Stargazer July Horoscopes


A powerful Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th trine to Uranus in Taurus could bring about unexpected, but positive developments pertaining to finance, property and profession. These are the manifestation of a trajectory set into motion late last December and stimulate a sense of prosperity where challenges have been overcome and a concerted effort has been made to restructure an area of life that has undergone significant upheaval. This is an appropriate time to focus on goals and values, in regard to both the material and emotional realms, as well as release what is weighing you down or no longer serving you productively. These need to mutually support one another as a solid and nurturing foundation is required to reach out to seek external success and that which you attain enables you to provide for your family or personal connections as a result. Changes to the power structure and within the realm of authority (Capricorn) are also likely. 

As with any Eclipse, the closer the Lunation falls to planets or angles in your personal chart, the more intensely you will feel the effects. This particular Eclipse closes a cycle that began July 13th, 2018 with the current cycle now becoming activated on the Gemini (North Node – Future) and Sagittarius (South Node – Past) axis. 

A strong Pisces influence has been a predominant factor since the beginning of the year, first with the Venus transit in January, then Mercury from February through mid-April, coupled with the annual Solar Transit, then capping off with Mars over the last six weeks. This influence is now waning, with the dissolving qualities represented by Pisces replaced with a sense of initiative through the impactful Cardinal transits featuring key planets placed in Cancer, Aries and Capricorn. With Cancer Sun/Mercury, Mars in Aries and the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) generating tense angles over the next several months, a breakthrough is highly likely. 

These energies may be perceived as highly disruptive, particularly around the Cancer New Moon on the 20th, which falls in precise opposition to Saturn, as well as Jupiter and Pluto in looser alignment. Saturn has moved back into Cap. at the very beginning of the month in order to offer a second chance to restructure an area of experience which may be deficient in some way. An opportunity is present to fortify this arena of your life, though discipline is required to make the most of it, and may be in short supply until September, when Saturn resumes direct motion. 

The New Moon highlights where this work is most required with the storyline culminating in success in late November/early December when Saturn direct transits the Lunation degree (28’ Capricorn) one final time. Pay attention to cues that arise on July 20th, as they are highly illuminating and describe where making an extra effort will produce the most significant effect. Events that occurred in early March (the initial Saturn 28’ transit) set this into motion and should also be observed. 

Two of Wands – Dominion

Mars in Aries: The dynamic pioneer; domination or mastery of a situation. Pay attention to centering. If you are in contact with your center, you are certain to master the situation. Trust your energy. AFFIRMATION: I find the strength I need now in my center. (Gerd Ziegler – Tarot, Mirror of the Soul: Handbook for the Aleister Crowley Tarot)

The other big news this month is the Mars in Aries transit, which began June 27th and lasts through January 6th of next year, due to the retrograde Mars period which extends from September 9th – November 13th. By the last week of July, Mars will already be slowing it’s orbit, and energy is likely to run a bit low through the Summer months. Retro Mars in Aries (the sign of it’s natural rulership) indicates a period of reassessment of how and where initiative and concentration of energy should be directed. Squares to planets in Capricorn demand there be purposefulness behind these choices and that action should be taken deliberately and constructively towards a specific outcome. Overcoming the potential challenges that arise requires tempering intense desire with patience, but leads to the mastery that will yield phenomenal results towards the end of the year and into 2021. Hang in there!


        20 NEW MOON 28’ 26” CANCER



March 20 – April 19

You feel focused and energized. A relationship that has been hard to pin down begins to show signs of new life. You are encouraged to express your feelings now and feel at ease in your surroundings. Social activities are enjoyable, especially where artistic and creative activities bring you together with others. Enticing connections are made under these auspices. Career could present challenges. Dynamic change is in the forecast and an unexpected financial twist – for the better – highly likely. 

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April 20 – May 20

Professional and financial situations improve following a period of redefining your values and objectives. Energy percolates behind the scenes, you are in a period of significant reorientation and metamorphosis through the end of the year. Instincts are strong, and improvement in your ability to articulate your position from mid month enhances your effectiveness. Domestic and personal matters are highlighted from the 23rd and through the Summer months. September is ideal for relocation.

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May 21 – June 20

Twists and turns on the road to love (as well as your sense of self worth) get sorted in July. Knowing where your affections lie make it easier to move forward in a relationship. You financial axis is highlighted and from the 12th you have greater clarity in regard to your income. Socially this is a vibrant and exciting period that extends through the end of the year. You get more done working with others and should seek out people or a group through which you can manifest your highest aspirations. 

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June 21 – July 22

Relationships have dynamic overtones – for better or for worse – and a partnership in limbo will either make it or break it this month. You have greater personal clarity from the 12th, suggesting you can productively use the first two weeks to tune into what you really want moving forward. Clarifying your objectives makes you less vulnerable to engaging in fruitless interactions. Those celebrating their birthday on or around the 5th are the most likely to experience the rock and roll influences in store!

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July 23 – August 22

A strong sense of renewal and vitality is present this month, and the closer you get to your upcoming birthday, the more amplified this becomes. There could be a sense of urgency to travel or see more of the world. Passions are ignited and stimulate your social calendar with many exciting adventures in store. Work or an assignment could be vexing. You’ll be relieved to check something off your list in the first half of the month. An ongoing obligation has been draining your energy and it’s time to release it. 

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August 23 – September 22

Cathartic energy is present in your love relationship and volatile influences are likely to stimulate a momentous breakthrough. Towards the end of the month this all becomes easier to deal with as your ability to navigate through a challenging situation opens the door to greater connectivity and mutual understanding. Professional and financial issues that had been in limbo over the last several weeks begin to converge harmoniously. You are seen in a positive light by those who can assist you in reaching your goals. 

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September 23 – October 23

Partnerships intensify and someone at a distance or from a foreign culture could feature largely for you. Professional detours over the past few weeks signaled reconsideration of your objectives, or at least how you reach them. Dynamic activity over the last two weeks of the month provide the opportunity to change your status, though you will have to stand your ground and be nimble in your approach. A very intense atmosphere is present and to make the most of an offer you will have to make very personal changes.  

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October 24 – November 21

Guarding your health is priority over the next several months, with Mars pushing you to your physical limits and potentially driving you to take on more than you can realistically handle. From the 22nd a professional emphasis comes into play and you will pursue your personal goals with passion and vigor. An intimate relationship or financial agreement that sidelined last month is reconciled, though it’s equally possible a whole different opportunity emerges. Your sense of direction becomes clearer from mid month.

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November 22 – December 21

Mars from Aries invigorates and enlivens you. Following a potentially vexing period in your personal relationships, passions are reignited. Creativity flows and romantic connections are enhanced through your newfound self confidence and desire to express yourself. Feel free to pace yourself – this is a long term transit and endurance will help you make the most of it. Financial reorganization is possible from mid month. Revisit your budget and repayment options. Commitments to others and debt can now be resolved.

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December 22 – January 19 

July is a very pivotal month for the Capricorn tribe with numerous activations occurring on the significant angles of your chart and a heavy duty Lunar eclipse in your sign enabling you to clear the decks and move forward. With Venus now direct, professional directives are reignited. Work and assignments you take on now place you in a favorable light and can precipitate advancement this coming November. The second half features key developments in a significant relationship. The time is ripe to make an enduring commitment.

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January 20 – February 18

Social life is stimulating as day to day life becomes brisk and invigorating. Taking an online course or joining an organization could lead to interesting introductions and exciting new and thought provoking encounters. Romance could feature here as well, especially if a situation had been in limbo. Someone who fell off the map could reemerge now. Those in the job market have better auspices after mid month. An overdue email or phone call is returned which could present an unexpected opportunity for you.  

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February 19 – March 20

Personal matters that may have unraveled over the recent weeks begin to come together. A stronger sense of direction is palpable from mid month. You have a clear idea of where your heart lies and this promotes clarity. A strong financial emphasis is present for the rest of the year and if you, like many out there, have been struggling to make ends, you are going to seek to devote yourself to rectifying the situation. Endurance is your most useful ally in this pursuit, so pace yourself accordingly. 

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