Weekly Forecast 4/22-28

Life continues to come back to order in the post – Mercury retrograde shadow phase, and mid week is ideal for sorting out a standing matter once and for all. A solution to a challenging issue that has been concerning over the last six weeks can finally be resolved when Mercury contacts Saturn on Wednesday. There is a sort of now or never quality to this transit, and a short term compromise or sacrifice can result in a long range solution.Meanwhile, a certain inertia defuses, as the drive towards goals levels off, lowering the intensity.

With Saturn and Pluto (from the 22nd) in retrograde motion, the strategies and motivation to achievement are in a phase of contemplation and restructuring. This calls for some introspection and reevaluation over the coming months, as testing out what is working and what is not is required before major initiatives, relationships and even life structures, can continue to move forward. A change in trajectory is enhanced by the upcoming Mars retrograde, which will additionally delay developments.

Important events do culminate this week, meanwhile, especially where initiatives rooted in the events and storylines of early January are featured. Energy is stimulated as Mars aligns with the Jupiter – Pluto sextile, indicating a great deal of motivation to achieve an objective, and/or make a really significant transformation and overcome something that seems almost insurmountable. Thursday seeds the beginning of the new Mars – Pluto cycle, which lasts for 2 years, though this agenda will likely go through some transmutation and modification over the Summer months.

A surge of energy precipitates during this merger, a desire to take power or control something (perfectly acceptable if that something is yourself and your own motivations and inner drives!) is way intensified. This can also be a dank and confrontational period, where you have to face the truth, as harsh as it might be, and make some kind of change. If you can manage this, though, you experience the Phoenix quality that this aspect engenders and go through an accelerated purge – release – rebirth. The area ruled by Mars in your chart likely to experience an intensely cathartic event around this time.


The Jupiter aspect (occurring Tuesday) is incredibly positive, and amplifies exuberance and productivity. Positive feelings are generated and success in endeavors, especially wrought from undertakings that were initiated in early January, is indicated. After this week, Mars will not interact with Jupiter or Pluto again until it engages from Pisces in November – December, so make the most of these compelling alignments!

Venus will enter Gemini on Tuesday, generating a diffuse ambience in which affection is stimulated by curiosity or intellectual pursuits. Gemini can be a bit of a fashion victim, and at it’s worst is superficial, though at it’s best incredibly witty and a provocative social commentator. The words you choose and you use can win over the heart of the love you might seek. Poems, notes, and cute text messages can have a big influence on how satisfying and productive your relational life will be, express yourself!

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You gain professional momentum this week, though some of these aspirations may not fully coalesce until a little later this year. Still, you get good indications that you are moving in the right direction. An intense shift occurring Thursday points out where you hold power, but equally where you have the most work to do. Socially this is a very vibrant couple of weeks for you, and next weekend ideal for spending time with your spouse or partner. If you are still seeking someone to connect with, it’s possible an encounter in your daily routine triggers an interesting meeting.


TAURUS April 20 – May 20

The theme this week is going the distance, and potentially articulating a long term plan you may wish to put into motion later this year. This objective has likely been lurking just beneath the surface of your consciousness, and something triggered this week enables you to put this into words. A partnership is featured here and through the encouragement of your spouse or something that happens in their lives you gain momentum here. Financial matters are much improved from Tuesday. Indulge a little.


GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Venus moving into your sign takes the edge off the intensity and bewildering twists and turns you have endured over the last few months. Receptivity to pleasure and genuine feelings of self acceptance are enhanced and offer you respite in an otherwise volatile atmosphere. Financial obligations still need to get sorted, and either a debt or commitment you have made to another demands your attention in the later part of the week. The early weekend is nonetheless quite enjoyable, make some time for recreation.


CANCER June 21 – July 22

A key committed partnership is still evolving, though you get a reminder of why you got involved in the first place in the early days of the week. Confidence in your partnership is genuinely enhanced when someone comes through for you. A major culmination on Thursday shows how far you have come, but equally how far you have yet to go. A professional issue that has been pervasive over the last two months or so can be dealt with mid week, freeing you to move forward with an important objective. A quiet and reflective period ensues with Venus in Gemini.



LEO July 23 – August 22

Sundays’ quarter moon phase falls in your sign, suggesting you are still adapting to changing conditions. Check in with how you feel about the progress you have made since last Summer, you likely have come further than you realize! A highly charged situation at work culminates this week. Success is yours where you have put in an effort to modify your approach and a stunning opportunity may be on offer. Socially you enter one of the more vibrant passages of the year, friends and alliances sparkle and pleasurable interludes are a highlight over the coming weeks.


VIRGO August 23 – September 22

The heat gets turned up this week in a love relationship, and if you remember the period of mid October, 2016, you might have a clue as to what might be culminating. Currently, you have the support of Jupiter, enabling you to articulate your thoughts and feelings more clearly, as well as to expect a beneficial outcome, which makes one more likely to come about. Mid week offers the potential for resolving a long standing issue and have on overdue conversation. Venus in Gemini from Tuesday enhances your reputation and makes professional progress more likely.



LIBRA September 23 – October 23

The control you seek in your domestic situation is amplified this week, as something shifts for you on a subterranean level, signaling the time is coming to make an overdue change or transition. A financial development on Tuesday could enable initial steps take place, though it’s more likely this really comes together for you in October or even the early portion of 2019. Heed a cathartic message, though and set an agenda for the upcoming months. Venus in Gemini enhances pleasurable connections, making this a favorable period for love and recreation, especially where a long distance connection offers you an affectionate exchange.


SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s a defining period for you, though with Pluto retrograding, you likely will spend the next few months reconsidering a few key objectives while you revisit the outcomes of your prior choices. You can express yourself quite powerfully now, and especially from mid week you can set course on a major initiative, just be prepared to travel towards your destination in the slow line. By Autumn, the pace hastens and you’ll be moving from strength to strength. Your emotional realm is stimulated while Venus transits Gemini, a relationship could have cathartic undertones for you. Tap into passionate desire over the coming weeks.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

It would be easy to pass off the upcoming astrology as having a financial connotation for you, but it’s really quite deeper than that, as upcoming aspects are actually revealing significant changes in values and even feelings of self worth that have been a transformative aspect of your existence for several years. What differentiates the current sky scape from the occurrences of the past, is the structural improvements you can make now that Saturn has arrived in this area. Sacrifice on some order is required while you define what matters most. Venus in Gemini indicates a positive atmosphere for your relationships. Time to dive in!


CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Powerhouse aspects affect you this week, and where you have sought to assert your potentials and release yourself from deadening behavioral patterns or relationships you will discover the determination you require to effectively transform your life. Friends or an organization enable your efforts and you’ll likely benefit from outside assistance. Take a long view on all developments, as attainment of your objectives is within reach, but remain a work in progress for several months. Routines and productivity are well aspected, and an effort you put fourth now (doing your best work) pays off professionally for you during a favorable period extending from August to November.


AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Venus in Gemini from Tuesday gets you out of the funk of heaviness you’ve endured for much of the year so far, lightning the ambience and opening your perspective to pleasurable experiences. Things continue to get sorted behind the scenes, and compelling developments over the course of the week likely signal long over due changes are coming to the fore of your consciousness. Attention shifts to domestic and personal matters meanwhile, and you benefit from some private time, nurturing your inner world through connecting to family and those closest to you.


PISCES February 19 – March 20

There is some intensity in the ambience this week, though conditions among your friends and social networks do have favorable indications. Someone at a distance could stand up for you and help you move a plan into action. Results may be slow to come, but a decision you make this week does have the potential to significantly alter your long range agenda. From Tuesday, Venus enhances your private life, making you a bit low key while you attend to personal and domestic matters. Sprucing your home up will put you at ease and offer comfort.




Mercury begins the month by retracing its’ steps through the last decan of Virgo, clearing the airwaves and removing the residue of the prior 8 weeks as clarity and conviction resume. By the 11th, a long sought after breakthrough is likely as the third Mercury – Jupiter conjunction signals the beginning of a new cycle of growth and expansive activities. Publishing or media can feature, though this energy is equally helpful for articulating our feelings in a relationship and mending fences that may have been damaged over the prior phase.

Mercury leaves shadow on the 7th, swiftly entering Libra for a brisk two weeks. The pace is socially oriented and art events and creative activities can really be enjoyed, especially with well heeled friends or associates. Look for clues around October 4th, when Mercury transits the degree of last months’ Pisces eclipse (September 16th). News or a decision regarding events around that time can now be finalized and put into place. September was a messy month, and it’s around this time we can really find the closure we seek and genuinely move forward. Missed and mixed messages finally reach their intended audience.

Intense Lunations this month feature wild card Uranus conjunct the Aries Full Moon (October 16th) and a passionate New Moon in Scorpio connecting to mystical and visionary Neptune from Pisces on the 30th. Many big changes are afoot, and a sense of new beginnings and transformation should prevail. There is a real keg fire quality to the events of mid month, with Uranus in play there can be a real desire to authentic self expression at any cost, with bridges burned in the melee provoked, so watch where you light those matches, Sparky. The 30th allows us to release all the tough Scorpio lessons of the last 3 years and rekindle our relationship to passion. The Moon is smitten with Neptune at this time, making this one really sparkly, romantic, glamorous and inspirational. This vibration makes for an especially magical All Hallows celebration.



Saturn is prominent in October, traveling further from the hazy auspices of Neptune that provided so many challenges over the last year, while moving swiftly into a square with the nodes, an aspect that comes most precise around October 8th. Saturn represents time and structure, endless and relentless – the nodes the past and future, as well as destiny and where opportunity for development lies. With Saturn in this position, we come to a pivotal place in our journey. A crucial assessment occurs here. Are we moving in the right direction? Have we truly embraced where we are headed? Taskmaster Saturn may well ask, are you ready to do the work to get there and do you posses the skills required?

The nodes represent a direction in space and our current evolutionary orientation, with the path we should travel indicated by the North Node and thus what we set behind as we move towards that direction, it’s polar or axis opposite, the South Node. On their own they don’t provide a specific atmosphere the way the planets in signs do.

It’s only when the nodes become activated by transiting planets (and of course, most notably, during strong eclipses, which is why these periods are so volatile!) that their influence is most readily experienced and thus able to integrate. Nodal contacts are meant to get us back on course, to embrace that path we are supposed to travel. With Saturn’s highly pressurized, diamond making abilities stimulating that course, this transit presents an opportunity to realign with that objective, though there is equally a painful reminder of what we have left behind or surrendered in order to do so as a consequence of those choices. As much of the year has served thus far, the advancement of life choices, agendas or enterprises that transpired in 2013 is the ongoing theme here.

In this case you may want to think back specifically to September of that year. It was at that time a North Node – Saturn conjunction took place at 8 Scorpio (sextile Pluto 8 Capricorn, no less). Goals set or endeavors that unfolded in that period are being tested and recalibrated now. Our agenda undergoes a period of crisis and transformation as Saturn reaches this pivotal point. The nodes appear to travel backwards, so the current evolutionary objective resides in Virgo. The house being transited in your chart is “where” (the evolutionary emphasis and greatest opportunity for growth is present) and the energy symbolized by the sign representing “how” you will get there.

Again there is the theme of “are you ready to work for it” and with Saturn in the mix these are long range objectives, things you spend many years of your life working to manifest. When you get there, the feeling of accomplishment is so immense, because it requires determination to overcome the many obstacles and because nothing short of mastery of self and the material world also played a role in your success. With the North Node active you should find if you are doing the right things, doors open up for you. If you make the effort and get out of the comfort zone things fall into place. With Saturn the work here is doubled, and the square suggests the sacrifices could feel enormous at this time. You are acutely aware of what you are letting go of as you reach to obtain the future you know intuitively you have to move towards.

Mars in Capricorn (through November 9) amplifies this all enormously. The tenacity required to get what we want is available right now. There is a rough and ready quality to October and you can go very far this month if you are willing to focus your activities, dig in and put in the work. Mars harmonizes the nodes on the 15th (from 12 Capricorn), making this a productive day for insight and advancement. Mars conjunct Pluto at 15 Capricorn on the 19th initiates a two year cycle of transformational activities and reclamation of power. There can be malevolence with this aspect when used for personal gain, and even violence. At it’s best and highest this represents a true merger between two entities that seek catharsis through their affiliation. Together they make something so much bigger, better and especially – powerful. From Capricorn this could indicate a business merger is big possibility, but look specifically to where this falls in your chart to see where you will experience this dynamic surge of energy as this is where you will be making a crucial and life changing commitment.



Cinderella by NikitaCosplay @DeviantArt

Venus in Sagittarius (from the 19th) and Jupiter in Libra will keep the ambience outgoing, social and genuinely positive. A unique aspect forming on the 25th – 26th draws together Jupiter and Venus in mutual reception (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, transiting Libra, while Venus rules Libra, transiting in Sag.) forming a sextile while both align with visionary and inspirational Neptune. Meanwhile, Moon in Virgo conjuncts the North Node! Amazing! There is something quite romantic and magical about this configuration. Affection and generosity will be enhanced. The alchemical Jupiter – Neptune quincunx (Venus and Neptune will be square,) adds a fairytale connotation to the whole vibration, while Moon to North Node means we are emotionally and intuitively attuned to the appropriate path we should be on. Good fortune comes where we have prepared for the road to the future. It’s a really divine atmosphere and something quite significant may come to fruition under these auspices.


The following day, Sun and Mercury conjunct at 3 Scorpio, signaling the beginning of a new four month cycle of activity and communication. The following 6 weeks are the most productive period of the Mercury cycle, and it’s likely events that have transpired over the recent days stimulate the agenda here. We will see the objectives and projects we initiate now come to fruition over the next four months.

STARGAZER SCOPES BY SIGN (You may read for both your Sun Sign and Rising Sign. You can get your chart for FREE on astro.com if you don’t know your chart data!)

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ARIES: The pace is accelerating in all key areas of your life right now. A significant personal milestone can be reached mid month, as the Full Moon in your sign on the 16th pulls the trigger on an exciting chain reaction that lasts through the New Year. A new or developing relationship might be the cause of celebration and excitation. The unexpected features largely here, and you may be the recipient of a new, prestigious role professionally or through your university. The 29th brings all the details to light. A lost connection can be rekindled after the 7th. You’ll find it much easier to express yourself to the one you care for. Your drive and determination can take you far, but be wary of power dynamics NSFW around the 19th. From there the vibe gets enticingly romantic, especially where you can expand your boundaries through a love relationship. Someone who can take you out of the familiar or routine will be particularly appealing, especially on the 26th.

TAURUS: There are promising alinements in your chart for love, and a relationship thrives especially where you can get out of the comfort zone and embrace broader horizons. The 1st and 5th have wonderful vibrations that enhance your romantic desires and make them easier to fulfill. A New Moon on the 30th shows you how far you have come on the road to love, the doldrums and dead ends so much in the rear view mirror for you. Work life, and particularly the work you might be doing behind the scenes is featured after the 23rd. A big splash in your industry is possible and your creativity shines in this late October phase. This approach can also help you with a niggling financial issue. Debt or a repayment may need to be restructured, if these issues are crippling to you, then it’s possible to find a solution now. You might find releasing a cherished dream is the sacrifice, but provides you with a long range solution that gives you peace of mind.

GEMINI: The agents of transformation are hard at work in your life right now, making it worthwhile to embrace the adage “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form”. The areas of your life that are seeing closure right now are bleeding life, light and energy directly into new realms of expression and discovery you may not have even considered yet. So it it feels like you are walking through a war zone and the wilderness, keep in mind that the next stage of the cycle is regenerative. This awakening may be aided by a kindred spirit. From the 19th to the middle of next month, love may present itself (the 26th is positively magical!) so look for angels and allies in your midst. A commitment you make on the 29th will stand the test of time. What you feel around this time shows you both how far you have come (as well as how far you still have to go) in your own self awareness.

CANCER: The partnership zone intensifies for you and passions will be very much aroused this month. Very pleasurable vibes for you on the 1st and 5th illuminate your creative potential and can be very enticing for romantic encounters. The heat is on (although this “heat” can equally be produced by conflict) in your committed relationships, especially around the 19th. This potent and dynamic period can produce a breakthrough (or equally a breakdown) in your couple as very transformative forces come to play in the life of your partner. The effects these have on you will be meaningful, and potentially create a shift in the balance of power. Set aside expectations for the time being, life is changing swiftly and accelerating circumstances (especially those ignited mid month) carry over into the super sweet and good vibrations you get at the end of the month during the loverly New Moon in Scorpio on the 30th. Also on fire (proverbially) this month is your profession, with a surprise – surprise!! coming in around the 16th during a highly eventful Full Moon in Aries. Depending on how you feel about your current standing in your profession, you might just bite the bullet an make an unanticipated change yourself. Good luck!

LEO: You manage to work out some of the trickier dynamics in the financial realm early this month, though still have numerous opportunities to evaluate and develop sources of income for a while longer. This can be a hardworking phase for you, though tough energy at the office or on the job (mainly relating to dominating personalities,) continue to make for a contentious environment. This will be particularly hard to avoid around the 19th. Mid month could present an exciting opportunity for an unexpected trip or journey. If you are already planning to be away, you can expect an eventful adventure! Very pleasurable and alluring vibrations come your way from the 18th as Venus opens the doors to pleasure from your arena of true romance. Your energy may be a bit low around the 7th, take care with some R+R. Disengage if you cannot see the point of view of a difficult person. Domestic life and the family remain a large priority, and you are rapidly seeing improvements in this arena. You can make a significant change for the better around the New Moon on the 30th, and you may wish to enhance your surroundings with art or decorative objects that inspire you.

VIRGO: The love life can get exciting this month as high energy levels infect your area of true romance and creativity. You’ll seek to express yourself and your affection within a love relationship. The 5th, 11th and 19th are dynamic for breakthroughs, especially if your hopes for a commitment had been dashed or a relationship faltered over the Summer months. Meaningful mergers can be made under the auspices of the Full Moon on the 16th. An unexpected overture can send your heart soaring. You can connect deeply with your lover when you are willing to be completely honest about your expectations and especially your sexual needs and desires. This level of trust brings you to a new level of intimacy. Addressing the domestic challenges gets easier from the 19th. If your place is radiating a spartan sort of appeal or feeling cold to you, spruce it up with a few decorative objects or paint a single wall a stunning, but subtle shade of rose. The shift in consciousness will uplift your spirit immediately. The New Moon on the 30th is significant for a love relationship. Express your heart’s desires to the one you cherish.

LIBRA: The ambience is dynamic and eventful with much going on in so many significant sectors of your life this month. A relationship may get a reboot, mid month is the time to go for your heart’s desire and lay it all on the line in the name of love. A partner must connect with you in an authentic way to win you over, and friendship is a huge part of that. There’s a super-dynamite-wow factor in your relationships around the Full Moon (Oct. 16th) and exciting culminations and dramatic endings could all be highlighted. If you aren’t getting what you want and need on the reals, you might be the one lighting the match at the keg fire. One way or another, a big kaboom is coming. Home and heritage also feature and you might be delving into your family history or uprooting yourself to make a more enduring domestic commitment. The 19th can be revolutionary for a breakthrough related to your childhood or living arrangements. The final week features some very pretty and glamorous vibes, even better if you are traveling or engaged with an artistic association somehow. Business commitments and contracts made towards the end of the month benefit your long range goals.

SCORPIO: You finally get a chance to rectify the mistakes of the past and clear up certain issues with certain someones in time for a new beginning set to take place for you during your New Moon on the 30th. With Saturn and more recently Mars causing so many personal grievances for you over the last 3 years, it certainly will be wonderful to turn a new leaf and page. For now, reflection is due and to make the most of your new beginning you really need to to find closure and make peace with the past. Forgiveness may be a part of this, but also being aware of your own short comings and realizing where you, too, made a mistake or two is a part of this process. With benefic Jupiter aiding the proceedings, you likely find that your landing is padded, and the graciousness available to you here (especially around the 26th) is so valuable as you process the endings you are making in this time period. The longer range challenge still remains in your financial realm, with tough indications (but equally opportunities) this month to fix your problems through hard work. There may be a creative solution that makes a big difference in the outcome, or friends may play a helpful role. Mid month may be the final straw at work, or you could finally get a long sought after promotion. A work from home business could escalate. The New Moon taps your love mojo on the 30th. You’ll realize how far you’ve come, so make that wish.

SAGITTARIUS: After so many months hosting cantankerous Mars in your sign, it will likely be an absolute pleasure to find Venus here after the 18th, especially after an exciting Full Moon triggers unexpected, but enticing developments, in the arena of true romance mid month. You can follow your heart’s desire now. The week of the 24th is splendid and you should do as much as you can to reach out to friends or through social events or activities. Financial and professional goals are within reach now though you have to put in the time and work hard for it. The 19th could bring a long range effort to culmination, intense changes are brewing in your financial realm. The New Moon on the 30th clears the way to release the past. Towards the end of the month you may find a need to go under cover and lay low while you strategize your next move. Events around the 30th show you how far you have come. Take on a goal you set but never got around to. Personal adjustments you make now can have a bigger than usual impact in your profession and public role.

CAPRICORN: It’s a real dynamite month for you Cap, with Mars in your sign you can go after what you want in unprecedented fashion. The destination is well in sight now, though an adjustment has to made to your overall strategy or within your subjective self. Look to limiting or negative self talk around the 8th. If you find you are somehow sabotaging your own efforts you have the opportunity now to address (and then eliminate) why. Really exciting events are taking place from mid month, and you may find you are finally holding the reigns and driving the charge here. What occurs around the 19th demonstrates how significantly you have changed over the last several years, and power can be made available to you (or other substantial resources that enable you to experience life to the fullest of your passionate desires) though this is far more likely if you have really put in some efforts towards the self mastery required to be worthy of such an opportunity. Hint: you must acknowledge the contribution of those around you to what you are creating whether in love, business or otherwise. This has to be about a merger that offers the ability to transform – nothing less. Bear in mind to whom you owe what for making such a profound change possible in your life. Better yet if they are aware of your implicit value and mutual contribution. Now you are getting somewhere. Ready… set… BOOM.

AQUARIUS: There are some highly pleasurable moments in store for you this month and a lot of enjoyment can be experienced through social and intellectual exchanges. From mid month daily life gets really vibrant and harmonious energy prevails. The 26th is lovely for connecting with someone in a cultural setting. You can put your best foot forward in such a circumstance. Stirrings of change in your professional life brewing since early this year finally begin to take foot towards the end of the month. With several years of challenge behind you, it’s time to strike out on a new (or improved) path and find your way towards your higher calling once more. The New Moon on the 30th clears the way for such an upswing, with highly inspirational overtones signaling the right direction to take. A lot is going on behind the scenes for you and a sense of closure or endings could predominate. Pay attention to your inner venting: misplaced feelings of frustration or passive aggressive actions can be instructive of behaviors and attitudes you need to release. From next month you will find a fun and dynamic new atmosphere where you can really go after your hearts desires.

PISCES: There are some very intense vibrations this month, but you haven’t quite reached the do or die moment quite yet. There are choices to be made, it would seem that a key partnership continues to shape and play a major role in your destiny. You can pinpoint the time around the 8th to see the most crucial details arise. For the most part the energy is amenable for you, as Venus from Scorpio (through the 18th) continues to enhance your receptivity to pleasure. Engagement on a passionate level is likely in this period and you may find towards the final weeks that deal making, mergers and the financial auspices of others (lenders, banks, patrons ect.) can play a very helpful role in your upward mobility. A significant relationship may also be established with someone who is connected to you professionally, the energy flows both ways. Very sweet vibrations will be present at this time, do be careful you do not misrepresent yourself. Neptune will be afoot and you might seek to bend the truth to make a better impression, but this will backfire. Really good vibes at the end of the month make for a magical Halloween. The New Moon rekindles your visionary inspiration, see where it takes you!