June Forecast

I will be taking a hiatus from weekly horoscopes as I prepare to go back to school this Summer. Personalized readings and extended forecasts are available for subscribers on Patreon! Cheers!


June into July easily represent some of the most dynamic turning points of the year, so get ready for a wild ride! Mars sets the tone at the very opening of the month, conjunct the position of the July eclipse at 10’ Cancer. News and clues could be revealing of what is in store. From the 10th – 14th a conjunction to the North Node accelerates time lines and stimulates an unexpected, but likely fortunate turn of events or change of trajectory. Mercury follows suit a few days later, and an important conversation or decision occurs regarding the future, setting the stage for big developments. 

From the 20th, Mercury falls into it’s pre- retrograde shadow period, communications begin to slow or stall while the direction of an association, project or enterprise is reconsidered. Look to 23’ Cancer – 4’ Leo in your chart for where this will impact you personally, as this is a process that likely unravels between the end of June – mid August. The upcoming retrograde cycle is colored by a conjunction to Mars (in Leo) and a square to Uranus (from Taurus) suggesting a hot and volatile ambience is present throughout the Summer that has strong effects on communication. Tempers intensify and there could be mental aggravation, especially if you are naturally prone to headaches. 

Sun and Venus transit in Gemini, making this a good month for learning new things or attending social events. The tone is generally light hearted and favors movement and communication. Mercury and Mars from Cancer stimulate a more conservative or inbound approach to things, so if you are more naturally a home body, you will find ease. Mars will oppose both Saturn and Pluto this month, and there could be a genuine breakthrough where unresolved issues stemming back to this period last year (Mars – South Node/Saturn and Pluto conjunctions) are finally ready to coalesce and see resolution. There is friction present in these aspects, meanwhile, and hostility or stiff opposition could just as equally be a factor. 

Jupiter and Saturn combine with Neptune, repeating aspects that occurred at the beginning of the year and renewing interest in a story line that has not yet come to pass. There is optimism present but also enough grounding energy present through Saturn to make something real now. Second chances are available to try something that may have been evasive previously, and likely converge this Fall. The Gemini New Moon (June 3rd) and Sagittarius Full Moon (June 17th) amplify a sense of movement. There is a lot to take in this month and it’s likely some very important matters are either settled or put into motion. In some ways this could prove to be stressful, but equally a very stimulating time. Take time out periodically to recharge and take on what is important to you personally, not for the sake of adding more to a full plate. It’s easy to burn out under these kinds of energies, hang in there!  

NEW MOON 12’ 34” GEMINI June 3rd

FULL MOON 25’ 53” SAGITTARIUS June 17th  



March 20 – April 19

Professional matters require a special touch in June – July, with a contentious atmosphere likely present, you do best to keep to yourself as much as possible. Domestic and personal situations provide an important counterpoint, and especially if it was difficult to make changes to problematic circumstances last year, these can now be addressed. The embers of a long range goal are stoked and take on new presence in your life, though it could take a few more months to get all the necessary pieces of the puzzle to fit.  


April 20 – May 20

You’re happy as a clam while Venus finishes a beneficial transit in your sign, though from the 9th a more financial emphasis comes into play. The New Moon on the 3rd highlights exciting prospects. Be especially wary of what you agree to over the 23rd-24th, as optimism is inflated and a deal could turn out to be a real stinker. Socially this is a vibrant and bustling period, though communication could be strained and lead to arguments around the 19th. Engagement with new ideas and friendships are a highlight this month.


May 21 – June 20

There are important culminations in your key relationships this month and if you have had any reservations you could feel compelled to say “I do!” or otherwise come to realize a partnership has reached it’s final destination. Venus from your sign makes you far more inclined to reach out to love and an especially enticing vibration on the 23rd could send you on an exciting adventure with a mysterious and compelling love interest. Also highlighted are financial matters, with some really potent opportunities in the mix.


June 21 – July 22

Your personal well being is highlighted, and evolutionary growth is possible this month. A lot develops in June, setting the stage for a major culmination next month. Partnerships can be demanding in this period, and it’s up to you to accept the challenges present or to walk away. In some ways this is about learning to stand up for yourself, and eliminating situations that are limiting or hindering your individuality and personal development. Being fearlessly self protective is recommended now. Don’t let ‘em push you around!


July 23 – August 22

There is a quietude this month into next, with a lot of planets nestled in a very private portion of your chart. This is definitely a good time to detox or hit the reboot button, and early Leo especially, going through the pangs of exasperation brought on by the Uranus square, likely benefits the most from this advice. Upcoming Mercury retro falls initially in your sign, so give yourself a solid couple months to figure out where your head (and heart) are at before you sink your teeth into that next big thing. From early August you are in a far better position to make the impact you seek to. 


August 23 – September 22

Career prospects could be exiting right now, though you have to really feel your way through some convoluted situations this month if you want to make the most of what’s on offer. Changes for the better are occurring at home and you might see a situation come to a conclusion. The period from the 16th – 19th could prove difficult as you clash with your love interest or children. Though these conversations are likely to be stressful, it is necessary to come to some kind of agreement in the interest of moving forward. A partnership evolves and deepens in this phase, justifying your optimism. 


September 23 – October 23

This is a very potent period for you professionally, and especially where circumstances may have not been conducive to seeing the growth you would have liked at this time last year, you are currently in a much better cycle to see fruition for your aspirations. Some of these will come at a personal cost and there could be some noise from those closest to you about the direction you are heading in. Follow your intuition regarding people and opportunities but be conscientious about agreements you enter into mid – month. 


October 24 – November 21

A love relationship can coalesce brilliantly under these auspices, though there could equally be some mixed signals in store, especially if you are involved with someone at a distance. Letting your guard down and letting someone in is favored from the 9th, as Venus in Gemini enhances your intimate connections. A situation you may have only dreamed possible in the early days of the year starts to see some movement. Professional matters will be a significant feature over the coming months, making this a good time to settle your personal affairs.


November 22 – December 21

The Full Moon in your sign on the 17th portends a significant personal turning point in your year. A lot seems to be going on in your most intimate life meanwhile, and a relationship could equally have a compelling quality to it that needs your full attention. A very important financial resolution or objective you put into motion at the beginning of the year is showing some signs of growth. There could be some to and fro this Summer regarding a business negotiation or settlement, but significant developments this month suggests where prosperity can be found.


December 22 – January 19 

June presents some very significant developments in your closest relationships, as your spouse and/or a business partner present you with substantial evolutionary opportunities. Very consequential agreements are made and despite some challenges to see things eye to eye, negotiating with a view to mutual success and satisfaction provides a major upside for you. You discover through this connection that you have outgrown elements of your lifestyle or persona, many of which you likely confronted around this time last year. Karmic events and a relationship have the potential to change life in a heartbeat. 


January 20 – February 18

Pleasure is emphasized this month with Sun and Venus in Gemini, giving a boost to your love mojo and assuring a positive climate for self expression. A New Moon on the 3rd opens the door. Work and health are also a big priority and really significant opportunities are in store especially regarding productivity or a new job. If you have been trying to keep a secret or clinging to the past this could be a challenging period. The universe is sending in some pretty strong signals it’s time to let go of something and the more open you are to do so, the easier it gets. 


February 19 – March 20

Your self expression is on overdrive – this is a highly fortunate period for love relationships and your creative undertakings. Events could take you by surprise and into uncharted territory! There could be some challenging circumstances surrounding what is developing, and it’s possible your friends don’t share your enthusiasm for your involvements. You can diffuse a situation by hearing out the perspectives of others, but then deciding what is best for you, in the here and now, and going after what feels right. 

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