There aren’t exactly heaps of aspects this week, though a final conjunction of Mars to Uranus at 29’ Aries provides more than enough punch to make this a dynamic and potentially transformative period on it’s own. The atmosphere is highly unpredictable and explosive now, and there is a sense of urgency punctuating the area where where this occurs in your chart. The whole week is flavored by a powerful push to liberation, with the days leading up to the main event both electrifying though also a bit tense or volatile. There could be some sleepless nights, perhaps a mad dash to the drawing board with an ingenious idea. The themes of the recent Aquarius New Moon continue to resonate with Mercury and Uranus collaborating, accelerating the pace of activity and keeping things brisk and lively.

From there Mars moves into Taurus (February 14 – March 31) and the theories and speculation that have been developing since New Years begin to take some kind of form or tangible expression. The energy is slower and emphasizes the acquisition of material security. While Venus (in Capricorn) and Mars will not make a precise aspect across the earth signs, these placements offer a more stable atmosphere to attend to financial or professional topics, while also enhancing relational matters. A more realistic and grounded approach to the matters of the heart (and mutually within business associations,) is favored through the end of the month, making this a positive time to enter into commitments. 

Mercury in Pisces enhances receptivity and intuition. Thoughts are conveyed telepathically or through subtle gestures. Due to the upcoming retrograde phase, Mercury remains in the sign through mid April. A long alignment to Neptune stimulates creativity, or can just lead to copious amounts of daydreaming. Productive aspects made to Saturn simultaneously should indicate that a goal attached to a creative or even a mystical or metaphysical endeavor seeks to manifest. This period can get pretty murky but equally inspires amazing faith and fantasy. Positive results culminate in early April by taking things a step at a time and remembering that what you see is not always what you get.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You have the stamina to push through on a big personal objective right now, and will find your best potential outcomes arise through collaboration with your friends. Though you play a substantial role and perhaps even lead the team on this one, you are operating behind the scenes for the most part. Professional success comes where you can work as intuitively as possible. The financials are also in frame and you can apply yourself to acquisition and resources. It’s time to define personal priorities what you really value.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Following a period of drifting and introspection you’re ready to hit the accelerate switch and get motoring on your personal mission. You first, of course, need to define the goal, and a few convos with your crew, tribe or just someone whose opinion you trust can help you square away the details. A lot is percolating just beneath the surface, and it’s possible you feel in a birthing process as something emerges. Be particularly conscientious regarding health now, there could be an accident or illness.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There is a huge professional emphasis coming in over the next few months and you are well served by following your intuition as you reach towards your aspirations. You are also required to clarify your goals, and with the upcoming Mercury retrograde approaching there are likely to be a few plot twists on the road to success. A role behind the scenes could hold appeal over the coming weeks. You may be developing a strategy and need some away time to clear your head and lay down a plan of action.     

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You’re entering a rather provocative phase and it suits you to explore your options right now, as they are numerous and could provide interesting opportunities in the near future. A professional breakthrough is possible this week as well, and if you’ve been seeking a new avenue in your career, it could come barging right through the door. You may equally just feel motivated to initiate a bold move on your own, especially if you have wanted to start your own business. If conditions are unsatisfactory, you can break away from these quite swiftly.      

LEO July 23 – August 22

Seemingly contradictory forces are at work: on one hand you want to lie low in your fox hole, though on the other your reputation might be on the line compelling you to come out and stand up for yourself. It’s possible that you are working behind the scenes on a classified project that isn’t quite ready for the limelight, even if you are thrust into it yourself. A breakthrough in a partnership that opens doors to adventure is also likely, though asserting your prerogative could equally be perceived as an ultimatum. Pick your battles, there are some agitated individuals out there itching for a showdown.    

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You could be on a long and winding road with a former or potential partner over the next couple months. The influence of Mercury in opposition to you can produce conflicts and disagreement, and the general potential for misunderstanding is particularly high, especially in March. With Venus and Saturn collaborating in your area of love and pleasure you are looking for long term satisfaction, and by staying true to your values it’s less likely you will be guided too far off course. An intimate situation reaches a boiling point midweek. Be careful what you wish for.          

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

The volatile nature of your relationships persists somewhat longer, with a big punctuation mark midweek assuring some kind of final resolution (for better or worse) that regardless of shape or form, ultimately liberates you from constraints you have sought to emancipate yourself from. A commitment you enter into likely has financial overtones. You continue to get down to basics where the work-life balance is concerned, with the period between now and early April essential for eliminating all but what is necessary to increase productivity or benefit your health.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

A real shift in atmosphere this week brings noticeable movement within your relationship(s). If your love life has been on lockdown, you start to see signals and signs of life, while those currently involved are like to be rediscovering passion. There may also be those reopening a closed chapter, in some cases the timing wasn’t right on the last go around, for others in order to settle an unresolved situation and say goodbye once and for all. A breakthrough is possible at work, and if you have desired change or self employment, the time is right. 

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

You feel limitless this week, as excitement builds around a personal or creative project. A love relationship could prove to be equally explosive, and you might proclaim your feelings to someone either quite unexpectedly or in a most unusual way. Regardless of the exact shape or form this all takes, what happens this week proves how far you have come in the last several years and how much more confident you are now than you were previously. Earnings, possessions and domestic life are also in frame and despite a few twists and turns on the road ahead, your position is sealed soon enough. 

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

You’ve felt the earth constantly moving under your feet over the last 8 years or so, and achieving a stable residential situation has likely proved exceptionally challenging. As the status quo became unacceptable, dynamic and dramatic reorganization of your personal life was required, likely causing significant growing pains and conflict as these adjustments and challenges occurred. This trend is fortunately on it’s way out and a culmination midweek signals far more agreeable conditions are on their way in. By early April, this situation is settled once and for all.       

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Friends and confidants open doors to dynamic opportunities, and you are excited and enthusiastic to try something new and unusual. A shift in your perspective completely rejuvenates when you recognize you possess a bravery that can propel you to new heights of experience. Financial matters will require attention over the coming 8 weeks, with the potential to make positive changes if you are willing to evaluate what works with a bit of common sense and release a fantasy that has not panned out thus far. There could be a contentious climate at home or with family members, so tread carefully where people might be on edge.  

PISCES February 19 – March 20

The next 8 weeks could prove to be the most active of the year for you, though where you choose to place your attention (social life, creative activities, love, personal development, all of the above?) is a decision that only you can make for yourself. Many topics or people could be vying for your attention, and here too you have to distinguish what is essential (and what is not) to avoid overwhelm. There could be a financial windfall this week, and if so it is likely the result of years of determination to realize your personal priorities and live your own values. Freedom, how ever you define it, has been instrumental in what coalesces.    

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