The New Moon in Pisces activates initiative towards accomplishing a cherished objective, though Mercury retrograding at the same time generates a highly confusing ambience in which to do so. The Saturn – Neptune sextile is tapped and very significant to the New Moon configuration, stimulating desire to bring a visionary project to realization. With Mercury only able to make lateral moves – if any at all – a spanner is temporarily thrown into the process. Mercury works it’s way back to Neptune and the degree of the New Moon as it turns direct towards the end of the month, reactivating the themes and topics illuminated this week. It appears something has to be dealt with or reconsidered over the next three weeks in order to articulate the vision that guides the intentions revealed during the New Moon phase on Wednesday. 

While the next few weeks could prove beguiling, and what feels like pervasive setbacks are likely to throw matters off course, it’s likely a decision or forward movement hinges on information that simply isn’t available, or an idea that hasn’t occurred to you yet. Take it a step at a time and see what is uncovered. A flash of inspiration is waiting in the wings. Second chances are possible, and if the hectic pace of the year has prevented you from taking care of one thing or another, you might find you have the time now. From the end of next week, the plot thickens considerably….  

Uranus teased it’s transit in Taurus last year from mid – May through early November and is now ready to seal the deal. Stability is tested during this transit, especially in regard to financial systems (Taurus governs the gold and the Geld after all,) and innovative or futuristic applications to these will likely proliferate, with more online (and AI assisted) transactions as well as new forms of exchange such as cryptocurrency continuing to establish credibility and potentially disrupt the current systems. I shared the following reflections on the Uranus – Taurus transit in 2017: 

“…Expect economic upheaval, for as certainly that some monetary systems will crumble, new ones will come into existence. This will be a longer range trend that extends well beyond 2018, as the Uranus in Taurus transit eluded to here will endure through April of 2026. Taurus governs money and possessions, Uranus the new and unconventional. These two qualities exist in fundamental conflict: Taurus represents that which is steady and reliable…. Enter Uranus and it’s distinctive tendency for disruption of the status quo…. So there is a period of disorder ahead related to the security applied to banks, credit cards, financial institutions and the economy itself….” 

While this is the overarching influence of the transit, it’s where Uranus lands in your chart you will experience the liberation most directly, and it’s likely these larger societal shifts will be what makes it possible for you. Individuals with important chart factors in early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be affected by the more destabilizing and abrasive attributes of transit up front. Fixed sign modality is also likely to find this the hardest to deal with than any of them.  


ARIES March 20 – April 19

Uranus moves out of your sign and brings it’s liberating force to your earnings and savings. Going into business with a group of friends or within a collective endeavor could produce successful results over the coming years. You do your best to not anticipate a particular outcome right now, though you can be assured there will be plenty of ups and downs, all reflecting an experimental approach meant to offer you greater autonomy and freedom overall. What ever has been commonplace is unlikely to last this transit!  

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Quirky Uranus roots down in your house of self and identity, maybe not your best look, but one you might get used to in time? The innate conflict between the zodiacs radical bad boy and your essentially down to earth demeanor will push you to grow in ways you might not altogether be comfortable with. Try to accommodate some give and take, and you might find the experience liberating, or discover an aspect of yourself that sets you on a whole new life course all together. Big changes are on the horizon if you dare to walk to the edge. 

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There are breakthroughs where your most compulsive habits lie and as these rise to the surface, you have the potential to release them. Psychic phenomena, dreams or premonitory experiences can be highly illuminating in this phase, and you may even develop a sixth sense, assuming you had not connected to it previously. You confront a spiritual dimension of yourself in a way previously unexperienced and this has the benefit of helping you to realize and release subconscious patterns that you may have not even realized were there.       

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Uranus has generated a highly stimulating atmosphere in your professional life over these prior years, and while seeking an authentic life path has likely provided memorable experiences and opportunities for self discovery, unstable conditions were frequently upsetting. The next few years are positive for outreach and combining your talents with those who share your goals. A project you have sought to initiate in regard to technology can come to fruition now as well. Socially this is also an appropriate time to expand your circle and incorporate broader viewpoints into your perspective.

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

LEO July 23 – August 22

The next several years could provide some unexpected changes in direction and a partner could play a pivotal role in the opportunities that are coming your way. It’s equally possible you are required to reorient your own objectives to accommodate changes that they are going through to keep a relationship afloat. Ultimately this will all be quite liberating, but if you cling too hard to what you know or what you think is right, this process could prove to be upsetting. Moving out of your comfort zone and taking a chance on the unexpected gets you further fastest, offering liberation.    

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope  

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

New horizons open under the auspices of the Uranus transit for Virgo, and a great adventure that may have only been teased last year now opens up new vistas of experience. You endured several growing pains over the last few years, particularly in your close relationships which were highly cathartic and live changing. Now the fruits of those efforts pay off, and the coming years will emphasize reaching out into unexpected new frontiers of awareness and knowledge. Expanding your mind and consciousness and putting your stamp on the world is encouraged.             

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

The edge comes off your relationships, and while there have been liberating experiences over these prior years this has come with the cost of upheaval and instability. Having discovered a more authentic way to relate to others, you can now shift attention to deeper interpersonal matters. Cathartic experiences are possible here, as you find you have the power to eliminate even the most compulsive behavior patterns. To the extent these are affecting your personal relationships, these realizations will help you cultivate better associations both personally and financially.  

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Uranus in opposition to your sign provides a disruptive influence within your relational realm. The learning curve over the next few years is going to be about finding ways to relate more honestly and authentically. You meet people who provoke very intense responses from you and it’s possible to perceive this energy as confrontational. This pattern repeats itself indefinitely until you acknowledge another person as their own unique self and relinquish all neurotic and co-dependent attachments to controlling them. Liberation comes when you trust yourself enough to let your partner be free.  

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Uranus in Taurus will ask you to examine your freedom, and challenge you to change your routines and schedule to have more flexibility in your lifestyle, engendering a more liberated day to day existence. Obviously this is most readily expressed through your job, and if you have a profession you love, this transit will provide you with the opportunity to find exciting new ways to develop your productivity. If you are feeling oppressed by the grind of a 9-5 (or whatever your version of that is) it is likely to produce a more volatile period during which you will seek out greater independence in how you live and earn. 

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

A tricky and fundamentally taxing period comes to an end. You’ve maneuvered the way through a lot of changes down in your root cellar, likely experiencing some dramatic shifts residentially while seeking to establish more independence in your personal life. Having overcome some extraordinary challenges, you are now free to engage a more creative perspective, rekindling your spark and finding new ways in which to express yourself. Technology or something unconventional could play a role. Earnings increase exponentially through the self-discovery you make, enabling even greater creative pursuits to flourish.         

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You could make some startling discoveries about your heritage that transforms your connection to your past or lineage. At the same time, family members and obligations to them which have become constricting and you may seek to liberate yourself from the responsibilities others hold you to. The home you live in could undergo substantial changes or your living arrangements may transform to accommodate the freedom you seek in this period. Not the easiest process, but one that will assure you much greater range of motion and self expression in time. Attend to your roots.

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope 

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Socially this is set to be a really interesting passage for you, with learning and education an especially hot area ripe for exploration. Innovation and new methods or research could be particularly appealing to you. You curiosity will be aroused unexpectedly or by topics you may have never considered particularly interesting, stimulating adventures into entirely new intellectual or theoretical spaces. There is an open quality and you will find discussing interesting and even unusual ideas with fascinating people, cultivating a broad entourage of diverse individuals as you learn and grow.

2019 Horoscope // March Horoscope // Daily Horoscope       

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