November Horoscopes


Despite Mercury retrograde (October 31 – November 20), November is action packed with some really dynamic energy patterns emerging that cannot be ignored. While Mercury retro is, as always, not the most favorable time to launch a new venture or see a critical culmination within an existing one, certain situations will require immediate attention. Rather than view the retrograde period as a nuisance, choose to see it as a time of intensive focus and resolution around a very specific topic which currently requires a deep dive and reappraisal (Scorpio). 

Helpful aspects throughout this phase suggest substantial and long term solutions can be found to the most difficult problems if you are willing to dig in and be honest about what is required to make these happen. Information and events that unfold over the month of November yield a highly positive and satisfying outcome in December. Transformation is the key.

Mars moves into Scorpio on November 19th, a day before Mercury goes direct, intensifying this area of your chart and adding drive and initiative to an undertaking in this arena. A revealing discovery between the 11th and 13th can set an endeavor or association on a whole new course and sets the stage for a major development over the first few days of December. Another key event/activation is likely to occur on December 17th/18th, when Mars reaches the degree of the Sun-Mercury conjunction that occurs on the 11th. 

While these placements operate from the depths of ones deepest intuition, because of Mercury retrograde the influence goes a bit sideways, and is potentially less accurate. Be especially wary if suspicion is aroused. This is likely connected to unresolved trauma associated with a violation of trust that occurred in the past. As a plus this is a very good time in which to confront such issues and consider whether you are evaluating current circumstances through the lens of prior disappointment or disillusionment. 

Clearing the waters is crucial so that when Mars reaches Scorpio it can be at it’s most effective. This transit represents rebirth, and coupled with augmenting aspects to the Capricorn stellium that forms between now and January, a powerful and momentous shift is possible, on both societal and personal levels. Incredible tenacity and a critical focus on a specific issue is required, but the planetary alinements support this – so if you have a long range issue you want to resolve, or seek to make a significant change in your life (look at Capricorn and Scorpio in your chart for where the most substantial transformation can occur) Mars from Scorpio can make this a tenable probability. Realizations and conversations that occur this month set the stage for success if you can listen carefully and decode the message.






March 20 – April 19

Joint financial matters could unravel, or what seemed like a straightforward contract or agreement could take a little more wiggle room to fall into place. Your intuition about a professional matter is strong meanwhile and trusting your instincts, especially in the early part of the month, can assist you in reaching a higher ground. Venus from Sagittarius boosts your desire to experience affection and pleasure. Someone who expands your world perspective could be an enticing match for you. Attached Aries will enjoy exploring cultural activities with their spouse or partner. Think big!


April 20 – May 20

The Full Moon in your sign brings home the fundamental changes you have gone through this year, with a key relationship at the crux of a significant crossroads. A period of adjustment is in store within any committed relationships, which from the 20th regains clarity and emphasis. Energy could be lower through New Year and you will require a bit more rest moving into the winter months. Educational goals you have been pursuing show some signs of life and can get sorted out by early December, though it could feel like you are jumping through hoops to get there for the time being. 


May 21 – June 20

Retrograde Mercury impacts you quite personally, Gemini, with a special emphasis on your job and profession flavoring the developments of the upcoming weeks. You get the clarity (or position) you seek and enter a very hard working phase from the 20th right into the New Year. A partnership may gone through it’s fair share of ups and downs this year, though November provides the optimum climate to create some loving memories, give and receive affection and make your intentions known. Positive energy surrounding your union prevails through the end of the year. 


June 21 – July 22

Most of the contentious energy surrounding a certain partnership is subsiding, though a love relationship, past or present seems to be up for review through the 20th. As Mercury rights its’ course and courageous (and aggressive) Mars moves into your arena of pleasure and creative pursuits, stoking the ardent flames of passion between you and someone who is likely to play a major role in your future. Dynamics at work or within an assignment that has a creative flair are harmonious, and collaborative efforts are likely to be especially fruitful for you this month. 


July 23 – August 22

Leave some wiggle room in your domestic arrangements this month as the retrograde Mercury signals shifting conditions or indecisiveness. Old memories are stirred and this could be a valuable time to resolve a personal matter, peruse a scrap book or photo album and put the past to rest. Later in the month a situation can intensify and you’ll have to contend with an urgent residential situation. Venus is in a very favorable position adding sparkle to romance and recreation, creative activities and just making you feel good all over. Jupiter has one more month of expansive influence here – make the most of it.


August 23 – September 22

What you say (or have said) can and will be used against you, though the current climate is quite favorable to Virgo, even if it takes you a few more weeks to make up your mind about about a situation or complicated love interest. People can wait while you decide the best course of action or seek your muse. Domestic and personal matters are very favorable, and with beneficial Venus and Jupiter spending the month in your area of home (as well as nurturing, self care and personal life) you can prioritize what matters most to you and sustain harmony and peaceful conditions. 


September 23 – October 23

A strong financial emphasis is at play right now, with core issues coming to the surface in order to get sorted. This topic will be critical through the end of the year, and several opportunities to declare your values and worth will culminate over the next two months. Venus and Jupiter collaborate in your area of communication, meanwhile, making you extra charismatic and articulate. A negotiation can be quite successful at this time, though you do your best to wait until at least the final week of the month to put anything in writing. 


October 24 – November 21

The month is ripe for big personal and relationship developments, and despite some unexpected twists and turns, it’s possible a touch and go association is finally ready to take root. It may be difficult to know your own heart at the moment, or to express yourself with conviction, in which case you have to go deep within to find answers to perplexing issues. From the 20th, as Mercury rights its’ course and Mars enters your sign, you find both the courage and clarity to go after what you want the most. Until then, take pause to reflect on what that really is.  


November 22 – December 21

It’s a really delicious month for Sagi with the dual transits of Venus and Jupiter in your sign. You shine brightly over the coming weeks and can make the most of what you have learned about yourself during the life expanding transit of Jupiter through your sign over this past year. Factors behind the scenes remain at large, and especially from the 19th you have to get to the bottom of a subconscious issue, perhaps a debilitating habit or belief that is hindering real progress. Remain attuned to these and seek therapy if you require it. Living superficially will not particularly benefit you now.


December 22 – January 19 

You are invigorated and ready to see your dreams take flight and come to fruition, though there seems to be a few kinks in the plan that need to be resolved first. There is a reflective, even introverted quality to the month as you chrysalis within the final stage of a substantial metamorphosis that has been culminating internally over the prior year. This gives way to the awesome developments and rebirth you experience beginning in December leading to dramatic events likely to occur at the onset of 2020. Look within to heal and release your prior reservations. 


January 20 – February 18

Emphasis is placed on your life direction, reputation and goals over the coming weeks, and while there is some back and forth on where you set your sights due to Mercury retrograde, an intensification from the 20th forward is likely to culminate in a whole new trajectory for you, making this a fruitful time to explore all your options. Social life is vibrant, with many positive contacts and events brightening your agenda and adding to the holiday cheer. Experiences with those who share your interests can lead to expansive discoveries and meaningful insights. 


February 19 – March 20

With one last month of Jupiter making it’s beneficial transit through your area of profession, reputation and status, coupled with the very positive influence of Venus in close collaboration, this is the time to go after a personal milestone. Mercury retrograde negates the productive ambience somewhat, as misunderstandings are also highlighted. Regardless, the seeds you plant now can be very potent and lead to a victory and lucrative opportunities in the future. The steadying influence of Saturn applying to Neptune in your sign signals you have a realistic sense of what is possible. Use this vital combo to get something off the ground.  

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