Weekly Forecast 5/12-18


A palpable shift in the atmosphere occurs this week as Venus shifts into Taurus and Mars moves into Cancer. The constellations which were dominated by hot, masculine energies become cooler and take on a more nurturing tone. Venus and Mars link up favorably from Aries to Gemini right before the shift takes place. If a relationship has hit a bump or you’ve simply been to busy to catch up with your partner or love interest, this is the perfect moment to carve out some time for a leisurely get together. If you’ve been waiting to make a move and ask someone out, this is also a favorable transit to take action on that impulse. 

Mercury is a bit behind the pack in Taurus, and makes highly productive aspects to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Objectives connected to business are reinforced and negotiations are favored. Momentum builds on enterprises that were established in the beginning of the year. Towards the end of the week, Mercury harmonizes the Nodal Axis and an effortless transition from the past to the future occurs. You can utilize the skills you already possess to build towards fruitful outcomes in the upcoming months. 

This is all underscored positively by a brilliant culmination during the Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of the week. A double emphasis on endings and transformation occurs at this Lunation, highlighting the themes of release and renewal. The Full Moon represents a moment of vitalizing emotional richness, a feeling of completion. Venus conjunct to Uranus from Taurus at the same time signals extraordinary new horizons associated with prosperity and abundance. 

The more you are willing to let go of, the more free you are to follow these fresh impulses. With the Scorpio – Taurus polarity highlighted, the themes of death, rebirth and reconstruction are activated. This a very auspicious moment in which to evaluate what matters most to you and reconfigure the balance between what you have and what you share – security and resources can go through a genuine metamorphosis if you are willing to open yourself to trust. 

Consider this in the context of not only material or financial resources but also that of love and its’ expression through commitment to someone. It’s just as possible to covet money as it is your own feelings, usually out of self protective instincts. This is the moment to let emotions flow out and towards the one(s) you care for most. Be fearless in that expression! If it’s time to release an intimate attachment, or at least change the rules of engagement, this is encouraged by both the Full Moon and the electrifying and ground breaking Venus – Uranus conjunction. Go for what you want and give it all you’ve got is the message this week.  

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