Mercury Retrograde dominates March headlines, though a couple interesting subplots fill this one out so you’ll have to keep a few balls in the air regardless! Here we go ->

Yes, Mercury Retrograde is a bit of a foul odor to contend with but it does tap into some really powerful dynamics, suggesting an important decision or negotiation is extended through early if not mid April. This looks like a Big Deal because heavy weights Saturn and Pluto are entwined deeply into the tapestry of this thing and their influence here suggests a very significant long range matter is at stake, so don’t feel pressured to come to a conclusion – take your time and CAREFULLY work through the details. Mars and the North Node are also major players, so moxie and the hands of destiny are busy at work here is well.

The significance of Neptune can not be understated, as those who read Stargazer regularly or grabbed the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide are well aware of by now. Events, premonitions or dreams hinging on the mystical that occurred around February 19th offered a glimpse into something genuinely sacred and provided divine assistance, a reminder of something – perhaps even – other worldly, that reconnected you to a dream or cherished vision. This likely came across as a vague or faint perception, but if you had the opportunity to take note of it, this insight is a crucial element during the period when Mercury goes direct (March 28th) as well as the two full weeks surrounding this date. 

It’s during this period the ambience at it’s most bewildering and the likelihood of confusion to be at it’s highest. But if you step back and out of all the noise – there is a treasure in there, maybe something buried really deeply that requires some consideration and exploration. It might be a creative, visionary or spiritual prospect you had surrendered, but whatever it is, it is begging for recognition and acceptance now. It wants to be revealed. Neptune is also notoriously deceptive, and that includes the deception individuals perpetuate on themselves. It’s easy to fall down into a whimsical rabbit hole with this one, just make sure you leave yourself a life line to climb back out with when you’re done spelunking in the Netherworld. 

The treasure you might find in there is a hot damn mess, that a real fraud or betrayal has occurred and is now consuming your resources – spiritual, emotional or material. It’s time to face up to and release what is unreal. A lot of people are likely to confront some inner demons associated with addiction or uncover the mistruths of gurus and charlatans. In order to wake up, first you have to go to sleep. The subconscious and intuitive realms are highly sensitized, and those with innate spiritual or empathic gifts are likely to be on overwhelm. Try not to tune out the message: if you feel inundated and submerged by the volume of vibes you are picking up, pull back, take a nap, write it all down. It’s gonna be intense, but also potentially magical. 

Other key topics (including the highly potent Pluto – South Node conjunction at the end of the month) will be discussed in upcoming weekly forecasts, and you are always free to reach out to me for a private consultation if you need a more personalized look at what is in store at or become a subscriber on Patreon to join our new Facebook page – Stargazer Social for the next live Q+A session.   


ARIES March 20 – April 19

The emphasis is turning towards your foundations and personal life, and this is a good month in which to work on matters of security or finance that can enhance the attainment of the order you desire (and require) in your domestic realm. Unconventional methods of earnings could make things unstable, but you are seeking a more autonomous and authentic connection to how you earn and save. There could be possible professional developments, some good and some bad, as Mars combines fruitfully with the heavyweights posited in your area of profession and personal distinction. Events towards the end of the month, however, pack the biggest punch of all. A karmic return on prior activities (South Node conjunct Pluto) provides a stunning transformation in your career – for better or for worse.   

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Mars in your sign gives you a real can-do va-voom this month, and coupled with Venus at the top of your chart your reputation for quality and hard work can take you far professionally. There is some to and fro on the way to the attainment of your aspirations, and friends could derail you with enticing offers of decadent pursuits. Stay true to your values and you will continue to grow and thrive – which goes without saying, but especially integral to coming out on top in this crucial phase of development. The biggest opportunities for growth are present where you take a chance on a new way of doing things. You had a taste of Uranus in your sign last year, and this electrifying influence is on the way back, this time to stay! Avoid travel towards the end of the month, there could be challenges to educational pursuits as well, even dangerous conditions – be advised. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Venus from Aquarius is super juicy for pursuits of pleasure, so carve some time out of a busy schedule to connect with your sweetheart and cultivate your relationship, especially if it is to someone at a distance. The 21st sparkles with potential for fulfillment within a promising love affair. Financial and professional matters are equally significant, with several details getting sorted throughout the month and into next. Matters can be highly perplexing, though the New Moon on the 6th holds several indications about where you should be heading next, even if you don’t reach the destination for another month. A lot is going on behind the scenes and your instincts are strong now. Meditation could be a helpful way to tap into your inner voice. Uranus transiting your area of secrets and psychology for the next several years can shake you loose from debilitating habits –  but you have to pinpoint these first!       

CANCER June 21 – July 22

This is a great time to reconnect with long lost friends, and even an online reunion could provide a nice trip down memory lane, stimulating you to resurrect a forgotten passion or dream. A distant vision comes in and out of focus throughout the month, and if you are planning a journey this is likely to experience delays or permutations. Projects associated with broadcasting or a planned lecture or presentation likely meets with a similar fate, just keep working on the details and watch things come together effortlessly next month. Personal growth is a major theme, and you’ll likely want to be highly selective about what you choose to embark on next. Be alert, vigilant even, about the safety of a close partner, who is susceptible to incredible challenges at the end of the month. The positive on this is a major catharsis is going to occur – for better or worse.       

LEO July 23 – August 22

Your love light is turned on bright Leo, and people just can’t help but be attracted to you, making this a fantastic time to explore enticing opportunities. *Explore* is the operative here with Mercury retro casting shadows of doubt on situations and causing general confusion and delays. Le sigh. Uranus renters your zone of public profile, reputation and life calling. This stimulates a cycle of a several years during which you will seek autonomy and even liberation in your career. You may begin to work in a profession you had never considered before and a connection to technology or some form of innovation might play a big role in this. You make considerable progress this month, as Mars amps up your desire to make an impact or impression on the public, just be advised that there you are in a fairly competitive market.     

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

An incredibly romantic atmosphere is present from March into April, and there are numerous opportunities to realize your hearts desires in this climate, (circle the 6th, 8th and 10th). Mercury retrograde indicates there could be some bewildering turns of events this month by the same token, with the who or the when very vague and conditions unfavorable to make a lasting decision. It’s likely a situation from the past requires reconciliation: an old chapter needs to be closed before the next one can be opened. Someone you were attached to previously might drift back into your orbit, and either unfinished business or a reconciliation is on the cards for you. By next month you will understand why the best was yet to come and why it was worth waiting for. Use this time to attend to wellness and productivity.            

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

You are reflecting heavily on how the work you do today is serving the professional advancement you desire for tomorrow, and this inquiry could result in delays through next month if you are seeking the right position in which to show and grow your talents. Waiting for the right situation to gel or click is advised, as a fantastic opportunity emerges around April 9th that points you in just the right direction. There could equally be a need to address productivity in order to reach your goals, so if you’ve been sliding on your wellness routine, or worse yet, indulging in bad habits, you get an indication this month of what needs to change. Enjoy romance and recreation as fully as possible, while Venus generates a fantastic ambience for exploring pleasure, love and creative pursuits. All work no play…no bueno!  

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Love relationships could be a tricky business this month, and if you or someone you yearn for has not been completely honest, this period could be particularly difficult to handle as certain secrets emerge. You may also be feeling nostalgic for someone that got away, reminiscing about the last time you felt intoxicated by romance, and even reach out to a former flame if this longing becomes overwhelming. The end of the month is potent for a development, though you might be saying goodbye just as quickly as you said hello. April is far more supportive for nurturing a connection, and if the time is right, this time, you’ll find out soon enough. Domestic matters have a more settled air about them and this is a good time to spruce your house or invest in refurbishing your living space. 

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

The domestic realm is highlighted, with some unusual changes to your living situation occurring this month. Individuals may come and go mysteriously, as visitors, family or flatmates may be exhibiting bizarre behavior. If people have been elusive about paying you their rent or other shared expenses, you might have to wait a few more weeks to get to a straight answer. The social ambience is positive and invites to events can turn up some romantic prospects, or at least bring some charming people into your orbit. You are likely in a hardworking phase this month and have numerous opportunities to find assignments that add to your earnings. These will enable you to overcome some of the more endemic financial issues of the previous months and make progress on your goals. You can release a detrimental pattern that has affected your sense of self worth at the end of the month. Let it go…  

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

The right answer this month is maybe… as certainty is an elusive commodity for the time being. What this does offer you is the chance to explore conceptually and mine the richness of your imagination for ideas as well as solutions, as potentials, anyhow. Unfinished projects could resurface, and friends or acquaintances you reconnect with tend to offer some inspiration or insight. Financially you can make some headway, and where things have been hurly burly there are opportunities in store to get your budget back on track and even indulge in a few luxuries. Mars amplifies your drive and libido, making this a productive time for creative expression or sharing in pleasurable, sensual experiences. Uranus now back in this area of your chart promotes new forms of self expression and makes you more experimental in your pursuits. A dramatic event towards the end of the month highlights a life changing metamorphosis. Change or be changed Cap.      

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Few things spell out pleasure, romance and luxury like a Venus transit, which you will enjoy this month quite thoroughly, maybe even enough to not notice when finances go totally sideways while Mercury retrogrades… though probably not. The events of March points to a recalibration of your self worth, and in many ways ideals (as opposed to reality) might be steering the ship here. In itself this might not be a terrible thing, but it’s possible over the course of the month to come to the realization that something isn’t quite what you thought it was, and the potential to learn that something dubious or even underhanded has occurred is heightened. The good news is, once discovered you have the wherewithal to make the necessary adjustments. Domestic matters keep you on your toes. Try to keep it non-confrontational.    

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Since Mercury retrograde falls in your sign, you are clearly the most affected during this beguiling and bewildering time. You do have the opportunity here though to thoroughly connect with your source of personal inspiration whether it be through creativity, mystical or spiritual activities. The New Moon in your sign on the 6th is the perfect time to tap into your essence. You are deep in the flow – but equally feeling grounded and assured. With Venus tucked away in a secretive, yet inspirational, portion of your chart this is a good time to pull back on anything inessential and focus squarely on your own personal and private matters. The likelihood of misunderstandings is especially high right now, so be slow in commitments, if you choose to make any at all. A glimmering new phase ushers in from the 26th, when Venus begins an enticing monthlong transit of your sign and you can quickly put wrongs to rights.       

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