Weekly Forecast 12/31 – 1/06


The year is off to a big BANG BANG with a Full Moon in Cancer on the 1st followed quickly the next day by Uranus returning to direct motion. The Full Moon will likely be emotional, though buttressed by Jupiter and Neptune in a Grand Water Trine, the feelings aroused will likely be quite positive. An opposition to Saturn early in the morning serves to remind of limitations and responsibility, (double difficulty to negotiate if you are hung over, so definitely a better idea to limit the holiday cheer!) and while it may feel as though you are widdling your way through a dark granite cave with a popsicle stick at the onset, the somber mood dissipates quickly, hang in there!

Uranus direct portends the regeneration of the revolutionary and desire to liberation. Uranus will be in shadow until mid April, so until then it’s about finding opportunities to integrate the changes that have been sought after, not necessarily breaking new ground in the quest for independence. (Check both the house in your chart ruled by Uranus as well as the current house being transited for the areas that are stimulated in this period.) By April, Uranus will be poised to make its momentous move into Taurus in May, and it will be possible to forge new currents of activity associated with a cause, personal or societal.

From Taurus, what is valued, usually (but not exclusively limited to) material resources and other assets, are highlighted, and the world is likely to see dramatic changes in economic policy. The success of Bitcoin and other forms of Crypto-currency precede this shift in social consciousness, indicating that the transition to the digitization (Uranus) of money (previously a tangible asset, such as dollars and coins,) is already well under foot. Between now and April 2026, expect to see even bigger developments.

Sun, then Venus harmonize with Neptune (Pisces) from Capricorn, and a soft romantic ambience prevails. Creativity is equally stimulated, making Tuesday and Wednesday really nice days to make or take in art or music, or stroll a beautiful garden with the one you love, assuming you live somewhere that the weather is conducive for it! The to and fro of the prior Mercury retrograde phase is coming to resolution, on Saturday the third and final Mercury – Uranus trine occurs, followed a week later by the final conjunction to Saturn. This brings to conclusion a matter that began in late November, as the Saturn – Uranus trine was hemmed in closely to the storyline of the Mercury retrograde cycle. At this point the final pieces of the jigsaw are being moved into place, and by next week, voila! Something manifests that you have been working towards for weeks, and from Capricorn (Mercury conjunct Saturn, Saturday the 13th,) new goals are set as a result.

Mars will square the Nodal Axis midweek, triggering a sense of incompletion, coupled with a feeling of loss over the adjustments that have been made since last August, during the prior eclipse cycle. As Mars moves towards its retrograde in Aquarius, and the three contacts it makes to the South Node this year, that feeling of loss may prevail over a strong sense of advancement. Certain sacrifices must be made in order to accommodate development and there will be several reminders of this through September. Early Thursday morning, Moon conjuncts the North Node and there is renewed hope in what the future will provide. Pay attention to your intuition at this time as it will provide a strong indication of what might occur during the Leo Eclipse at the end of the month and the Aquarius eclipse that follows in February. Trust that destiny will guide you to the appropriate shore.

Saturday is by far the most dynamic as a once in two year conjunction of Mars to Jupiter takes place in Scorpio. This initiates a new cycle of dynamic expansion and the actions that will be taken to achieve it. From Scorpio this could be occurring deep within or behind closed doors. Scorpio has a tendency to keep itself shielded, making this a somewhat uncomfortable placement for all this out, Yang energy, which will be trapped within the Scorpions’ shell. It’s definitely going to be felt, just not really dealt with out in the open. The last cycle occurred in mid October 2015 at 13 Virgo (equally awkward) and the next will be in March 2020 at 22 Capricorn (in close proximity to Pluto, yikes a bit?). This is one of the biggest stimulators of mojo and pure life energy, so it could be just a well that the mojo raised is through a deeply intimate and cathartic encounter. There is incredible intensity present at this moment of genesis, and gears shift, stimulating a whole new and highly passionate and regenerative form of taking action.

ARTWORK BY Daria Hlazatova


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april2-copy   ARIES March 20 – April 19
It’s a very important week for your personal life, very strong emotions are being aroused on the homestead and there could come a breaking point between your familiar duties and professional aspirations. Events behind the scenes have a corresponding connection to these events, and a change in locale or residence may be required of you to make the jump in your career. Potent forces and an agreement have a dramatic impact on your finances this weekend, there are erotic undertones, so a spouse, current or potential may be at the crux of this. A personal or educational goal that got way sided last month gets back on track. By next week, the dust settles and you can move forward.

may2-copy   TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Your personal life is highlighted and your best moments this week will be spent with friends and comrades. You can pin your heart to your sleeve and express your desires with candor over the Full Moon phase on Monday. The emotionality of the general atmosphere will make it so you don’t come off as a sap, since everyones feeling the vibes. A troublesome financial issue that pester you last month finally finds resolution from this coming weekend into next. Discussions about shared income conclude shortly. This all comes just into to surrender to the passionate revelry your partner has in store for you next Saturday. Unpartnered? A sexy s/hero seems to be on their way shortly.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Your personal issues continue to dissipate, and difficulties you encountered in connecting with your partner last month subside. Conversations you have this coming weekend as well as next will set the record straight. Enjoy some enticements early in the week to set the stage. Dropping a sweet (or sexy) note or text could get someone back on board quicker than you think. The Neptune alignments early in the week have beneficial connotations for you professionally. Meetings behind the scenes play a role in reaching a cherished goal. Monday offers you a culminating moment financially, which holds mostly good news, a vexing influence regarding shared economy, perhaps outstanding debt could be a bit of a damper. Examine your commitments.

july2-copy   CANCER June 21 – July 22
A Full Moon in your sign infuses you with passion and excitement for the New Year. You are also likely evaluating your closest commitments and the state of these, whether good or bad, will be a big part of your story over the next 12 – 36 months. If you don’t like what you see, it may be time to wipe the slate clear and start over. On the contrary, you may come to realize the depth and strength your partnership has provided with you, a very reassuring thought, for sure. Very romantic moments early in the week add to the feeling of being very loved, and you may be planning a voyage of sorts, (if so aim for the end of 2018). Passion prevails on Saturday, creativity and pleasure are highlighted and guide you for the coming 2 years. You’ll also be untangling knots on the job. Concerns and delays dissipate.

aug2-copy   LEO July 23 – August 22
Your personal and spiritual live is awakened at the onset of the year, and you are likely to derive the greatest pleasure in quiet reflection or in the company of those with whom you are closest and can share your innermost thoughts. The Full Moon stimulates your sensitivity and imagination, as well as intuition. There could be endings, perhaps someone is leaving home. Following your hunches is advised throughout the week, and the Moon from your sign beginning early Wednesday morning amplifies this. A creative or recreational matter that had gone sideways last month gets back on track from next weekend into the following. A supercharged moment regarding your residence stimulates a two year phase of deep transformation. Go for what you want.

sep2-copy   VIRGO August 23 – September 22
There is a lot of pleasurable energy aroused in your forecast, from New Years day you start to appraise a significant love relationship, and with luck you have the good fortune to connect with the object of your affection mid week, when pleasure mojo is at it’s strongest peak. The elusive nature of this connection can be explored, and if you find you prefer to daydream about this person than to connect IRL, maybe this is an appropriate time to consider why. If you are holding back from contact, it could be because this person might not actually live up to your expectations, or mutually that you won’t live up to theirs. Residential and family entanglements that have put you at odds since late November get resolution this coming Saturday with a solid plan in place in another weeks time. This is also a good time to make your case, what ever it be. You have the power to convince practically anyone of anything.

oct2-copy   LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Professional matters or a long range plan are highlighted over the Full Moon phase on New Years day. Developments enhance your financial standing (in a very lucrative development) and put you at ease regarding your daily tasks and work schedule. You can afford to show a bit more creative flair at work this week as well, though from mid week attention turns to more social matters, friends will call on you. A powerful financial development next weekend sets you on the trail of building your assets, which you do by demonstrating your savvy and passion mutually. May 2019 reveals the outcome of the mission you put into motion now. A contractual agreement you have sought after since late November could be instrumental, by next Saturday you could be signing the dotted line.

nov2-copy   SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
The horoscope favors Scorpio this week as immeasurable, but unseen forces, guide you back to your inner compass and self awareness of what you are ready to move towards allows you to shed skins that have been holding you back for many years. Not unlike the butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, you are in a major moment of personal rebirth. While this remains a theme for the weeks and year to come, a major development next Saturday catapults you into motion. The shift between who you are and who you are becoming has a great deal with opening your perspective (and heart) to the world around you. You will find yourself more and more able to reveal yourself and this also has a positive effect on your love life. Sharing your feelings makes a huge impact and boosts romantic prospects early in the week.

dec2-copy   SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
Private and personal matters are of the upmost concern for you during this period, galvanized by a Full Moon in one of the most secretive areas of your horoscope on New Years Day. Your sensitivity can be enhanced as certain elements of life come to an end. This has financial connotations as well, and you might be resolving a shared financial matter or coming to terms with a bank, business parter or even divorce. An upturn in available assets will enable you to realize a cherished dream regarding your home. From Saturday, vexing personal issues that have been squirrly since late last November start to be resolved and in another weeks time, you will be ready to move forward with much more assurance. This is a great time to take up a meditation or therapy practice.

jan2-copy   CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Powerful forces are at work this week, putting you in the spotlight, but equally casting light on your social network and key committed relationships. The Full Moon on New Years triggers a lot of emotional energy, while aspecting Saturn, recently ingressed to your sign, you have to evaluate the push – pull dynamics within a certain association. You know deep down it’s time to get down to business, but someone is pulling your heart strings, making that somewhat difficult to do. You can express your feelings romantically (or poetically, maybe through artistry,) in the beginning of the week, making this a great time for a heart to heart. Pay attention to clues early Thursday, especially where intimacy and financial relationships are concerned as these will have a dramatic implication at the Leo Eclipse at the end of the month. Powerful developments on Saturday set you on the course of your aspirations. Someone aids you on the way.

feb2-copy   AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
The axis of physical health vs spiritual health is a factor this week, and the way in which daily tasks your work and productivity affect your mental health will require some evaluation. This becomes abundantly clear right on New Years day. Perhaps you were hoping for some R+R, but get called into work last minute, and this puts you into a bad head space all day, forcing you to draw a line. You could just be seeing the culmination or putting the finishing touches on a big project or assignment and realize it’s time for a break. Quieter moments prevail in the following days, so enjoy them as from Wednesday, relational matters come to focus. Saturday holds a major professional development, and you are ready to go for it with everything you have.

march2-copy   PISCES February 19 – March 20
You find yourself in a very symbiotic environment this week, stimulated towards personal pleasure and excitement for the future. The Full Moon shines light on your desires, and an atmosphere perfect for connecting to someone with true love potential or taking a relationship to the next level is quite possible. This contact triggers your most heart felt dreams and the following days are highly conducive for developing a romantic bond. A vexing professional situation or setbacks you have experienced since lat November (perhaps just uncertainty over where you sought to go to next in your career or life path) see resolution from next weekend and into the next. You feel ready to move forward. Powerful developments signal you have the strength to get to where you want to go.


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ARIES: The path to success may be a bit convoluted, but an agreement or conversation on the 29th will help you set the record straight and get moving on those big goals. Events on the 7th get you going on a major professional initiative. A partnership assists you in reaching a long range or educational goal. The slow and steady work you are doing to achieve a milestone in this area gets a boost of encouragement from your close relationship. Look to clues on the 27th, as you may intuit an ending or break that needs to transpire in order to make the progress you desire. Bad financial habits or a relationship that has run it’s course may need to be released. By the end of April, you will have reached the end of this road. A domestic matter is resolved on the 12th. You complete or finalize plans for a move around this date.


TAURUS: Friends and social activities provide the focal point this month, with very pleasurable experiences on the 11th, 12th, 20th and around the Full Moon on the 12th, as well. You might realize on the 8th that a relationship with a friend has run it’s course, or mutually, hear from someone you did not anticipate. You get a better sense of your life direction and where to head next when Mercury goes direct on the 8th. Testing economic influences on the 19th and 27th reveal where you need to work on your financial agreements or arrangements. The New Moon on the 27th signals a new professional direction. Your intuition is strong at this time and points you in the direction of a new path you want to take aim for.


GEMINI: There is a strong emphasis on professional matters this month, and you have the ability to rise to any challenge. You may see a female colleague leave your midst (or perhaps come back from the past) on the the 8th. Your intuition will let you know where you may need to let something go. Your creativity shines on the 12th, let an artistic project flow. You can run into obstacles on the 19th and 27th. These could be connected to a partner who you do not see eye to eye with. Pay special attention to themes that arise on the 27th, as these will signal an issue that prevails throughout the Spring months as Venus retrogrades. Anything you can nip in the bud now can save you some grief down the road!

JULY2 copy.png

CANCER: A Full Moon in your sign on the 12th shows you how complicated your life has gotten. With so many key areas lit up and requiring your attention, this will likely be a very busy time for you. Matters regarding your partnership that had been in flux last month can now be resolved, and events or conversations around the 7th and 29th in particular will set the record straight, while also attuning you to what you desire. Very romantic vibes emanate from abroad and if you are traveling with your spouse in this period the 1st, 11th, 12th and 20th are divine. If dating, try an offbeat or ethnic spot in your area that lets you get away from the beaten path. Challenges to your productivity or in the work environment on the 19th and 27th signal where you have room to grow. Be especially attuned to developments on the 27th as these will reveal some of the major themes during Venus retrograde this April. A stitch in time… as they say! Feelings of deficiency or limitation reveal where you may need to do some work.


LEO: The theme this month is retreat and withdrawal. This is a period of gestation and quiet reflection that leads to transformation. A significant topic in this contemplation is one of security, primarily the security you seek to create with another person. This will be a big part of your learning curve for the next several months. The security you can provide, as well as expect to receive through a partnership (either through business or love,) is in a state of reappraisal through mid-May. Fresh winds blow towards the end of the month. Work is busy and there is a lot of communication on the job. The New Moon on the 27th impacts relationships. A new phase begins, or someone new arrives on the scene.


VIRGO: Mars and Venus stir up dust in your partnership house, both fun and/or friction could be a feature of your love relationships at this time. There will be a sense of urgency to connect in this phase, though Mercury retrograde in your area of romance could see you are stuck in a pattern loop that requires release before you can get something going. The 8th is tricky, a set back or reconsideration is possible. You may have over idealized a person a circumstance. Events reveal where it’s time to release a script that isn’t serving your better interests. The 11th and 12th are very enticing and the best in which to act on those frisky romantic impulses. Around the 27th you may start to feel a bit uncertain about the future of an association. Circumstances or resources may present a challenge to this partnership through April.


LIBRA: The emphasis is on work and your career this month with a positive indication you are moving in the right direction around the Full Moon on the 12th. Pure creative inspiration prevails on the 1st and 12th and you do well to follow your muse. Your work life may be affected and artistic projects or assignments will highlight your natural talent for the arts. Home base is also in a period of powerful transition, especially around the 7th. Regenerative and healing experiences are possible and changes are likely to occur that affect your home. Communication and visitors could also be a factor here. Energy could be low at the end of the month, and if so you may want to get a check up. From the 20th, brighter days come, as the ambience shifts to more fun and romantic prospects. The New Moon on the 27th can signal a meeting or development here, and a creative urge will likely be stimulated.


SCORPIO: January is a very pleasurable month as Venus and Mars simulate erotic vibrations in your arena of True Romance. Creativity is also highlighted. Circle the 1st, 7th, 11th, 12th and 20th as your key dates for developing your love connection or for activities connected to self expression. You reach a critical decision on the 29th, after a period of reconsideration stemming back the prior two months. Make up your mind and make your case. Pay close attention to shortages or feelings of restriction on the 19th and 27th, as these will show you where you have housekeeping or work to do. A work situation gets volatile on the 31st. You might have a “take this job and shove it” moment or scrap with a boss or coworker. Examine your desire to have more independence in your work life for a more productive use of this energy. Domestic matters are in flux, as you get an indication during the New Moon on the 27th.


SAGITTARIUS: You domestic life is action packed this month, as momentous occurrences with your family seem to be on the horizon here. Idealism is stimulated on the 1st and 12th in particular, and there can be a real sense of serendipity to events that occur. You may be selling or giving away a family heirloom on the 8th, an emotional attachment features here and you may be releasing a treasure from your past. Financial entanglements see resolution from the 13th. You can make a serious commitment on the 29th. Watch for prickly encounters with those close to home on the 19th and 27th. You may be coming across as a bit of a heavy with those you reside with.


CAPRICORN: A Full Moon on the 12th brings about a significant culmination in a close partnership. This particular lunation is locked into a very tight aspect pattern and there are somewhat disruptive overtones present if you are forming a relationship or making a business agreement at this time. You can experience some really magical moments in a love relationship on 1, 3, 12 and 20, but listen to clues and feelings of limitation around the 27th. The challenging themes present here can be nipped in the bud now, or will be dragged out through April – your choice. Do what you can to get an uncomfortable conversation out of the way. Energy is very high this month, especially on the 7th and 11th. Not so much on the 19th or 27th, easy does it. You finally make a big decision or can begin a personal initiative on the 29th, after delays and detours of the last 2 months.


AQUARIUS: Finances seem a major priority this month, and the 11th and 20th are positive for progress in this area, especially around the 11th and 23rd. Negotiations behind the scenes go well and you reach an agreement. Inspiration presides on the 1st, 12th and 23rd. You can tap your creative abilities to stimulate your earnings potential. There can also be a “too good to be true” quality, and you need to mind your spending on these dates equally. Objects of beauty will hold particular appeal, but think twice and make sure you can really afford any expenses out of your normal budget. Let go of bad financial habits on the 8th. A New Moon in your sign on the 27th signals changes are brewing. You begin to sense a new you is taking hold and may desire a makeover, or to change your look or wardrobe. While these things may seem superficial, they reflect changes going on deep inside you, so remove any judgement if you feel stimulated to make such changes. Look to financial pressures that might be mounting around the 27th and try to nip an issue in the bud. This one comes back like the plague in April if you don’t.


PISCES: You are impassioned this month, Venus and Mars in your sign highlight your receptivity to pleasure and makes you more outgoing in your search of it. Any and all of your personal initiatives are enhanced by this dual influence. Planetary energy combining with Neptune in your sign on the 1st (Neptune) and 12th (Venus) offer inspiration and creative impetus. Friendships, and especially those that re-emerged last month have significant implications for you throughout the month. There are very special social events on the 7th, 11th, 20th, 23rd and 29th. You can really demonstrate influence in a group project on these dates. Attune yourself to the message of events around the 27th, as events or intuition (especially those associated with feelings of restriction,) offer clues to the implications of challenges that will arise again in April. A stitch in time saves nine, as they say, and it could not be more true right now.