Stargazer 2 Weeks Forecast

The main emphasis these next two weeks are connected to security matters – what we do for ourselves and that which we expect from or rely on others for. Resources and trust are both topics that occur in this space, and with Venus bouncing through social Gemini, there is likely to be a great deal of communication and some agility required in regard to these matters. From mid may, big shifts occur as Uranus moves into Taurus and Mars enters Aquarius for an extended stay. The next two weeks are about tying up loose ends and clearing the slate for these significant changes ahead.

The Full Moon in Scorpio (Sunday, April 29) is an emotional turning point through which a great deal of psychological detritus can be cleared. Any and all matters being purged at this point serve the long range mission of Saturn, and circumstances, commitments and obligations will be a big factor in determining what stays and what goes. This also makes the Full Moon a critical period for working towards achievement of a highly personal objective, resonating back to the earlier portion of 2018. Release is particularly potent now as situations can be seen for what they really are.

Mercury comes out of shadow within the first couple days of May, winding down it’s Aries transit with strong and punctuating aspects to Pluto and Uranus. Something that has been shelved or sidelined over the last two months comes to the forefront, requiring articulation and some sort of plan of action. Mercury-Uranus on the 13th can stimulate a brilliant breakthrough. From there, Taurus really takes over and dominates. It’s time to bring something into reality, whatever shape or form that might take.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19
This is a good time to make your position clear, though you first need to check in with yourself and know what you really want before you try to go out and get it. If you do so, you stand to gain, especially professionally. You have cosmic protection to get what you deserve, but the key to that is knowing your personal worth. A partnership matter that may have been contentious can be resolved and assets divided appropriately.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
You’ve spent the better part of the last few months rooting around in the cellar of your subconscious. In there you have managed to retrieve some long forgotten – but worthwhile ideas and put to bed the ghosts of the past. From this place you move forward towards one of the more dynamic periods of your year, if not your life. A culmination regarding a partnership (quit or commit?) during the Full Moon in Scorpio has future connotations. Where you see yourself going with this person is crucial.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Venus in your sign enhances your popularity and stimulates a favorable ambience for attainment of your personal objectives. Your peripheral vision needs a check in, meanwhile, so that you might avoid getting blindsided by a financial matter during the upcoming weeks. Advancement at work or a plumb assignment could be yours during the Full Moon in Scorpio that assists your outlook. Social life remains exciting though at least one argument or misunderstanding could setback an otherwise positive period.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
Professional entanglements dissipate and what ever set backs may have occurred over the prior weeks you can finally see some resolution and move forward. The Scorpio Full Moon is especially fertile for you, revealing a potent culmination in a close relationship. A very meaningful commitment can be forged now, and a child may play a part in an agreement you reach. You sense the dynamics of life are shifting, and can make adjustments now.

LEO July 23 – August 22
Where circumstances have had to remain malleable and been at worst unpredictable, you start to see the upside as matters become more settled. This is especially true in regard to a living situation and you may determine around the time of the Full Moon that it is necessary to relocate in order to pursue a vocation or attain a more productive livelihood. Socially this remains an exciting period, though adjustments are featured in this sky scape, and some comings or goings may occur.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
It’s challenging to attain success when your own desires are at odds with the opportunity on the table. Rather than back off, counter an offer or try to negotiate better terms. There is some prickly energy in the forecast, and it’s possible to get blindsided by a potentially unexpected error or intrusion. Remain adept and adaptable to make the most of what is available to you. The Full Moon in Scorpio gives you the ability to articulate what you want most- so use it!

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Coming to terms with what you can really offer while acknowledging the truth of how much you can provide for yourself is highlighted now, and through this you can make some real progress regarding assets and earnings. Positive developments occur over the coming weeks in relation to your family or residence. A family member may offer support. Uncertainty regarding the future of a committed relationship subsides in early May, though there could still be an unexpected or tricky development in regard to this person on the horizon.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
The Full Moon in your sign speaks to how far you have come and shedding a skin (or two) to make room for new and improved circumstances. This has a regenerative quality that positively enhances your relationships with others, and it’s possible that you make a commitment that will stand the test of time over the coming weeks. A tricky situation at work or with a health matter clears up now as well, and you will have renewed energy and focus.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
Commitments could have a pervasive influence on a budding love connection and you might find at least once or twice over the coming weeks that you are blocked or sidelined while trying to cultivate this relationship. Conflicting values could present an issue, and you may feel at odds with what this person cares about, or unable to provide what is needed in a particular circumstance. It’s getting easier with every passing day to assert your point of view, so be clear with expectations.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Your patient and conscientious approach continues to be rewarded, even if you feel a little of your mojo has slipped, there is still much to gain in this period if you remain consistent in the pursuit of your goals. A matter connected to work could be concerning and requires flexibility on your behalf. Staying too attached to a way of doing things will slow you down in the long run. Romance can be developed now, and has long range implications. Show your heart.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
There are some growing pains connected to personal matters and perhaps within a close relationship. You still are uncovering your hidden motivations and drives for the time being and need to reflect on these. A certain pattern of life is coming to an end and this time is crucial for understanding both the what and the why of these so that you may relinquish the outmoded aspects of your psyche effectively. A long term goal comes to fruition over the Full Moon phase.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
You continue to encounter diverse people with a variety of points of view, some quite illuminating though others beguiling. Meanwhile you are in a process of defining yourself and your values. Where there had been concerning matters related to income there comes some clarity from the first days of May. Use what you have learned to be effective in creating the kind of world you want to live in. Domestic matters could require a delicate touch, easy does it.



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ARIES: A joint financial matter (related to a loan, business partner or spouse’s income) is settled around the time of the Full Moon on the 10th. You can negotiate for a pay increase on the 9th and 31st to your advantage. You are in a romantic mood this month and the 12th and 30th provide opportunities for engagement and to cultivate connections. Tensions can rise around the 25th, your personal desires seem to conflict with professional agreements, pick your battles as this can be a volatile period. Mind on your money, money on your mind from the 17th to June 6th. You can start squaring details on your budget and start to save for the future. North Node in Leo from the 10th sees a strong influence in your love life taking hold. Creative and personal projects are also highlighted. Clues in February revealed where all this is headed, bigger developments to come in August. Check your intuition on the 19th to see where this is going. It’s time to move away from the flock and into the limelight.


TAURUS: Partnerships come into focus this month with a very powerful Full Moon in your area of committed relationships on the 10th. You and your spouse or partner may be planning for the future in this phase. This is a dynamic period for finances, and you will likely be working hard or trying to establish new economic opportunities for yourself. The 12th and 30th are great for hearing news, or doing interviews and otherwise putting yourself out there. A New Moon on the 25th can present an offer or opportunity that enhances your earnings. The 11th and 29th could be more difficult, and while you can’t avert a crisis if one has been percolating, these are not the best days to try to put your best foot forward, you simply won’t be able to find it. Mercury in your sign from the 17th enlivens the pace enormously, with even better things on tap next month!


GEMINI: After attending to some funky vibrations the last couple months you hit a brilliant stride. Your personal agenda can be put into action now and you’ll get extraordinary assistance on the 12th and 30. A dicey moment with a partner on the 29th could be a tough moment, but work through it redrawing the lines where necessary, as it just keeps getting better from there on out. A job or assignment may come to conclusion on the 10th. The compensation for this looks lucrative. A New Moon in your sign on the 25th signals exciting beginnings and great things to come. You can utilize this time to clarify your goals, and set intentions for the future. Mars in your sign keeps you very busy and active. Try to curb your tendency towards attention deficit disorder/multitasking and set one or two goals you really want to complete this month. The pressure comes off your professional sector and you begin to see signs life. A karmic passage has ended. From the 9th you feel a definite sense of relief as pathways open in your career and new opportunities emerge.


CANCER: The Full Moon on the 10th brings a love relationship to brilliant culmination. Pluto collaborates from your house of partnerships, making this a vital phase for your partnership. From the 10th, there is a certain buzz surrounding financial matters, and you get a clear indication on the 19th that you are moving in a direction that is more independent and less reliant upon outside sources for your income. Mars continues to generate interesting insights into your psyche, and you may feel it is time to relinquish dependencies or vices that are stagnating or even crippling your development. Mercury and Venus correct their direction and offer positive influences for you professionally. Where you thought you may have lost the thread, you pick up where you left off and can get offers for advancement connected to work you did earlier this year. An agreement you make on the 11th will stand the test of time, even though it may have taken a while to arrive at this conclusion. You enter an exciting phase of social activity after the 17th. Friends offer invitations, and all else withstanding you should do what you can to get out there, see and be seen. The 28th and 31st are ideal for attending events or get togethers. Work behind the scenes on the 30th to bring a professional project to it’s next phase of completion.


LEO: A residential matter comes to conclusion around the 10th, and feelings of regeneration prevail. Home and family offer assurance, and you may be completing a renovation or moving house. You begin seeing signs of professional progress this month, and developments on the 9th and 31st contribute to a sense that things will work out after all. If the climate for intimacy to take root has been challenging, you’ll see these dissipate. Socially this will be an exciting month. There are events and people to meet and see. Travel is highlighted and snags you might have run into last month subside, opening the door (and your heart) for adventure. This is a good time for collective or group activities and you can successfully launch your project around the 12th. The 11th and 29th are a bit more tricky, You begin to feel stirrings of dynamic changes within your personal identity, you may find you are gaining a high profile (like it or not!) from the 9th. The North Node moves into Leo. Your whole life is about to change.


VIRGO: It’s a much brighter month with a dramatic shift in emphasis to your profession and reputation. From the 4th, Mercury direct helps offer clarity, especially regarding the future and where you are headed next. Meanwhile you are still attending to some of the left over business of the Venus retrograde cycle. Financial issues can come resolved now with an exciting offer coming your way early next month. Someone who owes you could surprise you. The New Moon on the 25th clears the way for a new direction in your career. Very good financial prospects are attached to an opportunity you take now, though it may take another month or two before you begin to see any payoff. The 12th and 30th are also favorable.


LIBRA: The atmosphere brightens considerably this month as Venus and Mars collaborate from helpful placements for you, enlivening romantic and social connections and offering respite from a hard working and highly transformative phase. The 12th and 30th stand out in particular, though there are lovely moments throughout. Easy does it on the 19th, you could quickly go overboard with money or affection! The New Moon on the 25th opens up new vistas and travel may factor over the next few weeks and help you get on to the road of your future success story. You may lock horns with an authority figure who pushes your buttons on the 25th, so hide those buttons if you want to avoid a fallout. You’ll notice you desire to climb out of the woodwork and reconnect with allies and friends, or cultivate new contacts that augment your long range goals and aspirations. Clues revealed in February (during the Leo eclipse) may have got you started on a group project already.


SCORPIO: A Full Moon in your sign on the 10th has deeply passionate undertones, just your style. Speak your mind and to your heart’s desire, you can connect meaningfully with your spouse or an audience at this time, making an impact. A work or professional situation is rectified in this period as well, as you over come the issues present over the last two months. A health problem may mutually be reconciled. Mars in Gemini indicates energy is moving in your mergers and intimacy is deepening. This is a period of transformation. The 12th and 30th favor coming together, your intuition is strong and will give you a sense of where things are headed in business and pleasure relationships. There could be some problematic moments at work and there is no backing out of a commitment or agreement on the 25th. A New Moon on the same date has favorable financial overtones, so choose your battles if you want to come out ahead.


SAGITTARIUS: Really harmonious and pleasurable vibes are in store, and a love relationship could really be coming together, especially around the time of the New Moon on the 25th. Circle the 12th, 19th and 30th to schedule your rendezvous and interludes as these will feature the most enticing energies. The 25th and especially the 29th have a bit more of an edge to them and can provoke confrontation. The pressure in your household really dissipates after the 9th, it may feel as if a demon has exorcized itself. Maybe a bad living situation comes to an end or someone in the domestic environment who had a draining effect on you leaves. A job or assignment that had been evasive to hammer down or complete comes together on the 31st. You might even get a better offer that makes the wait worthwhile. This applies equally if you are hiring someone, you’ll have you best shot at finding the ideal candidate now.


CAPRICORN: Domestic matters will be on the mend, and if the home life has been erratic, problematic, or there were delays you will see these reconciled now. A turning point on the 25th signals the end of a set of conditions and the beginning of a new order. Work and your productivity will be emphasized with great developments around the 12th enhancing your professional objectives and getting you on track to success. There may be some challenges around the 29th, your own hesitation can prove an issue here and if you sense an internal blockage, this is a good time to examine it. Projects you take on now have a great deal of significance for you this Fall, so watch your work carefully, as the quality of your output leads to advancement in a few months time. The love life continues to be a source of pleasure, and you can communicate your heart’s desire on the 31st. Recreation and self expression will need a parcel of your attention.


AQUARIUS: The ambience improves considerably this month, and daily life, pleasure and a strong sense of adventure stimulates you to take action. Dynamic turning points on the 19th and 25th could see alterations to standing agreements. Go with the flow here, great things are happening for you now and it’s not worth your time or trouble to get into entanglements with obstinate critters. The New Moon in your pleasure sector on the 25th invigorates your love life and towards the fulfillment of creative urges. The 12th and 30th are glorious for your self expression, and can bring joy and pleasure from within a love relationship. A Full Moon on the 10th indicates a culminating professional moment. You may be putting on the finishing touches to a project and preparing for a career shift. In a few months from now, Jupiter will be bringing big things, and you will want to be prepared for the opportunity that emerges. Clearing the way now will make things easier down the road!


PISCES: Finances get a reboot and second chances are possible this month. The coast is clear after the 4th, when entanglements and obstacles begin to disappear. The 11th can be very useful for a long term financial or professional agreement. The domestic scene is emphasized, as a Mars transit turns attention to your root base. There can be problematic energy coming from within your home, or with a cantankerous family member. Confrontations may precipitate coming to any kind of agreement about a living situation. Dynamics on the 11th and 29th can be especially challenging. A New Moon on the 25th can clear the air and set matters to their rightful course. You are keyed into what you want and can move forward with greater conviction now. The social life improves after the 17th. Friends, communication and day to day life all offer excitement, especially on the 28th and 31st.

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