The upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle is especially potent, as it stimulates an ongoing discussion or negotiation with Saturn and Pluto – conjunct January 12th 2020 at 22′ Capricorn. What is being worked through now has very significant implications not only for the upcoming Sun/Mercury cycle, but also sets the stage for many developments over the course of next year.

Between January 10th and 13th, 2020, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all conjunct in Capricorn, signaling a momentous surge of energy and initiation where ~22′ Cap resides in your chart. It would appear that the events, conversations and choices that are made over these coming two months clear the decks and set the stage for what will emerge at this critical point at the dawn of 2020.

From Scorpio, Mercury is incredibly subjective. Over the course of the pre-retro shadow/retrograde/post-retro shadow phases, you may notice substantial shifts in personal consciousness about a particular topic. One day things appear a certain way, then a short time later, completely different, even though superficially nothing has changed.

What has occurred is an internal reorientation to the situation, and how you feel about something or someone is likely to go through a large degree of transition between now and December. An especially useful date to note is October 18th, when information or an insight arrives that indicates the topic of the learning curve revealed during the upcoming cycle.

Putting something into motion on this date is not entirely fruitless, so long as you are prepared to watch this thing completely mutate and evolve into a distinctively different shape between now and December 1st, when Mercury makes its’ third and final transit at 19′ Scorpio. It’s here the pieces really fall into place.

The significance of 19′ Scorpio is that it is the position of the mid retrograde conjunction of Sun – Mercury (November 11th) and thus indicates the primary topic of the resolution being sought after during this phase. At this time, a major piece of the puzzle is revealed and resolution begins to move into frame.

Saturn and Pluto have a strong influence throughout the retro cycle, but are working in a supportive placement to Mercury, suggesting long range and even endemic issues can be resolved between now and New Year through patience, determination and the in-depth analysis required to see them through. Clearing the way for the next cycle in early January (which coincides with a Cancer eclipse in precise opposition) is the critical message – and opportunity- the Universe is dealing right now.

Mercury sextile Saturn – Oct 14
Mercury sextile Pluto – Oct 19
Mercury sextile Pluto r – Nov 9
Mercury sextile Saturn r – Nov 13
Mercury sextile Saturn – Nov 30
Mercury sextile Pluto – Dec 3

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