Weekly Forecast – 2/3 – 9


Sensitivity prevails in the early part of the week, while Venus squares Chiron as it departs Sagittarius. This contact highlights a sore spot or topic by revealing perceived vulnerabilities. This may not be the best day to pursue a matter of personal significance, especially within a romantic association, confidence may be low and there is a bit of a pessimistic vibe floating around. This is a good time to look within and examine the sensitivity is being aroused during this transit. Allow for self acceptance at this moment and you may be able to pin down where feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness could be holding you back from attaining what you desire in the area where Chiron is currently inhabiting in your chart.

From there Venus shifts into Capricorn, and the ambience quickly becomes more reserved and serious as well as tenacious and goal oriented. Compelling and even insurmountable obstacles to objectives that have been predominant since New Year are seen through a new lens, and throughout February it is possible that resources become available that enable the resolution of endemic issues. It is also likely that affection or taking a softer approach to these topics make it possible to overcome any setbacks that have been recently encountered. Where Sun and Mercury revealed obstacles that need to be overcome, Venus now offers a solution. 

The Aquarius New Moon on the 4th provides a spectacular new beginning infused with positivity and the optimum atmosphere for expressing a unique point of view with enthusiasm and optimism. Jupiter makes a supportive and favorable contribution here, encouraging generosity through it’s sustained contact with Sun, Moon and Mercury throughout the week. Good news comes in on several fronts, and this is a great time to give and receive (if not materially, then spiritually) both effortlessly and graciously. Even small gestures can enhance an atmosphere that is encouraging and forward facing. 

A refreshed perspective opens the door for new opportunities to arise. Intellectual and philosophical perspectives can be explored and provide fascinating insights. Social encounters should revolve around the exchange of information and ideas. This can also be a progressive period for business, especially where technology or networks of people are connected over different regions or cultural divides. Venus in Capricorn can provide the savvy and determination, while the New Moon combined with Mercury and Jupiter a broad vision with limitless possibilities. Restriction is replaced with liberation.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

This is a great time to connect with those likeminded, your ideas and input are appreciated and opens doorways to exiting new experiences. Over the coming weeks you have the opportunity to see a cherished dream take flight and connecting with your core crew is the secret ingredient that will bring you success. You are at your best from late Friday into the weekend. This is the moment to take a stand for what you really want, the universe is backing you up. The grueling professional tests you have recently endured give way to a more favorable climate. You have not one, but two such opportunities this year, with Venus making another visit in December. Don’t estimate your current position – with Mars in your sign you possess the stamina to go after what you want now.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Professional auspices are bright and this is a favorable time to seek outside assistance to get a business enterprise in motion. Ideas seem to percolate out of no where, and you may find yourself striking out into a whole new territory. Your instincts about this are trustworthy, so go with what’s in your gut. You rarely get such compelling direction from your inner compass. Venus from Capricorn is very conducive to your pleasure seeking tendencies and amplifies your Earthy allure. Any set backs to your long range plans you may have experienced recently are quickly forgotten under these auspicious developments. You still do well to rest up a bit, with Mars preparing to charge into your sign next week – it’s all systems go! 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

If you have hesitated to express your interest in someone, auspices are favorable this week to make your move. Planning for the future establishes a positive connection based on trust and the reciprocation of mutual desires. Even if the outcomes you seek seem out of reach, the current outlook supports you to at least state your intentions clearly, and in doing so you are that much more likely to attain a cherished objective. Venus activates a secret and sultry section of your chart over the coming weeks. Intimacy has powerful overtones, but also healing and beneficial qualities. An agreement you come to can ease financial concerns. On the other hand, a close relationship may also reveal it’s limitations or arouse concerns that have been the cause of apprehension since the early days of the year.   

CANCER June 21 – July 22

This is a great week to rejuvenate from the inside out, as the link between physical and spiritual dimensions are currently reinforcing one another. The Aquarius New Moon could push you out of the safety of your comfort zone, but by following a bread crumb trail into the realm of the strange and unusual, you may see considerable improvement in financial matters, particularly where you partner with another to achieve a common goal. Love comes back in a big way – not once but twice this year as an enticing transit of Venus in your area of commitment shines a better light on someone who may have distant or oblivious to your charms in recent weeks. A commitment you make now stands the test of time, so only make promises you can keep.        

LEO July 23 – August 22

New dynamics and opportunities in relationships unfold this week, and a shift in perspective, (maybe yours, maybe their’s) stimulates exciting new avenues ripe for exploration. Connecting to a shared sense of pleasure and creativity is the key to lasting satisfaction, and is more likely to permeate your encounters than usual. Those waiting on news about pregnancy or adoption could be in for especially joyous developments. Health issues or power struggles at work that you encountered over the last month start to be reconciled for the better. More favorable conditions prevail now as people begin to appreciate your expertise or the remedy or treatment assists in the recovery of a debilitating ailment.    

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Limitations and vulnerabilities within your close relationships continue to be revealed. Whether you choose to allow these to become divisive issues that bring about a separation or respond with sensitivity that enables a deeper expression of intimacy and connection is up to you. With Venus stimulating the sector of pleasure and romance, the overall ambience is softer and more amenable to turn lemons into lemonade or a frog into a prince, if you prefer. Contacts over the coming weeks will highlight where working towards a mutual understanding to overcome obstacles may still be required. Productivity gets a huge boost this week and your efficiency can likely be attributed to harmonious conditions in your domestic sphere or with family members. Changing up the routine or a home gym also supports this.        

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Where love may have been lacking new avenues open up this week during a very auspicious New Moon. A creative project could also get a boost and a contract or concept that comes to fruition in this period paves the way for future success. Your ability to convey your feelings and ideas with enthusiasm makes this possible, especially where a venture or association features unconventional overtones. Also on the agenda is some form of resolution within your domestic circumstances. A move or some other long sought for change to your living arrangement moves forward in incremental steps over the next few weeks. Intuition offers insight into how a this situation can most effectively be addressed. Recent obstacles which you have encountered can be overcome with your trademark approach to diplomatic problem solving. 

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Where one life path has come to an end, another will come to replace it soon enough. The fates have been working overtime on your behalf and where you may have recently suffered a setback or loss, this was merely to clear the way for bigger and brighter opportunities ahead. This week you have major assistance to clear up your living situation or even start anew if required. Recent professional developments could see you contemplating a relocation and there seems to be financial assistance (and incentives) available to make this a reality. Social life is picking up and there could be some really enticing invitations coming your way this month. There could also be some realizations about someone you have been getting to know that trigger unease. Day at a time, baby.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Daily life and communication are really where it’s at for you right now Sag. This equally applies to a blog website or media based project. Anything that helps you get your message out to a larger audience is emphasized and success is enhanced through your own optimism to carry out an endeavor. There are exciting social overtones present, enabling you to win over an audience with your confidence and enthusiasm. Where financial matters have been provoking apprehension or concern, balance and harmony can be restored by maintaining a tighter grip of your budget and more realistic appraisal of your resources. Restricting yourself to the essentials for the time being remedies some of the longer range challenges present in the current cycle and ultimately enable you to enjoy greater freedom soon enough.   

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

You double your pleasure this year with not one, but two full transits of Venus in your sign, a highly beneficial influence that enables you to enjoy life a bit more. Where you have been grappling with constraints some encouragement flows in now that holds the potential to ease your burdens. Much of what you are experiencing in this cycle (particularly since the eclipse in early January) connects to a fundamental desire to reorder your life in the image that you have determined is appropriate for you. As a Capricorn, living up to your potential is THE primary objective. The stuff you have left behind didn’t fit, and while extricating yourself from inappropriate circumstances and individuals may have initially caused growing pains, a sacrifice was essential. Trust your instincts with money matters this week, they are right on target and can turn up some very exciting new prospects.    

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

It’s a brilliant week for you to make a new beginning. A pervasive sense of renewal and rejuvenation opens the door to incredible opportunities for personal growth. Much of this may delivered through your in real life social network, online tribe or followers. If you have been developing a project connected to technology you’ll likely receive some form of acclaim for it now. A love relationship takes on mysterious but potentially alluring overtones, possessing a sacrificial or sympathetic qualities over the coming month. It could equally just be time to let go of the past and extinguish the torch you carry for the one that got away. Hidden talents or resources may be revealed as well, and intuition is pronounced in this phase. Taking care of your spiritual well being goes a long way to enhance your effectiveness in other areas of life.        

PISCES February 19 – March 20

While you are known for your connection to the unknown and esoteric realms, when was the last time you really tapped this vital attribute of your psyche? This week provides marvelous opportunities to reinstate your life line to the strange and wonderful dimensions of your subconscious. Your instincts about a professional opportunity are also right on – follow a hunch to get ahead in your career. Socially you are entering a positive phase, and even if recent setbacks brought a bittersweet ending to certain relationships, these are quickly replaced with a more upbeat and beneficial atmosphere in which to forge new connections. Events that possess a touch of elegance or glamour are especially appealing, and could bring an enticing new love connection into your orbit!   

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