October Horoscopes


The plot thickens in October, with numerous Scorpio transits setting the stage for an immense transformation that occurs between now and the end of the year. First up is the ingress of Mercury into Scorpio on the 3rd for a prolonged visit that lasts through December 9th, due to retrograde activity over the first threes weeks of November. Mercury will turn direct as Mars moves into Scorpio, signaling a deep dive into the issues activated within this region of your personal chart. 

Venus from Scorpio October 8th – November 1st intensifies the emotional realm. Love becomes passionate and requires a significant intimate attachment in which to develop. Financial matters are also highlighted, and the more you can come to agreements with others and merge resources, the more productively you will experience this transit. The Scorpio New Moon on the 28th is a catalyst for a significant development – in exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus – there is likely an unanticipated event associated with money or resources. 

It’s possible an unconventional twist occurs around this date or the 7th (Mercury opposite Uranus), 12th (Venus opposite Uranus), or on November 24th (Mars opposite Uranus). These transits trigger appraisals of a financial nature, while activating the polarity of what you have and what you share. Event will come off as sudden and compelling, and require dramatic reorientation along the lines of who has and who gives what. There can be unique or innovative adaptations made to existing agreements or in negotiations that occur at these times. 

Mars in Libra underscores all this with a diplomatic approach, seeking a fair deal for everyone at the table. While the Mercury retrograde phase will likely bring matters to a standstill for a few weeks of review, by the last week of November the ambience intensifies as these matters clarify and regain traction. Between now and then, evaluating what you value personally and expect from other in close, committed and financial relationships is a fantastic and productive use of the energies available. 

Generally speaking, most people are only available to hear that which reinforces what they already believe. Although transits to Uranus may appear disruptive on the surface, they provide an opportunity in which to expand your perspective – or even experience an epiphany – if you are willing to hear and heed the message. 



March 20 – April 19

A Full Moon in your sign anchors you to the changes you have encountered this year, particularly in relation to long range goals or your profession. You could get a signal you still have something to overcome, perhaps a difficult person or situation that is acting as some kind of obstacle to your advancement. A key partnership is driving you to a necessary decision or conclusion. Financial matters are up in the air at the moment. Postpone agreements until late November or December.


April 20 – May 20

The relationship vibe intensifies, with a lot going on within or surrounding your closest partnership/s. There could be some crossed signals, particularly during the New Moon at the end of the month, though this is just as likely to turn up a compelling new and unexpected attraction for you. You are busy on the job and need to maintain balance through exercise and mindful dietary choices. Productivity can only be as good as you feel, and burn out is possible at the end of the month if you push too hard.


May 21 – June 20

Emphasis shifts towards work and productivity this month, though Mars transiting your pleasure sector has you keeping a finger on a special love relationship or creative prospects at the same time. There are likely to be some unexpected developments on the job, and the upcoming Mercury retrograde suggests a change of heart or direction for an assignment or position. While an inter-office romance could be enticing, this one goes kaboom around the 12th, so tread carefully.     


June 21 – July 22

Creativity runs high in this phase, though the upcoming Mercury retrograde suggests second thoughts or a change of heart in matters of love, perhaps resurrecting a relationship or artistic project in order to bring it to a proper conclusion. The 21st is one of your most romantic dates of the whole year – wear your heart on your sleeve and see where it takes you! Developments are otherwise completely unexpected and could throw you for a loop, as friends may seek to become lovers or vice versa.     


July 23 – August 22

This is a very active and enticing period for your social life, and a night class or seminar could produce some interesting contacts and connections for you. Your domestic/professional axis is lit – unexpected developments in either realm compels reorientation in the other. The New Moon in Scorpio factors largely for a big decision about your residence or personal life. It could take a few weeks to shake out all the details (Mercury retrograde impacts this area for you) but you get there in the end.     


August 23 – September 22

Your mind is on your money this month and there could be a few lucrative opportunities in store, though some of these seem to come at the cost of your personal pleasure or even a love relationship. You can articulate your feelings to a spouse or partner quite magically on the 21st. Make your choices carefully in social situations, as certain conversations could get a bit prickly. Dissent seems to be the order of the day. With your ruling planet coming out of phase, you could be a bit distracted in the coming weeks. Make room for change. 


September 23 – October 23

The Full Moon mid-month signals a requirement to deal with endemic personal matters in order to advance a close relationship. You are energized in this phase (Mars in Libra) to deal with a difficult matter that has been problematic all year, if not longer, and resolve a residential issue once and for all. Otherwise financial agreements (most likely with others) are at the top of your list with a reappraisal of your earnings and income set for the weeks ahead. It’s time to state your value – self belief will carry you far.    


October 24 – November 21

This is likely to be a highly enjoyable month for the most part, though you are best off waiting at a minimum until the New Moon in your sign at the end of the month (and even better until the end of November) to draw any kind of conclusion or enter into commitments. With partners throwing you willy-nilly this is either a very exciting phase, or an incredibly disruptive one, especially while you navigate profound inner changes and appear to be in a period of soul searching. 


November 22 – December 21

Finding balance between your personal and private life is essential this month, as a socially charged period coincides with a highly introspective atmosphere. Make time for some R+R, but also for your associates to keep the peace. From next month, vibes are more pleasurable (Venus in Sagittarius) though for the time being there is inner work to be done before you get there. The Full Moon in Aries has a special message for you regarding a love relationship – a financial obstacle needs to be overcome to make the most of it. 


December 22 – January 19 

The plot is thickening in your professional realm with a transit of Mars that lasts through late November. Assert your goals, but try not to come off abrasively, as this will deter people from your cause. There are a lot of people in your currently expanding network who want to help you succeed (people love to connect with someone taking action on their objectives) and by December you are likely to see the fruits of your efforts fall into place. A shift comes mid month that signals where you have to release something. Just let it go.  


January 20 – February 18

Dynamic culminations in your professional realm stimulate your ability to reach for your dreams over the coming weeks and months. Developments feel meaningful though there will be some kind of rewind over the first few weeks of November while you reappraise your course of action or the route you are taking to accomplish your long term goals. People at some distance are significant somehow, and you might find allies abroad that enable you to expand your viewpoint considerably. 


February 19 – March 20

October is sort of a strange brew of feeling quite at ease with yourself while simultaneously undergoing profound internal transformation. Moods and intuition run quite strong in this phase, especially mid month over the Full Moon phase, sensitizing you to the changes you are going through. A professional development occurs around this time that offers perspective. The destination remains unknown through late November, while you reassess your real desires for growth and personal development.   

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