Stargazer Weekly 1/27 – 2/2



Following the week where everything happened, this is one where it seems much less goes down in comparison. Although most of the influences are somewhat subtle, this is a key period for initiation as both short and long term storylines are activated. The renewal of the Sun – Mercury cycle in the early part of the week sets the pace and day to day objectives of the next two to four months. The Bigger Picture is illuminated as Saturn and Neptune form their sextile. Although the aspect is essentially effective between January 24 – February 10th, it is over this coming Thursday into Friday that it becomes exact.

Mars square Pluto represents a significant turning point nine months in the making, likely rife with conflict or power struggles. Where Pluto has been influential in your chart over the last several years, and specifically an objective or decision that precipitated late last April surrounding that topic, there is a decisive breakthrough. This one can come at a very personal cost, as dormant, yet very powerful energies are activated. Venus trine Uranus occurs at the same time and generates a far more carefree ambience, infusing an otherwise contentious atmosphere with an offbeat or unexpected development within a relationship, and keeping things a bit more light hearted.

Sun and Mercury are conjunct at 7’ Aquarius on Monday, indicating innovation and experimentation are key ingredients that will propel activities and enterprises between now and mid March. The mental sphere is dominant as Mercury passes ahead of the Sun, and decisions are predicated more on the thorough intellectual assessment of a situation and less from gut instincts. Any lingering issues from around late November 2018 are now swiftly resolved. This aspect signals a point of departure and a period of great activity, as well as the halfway marker between the more introspective retrograde periods, which tend to slow response times considerably, although in many cases for the better in the long run. (The most recent retrograde occurred in December and the next is on it’s way in March.) 

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The atmosphere is ripe for new developments, and with the Sun and Mercury the only planets operating from Aquarius at the moment, there’s a kind of outlaw vibe is present in what ever undertakings you choose to engage in. Following a highly volatile, though equally stimulating Mercury – Uranus square that transpired a day before Mercury entered Aquarius, an explosion of inspiration or ideas that precipitated last week can now be applied forward and gain some traction. Humanitarian enterprises will hold particular appeal.

Saturn – Neptune has a much milder influence, lending itself to longer range perspectives. Two years ago when Saturn squared Neptune, there was a more contentious atmosphere. Saturn could not attain the security it desires in the evasive ambience that presided, while Neptune may have realized it’s dream or vision was untenable within the realm of worldly commitments or concerns. Now there is a far more amenable and supportive alliance between them, and over this week and into next month (and again in June and November, as this aspect reoccurs,) it’s possible to attain an ideal by defining it, and speaking to it. In doing so there is incredible potential for manifesting a vision into tangible expression over the course of this year. Success comes where inspiration guides your course, and by taking small steps towards it consistently. Intuition can now offer insight into how long range issues can be resolved, and compassionate awareness will see you through to the realization of your goals. 

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Long range and professional objectives may come in to focus over the coming few months and a group or organization you work with may hold the key to realizing a cherished dream. Intuition about a crucial career move holds a significant message for your future, this plays out between now and November. Success comes where you trust your innerguidancr implicitly, but a confrontation later in the week spells disaster if you attempt to disregard changes you simply cannot control. Romance is highlighted, especially where you are able to expand your horizons through your connection to someone.  

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

An unexpected development impacting love or money ushers in welcomed news – perhaps even a windfall. Attention turns to professional development and here you benefit from a more experimental approach. Doing new things or at least finding new ways to do old things is paramount to success and comes easier for you now than at other times. Consult with elders or those who may have wisdom to share with you from within your social circle. Tradition has an appeal to you. A secret emerges, and once that genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back! This has intense outcomes. Process and move on. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Your orientation is future directed and you are discovering new ways to reach your destination, intended or not. Make the most of this vitalizing week to express your feelings of affection for someone you care about – Friday into Saturday is an especially favorable moment to reach out of your comfort zone and try something different. Your partner leads you into new and exotic territory, if you are ready to take the plunge. A financial matter that has been both concerning and prominent since the beginning of the year continues to prove challenging. A critical turning point at the end of the week could see you cutting ties. 

CANCER June 21 – July 22

A partnership holds the potential to stabilize this week, though this is an ongoing storyline that won’t run it’s course until November. Connecting with your dreams and aspirations from within the relationship will bring you closer than you have ever imagined possible. Separation occurs where acceptance and compassion are in short supply. A financial prospect, especially a joint agreement, comes clear this week. You have opportunities over the coming months to secure a deal or lucrative contract if you are willing to challenge convention and do things your own way.       

LEO July 23 – August 22

A partner is keen on expressing their point of view and this could entail you must entertain perspectives you might not usually. An exciting romantic dynamic precipitates next weekend, making it the perfect moment to try out something different if not completely exotic. A sympathetic understanding between yourself and your coworkers can go a long way to make a difficult project or assignment more creative and enjoyable. This will be especially useful towards the end of the week when aggro forces make the workspace especially volatile.  

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Where love relationships may have been problematic and disappointing over the past several years, you are hitting a new stride and have an easier time defining what you seek which brings you at least half way closer to getting there. Story lines that play out between now and November (with a crucial transition occurring in late March) reinforce your desire for commitment and the long term attainment of a cherished dream regarding love. A breakthrough is possible towards the end of the week. Your relationship to your body is also a top priority and a new approach is required in your handling of the day to day.        

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Romance is in the air for Libra, though it seems maintaining a degree of independence, while respecting your partner’s need for the same, is the key ingredient to creating a lasting alliance. Staying simpatico with those in your domestic environs will go a long way towards mitigating challenges that recently seemed insurmountable. Well, after Friday, anyway, as another showdown is on the horizon. A contentious issue you promised to resolve last April reemerges, and this time has to be dealt with in the here and now. It may be time to walk away from family members who have been obstinate.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s time to try something different in regard to your living arrangement Scorp. The long transit of Mars in your house of “House” last year likely turned up a lot of dead wood and showed you where a way of life has come to an end. From Monday (also circle the New Moon, February 4th,) you may revisit these insights and feel prepared to turn that next page. A creative project is a high priority and an agreement you make in this period has the potential to see it manifest. Same holds true in a romantic relationship, and between now and November dreams may equally come true in your love life. This is more likely to succeed if you avoid detonation later this week. Take it easy!

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

A work from home business can be established productively now, particularly where you work within the healing arts or inspire others to live at their personal best. Romance is exciting next weekend – you make a great impression where you are able to express your most authentic and even out there self. A project or course involving communications, the web or publishing can preoccupy you over the coming weeks and months. Between now and May you are especially inclined to try out new methods of getting your message across. Not only will this stoke curiosity and interest in you, but will also make you more effective.  

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

There are conflicting influences this week for Cap, on one hand you feel leisurely and sympathetic, but on the other hand may also be quite agitated and ready to give ‘em hell! How this plays out personally depends on your natural temperament, and early Capricorn is a bit more immune to the storm brewing. Some of this will tie back to how successful (or not) you have been since late last April in bringing a personal objective or enterprise to fruition. A contentious situation at home can have you revisit this and spur you to action quite dramatically. With Venus in your sign from next weekend, it does get better soon!    

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Renewal is the theme of the season for you, Aquarius, and your objectives become clearer by the day, which can only improve your output, should you desire. You might find it just as pleasurable to wile your hours in drifting and daydreams, and you are likely to find some interesting inspiration there, possibly even hatch up a unique and lucrative new way to make money. The social ambience is compelling and you could really click with someone at a party or event next weekend, give it a try! There is also a really contentious episode brewing beneath the surface, so leave your fight face at home.      

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Overall it’s a very positive week for you, and career advancement is likely a really exciting topic right now. An opportunity to for professional gains that come with lucrative incentives are possible, especially where you have been driven to achieve something and have worked towards it. By the end of the week a stormy and volatile mix of influences could swiftly change the game, if not your whole M.O. especially if you feel you are being gypped out of your fair share. A harmonious alignment between Neptune and Saturn settles your soul, and the combination of remaining sympathetic and seeing the bigger picture works wonders to get you through a testing circumstance.   

Stargazer Weekly Horoscopes 9/24 – 9/30

ARIES: You may be experiencing some uncomfortable changes at work this week, and unanticipated developments seem to be taking you off your A game. Professionally you stand to gain enormously if you keep your eye on the destination. Reset your intentions on Thursday night and tune into your inner resolve to make the most of opportunities up ahead. A tricky matter in a relationship may potentially be resolved now, and the lines of communication are open after Friday. Excitement about this union generates energy and enthusiasm. Issues can be easily articulated now and agreements made. Steer clear of office flirtations at the end of the week, this one has hot mess written all over it.
TAURUS: A romantic relationship gets bombarded this week, you could be over the moon in love, but mixed signals keep appearing that could call into question the sanctity of your union. Cues are as subtle as they are beguiling. Definitely steer clear of drugs and alcohol while in the companionship of a lover, this will only intensify the unusual and ambiguous atmosphere this week. A situation at work that has been percolating since last December finally gets it’s day of reckoning. A green light to move forward Thursday is met with the utmost of excitement. Tensions behind the scenes or with a financial matter could escalate. Look into this before it gets away from you.
GEMINI: A domestic matter continues to provide a contentious diversion from your professional aspirations. Family members or flatmates could be creating difficulty at your residence, or beguiling circumstances seem to stand in the way of the attainment of what you would seek. A joint financial matter seems to require attention mid week. A friend becomes a lover after months of spicy flirtation winding back to last December. Ready to take the plunge? After Friday you find it easier to put your feelings into words. An exciting phase in your love life is picking up. Pleasure through sharing interests over the coming weeks is assured.
CANCER: If you are finding it difficult to articulate your viewpoint, blame the stars. Obtuse and hard to read energies are in full force and you do well to resign yourself to only to the most important work and communication you absolutely must deal with. On a creative level you could be stimulated and painting, poetry or journalling could provide constructive outlets through which you can express yourself now. A very exciting development either at home or professionally could see you on the move. This one has been percolating since last December, with sudden news on Thursday. A change of location may be required to take a promotion. Partnerships get back on track after a necessary adjustment midweek.
LEO: Financial matters continue to bewilder, applying the brakes early in the week on expenditure will be required. Creative energy seems to be stilted by this situation, which will prompt you to resolution in the early part of the week. From there work and health issues take a prominent role, with a long awaited development, potentially a promotion finally comes through. A desire to maintain your wellness is also activated, and you have better chances of maintaining a new regiment related to diet or exercise now. Spontaneous road trip with a friend? Why not? Your bank account will remind you on Friday.
VIRGO: Persistent misunderstandings with a partner and a complex atmosphere prevail this week, stirring a sense of romantic longing, although equally repulsion within you. Your beloved may feel just out of reach while remaining every minute on your mind. Love is drug, as they say. If you are willing to bite the bullet and make amends on Thursday, passion can quickly be rekindled. You have a much better idea of what you want now then you did in April and a separation so you could reflect on your innermost desires may have been exactly what the doctor ordered to reach this determination. Into next week this fire grows and grows. Check in with your financial flows from Friday. You could get news of a short term assignment that could pad your pocket book.
LIBRA: Much is going on behind the scenes for you, and your intuition and inspiration run equally deep, exposing glorious and hidden aspects of your psyche. Revealing moments throughout the week could offer you a glimpse into your own motivations. Something you seek, but also seem to be hiding from comes into question. A relational matter that has been percolating since last December could erupt this week in a blaze of glory. Can the freedom you desire be experienced through a committed one on one relationship? A balancing act has hopefully been perfected. This person seems to be seeking an answer: in or out? Mercury in your sign from Friday puts the ball in your court. Don’t tell it how it is, but how you want for it to be, Libra.
SCORPIO: There is a tight financial focus in the early part of the week off set only by the pronounced distraction you feel in your love relationship. Complicated energies are stimulated and an illusive ambience makes it heard to pin down the object of your affection. The chemistry you share with this person has intoxicating overtones, and it’s worth it to recognize that cloaking this affair in mystery (and distance) is a large part of the appeal it holds for you. The freedom you seek in your work life is possible now, get ready to take a big leap Thursday. Pluto direct signals your power is being returned to you, examine how far you have come since April, you will likely see a huge chunk of your life has concluded. Just as well the next few weeks implore you to go within, clear out your inner space and prepare for Jupiters’ transit of your sign upcoming…
SAGITTARIUS: While you stand to gain so much professionally in this period, a strange matter involving your residence seems to be complicating matters for you, making it difficult to make the most of what is being offered you in this phase. A big shift in a financial matter occurs on Thursday and an agreement that has been encased in nothing less than an iceberg cracks open and finally gives way to something you have been seeking for many moons. Your agenda is different now that what it was in April, and you will see what has come to pass made waiting worthwhile. Social dynamics are exciting, especially from the end of the week, and a love affair that has been on and off could finally come together, quite unexpectedly.
CAPRICORN: It’s hard to keep your wits about you this week, distractions are abundant and you find it difficult to be incredibly persuasive or clearly articulate your position right now. From Thursday, as Pluto moves direct in your sign, you will find your resolve is strengthening and that your aspirations are more within your reach than you had previously realized. You have relinquished something since last April, perhaps unwillingly, and a certain “loss of innocence” has given you a new grit and toughness you can now use in the interest of your goals. Sun in Libra reminds you to play fair, especially in matters pertaining to career. An eruption of energy at the end of the week stimulates a bolt of lightning in your professional realm you can ride for the next several months to your destination, ready or not.
AQUARIUS: Niggling financial issues remain, making it a difficult time to nail down a budget, and your income and expenses are best cut down to the necessities for the time being until a clearer picture can be drawn. Socially this can be a very exciting time and you meet people who show you dimensions of the world you had not previously been aware of. You also do well to take a night class or get involved in an activity through which you can broaden your horizons and understanding. Travel could also be implied here, though even better opportunities await in the second half of October to make it happen. Now is a good time to research and plan a dream getaway. Inspiration triggered Thursday could send you on your way!
PISCES: Several dynamic alinements impact your relationships this week, (with way more in store next week, wow!) and where you have felt uncertain about a making a commitment or keeping a safe distance you may have run out excuses or time… Events on Friday, while beguiling can also produce a highly charged romanic ambience, perfect for making your feelings known if you are ready. This will prove a more difficult patch if you are pining over an unrequited love. Though if it is the case, maybe look into the root of any disappointment you feel and find ways to extricate yourself from the conditions that led you to fall for someone so clearly unavailable emotionally or otherwise. By doing so, you free yourself up for the highly erotic and enticing developments on queue next week. Cut any losses swiftly and get ready for the main event.