New Years day kicks off with a Full moon in Cancer, linking up a grand water trine involving Jupiter and Neptune. This generates a positive emotional resonance, as deep feelings are stirred and there is a sense of restoration of peace and optimism in the aftermath of a tumultuous 2017. Planets in Capricorn are at odds, though, a reminder that heavy topics and matters of more serious nature also require attention. A really formidable atmosphere between the 6th and the 10th sees a very unique series of aspects involving Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio linking harmoniously to Sun – Venus – Pluto in Capricorn gets the year off to a very motivated and passionate beginning. At it’s worst these alignments can produce pathological obsession (Scorpio) towards the attainment of power and resources (Capricorn). At it’s best it offers the opportunity for advancement and sustainable abundance where long range effort and hard work has been made to transform the conditions of ones life.

A significant turning point is reached on the 15th when Jupiter and Pluto make the first sextile aspect of 3 between now and September. This aspect symbolizes growth (within the emotional and spiritual dimension) through transforming the relationship with the natural world and ones sense of duty or obligation to society. The resolution of power struggles or in a quest for justice that occurred last year during the Jupiter – Pluto square (the last of which occurred in early August,) now yields the fruit of the challenges over come. This can be a period of remarkable achievement for those who put in significant effort to transform their conditions last year, especially in August.

On the 11th, Mercury moves out of shadow, jumping into Capricorn for the rest of the month. Productivity and practicality is emphasized from this position and Mercury will enable communication channels to open that facilitate the advancement of the goals stimulated over the prior weeks, during those dynamic influences between Scorpio and Capricorn. Mercury links up to these alinements later in the month, with especially significant developments on the 24th and 25th. An agreement or negotiation may conclude or begin now, and there is a serious but expansive overtone.

Uranus resumes direct motion on the 2nd, having been retrograde since early August of last year. Progress can be made now towards liberation. Look to the house ruled by Uranus in your natal chart, as well as where Uranus is currently transiting, to see where you’ll get an electrifying jolt of energy and start to see a shift forward. This is enhanced as Sun (on the 19th), Venus (on the 17th) and later Mercury (on the 31st) move into Aquarius, signaling a more detached, scientific and experimental approach is being emphasized. As Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th, the vibe shifts substantially, becoming more driven by imagination, ideas, inspiration and collaboration than the material and emotional concerns that preoccupied over the prior month. A far more outgoing approach is favored, and connecting with those of mutual mind sets (Aquarius) can bring both social, organizational and political developments forward.

The Capricorn New Moon on the 17th augments all of the prior. It will receive positive reinforcement from both Venus and Mars, but is also in a very tight square to Uranus. This is going to be a rather volatile and dynamic Moon phase that will likely set things into motion very swiftly but unexpectedly. A clash of wills and ideologies, from the highest levels of governments to within the individual lives of many, may be an out come here. The days leading up to this will offer some clues, as Venus (13th) and Sun (14th) square Uranus relative from their positions in Capricorn, creating a contentious atmosphere. Situations and relationships might be triggered and fall apart quite suddenly, as there is a burning desire to take immediate action. Mercury makes it’s aspect on the 28th, and here the resolution of the matter is most likely to take place. There is urgency to resolve something that was started last May – June, when this particular energy cycle began.

This will be followed in two weeks time by a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 31st, signaling the culmination of the huge shifts in perception and life direction that occurred last August during the complimentary Leo Solar Eclipse (Aug. 21). Changes in priorities occur quickly at this time, and endings must be made to accommodate the opportunities for growth represented by these. Venus will be in opposition to the Leo Moon at this time, conjunct the South Node in Aquarius. This has two fold meaning, as either a sacrifice is made in love, or for love, although alternately there may be a karmic retrieval of something of great beauty and splendor as a result of prior actions. The South Node, ruling the past, gives back what has been put in, even from prior incarnations. While it can be of diminishing quality to that which it contacts, it can also bear a gift if the karma is positive. Crossing paths with those with shared past karmic connections should be seen as kismet. There is an opportunity to resolve an old debt or heal a wound. Expect the hands of fate to guide the course and do not attempt to interfere. There may be moments of feeling swept up and away, but when you look back, you will see what happened got you to higher ground and only stripped away the unessential and outworn.

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april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
This is a brilliant month for you professionally as very positive beams between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto provide a harmonious ambience favoring advancement and the achievement of your goals. Make the most of it as a more contentious season prevails in a few months time. Interviews and promotions are especially indicated around the 8th and 9th and should be used to make your best impression on those who can help you up the ladder of success. The 15th is brilliant if you are seeking a loan or working capital for a business or professional project. A New Moon on the 17th heralds a new direction. Use the first few days of the New Year to get sorted at home so you can be prepared to take on all the lovely opportunities up ahead.

Excerpt from 2018 Aries Horoscope: …It’s an important time to check in with yourself, Saturn really demands you define the objective for yourself – what is worth the effort, because it knows how much effort is really going to be required to get you where you are heading. What is worth it and what is it worth are other questions weighing on you subjectively. What do you really want to achieve? Saturn will take away everything, (well, from whatever Pluto has left anyway) to make you really determine what you want and focus on it exclusively. This is a transit that lasts through the end of 2020, to be exact, and it will be over the next few years you really define on your own terms what you are really willing to work for, shedding all superfluous ideas, projects and associations that do not serve this singular objective…

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The year gets started on an incredibly romantic note, and this will especially be true if you are traveling with your spouse or partner. The 6th – 10th and 15th are beautiful for nurturing your love connection. The Full Moon on the 1st gives voice to your true feelings and you can really make an impression now, bearing your soul and hearts’ desires. A Total Eclipse in Leo at the end of the month can signal significant changes in your residence, and these are likely for the best. Take on a new adventure, learn and develop a skill or long range enterprise from the New Moon on the 17th. Professionally you shine and win some well deserved accolades. Someone from the past or a long forgotten success could come into play unexpectedly on the 30th. Watch and wait.

Excerpt from 2018 Taurus Horoscope …Professionally there will likely be some ups and downs. Mars retrograde impacts your professional sphere and indicates you either start something you can’t finish and have to start all over again or simply start off on a whole new course, in September or October. South Node in transit here suggests this is not the area in which you will experience the most opportunity for growth, but rather are accepting the Karmic implications of what you built up in the past 9 – 18 years, and this could be particularly frustrating during the three Mars – South Node conjunctions that occur. Use those feelings instructively to find within yourself what you don’t like about your present circumstances, then plan to make changes next year, when you’ll find those constraints are lifted and you have more freedom of movement to build up the career you really want…

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
There is a lot of emphasis, but equally some incredible opportunities in your work life at the on set of the year. The 6th – 10th is loaded with indications for advancement, particularly if you are working behind the scenes. Strong signals appear on these dates, and it is possible you get a loan or other form of outside revenue or income that help you launch a project or side hustle that pushes you towards a long range objective that will come to fruition a bit later in the year. Do your best work now and make a good impression on those who can help you down the line. An eclipse on the 31st can see doors closing on social alliances you have outgrown. You may be finishing a writing project or working with a theater group or some other kind of entertainment entity. Venus is close to the heart of the eclipse, so if you do part ways, you do so with a great deal of love for the experience you shared.

Excerpt from Gemini 2018 Horoscope …Saturn and Pluto occupy the arena of transformation and occult matters for the next several years, shifting focus to internal and psychological issues. There can be startling revelations made through an intimate partnership, and an intense atmosphere may prevail. With Saturn in this position you are called upon to identify matters of trust and security either through a close relationship, like a marriage, or through a financial or lending institution, bank or even an inheritance. This relationship requires a lot of work and definition, and finding the middle ground is crucial now. Also in terms of trust and the entity of a partnership beyond yourself and learning to create this trust through intimacy and an ongoing commitment to a person, or in some cases a business partner or lender. There is a question and confrontation to accountability, can we rely on each other? Have we cultivated enough trust between us to endure? Saturn and Pluto will conjunct in January 2020, so this will represent a really meaningful turning point in your relationship or regarding a business merger. You may sign a significant contract or marry at this time…

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Very passionate and romantic overtones prevail at the beginning of the month and whether you have been together for 20 years or just completely smitten with a new partner there are so many opportunities to cultivate and deepen your connection now. A loving and erotic energy presides over the first weeks, culminating in brilliant commitments being forged on the 15th and during a New Moon on the 17th. Mercury takes over from there and there will be numerous texts, phone calls and conversations that bring you even closer. Financials come into frame after the 21st and an Eclipse in Leo on the last day of the month could be a potential boon for you. Events that were set into motion last August – early September are now culminating and an opportunity or decision from that period now reveals it’s outcome, hopefully in your favor.

Excerpt from Cancer 2018 Horoscope …Both Mars, which will retrograde back into your area of partnership in mid August – mid September and then Venus, which will retrograde in Scorpio in October – mid November, will feature karmic overtones and could suggest either reconciling, renewing or reviewing (or all three in no particular order!) your commitments and love relationships. As always it’s possible circumstances pull you apart and while separated you may consider where your affection truly lies. It’s really when you are separated from someone true feelings are revealed. Do you miss them and yearn for them, or do you realize you were in a marriage of convenience, simply indulging in the companionship of another human being? A period of being away could see such considerations being contemplated. This period lasts through nearly the end of the year with a reunion or commitment in store for those who have built bonds that were made to last…

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Very dynamic undertones are present as links between your work and domestic areas provide the perfect opportunity to set up a home office or work from home enterprise. You may just be enjoying a pleasant respite with your loved ones, recuperating for the new year. There are powerful and expansive forces at work right now, and your most intimate life is vibrant and fulfilling. Enjoy this rare and wondrous moment, share warmth and intimacy with those whom you are closest to. Nail down details on an assignment or promotion on the 24th. Relationships come into frame in the latter part of the month, with Sun and Venus opposing from Aquarius. Something or someone is on the way in or out on the 30th, it’s also possible someone you thought you’d never see again could arrive on the scene unexpectedly. The eclipse in your sign the following day also suggests doors opening and closing. There may be a marriage, conclusions occur now and have fated overtones.

Excerpt from Leo 2018 Horoscope …This year is going to provide some challenges in the relational realm, as Mars, due to it’s retrograde will make a lengthy tour in your house of pairing and sharing. Three full contacts to the South Node will occur, and you may feel a strong sense of being limited in your personal expression through your relationship or otherwise undergo a strong sense of nostalgia for a lost love. The dates of June 8th, July 21st and September 26th are all to be carefully observed, as these are the ones on which the transits occur. It’s not unlikely someone from your past springs back on the scene, and as you likely have an unfinished karmic storyline with this person, you might just jump in and pick up where you left off. It’s important to acknowledge the limitation of this relationship, that you are probably just resolving unfinished business, which is fine, but that equally, if you are currently in a good relationship, to entertain the notion of getting back together with this long lost love is going to have a severe and detrimental effect on the relationship you are in now…

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
The year gets off to a very sultry start with cathartic romantic vibrations stirring in your love sector. A relationship that began last October could be starting to really pick up momentum now and there could be stellar developments over the first two weeks, so make sure you’ve carved out some time for that someone special. The New Moon on the 17th opens a new doorway, though vexing influences in the form of financial obligations or a prior intimate commitment could be standing in the way. Mercury from the 12th opens the channels of communication and aids you to work through any issues. The social life is exciting this month and many invitations can fill your calendar, making this an exciting month for you. Closure is possible during the eclipse at the end of the month. An ending to a chapter of life you have long sought to release occurs. Let it go.

Excerpt from Virgo 2018 Horoscope …After years of struggle to get on your feet and through these trials having successfully established a secure home base for yourself, you will find a far more amenable atmosphere prevails throughout 2018. Issues with family members or finding an appropriate or permanent residence for yourself have found resolution and you are ready to embark on new and more satisfying experiences. You have provided yourself with a durable base of operations and can now expand. This could be through a love relationship that gets serious, becoming a parent, or through artistic mastery in a creative medium. The next leg of your journey will take you until the end of 2020. As Saturn transits Capricorn, you will feel more mature and readily take on more responsibility. Jupiter from Scorpio will provide assistance, helping you build a social circle with people you can express your vision and connecting you to your true love. Where relationships may have come up short over the last several years, you find yourself in new territory and can make a more lasting and meaningful connection now…

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Very powerful and positive developments of both a financial and domestic nature kick off your new year and an upturn in your income could signal new and improved conditions in your home, or that potentially a move or upgrade is on the cards. A professional culmination early in the year brings fourth very rewarding circumstances (especially in regard to resources), signaling a potential change in residence which is more likely to come together over the New Moon on the 17th. This will be the appropriate time to sign and seal the deal for a new home. A partner might not be on board, and it’s up to you to stand up for what you want here. Pleasure, creativity and romance come into frame towards the end of the month, with an eclipse on the 31st offering some big surprises.

Excerpt from Libra 2018 Horoscope …This could come in the form of genuine material abundance, but it also has a great deal to with a newly found self confidence and how you have learned to value yourself. When you believe you have something important to offer and an understanding of what distinguishes you from the crowd, you can ask and expect more for what you are bringing to the table, right? Jupiter in Libra tuned you into this awareness, and now as you move forward, you can incorporate more in the form of assets and even wealth. The collaboration of Jupiter and Pluto (dates aforementioned) can indicate phenomenal success, and so much of it has to do with having relinquished negativity that may have been present through your early conditioning and learning self value. You’ll see this as early as the first few weeks of January, and very potent awards will be present throughout the year professionally, but especially in regard to income and rewards of a material nature. The Venus retrograde phase complicates this for you substantially in the final months of the year, but by December all entanglements should be resolved. With Scorpio implicated (as the ruler of your second house), your personal finances tend to be tied up with other people, and there could be situations where lines need to get drawn with business partners or a spouse…

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Very alluring vibrations kick start your New Year and the first two weeks especially are very advantageous for connecting to or cultivating a love relationship or creative project. The 6th is very dynamic for you, as Mars and Jupiter connect in your sign you can really go for it with a personal enterprise. Speaking, communication and contracts are in frame, so if you’ve been seeking to secure a lucrative business deal, you have a big advantage now. In fact, planetary line ups like this are so rare as to be considered extraordinary. Make room in a busy schedule to attend meetings and negotiate for your real value. From the 19th attention begins to shift to the domestic realm and you can feather your nest a bit, taking a bit of personal time out and even doing a bit of entertaining or redecorating. Turquoise blue is a color that activates positive Feng Shui for you, and a throw or some well chosen home accessories in this shade can enhance feelings of wellness and productivity.

Excerpt from Scorpio 2018 Horoscope …During the Venus retro phase (October 6 – November 16) you will likely be called upon to resolve an issue from the past that was not satisfactorily reconciled previously. This is likely to be a very private matter, and the month of November looks to be best spent in reflection and tying up loose ends. A fantastic romantic and creative atmosphere prevails in December, so you’ll get there, just give it the appropriate time and space to make your endings. Venus from your sign squares the nodes, and you are currently reaching a milestone and significant turning point in your career. It could be that you have feelings to examine regarding your own self worth and image, and how comfortable you feel with the role you have taken on socially and in your professional sphere. If you are not comfortable with that image or role, you will need to correct it now and make sure it is an authentic representation of you and not a mask you wear for the masses. The aspect also demonstrates changes within the domestic realm, perhaps you have left home or are reconfiguring your personal life to meet the demands of your career and there can be nostalgia for what you left behind…

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
There is a financial focus at the onset, and very positive results being driven from work you might be doing behind the scenes. Real prosperity is possible, and fortune comes from putting your heart and soul into your work. The deeper your spiritual connection to what you are creating, the greater your success at this time. A New Moon on the 17th opens a door to a brilliant new opportunity. Sign and seal on the 24th + 25th, deals and negotiations are favorable and offer substantive and transformational shifts to your income that you have sought for a long time. The tone becomes more social in the later part of the month, you’ll be seeking people out and desire company and cohorts. Around the 30th and into the Leo eclipse on the 31st you realize a way of life and certain friends are slipping away, and release is the best thing now as you will find you have outgrown what you leave behind now. Mars from your sign on the 26th energizes and invigorates you to the new and the next.

Excerpt from Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope …The dream world holds an important key for you this year, your subconscious is vitalized and intuition is very strong with Jupiter in Scorpio. Working in guided meditation with quartz crystals and amethyst in particular can help you develop these faculties and learn to trust your inner guidance. The home environment is a powerful place to cultivate a practice and it will be very important to you to have peace in your domestic realm so that you can tune in (rater than tune out) to the vibrational energy that you are raising. A negative living situation will make you want to shut down your receptivity (because you are trying to block out the noise or toxicity of your environment) and this would be a terrible loss right now, as you have so much to gain from and experience through being completely open to the subjective realm. Jupiter collaborating with Neptune (Dec. 2, 2017; May 25, Aug. 19, 2018) really enhances your potential for a deeply spiritual and psychological breakthrough…

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Dreams come true this month, and early January Capricorn especially will be seeing a real upside for endeavors put into motion over the last quarter of 2017. Really good feelings predominate for the first half of the month, making this an optimum period for social and romantic (VERY romantic) connections to be cultivated. Passions run high, especially between the 8th-9th, and it’s possible a relationship that began in early October last year is starting to get more serious. The Full Moon on the 2nd and a saucy Leo eclipse on the 31st will point to major developments. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 17th is a great time to clarify the goals you have for the year. It’s a very busy month, one of the best you have this year! From the 19th the gears shift a bit and a financial focus takes over. A bad habit associated with your spending can be released on the 30th, otherwise something of a monetary nature, perhaps a source of income, is surrendered at this time.

Excerpt from Capricorn 2018 Horoscope …From mid May, Uranus will edge off, easing the abrasive conflicts you have experienced in your domestic and personal life since early 2011. You have endured unusual conditions and unanticipated (generally unwanted) upheavals, but on the flip you have likely gained some much needed independence in regard to your property and/or residential situation, and an experimental vibe has helped you gravitate to living arrangements that feel more authentic to you. The Uranus trine from Taurus will be completely invigorating, generating just the right current of electricity to keep things buzzing and interesting, without knocking you on your ass like the Uranus square from Aries. You are starting to get on your feet again now, though this year is just a taste of what’s in store, as Uranus will spend November 2018 – March 2019 back in Aries, and then finally settle into Taurus through April 2026 after that…

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
You are on fire professionally, especially during the first weeks, though much of the action and your actual productivity will be happening behind the scenes, or extending from an almost subconscious or otherworldly awareness. The 6th is especially vitalizing for putting a personal initiative into motion. There is ample energy and a highly productive atmosphere in which you can readily make gains in your career, or elevate your public profile. It’s a once in 12 year opportunity to gain momentous traction towards your true calling and life direction. Very powerful movement is experienced on the 15th. Gears are shifting in your public life that have a healing potential for your psyche. From the 18th the ambience becomes more personal and a great deal of pleasure can be experienced while Venus and then the Sun in your sign. A sense of rebirth is possible now.

Excerpt from Aquarius 2018 Horoscope …There is incredible growth and potential in the professional realm this year, though you might be doing a lot of your work and making progress behind the scenes. Ambiguity surrounding your finances, such as temporary sources of income, or vague commitments from employers or clients see some remedy, and you will find you can command bigger salaries and commissions, especially if you work in a creative, visionary or spiritual capacity. May 25th and August 19th both mark a positive influx, and you can make progress at these times. Inspiration will be triggered, and you can turn a vision into reality now, and make lucrative gains as a result. The Venus retrograde (October 6th – November 16th) could potentially have an undermining effect on your gains or progress and will likely signify a period of having to revise or regroup a professional enterprise, or during which you may reconsider your life direction entirely. By December matters resume clarity, and you can find incredible success. It turns out a few more finishing touches or a bit more effort has a remarkable upside that effects your public image and prosperity in a very positive way…

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
This is a brilliant month for you socially, and this will be made even more true if you are traveling or studying abroad. Some kind of expansive experience will be incredible and inspiring, especially in the first two weeks. A powerful friendship develops mid month. A great deal of communication within your social group keeps the pace brisk and lighthearted throughout January. Some of the emphasis could turn a bit more withdrawn from the 19th, as planetary action begins to transpire in your area of secrets and resolutions. There may be some scores to settle, or unfinished business with someone that comes up during the final days of the month. Intuition is strong, and should be trusted with out any measure of hesitation. A new job could be offered around the time of the eclipse on the 31st. Someone from behind the scenes throws the offer your way and there is a creative or even potentially romantic attribute to this position or project. This is also an incredible day for therapeutic regiments or healing. Your body and spirit are in a unique alinement now, and using information you get from both sides, you can mutually improve health across the spectrum.

Excerpt from Pisces 2018 Horoscope …This is additionally enhanced by the presence of Saturn in Capricorn, since December of 2017. From it’s prior position in Sagittarius, there was a great deal of frustration, and while great growth came from that period, there is also this constant grating feeling of coming up short or not being good enough when Saturn is enmeshed in these difficult alignments to your personal planets or other chart factors. Saturn does deliberately work this way to make you strive to be better. Pisces has seen a dramatic rearrangement of priorities, and made numerous adjustments. Consider it like passing a test. Fortunately this one won’t happen again for another 29 years. You can enjoy a more active social life this year, and find that relationships are deepening and becoming very meaningful to you. You may find some relationships come to an end, and that your focus shifts down to just a few key people. People with whom you share an age difference could play a role, or you could notice there is a more mature quality present within your interactions with others…

ARTWORK BY Daria Hlazatova