April Forecast


Hope everyone out there is staying safe and healthy! I’m in New York and we’re hunkered down, only going out for the essentials. Certainly many people are in similar situations, and while it’s tempting to drift off into existential malaise right now (I do so daily) the imperative for getting through this is to feel gratitude for every breath you take and every moment you have left, especially in the company of those you love most. I’ve been staying in touch with friends, both near and far, through Facebook/Twitter convos, and it’s nice to be able to check in with people and see how it’s going. 

It’s also very scary, and I honestly feel weird about trying to decode horoscopes for the month amidst so much uncertainty and while it feels so many restrictions are being imposed on what we can actually do. What is the future? Right now, who knows. A wise woman I know said: what is the rush to get back to normal, normal got us here. It’s definitely a pivotal and defining moment in which necessary changes can transpire, if we make our choices with clarity and humanity and not in panic mode. But onward, let’s look at some of this astrology.

The atmosphere changes substantially with the ingress of Venus to Gemini and Mars to Aquarius, both air signs, which signals a shift from the material towards developing intellect and social connection. This could be difficult while socially distancing, but there are other ways to stay in touch, by phone and with the web. Or like those amazing folks in Italy who came together in song from their balconies while quarantined. Saturn in Aquarius reinforces this and will take a structuring (or restructuring) approach to how relationships and communities proceed. Mercury will move into Aries on the 11th and this will also enhance a more open dialogue and promote a sense of progress. 

Venus will move into Gemini on the 3rd for a very long stay, through August 7th, due to the upcoming retrograde cycle. The shadow phase begins on the 10th, so it’s possible to begin intuiting what the message of the cycle has in store. Typically, Venus retro is going to affect relationships, but I would also advise looking at the house Venus rules in your chart, and obviously the house Gemini falls in there as well. It’s possible a change in partnership status is going to have a significant outcome in those areas. Also be very aware of what occurs on the 22nd – 23rd. Venus will be at the degree of the mid retrograde Sun-Venus conjunction that occurs on June 3rd, and there could be a pretty potent development or clues available around those dates as to what is the significance of this particular cycle means for you. 

Jupiter and Pluto make the first of three conjunctions in Capricorn on the 4th, though this will ramp up throughout the week. Whether this will prove to be a positive or destructive contact is to be seen, but whatever it brings is likely to be intense and transformative. A storyline is initiated that plays out between now and November, when the final contact is made. Pluto retrogrades on the 25th through early October, so it’s influence will be less strongly felt over the upcoming months, which will hopefully be a plus.

My very best wishes to everyone out there! Stay safe and be easy on yourself. Relax with a few deep breaths if you are feeling overwhelmed, and hopefully I’ll be back next month. Cheers ~ Jocelyn AKA SG 


          22 NEW MOON 3’ 23” TAURUS

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