August Astrology

Three of Cups – divine and harmonious love. Flowing feelings.


Mercury continues to seek shelter in Cancer, but tense contacts to other planets threaten security. Matters that may have conveniently been set aside require mediation and resolution. From the 5th, a sense of confidence is restored when the communication and thinking planet enters open and ardent Leo for a swift two week transit. Disruptive events from the 10th – 13th can provide a breakthrough that leads to an exciting opportunity on the 16th + 17th. Progress is assured while Sun and Mercury conjunct in Leo trine Mars in Aries over these dates. 

A Leo New Moon follows on the 18th, harmonizing with the Nodes. A fresh beginning has fateful tinges. Things appear to be moving in the right direction. Mercury is at the most productive part of it’s cycle through the final week of September, so this is a good time to build traction on a personal project or creative enterprise. Communication flows and enthusiasm is amplified. Set intentions at the New Moon phase for a positive outcome, despite what potentially might be happening in the current moment. 2021 is on the horizon and a very different set of conditions and opportunities are precipitating. 

To get there, a series of confrontational aspects from Mars in Aries to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto must be overcome. The first of three abrasive contacts occur this month, look for hot spots around the 4th, 13th, and 24th. This particular cycle persists through January of next year, when Mars makes a final square to Jupiter and Saturn closely aligned in Aquarius as it moves into Taurus. As Capricorn flavors the first two transit periods (August – October), continuing social upheaval is likely to escalate. The solution arrives in the form of Aquarius starting in December, and technology and resources will be the major topic next year. 

Venus will move into Cancer on the 7th, stimulating a homey and nostalgic ambience. Love runs deep in this cycle. Connections are sought that can offer genuine commitment and nurturing. Long term relationships can be set on solid footing now, and those who have sought to cohabitate or take the next step will find the right timing here to do so. Depending on your intrinsic nature, this can feel comforting or confining. Venus will make some tough aspects over the coming weeks, but harmonious angles to Uranus (Aug. 18th) and Neptune (Aug. 27th) assist in bringing out authentic and genuine feelings of love and appreciation that make the more challenging moments slightly less unbearable.  

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