Relational matters can be a bit off kilter this week, as enticing circumstances could rock the boat in a commitment, making it difficult to pin down where precisely affections lie. Venus square Mars can stir up anxiety or generate friction where a couple may not see eye to eye about what is an appropriate outlet for erotic or romantic expression. This is only likely to accelerate tension where imbalance is already present, though if you can’t find a mutual source of satisfaction you can also choose to sit this one out to avoid escalation. On the other hand, if a situation has become highly pressurized, it might just be worthwhile to confront persistent issues in order to clear the air. 

Venus also couples with Black Moon Lillith in Aquarius towards the end of the week, and this arouses a pretty eccentric/kinky ambience, along with the desire for sexual liberation or ardent attraction to someone who expresses those qualities where you may not feel comfortable inhabiting that role yourself. Be conscientious if you find yourself catching feels, especially the kind that influence bad decision making leading to unwanted outcomes, like destroying your marriage or STDs. Keep it cheeky and have fun out there, but watch your bits! 

Mars interacting harmoniously with the North Node, meanwhile, indicates a big step forward. A great deal of contact between Mars and the South Node last year due to the Mars retrograde phase signaled what needed to go, over and over and over again. Currently there is reinforcement and drive to move towards the appropriate destination, particularly regarding a significant choice made around February 8th, when Mars in Aries squared the Nodal Axis. This was likely an uncomfortable period, but adaptations that were made at the time now hold the doors open to positive opportunities for evolutionary growth. It is easier now to release the past and make peace with where you are at, especially as you become aware that this is enabling you to move forward. 

Mars and Pluto are also collaborating effectively, bringing developments to a storyline initiated last Spring (Mars conjunct Pluto – 21’ Capricorn April 26, 2018). Relinquishing behavior patterns endemic to your inner ability to transform intensifies the scope of your power. The possibility to release and regenerate is potent now, and offers tangible consequences, perhaps even resources or success where you have overcome incredible obstacles or limitations over the last 12 months or so. Paradoxically, coveting material or symbolic power can have an undoing affect which will resonate severely during the upcoming Pluto – South Node conjunction closer to the end of the month. 

The Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday also features themes of release – likely connected to the fear of being alone. Chiron in Aries sits in direct opposition, conjunct to the Sun during the Lunation, the only significant aspect being made at this critical time. This can produce highly irrational episodes (Lunar Lunacy!) hinging on the emotional desire to seek fulfillment through a relationship (Libra) juxtaposed against the Chirotic necessity to attain independence in order to recover from it’s wound. It’s not harsh or heavy, but probably VERY emotional, especially for those with prominent chart factors around the late Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sag., Pisces) or early Cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Cap.) since the Full Moon lands on 0’ Libra. Watch out for unnecessary power struggles: if you need a moment to peace out with yourself it’s acceptable, but don’t shut down a conversation just because it makes you uncomfortable to have it, this is probably the precise material you need to explore right now to grow. 🌱



March 20 – April 19

A friends with benefits arrangement may turn out to be not so much, especially where conflicts with your values or long range goals continue to be persistent. Anything that could have negative repercussions on your reputation should probably be avoided. Friendships you cultivate online may hold a special appeal for you, and news could come your way later in the week from a distance that really brightens your outlook. Relationships are changing, for better or worse. Be respectful of your heart space, but mutually aware of the feelings and wishes of those implicated at the same time. There is no right decision, just the best decision that can be made under the current circumstances and with the information available right now. Your perspective will be clearer in about a month, so if you can postpone for the time being, do so.  



April 20 – May 20

You are quite formidable right now and can make the kinds of moves and decisions that have lasting implications, enhancing your future prospects quite positively. At the same time, there are some perplexing issues going on in your professional sphere and your reputation could be the target of unwanted attention. Be especially conscientious of how you conduct yourself, as choices made in the heat of the moment may tend to have undesirable outcomes. You can effectively do some damage control from behind the scenes towards the end of the week if you need to. The Full Moon highlights the habits or even a lifestyle you are ready to leave behind, likely in favor of one that is more peaceful. Introverted tendencies are likely over the coming month leading up to your Solar New Year.



May 21 – June 20

You continue to get mixed signals – some good news, some not so much. Professional matters remain convoluted for a few more weeks, so you do well to step back from any major decisions. The Full Moon shows you how far you have come and how much closer you are to realizing a personal and cherished objective. There is something to be excited about, most likely in the form of a love relationship that is developing. Making plans for the future offers a feeling of assurance. A strong drive to improve your financial situation remains with you through the end of the month. Ironically, you may find letting go is what draws in what you desire to you more effectively. Resolutions you made last year are progressing now, especially where conviction or sacrifice may have played a role. It’s a good time to resolve outstanding debt or credit.



June 21 – July 22

A friend or partner comes through for you this week, and you may realize how much you have come to rely on this person or how far a connection has evolved. You can build on this trust and start to plan a future together based on shared objectives. If you see a partnership has gotten locked into stagnating or oppressive patterns, you may decide it’s time to break a routine that is no longer fostering opportunities for growth. Unusual desires (at least by your own standards) could emerge from the woodwork, and it might be time to try something different in an intimate relationship. Openly expressing your desires emancipates you. The Full Moon stimulates change in your personal life, possibly connected to a professional offer you may have to relocate to take advantage of. This becomes more difficult in about a month, so make the move if you are ready.  



July 23 – August 22

The strange and potentially divisive energies presiding over relationships affects you quite personally. Your other half may have some unusual ideas or be especially good at pushing your buttons right now. Things smooth over towards the end of the week and you are likely to feel genuinely loved and appreciated. For those still seeking you can turn up some interesting connections, though whether these have what it takes to move forward has yet to be seen. Professionally you are making strides, and an agenda you put into motion late last April is really showing signs of progress. Mutually you are getting rid of a lot of stuff that isn’t working at the same time, and ineffective habits or methods are way easier to release right now. Look at whether your daily tasks are bringing you closer to where you seek to be and you will know the difference.  



August 23 – September 22

You are making demonstrable amounts of progress and feel assured in your direction and efficiency right now. If anything has the potential to derail you, it might be an office romance that casts an unfavorable light on your reputation, so proceed with caution, or at least some discretion! The Full Moon points to the balance (or lack thereof) between your resources and what you rely on someone else for. If seeking more autonomy or financial freedom this would be an appropriate time to evaluate the circumstance and make the modifications necessary to improve the situation accordingly. The more you come to realize that love without friendship is just an unanchored fantasy, the closer you get to the real thing. Emancipate yourself from illusions, particularly those associated with power dynamics, as these have no productive role in a healthy relationship. 



September 23 – October 23

An emphasis on partnerships is punctuated by the Full Moon in your sign midweek, indicating both how far you have come as well as how far you still have to go. Events could arouse feelings of loss or abandonment, and if so this is a crucial time to examine the residual who, how or what is making you feel that way. Being alone is not the same thing as loneliness. Seek connections that provide you with genuine flow of interaction, not just a warm somebody you keep around for the sake of not being alone. Self sufficiency is integral to your development and enhances your personal expression. Financially this is a very positive time to address outstanding debt or collect what is owed to you, especially where this improves your prospects to actualize a sought after residential goal. An agenda placed into motion last Spring shows signs of progress. 



October 24 – November 21

The more willing you are to let go of ideas that are no longer serving your growth, the more swiftly you will be able to move towards more fulfilling prospects. This seems to affect your close partnerships in particular, and the more obstinate you have been in your opinion about a situation or have tried to control it, the more difficulties you are likely to experience here. It’s likely a partnership and it’s current need to evolve provides an important catalyst for you to become aware of and effectively transform these tendencies. Discoveries about your inner essence and even hidden dimensions of your personality reveal unexpected and even unconventional aspects of yourself that have been quite submerged. An episode regarding your family or heritage could provide a breakthrough, especially where you are willing to break free from expectations. 



Nov 22 – Dec 21

The Full Moon activates a social part of your chart while Venus stirs up enticing offers made by friends. Excitement over your prospects escalates with the Sun also moving into a more harmonious position and upping the ante in romantic relationships. You still have some work to do in regard to your residence or personal life, but everything is likely to come together over the next few weeks, for now a little pleasure seeking is enjoyable. Conversations towards the end of the week in particular have an infectiously lighthearted quality that encourages you to start thinking bigger and brighter. Focus this week on what you can do for yourself, especially in financial terms. Grabbing an extra gig or putting in that overtime can ease some of the pressure on your bank account. You really begin to see incomings from a decision you made late last April.  



December 22 – January 19 

Two Full Moons hit your house of fame, profession and life direction over the next month, and though they both have different flavors, (this one hits closer to home, while April 19 is more about what you have or have not managed to overcome,) the theme of where you are headed is prominent during both. You presently stand at a powerful vantage point and can really train your efforts on what you want to make happen most. The changes you have undergone over the last year are in frame here, and the more fully you have managed to eradicate the attitudes or agendas not serving your better interests, the more substantial your gains in this period. Exercise a degree of caution around financial matters and spending. Influences can make unnecessary expenses seem enticing, though your instincts are spot on Thursday and you can score a lucrative deal or contract by keeping your feelers up. 



January 20 – February 18

You can make all the right moves or all the wrong moves this week, though it’s more likely to be combination of both, as some ups and downs in featured in this forecast. As you come to realize you have reached the end of a road, fresh prospects can line up in place. Friends and associates can stimulate you to consider new horizons, while it’ more likely those who you live with might prove to be too close for comfort or cramp your style. It’s possible outside source of income, such as a loan or even inheritance, provide you with the resources you require to make a really substantial and desired change to your living environment or even relocate altogether. A sensitive topic can be addressed with someone you can confide in midweek. This takes some of the pressure off you, especially if you have been burdened by a personal secret.



February 19 – March 20

There can be a sense of urgency present, although you are not quite clear where it’s coming from, as any form of certainty remains elusive for the time being. There could be some good news arriving regarding your career towards the end of the week, though the message is either subtle or you might need to keep it private. Your innermost thoughts and feelings could be steering you in unusual directions, making it difficult to focus, but also revealing subconscious tendencies or unexpected dimensions within your psyche. You convey your message with candor and conviction, especially as it may relate to creativity or even a romantic attachment. While you may not fully understand your own motivations to do so, you won’t be misunderstood so long as you express yourself from your heart. Your partnership is emphasized midweek.  


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