Retrograde Mercury moves back into lockstep with Neptune, making a rare and unusually long conjunction lasting from Monday through Friday. Inspiration and intuition are potent, but the potential for errors in judgement exceptionally high. De ja vous (even connected to past lives or other dimensions) is possible, as is attunement to extra-sensory perception. Tap into the exceptional creative and imaginative potential being illuminated, but hold back on any kind of crucial commitments or decisions. This combination can make for extreme gullibility. From the end of the week, its time to emerge from wonderland and climb out of the murk and treacle. Mercury will be it’s usual nimble self again in a couple more weeks. 

Venus joins up with the Pisces gang mid week, adding even more emphasis to an already squishy ambience. Relationships take on transcendental romantic overtones, as feelings of love can saturate to the core level of soul experience. The visionary ability and artistic quality expressed during this time can not be understated, and fortunate connections to Mars in Taurus as well as Saturn in Capricorn can ground these etherial impressions, making it possible to find a tangible outlet for these esoteric and otherworldly impulses. As always with pronounced Pisces/Neptune influences present, be wary of susceptibility to those who might prey on vulnerability. Likewise, if people are sending mixed signals or acting vague, take it at face value rather than make excuses for evasive behaviour. 

Over the weekend the Pluto – South Node conjunction locks into place, signaling profound catharsis (look at 23’ Capricorn in your chart) and a significant time in which to eliminate and purge the dead and outworn. There is dual potential – on one hand the karmic implications of an abuse of power comes term now, though alternately the potential for positive manifestation or culmination of events and conditions that precipitated nine years ago during North Node conjunct Pluto 3’ Capricorn November 5 – 21, 2010. Remember with the nodes involved that time lines accelerate and things tend to be a bit turbulent while the hands of destiny steer the ship.

Also look to the house ruled by Pluto (Scorpio) in your chart, as this area could be debilitated or exhibit changes or even transform dramatically at this time. Evolution occurs now from which little will be salvaged afterwards. Let go of what has been outgrown and accept that what is happening was meant to be. Purification rituals can be especially potent now. If you find yourself experiencing the more corrosive attributes of this transit – likely expressed through power struggles, harboring resentment or subconsciously provoking crisis, this is probably a signal that you are clinging to precisely what needs to released, focused on the past and not the future. The way through (and ultimately out) is to pour your energy emphatically and without any hesitation towards the directive of your chart house containing 23’ Cancer. Feeding the Pluto – South Node beast is an exercise in futility and will only deplete you. There is nothing down that hole. Face up and move forward instead.


ARIES March 20 – April 19

Despite all the mushy bizarro vibes out there, you get a big boost with the Sun now in your sign, illuminating the potential for future exploration and development. As much as you seek to make an impact on the world, so much continues to transpire within your private realms, signaling attention is pushed towards your inner life. Imagination is stimulated, and could yield treasures either in terms of healing through releasing habits rooted in subconscious conditioning or even expression of artistic genius. Pluto – South Node brings something to term regarding your professional or life path. Here, too, an ending of some description occurs. Metamorphosis is your theme this week, though you determine what form you will take at the end of this transformation.  

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Friends and friends with benefits continue to be a major emphasis, though you may be reconsidering how fruitful some of these alliances are. Clarity comes with Mercury righting it’s course from the end of the week and in the days to come. Venus in a more supportive angle to your sign offers a more supportive and nurturing ambience. Partnership dynamics are intensified with Pluto – South Node. The potential for unresolved conflict surrounding past indiscretions to resurface is high, though this signals that matters need to be dealt with and settled permanently. If a relationship is too vulnerable to withstand this period of transformation, then it might be time to let it go. Give crucial decisions a few more weeks to gestate.  

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

You seek an idealized circumstance in your professional realm and have the potential to realize a dream if you can manage to keep your vision grounded in what is realistically attainable at this time. This story has a few more weeks yet to be written and current circumstances could be a bit peculiar or perplexing. The presence of Venus at the apex of your chart is very fortunate, indicating that your life direction is guided by a love relationship or that you desire  creative self expression through your career. A supportive ambience in which to realize your goals enhances your prospects. Keep your focus on your own income and resources, entanglements with others will be unproductive.  

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CANCER June 21 – July 22

Venus from Pisces is highly supportive and enhances your creative yearnings. This puts you in a good position to mitigate some of the challenges a partnership could undergo this week into next. Children or your living arrangements (or both) could be the subject of obstinate disagreement and reorganization. Certain situations may simply have reached their expiration date, and if so, it’s time to scrap and release that which is no longer serving your growth. As you undergo inner transformation, the impact on your external associations or circumstances becomes particularly apparent now. Dynamics are shifting significantly. Put yourself first, and stay focused on your needs.    

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

LEO July 23 – August 22

As much as you would like to get your head around the nitty gritty details of a financial agreement things are just a bit too vague to pin down for the time being. Be especially wary about schemes that promise more than can realistically be delivered, the potential to be swindled or let down is pretty high right now. A power struggle with coworkers or challenges to lead a more productive lifestyle could come to a head. The fastest way through is to let go of all the stuff that isn’t working, especially habits that are debilitating your effectiveness. Taking time out or away could be exactly what you need to resolve an endemic issue.    

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

It could be the best or worst time for your romantic relationship. There is so much potential to realize a cherished dream within a relationship, though this is only possible if you can release the past and transform your association with and through love itself. Some form of catharsis is inevitable and holding on to what isn’t working is going to create discomfort. Seeing only what you want to is equally problematic, and the ambience is particularly beguiling in this regard – over idealizing a person or circumstance (here again likely attached to the past) is likely holding back your growth and evolution. Chalk it up to bygones and move forward willingly. A very bright future awaits.            

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

You hold the potential to transform yourself from the inside out right now. Cathartic events or circumstances will require a profound reorganization of your innermost world, although eradicating any negative (usually childhood) conditioning you have endured leaves you free to progress towards your potential for achievement, offering incredible gains. Certain subjective patterns are being exposed, and it’s likely many of these are inhibiting you. While you can’t change where you came from or what you have already been through, this is a productive week in which to consider the elements of your life you do control, and how this can empower you towards attaining the life you actually want.     

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast 

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s time to let go of certain ideas and opinions and focus your energy on real knowledge and experience. You’ve likely transformed your message and how you express it over the last nine years and a new cycle is beginning now in regard to how and even what you think. Romance could feature enticing overtures, though you might still be nursing a broken heart or thinking about someone from the past. A recurring dream about a person or place could reveal clues about unresolved feelings sitting in your heart space. Nest with these for now, but be prepared to move forward from the end of the week. Take or make an invitation on the 27th.

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

While a highly independent and competent person, it is worthwhile to examine how collaboration could be beneficial to you. Those most comfortable with themselves and possessing genuine awareness of what they have to offer are not afraid to ask others for assistance – they know they will be able to reciprocate. If domestic or personal matters have been a bit squirrly, some of the edge is coming off with Venus entering the picture and bringing in some harmony over the next months. From the end of the week, circumstances can be rectified and if relocation or settling matters regarding your living space has been difficult, conditions improve in the early weeks of April.  

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

A facet of your existence is coming to an end – as a metaphorical resurrection occurs over the coming weeks. Signals have been gestating since last July, with even more prominent indications early this January setting the stage for changes. Ultimately the goal is a better you – and what you clear away now illuminates the way for a meaningful relationship to take root. Fated meetings can transpire with April – July being especially potent. Sweet harmonies prevail well into next month and a loving communique Wednesday could really tap your sweet spot. Lots of daydreaming could make for an unproductive week overall, though creative insights or a flash of artistic inspiration is definitely worth exploring.        

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The space surrounding your income or assets is especially soft and fuzzy this week, making it a less than optimum time for decision making regarding any crucial arrangements about money. From the end of the week, Mercury rights it’s course and the situation becomes easier to deal with, as perplexing circumstances over the prior month yield and answers are easier to come by. If you do feel inspiration percolating and you have ideas that could grow your business prospects, particularly through some creative means or activity, by all means note these. From the second week of April you could get the green light to move forward on these. 

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

PISCES February 19 – March 20

It’s much more about who you are than who you know right now, and your eye and emphasis should be trained on what you are cultivating yourself, as opposed to what others are doing. In some cases this means having to go off on your own or even releasing relationships no longer compatible with where you are heading. Inspiration is on high right now and focusing on a creative project could be just the right thing. On the other hand, deceit can (or perhaps already has) played some kind of role here and the bubble could burst if so. You are unfettered with Venus cruising through your sign, and from the end of the week, you move into one of your most auspicious seasons for 2019.    

2019 Horoscope // April Horoscope // Daily Forecast

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