Any year that starts with a Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn is going to feature some pretty heavy themes – from day one, 2019 was slated to be about confronting and resolving long range issues, and finding solutions for the biggest and most difficult obstacles without taking any shortcuts. Saturn emphasizes limitations and restrictions be put into place to really deal with a specific issue without distractions. By excluding anything which is not necessary, it is possible to focus very explicitly on a concerning topic in order to slowly and steadily make concerted progress. 

This process can be excruciating but also offers incredible rewards for the efforts made and the tests endured. Genuine and lasting results are possible, and when pressing constrictions are overcome, they are overcome for good. Generally a Saturn hued effort is about having to work hard for something. (Look to the position of Saturn in your natal chart as well as the house it rules for clues.) Where Saturn currently transits your chart is where you have the ability to focus effort with an eye to a specific outcome in mind, usually reorganizing the affairs of that area which require rehabilitation or restructuring. Saturn conjunct to South Node at the end of the month will definitely offer indications of that which is not working and requires complete elimination.

Unlike the strategy and discipline Saturn employs to achieve it’s objectives, Jupiter tends to represent effortless growth and simple enjoyment. Jupiter can also be full of hot air – it’s advantages effusive and elusive, a temporary visitor that enhances perception and the potential of good fortune before moving onto it’s next adventure. Saturn is constricting, but what its discipline enables you to create is made of stone and granite and will endure – for better or worse. Together these planets set the agenda and tone for a 1 – 2 year period, unlike the inner or personal planets which shift signs on a three to six week basis, or the outer, transpersonal planets which spend years and even decades in a particular sign, Jupiter and Saturn exert a special influence. 

With both planets going retrograde this month, (Jupiter on the 10th, Saturn on the 29th,) it’s time to see how well the structuring efforts Saturn has made will endure and if Jupiter’s prospects for growth are legit or just phony promises made in the heat of an overly optimistic moment. During their retrograde phases, both will repeat the aspects they made to Neptune in January – Jupiter by square and Saturn by sextile. Late July through the first ten days of August should also be observed with extra consideration, when Saturn moves back to 15’ Capricorn, reactivating the directives of the January 6th Solar Eclipse. The 2019 agenda either comes together or falls apart in order to be reassessed and reorganized at this critical time. By late October/early November, this is one for the history books as a matter is set into stone. Jupiter retrograde examines how well you have expanded your frontiers in the area of your chart impacted, and following a few months of reflection, another chance at growth in that area or a chance to rekindle a missed opportunity. 

The other highlights this month include the transits of Venus through Pisces and Mars in Gemini. Mars is a bit lone crusader, making a singular aspect square Neptune at the end of the month, essentially void of course since it’s trine to Pluto on March 19th, with the exception of Lunar aspects. Action oriented activities are likely carried out in solitude as a result, and Mars, doing most of it’s best work independently in most circumstances anyway, is probably cool with this. Collaboration is not a particularly effective vehicle for the time being, and with Gemini presiding, research is favored. 

Venus from Pisces assists Mercury, having recently gone direct, in clearing up any lingering misunderstandings that may have arisen during the March retrograde. A softer ambience in which to realize the objectives of your personal Pisces topic (where Pisces lies in your chart) suggests diplomacy and cooperation will yield the best outcomes here. Relationships can be cultivated now, as flowing aspects to Pluto and Saturn make it possible to make lasting commitments to something or someone. Fateful contacts are highlighted when Mercury – Nodes (April 9) and Venus – Nodes (April 14th) interact. It’s easier to let go of the past and move forward under these auspices.    

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March 20 – April 19

The plot thickens as even more subterranean material comes bubbling up to the surface. It’s an interesting dynamic for your Solar Return month, with equal emphasis placed on the past and future simultaneously. Old business is being wrapped up at the same time you are trying to move forward. Socially you may feel enthusiastic and outgoing, but may discover your playmates are not available for the time being. You can use this time productively by delving into a writing or research project, maybe taking an online course about a topic that piques your curiosity. As for love, it’s all going down behind the scenes, and a steamy encounter on the 10th can arouse hidden fantasies. Be mindful about getting frisky with your boss or a colleague, as actions have consequences and these particular ones affect your reputation. You may find yourself reframing your professional objectives through the Summer. Information comes in between now and then, with a real turning point in July demanding a different approach and perhaps even relocation that steers you towards a whole new enterprise. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


April 20 – May 20

You are quite at your leisure this month, and can particularly enjoy time spent with others, the 10th and 15th are especially nice for socializing. Mars is out of your sign by the beginning of the month, so some of the edge is off, though Uranus provides a certain snap-crackle-pop that is stimulating bordering on aggravating dependent or your disposition. Towards the end of the month you get a sense of what is in store, and April Taurus will get the first taste. If your birthday falls on the 23rd, expect a particularly volatile, but exciting year! By the end of the month, a decidedly introverted mood takes over and you are more likely reflecting on the past. By mid May the atmosphere clears and you feel ready to move forward. Financial matters are also highlighted and you might be in the hot pursuit of money or other resources while a shared or outside source of cash likely diminishes through the late Summer. Focus on what you can do for yourself while you review your commitments to others. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


May 21 – June 20

Mars from your sign gets your mojo going, though you might be on your own for a while while you put a personal plan into motion. With Mercury now moving forward, the confusion and misunderstandings that were pervasive in March quickly recede into the rear view mirror. Professionally this is a great month in which to show off your talents – you’ll be advanced and well compensated for what you bring to the table. It’s also a good phase for finding work you genuinely enjoy or which features an element of self expression. A love relationship continues to guide your course, and events mid month could set you on a whole new trajectory. Your social life picks up towards the end of the month with several opportunities to connect with likeminded people and expand your circle of friends through clubs or events. You could meet a truly kindred spirit on the 23rd who you feel you can really open up too. This is also a good day for letting bygones be bygones in a friendship that may have been through some ups and downs. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->  


June 21 – July 22

This is a pivotal month for you, as many issues from the very personal to external influences over which you really have no control are all equally highlighted. You do gain clarity about your future direction and if plans to return to school or in relation to a publishing project have been a bit difficult to nail down, you start to see the way through. You continue to tap into a source of personal inspiration and guidance throughout the month that infuses your creative spirit. Travel is highlighted and can provide you with genuine spiritual insights. The gears switch in your professional realm throughout April, and there could be a concerning incident mid month in particular. Only you can decide if you are truly comfortable with the direction in which things are evolving. Expressing your concerns around the 23rd clears the air. A partnership that may have seen it’s shares of ups and downs can settle into more of a groove now. You feel you know where you stand and this provides assurance. The more comfortable you can be with yourself and your choices, the more successful you will be this month. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->    


July 23 – August 22

Mars activates your social sphere and there could be some exciting events that provide you with opportunities to connect with others. Intellectual pursuits are favored and relationships that feature a more detached quality overall will tend to run more smoothly. Your more personal and intimate life is also enriched this month, and where a mutual financial situation may have gotten gnarly last month, you see circumstances improve. If you have been struggling with payments or getting your fair share in a settlement, matters progress far more smoothly this month. By the end of the month you feel ready to spread your wings and take flight. New horizons beacon and if you have been attending to more private matters, you feel replenished and ready to come out of your shell. The unrelenting demands of your job also begin to diminish and the more of an effort you have put in since January the greater your rewards (and lighter your burden) through the Summer months. A romantic or creative effort could also show signs of slowing down, it’s time to check in and decide if you are really happy with where things are headed. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->  


August 23 – September 22

If uncertain conditions surrounding your close relationships have sidelined a commitment, you find a far more supportive and loving atmosphere this month in which to cultivate your key partnerships. Mercury rights it’s course and combines it’s efforts with Venus to clear up any misunderstandings with important developments over the first two weeks especially positive for you and your mate. The dates between the 7th – 15th are extraordinarily romantic and you are likely ready to put yourself behind a decision regarding someone who means a lot to you. Saturn and Pluto retrograde diminish the intensity that has been present so far this year with your lover, quite possibly for the better. Professional drives are also activated, though you might not get a lot of support initially. Financial matters improve towards the end of the month as you start to receive assistance from others or get word on a loan or inheritance. The Full Moon in Libra on the 19th culminates a successful negotiation or pay increase for you. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST -> 


September 23 – October 23

Daily life gets back on track following a period of uncertainty (most likely regarding your work) that may have had disabled your productivity. The current climate encourages the development of better habits, and releasing those that have a detrimental affect on your well being. A lot of emphasis on partnerships otherwise suggests really potent developments in you key commitment. Someone from another country or at a distance could be prominent. A conversation around April 14th gets the adrenaline flowing – effortless connection and instant rapport is possible. At the same time you may ask yourself if this connection has what it takes to god the distance, in some cases it could be a catalyst for making an important decision about the future. Domestic matters that have been concerning since the beginning of the year recede somewhat in importance. From the end of Summer you will be required to handle any lingering matters. For now it’s best to see how things are falling into place. Lunations feature cues that impact your love life, endings and new beginnings are featured. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


October 24 – November 21

Uncertainty over where your affections lie begin to get clarity, you know where you stand and are ready to let your feelings be known. Venus enhances romantic connection, and especially around the 10th, a wish can come true. The 7th and 13th are ideal for clearing the air of any misunderstandings and making a commitment you can stand by. Planning for the future with someone you care about, brings you closer as you realize you share objectives. Uranus continues to exert a challenging, but liberating influence with some of the bigger themes of this process surfacing around the 23rd. Early Scorpio (October B-day) is most affected. Towards the end of the month you have opportunities to advance at work. Think about how what you do now is actively contributing to the future you want, especially in regard to your professional aspirations. Mars from Gemini could see you a bit withdrawn this month. You undergo a cathartic inner transformation. This also impacts your sexuality and you may discover you do not have an appropriate outlet to express your deepest desires. Awareness of this contributes to your metamorphosis. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->  


Nov 22 – Dec 21

You continue to tend to your personal life or even family members, and by mid month you definitely have a better grasp on the situation. If a relocation had been postponed, you have a much friendlier climate in which to make desired changes to your living arrangements. The 7th and 13th are especially auspicious for signing a lease or coming to an agreement. From mid month the emphasis shifts to more pleasurable pursuits and a romantic liaison or creative project. Mars from Gemini stimulates passion, but equally contention in a partnership. Jupiter retrograde in your sign from the 10th suggests you are pulling back a bit from the pace you have maintained since last November. Use this time to reflect on where you really want to go next, as second chances emerge from July to break through to new territory. Saturn impacts your financial picture, and you will have to live with what you have managed to accomplish since January. If your resources aren’t being well managed, then you will have the opportunity to restructure your finances from late Summer. Testing the durability of your resources between now and then will make it possible to make better decisions moving forward. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->


December 22 – January 19 

A second chance to make good on the objectives you set fourth around the New Year comes as you address how well you have (or have not) managed to restructure your lifestyle in favor of the future you seek. Events in July will propel the story line forward in remarkable ways, between now and then examining what is working and what is not is in your better interest. Taking a hard line is not the best strategy, as Neptune combining forces with Saturn indicates a softer and more empathetic approach gets you further. You have numerous opportunities to express your vision effectively and make progress on goals. By the end of the year, all the hard work and sacrifices endured pay off in a big way, just keep chipping away! This is a good time to cultivate new skills and habits that enable a more efficient approach to lifestyle management. With work days getting more hectic over the next six weeks, time management becomes more crucial to maintain balance. Look at how what you are doing now will propel you towards your professional goals, (which you are likely to advance in September – October). The Full Moon on the 19th holds a huge message about where you are headed next. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->           


January 20 – February 18

Mars from Gemini gets your mojo going, and after a quiet start to the year, you are ready to get moving on your personal objectives. A love relationship may also begin to culminate, and particularly in the aftermath of last year’s tricky retrograde phase impacting your sign, there seem to be brighter prospects on the horizon. Old friendships or colleagues could reemerge on the scene while Jupiter moves backwards in the zodiac, triggering you to take someone up on an offer you may have previously turned down. The financial picture shows signs of improvement this month as well, especially where circumstances were particularly gnarly or a source of income hard to pin down over the prior weeks. Significant reorganization is possible over the first two weeks. Socially the picture brightens towards the end of April. Accept invitations and show off your sweetheart or meet someone new. Art appreciation can be especially stimulating. You could find yourself deeply moved by something you hear on the 23rd. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->   


February 19 – March 20

The unraveling influences of the Mercury retrograde period begin to dissipate this month, as you start to gain clarity and find the way forward. Venus plays a highly beneficial role in this personal chapter of your story, and over the first three weeks in particular you receive assistance and generally just feel more at ease in your own skin. A conversation you have been putting off can now take place, and the 9th is perfect to clarify your position and realign your perspective with what you want. The more clearly you can envision and articulate your desires, the more likely you are to get them. The 10th can be especially auspicious for reaching a personal milestone. Feelings of love resonate throughout all your undertakings. Professional circumstances are less favorable through July. Examine if the route you have been pursuing is really taking you where you want to be. You get another chance shortly. Attention is focused on personal matters, with the next six weeks optimal for making changes in your residential situation as required. Steer clear of commitments at the end of the month. EXTENDED MONTHLY FORECAST ->        

Stargazer November Forecast


There are palpable shifts in the atmosphere this month as longstanding transits come complete, marshaling in a new order of energetic awareness. Quite significantly, and possibly the most obvious in the immediate sense is that Mars will finally leave Aquarius for Pisces on the 15th. Having remained mainly in Aquarius since mid May, and transiting a mere 10 degrees of the zodiac between May and early October, due to a retrograde cycle holding pattern, the Pisces transit offers something very different than what was consistent throughout most of 2018, most notably bringing a rich, flowing energy within the realm of feelings, far removed from the more intellectual preoccupations of Mars – Aquarius. This transit lasts through the final day of the year, when the new cycle begins at 0’ Aries. For six weeks, it’s time to withdraw somewhat and shift consciousness into the emotional space and sensations within. Drawing towards the end of the 2 year cycle, it’s also potent for release and closure of occurrences now past.

Mars connects to the degree of the Aquarius Solar Eclipse that occurred on February 15th, triggering the potential for the developments that haven’t/couldn’t fully come to fruition since, again – because of the retro cycle of Mars. Events that occur around the 11th and 12th of November resonate with the intentions of that eclipse (look at 27’ Aquarius in your chart for the particular space where this happens). Something that began to unfold in the February period, a door that opened up for you and offered liberation in some aspect of your life, can now be walked through. Aquarius is off beat, and the best way to do this is to find your own way to do it. Explore an unconventional method or avenue and remain open minded about this topic as it likely yields surprising developments or results around these critical dates.

By the time this transit occurs, the Nodal Axis will have shifted from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. This occurs on the 6th of November and will play out through early May, 2020. The evolutionary objective shifts towards cultivating a more nurturing and supportive atmosphere, and the house in your chart or area being transited is where you will find your root base and feel most at home or develop a sort of extended family or tribe. It could literally translate into building a home, particularly if NN passes through your 4th, 8th or possibly 12th house. The Cancer Eclipse on July 13th provided indications of what was in store.

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th, beginning a transit that will last through the beginning of December in a years time. Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, and from this new viewpoint can express its capacity for benevolence and expansion to the fullest. At its worst it can be a pugnacious placement, as a single minded or narrow viewpoint attached to religious doctrine and the like generates a perspective unwilling to see or understand the perspectives of others. Sagittarius is the opposite of Gemini, who essentially occupies the multiverse of perspectives and granular bits (or bytes) of information.

Overall, it should be a positive and successful placement for many, and will infuse this area of your zodiac with optimism for better outcomes in the aftermath of the recent passage of Saturn, offering the potential for regrowth and rebirth of what may have been lost, sacrificed or at least harder to come by in prior years. Structure and disciple in this area is now replaced with ease and abundance, or more likely, facing reality and doing hard work in this area now reveals the bounty and fruition of the crop you carefully attended between September 2015 and last December.

Venus retrograde/direct and the Mercury retrograde transits will be explored in greater detail on the weekly blog. Have a great month! Subscribe on Patreon for extended readings!

ARIES March 20 – April 19

A period of transition comes to an end mid month, a loved one may return to the fold after a long hiatus or you may settle your feelings once and for all regarding this partnership. A trip or educational pursuit that had been in the works may need to be postponed, mischievous Mercury retrogrades from the 17th and makes it tricky to get on the road. If you do travel, publish, lecture or have media presentations to make that can’t be altered, do check and double check all itineraries and reservations carefully before you go. From the 9th, a highly regarded transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will offer you incredible optimism and foresight from which you can really derive a personal sense of reward and pleasure. Your world is about to expand. North Node shifts into Cancer, and home and family become a deep pull for you.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Venus remains in retrograde motion through mid month, impacting health and productivity matters. You may reconnect with old colleagues or even take a job position you had held previously. This is a great period to address any bad habits or tendencies that may have an adverse impact on your physical energy and well being. The day after Venus resumes direct motion, Mercury shifts backwards, it’s like you can’t win! Mercury will have an impact on shared finances, so if you have debt owed or to collect, this is an appropriate time to settle matters. Jupiter departs Scorpio on the 9th, taking some of that lustre off a key relationship, but shifting into a deeper and more intimate realm. From the 5th Uranus gives you a reprieve, moving back into Aries, giving you till next March to reflect on the numerous changes you have been considering. A Scorpio New Moon on the 15th could signal openings for a love connection to flourish. Very testing influences on the 30th could rock the boat.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

The road to love continues to be a long and winding one, though you do hit a sweet spot on the 9th and feelings will especially be heightened if you are abroad exploring or sharing a journey together. This to and fro motion continues through early December, you have to learn to just ride the waves for now. Jupiter in Sagittarius from the 9th will bring the right one in. You are protected over the next year, and guiding forces will enhance your connections immeasurably. From the 23rd – 27th you may come to a conclusion, though it is still best to wait until next month to make that move. Where a work promotion may have gone sideways, or a situation didn’t quite come together for you last month a new or better offer could be present around the New Moon on the 7th. The Lunation makes strong and positive connections to Pluto, as well as Neptune in your house of career so there could be themes of glamour and power which tap into your wishes for advancement.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

The New Moon on the 7th stimulates many of the romantic themes of the last year, just as Jupiter bids adieu, having lit up your love life since last October, (hopefully!). Venus direct on the 16th signals a sea change, and second chances are possible next month as a double dip in your house of pleasure finally sets things right between you and a certain someone. Work and home are priority for the time being, as Mercury (soon to be retrograde) and Jupiter collaborate to get you into tip top shape and at your most productive, while bringing a work opportunity your way, silver platter style. (See the 26th for details.) Of course a lot of this gets mucked up because of Mercury retrograde through mid December. An ongoing residential negotiation is also making some noise in the background and this is equally something you won’t see resolution for until next month. Best bet for November is travel (if you can) as distant shores have much to reveal to you and tap your divine inspiration.

LEO July 23 – August 22

There are signals mid month that a domestic matter will be resolved sooner than later, though retrograde Mercury from the 17th promises to complicate matters and draw out agreements and paper work till next month. What can you do? A conversation you have with your spouse or partner does wonders to smooth over any rough edges on the 9th. Jupiter in Sagittarius from the same date fills you with excitement and passion. Your energy is up and you feel revitalized, ready to take on the world. Pleasure, love and the enhancement of your creative potential can be expected over the coming year. Events on the 27th quickly set the tone, by the end of December you’ll be in a phenomenal new groove. Mars in Pisces from mid month until New Years sees you in a more reflective mood. You may wish to keep a low profile, and intimacy can be humbling for you in this period. North Node leaves Leo on the 6th, and a long period of dynamic transition comes to a close. The 27th is especially productive for working behind the scenes.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Just as financials get sorted, your residential or personal life goes sideways. A long lost relative or flatmate could show up out of the blue mid month, and you may have to make concessions to accommodate someone or otherwise cope with circumstances that suddenly escalate out of the blue. Jupiter comes to grant blessings to your home base, though it may take a while to see them materialize, (think late December – early January). Look to a conversation or insight on the 27th as an indication of what is to come. From this position, self esteem and a positive feeling of belonging comes into play. Family relationships improve. You’ll have this transit over the coming year and either find comfort in the home you are in, or find something even better that offers you a lot of happiness. From mid month Mars will occupy the relationship zone, turning up the heat, for better or worse! in your close relationships. The Full Moon on the 23rd can see you making changes at work. A huge project comes to closure, or you may be leaving your company or getting a promotion. Bigger opportunities await you next year.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Venus backslides into your sign and a period of personal reappraisal seems to be on order. You may just be in an indulgent mood and making up for lost time as a very expansive career phase begins on the 7th. There is a lot of pleasure and good will to be found on the 9th. You can really make up any relational difficulties with your beloved at this time, even if the whole year has been a complete roller coaster, you begin to have more hope that you can work things out. Everything improves dramatically from mid month and you’ll find yourself back on the road to happiness. This is augmented by benefic Jupiter transiting into Sagittarius on the 9th, highlighting communication and daily life, and encouraging you to think and act optimistically. You will likely find your social circle expands at this time and could begin a publication or media project over the coming year. Meanwhile, (uh oh!) that rascal Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th and slows communications and especially negotiations through the first week of December. Look to the 27th for a turning point, something great happens next month, just hang in there.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

You plunge into the deep this month, the past beacons and you must confront an unresolved issue buried deep in your psyche. As much as you seek to move forward, your body and soul are calling for rest and for you to make peace with yourself. The 9th is regenerative and hosting a modest soiree from the comfort of home could be exactly what the doctor orders. Better yet if this is romantic in nature, as the ambience is very conducive to quiet intimacy and expressing your deepest feelings right now. Set goals for the year on the 7th, as a New Moon from your sign promises to open the doors to your dreams. From mid month, Mars in Pisces reactivates your inner fire and passion. Venus goes direct simultaneously and you start to feel stirrings of promise again. The edge comes off your professional sphere from the 6th, as North Node moves out of Leo. You hit a high note and can ride the success of the last 18 months for a great while. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 9th, departing your sign and now prepares to bestow gifts of prosperity. Entanglements with contracts and agreements are likely as Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th. Everything comes together brilliantly next month, look to the 27th for a significant development or opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Mercury enters your sign, only to pull an about face on the 17th. Despite the very positive influences you will experience with Jupiter present here from the 9th, there is a little sorting to get through in December as some personal issues require resolution before you can take full advantage. Very amenable social – romantic links are possible around the 9th, and sparks could fly if you are in contact with a prior associate. Leave any decisions about the love life until after mid month, when Venus retrograde completes its’ course. Unexpected, but exciting developments take place from the time of the Full Moon on the 23rd through the end of the month that implicate your relationships. A domestic matter requires your attention from mid month. Your personal resurgence is in full effect, take note on the 27th in particular, as you have the force behind you to set goals and accomplish all you wish for. Things swiftly come together in early December when Mercury rights it’s course.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

A very slow Venus stations direct on the 16th, although Mercury goes about face and now retrogrades through early December. This could be an important professional month, where you may get a second chance or can wrap up loose ends with a business matter. The 9th is very dynamic and you can generate positive outcomes now. From the 16th, Mars will stimulate your thinking and day to day life, and there will be many short trips, enjoyable events and activities and much in the way of communication through the end of the year. Jupiter comes to occupy a quiet and more strategic portion of your chart, and you will be reflexive, perhaps doing more behind the scenes over the coming year. You get certain indications around the 27th of what this will entail. North Node moves into Cancer from the 6th, and you may start to get inklings about your key relationship, if you are unattached, this transit could bring a very karmic connection into your orbit.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A beautiful harmony between Mars from your sign connecting to Venus in Libra peaks on the 9th. A love connection can be developed now and will be especially favorable for you if you are traveling or through your studies. Palpable shifts occur this month, and a lot of the pressure comes off. The high stakes atmosphere present in your relationships over the prior years diminishes when the North Node moves into Cancer on the 6th. You start to have more control, as the hands of destiny are less in charge and you get your mojo back. Jupiter leaves your house of profession, fame and honor, moving into more amenable territory when it ingresses into Sagittarius on the 8th. While Jupiter definitely amplified your opportunities and the scale of your reach, it also makes you stretch, and stretching is work! You’ll enjoy an expansive circle of friends during the upcoming year. Retrograde Uranus slides back into Aries for a last hurrah, taking the edge off of changes you have been experiencing at home. Last but not least, Mars will finally leave your sign on the 15th, and the energy, along with it endemic agitation, dissipates. Mars in Pisces provides you with a far more relaxed atmosphere through the end of the year.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Reassessment continues in relation to your life direction and future. Despite retrograde activity, which mainly serves to slow things down, the ambience is not terribly difficult. Just anticipate certain matters won’t progress very quickly right now. It’s likely after the 16th you might come to a financial agreement that does support your prospective plans, and a discussion or event on the 9th could set something into motion that precipitates this. You are not advised to sign or commit to a specific arrangements until after the current Mercury retrograde cycle which ends after the first week of December. After months of soul searching and a quest for inner peace, you reach the dynamic and influential transit of Mars in your sign, which lasts through the first days of next year. You feel a sense of closure and seek to move forward swiftly. Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next year beginning on the 8th will protect your interests and enable you to expand your range of influence. This is muddled initially by Mercury retrograde (womp-womp) but by January you will see it was worth the wait. Initial considerations into how you would like to most use this advantageous period should be made on the 26th and 27th. You begin to see exactly how far you can go. (Very, very far.)