Weekly Scopes 5/5-11


A brilliant idea comes out of the blue this week, most likely connected to an ingenious way to make or save money. On the tail winds of a very positive New Moon in Taurus, a fresh approach to resources is highlighted. Venus from Aries makes the same challenging aspects to Pluto and Saturn that Mercury did last week. Relationships can be fraught with tension or uncertainty. 

A situation that has lived past its shelf life will likely come to an end. If you realize a situation is simply going through a challenging time (and many of these challenges are likely to be external – not necessarily a comment on the condition of the relationship,) stay optimistic as this storm will pass. 

The Sun from Taurus brings an atmosphere of determination towards the attainment of long term success. Imagination and inspiration underscore anything you take on and enhances the potential for a great outcome in a few months time. Follow your intuition and stay receptive to any opportunities that emerge.  



March 20 – April 19

You feel a strange mix of optimism and restriction while a romantic relationship can be sweet one day then sour the next. You can make incredible progress financially this week, especially where you have been putting in the extra hours to realize a professional goal. A promotion or raise can be on the table, though could take an unanticipated form. Patience sees you through this week, so keep your eye on the prize.


April 20 – May 20

It’s a positive and productive period for Taurus with news arriving from an unexpected source that really gets you going. This can also be a restless period, though very harmonious for your social and personal relationship. An inhibition or feeling of inadequacy can provide challenges to your esteem, and if you get defensive you are even more likely to provoke confrontation. Take some personal time out if you need to.


May 21 – June 20

Socially there can be challenges and you may realize it’s time to part ways with friends or associates. Your intuition is running strong and you may desire to pull back from the hustle and bustle of daily activities somewhat to tune into your inner voice. Unexpected treasures live in your unconscious mid right now and can provide revealing insights. An adjustment is required to make the most of a fantastic opportunity with your partner on the 9th.    


June 21 – July 22

Professional adjustments pay off in the long run, and a job offer you get on Thursday can pave the way to success. Social events are very pleasurable and associates can offer good advice that help you plan your future. You could meet someone very different or even unusual who offers a fresh perspective or insight. Connecting with someone at a distance or from a different background stimulates romantic feelings.    


July 23 – August 22

You continue to shine professionally, though those involved with media or PR campaigns do better to wait for the time being. A launch right now would not be advantageous or meet with tough critical reception. A desire to do something very different (or to do things in a different way) can lead you down an unconventional path. Follow a hunch this week, it could take you pretty far.    


August 23 – September 22

Your personal life has a sweet and sour quality to it – up one day and down the next. Only take on your share of responsibility in the situation and leave others to theirs. Financial improvements are in the mix, with news reaching you Thursday that could make you very happy. An unexpected visitor (or urge to travel) hits mid week. Romance beacons from a distant shore.          


September 23 – October 23

The road to love can be fraught with obstacles, though a positive disposition will work wonders in even the most difficult situations. You continue to realize what (or even where) you have outgrown a situation, and cues you get this week could be vital reminders it’s time to move on. New and exciting financial prospects could enable the transition unexpectedly, stay light on your toes and be prepared to take swift action.  


October 24 – November 21

Watch your health this week as difficult energies (particularly in your work environment) can precipitate psychosomatic illness. Partnerships go through ups and downs, and you could connect with someone unusual or in a very unexpected way. There could still be tensions, but there are also very harmonious conditions. You can make a commitment towards the end of the week or see your partner prove their devotion.


November 22 – December 21

Financial restrictions continue to cramp your style, though Thursday has some really enticing overtones. A heart connection can grow and even the pressures you experience can actually make your commitment deeper. If you have been trying for a raise or negotiating for a new job there could be good news by the end of the week. A offbeat assignment can provide an exciting change to your daily routine.


December 22 – January 19 

Keeping your heart open is the only way to go right now, Cap. If you have had reservations about letting someone in or get close, it’s time to check those feelings and examine where past disappointments are inhibiting your ability to love and be loved. Really enticing experiences are possible when you let down your guard a bit. Unexpected developments could change the game very quickly, but in ways that make you feel really good.       


January 20 – February 18

Feelings of inadequacy could provide a stumbling block or two this week. You are most likely to see it creep up in casual conversation, and could come off awkward if you try to backpedal on your words. Your personal life is more harmonious and positive developments at home or even privately provide you with regenerative moments of peace and solitude. You could come to a big, but very unexpected decision this week. 


February 19 – March 20

 Try to give yourself as much wiggle room as possible in your finances, as unexpected expenses could provide you with some trying moments otherwise. Socially the ambience is fabulous and this is a great time to connect with your crew. Jump on an unexpected invitation that turns up mid week. This one has glamorous overtones and boosts your creative flow. Check out an art show or musical performance for inspiration.


Weekly Forecast


Uranus stations direct at 28’ 36” Aries on the 6th, just following a Partial Solar Eclipse at 15’ Capricorn, which lies right between Saturn and Pluto. Events over the weekend portend dramatic changes, but also signal a requirement to create order out of chaos. Something is put into motion at this time that will culminate in mid July, during the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, which is in close conjunction to Pluto, as well. Sun conjunct Pluto on Thursday will hold the cathartic themes of the eclipse up throughout the week, a thread that began on New Year’s Day when Sun conjuncted Saturn. Powerful activations and urgency towards complete transformation occurs. 

To succeed in this phase, grit and determination are required to work towards an important goal (associated with the area of your chart Capricorn rules). Any superfluous elements of one’s life will have to be released now to carry out an agenda that supports the future growth that will be realized at the end of the year, when another eclipse in the sign conjuncts Jupiter, assuring success where the work has been made in order to manifest something of genuine significance. Comfort may have to be sacrificed temporarily as a desire to gain power and mastery over some aspect of life becomes overwhelming.

Saturn conjunct the January 5th eclipse degree over the first 10 days of February puts in the bricks and mortar on the event or enterprise that transpires at the time of the eclipse. The opportunities extended and choices made are long term contracts, and very difficult to break out of should you have a change of heart. At the same time, commitments are made from a genuine place and will offer stability for the duration, just make sure you can live with what you agree to during this critical period.

Venus enters Sagittarius early in the week, amplifying the fire element, generating a more playful and optimistic ambience. Finally out of Scorpio, a transit that began last September, the atmosphere is open making for more fruitful exchanges. An Aries Moon transit next weekend ushers in fresh new energy, stimulating the prowess of the imagination, urging Venus, Mars and Jupiter to come up with a better solution, perhaps to what Capricorn has in mind. Mercury in Capricorn requires a practical approach towards dealing with the issues at hand, and squares off with Mars mid week. This is contentious within itself, and can indicate argumentation and extreme mental tension and frustration. 

As the closing square in the Mercury – Mars cycle, this ties back to an agenda initiated back around September 16th, 2017, (6’ Virgo) which now enters a period of culmination and conclusion. To the extent this has been a successful enterprise, you may now reap a harvest of some sort, otherwise this transit likely triggers a desire to either abandon this project or take swift and decisive action to actualize the original plan. A new directive is established in mid June from 19’ Cancer, when the cycle renews in close conjunction to the North Node.  

Jupiter square Neptune (14’ Sagittarius/Pisces) midweek brings a whole other dynamic into the frame, most likely attaching to some form of escapism, which while enticing, is probably the worst possible route to take right now. (More analysis on this aspect appears on the 2019 forecast.) The current atmosphere holds challenges, but also stimulates an incredibly productive period in which to make progress on long standing issues. By next weekend, shifts will occur that enable more pleasurable experiences. For now, heed the call to action that is required of you to make substantive and lasting changes in the here and now. 


ARIES March 20 – April 19

You are like a bear cub coming out of hibernation, aroused to the new possibilities that lie before you and exuding a wiley and provocative energy. Up front, you have professional matters to attend to. What arises now is set into stone next month, though if you have been working towards this outcome for a long while, you are likely to be happy with the results. Watch your words mid week, you could easily offend precisely the people you need to help you up the ladder of success. The Moon in your sign from next weekend gets your mojo back on track, while the later days of the week may be a bit more subdued. 

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You continue a period of gestation and metamorphosis over the coming weeks (and year) particularly with your ruling planet nestling into your area of transformation from Monday. A meaningful conversation with a close friend, spouse or partner early in the week stimulates a healing process, and from there you likely seek some private time for inner exploration. Future objectives are also prominent and between now and mid February, you can refine an idea and see it take off when Mars enters your sign on Valentines Day. Saturday’s eclipse points you in the right direction. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Partnership may take on hues of magical serendipity, or is it in your head? It’s possible a relationship can take you to the next level in your career, but tread carefully as things may not exactly be what they seem. Later in the month and into early February you stand to make gains professionally, and the eclipse on the 5th holds clues as to what this means for you. Outside assistance (financial or otherwise) plays a substantial role in your success story. Indications on the 10th are also significant, and you may be putting something big into motion around this time involving joint finance or making an investment.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Your key relationships continue to be prominent, with Saturday’s Solar Eclipse providing a watershed moment and stimulating rapid developments, perhaps a destined meeting. Mercury’s transit enhances this by augmenting open lines of communication over the next three weeks. A business merger can be sorted now, though a highly contentious vibration mid week can put you at odds with someone you associate with professionally. Work prospects continue to thrive and opportunities for assignments that have a creative touch, or potentially working from home offer prosperity. Health also gets a boost and a new wellness program can be highly successful over the coming month.      

LEO July 23 – August 22

Pleasurable influences continue to flow and there is fantastic potential for meeting appealing individuals and within your creative or artistic endeavors. Work, health and productivity are of equal significance, with the Solar Eclipse providing an opportunity to get a contract for a long term assignment on solid footing. Negotiations play out through early February. If a health matter has been difficult to pin down, you are determined to get to the bottom of it now. Equally, if someone whom you work with has been difficult, there could be a confrontational moment that shifts the dynamics of the relationship.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Dual influences preside, though first and foremost your love life seems to be in focus, as the eclipse on Saturday opens the door to a romantic alliance that radiates with hues of destiny. You may learn of a pregnancy or otherwise be “birthing” a creative project over the next six months. Intimate and personal matters get a boost from Venus and domestic issues fall to the wayside replaced by harmonious conditions in your residence. This is a good month to attend to an early Spring cleaning, and a redecoration project or general sprucing up of your house of flat will go well now. Decorative pieces in deep purple can restore harmonious conditions to your house or flat.     

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Things get moving in your love life after several months of hiatus or indecision. Social life is bustling with energy and your perfect match can come flying out of the woodwork quite unexpectedly. Day to day exchanges are pleasurable, and a night class or creative project can provide mutual enjoyment. Personal and residential matters also require major attention, and deep feelings are likely aroused over the weekend. It’s time to take control of your circumstances and release programming attached to your past and family in particular. Do what suits you best, even if you need to cut a few corners in the meanwhile to make it happen.   

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Venus leaves your sign after an extended transit that began last September. Despite what ever good fortune you may have encountered as a result, you are likely pleased to get your edge back. Financial prosperity comes into view now, with several very advantageous prospects on tap over the coming month. The Eclipse on Saturday highlights your voice, written and spoken word. The efforts of the past year you have made to gain influence regarding a matter connected to learning, communication or broadcasting your message will suddenly shift forward. A project you begin now (or by mid February) has long term implications. Thursday also offers a significant development. 

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Saturday’s eclipse could be a financial reckoning for you. It’s time to get back to basics and cut out expenses that are not serving your long term best interest. Thursday is a great day to make a plan you can stick to. If you have been looking to boost your resources or revenue, the next three weeks are ideal for holding the negotiations that will offer prosperity. Venus in your sign from the beginning of the week sweetens the deal, making you feel light hearted and drawing favorable influences to you. Watch matters with a family member or in regard to your house or flat. There could be a plumbing issue you overlook, which could cost you in the future.    

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

Mercury transits your sign for the next three weeks, ensuring communication is effective and that you are clearly stating your goals and establishing your agenda for the year. Mid week could be a bit cantankerous, there could be a confrontation of some sort, particularly with a family member or in your domestic scene. Liberation is brewing on the home front. By March you’ll see the difference. An eclipse in your sign this weekend, the first of three this year, sets an important personal agenda into motion. You lock in the details early next month. This is a real pivot, you relinquish the past and are moving forward with incredible assurance. 

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The tone shifts considerably this week, and after many months that emphasized your profession and reputation, a more amenable social ambience prevails. A lot continues to percolate behind the scenes meanwhile, and you’ll likely require periods of solitude to reflect or meditate on highly personal matters. The Eclipse on Saturday holds major indications for this, with another significant development and breakthrough on queue Thursday. Let caution prevail in all financial dealings over the coming weeks, as a beguiling Neptune influence signals deceptive influences may be at work.   

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Venus from Scorpio trines Chiron in your sign, stimulating incredibly pleasurable awareness of how far you have come since late September. Self acceptance has played a critical role in this and has enabled healing and the release of significant pain. From Monday your public profile and reputation are favorably enhanced over the coming month, though be wary of coming off too smug, as any gains you make here can disappear just as swiftly if you seem too full of yourself. Inspiration is a guiding force when you overcome the ego gratification of success, and positive outcomes are assured if you stay in the here and now. Socially this is a vibrant time, you connect with passionate and influential people. 


Weekly Forecast 10/28-11/3



It’s a week loaded with developments, and likely big changes – all of which have highly fateful connotations. Mercury enters it’s retrograde shadow phase on Monday on a conjunction to Jupiter. Both are trine to Chiron in Pisces and what occurs now establishes a major plot line that culminates in early December, specifically between the 7th and 9th. A conversation or idea triggered in these early days of the week is significant and likely quite emotionally fulfilling. Chiron is ultimately about self acceptance – to be able to say: “yeah I’m wounded, but that doesn’t make me flawed because I accept myself the way I am, even where I hurt”. Jupiter in Scorpio has offered an opportunity to look deep inside and explore fear and power dynamics, specifically where manipulation may have been employed to stay in control of a situation involving someone else, but above all the ability to transcend these by embracing passion and your innate ability to evolve.

As Mercury enters the configuration on Monday, the potential for articulating and understanding this becomes possible. Examine events that occurred in the late February – early March period, since 27’ Pisces is emphasized both now and during the compelling resolution that awaits in December. (This is the degree Pisces was transiting in the February – March timeframe, which is why there could be clues that emerged then.) Over the first two weeks of December this storyline comes back into frame – again the dates from Dec. 7 – 9 should be starred. Mercury will make a long trine to Chiron/Pisces and both will go direct over those dates from 27’ Scorpio/Pisces. This indicates what you put into motion this week has added significance, see how it unfolds for you!


Also at play is the second of three Venus – Uranus oppositions early Wednesday. The atmosphere is additionally intensified as this aspect is flanked by the Nodal Axis, generating a geometrical Fixed Cross. Yikes! Thus, Venus and Uranus are both squaring the Nodes at the same time. Very fated events are transpiring, but are they forward or backward moving? On it’s own, Venus – Uranus indicates volatile but potentially exciting circumstances, and whether these experiences are favorable or not, they will be disruptive! It appears the past and future both play an important role, and some manifestation of prior circumstances or people that emerge now, especially out of the blue, are likely being called up in order to resolve unfinished business in order to move on to the next level. This is more likely to manifest when Venus is direct, and specifically in the first few days of December when Venus transits 0’ degree Scorpio again.

Between now and then, Venus moves through Libra for the whole of November, also beginning on Wednesday. A final opposition of Venus and Uranus (between Libra and Aries) on November 30th also precipitates a decision to stay or go in a relationship. The balance between togetherness and independence, what is shared and what is personal can be explored now. Conditions are more favorable to set boundaries and for partners to come to a mutually satisfying agreement. Alternately, circumstances could conspire to bring about a whole new contact or stage in an ongoing relationship, and it’s the stuff that gets put away (or out of it’s misery?) now that creates the space for such a development to arise. Enjoy the Roller Coaster of Love! And wherever it takes you, whatever you go through this week or over the next month – remind yourself that it all turns out in the end, even if the destination is NOTHING like where you thought it would be.



So, speaking of destinations… Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday as well, where it spends the most of it’s time through January 4, 2019. (Minus that little excursion back into Scorpio in the early part of December since we have some more self acceptance to work out.) This signals the beginning of a convoluted, but incredibly fascinating, last few months of the year. Mercury will reconnect with Jupiter two more times – November 27th (on a conjunction to Sun – Jupiter at 4’ Sagittarius!!!) and again December 21st at 9’ Sagittarius. Here, too, there is a propitious beginning that takes a little longer to manifest, and by the end of the year, seeds planted this week really begin to sprout. Think big and live louder! Gerd Ziegler, in the handbook for Aleister Crowley Tarot, gives the indications: “…clear, direct, swift communications; overcoming misunderstanding… The moment has come for you to define where you stand. If you are open and remain centered, misunderstandings will be cleared.” Affirmation: “My openness and self-confidence opens the hearts of those I Iove.” The path may be convoluted, but maybe it just extends the adventure, so enjoy the twists and turns the best you can!


Astrology 10/21-27

Dynamic forces are at work this week, and with Uranus presiding over most of the developments unfolding through the end of the month, unexpected and unusual events are front and center. The Taurus Full Moon rests in perfect conjunction to Uranus, while the Sun will be opposition over the first few days of the week. The Nodal Axis forms a Fixed Cross from 1’ Leo/Aquarius, so there are very fated connotations to what occurs in this phase. Some volatility should be anticipated, but what does happen is more likely to be a culmination of what has been developing since late May, when Uranus first moved into Taurus, transiting the degree it currently resides at now in retrograde, preparing to ingress back into Aries for a few more months. In other words, it’s not exactly “New News” but rather the manifestation of what was new in the late Springtime.

Mercury and Venus from Scorpio provide a more grounding influence, harmonizing to Pluto (Mercury) and Saturn (Venus). An important conversation early in the week has a cut to the chase quality about it, and you can reach an agreement or decision now that has long lasting ramifications. Venus is connecting to Saturn for the second of three sextiles it forms due to retrograde motion. The first occurred September 12th and the last on December 16th. Just as Venus makes three opposition aspects to Uranus, there is also a desire towards stability through these contacts with Saturn, indicating a need to find a balance between commitment and freedom.

On Friday Venus conjuncts the Sun at 3’ Scorpio, signaling the midpoint of the retrograde period which will last a few more weeks through November 16th. From here a sort of truce can be made. Similarly to a New Moon, this is a period of new beginnings in Venus matters. Resolution of all decisions made since January 9th (Sun – Venus conjunct at 18’ Capricorn) occurs, and the reset button gets pushed. An evaluation of how well things have, or alternately have not, worked out since then might be a part of this and provides a turning point towards how you wish for things to work out in the future. While it’s easy to make the blanket description of Venus as the love and money planet, look at the house Venus rules in your chart for more info on what it symbolizes to you personally. House cusps in your chart governed by Taurus and Libra will provide insight.

Sun sextiles Saturn the following day (Saturday) providing some much needed clarity. This is a good day to address important issues and make progress on a long range goal. Despite it being the weekend this is a good time for planning and getting some work done. The Sun moves into Scorpio early Tuesday morning, delving into the depths of the soul and psyche is possible now. Gerd Ziegler attributes the 6 of Cups Tarot Card to this placement and offers the indications: “Enjoy your own emotional wealth and share it with a partner…. rich exchange of sexual and heart energy, emotional renewal…” along with the affirmation: “I am now open to a partner with whom I can share the joys of love on all levels.” Sounds pretty saucy! With Venus retrograde in the sign, it might take a little longer to get everything and everyone on the same page (circle that 3rd Venus – Saturn sextile in December to make a lasting commitment) but there are definitely some productive developments this week that lead to that outcome. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts as always.

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This is as far as I got this week, I have been working everyday preparing for my trip to Europe for a technology conference in Poland. Pictures soon! xoxoxoxo ~ Stargazer ❤️

Weekly Scopes 4/1-7


There is some discontent in the atmosphere this week, as stressful aspects from Mercury in Aries to Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn force solidification of objectives while reorienting the methods being used to attain them. Provocation is likely, particularly from Wednesday to Thursday. April 1st features the mid – retrograde conjunction of Sun and Mercury, suggesting a turning point in matters that have weathered turbulence over the prior weeks. Something comes to the surface that shifts the perspective, and a significant conversation or realization enables individuals to start to get their house in order, especially where you may have experienced a lack of continuity since earlier in March.

Mercury and Saturn face off again on Thursday, and a serious matter demands to be contended with. There’s a need to buckle down to create the outcome in a long range scenario that has been endemically challenging. Necessity presides largely over both thought process and activities this month, though at it’s best a solution can be found by acknowledging the current limitations you may be experiencing and making the required concessions. In this matter, the solution emerges where you are able to let a sense of restriction guide you patiently towards a resolution that allows you to overcome it. Do the work required now, and in about 3 weeks you will reach a milestone that enables a significant move forward and into a period of greater abundance and flexibility.

Mars and Saturn make a once in 29 years conjunction from Capricorn on Monday, (the last one occurred in March of 1990,) making this an optimal time to define goals and begin an enterprise or endeavor that will structure your long range activities for the coming 2 years. There is a frustration initially as Saturn blocks Mars’s energy, a reminder that a task is at hand that requires attention. From Capricorn, there is a gritty sense of determination present, endurance and tenacity will preside over action in this cycle. Austerity measures may also be required, but what you manage to overcome now creates security that lasts forever.

Venus combines harmoniously to Saturn next Saturday, and commitments can be considered, though waiting until Mercury is direct on the 15th to sign the dotted line is still advised. Financial matters will likely stabilize as an equilibrium is achieved through balancing sensual and material desires with practical considerations. Initiations made at the end of last year come to fruition, indicating where dedication and perseverance to an outcome is paying off and beginning to demonstrate the long range potential.


ARIES March 20 – April 19
You can choose to Battle Royale with your supervisors or instead take the highroad and wait for better auspices mid month. You do get some positive activations professionally this week, and can set course for a positive outcome over the coming months (think from now – September). A promotion could await you where you put in the work required, and an indication next Saturday will stimulate a positive financial trajectory attached to this. Defining the goal and outcome of what you seek is critical right now to assure success in the future.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The past still seems to be playing a larger than life role for you, with resolutions and release possible this week if you confront inconvenient truths. A life path is being revealed to you simultaneously and you might start to get a bit more serious about turning an ideal into something real. It may take till September to root down, but pay real attention to the clues and cues that precipitate this week. Saturday is especially revealing.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Could be a dicey week for Gemini, as your ruling planet makes contentious alignments and you are forced to live up to obligations. Shared financial responsibilities may be at the center of this, though any serious commitment you have to another person likely makes you feel incredibly restricted in the attainment of your personal interests right now. A secret rendezvous could assist you in tapping more pleasurable vibrations, look to next weekend for a sweet surprise.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
Professional quagmires continue to demand your attention, meanwhile you may be having problems getting the spouse or business partner on board. While you can’t necessarily avoid confrontations, you can choose how you react to them and since more has yet to come to light between now and mid month, agreeing to disagree, for now at least, can bring equilibrium to an otherwise testing situation. Sharing a pleasurable social interlude next weekend brings peace.

LEO July 23 – August 22
You begin to feel a professional upswing, though work pressure and mounting responsibilities will be required to make the most of favorable opportunities available over the coming weeks. Taking care of your body in order to elevate your productivity are required as you climb the ladder of success. Friends provide a distraction, especially if someone you haven’t heard from in a while arrives on the scene unexpectedly. Try to balance business and pleasure.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Prickly financial issues continue to mount, especially where you might rely on someone else for funds and they aren’t delivering. This has a dampening effect on your creative and romantic expression, and you may feel undermined or confused. Under the auspices of Venus in Taurus, pleasurable vibes are stimulated, suggesting you do have favorable outcomes to look forward to, though they may not come to fruition immediately. Make plans next weekend and give yourself something to look forward to.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Issues with family members and household continue to have a challenging influence in regard to a relationship you would like to get off the ground. A few more important discussions and decisions will enable you to make some progress this week, so hold out for what you want and don’t back down. A momentous shift is occurring in your personal life and resolve is required to make it. These changes enhance intimacy in the very near future. Hang in there.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Problematic circumstances or individuals in your work life continue to be a source of potential discord this week. If you feel the need to air your grievances, embrace a productive tone as opposed to a confrontational one. Your words have incredible influence over others right now, so choose and use them conscientiously. The same advice bears significance on your partnership now, a meaningful conversation can set the stage for a connection to flourish next weekend.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
It’s time to get serious about a financial matter this week, as several turning points up ahead will show the why, though not necessarily the how. If you have been contending with austerity, and feel defeated, realign with your values and remember that conditions are of a temporal nature and will inevitably shift. A decision or strategic endeavor requires patience and grit, and a day at a time attitude should be adapted. A bonus or promotion at work could turn up next week.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Making peace with the past, as well as though you are closest to in the present, is a prominent feature this week, though you are having a very personal breakthrough at the same time. Mars linking up to Saturn in your sign brings out your fighting spirit, and anyone caught unawares of your intentions or the immeasurable drive you possess to achieve them could be in for a bit of shock. Super enticing romantic vibrations are also taking hold, making this an ideal period for nurturing a promising love connection.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
While timelines feel a bit de-accelerated right now, a big and progressive push to release negative conditioning is stimulated this week, and you need to listen long and hard to the voice deep within by taking time out to hear yourself think. If you find an undermining internal voice, look beneath it and you’ll likely find a wounded inner child. Cultivate a relationship with this and take your healing seriously. Your personal life is enhanced next weekend. Find peace within.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
The financial picture may be clearing, though you might not adore what’s being revealed. Coming to terms with what is, as opposed to what is not or what could be, will give you momentum forward and out of the quagmire. Venus is providing pleasurable social vibrations all month and you might turn up a promising love connection in the most casual routines of your day to day. Also a favorable time to take a class, or enjoy art and music recreationally or through a creative project.

April Horoscope

Taurus energy begins to stabilize an otherwise volatile atmosphere, as manifestation of the creative inspiration that emerged in Aries season starts to take root. It will take Mercury a few more weeks to catch up. Currently in retrograde (through the 15th) communication takes a few more hits (especially during the first week) before a decision can be made and the next agenda undertaken. A significant conversation that takes place on the 1st of the month sets the tone – signaling a way out of the muddle.

Venus in Taurus is very much at home, finding herself in a far more supportive atmosphere, connecting harmoniously to Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. All these connections enhance the visionary (Neptune) and business minded (Capricorn) enabling powerful developments in both love and commerce. An opposition to Jupiter mid month has a positive influence on commercial and romantic affairs, generating good will and even prosperity, though this easy going influence can make people both over indulgent and generous with resources they do not actually have available. Culminations in partnerships or financial objectives set into motion last November occur now, with Scorpio and Taurus folks particularly feeling really strong love mojo.

The last 2 weeks of the month feature the North Node transiting the degree of the January Leo eclipse. Expect reverberations or advancements of the storylines that were stimulated around that period. Endings and beginnings are amplified. Venus squares the Nodal Axis from Taurus on the 10th arousing a nostalgic mood about a life that is now behind you, and who or what you may have left behind, that is rather potent. Equally, excitement for the future you are creating, (most likely as a result of that release) is palpable, too. Some mix of both contributes to a bittersweet, but exciting atmosphere.

Uranus had a role at Eclipse time (supporting from Aries,) and continues to have significance in April. The 15th and 18th are highlighted as a New Moon in Aries is conjunct, then a few days later Sun and Uranus convene for one last time (for 80 years!) in Aries. The area in which you have sought to innovate and demonstrate personal authenticity or expression finally gets one last turbo charge into the future. At it’s worst Uranus can be an abrasive influence, and there is a potential that this influence comes into play during the mid month. Otherwise, anticipate a breakthrough that leads to independence and authentically living on your own terms. More news comes in next month – look to May 13th for the final pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

Saturn retrograde from the 17th (through September 6th,) tests the strength of the firmament and foundations put into place since the beginning of the year. It’s less of a period in which you can continue to develop long range goals, but rather to explore how much progress you have made on your personal Saturn in Capricorn agenda and determine (over the next few months) the best strategy to employ to get the desired results where you see weaknesses in the system.


ARIES March 20 – April 19
Professional plans could stall early in the early part of the month, you’ll have better auspices when Mercury is direct from mid April. Venus and Mars collude harmoniously opening the door to sweet success and a prestigious new role with favorable financial incentives on offer between the 7th and the 11th. You’ll seal the deal by the New Moon next month. A commitment made stands the test of time. From mid month you hit a great stride, Mercury direct and a New Moon in your sign encourage an atmosphere for exciting beginnings and new frontiers. A breakthrough you have sought for years is imminent, so go for what you really desire, especially if allows you the independence you genuinely desire. The 24th and 26th see powerful and exciting professional developments. These will likely come undone or require reworking (sorry! Mars is about to go retrograde!) but will signal very auspicious seeds being planted for Fall harvest.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
A deadly serious mood regarding an educational or media pursuit prevails at the beginning of the month. If you are taking exams or applying for international citizenship this likely takes up a lot of your headspace for the moment. Venus in your sign meanwhile has come to bestow pleasure and peace, maybe even a touch of luck in regard to finances. The 7th, 11th, 12th, and 14th are all exceptional for reaching goals of a relational nature or to secure assets or even beautiful objects that will collect in value. The Full Moon on the 30th is perfect for making a long term commitment. If you do get engaged, make sure you set a wedding date for next year, so you are well past the Venus retro phase this Fall, OK? Passion and extravagance are featured on the 17th, meanwhile, and you can go all the way, or get out of control. Decadence seems on order, something is worth celebrating and a partner stokes the flames. A tuning point on the 10th signals a wind change in your life direction, take heed.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
You are in a quiet and reflexive place this month, sensitivity and intuitive awareness are particularly strong, and you may seek to withdraw in order to protect your highly subjective state. This could also be a very creative period, as your imagination runs strong. The 11th – 17th is an especially fertile period and you might be using this time to get closer to your lover, taking time to be together privately and one on one will be healing and therapeutic. The 26th is transformational, you can take things to a whole new level of depth and intimacy. Finances can also be impacted, and you might sign onto a deal with a bank or investment firm. A social vibe provides a strong undercurrent and time with friends will remain a fun prospect. The New Moon on the 26th and events on the 18th represent very exciting developments with a new group of friends or an organization. Associates revitalize you.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
The career trajectory straightens out after mid month, and the New Moon on the 16th opens a very exciting new door for you. Keep your schedule free, as it’s likely a completely unanticipated opportunity comes up over the following days and you want to be ready to jump on it. You’ll likely be very distracted by all the strong influences coming from your partner(s). Mars connects with Saturn and Pluto, setting the stage for some intense encounters. The entire month is like one huge punctuation mark followed by another, and while some of these will be a bit cathartic and even intense, if you stay open to it, you could be in the midst of building one of the most important relationships you’ve ever known. The planets involved imply that this might be a serious professional partnership, either way, it’s a vitalizing and long lasting connection, get present for it. The 14th is going to be memorable as a commitment will transform your life at this time.

LEO July 23 – August 22
A hard working phase continues, as your abilities and contribution earn you a stellar reputation among your colleagues and peers. This is most evident around the 10th – 11th, although it looks as though you have to make a personal adjustment to really make the most of an opportunity. Mercury retrograde slows progress in plans connected to education and travel. Expect delays. The New Moon on the 16th can set things to rights as an unexpected turn of events opens doors. An inventive solution that challenges convention sets the course. Expansive and regenerative energy in your domestic sphere on the 14th brings another opportunity to transform your home for the better. This could facilitate remodeling or a work from home business could be showing signs of success and prosperity. The Full Moon on the 30th augments this and will stabilize any matters related to home or personal improvement, or within the relational dynamics of your family.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Financial matters could be tricky this month as Mercury retrograde demands a reassessment of outside income streams or a debt resurfaces. The 4th and 5th likely prove the most challenging of the cycle as outgoing expense is higher than incoming making a reality check in order. From mid month, around the New Moon on the 16th, things get back into order. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars harmonize in the most brilliant way for you and travel with your mate or spouse could be particularly romantic and exciting on the 10th. The 7th, 12th, 14th, 17th and 26th are also incredible and support your efforts to develop or renew a love connection. A shift of focus to professional matter from the 25th will see your star rising in your chosen career. You’ll have a golden touch and be able to make a great impression on those who matter most and can help you up the ladder of success.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
A New Moon on the 16th clarifies the direction of a partnership, Mercury resumes direct motion simultaneously and an alliance can take off quite suddenly and even unexpectedly now. A lovely collaboration between Venus and Mars indicates a lot is going on behind the scenes, and especially if a love relationship has been getting more serious, there could be a desire to live together or at least to become more intimate in this phase. The 11th is especially romantic and you may wish to confide your heart felt feelings. This is a great time for some alone time with someone you are getting close to. Love has highly transformational over tones, especially around the 17th. From the 25th the focus turns back to the outer world, and you can promote effectively, travel or educate over the coming month. A financial culmination has long term implications for you on the 29th. This could extend to a home sale or purchase. What you sign off on now will stand the test of time.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
A work situation gets back on track over the New Moon on the 16th. If you had been waiting to hear about a promotion, new role or title, you could be caught off guard how quickly things come together after weeks of delays. This will come as a relief and leave you free to enjoy a very exciting month for love and romance. The whole month is divine as you find yourself getting closer to someone who shares so many of your interests. You might make a long term commitment on the 7th, just in time – the 11th is one of the most passionate days of the year! The 12th, 14th and 17th are also great for really special occasions, and single Scorpio could meet someone with real partnership potential even just in the ordinary course of day to day life. If you’ve been negotiating or working on a business enterprise, this same energy is beneficial, as it generates harmony with your partners. Killer deals get made on the 24th and 26th. You don’t have to strong arm anyone, just be crystal clear about what you want and get them to meet you half way.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
There is a great deal of energy and movement in regard to work and earnings at this time. There will be good opportunities, matched with a desire to make the most of them and especially around the 10th you can cash in on lucrative assignments or even a promotion. A reality check about finances early in the month stimulates awareness that changes need to be made here, and the 7th, 14th, 17th, 24th, and 26th are all very positive if you are seeking upgrades or more income. Mercury completes it’s retrograde circuit mid month, and the mischievous and indecisive energy surrounding your romantic relationship or a certain creative project can clear up now. The New Moon on the 16th collaborates with unpredictable Uranus, so what takes flight now does so under the most unanticipated circumstances. The 18th is equally, um, exciting? Uranus can be nerve racking too, just leave space for the unexpected and be ready for sudden changes. Venus in your arena of partnership from the 25th bodes well for relationships you are ready to take to the next level. Reflect on this over the Full Moon of the 30th.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
You have incredible auspices at this time to seize upon your personal power. There are defining moments that punctuate the entire month, suggesting you could come on very strong in this period. A fortunately timed transit from the gracious and supportive beam of Venus in Taurus stimulates your romantic and sensual appetites, easing you out a bit. Very alluring contacts on the 11th, 12th, 14th and 17th reveal potent opportunities for cultivating or renewing a deeply erotic, sexual relationship. You see continued progress within a partnership dynamic that featured in early January. You have the strength and conviction to rise to the challenges of your goals and the 2nd, 14th, 24th, 26th and 29th are all spectacular for pushing your agenda and reaching for successful outcomes. You are dynamic this month, a force to be reckoned with, although a domestic matter could go sideways or a move delayed. An unexpected or unanticipated solution arises during the New Moon phase on the 16th, or otherwise on the 18th. Be ready to jump as you could be changing the location of your base of operations very swiftly now.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
There is a very withdrawn and introverted quality this month. You are examining dimensions of your most private and personal life now, and likely seek some solitude and peace. Important matters from the past, even your family or history can be resolved now and the 7th, 11th, 17th and 26th reveal much via dreams and intuition. You may be releasing something very personal around the 10th, or a sense of nostalgia for the past or something you recently gave up could stir you quite deeply. A sense of personal and professional satisfaction arises on the 14th. An inspiration stimulates a creative business idea. The Full Moon on the 30th suggests enduring success in a professional enterprise and may even connect back to a career venture you began in 2015. This long range trajectory and the hard work of the prior years may pay off for you now. The New Moon and Mercury direct from the 16th allows you to move forward with a personal project. A road block on the 25th will require an adjustment or refinement to your thinking.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
There is pleasure right at your fingertips this month, as a vibrant social schedule offers enticements and delights galore. Around the 11th, a new love relationship can be stimulated while participating in an activity with friends. The 12th, 14th, 17th and 24th are all dates in which you can infuse your partnership with passion and even ecstasy, especially if you let your imagination run wild with your loved one. Events mid month, triggered by an Aries New Moon on the 16th indicate vital new sources of revenue could be coming through for you. Again where you are most inventive and apply your genius imagination (trust that inner vision!) you can really generate a lucrative income for yourself. Mercury direct from this point will make it easier to unravel any issues you have been having and get sorted on matters that may have eluded you over the prior month. A group or organization you work with or supervise could see some substantial growth on the 26th. Look out for a power struggle though, there could be trouble brewing in the ranks. The stumbling block that you encounter on the 2nd is merely there to sharpen your vision. A dream to teach, publish or travel is rekindled on the 30th. If you make a long term plan now you will likely see your wish delivered in December.

Weekly Scopes 3/25-31

A breakthrough is imminent, though the way through, and eventually up, could prove somewhat challenging over the coming weeks as turbulent forces culminate. On the positive side, these aspects generate the kind of friction that compels taking action. Where situations have become static and an attitude towards stasis complacent, this can be a positive thing in that these energies bring about progress of some measure. With the unyielding energies of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto dominating the forecast, this progress likely comes at some kind of cost. The disparate elements that comprise the totality of your existence are likely incongruous at best right now, and in trying to force a proverbial circle into a square, something gets lost in the outcome. Choose your battles carefully and/or allow the Mercury retrograde cycle to run it’s course before determining a course of action.

Attempting to make a crucial choice right now would likely be premature. By mid April, not only will some of friction have lifted from the atmosphere, but information will likely have come to light that shifts the perspective on things considerably. It’s not until the first week of May that Mercury catches up and enables the articulation of the events that are occurring now. It is likely it will take until that period to make sense of or find an orientation for activities that put into process the realignment taking place over the next two weeks. For now maintaining an open perspective while remaining aligned with your truth is crucial.

The Full Moon at 10’ Libra next weekend is a strong punctuation mark in the rather complex storylines developing. With Aries Sun/Libra Moon challenged by Mars and Saturn in Capricorn there is a sense of dramatic urgency at odds with the currently pervasive themes of discipline and conscientiousness. (Pluto is fortuitously left out of the equation.) These aspects arouse a strange hybrid of energies, perhaps stimulating a compelling desire to make a significant move towards a long range goal or change trajectory if something isn’t working out as planned.

Again, try to proceed with a degree of caution, especially with retrograde Mercury in tight alignment (conjunct Sun), suggesting that the highly confrontational nature of this Lunation amplifyies an even stronger likelihood of making regrettable comments or choices. Mercury returns to this position on April 27th, when more cogent signals prevail, empowering more competent decision making.


Stargazer Weekly Forecast 11/5 – 11/11

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STARSCOPES: The Grand fire trine is reignited this week with the Leo Moon tapping into the heart of the Saturn – Uranus trine next Saturday, making for a real dynamite opportunity to engage with Spirit and see assured movement. Mercury enters Sagittarius, where it will remain through early January due to the retrograde period next month. From Sagittarius, Mercury also collaborates with the Grand Fire Trine, and enables articulation of the goals or agenda being moved into action over the next two months. Venus in Scorpio from Tuesday deepens and darkens the emotional and romantic realm, and the validity of some connections will have to be confronted. Thursday is a good one for checking in with the dynamics and motivations at play behind the scenes and shaking off what isn’t working. This could include a relationship that has outlived it’s usefulness and is ready to pass quietly into the night. Make room for the new and improved!

april2-copy   ARIES March 20 – April 19
Your sense of adventure is starting to reemerge, and over the next two months a long range effort towards educational goals or reaching a destination (figuratively or literally) will preoccupy a great deal of your attention. Events next weekend demonstrate how far you have come so far towards this goal and provide the necessary motivation required to cross a final hurdle. Key relationships continue to be emphasized and can become more intimate and erotic this month. Letting your guard down and showing you sweetie your soft spots promotes an atmosphere of trust and will enable you to deepen a commitment. A positive career development on Thursday highlights your trajectory.

may2-copy   TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Your inner resources continue to be paramount and seek continued development. A years long process of transformation is culminating and the internal dialogue of the upcoming weeks will play a big role in how you articulate and define what you have been through. Keeping a journal or even seeing a therapist will enable you to make the most of the inner revelations that you have access to right now. A love relationship is growing and even thriving now. An opportunity to clarify the direction you see your partnership heading in on Thursday revitalizes this connection. As always, action speaks louder than words. If moving in or merging financials with a partner, it’s best to wait till January.

june2-copy   GEMINI May 21 – June 20
You see interesting developments where you have taken a more experimental approach to long range relationships this last year. It’s likely you are beginning to perceive your own value and have a clearer idea now of what you have to offer within a partnership. You are nonetheless called upon to moderate spontaneity in order to see lasting results. Practice makes perfect and you have come to understand how to strike a balance between freedom and commitment. Communication is enhanced for many weeks, but with Mercury retro next month, anticipate delays in relationships for the time being. Work and productivity thrive in the current atmosphere and those seeking a better position can find plumb assignments.

july2-copy   CANCER June 21 – July 22
A professional milestone can be reached this week, a job concludes or a promotion is granted. There could be forward then backwards motion with Mercury retrograde next month, so anticipate minor delays till January. You are nonetheless in a good position to see a lucrative culmination professionally and to move forward a long sought after outcome. The nuts and bolts of how you put this whole thing together simply remains to be clarified. Things heat up in your relationships Thursday. A commitment you made or make now is showing it’s depth and durability, which feels great. Love, pleasure and self expression come easily over the coming weeks.

aug2-copy   LEO July 23 – August 22
A long term goal to start a family or regarding a self expressive project through which you showcase your immense creative talents starts to coalesce. Saturday is brilliant for setting this into motion as the Leo Moon reinvigorates the Grand Fire Trine. Home is where the heart is and continues to be so over the coming weeks. The presence of Venus in the most personal area of your chart suggests a good period to feather your nest and enjoy the company of those closest to you. A little decor can go a long way a stimulate positive flows of energy in your house. Deep blue and purple are colors that will give you internal strength and peace.

sep2-copy   VIRGO August 23 – September 22
A concerning matter regarding your home begins to resolve, though expect some to and fro through New Years as an upcoming Mercury retrograde can provide some detours in relation to residential matters. It’s onward and upward from there, and you’ll be glad you put in the time and effort where you did. The harsh realities you confronted over these last few years are culminating and a partner or your spouse is making a valuable contribution. This is a great month for you socially, and you may cross paths with the loveliest of people in your daily affairs. All forms of communication are enhanced, making this a good time to start a blog, podcast or some kind of project through which you can express your views and ideas.

oct2-copy   LIBRA September 23 – October 23
You have the Midas touch these coming weeks, so go for it where earnings and assets are concerned. Scorpio oversees this area of your chart suggesting that teaming up with a partner (business or romantic) can generate success. Form lucrative alliances in this cycle, which only comes around once every 12 years. People offer their best now and you can get what you are worth, so raise your standards as high you see fit. Go for it with the awareness that negotiations will likely sidetrack next month while Mercury retrogrades, which is fitting since it’s holidays and people can be a bit hard to pin down anyway. The first few weeks of January are phenomenal for seeing these efforts pan out. A relationship that’s been tricky can culminate next weekend. Expect the best.

nov2-copy   SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Enticements are en route, Scorpio and an encouraging atmosphere prevails. You are really beginning to find your way out of the hinterlands and Venus in your sign from Tuesday generates an ideal climate for pleasure and finding love as well as promoting a level of material satisfaction that puts you at ease. All of this goes a long way to restore your faith in life, and a little luxury won’t kill you, so do something nice for yourself. If that weren’t enough, incredible breakthroughs in your professional realm are tuning up next weekend and a significant financial issue is going to be resolved. This all goes a bit sideways and there could be delays through December, but put your thinking on early January for a remarkable resolution to transpire.

dec2-copy   SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
A lot comes to the foreground swiftly this week. Mercury breezes into your sign and suddenly your on everyones list. This lasts through the first week of January so feel free to pace yourself. There is still some background noise and you are still processing the past for a while longer. Long range goals related to a personal project or love relationship can coalesce now. What you are cultivating now is going to offer you financial security down the road, so cultivate thoughtfully. There are only so many hours in a day, days in the week and so on, and how you spend your time reveals what you appreciate most, commitment will offer you opportunities to expand on those desires now. Saturday is brilliant, realign with the goals you established in August and see incredible movement.

jan2-copy   CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
A positive outcome is due this week, after many moons of trying to get it right, the balance you’ve long sought is beginning to be struck. Very personal matters are being illuminated and you may seek to withdraw and enjoy the company of friends and those closest as the year draws to closure. Big, big things are around the corner, and January holds immeasurable promise, making this a fruitful time to explore and resolve issues tied to the past in order to prepare to turn that new leaf. With Saturn moving into your sign in a handful of weeks, it’s time to clear the decks and prepare for renewal. As a Cap you are the only sign that can actually thrive in the gritty, determined and hard working atmosphere Saturn will provide you. Get ready for it.

feb2-copy   AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Great things are coalescing for you professionally and your reputation is undergoing a really positive breakout over the coming weeks and right through January. Indications you get this week are only signals of what is in store, and if you have been waiting for the right time to seize the moment, the moment is here. Socially this is a vibrant period and you may find you are catching up with old friends at this time. Next Saturday is brilliant for seeing a culmination in an important relationship. Making plans for the future can bring you closer, as does sharing your interests and enjoying activities together.

march2-copy   PISCES February 19 – March 20
Venus from Scorpio starting Tuesday amps up your charisma and attracts favorable circumstances over the coming weeks, setting up a nice conclusion to what has been a very wonky year otherwise. There is a lot of movement for you professionally, and between now and mid January, perhaps the opportunity to move a few rungs up your chosen ladder of success. There could be a brief loss of momentum next month during Mercury retrograde, though this will be fitting since it’s holiday time and getting anything nailed down would prove difficult by default. Events next Saturday prove your conviction to do things in your own unique way was worth it, even if you may have alienated less inspired counterparts along the way. Hard work pays off now.

Weekly Forecast 10/29 – 11/4


STARSCOPES 10/29 – 11/4

ARIES March 20 – April 19
Etherial and mysterious feelings prevail over the Halloween festivities. This is a perfect energy for conducting a spiritual – ritual ceremony to celebrate where you have been and release energy from the past no longer serving you. You goals for the future challenge you to do this in order to move forward. From Wednesday you feel renewal as the Moon transits your sign. Venus enhances your closest connections at the beginning of the weekend, with a surprising turn of events on Saturday. The ambience is equally positive for making a long term commitment, though events surrounding doing so will be highly unpredictable. Intuition could turn up a creative idea that enhances earnings or a lucrative project.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The Full Moon in your sign next Saturday represents one of the more significant turning points in the year for you. A gentle vibration from Neptune suggests that you make the most of an opportunity for creative engagement with friends. Aesthetic appreciation is enhanced in this vitalizing period. Between now and then it’s likely a serious financial appraisal is taking place. Sensitivity surrounding a cherished dream is stimulated by a shortfall of the resources required to make it come true. You are trying to rewrite the rules with your tribe, peer group or an organization, but an outstanding commitment to someone who holds the purse strings seems to be opposed. Figure it out Mr/s T!

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
It’s a tricky week for your relationship or professional goals, as these seem to be at odds with another and a partner unsupportive of what you are attempting to accomplish. You can reach a loving and mutual agreement by the weekend if you keep your cool and the vibe nice + sweet. Saturday features an electrical alinement that could bring someone new into the picture, or a sudden development may arise in an existing relationship. Check into the social scene if you are looking for someone new. You’ll equally feel introspective, and the Full Moon on a good time to reflect on what you need to surrender. Intuition can lead you to your next professional milestone.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
A challenge regarding planning for a long range goal stems from a health matter or your work load this week. Sensitivity is triggered that connects to a feeling of self worth or lack thereof. It makes for a touchy week. The beginning of the weekend shifts the tone considerably. Domestic and professional matters take center stage and a stunning new beginning is afoot. An exciting and unexpected development transpires that will remind you of some of the more dynamic pivot points over the last year. If you have been waiting to hear about a promotion, things could swiftly come together now. Friendships are also enhanced and there are marvelous opportunities to connect on Friday night. A creative atmosphere will enhance your social interactions beautifully.

LEO July 23 – August 22
You probe your inner world at the onset of the week. Transformation is contemplated and you feel strong forces of regeneration and the potential of spiritual awakening. Monday is especially potent. A conversation or realization on Tuesday signals a turning point. You are adjusting to the significant influences that were triggered during the Leo eclipse in August. Modification is occurring in your self awareness that holds implications for your closest partnership. Fun and surprises rule from Friday – Saturday. Social opportunities could be exciting, you’ll meet all kinds of interesting people. A Full Moon on Saturday represents the culmination of a professional goal. Something you have secretly cherished comes to fruition.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Issues connected to your heritage, home or family continue to play a debilitating role within the formation of the relationship you seek. Tuesday and Thursday offer poignant moments in which you discover how deeply embedded attitudes or circumstances are preventing you from the formation of the more unconventional partnership you would seek to establish. This reflects events of early January and late April. The Full Moon on Saturday sees you raising the sails. You can reconcile a difficult romantic scenario by planning something off the beaten path with your partner. Finances are erratic, but a boost can help you with a domestic matter on Friday.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Relational matters hit a real high note this week, from Thursday through Saturday a lot of energy and excitement could be building in a key relationship, with a genuine breakthrough on tap. You may notice themes from the Full Moon a month ago come up again, though these challenges have been in play for about a year, if not longer. Where previously you had not been able to make a lasting decision, with Venus on board in your sign, you feel more connected to your heart, making now the perfect time to choose deeper commitment or lasting liberation. You’ve likely spent the year trying to get a better work/life balance in order, fresh impulses to make an important decision regarding these will be present this week.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
The financial pressure you’ve been dealing with will come to closure soon, but there may be a very testing period this week that has implications in your love life. This brings up challenges you experienced in early January as well as late April, with a final opportunity this week to overcome a very sensitive issue. You may feel like you aren’t good enough for someone because you don’t offer material security, though at it’s best this is a chance to check in with how you really feel about yourself and examine your values. With Venus cruising into your sign next week, you stand a good chance of making a stunning connection very soon. A sudden matter behind the scenes at work could change things swiftly over the weekend. Be prepared for an unexpected shift to occur.

SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
As far as you’ve come in the last two years, there’s still a bit of a learning curve this week to navigate as you start your graduation proceedings as a Saturn Survivor. There remains a sensitivity in regard to your home, upbringing or personal life that still requires a delicate touch and you may be bullying yourself here for experiencing these. If this is the case, you need to ease up on yourself a bit and let a situation play itself out. A lot is going on in your mystery and secrets realm so you’ve got quite a bit going on behind the scenes. Intuition is strong and this can make you especially vulnerable around negative people, so avoid emotional parasites at all cost! A health + productivity matter is enhanced by a positive home environment. You get indications during the Full Moon Saturday.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
The thought process might lean a bit to the pessimistic side this week, while you seek to find new and even unconventional ways to express your ideas, your inner critic seems to lurk in the shadows, waiting to cut you down. You can use feelings (especially the icky ones) that emerge this week to gain some understanding about this – the thoughts you feed, especially the murky ones that are left over criticism from your childhood, are utterly sabotaging your mental well being. Watch out for negative self talk. Don’t try to shut it out, work on it instead. Professionally you could gain enormously this weekend, though in the way you least expect. A romantically supercharged Full Moon Friday night has your heart racing.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Professionally your still amping up through some significant achievements, and much is in store until the end of the year. Meanwhile, you get some important signals on Tuesday that gears are shifting in your partnership dynamics and it’s possible a relationship you began in August (or ended, in some cases) is at a turning point. In the case you broke up, you may just be integrating that ending. Towards the weekend exciting social vibes are present, and you may be celebrating a new home or addition. The Full Moon late Friday night points to a very positive culmination in your personal life. While finances are testy this week otherwise, it’s possible a coup is in place that augments your ability to make improvements you have sought for or you are beginning to see profitability from a home based enterprise.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
The week starts off on a good note for you with the moon transiting your sign through early Wednesday. Tuesday is largely good for making your case, especially in an academic setting, through international contacts or in regard to a project that could reach a large audience. Professionally the pressure is unyielding, and an issue that has flashback elements connected to early January and late April is revisited. This thing just rubs you in all kinds of wrong ways, triggering feelings of self worth, or lack there of, especially where you are forced to defend your tendencies toward renegade or alternative behavior. Confrontation with an authority figure could be expected. Financially and professionally there is super sparkle potential Friday – Saturday. Something you put a heap of work into pays off in unexpected ways.