Stargazer Weekly 2/17-23

Pisces time… Welcome to the Life Aquatic…


 A string of aspects occurs this week while Mercury enters shadow, all of which will be revisited in March then again in early April, suggesting the next few days are the opening act of a work in progress that extends over the next eight weeks. Recurring aspects include links to Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the North Node – all framing the upcoming Mercury retrograde phase and playing integral roles in the storyline unfolding. It may initially feel like an unravelling, of course, but it is so that all the component parts can be reassembled in better way further down the line and with a refreshed perspective. 

Neptune is the star of this show, so pay particular attention to events, insights and even premonitions that arise around Tuesday as these will resonate significantly when Mercury goes direct around March 28th. Clarity is likely to be in short supply, but creativity and inspiration flow abundantly. If you are psychic, empathic or suggestible, this could be an off the charts period for you! This combination can also incline living in a fools paradise, sustaining an illusion that everything is okey-dokey, despite the glaring signals that they aren’t, and this caveat should equally remain present in the thought process. The overall atmosphere is harmonious, so make the best of it, even if certain matters seem to come to a standstill.

The Earth element remains strong and is anchored by the Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th. The tone is pragmatic and motivated to attainment, efficiency and overall material growth or security. Particularly where Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have caused concern or revealed vulnerabilities to the overall structure during the last several weeks, new solutions can be found to reconcile persistent issues. Meanwhile, if Venus encounters the same perils and circumstances still appear bleak – this is an indication that certain topics still require priority status and that a greater effort should be made towards their reconciliation. 

The way through is a steady and concentrated approach towards the resolution of a problem once and for all and for the long run. Pluto has pointed to (or rather stabbed at!) this matter and generated incredible upheaval in this area for years, now Saturn requires it be dealt with, and to do so requires consistency and discipline. Neptune’s influence here indicates the potential to make a sacrifice, the ability to surrender material or superficial considerations to engage a spiritual perspective that alleviates some of the pain points associated with undertaking the hard work Saturn requires at this time. 

How things appear now is far detached from the outcome that is revealed in two months, though since the results will probably exceed the expectations you currently have, what occurs between now and then can only provide an upside. This is a very positive week to attend to pressing matters, business or otherwise, (even if results come in a bit later) and plant seeds for what you would like to see manifest in about 2 months. By the time Mercury rights it’s course, Venus will be joining in the conversation from Pisces and these matters will come together effortlessly.   


ARIES March 20 – April 19

The fruits of your labor begin to ripen this week as several productive developments occur on the career and work fronts. A project that comes to completion likely generates positive financial returns and a raise or salary increase could be the reward for your recent efforts. Where you have worked through difficulties and overcome substantial obstacles, compensation is on the way. Recognition for your achievement leads to professional progress and the attainment of your long range goals. It you are less than satisfied with the results this period delivers, it could signal it’s time to get back to the drawing board and recalibrate your trajectory towards your objectives.

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TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Your vision for the future continues to come into focus and clarifying your goals helps you to attain them over the course of time. Connecting with friends and those who might share your vision of things can be incredibly productive, as conversations stimulate ideas and insights that progress a cherished hope or dream. This will be a work in progress through early April, but the inspiration you tap into this week has a substantial influence throughout this period, so pay attention to your instincts and serendipities. The Full Moon fires your passions – a love relationship or creative project harmonizes with your hearts desires.

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GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Professionally this is a highly productive period with this week revealing major clues about the themes you’ll be dealing with over the next 8 weeks. Although the next two months will see you calibrating and then recalibrating your objectives, a conversation or decision initiated this week is crucial to the result you achieve by the beginning of April, so be attentive and deliberate in all your undertakings right now. Your instincts are strong and will keep you on course. The Full Moon this week falls in the area of your root base, home and personal life. You may determine your current arrangement is no longer serving long range goals and decide to make a move.     

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CANCER June 21 – July 22

Difficulties that may have emerged in your relationships can be overcome as you continue to fortify your commitment. Connecting to one another through a shared vision of the future will bring you miles closer to sealing the gap that may have once divided you. Though these destinations may seem a bit vague or even reaching them untenable, the discussions initiated now do arouse reservoirs of imagination and idealism that gives you the tool box you’ll use when you do eventually build your dashboard. Social life is exciting in this period, take up an invitation to spend time with like minded people.      

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LEO July 23 – August 22

You are revved up to make progress in your career and work assignments do a great deal to enhance your reputation, bringing you into prominence in the eyes of your superiors or those who can help you succeed. Obstacles which you may have recently confronted become easier to handle as you find a more supportive ambience which reinforces your objectives. Finances also get a boost from your added efforts and enable you to establish your position or authority. If in business negotiations or trying for a loan, be advised that discussions this week are just the first act in a three part series between now and April. Explore the options, but avoid commitments.     

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VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You could be over your head in a whirlwind romance, as this week features several exquisite opportunities for enticing developments. Events have the potential to reinforce your longer range desires for something real and lasting, though if you don’t like the results you are getting, it might be time to re-evaluate the situation and recalibrate where required. This is only part one of a three act love story extending from now through early April, after all. Tune into your Full Moon phase at the beginning of the week to decide what you really want and plant the seeds you would like to harvest in about eight weeks.           

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LIBRA September 23 – October 23

There seems to be a work around coming up with your job, role or title over the next 8 weeks. A potential re-do is in store where a position that fell through initially finally comes back on offer unexpectedly. What is put into motion this week sets the stage for the final word you get in April. The choices you make in this period should be serving attainment of long range professional goals. Your ruler Venus collaborates with Saturn and Pluto this week, not making for the easiest of bedfellows, but giving you the moxie to assert yourself with a certain conviction, especially in a troubling domestic situation. Improve your efficiency by carving out a morning and evening 15 for meditation and visualization.  

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SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

This is a sweet week for a romantic liaison, and talking and texting all your mischievous desires will be an enticing distraction. Bear in mind there is a work in progress quality to the upcoming 8 weeks featuring several detours along the road to attainment of your heart’s desire. An intriguing realization or conversation that occurs this week does set up the major themes you will be dealing with. A dip back into the past is also likely and especially around the 18th if you can’t get someone out of your head, you might feel compelled to look them up to see if a second try is on order. Enjoy the revel, but hesitate to draw a conclusion for the time being. 

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SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Chronic financial issues begin to clear up. Either you are finally getting the help you need, or holding it down on your own. Conviction you have held to maintain your values pays off for you now as does pinching the occasional penny. Domestic life can be interesting to unusual in the 8 weeks ahead, with an intuition or insight (even a dream or de ja vous can provide a juicy clue) mid week revealing what may lie in store over the coming phase for you. Confusion will be replaced by clarity if only eventually, for now you might just enjoy a trip down the rabbit hole. A family heirloom could hold an important message for you.  

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CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

Sultry winds are blowing Cap, and your attention turns to amorous (even naughty) thoughts this week. Your libido and creativity are stimulated, though you might just as easily turn attention inwards and bestow some of the love mojo you possess right now on yourself. If you are involved, or seek to be, your words can carry a distinctive weight at this time and be both alluring and convincing. It’s better not to try to make a decision over the next two months, as contracts and negotiations are most likely to curtail or require further review. Let your imagination guide you while remaining non-commital. The Full Moon opens doors to new options.      

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AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Be wary of the shell game over the coming weeks while a financial prospect remains elusive, becoming palpable at one moment, then out of reach the next. Strong imaginative influences are at play and this can yield treasure for you or culminate in defeat. Your instincts about this matter are quite strong and offer a strong anchor through the nautical adventures in store ahead. If a circumstance is feeling not quite right, then it’s on you to trust your gut and step back from what could into a financial fiasco. Social prospects brighten your days, accept invitations and enjoy the company of others.

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PISCES February 19 – March 20

There is a lot to take in right now Pisces, and you have to be a bit selective about which filter you choose to see things through to make the most of the opportunities that surround you. You are in the midst of a very personal transformation and events that precipitate this week play a huge role in the outcome. Over the next 8 weeks you have a unique opportunity to explore what you really desire and while the vision of your ideal is likely to mutate between now and then, what you uncover will prove hugely inspirational to you. Friends and allies seem to have a direct insight into what makes you tick if you let them show you.     

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Weekly Horoscopes 2/25 – 3/03


This is a week that advances several of the storylines that began in January, as well as very significant events that were triggered mid October (Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and mid November (Venus conjunct Jupiter). The developments that occur are not particularly overt nor make a lot of noise, but have deep emotional resonance that stimulates a very meaningful appraisal of how far the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio has gone to transform one’s personal relationship with intensity, passion and power. Growth through regeneration is possible, as is connecting to a sacred or spiritual ideal. The Virgo Full Moon will weigh in on that Thursday, but so long as you have not misled yourself or others, there is the potential for an outpouring of genuine beauty and idealism.

This is an especially potent introspection to have right now, with Jupiter retrograding in two weeks time, a certain submergence is called for over the coming months, potentially tied to the personal discoveries made this week. The next 14 days are still very vital and active for the emotional realm, so make the best of these aspects while you can make some progress. After that, Aries takes the reigns and the season of fire begins. Venus harmonizes both Pluto and Jupiter this week, indicating positive advancements in love and financial matters, but also for self worth and the creation of harmony. Venus – Pluto seeks connections that run deep and have a soul merger quality to them. Jupiter amplifies them and generates an ambience of pleasure and generosity.

Positive results from maneuvers and choices put forth in regard to personal transformation, again, in mid November (Jupiter) and early January (Pluto) begin to bear enticing fruit. It appears relinquishing a negative circumstance or otherwise taking hold of your personal power is an important theme. Continuity for these efforts are quite evident in this phase. Mercury has caught up to Venus and makes mutual aspects. It is easy to tune into awareness of exactly what is happening and why, at least instinctively. Mercury from Pisces “get’s it” without necessarily having the words to express it. Intuition is strong and trusting your feelings now is a valid expression of the absolute meaning of these transits.

The Virgo Full Moon on Thursday could provide a bit more of a challenge, as it lies in pretty precise opposition to Neptune, which shines a big bright light on any deception or illusions you may be naively or subconsciously rooted to. This can be a very vulnerable period: sometimes with Neptune you can just keep going and going on the expectation all is ok, and suddenly this Full Moon comes along and reveals not every thing is hunky dory in funky town. This doesn’t have to be the outcome, it depends on how close your vision of your life and the people in it are actually are aligned with reality, in which case this could be a genuinely magical moment.

If disappointment proves to be a factor, this is a good time to take a real good look at where delusion stems from and find a way to release it once and for all. More than likely it comes from within – the people, places and things that you have pinned your hopes on are not to be blamed – just released if they are only offering the pervasive uncertainty Neptune thrives on. A stable link to Saturn throws a lifeline, demonstrating a more productive avenue towards which to direct energy. Late Friday into early Saturday Moon makes a conjunction to Chiron, and a healing process can unfold.



april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
Your instincts point you in the right direction towards your goals and professional pursuits. Especially if you have experienced some growing pains here recently, relief comes in the form of hammering out a plan of action. Agreements and commitments make this possible. The Full Moon Thursday is a turning point as well, though you may realize you have to make concessions of a highly personal nature to develop the productivity you require at work. Burning the candle at both ends will no longer do.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Friends and lovers may not see eye to eye in this phase, though someone you care for deeply could also be an inspiration to pursue a creative dream. People who have dissipating influences on you will need to be shown the door. Make room for love and friendships that provide you with real value, that value being acceptance for who you are without question. New connections form as you clarify your desires. A signal early Wednesday AM provides a strong reminder of what needs to get sorted in your domestic sector.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Beautiful but elusive and intangible dreams are fomenting in your professional life. You could be achieving a cherished wish right now, or realizing a promise or commitment was a lot of hot air. The Full Moon impacts your personal life, and relocation to take a job offer could be a major factor this week as well. Some action is taking place behind the scenes, impacting financial matters. A decision you made early in the year is paying off now. Very good news and developments are on queue for your career Friday.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
A great deal of passion and inspiration is present in your relationships right now, though the atmosphere may seem somewhat subdued, much transpires in the deepest realms of the emotions. Someone at a distance could feature largely in your story, though near or far you likely feel completely smitten. Check into financial matters early Wednesday, you get a clue or hot tip to follow that will align you with good fortune. Communicate your hearts desire over the Full Moon on Thursday.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
The Moon from your sign early in the week stimulates you towards a personal initiative. Wednesday morning is especially advantageous for stating your aims. The atmosphere is otherwise a bit beguiling for you, as so much is percolating in your subconscious. This stimulates your intuition and flights of fancy. Follow a dream, but make sure the people making the offers are legit. A financial matter culminates on Thursday, this is a make it or break it moment for a stream of income.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
There is an (imaginary) ocean that gulfs between you and your beloved, the two of you sending waves of emotion back and forth. The Full Moon Thursday is your chance to send forth a message, declaring your intentions, expectations and deepest longings. This comes back to you as a tidal force in two weeks time, during the New Moon in Pisces. What returns has the potential to completely set you adrift or to make those dreams come true. The distinction lies in keeping the wavelengths you send out crystal clear.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
This is a period of recuperation for you, you require a more harmonious balance between your inner psyche and outer productivity. This is a matter that will consume your attention over the next two weeks, but has a positive connotation for your finances and can even lead to a new job and lifestyle by the middle of next month. It’s time to realize the illusion you can carry out your objectives without taking better care of your physical entity needs to be sacrificed. In it’s place, the realization of a significant, and glamorous promotion.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
You can get away with wearing your heart on your sleeve for once, your words register loud and clear over the coming weeks. For some this will implicate a personal project, for others a love relationship will be culminating in delicious moments of revelation. In one way or another, your heart’s desires are being fulfilled. Clarify your message on Thursday, as something quite lovely emerges in two weeks time that mirrors the desires you express during this pivotal Full Moon.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
A strong pull between your personal commitments and your professional aspirations could be present this week, and some inner navigation could be required to extinguish some tricky dynamics with others, especially family members. Financial choices you made earlier this year begin to pay off, and you have a sixth sense about where to pursue leads that could have lucrative outcomes. You are reminded of a destination you would seek mid week, follow that inner compass.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Your perception is wide open, and inspiration is flowing briskly. A creative project or the articulation or realization of your desires in a partnership could be very compelling this week. Something you set into motion earlier this year is finally gaining in momentum for you, and someone from afar, or an educational matter (perhaps both) have a deep influence on the developments you experience, especially on Thursday. Intimacy or a shared financial matter advances midweek. A choice you made late January is paying off.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Professional and financial matters are very well aspected this week, with positive news in frame, especially Wednesday and Friday. To make the most of this mostly harmonious ambience, you have to check your facts and figures, and make sure everyone who you commit to or with can deliver on those promises. It’s an enticing atmosphere, but also slippery and elusive. Don’t get caught out. A compromise or agreement of sorts is required of you Thursday.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
It’s a very momentous week for Pisces, and so much is store for you personally and in regard to a significant relationship. Listen carefully on Thursday for a significant message, in two weeks time it will be your turn to step up to the plate and declare your intentions. If you are unsatisfied with what’s on offer, it might be time to cut the cord, though in an ambience as pervasively elusive as this one, you might do well to let feelings settle in for a few days time before making a crucial decision. Again, in two weeks you’ll be at a much greater advantage and more connected to your own desires.