, though you don’t want to miss the enticing romantic developments in the early part of the week, either. You make an unexpected, but brilliant connection through academia or while traveling. Someone from the past features over the coming weeks, and you may get a second chance to rekindle a romantic alliance or may have some loose ends to tie up so you can move on. Contentious vibrations at the end of the week if you take yourself too seriously, though wonderful opportunities for engagement and self expression are possible on Saturday. Don’t let your ego get in the way of a marvelous time with friends or a loved one!

VIRGO: Issues are likely to intensify around a key partnership over the coming weeks, and you’ll do your best not to gloss over an issue or delude yourself as to the real content of a relationship right now. Health and wellness being your forte, you’ll love what transpires around Tuesday and Wednesday. A significant (and positive) financial development tied to your prolific productivity seems to be in the works. A domestic matter comes to a head towards the end of the week. You are beginning to realize the gravity of a matter connected to your living situation and have to come to terms with what you have agreed to. You’ll have a better opportunity to modify arrangements for the better at the end of next month. Allow concerns that arise now to guide your decision making.

LIBRA: Really enticing developments in a (new?) love relationship come out of the blue this week. After weeks of domestic concerns weighing heavily, fun and lighthearted vibrations prevail. Engaging in revelry can lead to an exciting chance encounter. Someone from the past may also come back into frame, clues on Friday will be very revealing of what is in store between now and mid – February. You may wish to take another chance on this relationship, or have unsettled business with this person to attend to. Work will be demanding of your time and energy over the coming weeks, though a creative project can be a very stimulating outlet of your energy. You may find yourself taking things a bit seriously in the later part of the week. A lighter touch on Saturday leads to fun social excursions.

SCORPIO: A feeling of ease and being in touch with yourself presides over the coming weeks and there can be many pleasurable occasions, even a new love relationship in store for you. A domestic influence is still strong, and you benefit from working from home if possible, particularly at the beginning of the week. This is an area which you will be reconsidering through the next month, pay attention to clues on Friday. There may be some financial strain towards the end of the week and you may realize you have over committed your resources. Friday into Saturday are positive for making an assessment of your earnings and expenses and setting up a workable budget for the upcoming weeks/months.

SAGITTARIUS: Social activities and interaction will prove pleasurable this week, and even the most minor discourse of daily affairs will be stimulating and add a fun dimension to your life. A witty word or kind gesture may turn the head of an admirer as well, and love can blossom most unexpectedly at this time. A great deal of energy comes to influence the arena of home this Monday, and you may find your attention diverted to domestic, familial or personal concerns over the coming handful of weeks. There can be some conflicts with flat mates or familiars, though it’s just as likely you’ll be receiving visitors or guests and that the pace in the home will simply be enlivened. If a conflict arises towards the end of the week, you’ll find flexibility your best ally in reaching an amenable solution. Saturday is divine for connecting in a positive way. Out and about.

CAPRICORN: A strong financial emphasis continues to be felt, with good news en route Tuesday and Wednesday, perhaps connected to a business or enterprise associated with your home. An innovative endeavor features largely into your success. Long range professional aspirations tie deeply into events that culminate now, with much more to be revealed towards the end of February and a momentous development in store during the eclipse April 4th. Pay attention, particularly on Friday for clues. The road ahead may look hurly burly, but those twists and turns are going to land you in the right place at the right time – and getting off track may be precisely what reveals the right path. There is a yuk factor Thursday that sees you in a compromising position. Grin and bear it? Your social life is about to get, um, interesting…

AQUARIUS: A certain edge comes off early in the week, opening the door to some really enticing and vibrant social interaction to take place both Tuesday and Wednesday. You feel quite at ease in this phase, but already are becoming aware that something is shifting in your self awareness corresponding to your identity and life goals. This can be the beginning of a period of questioning, or even just feeling ambivalent about where, what or who is next! Clues on Friday can point you in the right direction, with the trajectory in full sight by the middle of next month. For now consider options and dwell on nothing. Contentious financial circumstances may arise towards the end of the week. It’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay, and by pay this could include effort and time more so even than money. Your choice! You are beginning to see the positive benefits of narrowing your social circle next weekend: quality far outweighs quantity.

PISCES: Mars in your sign from Monday energizes and enlivens you. It’s a bit of square peg in a round hole this match, but you’ll enjoy the enticements nonetheless. Time to get active! Really astonishing financial prospects in the beginning of the week may see you working far behind the scenes on a top secret project, or a hot tip comes in from a very private source. Intuition is a strong guide in this phase, even more so than usual. Professional obligations weigh heavily towards the end of the week. There is a great deal of work coming your way, are you up for the responsibility? Next weekend is stellar for taking the plunge. Your bank account will thank you.