February Horoscopes


Pisces Mercury retrograde dominates February headlines, suggesting a slippery, ambiguous atmosphere underscores the other events and energies that precipitate. From Pisces Mercury has difficulty comprehending and articulating clearly through words, though expression through painting, dance, music and other art forms are enhanced and appropriate expressions of the current transit. The retrograde cycle amplifies a tendency to misunderstanding or misrepresentation, with facts and information likely to be in short supply and the intuitive and empathic nature of the sign debilitated. An important event or conversation on the 25th (Sun conjunct Mercury, signaling the mid point of the retrograde) begins to shed light on the situation, enabling clearer vision and a way forward.

Venus in Aries (February 7 – March 5) is having none of it and far less inclined to let a burning matter of the heart rest or wait. This impulsive placement likes to jump right in, even if life around it is sailing around in treacly slow motion. Venus contacts to Pluto and Saturn earlier in the month are more appropriate for making long term and committed arrangements (whether for love or business), though these ties are likely to be challenged or even disrupted by the end of February or early in March as a desire for more independence calls into question alliances that may feel dull or oppressive. 

Simultaneously a still strong presence of Earth energy is prevalent and galvanized by Mars in Capricorn (February 16 – March 30). The more abstract nature of Mars in Sagittarius recedes and seeks to make ideas generated over the prior weeks to take on concrete expression. This transit represents gritty determination and bestows incredible ambition. Mars conjunct South Node on the 25th is greeted by a friendly contact from Mercury retrograde in Pisces. This is likely to a be a low energy transit, and can signal a withdrawal while matters from the past resurface. It’s possible an issue or individual from the past comes out of the woodwork, though with Mercury involved a prior issue can be resolved through a productive discussion.  

The themes of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction that occurred January 12th will be reactivated on March 19th when Mars connects to the position of the aspect. Initiative can be taken on the concerning topics that were revealed at that time, and with Mercury direct by then, progress is assured. 

The 21st – 23rd is likely to be the most vitalizing period of the month while the Sun, Mars and Uranus link harmoniously between Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus. Interesting insights about emerging financial trends can arise and a balanced sense of harmony and excitement for the future prevails. Trying something new and expressing unique abilities or ingenuity can produce unexpected but advantageous outcomes and is highly recommended. The New Moon in Pisces augments this and offers a strong sense of intuition that can provide guidance within a material or professional situation.  

The first of three Jupiter sextile Neptune aspects occurs on the 20th. While the two were at odds last year, inflating both expectations and illusions, they collaborate productively this year, enabling a vision or wish to manifest more easily. Imagination and inspiration are highlighted, as is the spiritual realm. Deeply felt intuition motivates taking a course of action meant to expand consciousness and personal potential along a path of compassion and idealism.  

FEB. 9 FULL MOON 20’ 00” LEO

        23 NEW MOON 4’ 28” PISCES



March 20 – April 19

This is a good month for professional expansion, and if the prior weeks have been vexing, you find a more advantageous climate in which to reach your goals. Trust your intuition and take inspirational cues. Meanwhile, there are unresolved issues connected to your past that require resolution. These absolve in early March. Venus transiting your sign from the 7th makes you amorous and desirable, a potent combination that could open the door to an enticing exchange. 

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April 20 – May 20

Mars in Capricorn from the 16th empowers you and the dates between the 21st – 23rd are particularly fruitful, especially if you are working with a group or collective towards a shared goal. You are likely to run into familiar if not forgotten faces over the coming weeks, or at least someone from the past could be on your mind. This is an ideal time to reconnect, especially if there is an unresolved issue or you have something to get off your chest. Otherwise, you are likely working behind the scenes this month.

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May 21 – June 20

Some of the friction you have likely been experiencing in your closest relationships begins to subside from mid month. You are enjoying the company of friends and allies in this phase and should accept social invitations. You are having almost enough fun to forget about professional matters that may be on a backward roll. These resolve early next month. Nonetheless, a lucrative period from the 21st – 23rd can boost your earnings. Try something different. 

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June 21 – July 22

Partnerships and profession are of concern to you this month with enticing developments unfolding in both arenas. Compassion goes a long way to smooth over rough edges, especially in the 3rd week, while Jupiter and Neptune sextile. Old behavior patterns (either yours or theirs) may arise around the 25th-26th, stay mindful and maybe even take a step back to observe these less subjectively. Venus in your arena of status and public image highlights your best attributes and can bring creative assignments your way.

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July 23 – August 22

The atmosphere lightens on the work scene, suggesting you are likely to be taking a more inspired approach to your daily assignments and schedule. Very positive, although equally unexpected, developments are possible professionally. The days from the 21st – 23rd are incredibly advantageous for advancement in a new industry. Shared finances could be on a back roll as Mercury retrogrades. You might have to pay an old, if not forgotten debt, or renegotiate a contract. 

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August 23 – September 22

There are plusses and minuses in the love life this month, Virgo. Coupled with retro Mercury stirring up mixed messages in your partnership sector you really have to take it a day at a time and suspend judgement for a few weeks till the dust settles and fact can be separated from fiction. Mars in Capricorn from the 16th arouses passion and your desire for sensual experiences. Creativity is also enhanced. A magical alliance is formed on the 20th, your heart is touched in ways you never imagined. 

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September 23 – October 23

You are on the receiving end of some sweet love vibrations from the 7th, while Venus transits the area of your chart associated with partners and courtship. This is an excellent time to make beneficial connections that will take you further in both romance and business. Challenges from your domestic realm continue to be endemic to the progress you would seek to make, and action will be required through March. Changes on the work front or in regard to health and productivity are also in frame. Time for a rethink on your daily routine. 

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October 24 – November 21

A highly romantic ambience permeates through February, though you may be getting mixed signals a love relationship or pining over the one that got away. The 2nd and 3rd are fruitful for conversations that may have been difficult to have and reach an accord. The days leading up to the New Moon in Pisces, from the 21st – 23rd, present you with an opportunity for a fresh start and renewed understanding regarding your true desires. An unexpected twist in the storyline will be exhilarating and liberating. 

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November 22 – December 21

Venus transits your house of pleasure and romance, connecting fruitfully with Mars in your sign. The first two weeks are optimum for leisure and enjoyment. After the 16th the financial issues highlighted over the earlier days of the year come back into frame and demand attention and resolution. Challenges can be overcome, but require work and initiative. Domestic matters will be on a slow backward roll throughout the month, though events or awareness between the 20th and 23rd assure you things will turn out for the best in time.

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December 22 – January 19 

The volatile atmosphere you have been contending with has begun to subside, allowing you time to reflect and gather your inner resources leading up to an energizing transit of Mars through your sign that begins on the 16th. The time to go after what you want with everything you have soon arrives. Inspiration guides you, though you have to be diligent to articulate your position clearly while Mercury is retrograde. The emancipation you have sought is possible from the 20th – 23rd. Creativity plays a major role in the outcome.

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January 20 – February 18

The process of defining what matters to you most, as well as accepting what you can actually bring to the table, is a pervasive concern this month. A harmonious linkage between Jupiter and Neptune on the 20th offers insight from the etherial realm and you can trust your instincts here to make a significant discovery. The New Moon that follows a few days later restores your sense of faith that things will work out. By March 21/22 this is crystal clear. Your social life can bring you joy this month, accept invitations.

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February 19 – March 20

Although the Mercury retrograde cycle landing in your sign could provide some vexing misdirection this month, you are quite at ease with other advantageous aspects that genuinely enhance your perspective and sense of self. Combined with a New Moon in your sign, this is a very fruitful period in which to reconnect with what you desire the most and make a fresh start. Around March 21/22 you are likely to see a lot of your 2020 objectives begin to move forward. For now, tap in and clarify what these are and how you will seek to achieve them. Happy Birthday!     

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