Stargazer June Horoscopes

Mercury in Cancer – Three of Cups: overflowing exchange of love; rare, valuable feelings and perception which can be communicated intimately. 



This month is flanked by 2 eclipses, ushering in the changing orientation of the nodes on the Gemini – Sagittarius polarity. The Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius falls in the cross hairs of retrograde Venus (Gemini) and Mars (Pisces), generating a turbulent atmosphere most likely surrounding relationships. With Venus in retro through the 25th, best to put off major decisions for the time being where possible. As this is the first eclipse in this particular cycle, it’s likely to represent more of a trigger for the changes that will unfold over the next 18 or so months. 

The Cancer eclipse is unaspected, though a Sun – North Node conjunction from Gemini the day before is highly beneficial for getting clarity about future directives. Fated events occur around these dates (June 20th – 21st) and something very significant occurs or is put into motion at this time. This is also a true departure from the prior cycle in Cancer/Capricorn and a moment in which to realize how different life has become in the aftermath of the significant structural transformation that has occurred. 

Mercury prepares to retrograde on the 18th, so the air could be a bit thick and expectations parlayed temporarily. Through July 12th it will be important to check and double check all important details and even delay significant decisions. The entire cycle falls in Cancer, bringing up intense emotional feelings most likely connected to the past. The massage of the deep dive that is likely to transpire is to release and renew. Intuition is highlighted and can offer resolution for prior issues.

Mars squares the nodes from the 26th – 28th. This can produce feelings of anxiety where reorientation to changing conditions occurs. Realizations that the past is truly behind you and recognizing the changes that have occurred is a natural part of this process. Earlier in the month, from the 18th – 28th, Mars collaborates productively with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. This is a good phase for getting things done, though matters will require a delicate touch. The 13th is a bit more tricky when Mars aligns with elusive Neptune. There can be magical moments, but equally deception. From the 27th, Mars moves into Aries, where it remains well into New Years. More on that next month!


          21 SOLAR ECLIPSE 0’ 21” CANCER



March 20 – April 19

If you have been working behind the scenes on an important professional project, you will see good results from mid month onward. A domestic situation that has been complicated is beginning to show signs of resolution with a key development around the 21st. You may be exploring your family history or reuniting with relatives this Summer. A voyage to an early home could offer insights into your past.


April 20 – May 20

The social ambience is exciting, and even if only online, friendship and conversation should keep your schedule busy. People from the past could reemerge over these early Summer months. It will be exciting and illuminating to reconnect. Potent financial developments are in store. Significant culminations over the last week of the month, as well as the Eclipse on the 5th offer a glimpse into emerging trends.


May 21 – June 20

Very positive professional developments are in store as you maintain a high profile and are rewarded for your efforts. You will be at your most impressive from the 18th – 28th. Several opportunities arise. A tense eclipse in your partnership house on the 5th heralds a change in partnership status. If the relationship is on solid footing there could be arousal. Money matters could go sideways from the 18th, while Mercury retrogrades. Save for that rainy day.


June 21 – July 22

A dreamy ambience on the 13th could stimulate your desire for travel and expansion. Make a list of places or a vision board to connect with these. Pivotal events on the 20th – 21st offer a glimpse into a new way of life. Pay attention to the clues and put them into motion on your upcoming birthday. Partnership is lively and dynamic, with an early July eclipse bring a situation to a critical crossroads. Mercury retro in your sign stirs up old emotions. This is the time to take on a healing process.


July 23 – August 22

Events are playing out in your most private and personal areas of your life, and for the time being, keeping a low profile is for the best. There is a sense of catharsis and renewal in this period. From the 18th, when Mercury goes retrograde, you likely retrace your steps and delve into issues rooted in the past. Introspection is highlighted, and you can uncover a solution for an unsettled matter.  


August 23 – September 22

Relationships are highlighted, and this is an extremely positive time to cultivate love and commitment with someone special to your heart. The axis of home/profession is also activated, and there could be tensions around the eclipse on the 5th between these dynamic areas, with a partnership also playing a pivotal role in your considerations. Remain compassionate if friction arises and everything will work out.       


September 23 – October 23

There is a shift in your professional trajectory this month as Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th. Reassessment of priorities continues into July, though the Solar Eclipse on the 21st, as well as events in the days leading up, can open a door for you to a new vocation or enterprise. Simultaneously, domestic or personal matters that have been concerning are resolved through the month. Productivity arises from a sense of these issues being settled. 


October 24 – November 21

Communication within a love relationship is highlighted throughout the month, marking significant milestones in matters of the heart. A sense of idealism is pervasive and aligns with your desires. With Venus still in retrograde, this could be connected with someone who has reemerged from your past. There can be resolution now if things were not properly put to rest, or rekindling of a lost love. 


November 22 – December 21

Significant changes are coming, and relationships are likely to be the center point of major adjustments for you. An eclipse falling in your sign on the 5th is a catalyst for the ongoing transformation you will experience over the coming year and a half with events throughout this period pointing to what you have to let go of in order to move forward to the next phase of your life. There are improvements to your home and finances from the 18th. 


December 22 – January 19 

Communication in partnership is emphasized this month, though a period of reconsideration occurs from mid month while Mercury detours in retrograde. The substantial changes and obstacles you have confronted over the last several are beginning to give you a newfound sense of strength and conviction in your efforts. While work may have slowed, a new direction is presented on the 20th that enables you to shift gears within a changing reality.


January 20 – February 18

Self expression remains emphasized as you retrace your step through a creative project or even a romantic relationship. There is a desire to return to the past and move into the future simultaneously. From the 20th you get strong indications of where to head next. A work project or assignment could be shelved temporarily while Mercury retrogrades. Facts emerge next month that improve conditions considerably.


February 19 – March 20

Mars continues through your sign, making highly productive aspects that influence your hopes, dreams and activate your social life. Mercury simultaneously transiting your pleasure sector through early August indicates a fruitful period of self awareness and discovery. Intuition runs strong and even while detouring retrograde, signals the resolution of past concerns, potentially surrounding a love relationship.



Eclipse season unfolds with no shortage of dramatic events and surprising changes or revelations. Three upcoming eclipses (Cancer July 12th, Aquarius July 27th and Leo August 11th) shake up the foundations and speed up the trajectories of storylines initiated last August as well as over the first 6 weeks of 2018. The atmosphere is highly dynamic and ripe for immense breakthroughs, and if there was ever a month to make sure you get enough rest and drink enough water – this is certainly the one.

The predominant energy stimulated throughout July is that residing on the Fixed Cross, and those with planets or angles in the early degrees of the Fixed signs in particular (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are the most directly effected by this. There can be a great deal of tension and urgency within this configuration, and security issues are particularly a priority throughout this volatile period. Underscoring this fortuitously is the Sun – Jupiter – Neptune Grand Water Trine, which offers emotional assurance and confidence to deal with whatever comes up. This aspect is felt most strongly over the first two weeks and is very much enhanced when Jupiter resumes direct motion from 13’ 21” Scorpio on the 10th.

Having been retrograde since early March, much of the progress that has been made over the past few months likely took place invisibly, since this process unfolded deep beneath the surface, requiring the integration of resilience through some manner of psychological inquiry and transformation. To the extent you have successfully managed to confront your innermost desires and even fears, as well as embraced your personal power, Jupiter direct will provide a sense of assurance and confidence to make huge strides over the upcoming months.

Reclamation of your individual inner strength has been possible during this period, and examining how far you have come since last December will provide insight into how extensive the catharsis has been for you. Jupiter – Scorpio requires the emancipation of the ego, in order to dig down into your darkest truths and honor them, the scarier the better. (Examining the placement of Pluto in your chart can also be useful here.) Where you may have not managed to confront these aspects of yourself yet, they will likely come flooding to the surface, seeking quick and rapid release when Jupiter goes direct. In any case, the 10th is highly potent for conducting healing and esoteric magic.

Saturn and Uranus are also moving into a harmonious alignment, which will be strongest from mid August through mid September. Uranus is pushing innovative approaches within the material realm, how people earn and use resources are the basic themes. Developments such as the sharing economy would be one example of a greater social transformation that reflects this energy. (Cryptocurrency assets, as I have mentioned previously, are another such example, but in such a volatile state of transitioning into main stream acceptance, they remain a less reliable indicator – so far – of the potentials expressed by Uranus in Taurus. Potent auspices at work this month may weigh in with some incredibly interesting developments.) Saturn from Capricorn seeks to stabilize these changes, and integrate long range strategies that enable new approaches.

Venus from Virgo (beginning on the 9th) offers a helping hand, particularly from the 11th – 14th when productive activities reinforce potentials for success in the material realm. Clean living, exercise and anything that enhances effectiveness pays off big time this week. Handling details and organizational matters associated with any sort of enterprise is especially favored now.

Eclipses will of course provide the major punctuation marks – and Nodal activations stimulate trajectories forward (North Node – Mercury July 4th, Sun July 29th) while also serving reminders of what is over, done and dusted (Mars to South Node July 21). There is a work in progress feeling to these configurations, however, with both Mercury (July 26 – August 19th) and Mars (through August 27th) in retrograde, indicating there are still a few kinks needing to get ironed out before taking that step forward. Nonetheless, there will be some major developments in July, be ready for anything and take any and all opportunities in stride. It may take a little longer to get all the puzzle pieces into place, but these are once in a lifetime opportunities!



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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Mercury slows and then retrogrades in your area of pleasure, self expression and romance. You could start having second thoughts about a whirlwind love affair or someone long forgotten lands back in your orbit. A mild eclipse in Cancer on the 13th signals a change of guard is coming. In about six more months, you are going to find yourself far more involved with your family and personal life, and pulling back from public life and professional objectives. Meanwhile, a work project or new position is going incredibly well, leading to advancement now (the 22nd and 27th are starred for good news) or at the beginning of next year. As Mars retrogrades, you connect with old associates, perhaps rekindling old dreams that never came to fruition. A financial turnaround from the 10th lifts your spirits.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Home and professional matters come to a head this month as aspects of both seem to completely unravel. Mars retrograde in the arena of public profile and profession coupled with Mercury retrograde in the arena of private life and home whip up a perfect storm of trouble, and could easily turn your world on its ear. Love comes to save the day in the meanwhile as a benevolent Venus transit in your house of True Romance couples with Jupiters’ direct motion in the arena of partnerships, smoothing the waters and clearing any obstacles to satisfy your hearts’ deepest desires. The 14th is a great day to commit and highly pleasurable vibrations on the 22nd will remind you why you did. A Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th is the last nail in the coffin on a professional path that is done and dusted. If you’ve been waiting for a signal to jump ship, the time is ripe.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Retrograde Mars can bring old friends back into the fold, an encounter or reunion on the 21st could turn out to be a real blast from the past! As Mercury enters shadow (and retrogrades from the 26th) this quality is enhanced, with a lot of lost connections resurfacing and ideas you may have scratched being reconsidered. Home could be the scene of some really romantic encounters. Love is emphasized on the 14th, 22nd and 27th. These are also lovely times in which to beautify your environment. Earth tones can bring a harmonious Feng Shui and break up stagnant energy fields in the home. You get a nice dose of motivation for creative self expression or writing from the 23rd, and an idea you get on the 28th can plant the seeds for an amazing project you’ll likely work on for months. A new financial plan you put into place during the eclipse on the 13th could yield dividends in about 6 months. Plan carefully and trust your intuition.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

A partial eclipse in your sign on the 13th signals changes are coming up on the road ahead. Although you won’t see the North Node shift into your sign until early November, your life is going to undergo some very significant transformation over the coming years, and you begin to get clues of that now. For now the evolutionary drive is towards establishing your personal values and earnings. Fantastic opportunities are revealed on the 4th and 29th that point you in the right direction. Meanwhile, events on the 21st and 27th suggest a shortfall in your shared and outside income sector that will remind you precisely why you require self reliance. Mercury in shadow leading up to a retrograde period on the 26th also influences this area so this story is going to play out for a few months. By September, the issue is settled. Socially this is an exceptional period, and spending time with those you can share daily pleasures, creative and intellectual activities with is highly favored. The 11th, 22nd and 27th sparkle with excitement and these are the best dates to accept invitations or entertain.

LEO July 23 – August 22

It’s a very beguiling month although there is pleasure to be found if you really mine for it (the 11th is pretty sweet). Complex energies are in abundance, especially in relation to partnerships, where a situation seems to be sliding backwards and taking you with it! A Total Eclipse on the 27th resonates Februaries’ themes and again presents a period of sweeping change and decisions made in a heartbeat. This one has some real fire in it, Mars is conjunct the Moon and there will be drama! Uranus also squares from Taurus. Talk about keg fire, bring your marshmallows! Normally, events that transpire now would be irrevocable, but with Mars retrograde, it’s not unlikely that it doesn’t completely coalesce until the end of September, when Mars comes back to 4’ Aquarius. July 4th and 29th are moments in which very meaningful insights and self awareness are possible, and during which you can assert yourself effectively. Mercury prepares to retrograde in your sign so it may be a tricky phase this and next month to articulate or even fully comprehend your motivations. Venus in Virgo from the 10th turns up the luxe factor and you can indulge a little as extra earnings, perhaps from a creative venture, pad your pocketbook. Be discerning on the 24th, an enticement is not what it seems regardless of how appealing it seems in the moment!

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Venus touches down in your sign on the 10th, bringing a celestial goody basket which will potentially mitigate the slow down at work. Jupiter direct at the same time generates a harmonious ambience for social activities, and enticing contacts on the 11th and 22nd are fantastic for attending get togethers and otherwise enjoying the company of your friends. Mercury also slows, and will occupy your area of secrecy and endings through the first week of September. Something you want to let go of you can’t quite shake off as quickly as you’d like, and you do well to mine for buried treasure in your subconscious by consulting a trusted psychic or even a therapist. The 4th and 29th are great for getting to the bottom of deeply rooted personal issues. Releasing these literally sets you free. Events on the 21st not so much, as a work or health issue resurfaces and demands your attention. A very intense eclipse on the 27th reinforces this, and there could be an ending here, if not during the last week of September.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Relational dynamics continue to go to and fro, and although you do continue to have breakthroughs with your groups, a misunderstanding could derail a project temporarily while Mercury retrogrades from the 26th. An exciting professional development around the 5th brings a turn in your fortune by the time Jupiter resumes direct motion on the 11th. Professionally you could be enjoying the limelight or accolades for a success. You’ll be happiest doing so from a remote location, or working behind the scenes on a top secret project. The 14th, 22nd and 27th are all beneficial for this, as well as just getting in some good rest if you require it. A vexing issue within a love relationship (and one you might be trying to shake off entirely) comes back out of the woodwork around the 21st. The eclipse on the 27th represents a period of incredible volatility, beginnings and endings transpire and life can change in a heartbeat under such auspices. With Mars retrograde, it would seem something remains unfinished before an important conclusion can be drawn at the end of September. Intensity crescendos up until the end of the month, when Mars crosses the Sun and Uranus.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

This can be a really rocky one, as full on retrograde Mars connects to the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th, in a tense aspect to unpredictable Uranus. Those dynamics at the end of May come back to roost, and it could be in this period you make an out of the blue change to your living situation, even if it means moving somewhere you lived before, maybe even back home for a while. You get another reminder of where you are feeling most “stuck” on the 21st. Use these feelings instructively to uncover what you need to release. The time will come to do so soon enough. Professionally you might feel yourself switching gears, and reconsidering your course, especially towards the end of the month. An enterprise isn’t quite ready to take off and needs another work through before it can be implemented. Friends are supportive and rally to your side, the 11th, 14th and 22nd are all good for planning activities and occasions. Jupiter direct in your sign on the 10th is a saving grace, and what ever should come or go in this period, you feel optimistic about the future and all it holds.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Mercury slows it’s orbit in the area of great escapes, adventure and higher learning, suggesting travel plans could hit a hitch. Anticipate delays until the second half of next month. Mars is also moving backwards and in slow motion, amplifying the sense of going back in time. This will be especially evident on the 21st, as you get reminders you need to unstick yourself from a situation. Easier said than done… Venus in Virgo from the 10th elevates your public profile and gets you in front of the people who can help you succeed in your chosen profession. The 11th, 14th, 22nd and 27th are all exceptional for career development and making a good impression. These opportunities open doors and pave the way for enduring success when the Sun and Mercury pass through part of the zodiac in September. The Aquarius eclipse on the 27th can intensify your desire to break free from a certain limiting situation, and the exact outlet you are seeking could present itself on the 29th. Be ready to jump.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

A partial eclipse in Cancer on the 13th could signal big changes in your relationship status over the coming 6 months or even year. Pluto opposes the Lunation, so events have fated and intense overtones. Jupiter and Neptune meanwhile provide a more amiable ambience, enhancing good feelings and romance mutually. Venus in Virgo from the 10th adds a very sweet and loving atmosphere. The 11th, 14th, 22nd and 27th all provide positive opportunities to develop your bond with someone, especially if you are able to travel or are working on a publishing or media project together. Some financial challenges could be present over the 21st or 27th, as a source of income could be coming to an end. This will swiftly be replaced by fantastic avenues of growth through shared resources or an investment coming your way. The details emerge on the 4th and 29th. Mercury retrograde in this area from the 26th could curtail negotiations for a few weeks, an issue with a contract or agreement will have to be scrutinized.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

This will be a very dynamic and transformational period for you. The angles of your chart are alighted and an intense eclipse in your sign on the 27th signals life altering changes are in store. Since you can’t really anticipate or maneuver the outcome in this period, it’s best to go with the current of the tide of events. For now trust that the universe is moving you towards an important evolutionary goal post. Signals and events on the 4th, 21st and 29th have fateful undertones and remind you, even if the land scape seems chaotic, that you are headed in the right direction. With Mars still retrograde in your sign, things may not all fall into place until late September, when the action planet, in direct motion, again conjuncts the degree of the eclipse and matters resurface and progress can be made. Mercury will retrograde in the arena of partnerships from the 26th, eliciting a period of withdrawal or reappraisal of your important one on one alliances. This impacts both professional and romantic relationships, and people from the past can have a tendency to reappear during these phases, usually to settle unfinished business.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

A partial eclipse in Cancer on the 13th can stimulate developments and rapid changes in your love life. Mars retrograde suggests there is a fleeting quality to romance now. Very romantic currents are heading your way, especially on the 11th, 14th, 22nd and 27th. Could be a mixed fortune? Better prospects or the opportunity to more fully develop a relationship with someone you meet now will emerge a bit further down the road, but there’s no reason to hold back or delay where feelings are mutual and bring positive mojo into your life. A job or assignment you had thought you were going to get could be put on hold as Mercury slows for retrograde on the 26th. The vibe where you work could be a bit downbeat, making this a good month for travel or more recreational activities if it’s possible. There could be a great deal going on in your personal life in particular around mid month that requires quick thinking and your undivided attention. What occurs is dramatic and dynamic, and potentially signals an ending. With Mars as well Mercury out of phase there could be some delays. A work matter is beautifully starred on the 29th, a lucky break or compelling new team member gets your crew back into action.