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February – Minefields and Maintenance

If January felt like a false start, worry not – it was due to the Mercury retrograde phase that lasted from January 6 – 26 that slowed our New Year’s progress considerably. Very potent forces are at work this month, particularly in the first half, that have a very favorable influence on business and commercial activities. Sun in Pisces from the 19th softens the edges considerably, until then the atmosphere is very productive as Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all collaborate effectively to assist us to meet our material and professional goals. Any traction you may have thought you lost last month is quickly made up for. The climate is serious and tenacious, and objectives are highly intensified in the first two weeks.

We do have the challenges of Venus – Pluto and Venus – Uranus to overcome on the 5th and 6th. Uranus and Pluto are still in tight angle, and Mercury retrograde recently brought light to this conflict December 20 – 21, 2015, then again in late January 21st and 22nd, and again the 30th and 31st. All these contacts pointed to hard confrontations with Uranus – Pluto, and trying to break through the incredible pressures we have felt as a result of their square (which has been a pervasive issue since June 24, 2012). This simmering, volatile confrontation between ourselves and circumstances or with others has been a major influence on this recent Mercury retrograde cycle in January. Mercury has articulated the issue, and now Venus enters the picture, appealing to our heart at this crucial turning point. Themes of power and control (Pluto) remain relevant, while the square to Uranus can suggest a highly unanticipated backlash. Love may indeed prove to be the catalyst for a major breakthrough at this time. These are hair-trigger minefield aspects, so proceed cautiously. It’s ultimately a personal choice each of us will make to engage with or disarm the conflicts that arise. (Feeling stressed? Check out the breathing exercise at the very bottom of this post. It helps me enormously when I feel overwhelmed!*)

Jupiter and the North Node remain in close proximity for the first week of the month. We are still being asked to see the bigger picture, and to use that awareness to meet the evolutionary goals of Virgo North Node. That goal is about doing something really, really well and a refinement of a project, product or the self are all indicated. With Virgo everything is in the details, so check and double check that the quality of each part of whatever it is you are working on is absolutely spot on perfect. Jupiter is retrograde so it’s more likely we are seeing the ways in which we didn’t handle the topic (of the house being transited in your chart) well enough. Retrogrades are all about re-evaluation, and on a more positive note, second chances. These two meet again in June, offering a huge boost up the evolutionary ladder where we now take the time to scrutinize what could be improved upon and then doing the work to make the project, product or ourselves better so we may fully take advantage of that second chance.

Mercury (Feb. 7), Venus (February 10th) and Mars (February 16th) tap the Nodal Axis, offering a vantage point that allows us to see both where we are headed and where we came from simultaneously. It’s easier now to reconcile to endings we have or will be making, (most likely during the South Node conjunctions occurring next month, as well as at the time of the Pisces eclipse March 8th,) so if you get intonations it’s time to start saying farewell to something or someone, (and this may be part of a highly internal process, preparing YOURSELF for transformative experiences ahead,) by all means, heed those cues. The intuition you get around these dates is highly accurate, and you may even notice serendipities occurring around you that tie into events that transpired late last August/early September or receive a premonitory flash of what is to come.


aquarius new moon

Our viewpoint becomes radicalized as Sun transits Aquarius, followed by Mercury Feb. 14th and Venus Feb. 16th. The Aquarius New Moon on the 8th harmonizes the forming Aries/Uranus – Saturn/Sagittarius trine offering an exciting beginning within a project or association that will assist us in bringing matters to a phenomenal conclusion in December. With this we are thinking back to activities initiated as far back as 2011, so this can be tied into a real long range project that is currently receiving fresh impulses. On it’s own, the New Moon is mostly positive, though a square to Mars in Scorpio can suggest rash decisions coming out of an argument or that a confrontational episode can be in store. Scorpio can be quite obstinate, as can Aquarius in it’s own right. Not unlike the Uranus – Pluto square itself, (Uranus rules Aquarius and Pluto rules Scorpio, go figure!) the progressive and radical influences of Aquarius are being challenged by the harsh and punishing forces of Scorpio. Conversely, Scorpio’s desire for in depth transformation is disrupted by the unexpected events that occur. Use the New Moon to get to the bottom of a problem, be ready to rumble, and keep the emphasis on the long range dynamics.

The Sabian Symbol of the New Moon evokes the image of “A forest fire quenched” suggesting something in our lives that has grown disproportionately out of control (Mars in Scorpio?) is ready to be extinguished. We will use the best and most ingenious tools Aquarius offers to mitigate a potentially life threatening disaster. The rational mind is our greatest ally in confronting the challenge in front of us.

Sun in Pisces from the 19th offers a far more subdued ambience. A dreamy and introspective quality is present and reflection and day dreaming can be a facet over the upcoming weeks. A Full Moon in Virgo on the 22nd illuminates a desire to rest and reflect. Neptune is the prevailing influence over this lunation and we will seek a soul connection that offers a glimpse into the beautiful and etherial. The associated Sabian Symbol for Virgo 3 (the placement of the Virgo Full Moon) is “Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection”. During this Lunation it is best to trust your inner guidance and intuition. Avoid the role of the martyr or victim of circumstance. Learn to listen to your inner voice.



ARIES – Career prospects continue to brighten as any indecision or false starts that were pervasive last month quickly recede into the past tense. Look to the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th for your best days in which to expand your influence or make a good impression. Mixing business with pleasure can have a catastrophic, or at least unexpected result on the 5th – 6th. Future perfect resides with a group of friends and allies, you seem to be working on a group project that genuinely enhances or showcases your talents brilliantly. The New Moon on the 8th can signal incredible developments, though a secret revealed (or betrayed) can prove a highly contentious influence. From the 19th it is withdraw, retreat and regroup. Sleep in, meditate or what ever helps you R + R, in a month it’s your birthday and with an eclipse brewing from your sign, things are going to change, really, really soon in ways you can’t even imagine.

TAURUS – There is a nice mix of professional, personal and social energy floating around this month. Should you find yourself on distant shores, a true love connection may be made, particularly around the 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th. Academic associates can have a similar effect. The work you do in the first half of the month towards your professional goals yields positive results and an elevated profile from the 16th. Your reputation is stellar and your commitment shines on the 29th. A New Moon affecting this area on the 8th can present wonderful opportunities, a partner doesn’t seem to share your enthusiasm, however, or there may be a conflict with a business partner over the direction of a joint project. Rather than sow the seeds of discontent, you can keep a low profile and do your work behind the scenes for the best result. The Virgo Full Moon on the 22nd sees a love relationship, your creativity or child/ren in view. The softening effect of Neptune will help you see the best in someone, highlighting an enticing romantic episode for you.

GEMINI – You start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, especially after the 14th as it becomes easier to express and articulate yourself. Pleasurable experiences in store from the 18th enhance feelings of attraction and self worth. The first half sees you busy behind the scenes, as a work project is demanding a great deal of your attention. Your productivity is yielding very positive results, particularly around the 3rd, 7th and 10th, keep at it! Aquarius New Moon on the 8th can be contentious, a work mate or project throws a wrench into travel plans that can have you steaming. Your ideologies can equally be challenged. Professional objectives come into focus after the 19th. Sun – Neptune combined on the 28th signals an ideal you would like to reach in your profession. You can make an ally the following day who will help you reach your summit.

CANCER – Things continue to amplify in a love relationship. The first two weeks are telling of how deep your feelings go. The 3rd, 5th and 7th are extraordinary for cultivating a meaningful bond, you can easily express your feelings on the 10th. The New Moon on the 8th affects your intimacy sector and Very Serious relationships, including those that you have with banks and creditors, i.e. financial agreements. Challenges arise through a lover or your children, who somehow come into conflict with your desire to make such commitments. It’s a perplexing one, though your profession benefits from choices you make now. Weigh the pros and cons before you commit. The 6th also features vexing influences. Sun in Pisces from the 19th puts you back in your comfort zone, and a conjunction to Neptune on the 28th can see you dreaming of distant shores.

LEO – Work and productivity are the major arena of your attention for the first half, though a relationship also has you riveted. Following the twists and turns of last month you’ll be happy to find a new normal in your work schedule or routine. Venus promises good relations with coworkers, particularly around the 7th and 10th and you will find success with projects, including those related to health and wellness on these days. The New Moon on the 8th can generate friction at your residence or with a close family or partner. You are mostly in your element, but a cranky live in or problem with the house throws everything haywire. From the 16th it’s all eyes on a special someone, you can make an enduring commitment on the 29th. Financials are a focus after the 19th, be very cautious about agreements made with banks or other entities around the 28th, you simply aren’t seeing the whole picture.

VIRGO – Your work life and productivity are peaking (just as you like it) and there are really wonderful opportunities throughout the month to make substantial progress at your job. The love life is also quite fulfilling, and sweeping changes on the periphery can be signaled during the Full Moon in your sign on the 22nd. An eclipse falling in opposition to your sign next month is going to present a major (positive) upset to the status quo. You begin to feel this in your bones by the 19th. Very promising romantic moments on the 5th, 7th and 10th can bring new people into your orbit, or allow you to cultivate an ongoing relationship. A very passionate moment on the 5th shows you how deep your love goes. Fantasy looms large on the 28th, all is not what it seems. Domestic concerns can be effectively dealt with on the 25th and 29th.

LIBRA – You begin to stir from your winter hibernation, though the first two weeks may still see you keeping it close to home. The New Moon on the 8th signals it is time for pleasure, though niggling financial issues can put a damper on your more leisurely pursuits. Use the signals you get at this time to address how much effort you need to put into your revenue stream. The results favor an eclectic relationship you would like to see develop over the coming year. The 3rd and 13th have favorable financial indications and you can seal the deal on an important contract around these dates. From the 16th you are back in your element and it’s let the good times roll, for the most part. The Full Moon on the 22nd sees you releasing something, a whole way of life is coming to an end. This happens in a very private part of your chart, and is the culmination of a very personal exit strategy you have been working on for over a year. Next month your life changes completely. Release what you need to now to make space for what lies ahead.

SCORPIO – You find the words to articulate what could not be said last month as a gentle and even romanic ambience pervades in your day to day life. You may strike up a conversation in the most unlikely of places, the 7th and 10th can bring lovely interactions with potential for more. A passionate conversation on the 5th can lead to a better understanding of the motives and desires of a lover. Domestic concerns are still significant, there can be a very confrontational episode with someone attached to your residence on the 8th. A more positive inroads can be made on the home front after the 16th. Romance and pleasure feature largely as Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, and you will seek an ideal love connection on the 28th. You are persuasive on the 3rd and 13th. Set meetings and presentations for these dates, you will convey yourself with the right balance of tact and assertiveness. Financial matters can be effectively dealt with on the 25th and 29th.

SAGITTARIUS – The ambience continues to become more social for you, with indications throughout the month for activities and excursions. Finances are still significant through the first half, as very positive circumstances unfold on the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th that add to your earnings in a positive way. Unexpected expenses on the 6th can provide an upset. The family and home dynamic becomes emphasized after the 19th, with the Full Moon on the 22nd indicating a professional opportunity that could potentially require relocation. All the pieces fall into place next month during the Pisces eclipse. What you feel in your bones on the 7th, 10th and 16th is quite revealing of what is in store. Watch words and guard your secrets on the 8th. A stormy New Moon in Aquarius offers a wonderful beginning in a communications based project taped right into your self expression and creativity, but a force from behind the scenes throws in a tempestuous influence. Proceed with caution.

CAPRICORN – The best part of having Venus in your sign, (through the 16th,) is being able to put yourself first without regret or retribution. The 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th and 13th are all very positive for you in matters of both business and pleasure. A harmonious relationship between Venus and Mars combined with commercially oriented Mercury and Jupiter provide the perfect ambience to not only go after (Mars) but receive (Venus) what you desire. All aspects of life are positively enhanced by these transits. The financial realm is stimulated, just be cautious around the 8th, when an opportunity may undermined by a friend or colleague. People seek to express their opinion and exert influence on you. Better financial auspices are present from the 16th. The 6th can see contemptuous influences in your home or residence. Time for a radical reappraisal of what you are willing to live with. Take care of yourself in this phase, next month brings dynamic and sudden changes to the status quo and you will need all your energy and faculties ready to jump on the (professional) opportunity that is going to be presented.

AQUARIUS – The professional forces continue to be a strong influence, though as you close in on your birthday (or have already) you seem to be experiencing growing pains as you try to define the role you see yourself serving in society. The New Moon in your sign on the 8th can be quite contentious in this regard. A boss or the requirements of your career commitments seem to really be at odds with your personal expression. You have allies and amigos who will provide incredible assistance to you as you navigate the challenges ahead. Things get way better after the 16th when Venus brings her good vibrations into your sign for a nice sweet month. Mercury also in your sign after the 13th brings a brisk and exciting tempo to the daily life. Meaningful romantic and business alliances can be formed on the 25th and 29th. Be very wary of financial schemes around the 28th. Somehow you just won’t get what you bargained for.

PISCES – It’s better late than never where the realization of your most cherished aspirations is concerned. Venus makes highly beneficial aspects (look at the 5th, 7th, 10th, specifically) highlighting positive social opportunities and the projects you are doing with a group or organization. Transformation is brewing and you begin to get indications (the 7th, 10th, 16th and 22nd offer vital clues) that your whole life is about to change. Indeed it is, as a powerful eclipse in your sign March 8th upends the status quo entirely, and probably for the better. From mid month you go undercover, building up your inner reservoir for all that is about to come into being. Professional matters see positive developments on the 25th and 29th. Tune into your most etherial self on the 28th. A vision or intuition guides you for the coming year.



New Beginnings

The final week of this month portends big beginnings, particularly within relationships and through creative enterprises. The momentous merger of Venus and Mars in Aries on Sunday elicits a massive dose of motivation as we awaken urgenty to desire and affection. Zest and passion underscore developments now and where there has been a feeling of limitation or even pessimism, enthusiasm and dynamic opportunities begin to replace the harsher realities we have confronted. The Saturn cycle is deeply emphasized, as Venus and Mars connect harmoniously this week to the planet of structure, planning, and long range efforts. The challenging influences that presided over the prior month, particularly in regard to relational efforts and our strategic endeavors, gives way to a very positive flow of activity this week. We have overcome substantial difficulties since mid – January, and the doors are open now to make progress on our personal objectives. With the energy transpiring through fire signs, imagination, action, and intuition will allow us to make the most of the opportunities presented now. Use this remarkable period to double and redouble your efforts towards the achievement of your long range goals. These were likely established last Fall 2014, (Mars conjunct Saturn – August 25th; Venus conjunct Saturn – November 13th) and we now begin to manifest the objectives we put into motion around those dates, which again, underwent a critical period of challenge or reappraisal during January. That Venus and Mars are working together is highly auspicious, indicating a great deal of passion and vitality, as well as a loving spoonful of ease of interaction and luxury through Venus. The asteroid Juno, which presides over commitment and spouses also smiles beneficially on unions forged now, and it’s not unlikely that an alliance that takes hold in this period has the potential to turn into a really significant long range relationship, even a marriage prospect could come into the frame during this period. (See your personal horoscope, below, for “where” you might find this person.)

There is a bit of a reality check to contend with at the onset of the week, but don’t let an abrasive episode Monday (Sun square Saturn) deter you from enjoying the other highly advantageous influences available. A setback that occurs in this phase may require a modification to existing plans, or suggest an oversight, so deal with these quickly and move forward with assurance. Sun – Neptune conjunct mid week can be highly inspiring, but make it difficult to take direct or immediate action. Neptune softens the focus, opening the channels of receptiveness which can yield phenomenal insight, but also sensitizes the ambience in such a way that it can be hard to be very effective. We are still connecting to an ideal, and continue to ask “why not” this ideal. Challenges we confronted on Monday reminded us of the obstacles, by mid week we seek to confront them and reorient ourselves to inspiration and the realization of a visionary objective. (The Mars – Saturn trine, also on Wednesday, will have a lot to say about this, so expect a unique combination of tenacity and intuition to be present simultaneously.)

Jupiter quincunx Pluto on Friday can present a dynamic opportunity, likely connected to a very long range endeavor that was intensively stimulated in April of 2014 and has since seen permutations with critical events occurring in early September of last year. We get another chance at making modifications to this now, with further developments in May as a result of listening to and learning from the influences that are present at this time. The pay off for the hard work comes in mid – October, with a brilliant success story and tangible, economic and personal rewards available if we remain present and available to the suggestions coming our way Friday. This is enhanced significantly by Mercury connecting to the Nodal Axis at the end of the week as well. A feeling of fatedness can accompany a meeting or conversation with strong indications for the future, so keep an open mind – and schedule! It’s going to be an amazing week, and this is only the beginning. March offers even more stellar opportunities, we are just getting started!

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ARIES: You are becoming a force to be reckoned with, Aries, as Venus and Mars amplify your desires and charisma simultaneously. There is still benefit from working strategically behind the scenes, as you’ll take notice of on Monday. A longing to move mountains in a creative, academic, publishing, teaching or traveling endeavor begins to show positive signs of activity, and you get the stimulation and assistance you require to build momentum on this over the coming months. This project comes to fruition at the end of October, between now and then there is much to be learned and a process of refinement of the objective that must take place before you lift off. Nonetheless, this is a very vital and auspicious time to push forward on endeavors both personal as well as those you work on with others. The social dimension also sees some liveliness. Mid week sees a shift in perspective about friends and the people you interact with day to day. A writing or learning project goes through a crucial transformation. A partnership matter you have had difficulty with over the last few months or uncertainty about an alliance can be addressed on Friday. A conversation at this time is very revealing, perhaps you were not sure if this person shared your vision for the future and this was an obstacle towards making a commitment. You can clear the air now, discover exactly where this person stands, and move forward. Juno in your house of pleasure and self expression suggests someone with partnership potential is someone you can play with. Children and creativity enhance your desire to make a commitment at this time.

TAURUS: Erotic undertones are strong in this phase, though the energy is coming from way behind the scenes. A fantasy element plays a strong role, indicating you are either imagining the perfect scenario, or carrying it out within the realm of a secret liaison. On a very spiritual level there are significant activations. Your inner dimension and psyche grow tremendously in this phase and you are learning to take responsibility for your need for privacy and stake out your personal space. Your intuition is very strong in this period. Obey your instincts, they will take you precisely where you want to go. The Moon transiting your sign from Sunday PM puts you back into your skin and helps you get in touch with what you really want. Monday is a bit prickly, however, as your hopes and dreams for the future come under the scrutiny of harsher financial realities. Keep the faith and modify your agenda where required. Matters surrounding recent domestic developments may also be challenged towards the end of the week. A desire to travel or return to school may be thwarted by a residential expansion you recently made. You can work on this and get back on track for May. Juno’s transit suggests the one you cherish most deeply is the one you will allow into your home, or the one you would consider living with. Mid week can see you attending to financial matters, particularly those that pertain to your career. A behind the scenes negotiation with a boss or advisor can put you in a much better fiscal position.

GEMINI: You feel a real shift in energy and perspective this week, as your social life and interests pick up considerable speed and momentum. The emphasis on professional matters, meanwhile, remains strong, and you can find allies who will enable and assist you in the pursuit of your desires at this time. It’s possible a meeting or merger with someone with real partnership potential comes your way through the course of your daily activities, as marriage asteroid Juno emphasizes thinking, interaction and communication. If you are in a relationship, you will find yourself making numerous short trips and very busy with your spouse in this period. Parties, events and other social diversions will command your mutual attention, or can bring a winning introduction to single Gemini. Even a new relationship benefits from this energy, as a partnership becomes more substantial and committed through shared activities. A more personal reflection is in order mid week, and you will be able to augment your position in a group or organization very effectively through assertive persuasion. Work and professional matters present a bit more difficulty this week. A partner may speak out about your on the job commitments at this time, or you may find your obligations interfere with your social life. Follow your intuition mid week about a professional enterprise. A stimulating inspiration can show you the way to the path you have been seeking since the beginning of the year. A conversation at the end of the week speaks to your creative passion and brings a very positive development within a love relationship.

CANCER: Professionally you are on fire with incredible developments and very exciting offers in the mix. Very dynamic energies unfolding over the coming weeks will motivate and inspire you to pursue your goals. Hard work is required to make the most of this, but you’ll find it easy to embrace a consistency of pace and regiment that brings enduring success through productive efforts. Creativity enhances your reputation and image, coupled with the daring to take on a project that requires passion and an element of risk. This makes for an unbeatable combination and assures success if you put yourself out there. Residential matters that mutually command your attention come into focus Friday, and you can have a meaningful conversation about relocation or attend to a domestic issue at this time. Intuition is remarkable mid week, and there may be news from a distance you find incredibly inspiring. From Friday morning the Moon transits your sign, and you’ll feel as though you are coming into your own, feeling genuine satisfaction and revitalization. The personal issues that have been present in your relationships, particularly with your spouse or a business partner are nonetheless in focus, and there may be a contentious episode or challenge in regard to a financial matter. Marriage asteroid Juno in the area of income and values suggests you may be possessive of your spouse at this time, or you may be drawn to someone explicitly for the way in which they can assist you economically. In many ways you are “married” to your work right now, and better auspices for cultivating a union based on real affection are indicated after mid March. With the Venus – Mars conjunction this week, however, there could be a romance with a colleague or connected to you professionally in this phase.

LEO: Passion, arousal and desire are all stimulated this week, though you seem to be seeking a love relationship that can endure or will become serious over time. You are very conscientious of your commitments and demonstrate newfound maturity in this period. A relationship with someone at a distance, or that puts you in contact with a child (perhaps indicating a role as a step parent) could feature largely as well. You may be feeling marriage minded in this phase, as Juno, the asteroid pertaining to commitment and the spouse, makes a lengthy transit of your sign, (lasting through June 2015). A new relationship that begins now has incredible potential, but again, slow and steady is the approach to take. Travel for or with a partner will be very stimulating over the coming weeks, with even more delicious and electrifying episodes en route through the first half of March. Your enthusiasm for life is deeply enhanced during this phase, and you seem ready to shake off the winter blues. A conversation or event on Friday augments a relationship beautifully and you can reach an incredible accord with a partner at this time. Meanwhile, your relationship with your body, health and productivity continues to be transformed, and strong indications at the end of the week will demonstrate changes that need to be made in your life to enhance your well being. A health issue that has been a matter of concern since last Fall comes into frame, and you can can gain ground on this through examining your habits and making modifications to diet and routine quite effectively now. Intuition and intimacy are enhanced mid week, and a vision or revelation will yield an inspiration that guides you towards a meaningful connection or discovery. Empathic awareness is stimulated and rapport will come easily in this phase.

VIRGO: Empathic understanding continues to enhance a committed relationship, with really enticing and intimate encounters over this weekend. This person is connected to your home or family, and you may be moving in with your mate or deepening your connection in some way at this time. Very potent energy mid week also signals significant developments, and you will be very sensitized to the needs of your partner, or your desires within a partnership. A professional matter comes into focus simultaneously and you will be seeking to modify your course of action towards the achievement of your goals. You may be pursuing outside investment or the help of a spouse or partner to begin or expand a business operation. This is an effective time for negotiating such agreements. The transformative vibrations that are altering the dynamics of a love relationship, or one that involves your role as a parent or step parent, will also come into focus towards the end of the week, as your deepest desires and longing resurface and push for changes within existing circumstances. Your intuition is REMARKABLE in this phase, and must be trusted above all else. A cathartic period of reorientation and personal definition is beginning to transpire (this will be reflected in about a month during the Pisces eclipse in opposition to your sign) and you do well to tune into your hearts true desires now, while they are so readily accessible to you. Journaling and other forms of reflection or meditation can be highly productive ways in which to tap into your yearnings. Marriage asteroid Juno in the house of endings and secrecy augments this process, and it’s probable that a significant relationship is running it’s course as you awaken to your latent desires. If so, trust that this is to make room for a much more satisfying and meaningful connection in the near future.

LIBRA: Very exciting developments come to the fore in your personal and business relationships this week. A maturing outlook and the ability to articulate your goals with precision and clarity play a huge role in establishing valuable new connections. You are becoming more serious in your thinking and choice of associates, a process augmented by an interest in sharing your time more explicitly with those who can enable and enhance your objectives, hopes, wishes and dreams. Your perspective is broadening in this phase and you’ll seek those who extend far beyond the usual milieu of people you encounter. Perhaps someone from a distance or another culture plays a part, particularly on Wednesday. A meeting or introduction this week connects you to your longer range goals for learning, communication and essentially assists you in cultivating a more exclusive circle of friends and allies. With the presence of Juno aligned auspiciously, you may find a suitable marriage partner through a group or association you work with. Many social contacts in this period will yield a prospect sooner than later. Momentous beginnings transpire in relationships for both business and pleasure and you will equally be able to find someone willing to back a substantial personal endeavor. With Big Life Changes coming, (i.e. eclipses on the Axis of your chart over the next 6 weeks,) shake ups are on route, and you are only beginning to get intonations of this at this time. The other X factor this week comes in the way of your job or life management issues, with a strange mix of set backs followed by inspiration to follow your heart in these matters creating a somewhat complex ambience in regard to the role you play to your employers, or within the circumstances on the job. Remain flexible and amenable to mutations here, as the better news is coming soon in regard to your personal projects and achievement based activities.

SCORPIO: Momentous professional developments begin to come your way this week with a significant meeting or opportunity on tap as soon as Sunday (Feb. 22nd). Your personal and financial objectives are implicated and what comes to life now could bring substantial benefits your way in regard to earnings and other long range goals connected to security issues. This equally stimulates your professional aspirations, with more on route in the first two weeks of next month. Where you may have been focused on domestic or personal concerns over the prior months, a particular project may have been moved to the back burner. It now commands great energy and attention, though with your ruling planet involved, you feel incredible motivation and a personal connection towards this activity. Romance is featured, but is likely connected to your work at this time. This is enhanced by the presence of Juno transiting the area of profession, indicating that it’s likely if you meet someone in this period, they are attached to your career in some way. Exciting, though unexpected, developments over the coming weeks will continue to offer intriguing new opportunities to enhance your reputation and reach your aspirations. Mid week is appropriate to address the issue of raising capital for a business endeavor, though you might seek to sugarcoat a matter related to self expression, be careful to not make an unfounded proposition based explicitly on the projection of an ideal. Financials get dicey at the beginning of the week, and you may have to strategize a new budget quickly. Your words and thinking play a major role in your ability to take on a opportunity that could yield tremendous success on Friday, as a conversation that occurs today can fundamentally transform the dynamics of your work life. Being able to adjust your perspective will be invaluable at this time, and plays into big developments in May. Keep your mind open, but focus sharp and steady. This could be a real game changer.

SAGITTARIUS: Bold new energy and excitement takes hold of you, reinvigorating your spirit and urging action be taken. A creative enterprise, personal project or even a love relationship kindles brilliantly at this time for you, though you may also find your newly discovered aura of maturity and awakening to responsibility urges you be conscientious about any commitments you make at this time. A love relationship that comes into frame now is brilliantly augmented by the marriage asteroid Juno, transiting the area of distant horizons and broad perspectives. You have the potential to meet someone abroad in this phase, or cultivate a connection through an academic association or travel. Publishing, media enterprises and teaching may all feature. A pivotal moment in a relationship may be due mid week, and you’ll be taking a great deal into account (residential matters and personal commitments especially,) though the pleasure principal may be just too strong to ignore. This is a turning point in some regard, even if it’s just making up your mind about a situation. There could be a contentious financial moment towards the end of the week, as an expense or shortage may curtail a grand adventure. You’ve been working on this since last Fall, keep at it now for an exciting breakthrough in May. Residential matters are also emphasized, and if an issue connected with a troublesome flatmate (alcohol or drug abuse can play a detrimental role here) or ongoing conditions with bad plumbing or flood damage sends up a red flag on Monday, reexamine the terms of your lease or consider extending your insurance to protect your property. Mid week sees improvement, less likely to actual circumstances then your attitude towards the living arrangements, though you’ll be seeking an idealized state of affairs. This can be a productive time to address furnishing or minor decoration, particularly if it brings ease or harmony, but hold your horses on the full scale remodel – with an eclipse coming to this area and impacting your domestic sphere in less then a month, change is in the wind on the residential front.

CAPRICORN: The details surrounding the significant residential shifts set to occur won’t all fall into place immediately, but you do begin to get solid indications throughout the week that changes are in store, and likely see emphasis and opportunities building in this area beginning Sunday the 22nd. An urgency to confront or change a situation could stem from developments within a relationship, this is possibly an auspicious time to move in with a partner, or you may be considering a relocation for the sake of being closer to a loved one. Much more in store, of course, over the next 2 months, so these might just be initial rumblings as to your desire for a shift. Marriage asteroid Juno in the house of intimacy and shared resources may also pull the trigger towards a significant development within the affairs of the heart. On a soul level, you “feel good” about what is transpiring right now – it speaks to your deepest desires, the ones so secret and etherial you don’t even have words to express them. You can use this energy to move forward a personal endeavor to great success right now and be very effective of working people over to your convictions. Monday is testing, you seem to have difficulty expressing your thoughts clearly, or are so overwrought with feelings of disappointment or pessimism that you feel doomed to fail. Give it a day and work through these feelings, as things turn around quickly. By mid week you are positively inspired, and can use this gravitas to convey an important message. Very empathic awareness at this time can lend to favorable negotiations. A work or health matter comes into frame, and you have to reconcile responsibilities correspondingly. The end of the week is very favorable for a financial negotiation connected with your profession. If you seek to add stature or prestige, a mentor or someone from your past could have a message of profound impact Friday. Equally, an unusual business offer, also connected to money, but that of others (investor, spouse, bank or large organization) – not the kind you earn, could be indicated at this time. This opportunity challenges some of your core beliefs, but should nonetheless be considered as it could yield an exceptional development moving forward.

AQUARIUS: The social sphere is activated immensely in the coming weeks, you have numerous opportunities to add contacts and connections. This influence may allow for a compelling introduction to someone of real marriage material. Juno in the house of commitment amplifies your desire to make a union, or perhaps your partner is marriage minded. An ardent exchange on Sunday, Feb. 22 sets the tone. This transit lasts through June, but you will be stimulated now to engage the pursuit. A lively daily schedule and many occasions and events can readily bring a very exciting new person your way. Passionate and affectionate exchanges invigorate you, but you are willing to be conscientious and discriminating in choosing your associations. You are cultivating associations that will endure and add structure to your life, less likely to fly off on a whim or flight of fancy. Mid week sees appraisal of the love object, this person may or may not live up to your ever escalating standards. Otherwise it’s possible your friends do not share your enthusiasm for this person. A significant transformation Friday can modify a relationship (love or business), the balance of power seeks adjustment, this is a long range issue, going back to last Fall. A financial or security matter crops up on Monday, and you may pay a price for over idealizing your earnings potential. Scarcity may be an issue. Mid week you see a turnaround, and a compelling inspiration can stimulate a money generating opportunity. This will connect back to creative urges that stem back through January, you see the way to put ideals into motion. Be wary – as they say all that glitters is not gold, and you are more receptive in this time to hear what you want to hear, which is not necessarily the truth.

PISCES: Security issues become emphasized and you’ll feel incredible enthusiasm to pursue your financial and professional goals in this period. Creativity may play a role in earnings, and you may find it possible at this time to bolster your income through artistic and aesthetic enterprises. Mars here sees you spending as quickly as you earn, so try to remain conscientious in your expenditures and only make necessary purchases. It’s been a period of feast or famine, though it seems you may be using your personal earnings power to augment a professional pursuit or start your own business. This is an appropriate time for this, and extraordinary opportunities over the coming weeks will allow ample room for movement in your chosen occupation. You have to work hard to make this happen and a trying moment Monday will demand that if you accept this role it may come at a cost that feels quite personal. You will ask if you have what it takes, and you certainly do, though you may have to make a concession or modification to your identity at this time. With an eclipse in your sign due in less than a month, leave room for changes, you may get intonations now of what is in store. Inspiration flows freely mid week, you will be considering whether your residential situation needs correction in order to meet the demands of your professional and personal commitments. Adaptation may be required. Marriage asteroid Juno transiting the house of daily work load, health and productivity indicates a committed partnership may evolve from a working relationship. Towards the end of the week you may see unexpected developments on the job, or new responsibilities hoisted on you. A health matter may also be in focus, a friend or associate may have advice you were not expecting, or offer a tip for employment that takes you by surprise.


Empathic Idealism and Awakening to Passion

The malaise and uncertainty of this prior retrograde phase begins to dissipate, as Mercury steadily resumes it’s pace in Aquarius. There are clear indications that conditions are improving as soon as Tuesday. A third and final contact to Saturn on Thursday allows for a significant decision or conversation to occur, and with the gears of life returning to motion we can begin to move forward on crucial agendas. There is a back to basics approach here, and a realistic appraisal of what is available to us in order to satisfy our long range objectives that is very useful. A contact to the North Node in another weeks’ time will allow for very important information to surface, as well as the social connections and ability to articulate our goals that move us towards the future.

The New Moon in Aquarius Wednesday 6:47p EST occurs in the final minute of the sign, literally seconds before the Moon and Sun move into Pisces. At 29′ 60″ Aquarius, we receive the Sabian Symbol “The field of Ardath in bloom” a symbol associated with The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a masterpiece of antiquity and the result of Aquarian ingenuity and skill for engineering that allowed for manipulation of water that enabled the construction of such marvel. The keywords associated are revival, energy, life, optimism, friendship, fortune, healthy situation, and happiness. This is very much a birthing New Moon – as it occurs on the cusp of two signs, we barely have time to manifest at 29′ Aquarius before we pass into the deluge of empathic emotion and visionary inspiration that presides as the Sun transits through Pisces.

The New Moon makes one significant aspect: a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. During the New Moon phase, as well as into early next week, we get indications of the significance of the square forming between Saturn and Neptune via this contact. We are contending with this challenge all year, though the experience becomes most acutely felt in the weeks leading up to the exact aspect on November 26th. This represents a critical turning point, and is ultimately a highly useful aspect, as it will point out where we may be indulging fruitlessly in idealism. Through a conscientious, though potentially difficult appraisal, we can learn to effectively manage inspirational urges in order to manifest them in tangible way. This New Moon offers very effective guidelines for navigating these themes: where we all have our personal Garden of Babylon we wish to incarnate, we also must confront substantial obstacles in order to do so. Awareness of the obstacles which are illuminated at this time will be very instructive of the work required of us over the next 8 months. Mercury in cahoots with Saturn on Thursday is also very fortuitously timed. Perception is guided by pragmatic concerns, and we can swiftly resolve towards an enterprise with a vision to the future.

The call to action is deeply enhanced by the transits of Venus and Mars into Aries at the end of the week. Passion and vitality are aroused, and on Friday especially, (as the Moon transits Aries) we quickly acclimate to a completely invigorating and enthralling new consciousness. Sensation and arousal define this dual transit, and the vision or fantasy that has been gestating behind the scenes in the imaginative realm of Pisces will seek release as we’ll feel an immediate intensification of desire. Saturn weighs in on this alliance as well, harmonizing positively from Sagittarius. Relationships we are forging in this period have a more enduring and mature quality or are business minded in nature. We also seek to enter alliances that will promote our long range objectives, making this a very productive and positive association. On it’s own, Venus and Mars (conjunct on Sunday Feb. 22nd) stimulates incredibly erotic energy. In this particular configuration, however, we are a bit more grounded. The presence of the marriage asteroid Juno, currently sitting retrograde at 4 Leo, effectively forms a Grand Fire Trine, which will be discussed in greater detail in next weeks forecast. Till then, plenty of food for thought! Enjoy!

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ARIES: Passion and aspiration is ignited this week, you likely feel more enthusiastic and alive than you have in at least two years. You are willing in this phase to give and receive equally, and will be ardently stimulated to pursuits of pleasure and personal enterprise to remarkable success. Friday is SPECTACULAR, commencing a brilliant new phase for you. With the very tenuous conditions surrounding your partnerships over the prior years finally eroding, this sense of personal empowerment comes as a very welcome change in the atmosphere. Also connected is a sense of responsibility and maturity in your approach. It would appear the years (and their challenges) have brought new found wisdom and you are less likely to jump into the first thing that hooks your fancy. This is a good choice. There is still business and endings transpiring in your subconscious, imaginative and etherial dimension. You are still tuning into a visionary quest, and maintaining a degree of solitude or privacy is still crucial to the balance of your psyche. There will be exciting developments and demands over the coming period, several of which you will likely place upon yourself, but you serve your best interest to reconcile loose ends and say your goodbyes as well. A truly brand new life awaits between now and April 18th. Between now and then expect nothing short of a personal revolution!

TAURUS: All the mixed signals you were on the receiving end of over the prior month in regard to your professional direction finally dissolve midweek, much to your pleasure if not amazement. An opportunity you embark on now has a few strings attached – possibly in the form of heightened responsibility or a shift in the balance of power (and money) between yourself and another. You may choose to stay open to other options through the first week of next month, not a terrible idea (March 4th can reveal a very enticing opportunity!) if you don’t feel in harmony with what’s on offer right now. Next: Your ruling planet, luscious Venus, moves into fiery and passionate Aries on Friday, signaling a palpable shift in orientation and your personal self expression. You may feel a bit more, um, lusty, and a great deal more likely to go after what you want. Mars joins up, adding passionate dimension to the sensual undertones, and stimulating intense desire for erotic connection, possibly even a steamy secret liaison for Taurus. Friday is pretty enticing, as the Moon joins the Aries love fest. Fortunately by the time Venus and Mars actually do hook up on Sunday the Moon is in your sign, and your head is back where it belongs (on your shoulders!) adding depth and emotional resonance to connections you may be making at this time, intimate or otherwise.

GEMINI: The misdirection of the prior weeks, particularly as it reflects on your academic, publishing or travel plans continue to give way to clarity. Tuesday and Wednesday in particular are phenomenal for setting course or making a discovery. From there the emphasis comes focus on your professional aspirations, and the creative surge of energy you felt since the beginning of the year in this area begins to give way to a concrete plan or agenda you seek to put into motion. A collective project, or affiliation with a group or organization may help you realize your ambitions: a meeting over the weekend signals a significant turn in the tides. Enthusiasm quickly replaces any doubt you may have felt, and a partnership may play a role here as well, offering the security or support you need to move forward with an enterprise or aspiration. You can articulate the goals and terms of this affiliation and set fourth an agreement on Thursday. This is also a very advantageous day on which to ignite a visionary pursuit. While this project will go through several permutations throughout the year, the creative impetus is strong now and you do well to seize inspiration. All work, no play? Forget about it. Romance blossoms with someone who you share hopes and dreams with and friends or a social event can offer a magnificent introduction. The next three weeks spell everything out for you.

CANCER: A close partner is emphasized at the beginning of the week, and hopefully you have managed to get away for a long romantic weekend. The channels of communication are wide open on Monday and you can easily reveal your hearts desire to the one you love. Career prospects culminate brilliantly in the coming weeks, and you begin to get intonations of what is in store Friday. Creativity and passion ignite the way at this time, with much more in store between now and the end of April. Look to Friday for a vital development. Events and intuition at this time activate a two month window representing your best opportunity for 2015 to achieve your professional goals. With Saturn and Jupiter conspiring positively, you get substantial assistance in this phase. Your ability to be practical and work methodically (Saturn) coupled with your generous handling of resources (Jupiter), augments your personal goals, and offers a very positive climate for both success and prosperity. Matters of shared resources, investment, alimony, loans or other means of outside income that have been contentious or uncertain are coming together mid week. The New Moon Wednesday illuminates the details and you can get it in writing or put a plan into motion Thursday as all the pieces fall into place beautifully.

LEO: A partnership matter that has been in flux reconciles as the New Moon Wednesday signifies a new chapter in regard to your relationships with others, and offers closure to an issue that has predominated significantly over the last several weeks. You can lock down a business agreement Thursday, as all the details can effectively be handled now and decisions made. It’s also possible you meet someone entirely new in this period, a reflection that the soul searching you recently went through has culminated in a whole new perspective. This relationship augments your maturing outlook and may come with some attendant responsibilities: a role as a step parent or mentor may feature, or there might be a notable age difference between yourself and your partner. The choices you make now bear considerably on the future, as Saturn is about enduring commitments. Look into your heart, as only you know if you are ready for this or not. By Friday you sense a palpable and incredible shift in consciousness and energy. Movement in fellow fire sign Aries stimulates a vitalizing and invigorating atmosphere and you are ready to shake the doldrums and dreariness of these Winter months, moving boldly into an exciting new season of discovery. A love relationship can feature with someone at a distance, or through travel and academia. The next 8 weeks bring incredible developments to a project associated with publishing or broadcasting, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for monumental growth through the expansion of your perspective and philosophy. Get out there.

VIRGO: A new job, assignment or even the altogether approach to your wellness or lifestyle could be on offer this week. Significant developments and conversations that occur Tuesday into Wednesday will reveal the details and you can nail down all the particulars Thursday. With issues pertaining to endemic uncertainty in regard to work out of the way, you are free to enjoy the enticing intimate or financial gains that will be on tap from Friday. The upcoming two months feature brilliant alinements to this area, and while your fundamental evolutionary emphasis (North Node) remains on your personal values and earnings, there is really positive growth stemming from a partnership or revenue you receive through loans, inheritance or even a well made investment. A strong connection to your residence is featured implying developments may come through the family, or otherwise enable you to make a home purchase or upgrade as a result of outside assistance, such as a loan. This equally implies a sense of closeness and commitment you feel with a partner, whether in business or pleasure. With the Sun coming to accentuate this area from Wednesday, a great deal of attention is on the significant one on one relationships in your life – for better or for worse, after all Virgo.

LIBRA: Following weeks of trepidation and uncertainty, you are finally prepared to take a bold step within a creative enterprise. Piece by piece, brick by brick, you have been laying the foundation for this since New Years. Equally implied is obtaining a work assignment that allows for the expression of your artistic and visionary aptitude. Venus and Mars stimulated this, and over the next six weeks you have the potential to align with an opportunity for a job offer, even if only temporary, that will allow you to demonstrate your imaginative abilities. This could be a hard working phase, as productivity and health are emphasized. True Romance can also be sparked around the New Moon, though you may feel reserved about jumping in. Your thinking is becoming more serious in it’s outlook, and your associations reflect this. This aids you in deflecting unsuitable individuals from your midst. Indulging in flirtation without consequence could prove a nice diversion. From Friday, you begin to get intonations of what the real deal partnership looks and feels like. Passions are aroused, and over the next 8 weeks you may see several dynamic developments in the key relationship. Knowledge of your desires and expectations are coming ever clearer, and play a major role in finding the right person. Consider the ways in which the self respect and awareness you have been cultivating since the beginning of last year have transformed you. The true partnership and balance you seek is derived from caring about yourself enough to settle for nothing less than someone who not only loves you, but whom you can fully love in return.

SCORPIO: Resolution on the domestic front is likely now, as the New Moon Wednesday speaks volumes to that which is to come. There is a strong financial underpinning to your resolutions, and Thursday especially is a good time in which to strategize a budget to make your residential dreams a reality. A plum work assignment that taps into your innate abilities and passion can assist this enormously, and indications on Friday begin to reveal the details that will effectively guide your course over the next two months. An AMAZING professional opportunity is in store, weigh your options and commitments carefully! Your productivity is remarkable over the coming weeks, though it also does you well to be mindful of your health. You can balance a busy work schedule with a weekly sauna or massage, as such therapies will enhance your effectiveness and peace of mind considerably. There is also room for creativity, pleasure and romance as the Sun from Pisces on Wednesday amplifies your desire for self expression. The recent transits of Venus and Mars stimulated these yearnings, the Sun here will allow for their vital and enthusiastic expression. You continue to tap the source of inspiration, and others are ready to follow your lead.

SAGITTARIUS: After months of dormancy you spring back to life this week, Sag. Many exciting developments begin to transpire for you beginning Friday and the coming two months will likely be among the most exciting you’ve had in a great while. Your innate intuition and imagination are enhanced remarkably, and you can tap into the sweet spot of creativity, meeting your Muse and possibly kindling a true love connection in this phase. Saturn is still a strong influence, continuing to suggest your outlook is becoming more mature and indicating a degree of reticence. This actually serves you well, as enticing offers will begin to culminate in the coming weeks, you will be selective in determining the ones that truly suit your’ evolving self awareness and sophistication. From Wednesday, the Pisces Sun comes to bring focus to personal and domestic matters. Intonations of what an idealized home life would be like have influenced you since New Years. With this area now energized, you may begin to take a course of action towards realizing that vision. The colors yellow, gold and green activate positive Feng Shui. Proximity to a body of water can also provide a soothing harmonic adjustment.

CAPRICORN: You seem prepared to make a momentous residential shift at this time, and doing so speaks to the very essence of who you are becoming. This is far more significant than who you are now, and certainly more so than what you may be leaving behind. Transformations are taking place auspiciously within the most private layers of your psyche, these all come to influence the substantial developments and opportunities that occur for you professionally between now and early April. The ability to communicate is enhanced from Wednesday as the Sun transits Pisces. Your innate empathy for those around you will ease the transition enormously. You readily articulate your view, and maintain sensitivity for those whom changes affect most deeply. A very exciting financial development mid week signals a dynamic shift or opportunity for your earnings potential. This has essentially been a work in progress since New Years, and taps into your ingenuity, creativity and ability towards innovation. You can nail down particulars Thursday and move forward with assurance. You may have to compromise a degree of the solitude to which you have become accustomed to maximize the potential of what is on offer, though in the long run, this will prove to be a small price to pay.

AQUARIUS: A 2nd New Moon in your sign Wednesday effectively begins your personal New Year, and where there may have been any uncertainty as to which way you should go you feel a genuine sense of renewal that allows you to put your personal endeavors into motion. turning points over the coming days shift energy and attention from security issues and financial matters to more light hearted exchanges and exciting social developments. The pace of life becomes brisk with many calls, meetings and correspondence occurring in the day to day life. This is also a favorable period for study or a writing project. A night class could yield an enticing romantic meeting, so if you’ve wanted to cultivate a new skill, learn how to dance or cook or even study a new language, this is a great time to sign on for continuing ed. Also in focus as the Sun transits Pisces will be how to turn recent inspirations into money making ventures. The creative impulse has been strong since the beginning of the year, now would be a good time to capitalize on the visionary ideas that have been percolating in your imagination. Maybe that night class you take can augment the process as well, if you need to hone a creative talent or learn how to run a business. Brainstorm this weekend for your best insights.

PISCES: Happy Birthday Pisces! From Wednesday the Sun comes to transit your sign, offering a stunning new beginning for you as you embark on your personal New Year. A late Aquarius New Moon precipitates this, and there seem to be a few details to take attend to behind the scenes, as well as professionally before you move forward. You’ve had dynamic duo Venus and Mars transiting your sign for weeks, instigating all kinds of romantic and erotic episodes, while pushing your buttons. This comes to a conclusion by the end of the week, and the emphasis comes to shine on security, earnings and your professional ambitions. For the next two months you have an incredible opportunity to tap a creative source of income. This will tie right into your aspirations and will be the direct result of work you have done in this prior phase. With your productivity at an all time high, you can make substantial gains, this will really begin to manifest in April, but you get strong indications and can gain ground as early as this coming weekend. Follow your intuition, it’s your best guide right now. A spoonful of innovation goes a long way too, so look into tech options for making and distributing what ever it is you seek an audience for. One note with Venus and Mars – there is enormous potential for monetary gain, but equally the impulse to spend. They say you have to spend money to make money, and certainly this is true, be wary though of impulse spending or the “I’ve gotta have it!” luxury purchase. Sometimes the best way to make money is to keep your money, as well!


We still seem to be riding high on the wave of the Venus – Neptune conjunction that occurred on the 1st of the month. The consuming True Love vibration extending from that contact is highly pervasive and enticing, though in it’s lower vibration intoxicating if not delusional. Can any human relationship live up to the idealism of that extraordinary vision, or are we merely nursing an untenable fantasy? Only time will tell, of course, and Venus has a bit of a journey ahead of her in the coming weeks, currently connecting with the dark side via Pluto (Sunday Feb. 8), suggesting depth and intensity preside in our love relationships, then conjunct Chiron at 15′ 38″ Pisces (overnight Sunday Feb. 8 – Monday Feb. 9), and finally inconjunct Jupiter (Tuesday Feb. 10). Passionate feelings and the transformation of or through a relationship is possible now, while issues connected to feelings of self worth are effectively resolved through reconciliation or an emerging love relationship. It’s equally possible, particularly through the Chiron contact, that feelings of desire and affection rekindle awareness of a hurtful episode, making for a rather prickly altercation! There can be a tendency to give-give-give to a lover or partner and forget to be mindful of one’s own needs here. This can point to deficiencies in self esteem and as such is useful for illuminating an integral developmental issue. Venus continues to derive pleasure through giving, dissolving the boundaries and keeping the focus a little opaque so as to see things in a pleasing light, even if slightly unrealistic. Creativity and imagination are still highlighted, offering a soft cushion as Mercury stations this week.

Mercury resumes direct motion Wednesday morning, indicating the entanglements and indecision of the prior few weeks will soon resolve. A 4th quarter moon the same day allows for appraisal and resolution to outstanding issues. By the time of the second Aquarius New Moon next week (February 18th,) we will be ready to make concrete plans and enter into binding agreements. Those with planets or angles at early degrees of Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus) may feel pressure rather acutely, as Mercury will station at 1 degree Aquarius for several days. A great deal of dialogue, thinking and correspondence yields a breakthrough, though it’s not unlikely to find ourselves thinking in circles at this time. Relief comes early next week, and you can look to the 19th for the tipping point, particularly in business matters, when we will finally begin to be able to articulate (and then implement) that which we are currently chiseling away at, hopefully honing the masterpiece of our future.

Friday is spectacular as the Sagittarius Moon taps into the Jupiter (Leo) – Uranus (Aries) trine, forming a Grand Triangle in the Fire trinity, stimulating the spirit and enlivening interaction. We begin to get intonations of the incredible events culminating in the coming weeks as Venus, Mars and Sun move into Aries. If the Leo Full Moon (February 3rd) failed to deliver all that we had wished for, remember Jupiter is retrograde for 7 more weeks, and that a great deal is in store from the 19th moving forward, hang in there!

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ARIES: You continue to regenerate your power through privacy and introspection: merely a week and a handful of days separate you from the joyous return of Venus and Mars to your sign. Between now and then, you may be reconsidering your alliances, who will you take into this bold new phase of existence with you? Events over the weekend highlight your profession and role behind the scenes. A romantic association that has transpired in secrecy is also highlighted, and can provide a healing release for you. Alternately, there can be a disappointing episode if someone you have idealized does not live up to your very high expectations. If this is the case, it’s time to reevaluate your grip on reality, which in all fairness is probably quite vague at this time. There may be a significant culmination for your aspirations in your career, though this will be taking place far from the public eye. Shared resources and finance require observation mid week. It’s time to determine the fine lines between mine, yours and ours with a spouse or business partner. Friday is exceptional, and you are beginning to get a taste of what is in store. One more week… one more week… one more week…

TAURUS: You come to a critical point over the next two weeks through which you will be able to clarify your professional direction, which has more than likely been on a pretty convoluted path over the last month. Matters of identity and the reflection of yourself you see in a committed partnership come into sharp focus mid week and play a significant part of the determination you make about your career. The pieces of the puzzle will all fall into place next week during the Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 18th). You will also be evaluating a group project in relation to your hopes wishes and dreams. The question of balance (and the future of your involvement) may hang upon the realization you may be doing this all for someone else, perhaps trying to impress someone to gain their affection. Is your heart really in this? A person from a distance, or with whom you are connected to through academia is of great assistance to you in this period and helps you clarify your goals. Developments associated with your residence may get blown out of proportion on Tuesday. This is a good time to reign in spending related to your home and come to terms with what you really value.

GEMINI: It’s a funky, foggy week for Gemini, as your ruler Mercury slows to the pace of treacle as it returns to direct motion Wednesday. Avoid scheduling important events or meetings, particularly where clarity may be required of you during this period, as it simply won’t be easy at this time to fully articulate, if even fully know your thoughts. This profoundly affects your academic career, or plans for travel and your life direction in general, though clarity soon returns. You get intimations about your profession in this phase as well, as Sunday into Monday provide insights into career matters, even a boost in income could be a feature this week. A development on the job mid week can escalate the time table on a significant issue connected to this considerably. You may wish to take a significant gamble here, wait another week to seal the deal. Partnerships and committed relationships feature largely at the end of the week, and overcoming an obstacle opens the doors to extremely exciting developments on Friday. The social scene buzzes with opportunities for meeting someone new or cultivating an existing relationship as genuinely delightful experiences are possible moving into the weekend.

CANCER: This is an ideal weekend for a romantic getaway as the lure of a distant horizon presents an opportunity to cultivate a deep bond with your partner or spouse. A cathartic moment allows you to reveal your heart’s true desire, this is somehow easier to express if you are not on familiar turf. You may come to a decision about having a child mid – week, this ties into goals associated with educational pursuits and the level of commitment you feel in a close relationship at this time. Much food for thought, Cancer. Issues surrounding shared income, alimony or a grant, loan or mortgage begin to clarify this week, with all the particulars falling into place around the 18th. A joyous celebration towards the end of the week is in store, as a promotion is likely announced and you find yourself at the receiving end of a fantastic professional upswing. Valentines is all about the one you love with very passionate exchanges possible over next weekend. Make it a three day weekend if you possibly can. Monday the 16th is VERY enticing.

LEO: You are continuing to become more aware of your desire for intimate connection, the beginning of the week speaks volumes to this. The memory of a hurtful episode can resurface at this time, causing second thoughts about cultivating close bonds. While you don’t want to be hurt again, it is only through embracing love that you can truly heal. The Full Moon last week brought a great deal of energy into this consideration, and an electrifying new alliance may culminate as soon as the 18th. A romantic encounter with a colleague might also be on the cards, though very powerful forces are at work here, and discretion if not secrecy may surround this union as a matter of necessity. Misunderstandings and disagreements in relationships begin to subside this week, following a very convoluted if not challenging reorientation about the goals or direction of a partnership. You know where you stand with another, and can clear the air in both professional and romantic relationships as you move into the coming weeks. Modification of the living arrangements plays a significant role Wednesday. Friday is perfect for personal enjoyment and pleasure pursuits.

VIRGO: Productivity has been a major issue over the prior phase, though a significant breakthrough is en route as soon as next week, hang in there! Matters affecting daily life and a critical issue at work subside shortly. What’s on tap for this week speaks directly to your heart and soul, and a culminating moment in a close relationship over this weekend can bring you closer to a loved one than you had ever imagined. Really passionate engagement through acknowledgement of hurtful experiences, especially those experienced within your current relationship, offers an opportunity for reconciliation and healing. You may continue to communicate these realizations through mid week, and arrive at a point of clarity. Your most personal matters will come into focus towards the end of the week, with a wonderful opportunity in the domestic realm to share a meaningful episode with friends and those closest to your heart. You’ll feel a core of satisfaction within your private realm and through a love relationship or with your children.

LIBRA: You tune into the life – work balance this week, and with a great deal of assignments heading your way, potentially connected to creative or visionary work, you’ll do well to sort out the house hold over the weekend. Game changing events next week signal a shift of energy away from your personal sphere of influence, and into the context of relationships as well as a loving spoonful of social interaction. Stay to task now and sort out your life, and finances especially. Mid week is an especially good time for attending to outstanding matters associated with your income. You get a second chance (maybe a third?) on a romance in the coming weeks, with the air clearing and the pieces falling into place next week. The New Moon on the 18th brings an enticing development. Wait and watch. A fantastic social upsurge at the end of the week stimulates you to get out and among the people. Friday is oh so divine for an outing or excursion. Valentines is probably best spent close to home, and if you don’t have a sweetheart, (just you wait Libra!) snuggling up with a bottle of wine and your favorite TV crush will do in a pinch.

SCORPIO: Substantial gains are possible this week, mainly linked to your burgeoning creative efforts, though just as likely playing out in the amphitheater of True Romance. Over this weekend you come to understand a significant truth about your desires in this area, so if you haven’t connected yet with that almost perfect person, you can at least clarify what that looks and feels like, placing you one firm step closer to the reality. A surprising professional opportunity comes in on Tuesday, so keep your wits about you, this one will require a quick maneuver if you intend to make the most of what is on offer. The tone is up close and personal mid week, a 4th quarter Moon falls in your sign, indicating the quarter year mark from the eclipse in your sign late last October and the momentous developments that culminated in November. How far have you come in three months? You’ll probably be pretty pleased with all that has transpired since then. Domestic issues are still elusive, but this is a situation that soon sees reprieve, with a very potent development during the New Moon next week.

SAGITTARIUS: The atmosphere at home is interesting this week, there are some loving encounters, amplified by a financial boost that allows for a touch of redecorating or some time off to enjoy your surroundings, though an event over this weekend can potentially expose the grievances of family members or living mates you did not realize were percolating beneath the surface. These revelations may include your own awareness that something isn’t quite right or cause you to make a maverick move (on your own terms) to rectify a situation that has come off the hinges. A great deal seems to be going on behind the scenes, and it’s not unlikely mid week signals a shift in your private life. By the end of the week, you come into your own, as the Lunar transit of your sign first reminds you of the significance and longevity implied within the commitments you are making now, followed by an extraordinarily joyous day Friday, one of your best in ages. Bask in life at this time, a financial emphasis comes into focus over the weekend.

CAPRICORN: The financial bits start to come around, with income beginning to flow a bit more freely, though the really significant developments are set to occur next week during the New Moon in Aquarius on the 18th. A highly enticing romantic episode can be in store this weekend, as Venus and Pluto link up, generating passion and a desire for meaningful exchange. Expressing your heartfelt desires comes easily, though actions and affection will speak much louder than words in this phase. You may also strike up a meeting in the most casual of settings, or while in the course of your most routine daily activities. Generating rapport will be a cinch, and sparks will fly. You can find the right words to set the record straight with a loved one as well, as intuition is very strong in this phase and you can easily remedy an endemic situation with a caring sentiment. Expressing awareness of your own flaws or shortcomings opens the door to a candid conversation. You reach a point of clarity regarding your closest allies mid week. This opens the door to deep engagement within your most personal realm right in to the weekend. A degree of reflection works wonders on your psyche at this time.

AQUARIUS: Financial news arrives over the weekend, as someone behind the scenes or a highly secret and strategic plan of action seems to have worked out in your favor. You may uncover a sore spot in your economic condition, and a partner or expense may point it out to you. Clarification surrounding the self-image and your personal direction begins to come through at this time as well, with the real breakthrough on tap next week during the New Moon in your sign on the 18th. For the time being, you may feel as though time has virtually stopped, and feel incredibly drained emotionally or intellectually, unsure as to where to run for cover. Easy does it, almost there! A professional matter commands your attention Wednesday, and earnings will be proportional to your ability to use your imaginative or creative abilities. A highly exciting social agenda sets the pace at the end of the week, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some really enticing developments with a spouse or partner Friday. Valentines is better kept to private quarters, and it’s worthwhile to honor traditions within a long standing partnership.

PISCES: Your gentle and creative nature assists you enormously this week, particularly into Monday as a contact to Chiron stimulates a meaningful encounter with the part of your identity you would rather keep concealed. You might find a renegade playmate or through your burgeoning creativity find a way to reveal this aspect of yourself that allows you to come to terms with an issue associated with self esteem. This is a momentous leap forward – as you accept and integrate this part of yourself, you emancipate yourself from feelings of self doubt that have hindered your confidence and effectiveness. You also likely feel a passionate connection to your dreams and aspirations, and will take action towards their achievement early in the week. Be ready to make a quick and decisive move on Tuesday, when a work opportunity opens up for you. Mercury direct from mid – week allows for closure and endings. You will be able to focus on the elements of your life that you are ready to say goodbye to, in order to make room the exceptional new developments that will occur around the time of your upcoming birthday. Privacy is still called for, and you benefit from reflection, though you can still use the energy of Venus and Mars in your sign (through the end of next week) to make a meaningful personal statement in your environment. Friday reveals exciting professional opportunities. Dive in and don’t look back.



February is off to a roaring start with Mars conjunct Chiron (January 31st, 15 Pisces) and Venus conjunct Neptune (February 1st, 6 Pisces). Wishful thinking and rebellious behavior is likely now, as urgency towards embracing the divine and sublime motivates our actions and activities. Visionary and creative urges are enhanced, and inspiration underscores a desire to make a crucial breakthrough via Mars – Chiron. The MO on this one is very provocative and even potentially controversial. We are guided towards taking an opportunity to heal a wound by taking drastic action, possibly precipitated by an external event that reveals our sensitivity or issues associated with our self esteem, and an undercurrent of outrageous behavior can precipitate under these influences. Chiron is a bit of a renegade, and willing to do things that are disruptive to the status quo, thus your actions here may meet with the disfavor of more conventional individuals. With Mars sensitizing a delicate issue in this part of the chart, there can be an abrasive episode in which we have to stand up for ourselves. Man your battle stations, but allow compassion to be the weapon of choice, especially if you feel goaded, bullied or otherwise. Venus – Neptune taps us right into the heart of our desires through fantasy and the illusory. Not everything we see, feel or desire right now is real, so to speak, but this contact does reveal what we consider ideal and offers a massive dose of inspiration to pursue the fulfillment of that vision.

The potent Uranus – South Node conjunction in Aries is still a strong force at the beginning of the month, activated by a Full Moon in Leo on the 3rd. This incredible lunation taps into the force of the forming Jupiter – Uranus trine, amplifying spirited interaction, creativity and the desire for liberation. The Leo Full Moon is very uplifting, and acts as a catalyst to shake off the doldrums of Winter. The message is that regardless how far we may have yet to go to accomplish our dreams, there is enormous value in embracing happiness and satisfaction with life exactly how it is right now. This positivity can and will lead us to the success we seek in the future. Make time for fun and recreation during this Full Moon. Creative and self expressive activities are also highlighted and can be very successful now. The Sun contacts the Nodal Axis from 13 Aquarius as we build into the Full Moon phase, so there is a great deal of activity occurring in addition to the aforementioned… The future is in our sights and news, events and realizations that occur around the 3rd are very indicative of what lies ahead, as well as how to get there! It’s possible someone in a position of prestige or authority may assist us in some way, though our own efforts, particularly those made last August as well as in October, bear significantly on the results we enjoy at this time.

Mercury direct on the 11th allows for a solution to a problematic situation that has hindered our progress to be revealed. Productivity, intellectual exchanges and commercial activities will see a positive boost. Three reoccurring aspects really informed this retrograde cycle: Mercury sextile Uranus, Mercury to the Nodal Axis, and the sextile of Mercury to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury makes a long contact to Saturn, (the 1st contact occurred January 5th,) effective between the dates of February 6th – 19th, during it’s station, remaining in a close distance (max 3 degrees,) for this entire length of time. Unlike the wild and wooly (though highly insightful!) Uranus contacts, and the trans – dimensional qualities (past – future life orientation) of the evolutionary Nodal axis contacts, this long transit to Saturn really connects us to the nitty gritty of the here and now and stimulates awareness of the goals indicated by Saturn in Sagittarius, or our “work in progress” area for the next 2 + years. Saturn deliberately restricts our view so we can handle the challenges of the present moment, exclusive of diversions. This can be a process that feels arduous, but is ultimately highly productive, hang in there!

By the time of the 2nd Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 18th) all the pieces are really beginning to fall into place. Attend a (Lunar) Chinese New Year celebration to consecrate the profound renewal that is occurring in your life right now. The Aries Moon conjunct Venus and Mars on the 20th brings incredible vitality and life force into play. Libido energy may fly off the charts! Though we are a month off the Spring Equinox, a real awakening occurs now, and we are encouraged to yield to the arousal of passion. Mercury communicates with the Nodal Axis one last time on the 27th, illuminating the details that will allow you to put a crucial agenda into motion to move forward on your evolutionary journey.

By the end of the month, the Aries stellium is building in force, and we enter one of the most dynamic and engaging periods of 2015. What occurs now stimulates vital activations, building in emphasis through the Summer and into early Fall. Contacts coming in March continue to motivate us to engage with the enormous opportunities of the Jupiter – Uranus trine. We get very encouraging indications during the final week of February as Venus and Mars link up in Aries trine to Saturn (Sagittarius) that all is moving in the right direction. The conjunction of Venus and Mars on it’s own engenders a really enticing romantic – sexual ambience. Circumstances at this point, however, signify a certain gravity is present within a newly forming relationship. We will not engage another explicitly for the sake of indulging in pleasure or flirtation, but in order to ensure progress is made within our long range objectives. This is a positive development, and success comes where we are willing to bring love, imagination and creative life force towards goals we consider to be of paramount importance. From the relational standpoint, we are seeking endurance and longevity, not a flash in the pan romance. A person who enters our life at this time as a potential lover or partner must in someway augment (or at the very least understand,) these goals. Slow and steady!

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Weekly horoscopes February 1 – 7, 2015

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ARIES: You are considering a really provocative change in your behind the scenes, private or hidden life, and revealing a secret could feel highly therapeutic if not utterly transformative at this time. You connect gloriously to your creative abilities this week, and despite a few months of dormancy where a love affair was concerned, you may find the confidence to rekindle a connection. Tuesday and Friday speak to this brilliantly – make your move! Mid week is a bit more contentious, holding onto that secret is keeping your love life in limbo. Hopes and aspirations for the future are also highlighted, and the work you do collectively with a group or organization, or otherwise in your academic life, can be showcased, genuinely enhancing your reputation. Structuring an educational objective, publishing or broadcasting endeavor over the coming weeks is also indicated. You can nail down particulars between the 5th and 19th, and put this into motion by the last week of the month.

TAURUS: A residential matter shows major signs of improvement this week, with a professional opportunity Friday signaling a positive shift in your arrangements, possibly even a relocation to take an offer for a prestigious position. A conversation behind the scenes Thursday gets the wheels turning on this, but no sudden moves (Mercury retrograde), and keep it hush – hush until all the pieces fall into place around the 18th. Nailing down the details and refining the agenda is a highly productive use of the energy available over the next two weeks. An intriguing romantic episode is stimulated over this weekend, and a social occasion or event can present an significant introduction. Friends and allies provide a wonderful sounding off for your aspirations at this time as well, particularly those linked to creative industries, and your hopes and dreams can be made true by working with others at this time. You can heal a wound or rift through your associates at this time.

GEMINI: A professional pattern that has limited your ability to reach out to bigger and better opportunities is associated with feelings of self worth, a theme that is paramount and triggered by an event this weekend. The better you feel about yourself, the better you feel about what you have to offer. It might be time to take a radical action and show what you are really made of. Creativity or partnering with others to seek success is another significant topic, and likely stimulates a great deal of conversation and negotiation, particularly Thursday, when you can begin to nail down some of the details in an agreement or decision associated with your career. This is a theme that lasts through the 19th, and a thorough assessment of the details involved will prove a valuable use of your time, leading to lasting success. The Full Moon Tuesday sees you at your expressive heights and you can take to the pen, page, your blog or even the streets the numerous ideas that have been percolating in your psyche. An eruption of ideas Friday sees you quite busy – keep your schedule open to adjustments.

CANCER: Financially there have been hit or miss conditions over the prior six months, and it’s safe to say not all your initiatives have matured adequately enough to be considered a success or failure. You do, however, get a solid indication Tuesday (though Friday is also significant,) of at least one positive outcome for something you put into motion about six months ago. Conditions continue to be bewildering through next week, but an upturn is still likely at this time. Far more intriguing, if not enticing, will be your prospects for a romantic encounter, with events Sunday the 1st triggering a significant meeting or culmination in your love life. Broadening of horizons (through travel and education) or engaging cultural interests opens the door to an illuminating experience. Perfection!

LEO: You feel empowered this week, Leo, and rightfully so, but don’t let your confidence allow you to get duped into a dicey financial agreement. Those magic beans might not be all they are cracked up to be, after all. You may be ready to make a meaningful, intimate commitment at this time, and very magical auspices are present in this phase to connect on a deeply sensual, even tantric level – with a lover. Healing is possible through this contact. Allowing your partner to have the upper hand at the end of the week will work wonders towards finding an amenable solution to any conflict that may arise. A situation can quickly become divisive if you take on airs of moral or ethical superiority, so watch your attitude, esp. with Mercury still in retrograde. You have the power to negotiate a standing agreement in a professional relationship or with a life partner between the 5th and 19th. A thorough appraisal of what each of you brings to the table, as well as mutual expectations, can be clarified in this phase.

VIRGO: You may be feeling a bit sentimental under these auspices, and the realization that certain elements of your life are moving into the soon to be past tense (as you move forward into bold new territory,) can stimulate a certain nostalgia. Also in the balance is a close relationship and whether this rather radical association can continue. Events this weekend will implore you to answer this question, assuming you can cut through the dense romantic fog that you have shrouded this individual in. If it “hurts so good” you might be in for a rude awakening, though you’ll start to come to your senses Thursday, as the Moon transits your sign. You can get your house in order as well, just be careful what, or whom, you sweep under the carpet. A life – work balance is coming into focus from Thursday through the 19th. You are likely clarifying goals at work or within residential matters, if not both, during this period.

LIBRA: Friends and alliances are in the frame and will likely be celebrating a major victory with you as a cherished wish or dream comes true under the auspices of Tuesday’s Full Moon. You can nurture a love vibration in the early part of the week by enhancing wellness and taking care of yourself, though this could equally imply an office romance. Demonstrating your creativity and imagination on the job can lead to an exciting assignment that taps your natural artistry. Ambivalence surrounding an enterprise connected to your self expression or a love affair begins to dissipate on Thursday. Someone comes through for you in a most amazing and unexpected way this week, and you begin to feel more confident in the future of this project or association.

SCORPIO: You are on the verge of taking a huge leap of faith in a romantic relationship or within a creative project. Why hold back? You are likely still getting dogged by residential concerns, these will dissipate soon enough. For now, it is worthwhile to entertain the options being presented, especially where you can engage passionately through self expression or a provocative romantic relationship. Imagination is key and provides insight into the nature of true love. A very crucial professional development highlights the hard work you have been doing over the prior 6 months during the Full Moon on Tuesday, and you stand to make substantial gains as a result. Opportunity beacons, and you may need to make a drastic revision in your living situation to accommodate growth in your career. Profits can be derived from a work from home business or personal enterprise, with good results coming on Thursday from a project you have put sustained time and effort into. You can nail down a budget or reach a defining decision about your living situation (and the way these are related) between the 5th and 19th. A clearheaded appraisal takes you far.

SAGITTARIUS: Really revealing circumstances in your residential and personal life at the beginning of the week signal changes occurring in your domestic realm. A very loving experience may be on tap, or you can use this energy to create positive synergy in your environment to draw affection and romance. A beautification or redecoration project can work wonders. Vanguard energy also predominates, and if your mostly nomadic existence is beginning to wear on you, you may consider putting your roots down, perhaps even with someone you have feelings for. The Full Moon Tuesday has your name all over it, and adventure beacons. You feel incredibly revitalized. Articulating your needs will be possible over the coming weeks, though a sense of caution will preside and you may not be overt or demonstrative. You are in a process of defining yourself as a mature and responsible individual, and this will be reflected in your choices this month.

CAPRICORN: A very positive financial emphasis comes into frame this week with very exciting (though highly unexpected!) developments culminating around the Full Moon on Tuesday, and the hard work of the last six months finally bearing fruit. Your capacity to innovate is highlighted, though your steady and persevering nature is what ultimately brings in the success. This will be most evident on Thursday, and you can work efficiently towards a financial objective between now and the 19th. Communication, and the audience with whom you share your ideas, is highlighted this weekend, and a very tender expression of affection may open doors in a love relationship. A desire to provoke controversies through the written or spoken word is equally signified. Express yourself, just be wary that you might stoke the fires of discontent with a rogue social media post or scandalous text message. Is it worth it?

AQUARIUS: Tuesday’s Full Moon lights up your love life brilliantly, and even if the last few months have seen a downturn in matters of affection, you stand to make demonstrable progress with a partner in the coming weeks. You express yourself with complete candor Monday, and Thursday through the 19th are highly fruitful for nailing down particulars, especially where you might be revitalizing, remaking or re-envisioning your image and identity. Meanwhile, a strong financial emphasis over the weekend sees you lavishing beautiful gifts on the one you desire, or taking a radical turn in measures associated with your earnings. Your personal economy is dually impacted by your ability to be imaginative coupled with a measure of provocative daring. Feelings of personal worth and self esteem hold sway over your values and earnings. There is the potential of going totally over board Friday with a spouse or lover, which presents a sort of “be careful what you wish for” scenario. Ardent passion and an incredible opportunity is in store within the realm of partnership in this phase, though you may wish to wait another week (when Mercury is direct) to make a standing decision.

PISCES: You are working intently and resolutely on a very significant professional matter at this time. From Thursday of this week through the 19th you will see a complete overhaul of a strategy or project, and can make substantial progress nailing down the particulars in this phase. This is underscored by a highly auspicious development at work during the Full Moon on Tuesday. Your productivity is rewarded, and accolades for work well done motivates you towards your next success. Highly provocative and alluring auspices over this weekend illuminate your desire for love and passionate exchange with another. You may take a chance on a seemingly unlikely or even provocative alliance, though it could be exactly what you need right now. Your creative powers are at an all time high – equally so is your sensitivity to stimulation and empathic awareness of others. These qualities are linked inextricably as it turns out. Consider in what ways you can you protect yourself from being too vulnerable, but remain open at the same time.

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