Uranus stations direct at 28’ 36” Aries on the 6th, just following a Partial Solar Eclipse at 15’ Capricorn, which lies right between Saturn and Pluto. Events over the weekend portend dramatic changes, but also signal a requirement to create order out of chaos. Something is put into motion at this time that will culminate in mid July, during the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, which is in close conjunction to Pluto, as well. Sun conjunct Pluto on Thursday will hold the cathartic themes of the eclipse up throughout the week, a thread that began on New Year’s Day when Sun conjuncted Saturn. Powerful activations and urgency towards complete transformation occurs. 

To succeed in this phase, grit and determination are required to work towards an important goal (associated with the area of your chart Capricorn rules). Any superfluous elements of one’s life will have to be released now to carry out an agenda that supports the future growth that will be realized at the end of the year, when another eclipse in the sign conjuncts Jupiter, assuring success where the work has been made in order to manifest something of genuine significance. Comfort may have to be sacrificed temporarily as a desire to gain power and mastery over some aspect of life becomes overwhelming.

Saturn conjunct the January 5th eclipse degree over the first 10 days of February puts in the bricks and mortar on the event or enterprise that transpires at the time of the eclipse. The opportunities extended and choices made are long term contracts, and very difficult to break out of should you have a change of heart. At the same time, commitments are made from a genuine place and will offer stability for the duration, just make sure you can live with what you agree to during this critical period.

Venus enters Sagittarius early in the week, amplifying the fire element, generating a more playful and optimistic ambience. Finally out of Scorpio, a transit that began last September, the atmosphere is open making for more fruitful exchanges. An Aries Moon transit next weekend ushers in fresh new energy, stimulating the prowess of the imagination, urging Venus, Mars and Jupiter to come up with a better solution, perhaps to what Capricorn has in mind. Mercury in Capricorn requires a practical approach towards dealing with the issues at hand, and squares off with Mars mid week. This is contentious within itself, and can indicate argumentation and extreme mental tension and frustration. 

As the closing square in the Mercury – Mars cycle, this ties back to an agenda initiated back around September 16th, 2017, (6’ Virgo) which now enters a period of culmination and conclusion. To the extent this has been a successful enterprise, you may now reap a harvest of some sort, otherwise this transit likely triggers a desire to either abandon this project or take swift and decisive action to actualize the original plan. A new directive is established in mid June from 19’ Cancer, when the cycle renews in close conjunction to the North Node.  

Jupiter square Neptune (14’ Sagittarius/Pisces) midweek brings a whole other dynamic into the frame, most likely attaching to some form of escapism, which while enticing, is probably the worst possible route to take right now. (More analysis on this aspect appears on the 2019 forecast.) The current atmosphere holds challenges, but also stimulates an incredibly productive period in which to make progress on long standing issues. By next weekend, shifts will occur that enable more pleasurable experiences. For now, heed the call to action that is required of you to make substantive and lasting changes in the here and now. 


ARIES March 20 – April 19

You are like a bear cub coming out of hibernation, aroused to the new possibilities that lie before you and exuding a wiley and provocative energy. Up front, you have professional matters to attend to. What arises now is set into stone next month, though if you have been working towards this outcome for a long while, you are likely to be happy with the results. Watch your words mid week, you could easily offend precisely the people you need to help you up the ladder of success. The Moon in your sign from next weekend gets your mojo back on track, while the later days of the week may be a bit more subdued. 

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You continue a period of gestation and metamorphosis over the coming weeks (and year) particularly with your ruling planet nestling into your area of transformation from Monday. A meaningful conversation with a close friend, spouse or partner early in the week stimulates a healing process, and from there you likely seek some private time for inner exploration. Future objectives are also prominent and between now and mid February, you can refine an idea and see it take off when Mars enters your sign on Valentines Day. Saturday’s eclipse points you in the right direction. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Partnership may take on hues of magical serendipity, or is it in your head? It’s possible a relationship can take you to the next level in your career, but tread carefully as things may not exactly be what they seem. Later in the month and into early February you stand to make gains professionally, and the eclipse on the 5th holds clues as to what this means for you. Outside assistance (financial or otherwise) plays a substantial role in your success story. Indications on the 10th are also significant, and you may be putting something big into motion around this time involving joint finance or making an investment.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Your key relationships continue to be prominent, with Saturday’s Solar Eclipse providing a watershed moment and stimulating rapid developments, perhaps a destined meeting. Mercury’s transit enhances this by augmenting open lines of communication over the next three weeks. A business merger can be sorted now, though a highly contentious vibration mid week can put you at odds with someone you associate with professionally. Work prospects continue to thrive and opportunities for assignments that have a creative touch, or potentially working from home offer prosperity. Health also gets a boost and a new wellness program can be highly successful over the coming month.      

LEO July 23 – August 22

Pleasurable influences continue to flow and there is fantastic potential for meeting appealing individuals and within your creative or artistic endeavors. Work, health and productivity are of equal significance, with the Solar Eclipse providing an opportunity to get a contract for a long term assignment on solid footing. Negotiations play out through early February. If a health matter has been difficult to pin down, you are determined to get to the bottom of it now. Equally, if someone whom you work with has been difficult, there could be a confrontational moment that shifts the dynamics of the relationship.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Dual influences preside, though first and foremost your love life seems to be in focus, as the eclipse on Saturday opens the door to a romantic alliance that radiates with hues of destiny. You may learn of a pregnancy or otherwise be “birthing” a creative project over the next six months. Intimate and personal matters get a boost from Venus and domestic issues fall to the wayside replaced by harmonious conditions in your residence. This is a good month to attend to an early Spring cleaning, and a redecoration project or general sprucing up of your house of flat will go well now. Decorative pieces in deep purple can restore harmonious conditions to your house or flat.     

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Things get moving in your love life after several months of hiatus or indecision. Social life is bustling with energy and your perfect match can come flying out of the woodwork quite unexpectedly. Day to day exchanges are pleasurable, and a night class or creative project can provide mutual enjoyment. Personal and residential matters also require major attention, and deep feelings are likely aroused over the weekend. It’s time to take control of your circumstances and release programming attached to your past and family in particular. Do what suits you best, even if you need to cut a few corners in the meanwhile to make it happen.   

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Venus leaves your sign after an extended transit that began last September. Despite what ever good fortune you may have encountered as a result, you are likely pleased to get your edge back. Financial prosperity comes into view now, with several very advantageous prospects on tap over the coming month. The Eclipse on Saturday highlights your voice, written and spoken word. The efforts of the past year you have made to gain influence regarding a matter connected to learning, communication or broadcasting your message will suddenly shift forward. A project you begin now (or by mid February) has long term implications. Thursday also offers a significant development. 

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Saturday’s eclipse could be a financial reckoning for you. It’s time to get back to basics and cut out expenses that are not serving your long term best interest. Thursday is a great day to make a plan you can stick to. If you have been looking to boost your resources or revenue, the next three weeks are ideal for holding the negotiations that will offer prosperity. Venus in your sign from the beginning of the week sweetens the deal, making you feel light hearted and drawing favorable influences to you. Watch matters with a family member or in regard to your house or flat. There could be a plumbing issue you overlook, which could cost you in the future.    

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

Mercury transits your sign for the next three weeks, ensuring communication is effective and that you are clearly stating your goals and establishing your agenda for the year. Mid week could be a bit cantankerous, there could be a confrontation of some sort, particularly with a family member or in your domestic scene. Liberation is brewing on the home front. By March you’ll see the difference. An eclipse in your sign this weekend, the first of three this year, sets an important personal agenda into motion. You lock in the details early next month. This is a real pivot, you relinquish the past and are moving forward with incredible assurance. 

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The tone shifts considerably this week, and after many months that emphasized your profession and reputation, a more amenable social ambience prevails. A lot continues to percolate behind the scenes meanwhile, and you’ll likely require periods of solitude to reflect or meditate on highly personal matters. The Eclipse on Saturday holds major indications for this, with another significant development and breakthrough on queue Thursday. Let caution prevail in all financial dealings over the coming weeks, as a beguiling Neptune influence signals deceptive influences may be at work.   

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Venus from Scorpio trines Chiron in your sign, stimulating incredibly pleasurable awareness of how far you have come since late September. Self acceptance has played a critical role in this and has enabled healing and the release of significant pain. From Monday your public profile and reputation are favorably enhanced over the coming month, though be wary of coming off too smug, as any gains you make here can disappear just as swiftly if you seem too full of yourself. Inspiration is a guiding force when you overcome the ego gratification of success, and positive outcomes are assured if you stay in the here and now. Socially this is a vibrant time, you connect with passionate and influential people. 


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