Following a demanding but hopefully rewarding Capricorn season, the ambience lightens considerably this week with the ingress of the Sun into Aquarius (Jan. 20) followed by Mercury on the 24th. Matters that have seemed insurmountable now fade into the background, and having crossed the gauntlet, something more interesting and hopefully exciting lies on the other side. As soon Sun crosses into Aquarius, however, an eclipse triggers substantive though not blatantly obvious developments, most likely quite unexpectedly!

Leo Lunar Eclipse!!!

The Leo Lunar eclipse occurs overnight Sunday, January 21st, providing the major punctuation mark for the week, and signaling the culmination of a journey begun during August 2017. Think back to what you undertook during that period, or where your life path may have shifted trajectory, probably in a most  unanticipated direction. More crucial developments that advanced the storyline occurred approximately a year ago, and then over last Summer, and these will also offer clues as to where this is headed. With destiny very much guiding the process there may have been times you felt life was unravelling at your fingertips or that you lacked control, but hopefully in retrospect the circumstances you currently find yourself in have made the tumult of the last 18 months worthwhile!  

This particular Lunation is one of the more potent this year, due to it’s close proximity to the Nodal Axis, and activates two highly significant metaphysical images: the 5 of Swords Tarot card as well as the Sabian Symbol for 0’ Leo, “Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition” indicating the push out of the comfort of the womb (Cancer) into a visible, perhaps even public, position where one is called upon to externalize (or from Leo dramatize) something that had been gestating within, symbolized as the birth of ego. 

The 5 of Swords governs the first decan of Aquarius, which the Sun enters mere hours before the eclipse, and signifies relinquishing the fear of defeat, to confront and accept one’s fear in order to let it go. It’s likely that fear is bound to doubt that a successful expression of ego (or personal creativity) is even possible. The axis of your chart affected from Aquarius – Leo points to where this inhibition lies (0’ Aquarius) with the Eclipse (0’ Leo) pushing you towards a destined outcome through which you must confront this aspect of yourself and find a way to integrate courage and conviction. Consider events that occurred around Halloween of last year, when the North Node transited the eclipse degree. Was there something you were thinking of trying to initiate, and what made you hesitate? 

Fixed Star Altair is in close proximity as well, from 1’ 46” Aquarius, which when combined with the Sun is described as “…a bold and determined individual… to have a high regard for independent and decisive action…” (1) thus amplifying the themes of bravery that resonate during this compelling Lunation. By relinquishing fear, the eagle can take flight, leading on to “public honor, notoriety and favor from superiors… great and sudden yet ephemeral wealth…” (2).

Very positive aspects this week facilitate the best possible outcomes. Venus links with Jupiter in optimistic and expansive Sagittarius, and both are on the receiving end of the pioneering initiative of Mars in Aries. Following the eclipse late Sunday into early Monday, the Leo Full Moon forms a grand trine to all of these, signaling a bold new frontier is being crossed as all the pieces of the puzzle click into place. By the end of the week, Saturn and Neptune begin to combine from Capricorn to Pisces, stimulating the potential to bring a dream into reality, an obtuse fantasy into focus. This influence prevails through February 10th, with the closest alignment occurring right at the turn of the month.  

1. Bernadette Brady, Star and Planet Combinations, 2008

2. Vivian Robson, The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, 2005

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You may find yourself running hot and cold this week. Romantic and creative prospects look fantastic, but obstacles that feel insurmountable at the same time. You want to pull the trigger, but something is holding you back. Putting in a little overtime and completing a project, especially if long overdue, will boost your self esteem immeasurably. A commitment you made last Spring comes back into frame and you question if you have what it takes to pull this one off. Well, do you?

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You are trying on and trying out new ways of doing things, and this has the most apparent affect on your most private and personal life. Be conscientious about evasive behavior in the early days of the week, the ambience is ripe for serious misunderstandings to occur. You still benefit from a behind the scenes approach, and if someone is working against you this will likely come to the surface over the coming weeks. Recharging your batteries is crucial, next month places you front and center. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

A partnership continues to stimulate passion and pleasure. A loved one, even if at some distance, provides you with enduring happiness. Be wary at the beginning of the week, though, as something too good to be true likely is. If expectations get the better of you, you may confront a disappointment. Mid week could see you feeling a bit squirrelly, climbing up the walls with boredom or anxiety. From there you are far more in your element, curiosity is aroused and you find yourself in compelling company.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Some of the friction in a key relationship begins to absolve, and attention now turns to financial matters, with a stark emphasis between yours – theirs – ours seeking resolution. Had you been waiting for the word on a loan, settlement or grant, negotiations likely culminate over the coming weeks. Be particularly attuned to developments in the early part of the week, as this is an advantageous time during which to break a bad habit regarding spending and saving.      

LEO July 23 – August 22

Something comes home for you in a big way this week, Leo. A vision you have had for your life and worked towards for many Moons comes to head over the Eclipse in your sign this weekend as you put the finishing touches on something very close to your heart. It is possible a relationship that has been in and out of frame also culminates during this or the coming weeks. Whether a door opens or closes, know that fate is guiding you to the the right person, place and thing, however it might feel right now.  

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

This is a really effective period in which to let go of bad habits and feelings of unworthiness or self doubt. An exorcism is possible through which you may finally relinquish debilitating insecurities that have hindered your ability to claim the life you want and deserve. In order to do this you have to acknowledge your perceived imperfections and accept yourself exactly the way you are, and either do something about it or choose to be ok with it. True love lies on the other side of the rainbow, if you still believe.       

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Love affairs have no doubt brought their share of sparkle and surprise, especially over the last year, and one final eclipse illuminating this part of your chart brings a new development – perhaps the realization that you are possibly oh-so-over-it. What ever occurs over the next month (February 4th begins a whole new chapter), has a “meant to be” air about it. You are still seeking substance, and a place to put down your roots, as recent realizations may have compelled dramatic turns of events. It gets easier over the turn of the month to find a place to call home.  

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Dynamic culminations occur for your professionally and financially in this phase, your willingness to put in the extra hours shines fortuitously, earning you a favorable reputation. An agreement or negotiation you enter into has the potential to put a creative venture into motion between now and February 10th. Instincts and intuition are strong around this one and tempering any sense of urgency with a pragmatic and patient approach can get you very far and closer to your dreams than you ever imagined.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Some of the financial tensions ease off this week, making for a more amenable ambience for you socially. You have to potential to release bad habits around your earnings and assets which will make you more productive over time. Exciting ideas are culminating between you and your crew, or perhaps a romance is taking off in a big way. A tendency towards over indulgence can definitely overwhelm your sense of proportion, and it serves you to be wary what’s on offer in the earlier part of the week.    

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

Some friction still seems inevitable, but remaining philosophical and open hearted in this fertile phase serves you well and promotes a positive outcome for your most cherished ideas or a creative endeavor. Neptune working with your ruler Saturn encourages a more gentle approach to life while enhancing your intuition considerably. You instinctually understand what is, and what is not, worth fighting for. A culminating moment during the Leo Eclipse brings a joint financial or relationship matter to a stunning conclusion.      

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You begin to come out of your winter hibernation, just in time for some exciting social and/or relationship developments on tap, particularly during the Leo Eclipse this weekend. A partnership that may have been in and out of frame over the past 6 – 12 – 18 months is ready to stage up or come to it’s conclusion. The hands of fate are all over this one, and events around last Halloween were likely telling. Regardless the outcome, if a door closes or one opens, know you are headed in a righteous and appropriate direction.    

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Professionally this is a dynamite period of growth for you, particularly if you remain conscientious about how honestly and authentically you represent yourself at this time. Any effort on your behalf to obfuscate your identity (regardless of the motives to do so) will backfire and pity the fool who tries to deceive you. You have far better prospects where you are able to demonstrate your maturity or by connecting with those from whom you might gain wisdom. You have the potential for self-mastery during this fertile and fruitful period.     

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