FIVE OF SWORDS: I accept my fear and let it go.”


Relational dynamics continue to be in frame, and though a partnership may have survived last weeks gauntlet, there may be a few more tests to endure. Key alignments this week include Venus conjunct South Node and Venus square Uranus, both of which indicate a need to break away from a circumstance that has become restrictive or confining, or simply release something or someone with whom further growth is no longer possible. Venus – Uranus is highly impulsive, and more likely to signal something rash and unpredictable. If a situation has become overwhelmingly oppressive or too close for comfort (Saturn, Pluto) it is more likely to come to a volatile crossroads now. To the extent partners give one another a reasonable amount of freedom and remain flexible, this can actually be exhilarating, and trying something different, either together or separately, can considerably reinvigorate the relationship. The desire for independence will be further enhanced as Venus enters Aquarius the following day. 

Venus to South Node denotes highly karmic or fated undertones in love relationships. Meetings that transpire tend to have past life connections that seek resolution. It may be time to come to terms with the fact a relationship may be past it’s expiration date and acknowledge – on a resonant emotional level – that it is time to relinquish a situation which is not capable of further evolution. A sense of nostalgia or reminiscing on a past love connection offers an opportunity for heart healing as you recall what someone brought into your life, but equally why it needed to end and fully release the scenario, thus clearing the slate for the future. As the South Node represents past karma, in some instances there can be a positive return on a prior good deed in the form of affection or resources received. 

At the same time, Mercury connects to the nodal axis, connecting fruitfully to both past and future directives. This will be the first of three transits, but what is placed into motion on February 25th is very significant to the process that unfolds between now and April 9th, when the final aspect occurs. Mercury to nodes (sextile SN Capricorn/trine NN Cancer) enables the easy and guided transition between what has been to what will be. This degree (24’ Pisces) has remarkable implications, as it occurs at the same degree of the next inferior conjunction (Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, March 15th) which makes the same harmonious aspect to the Nodes. (WOW!) A conversation or decision made at the beginning of the week opens the door to the future, but also draws from the resources and lessons that have been developed previously. The learning curve presented over the next retrograde cycle hinges on finding what is helpful from the past and utilizing it productively to build on goals forthcoming. 

The Sun – Mars cycle is also activated, making this a very productive period for completing projects or objectives initiated in late July of 2017. Developments last Summer brought extreme tests to this enterprise, specifically during Mars retrograde and the Sun opposite Mars phase that occurred July 27th, 2018. Assuming you were able to recalibrate an aspiration and move it forward at that integral stage (as opposed to abandoning it, assuming there was nothing there to salvage) the final results begin to come in now, offering closure within this matter. The next cycle initiates on August 29th, when Sun and Mars conjunct at 6’ Virgo (trine Uranus – wowza!!!) but that’s a story for another time. For time being, wrap up the business at hand.     


ARIES March 20 – April 19

A professional path may come to an end this week, if so it’s because you have likely outgrown this role or the direction in which this was leading. Prospects closer to home or regarding your children or self expression are far more favorable and even could bring you a lucrative opportunity. Pay especially close attention to messages in the early part of the week as these will orient you correctly to the best possible outcomes. Social life is delightful and you will enjoy a more lighthearted lifestyle over the coming month. 

2019 Horoscope March Horoscope Daily Forecast

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Although prospects are bright, try not to over anticipate specific outcomes right now as so much remains in flux over the coming weeks. Professionally you are entering a highly favorable period, and not only will you be able to use your innate creative skills on the job, but your current undertakings will elevate your profile significantly. If an educational goal or desire to publish and reach a larger audience slips through your fingers this week, chalk it up as what wasn’t meant to be. Domestic issues culminate fruitfully.

2019 Horoscope March Horoscope Daily Forecast 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

A learning or communications project is coming to completion, and especially those engaged in course work will see the fruits of their efforts are being rewarded. Less so could be a financial issue, and if you owe a debt it’s very likely you have to pay up this week, ready or not. Venus from your sister sign Aquarius brings a certain yummy to your love life, and someone abroad or from a foreign culture could prove be particularly alluring. Choices you make professionally could lead to lucrative returns in a few weeks time.     

2019 Horoscope    March Horoscope Daily Forecast

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You come to a crossroads in a relationship this week, begging the question – should you stay or should you go? Only your heart knows the answer to this and since the mental space is cloudy (at best) your instincts are your best resource here. If you can move forward, deeper intimacy is assured over the next month. Financial objectives begin to show signs of welcome growth over the next few months, making this a fantastic period for cultivating your assets or otherwise exploring options that could boost earnings.   

2019 Horoscope March Horoscope Daily Forecast  

LEO July 23 – August 22

A highly personal objective is coming to fruition for you over the coming months and professional aspirations are the most likely to see the positive upside of this. Regardless the specific outcome, you should feel good about what develops now. A job or assignment may come to an unexpected end this week. Letting go of this is integral to make room for a better opportunity later. Partnerships are particularly enticing over the coming month. Love mojo is strong, making you very attractive now.     

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VIRGO August 23 – September 22

The chronic financial difficulties you have experienced with a partner in either business or pleasure are on their way out, though one more twist could be in store later this week. A fated meeting (though equally a separation) may also be in store, and crossing paths with someone from your past has a kismet flavor to it. The past you have been trying to leave behind is on it’s way out the door, opening the pathway to a bright new future by August. A new assignment or coworker lights your creative spark.

2019 Horoscope March Horoscope Daily Forecast          

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

An issue from your past could come up for reinspection, or a matter relating to your residence or family could provide an obstacle right now. Where you feel most stuck is where you likely need to make change the most, and ending a situation could be way overdue. Venus from Aquarius makes you super attractive and amps up your creative mojo. From the end of the week you willingly turn your attention to more pleasurable pursuits. Professional matters culminate successfully if you put in the effort right now.    

2019 HoroscopeMarch HoroscopeDaily Forecast

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

A professional objective that either feels long overdue or seemed unattainable comes to fruition between now and August. Signs of life this week stir anticipation over what could be in store. An attitude or idea or even a casual friendship runs out of gas, best to just let of that which isn’t going to take you anywhere. Domestic harmony can be restored, or you might take on a redecorating project. A love affair can take you far over the next few months, but first you have to figure out where you are headed to begin with. 

2019 Horoscope   March Horoscope    Daily Forecast

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

This week is great for letting go of a bad financial habit. Putting unnecessary expenses on the chopping block can be very liberating. A new frontier you have sought to explore is finally opening up and clues this week reveal the right door to take to get there. Venus in Aquarius from the end of the week does a lot to brighten social prospects and you might make an enticing love connection during the course of your most routine day to day events. Events early in the week set the stage for a change at home. 

2019 HoroscopeMarch HoroscopeDaily Forecast

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

You may discover this week you’ve outgrown something very personal and realize it’s time to let this go. In a year ripe with transformational potential you’ll understand that you release now makes space for something better. You might struggle with the right words to share your feelings for someone you desire to get closer to, even though they are right on the tip of your tongue. Financial improvements are indicated through next month, making it possible to splurge on a luxury item or snag a wardrobe addition. 

2019 Horoscope March Horoscope Daily Forecast      

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A long term partnership begins to stabilize now, though events towards the end of the week could provide a brief upset. Venus from your sign brings super yummy love vibes, making you attractive to others but mutually giving you the green light to do right for yourself. A domestic issue is also at stake though you have the energy to tackle a project, maybe a renovation is in store. Taking care of yourself lends to the productivity required to build your earnings. Clues this week provide guidance. 

2019 Horoscope    March Horoscope Daily Forecast

PISCES February 19 – March 20

You are in the spotlight this week, Pisces, and people around you are beginning to recognize your talents as your creative output flows. You have incredible opportunities between now and early April to make a splash with an artistic project. Instincts and intuition about this are heightened this week and show you the way. Also in the queue is a long standing matter associated with your job, going back to Summer of 2017. Finding a position through which you can express yourself is integral. Initiate conversations this week that can help you get there.      

2019 Horoscope    March Horoscope Daily Forecast

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